Get Your Name in Gran Turismo 5’s Credits

July 10th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

The music from Gran Turismo 5‘s Official E3 2010 Trailer (see above) caught the attention of quite a few people. The song was produced specifically for GT5 by Daiki Kasho (who’s contributed music for the series since Gran Turismo 3), but when everyone inquired about this particular tune, there was a problem: it didn’t have a name!

In a cool tip-of-the-hat to GT‘s fan base, Kazunori Yamauchi has decided to take submissions for the title from us! He’s inviting everyone to submit their best idea (one suggestion per person), and he’ll select his favorite. Aside from the satisfaction of having your title chosen, the real prize is having your name immortalized in the “Special Thanks” credits of Gran Turismo 5.

Click here for all the fine print and details on how to submit your entry to Polyphony Digital. Thanks to all who sent this in – good luck!

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  1. Aug. 8, 5:10am

    is the winner announced yet?

  2. Jul. 30, 10:42pm

    Losing Consciousness

  3. Jul. 28, 7:49pm

    “Precious Endeavour”

  4. Jul. 22, 4:38pm


  5. Jul. 20, 12:01pm

    “Slit my Wrist While Waiting”

  6. Jul. 19, 5:08pm

    New Wave?

    East Wind?

  7. Jul. 18, 12:00pm

    my try was “painful breathing”… may the best title win(or may the best drunk man with his name win)

  8. Jul. 16, 11:59am

    “when to turn” it should be called that

  9. Jul. 13, 7:30am

    I’m a bit confused by the instructions. On the English site, it tells us to give a descriptive comment about the music track, but when you take a look at the other sites (e.g. Japanese, Hong Kong etc.), they tell you to give a description on the TRACK TITLE you chose.


    • Jul. 14, 10:29am

      Take the obvious one… why would they want you to define the song that was already written? You think they want to hear our attempts at defining their theme song? They want to hear the definition of your TRACK TITLE.

  10. Jul. 13, 3:04am

    “The Delay”

  11. Jul. 12, 7:46pm

    God i really hate yamauchi
    he does really think he’s the best

  12. Jul. 12, 1:14am

    i submitted mine as well. cant wait to see who will win.

  13. Jul. 11, 10:30pm
    tourist trophy

    Now five years more for Tourist Trophy?

  14. Jul. 11, 9:06pm

    can anyone fin some photo of the real toscana track ?? is it a real track ?? because I can’t find any photos or wrc videos !!?!

    • Jul. 11, 10:12pm

      I think it’s not a real track.

  15. Jul. 11, 6:50pm

    I chose “Redline Chaos”

  16. Jul. 11, 6:45pm

    ” breath of new era”

  17. Jul. 11, 3:57pm

    “nut sack hole”

  18. Jul. 11, 3:36pm
    Steve Neill

    “Adrenaline Unfortold”


  19. Jul. 11, 12:49pm

    “Gran Turismo forever”

    I’m probably not the only person to suggest it but in a way it can be seen as complimentary

  20. Jul. 11, 11:58am

    I think he’s gonna choose the most unique name, probably one that doesn’t include lyrics from the song: like mine :)

  21. Jul. 11, 11:38am

    I could see if we’re choosing a song WITHOUT LYRICS. That would be a good challenge; but one with lyrics?
    I think it should be a “choose a couple words out of the lyrics and put it as the name” contest, lol. I’ll try it, without choosing the same name that everybody has probably already chosen.

  22. Jul. 11, 11:28am

    Sorry if I’m off topic,but ive just recorded the song from the E3 trailer of Gt5 in high quality (The heavy-Big Bad Wolf).If some one is interested to download it here is the link:

  23. Jul. 11, 10:07am

    Has anyone read the ridiculous disclaimer?

    • Jul. 11, 12:10pm


    • Jul. 11, 1:10pm

      i don’t see how its ridiculous, its a standard disclaimer for theise sorts of contests.

      i submitted my entry :D

    • Jul. 15, 5:14am

      Sorry mate but needing to add a clause stating that Sony is not liable for the issues some one has client side like a slow internet connection, crapy browser or whatever is just ridiculous.

      I know that in the US people go all out in suing each other for the dumbest reasons. For example coffee being to hot or a micro wave being a bad way to dry your pet. What moronic judge would hold Sony responsible for a users client side system issues?

  24. Jul. 11, 7:16am

    i have another one, ‘5 years of waiting’

  25. Jul. 11, 7:12am

    I think it should be called ‘number 5’.

  26. Jul. 11, 6:56am

    I think my idea is pretty good, wish me luck =D

  27. Jul. 11, 2:53am

    I hope the song becomes available for download whether I win or not lol. I love this song!

  28. Jul. 11, 2:18am

    Red Bull’s Hangar 7 compound is going to be added into GT5? Awesome!

    • Jul. 11, 9:05pm

      Your post is in the wrong topic, hehe. But yes, Hangar 7 will be in GT5 in the PHOTO TRAVEL mode as far as I know.

  29. Jul. 11, 1:01am

    LOL, my name was allready in at least one of the GT’s credits (GT4), so entering is a bit moot. Too bad it wasn’t really me, but was there because someone else on the staff had the same name.

  30. Jul. 11, 12:29am

    “Emo for GT5 owners”

  31. Jul. 10, 11:44pm

    ah crap I should have chosen love game as the title ;) *slaps self for referencing lady gaga*

    • Jul. 11, 1:03am

      And I slap you for posting a reference to lady gaga…;P

    • Jul. 11, 5:55am

      haha thanks Mr Slap :)

  32. Jul. 10, 11:04pm

    “Trace of Reason”

    • Jul. 10, 11:08pm

      I got this one in the bag, I think we should also win a collectors edition of the game, just your name in credits is pretty cheap.

  33. Jul. 10, 10:50pm

    This is what I submitted. “Lights Flicker On”

    The title has meaning to both the song and game. I feel the song is about a person coming to terms with a relationship that has been emotionally draining. The lights inside their mind are turning on and they are beginning to understand that being with this person for much longer will destroy them. It symbolises the ending of their relationship and the beginning of greater things. This is a very positive, but reflective song and I feel the title captures that.

    The title is also a metaphor for a car starting and its headlights flicking on. The car symbolises Gran Turismo 5 itself. The game’s release is a very exciting event for a lot of us and we can’t wait to get inside, take the handbrake off and hit the accelerator. For such an event, I felt the title needs to be both exciting and positive.

  34. Jul. 10, 10:04pm

    “Endless Reason”

    • Jul. 12, 3:47pm
      I eat meat

      Endless Road or Endless Journey. Seems like we’ve been on one!

  35. Jul. 10, 9:48pm

    Just submitted mine…”Passion Enraged in a Cage”

  36. Jul. 10, 8:58pm

    Maybe “5 Years Late”


  37. Jul. 10, 8:03pm

    I put my entry in:

    1. Soul Concours
    2. Draith
    3. Australia
    4. The words in the song : “my soul on display” grabbed my attention, and makes me think of how Gran Turismo has essentially been your (Kazunori Yamauchi’s) and those at Polyphony’s soul on display for the last 13 years with Gran Turismo, even more with Motor Toon Grand Prix. The word Concours usually means putting very fine cars on show, so together they sum up what Gran Turismo means to me “Soul Concours”.

  38. Jul. 10, 7:32pm

    My is “The Wait is Over”. Already posted it, but I’m not sure if my ‘title’ of the song is appropriate for the E3 2010 Trailer of GT5.

    Good luck to all who have summited their Title SONG for GT5 – E3 2010 trailer.

  39. Jul. 10, 7:20pm

    I slapped down “No Turning Back” as mine… Probably won’t win, considering I pondered it for like, 15 minutes before naming it… xP

    • Jul. 26, 6:35pm

      Good one :)

  40. Jul. 10, 7:10pm

    Soul on Display. perfect

    • Jul. 14, 10:25am

      Thought about that… that’s probably what they would’ve called it if they weren’t calling out to fans to name it. The only thing about your title is… how would that relate to the game?

  41. Jul. 10, 6:36pm

    I chose Soul Turismo :) Touring with your soul, Driving with your Soul. Although Turismo is not English… hopefully thats ok in the title on a technicality D:

    • Jul. 10, 6:50pm

      Perhaps “Touring soul” or “The soul touring?”

    • Jul. 10, 6:53pm

      Interesting seeing Vettel & Newey at the end of that first clip. Could be seeing current F1 cars in GT5? Despite F12010 coming out this fall as well? The more F1 the better!

  42. Jul. 10, 6:26pm

    I put a note about GTPlanet in there, hopefully it shows up when I win! LOL

  43. Jul. 10, 6:00pm

    Hahaha well this explains everything!!! Awesome comp Kaz.
    Wow I was looking for this song.

  44. Jul. 10, 5:39pm

    The difficult bit will be describing the song in less than 150 words.

  45. Jul. 10, 5:23pm

    Holy crap! I just found out that Daiki Kasho was born on November 2nd!

    • Jul. 10, 5:39pm

      why didn’t you daiki kasho born on 11 of july !??

    • Jul. 11, 6:49pm

      Because that’s when GT5 coms out, on his birthday.

    • Jul. 11, 8:51pm


      you didn’t get ElieTheBear’s joke, lol.

  46. Jul. 10, 3:49pm

    Lets hope we win so that someone or alot of us can say yesss my name is there!!!! The bigger the reason so that i’ll buy the game if my name is there XD

  47. Jul. 10, 3:11pm

    Lost in your mind was my title .

  48. Jul. 10, 2:39pm

    I submitted mine but I still think the song should be called “PREMIUM VS. STANDARD” (I forgot who made that up, it was somebody at the forums)

  49. Jul. 10, 2:38pm

    “Lost for words”

  50. Jul. 10, 2:36pm

    wow…i was looking for this song, i didn’t know that it was just made for gt5. awesome.
    about the title….it’s going to be a tough one. but for who ever that wins, I’ll be happy.

  51. Jul. 10, 2:30pm

    instead of all of us losing and one person winning, what if we all decide on one name to call it and enter in the same (or a similar) name for the song?

    • Jul. 11, 12:54am

      Yup, sure, right after we all agree on what lotto numbers to enter so we all win the multi-million jackpot….

  52. Jul. 10, 1:54pm
    Mark Kearon

    I’ll post my Suggestion after the 25th on here as Vulcao said no one wants their idea’s stolen! XD I think I made a good letter to Kaz Regardinging my idea :]

  53. Jul. 10, 1:54pm

    Just submitted my title. It’s gonna be awesome if I see my name in the credits!!

  54. Jul. 10, 1:33pm

    I want to see everyone posting their titles here after July 25, the deadline to name the song, so that nobody steals other’s idea. ;)

    • Jul. 10, 3:15pm

      I think maybe if a bunch of people copy your title and enter it as their own, maybe you could have even a better chance of winning.. But I could be wrong. I thought about it before posting my entry, but said “**** it” and posted it anyway.

  55. Jul. 10, 1:23pm

    It’s pretty forgettable–and that’s using most of my diplomatic skills. True though, a song like that really needs a cool name.

    “Drugs Dull the Senses”
    “Grabbing My Ankles and Sobbing”
    “Counting Acid Goats”
    If I could understand the words I might be able to do better, or on the flip side I might not like the song as much then.

    …and maybe somebody should send them a full set of guitar strings for Xmas. It sounds like they’re missing most of theirs. My diplomacy has failed me.

  56. Jul. 10, 1:16pm

    I expect to see someone in GtPlanet win !!!! not me though … i’m not very creative :(

    • Jul. 12, 3:39pm
      I eat meat

      Forza_sucks hopefully :)

  57. Jul. 10, 1:01pm

    My title name:

    “Life is the Reason”

    Not_too_bad, huh?

    • Jul. 10, 1:25pm

      Actually, that’s not half bad.

      The lyrics might invalidate it, but since nobody knows what they are, I think that’s about the best I’ve heard.

    • Jul. 10, 2:05pm

      I think the lyrics do sort of contradict that title. But everyone has different interpretations so who knows ;).

      I do think it is a catchy title though.

    • Jul. 10, 3:09pm

      cool.. yeah, definitely taking some “creative licence” with that title.. hehe

  58. Jul. 10, 12:22pm

    @ Eric… I was just joking.. by the way you will never make number 1 in the charts with those lines!!

    • Jul. 10, 4:51pm

      Hehe, so was I. You think I have a chance for the top ten at least?

  59. Jul. 10, 11:57am

    Who is singing this song?

    • Jul. 10, 12:08pm

      Jonathan Underdown does the vocals

  60. Jul. 10, 11:47am
    The Masfer

    This is a great song
    Should be available on iTunes

  61. Jul. 10, 10:19am

    I’m amazed .. I hope I can use my own favourites in the game.. I’m tired of this already.. :O)

  62. Jul. 10, 10:03am

    submitted mine.
    what a nice gesture from Kaz =)

  63. Jul. 10, 9:19am

    Viva la Veloce

  64. Jul. 10, 8:52am

    thats actually one theme song i like, it needs a title with deep thought associated with it

  65. Jul. 10, 8:32am

    Just entered my title, very proud of it and hope that Kaz selects it as the winner.

  66. Jul. 10, 7:54am
    Lubomir Bak alias BAXO


  67. Jul. 10, 7:35am
    S3 Racer

    lyrics are on the link….

  68. Jul. 10, 7:34am
    S3 Racer

    I was right with daiki kasho when asked who was the interpret.

    Told you so lol

  69. Jul. 10, 7:33am

    Could anyone help with lyrics :p?

    I can’t understand a single word :( (sometimes I can’t understand my mother language songs)

    • Jul. 10, 1:20pm

      Okay, I’m not fluent in English, not even near that, but let’s be honest: his pronounce is very unclear, isn’t it?
      Forgive me if it’s just my ears.

    • Jul. 11, 8:27am

      Just record it from the playing source and run it in VLC change the frequency settings a bit and slow it down. The guitar should be on a different frequency band than the voice.

    • Jul. 11, 10:02am

      go to the gran turismo site its there

    • Jul. 11, 10:30am

      This is from the gran turismo website:

      Eyes go shut
      I dissipate
      Into thin air leaving no trace
      Distant voice
      Not listening
      Why don’t you just save your breath?

      All of your words feel like a jail
      That blocks the sun and makes me stale
      Not enough gold in all the world
      So why have I surrendered

      To your abusive ways
      The cracks have opened up to the core
      Is there anywhere to go from here now?
      Sick with the lies consuming our souls

      Give me one reason to take the breath we breathe for granted
      Hold it in so long that you forget to say
      Give me one reason to remain confined within the fences
      Here with you and my soul on display

      Bite my tongue
      Swallow the pain
      A bit disturbed by these displays
      Now we’ve got nothing to say
      The silence growing deadly

      So here we are drifting apart
      Neither willing to drop their guard
      Haven’t we got something to say?
      The distance growing deadly

      From years and years of pain
      The cracks go deeper than we can see
      Let’s take a good look at where we are now
      Maybe the end’s the start that we need

      Give me one reason to take the breath we breathe for granted
      Hold it in so long that you forget to say
      Give me one reason to remain confined within the fences
      Here with you and my soul on display

      Life is too precious to waste

  70. Jul. 10, 7:26am


  71. Jul. 10, 7:08am

    “Where have all the dashboards gone” by 800 LOL

    • Jul. 10, 7:51am

      Where have all the dashboards gone
      Long time passing
      Where have all the dashboards gone
      Long time ago
      Where have all the dashboards gone
      Gone to premium cars everyone
      When will they ever learn?
      When will they ever learn?

      Where have all the premium cars gone
      Long time passing
      Where have all the premium cars gone
      Long time ago
      Where have all the premium cars gone
      Gone to Gran Turismo everyone
      When will they ever learn?
      When will they ever learn?

      Where have Gran Turismo gone
      Long time passing
      Where have Gran Turismo gone
      Long time ago
      Where have Gran Turismo gone
      It’s not released yet, everyone
      When will they ever learn?
      When will they ever learn?

      Where have our release date gone
      Long time passing
      Where have our release date gone
      Long time ago
      Where have our release date gone
      It’s been-cancelled-yet-again-because-they-had-to-model-cokpits-to-all-cars-due-to-all-the-complaints-they-got-for-including-800-old-cars-without-modelling-cockpits-for-them
      When will we ever learn?
      When will we ever learn?

    • Jul. 11, 9:58am

      damn that tune should have been the e3 tune!!

    • Jul. 12, 10:29am



  72. Jul. 10, 7:00am

    hmm..not sure what the title will be,but i heard it’ll be released 5 years from now

    • Jul. 11, 10:26am

      haha..good that point they play it in a movie that tells you that gran turismo 6 will be released in 3 years

  73. Jul. 10, 6:12am

    You’re kidding right?

    • Jul. 10, 9:25am

      I confess – yes I was kidding. Prize for 100% should be something bigger than a Lupo

    • Jul. 10, 8:56pm

      It would be worth it… lol jks

    • Jul. 11, 2:08pm

      Yeah, a Golf.

  74. Jul. 10, 5:56am

    by “Descriptive comment regarding the music track”, they mean describe the track in your own way. Expressing what YOU think/feel about it.

    To be quite honest, Im proud of my description & name. I’d love to see who the winner is. Fingers crossed it’s a GTPlanet member!

    • Jul. 10, 6:06am

      my title “Granted Life”

  75. Jul. 10, 5:41am

    Kaz i want VW Lupo GTI as premium car, can you do this for me. Thanks!

    • Jul. 10, 6:09am

      Had a chat with Kaz last night, he gave it a go. The Lupo GTI now is the prize for completing the game 100%

    • Jul. 10, 12:36pm

      lol. can you tell kaz to make the mazda rx-7 FC a premium car? thanks. oh, make it the 24 hour nurburgring race price.

    • Jul. 11, 9:56am

      oh and kaz while were asking 4 favours can you plz get back to work and stop reading every single persons response


    • Jul. 11, 1:09pm

      hahaha!!! :D this is great comments!

    • Jul. 12, 2:41am

      While you’re at it, can you also make a Premium Renault Super 5. From the late eighties, begin nineties? LOL

  76. Jul. 10, 5:39am

    1. Music Title (English only. Please limit to 1 title per person.)
    2. Your name or nickname (Alphabetical characters only)
    3. Your country of residence
    4. Descriptive comment regarding the music track (English only, in 150 words or less)

    what they mean whit: “Descriptive comment regarding the music track”

    • Jul. 10, 7:43am

      Probably how you interpret the lyrics, and how this motivates your title.

  77. Jul. 10, 5:14am

    I named it “man furismo forever wait with maybe go kart and winny dust”

    • Jul. 10, 5:15am

      forgot the premium standard thing here … maybe just THE STANDARD SONG with no cockpit view

    • Jul. 10, 5:16am

      nope seriously i shoot em somthing good but I won’t tell you guys lol

  78. Jul. 10, 4:56am

    ima give it a shot when the name hits me

  79. Jul. 10, 4:50am

    discription of the song stuff that!

  80. Jul. 10, 4:42am

    20hours to late posted ;x

  81. Jul. 10, 4:40am

    Dont change the tune! That is a seriously cool tune, and we all have good feelings associated with it due to the fact we were listening to it when we found out about the release date.

    • Jul. 10, 4:53am

      actually Ifound out the date just before seeing the trailer, but yes youre poit is right and yea ive even got the trailer on my ps3 via ps store.

    • Jul. 10, 9:35am

      Really? How and where did you get it from? Yeah I would love it on my ipod… want to listen to it on repeat when im walking up the road to my local EB games store to pick up my copy of GT5.

    • Jul. 11, 9:51am

      Here i just went to the post of the release date before watchin the trailer thats all.

  82. Jul. 10, 4:39am

    im probably goin to loose but wth ill give it a shot

  83. Jul. 10, 4:39am

    “Tip” o’ the hat not “top” ;-)

    Still that’d be about the first error I’ve ever seen in a post by Jordan.

    • Jul. 10, 12:26pm

      Thanks, it’s fixed now.

  84. Jul. 10, 3:59am

    I put down “The Lap of Reason”. Why? Because if you were to sum up how to win in ANY Gran Turismo, I’d say “well your mind, body, and the game must reason to form the perfect lap.” Well done.

  85. Jul. 10, 3:50am

    I’m sure many people make the mistake on combining the song with GT5, even though they should find a name that expresses the song’s feelings, but also incorporates a definition for GT5

  86. Jul. 10, 3:49am

    I submitted mine too! Lol wouldn’t it b funny if a lot of come up with the same title???

    • Jul. 10, 7:45am

      «If there are multiple applicants who suggested identical names for the track, names or nicknames of all of those applicants will appear in the credits.»

      Hope I (we) win!!

  87. Jul. 10, 3:28am

    Submitted mine. Hope I win!

  88. Jul. 10, 3:20am
    Arda Tirmas

    My title is “End of Waiting” :)

    • Jul. 10, 8:54pm

      LOL nice one *thumbs up*

    • Jul. 11, 2:05pm

      My favourite part of the game.

  89. Jul. 10, 2:59am
    Mickle Pickle

    i hope i get it

  90. Jul. 10, 2:52am
    Razor BR

    ill give it a try !!!!! even thought i never win these contests >_<

  91. Jul. 10, 2:41am

    This sounds like great idea! *thumbs up*

  92. Jul. 10, 2:40am

    We’ll see about that!

  93. Jul. 10, 2:39am
    Big A

    I got this one in the bag

    • Jul. 10, 7:52pm

      got this

    • Jul. 10, 11:37pm

      i would say 99% chose a title with Confined in it

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