Gran Turismo 5 Delayed Until “This Holiday Season”

October 13th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

Via the official PlayStation US Blog:

We can confirm that Gran Turismo 5 will not be available this November 2nd, but the game’s release will be coming this holiday season.

We sincerely apologize to GT fans for the delay, however, creator Kazunori Yamauchi and the team at Polyphony Digital want to make certain they are creating the perfect racing experience, and we are confident that this ambitious game will exceed expectations when it launches.

Expect this delay to apply to all regions around the world – I will update this post as other official sources continue to update for Europe, Asia, and Australia/NZ.

UPDATE: Further confirmation via Polyphony Digital’s JPN website.

UPDATE 2: The delay has been officially confirmed for European regions as well.

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  1. Oct. 13, 12:06pm

    Sweet temper-tantrum big guy

  2. Oct. 13, 12:05pm

    I bet PD have a good excuse for that. Seriouslly, this def-o left a lot of people upset. And that’s MORE than the other times…

  3. Oct. 13, 12:05pm

    Really, im waiting this game since the launch of ps3, the PD is f***** wit us, i doubt this game even come to release this year. This is the second time i make my pre-order, the first time was canceled because the game didn’t hit the shelves. GREAT NEWS POLYPHONY DIGITAL, GREAT NEWS POLYPHONY DIGITAL!!

  4. Oct. 13, 12:03pm

    Son, I am dissapoint!

  5. Oct. 13, 12:02pm

    Here we go…. Again. Pavlov’s dogs are we? “hear their pain when we push the OFF button, is that funny?”

    cockpit for standard cars and real new sounds and I forgive you… anything less just deserves an uppercut in the face.

  6. Oct. 13, 12:02pm

    if this thing comes out christmass that means no one will get to play it till january 2011. why you ask. well its very simple. because it will be christmass and you will be expexted to par-take in family get togethers and such and if you don’t then they’ll think you’re ignoring them. so even if you have the game in your hands you can’t play it unless you you no family then youre golden. lol

    • Oct. 13, 12:03pm

      oh yeah, i guess NFS HP will have to do till christmass.

  7. Oct. 13, 12:00pm

    I just wonder if this is because of the Collectors Edition and Polyphony not having enough.So the delay is for those who will be for certain to get a copy.This relates to me as well.

    I went to Gamestop the other day and wanted to upgrade my regular edition to the CE.The employee said that the CE preorders had stopped.

    Maybe this delay will give me hope that i can now get the Collectors Edition.

  8. Oct. 13, 12:00pm

    The sad thing about this is that we probably won’t know what happened. It probably has something to do with Call of Duty coming out on the 11/09.

  9. Oct. 13, 11:58am

    Unless there is another PS3 price drop planned and they can’t GT5’s release to coincide with that, I wouldn’t expect to see it this year at all now.

    Sadly the promise of GT5 shifts more PS3’s than the game itself actually will once it’s released, so I think this is just them dragging it out for another million PS3 sales.

  10. Oct. 13, 11:58am

    lol your last sentence explains why we’re so mad. I doubt it’s anything they can’t just patch. & I also doubt it’ll only be 2 or 3 weeks. they really have serious time management problems

  11. Oct. 13, 11:58am


    I already took a day off from work for the EU release date :(

  12. Oct. 13, 11:57am

    Being around for all versions of GT I can’t really say I’m surprised. PD has done this with every release. What I am surprised at is that I actually believed it was coming out Nov 2. From now on till it’s on the shelf at the store I’m not gonna worth about.

  13. Oct. 13, 11:57am
    ferhound psnid

    Sony or poliphony… you got us! we believe anyhing you say since 2006. Gran Turismo is just a big marketing tool for you eh sony?
    I been waiting this months (not to mention from years), I also have putted a count down clock to November 2nd.
    Ok, is 2009 again right? lets wait… again for a game I will play a few hours till GT6 pops in.

    Thank You for your lies SONY. Im sure PD doesnt have anything to do on this, its just marketing, it was all the time.

  14. Oct. 13, 11:56am

    Well I told my friend last week that I would rather have GT5 delayed or Fallout NV delayed as long as my mom who has cancer is ok… Maybe this is a sign she’s going to get better (which this week she is getting better)

    • Oct. 13, 12:01pm

      Good Luck and have faith.

      My mom had breast cancer twice and she survived.

      Good luck again

  15. Oct. 13, 11:54am

    Maybe Porsche decided to join GT5 and the team are including the Porsche models.

    Honestly I don’t believe in release dates; I remember purchase a new HD tv 55″ and a PS3 with metal gear solid 4 just for play GT5 2.5 years ago. Today the TV broke and lost and the F!#%* game is still in development.

    Just believe it when you have the game in your hands.

  16. Oct. 13, 11:53am

    “…this holiday season.” So by Kaz’s standards…Thanksgiving 2013 right?

  17. Oct. 13, 11:53am

    Posted this yesterday on the Russian delay thread:

    I saw this coming. I have a grave fear the US will get our bad news shortly. Its because effing Kaz kept putting in stuff up until the last possible day, and then when they said, ok, times up, time to ship it, he said, “But wait, I havnt playtested it yet for bugs” “Um you didnt do WHAT!! Damn you Kaz, you realize what you are doing to us? Get the word out, but release the bad news to US and UK last, they will take this the hardest”

    Hopefully that scenario is wrong.

    More likely is that they took a few extra days to program, and they realized they wouldnt get their quota of games out for the whole world, so they are shipping to Japan, UK, and US first, of what units they can get out in time for Nov 2, and Russia and the like are at the bottom of the pecking order. Sorry Ruskies. But they know if they delay this game one more time in the US, after being this close to release, much shame will be on them. And I guess they’d chose Russian shame and disappointment over American shame, their biggest cash cow.


    Well, I was planning on buying my first HDTV this Black Friday, so now Ill have the tv upgrade before the game. But seriously, they are so effed up over there they cant even commit to a new date? all we get is an ambigious Holiday Season! Didnt we hear this in 2009? Yes, we are all still going to buy the game when it finally hits the shelves, but MUCH SHAME is on Kaz now. If I were Sony, I wouldnt let that mad mad run wild on the PS3 Flagship title ever again. Stop freaking adding stuff to your never ending story, determine a stopping point ahead of time with what you want in the game, and stick to it, an ideas along the way get added to the next game. This is just unexacusable…..

  18. Oct. 13, 11:47am

    I know this are very bad news BUT is it a big difference if we wait 2-3 weeks more ? REALLY we are waiting more then 5 YEARS 2-3 weeks doesn’t change much
    AND it was a good idea because there was 1-2 little mistakes in the night racing and maybe they want to change the course maker …
    If this game would be a normal game i would say this are very very bad news but this is GT 5 , they want that everything is perfect
    that is the reason why i personally think it was a good decision, iam happy about that ( but they could realase the game and after 2-3 weeks they could make a update :S )

  19. Oct. 13, 11:47am

    I don’t think anyone can deny that they are a bit disappointed but oh well, it’s only a month and now Christmas just got better.

  20. Oct. 13, 11:46am

    OMG Stop telling us the dates if there not true!!! OMG AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*runs thru house*

  21. Oct. 13, 11:45am

    Could care less about this now. Saving up for a beast computer instead.

  22. Oct. 13, 11:45am

    Post of the year 2010.

  23. Oct. 13, 11:44am

    SO WEAK…why even bother giving us the november 2nd date to begin with!?!?!

  24. Oct. 13, 11:44am

    Thanks! Haha

  25. Oct. 13, 11:43am

    Why am i not surprised at this rate forza 3 Ulimate edition will be released. and every delay kazouri puts in the more microsoft are laughing.

    but on the upside it is good for me because i will have more monies and that means i can spend it on lenses for my camera and i have tons to do on WRC 2010 & DR2 so i will continue play them.

  26. Oct. 13, 11:43am

    IGN reports that a new date will be released by the end of the month.

    Jordan, I bet this release date debacle is great for views for you Web site, what are you charging for ads? LOL

  27. Oct. 13, 11:40am
    Sean S

    Wait, wait… I figured it out.

    They realised that the WoW expansion comes out soon (the content patch went live today) and got scared. Don’t expect GT5 until at least April 2011.

  28. Oct. 13, 11:39am

    NIMBY = “not in my back yard”

    pram = a baby’s pushchair

  29. Oct. 13, 11:39am

    This is extremely frustrating news.

    The most hyped iam about a game in years and this happens >:(

    All i’ll say is it better be worth the wait

  30. Oct. 13, 11:38am

    I read an article about GT5, it said will gt5 become the definitive racing game for years to come? or will the immensely long wait leave a sour taste in our mouths? I laughed at that at first. Only a shallow casual GT fan would really let that bother him that much because the game never really got delayed. Sure they said fall ’09, spring ’10, but there never was a solid date. We’ve been told 11/2/10 for a long time now & 3 weeks from the release they squat over the release date & take a dump. Now unless you’re an optimistic simpleton, or you’re in denial, I’m just about positive that this really will leave a sour taste in your mouth no matter how good GT5 is. I lost a lot of faith in PD after the standar car bs was announced I’ve lost even more now

  31. Oct. 13, 11:37am

    edit 3 weeks

  32. Oct. 13, 11:37am

    I’m tired, this is amaterism….come on PD (or sony) less than 2 weeks before release

    • Oct. 13, 11:49am

      This is the exact opposite of amateurism.

      It is, however, annoying and disappointing. They should have let us know beforehand if they’re still doing work.

      However, there’s a very good chance this is just Sony marketing being retarded and forcing a delay to what they determine is the “optimum” date for sales. This could be completely outside of PD’s control, and if that’s the case I’m sure they’re pretty upset about it as well.

    • Oct. 13, 12:06pm

      This is amateurism, change content and postpone release some weeks before is a huge error (it’s not just about the product, but all the market around…)

  33. Oct. 13, 11:37am

    While it’s disappointing for certain people (aside from it being a great trolling opportunity) personally, I see this as a blessing for me since I don’t have too much money atm I can now save up for the CE.

    let the trolling begin!!!

  34. Oct. 13, 11:37am

    Well there goes my vacation that I used especially for gt5. Talk about total BS. It should have went gold already.

  35. Oct. 13, 11:36am

    i hope we can play GT5 before the world ends in 2012.

  36. Oct. 13, 11:35am

    I really hope EU release is not delayed.

  37. Oct. 13, 11:34am

    What is NIMBY? What is PRAM?

  38. Oct. 13, 11:34am

    From all the excitement of having GT5 in a couple of weeks, this is really a blow for my faith to GT :(

    • Oct. 13, 11:44am

      same here. I’m sick of playing prologue. the only thing that can restore my faith is if the best buy demo is out tomorrow

    • Oct. 13, 12:25pm

      yea i stopped playing GT5p about 3 months ago, will never play it again.

  39. Oct. 13, 11:34am

    How about 12/21/10 for a release date? GT2 came out 12/23/99 (in the US), just 2 days before Christmas!

  40. Oct. 13, 11:32am

    Doh! Just bought a Force GT for 80 nicker on Amazon aswell 8(. No biggie if still released before Christmas. It is disappointing though. All i can think is that there were still many bugs to fix or (i’d like to think its this one) Some whizz coder @PD just found a way to eek more performance out! I noticed Kaz hasn’t twittered for nearly 3 weeks aswell……………..Must be incredibly tense in Japan about now.

    • Oct. 13, 11:50am

      Grab Live For Speed to keep yourself busy :P Works great with the DFGT.

  41. Oct. 13, 11:31am

    With all the complaining what did you guys expect anyway. The game will never be good enough for some of you so I was expecting another delay.

  42. Oct. 13, 11:30am

    Couldn’t they have said this earlier?

  43. Oct. 13, 11:30am

    This sucks but at least Fallout New Vegas should hold me over for now

  44. Oct. 13, 11:28am

    Still got my hopes up for a 1000 ‘premium’ models,

    I know they can’t fix all those things in a month, but maybe they started working on it once they realized that a difference between cars was forgivable, but nontheless a mighty epic fail…

    Haven’t got my hopes up for it, but I know Kaz can be full of surprises,

    If this will be the case I’ll give Santa an extra hug!

    • Oct. 13, 11:54am

      I would be even more angry if it was for that. I’m not one of these simpletons that think that cockpit view isn’t important. On the PS3 it’s essential to have every car to have cockpit view or it will look like a PS2 game, it’s as simple as that. The reason why I would be so mad if the delay was to put the cockpit view iin all cars which I so badly want is THERE’S NO REASON THEY CAN’T DO THAT AS A PATCH OR DLC!!! LOL plus I seriously doubt that’s why. If they didn’t care to begin with I don’t see they would start now

  45. Oct. 13, 11:27am

    Just releasing the game will exceed my expectations…

  46. Oct. 13, 11:27am

    By the way which year holiday is it delayed until lol. Will we get it by 2015 or the PS4?

  47. Oct. 13, 11:26am

    I bet Gamespot is excited that they just began their “Turismo Tuesdays” campaign to realize it was just money wasted on a game that now no longer has a release date.

    This delay does seem a bit odd, I would figure that right now the game would be getting burned and setup for production at this date, or even waiting in a warehouse to be shipped. My guess would be a burning “snafu” or perhaps finding out that one can only get to 98.8% complete or something.

    My bet on a release date now are late-November or early January, if we’re to believe this “Holiday Season” projection.

  48. Oct. 13, 11:25am

    To those talking about canceling their orders……PLEASE, you know that whenever this game does finally hit the shelves you will be just as giddy as the rest of us. Face it, you are addicted to this series and will do whatever it takes to get it in your sad little hands. Which means waiting for it just like the rest of us.

    To those angry about their vacation time being wasted…..Do you believe you are the only person in this situation? I have an entire week reserved for this game. I have my fingers crossed that I can have it moved, but what date do I move it to? When do I decide? What if I move it and the PD planets align and we get it earlier than we think.

    To those grumpy about buying a bunch of stuff in preparation for the game…….I as well have spent gobs and gobs of money getting ready for this game. (TV-PS3-Wheel-Cockpit) Funny enough, I am happy with all of my purchases so far….aren’t you?

  49. Oct. 13, 11:24am

    Are you kidding me??? Again?!

  50. Oct. 13, 11:23am

    Seriously why to play GT5 when GT6 is gonna be 10x better ?

    p.s. yeah this is a bad joke :,(

  51. Oct. 13, 11:22am

    AND PREORDER IT again A FEW DAYS BEFORE THE RELEASE JUST TO IGNORE SONY sry for double comment i dunno what happened lol

  52. Oct. 13, 11:22am

    To be honest I am not surprised to see this. I have the Collectors edition Ordered since last week. I think they gave us a release date so that they could milk us of more money lol. Lets hope they at least release a demo soon.

    • Oct. 13, 11:58am

      see, that’s the problem with being status quo. you just sit back and take it. if pd sees an outraged community, they might actually try to hurry. if they see you, they’ll be like “they’re cool, take your time”

    • Oct. 13, 12:04pm

      hahaha awesome point. that’s another reason these “oh it’s ok” people make me sick. if you want to play the game, how can you be ok with it when it gets delayed?

    • Oct. 13, 12:06pm

      I am ok with it because there are plenty of other games coming out that I can enjoy while waiting> GT5 isnt the only game I ever wanted to play.

  53. Oct. 13, 11:21am
    Alex p.

    Just imagine it’s really going to release next year, not so unlikely because no new date has been given and if I am right around January-March there won’t be any big titles released, so GT5 has no competition, you get the idea?

  54. Oct. 13, 11:20am

    This hurts!

  55. Oct. 13, 11:18am
    – Ice of SZRT –

    Maybe it’s to add some highly requested features that have been asked for by many people like us right here on GTP! Who knows, but w/e it is, we’re getting a better GT5 people instead of waiting 4 GT6 to get something, they’re deciding to fix it now… Weather it’s the online mode, a few new cars, some new tracks, or a livery editor… Here’s 1 more chance for them to add/fix something missing…

    God bless the GT faithful & I look forward to racing with y’all come the new official release date! Regardless of the delay, Gran Turismo is the TRUTH in racing games/simulators… See y’all on track day!!!

    • Oct. 13, 11:23am

      Few new cars ???????? Idiots … they will be fired by Sony, I hope so !!!!!

  56. Oct. 13, 11:16am

    I am actually glad it went like this! becuse i really want the best game, who wouldnt. But i didnt expect they would delay it. But i am still happy and i am THANKFULL to Kaz, he is doing the best job ever.

    • Oct. 13, 11:21am

      I appreciate that they’re willing to take their time, and sincerely hope that this delay is so they can actually work more on the game and not a marketing ploy.

      That said I really wish they would have given us a bit of a heads up on it :/

  57. Oct. 13, 11:15am

    Took the days off work. Grrr…… Wow just wow. I think I’m canceling my collectors edition. And getting the normal version. This is unacceptable.

    • Oct. 13, 11:19am

      What does that prove? You’re only further cheating yourself.

      In a few years this delay will seem like nothing in hindsight, you’ll have a laugh about it and still have your super nice CE loot.

      I can understand how you feel but I think you’ll be happier in the long run if you keep your preorder in place.

  58. Oct. 13, 11:15am

    at least I’ll be able to spend some quality time with Little Big Planet 2 now. Oh wait, Sony delayed that to 2011…

    If GT5 slips to 2011 (distinct possibility) Sony has absolutely nothing for exclusives this holiday. Nothing. Not good for them at all.

    • Oct. 13, 11:28am

      They have the Move though, which despite the fact that a lot of “traditionalist” gamers are against it, there are far more casual gamers that eat gimmicky stuff like that up. I actually want one to play Tiger Woods, that looks pretty sweet IMO.

  59. Oct. 13, 11:14am

    *reads news*

    *starts slamming head off of concrete wall over and over*

  60. Oct. 13, 11:14am
    carl finlow

    I’m really glad i just bought NFS Shift….pretty stunning game that will help me through this evil wait. You can pick it up 2nd hand for like 12€ here in Europe.

  61. Oct. 13, 11:14am
    LM 88

    GT5 is a Christmas release, who cares if it’s November or December.

    At this stage I just want a great title.

  62. Oct. 13, 11:12am

    At less than 3 weeks out it must be a disc pressing issue. The GM code would have been shipped to Sony for pressing at least a week-2 weeks ago, perhaps a little longer.

    • Oct. 13, 11:16am

      or more likely they made the decision a couple of weeks ago and were trying to work out how to tell us. Bury it under the Chilean miners..?

    • Oct. 13, 11:16am

      Its not a pressing problem… its surely the fact that PD didn’t have a final build when the disc pressing deadline was reached. So now, we get a vague open ended delay, with no explanation why PD if behind schedule, or what is still being tweak or changed. It is very frustrating.

      We are by no means entitled to answers, or an explanation for the delay… But if PD wants to hold on to its fan base, i really think they need to provide a detailed statement about the delay.


    • Oct. 13, 11:41am

      I agree. They may be able to hold fan base now but it’s only going to get worse if they don’t respect us. We may not be entitled but out of respect we at least deserve an answer

  63. Oct. 13, 11:11am

    WTF aughhh I didn’t think it was possible. I was scoffing at all those who were expecting it…guh.

    I feel sick but at the same time I want to laugh. It’s like some spectacular joke. I’ll admit the Russia thing already had me uneasy.

    Ughhh maybe I should upgrade my RB3 preorder to the keyboard bundle then :/

  64. Oct. 13, 11:10am

    But… they made a video with the Nov. 2 release date. THEY SHOWED IT AT A WORLD FAMOUS EVENT TO THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE! They promised… u_u

    • Oct. 13, 11:12am

      You actually thought they would stick to that release date?
      You have a lot to learn…

    • Oct. 13, 11:37am

      I almost cried happily when i streamed that trailer at E3:’/

  65. Oct. 13, 11:09am
    Mickle Pickle

    GT5 will soon become the next Monster of Lockness… unless it already IS!

  66. Oct. 13, 11:09am

    Oh gee… 2012

  67. Oct. 13, 11:08am
    Sean S


    I’ve already booked days off work :(

    • Oct. 13, 11:16am

      five minutes after I read this I cancelled my vacation for that week. Hopefully you can do the same…

  68. Oct. 13, 11:07am

    I actually thought that this was an April Fool’s joke.
    That’s when I realized that it was October 13th.
    Oh well.
    {goes back to playing Duke Nukem 3D}

  69. Oct. 13, 11:07am
    Mickle Pickle

    What the F!@#$%& H&!! ??!!!

    more delay when we all thought it would be impossible?!!

    Well at this point if i really have to be honest, i dont care… i have been waiting long enough already, that i am used to NOT having GT5 anymore.

    Might as well skip GT5 and release GT6, unless it is another legendary game …

  70. Oct. 13, 11:06am

    I’ve just cancelled my shopto pre order. I think i shall quit GT Planet too.

    • Oct. 13, 11:08am

      I canceled my pre order too. Don’t plan to buy this game anymore…

    • Oct. 13, 11:09am

      What the hell?

      What exactly has GTPlanet done to cause the delay?

    • Oct. 13, 11:25am

      oh give it a rest with the ‘im not buying this boohoo’ rubbish!

    • Oct. 13, 11:31am
      – Ice of SZRT –

      Bad decision… Unless you need the money, I’d just leave it paid for… If I knew I’d be alive for them, I’d pre-order every GT in advance!

    • Oct. 13, 11:33am

      He only said hes gonna quit GT AND id say that if u quit GT u have nothing to do with GTPlanet:/ Hey Rob its J-e-s-p-e-r! remember?

    • Oct. 13, 11:45am

      Who’s Jesper ? Lol
      I have nothing against Gt Planet but why would i stay on this site when its about GT duhhh
      Im going to save my money and spend it on something useful not surrender it to the greedy bosses at Sony. Surely they’ve done this to make extra money and push it away from Black Ops ?????

  71. Oct. 13, 11:05am

    Ok, I accept this, as long as you throw the LFA, mclaren mp4, and monaco track in there.

    • Oct. 13, 11:26am
      – Ice of SZRT –

      LFA’s in, Manaco is Coté Dé Azùr, and an official car list has yet to be & may be released, until after the game drops…

  72. Oct. 13, 11:05am

    oh well bye bye ps3 i aint waiting no longer its been 5 freakin years ill go cancel my pre order now then….

    • Oct. 13, 11:08am

      Dont. You will regret it in december…

    • Oct. 13, 11:23am
      – Ice of SZRT –

      +1, Like Love, it’s worth the wait…

  73. Oct. 13, 11:04am

    Hahaha, a game beyond expectations.

    I bet it still has the wrong sounds for half the cars, plenty sounding like hoovers, and AI that drives like complete crap.

    Good old PD, lie, then lie some more with promises of it being worth the way, then delay it even more.

    Actually, on that history, best wait for the game… if past delays have been spent improving the actual game, it must have been completely crap when they had considered releasing it!


  74. Oct. 13, 11:02am

    I hope they actually tell us what the problem is this time. And it better be something gamebreaking, other wise there’s no excuse.

  75. Oct. 13, 11:01am

    TRUST POLYPHONY ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬

    You know, for a while there I thought this would be the real release date! How foolish I was to think for a second that they would stick to a set release date!

  76. Oct. 13, 11:01am

    Well then back to racing on forza 3 again! – DAMN IT!

  77. Oct. 13, 11:01am
    – Ice of SZRT –

    They’ve known it would get pushed back for a long time now…, there’s no way it’s a sudden decision…

    My question is, why get us sooooooo happy and built up with anticipation about a Nov. 2nd release and then 19 days to release date, announce the delay? You think the started manufacturing billions of GT5’s and now they’re gonna scrap them to rework the game? No, I don’t the even began the manufacturing process… So why wait until now?

    I felt the Russian delay was a bad omen… Too bad I was right… Ugh… Now Hot Pursuit is my only choice… Ugh… Mmmm… I wanna cry…. (ó_Ò)

    • Oct. 13, 11:04am

      It has to be something big for them to announce it this close to release. For all we know it could release tward the end of Nov. if they know what the problem is they should be able to fix it relatively quickly.

    • Oct. 13, 11:07am
      – Ice of SZRT –

      *I doubt they even began…*

    • Oct. 13, 12:09pm

      Yeah I agree, this game would have started being pressed well over a month before it’s shelf-date given the number of copies required, so that was obviously never their intention when they announced this meaningless November date.

      They obviously never intended the November date to mean anything, I doubt they even have a date in mind. Unlikely to be christmas. What is delaying it a month going to achieve?

      After that fake March release schedule we were given for Japan, and then the pathetic excuse about manufacturing difficulties we had to wait another 8 months to get the next proposed release date. Won’t be surprised to see it taking about that long again. Brings us around to summer ’11, a much more likely date than Xmas that’s for sure.

  78. Oct. 13, 11:01am

    Well then back to racing on forza 3 again! – DAMNIT!

  79. Oct. 13, 11:01am

    This is what you get for complaining about the sounds!!
    It better still be released this year!

  80. Oct. 13, 10:59am

    Double you, tee, aech.
    AND I just got GT1 in the mail yesterday! su-SPIC-iousssss.

  81. Oct. 13, 10:59am

    …. “Reads the title and spots the word Delay” … !! What the hell?????

    I was planning to buy Medal of Honor and Enslaved the next week as well as Fallout the next next week but I wouldn’t have time to play them because GT5 is coming out but now this will ruin my gaming schedule :(.

    But hey don’t be so so so so sad, maybe they’re taking the car engine sounds into a new level … who knows!

    • Oct. 13, 11:23am

      HAHAHA YEEAAAA RIGHT!!! LOL maybe they’re putting the gtpsp interiors in standard cars LOL cuz that takes 2 months

  82. Oct. 13, 10:58am

    urgh! That’s bad news! bad bad bad :-(

  83. Oct. 13, 10:58am

    Massive fail. They don’t seem to realise that they can’t make the perfect game. No art is ever perfect in the eyes of the artist.

    It’s beyond a joke

    Gran Turismo Forever? :(

    • Oct. 13, 11:14am

      I had a bet with a friend as to what would come out first: GT5 or DNF. Now he might actually win. Goddammit.

  84. Oct. 13, 10:56am

    *cries into hands*….
    *laughs at myself*…. because I expected it :(

  85. Oct. 13, 10:56am

    Welllll time to cancel my collector’s edition pre-order. Very tired of being LIED to.

  86. Oct. 13, 10:55am


    what could be causing a delay 3 weeks before release?

    the game should be be gold and on its way to get the disks made..

    But.. oh well it hardly comes as a surprise

    But they really need to ditch the “he wants to make it perfect” excuse.. its getting lame and overused.

    If he really is such a perfectionist GT5 would not have “normal cars”

    • Oct. 13, 11:18am

      hmm i agree, did u mean standard cars?

    • Oct. 13, 11:19am

      exactly. he even admits that he’s not sure if the game will ever be perfect but he said maybe in 30 years. I guess that means we are waiting til 2040 when PS8 comes out

    • Oct. 13, 12:18pm

      +1 on the lame excuse

  87. Oct. 13, 10:55am
    Mad cookies

    Wow, you got to be kidding me… Couldn’t be more dissappointed

  88. Oct. 13, 10:53am

    This actually made me laugh out loud.

    Can’t believe it.

  89. Oct. 13, 10:52am

    Some months ago someone posted this:

    “There was a point where this stopped being funny, and we passed it around a year ago. I’m never getting Polyphony to build my goddam nuclear bunker – The fallout would have come and gone by the time they’d announced they’d completed the door handle.”

    And it’s still true today, as it was yesterday. What a bloody lack of seriousness Sony, it’s like treating with stupid small children. RELEASE THE DAMN THING ALREADY 5 YEARS IS ENOUGH FOR PRODUCING A GAME THAT WILL EXCEED EXPECTATIONS!!!

    • Oct. 13, 10:56am
      Alex p.

      Haha nice one CarBastard.

    • Oct. 13, 11:13am
      Mickle Pickle

      We all expected to get the game by Nov 2 2010.

      Indeed, GT5 is delivering and is exceeding our expectations…

    • Oct. 13, 11:41am

      Just release it already, do a patch if there is something to fix.

  90. Oct. 13, 10:52am

    another delay and I’m out, this is ridiculous.

  91. Oct. 13, 10:51am

    Oh no…

  92. Oct. 13, 10:50am

    Really sad news.I thought about picking up a steering wheel this weekend because GT5 is almost here but now i see that it is delayed.Well i hope it comes the same week as my birthday December 13th then i have a good birtday with GT5 if it still comes out this year.”cry”

    • Oct. 13, 11:12am

      I did buy a wheel. On Monday. Sorry guys, think I jinxed it. :/

    • Oct. 13, 11:48am

      That’s my birthday too, hopefully it’ll be around about then

  93. Oct. 13, 10:50am

    well this is just ass.
    Well, my day WAS going great.
    They better release a demo after this, before I couldn’t care less about a demo with how close release was, but now if we don’t get a demo I’ll…well, there’s not much I can do other than get pissed off.

    • Oct. 13, 11:59am

      Yeah, dude completly agree with you.

  94. Oct. 13, 10:50am

    Wow… less than a month away from release and this happens? Just wow. What could possibly have been so bad, that Sony’s flagship title requires a vague delay?

    • Oct. 13, 10:54am
      Alex p.

      COD, Black Ops, I honestly believe it’s this and other titles like NFS:HP the new one. Why? Because COD had almost 3 times more pre-orders than GT5, Sony did not like that at all, they want the whole cake, not only a third or fourth of it.

    • Oct. 13, 11:11am

      @Alex: In the USA, Racing games don’t gather amounts of pre-orders that monster FPSs do. Sony knows that, that can’t be the reason.

      I hope the game is indeed perfect after this.

    • Oct. 13, 11:17am
      Alex p.

      @ MAA, let us not forget that the production costs for GT5 are about 80 million Dollars?! Sony wants to sell this game as much as they possibly can.

  95. Oct. 13, 10:49am
    S3 Racer


    that is really not serious business.

    i can’t find eloquent enough words to post here….

  96. Oct. 13, 10:49am

    That’s my week off work ruined then….

    • Oct. 13, 11:42am

      Same here, those where my last days this year aswel :(

    • Oct. 13, 12:20pm

      Same here….I took the week off in advance for it. I’m super pissed right now.

  97. Oct. 13, 10:48am

    This is incredible… Damn Sony… This is the way you try to win Microsoft? Haha…

  98. Oct. 13, 10:48am

    Haha. Here it comes. I reckon January 2011.

  99. Oct. 13, 10:48am

    Happy Holidays. :/

  100. Oct. 13, 10:47am

    I’ll be worth the wait. What’s a couple more weeks?

    • Oct. 13, 11:28am

      No big deal. What’s a couple more months? a couple more years?

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