Gran Turismo 5 DLC & Update 2.08 Coming September 25

As just announced on the PlayStation Blog, the next Gran Turismo 5 software update is coming on September 25, and will bring with it three new cars available to purchase as DLC for $0.99 each.

  • Nissan GT-R N24 GT Academy ’12
  • Subaru BR-Z S ’12
  • Honda Weider HSV-010 (SUPER GT) ’11

Software update 2.08 brings with it the following new features, in addition to correcting bugs and other issues:

  • Now possible to select “Disable collisions” in the [Event Settings] of online races.
  • ID’s are now shown above cars when watching online races.
  • Response of the clutch pedal when using the steering wheel controllers “G25 Racing Wheel”, “G27 Racing Wheel”, “T500RS” and “TH8RS” has been adjusted.
  • Rate of tire wear in endurance races has been slowed (excluding formula cars).
  • Amount of air resistance change when altering aerodynamic wing settings has been increased.
  • Autopilot has been adjusted to prevent colliding with the wall when exiting the pit lane on the Tsukuba circuit.
  • Adjusted the changes in control characteristic when altering vehicle height from standard height. (Vehicle height can be changed by adjusting ride height, either by installing a suspension kit or adjusting a full customizable suspension kit.)
Head on over to our Gran Turismo 5 forum for more analysis and discussion. Thanks to Ylli for the quick tip!

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Comments (605)

  1. praiano63

    Nissan GT-R N24 GT Academy ’12
    Subaru BR-Z S ’12
    Honda Weider HSV-010 (SUPER GT) ’11
    are not available in Brasil ???????

    1. praiano63

      I want to buy those carsssssssssss Brasil, south america….. NO WIDER HSV ON PSN HERE, till now .nothing…

  2. Veyron Tony

    The next update this game needs is a Drag Strip.
    PPL on-line use every straightaway possible to drag race, and you don`t know it until you come into it at 100mph.
    Just create a track and be done with it…

    1. gamerdog6482

      JLTC FTW…
      It can block the entire drag strip. They know me in the drag community (Not here at GTP)…I get kicked usually whenever i enter a drag room.

    2. Veyron Tony

      Yes, there was a dragstrip in an earlier version of Gran Turismo, not sure which one, and it was before on-line, but probably easily adaptable.
      And as far as going in with a JLTC, an eye for an eye only results in two blind people in the end.


    Upload an engine sound update for to give a lot of cars their proper engine sounds and then that’ll be something to talk about for me.

  4. Slagithor

    I downloaded this pack and it says it’s already installed and yet when i try to buy the hsv says its not installed and the cars aren’t in my garage sooooo wtf.

    1. gamerdog6482

      You mean like………

      McLaren F1 GTR Race Car?
      Isuzu Bellet GT-R?
      BMW M3 GTR?
      BMW M3 GTR Race Car?
      Panoz Esparante GTR-1 Race Car?

  5. GRAFX21

    I wish KAZ or GT5 or to whom it concerns would tell us (fans) that the update will come first and then DLC next day or whatever.

    Just be clear with the fans…some people work you know. :)

    So managing my time is priority.

    Im a huge fan but I dislike the inconvenience sometimes.

    1. MeanElf

      Each regional store updates on a different day, so you’ll only get the DLC when your store has it’s usual, weekly update. No good getting upset, it’s always been that way with the PS3.

    1. SpartanUK

      The PSN Store will be updated around 3:00PM BST. If you have bought the GT5 Academy Edition though, you can redeem the GT-R already.

    1. Jordan

      That will be unknown until it releases in a few hours. I’ll include that in the new blog post announcing its availability.

  6. Fire Yoshi

    I’d really like to see the Stealth cars be put up as DLC, especially the NSX. I’d buy them without a doubt. :)

  7. jamesybograt

    having read some of the responses to the DLC . The complaints about price,content or lack of it.
    The simple fact of the matter is GT5 was to have a 10 year game life.
    So how much would you pay for an equivalent game of this quality (e.g.Call of Duty and it’s many guises ).

    As it goes all i can say is it’s the best value game i will ever own….

    1. Neilson248

      I say THANK GOD for POLYPHONY DIGITAL and GRAN TURISMO… I can guarantee that the people complaining are those who are not good enough to extract the best of what this incredible simulator has to offer… Not only has polyphony digital produced a piece of software that has a beautifully robust and dynamic physics engine but the game is full of content and at times can be beautiful just to watch and with a good sound system is awesome to listen to… The more I find out about gt5 the more I love and appreciate the 6 years it took to develop this game and yes, it is not perfect but is still light years ahead of anything else available on any platform with the exception of maybe a couple of titles like iracing and gtr – maybe. Any of you even attempting to compare Forza to this amazing work of art, well I could think of many insulting words to describe your intelligence… Gt is unique material

    2. MuoNiuLa

      @Neilson: Congratulations. I’ve read many absurd comments during my 2 years here on GT Planet, but yours blows all of them out of the water. I hope you’re proud of how ridiculous you sound.

    3. GT5_Honda_Guy

      @MuoNiuLa – lol – I read that and was like “huh” I am glad that someone else found it weird…

  8. Fogerty_Jr

    Please… I’ve been waiting sooo long… no racing game can be considered complete without a (premium) BMW M3 E36. Just stop modelling skylines.

  9. gt boy

    cool, I was just waiting honda hsv …
    but … another gt-r and another copy of toyota 86?
    these in turn could have done the f12 berlinetta and veyron ss … when do we get dlc’s with 10 cars like forza and no longer makes cars that are already in the game?

    1. Pit Crew

      ^ More then likely gotta wait for GT6 for those cars. (maybe not then) Unfortunately PDs commitment to GT5 DLC will not be as indepth as we would like.

      Just dont see kaz sending teams out to the regions these cars exist in to get specs/video/sound data to code for 2yr old title he said would be seeing less updates.

      Sure he said more DLC is forecast,however from kaz, it could mean anything from tracks, more Asia market cars/trucks/suvs ( would welcome Rim and Aero DLC ) even more paint chips.

      Kaz wants to run as far as he can get from GT5 without seeming have to just throw in the towel IMO. Hes definitely not going to develop a DLC pack that pulls commitments from GT6 being ready by his inhouse timeframe.

  10. ProjectVRD

    “Rate of tire wear in endurance races has been slowed”

    Well it is a start, but the question is why just the endurance races?

    1. researchALLwars

      LOL!!! You are on point, dude!

      what a bunch of sillyness. Hopefully that is just PD mispeaking/mistranslating, and the tire wear OVERALL is what’s being slowed.

  11. Rynogtr23

    To ALL the fools and haters who complain about GT having too many GTR’s, this is an excerpt from wikipedia on the history of the nissan R35 GTR very 1st production back in 2004, QUOTE:

    “Polyphony Digital, creators of the Gran Turismo series of racing video games, were themselves involved in the development of the GT-R, having been contracted to design the GT-R’s multifunction display.[16] The GT-R is the star car of the current game Gran Turismo 5, whose title video features the production of the VR38DETT engine.”

    SO now you know why Kazunori loves the car so much. I mean how many chief game developers you know, that would be asked to offer his expertise in creating an extremely crucial technology for one of Japan’s & the world best AWD supercar?? Not to mention his racing victories in some of the world’s most challenging motorsports races, IN THE R35 GTR & his affiliation with Nissan in turning video gamers into real race car drivers. STOP with the estrogen filled whining already!!

    1. Rynogtr23

      I for one am not the biggest fan of 4WD cars but it has to be said that the R35 GTR is one of the worlds BEST hands down. So PD & Kazunori please keep the GTR’s coming. Still hoping we get the Black & Red GT3 version that Jann Mardenborough races.

    2. ProjectVRD

      We know this already, but it would still be nice to see some others cars not from Japan.

      You might find the majority of GT5 fans would like to see the rest of the N24 cars because so far we have just two, and both are GTR’s from the SP8-T category which contain all of… two cars. Considering PD went through the effort of creating the Nurburgring and even a N24 event it would have made sense to include several cars from SP1, SP2, SP3, SP4, SP5, SP6, SP7, SP8, SP8-T and SP9 categories.

      I am very surprised they have ignored SP7, SP8 and SP9. How many people would have loved to drive the Falken Tyres GT3 (SP8) or the BMW Z4 Works (SP9) or the Aston 007 car (SP9)? I can guarantee it would be alot more than those wanting “another” Nissan GT-R.

    3. MuoNiuLa

      Someone seriously needs to chill out. If people are fed up with the GT-R, they should be able to post their feelings about it, just like you can defend the car, no matter what.

      Telling people to shut up and insulting them because you don’t like their comments on something is childish.

    4. MuoNiuLa

      And I don’t hate the GT-R. Because I work at a Nissan dealership, I see them quite often, and being around them in real life made me admire more than before.

      But as the old saying goes, and this applies to everything else, too much of a good thing is bad.

    5. Rynogtr23

      Thats my point, ppl been complaining about GTR’s for the past 2 years, so it’s not even about respecting someones opinion, which i really dont especially if it sounds like a woman on menopause. Like the old saying goes, If u dont have anything constructive to say then STFU!!

  12. rustyford84

    cool more cars to add to my 1080 cars and cheap this time too thanks kaz good to see there not just focusing on gt6 and still adding DLC wish other games would update and fix bugs etc like kaz dose thats 100% dedacation right there

  13. jiffiz

    Response of the clutch pedal when using the steering wheel controllers “G25 Racing Wheel”, “G27 Racing Wheel”, “T500RS” and “TH8RS” has been adjusted.

    I hope we will now be able to shift fast because seriously, that was a big problem and it was really annoying.

  14. zlays

    what suprises me the most is how they still haven’t added GT-R GT3 version,the one that gt academy champions drive…the only GT-R I actually want lol

    1. Amac500

      The GT3 class cars seem to be a popular want, I know I want them, all we need is that FIA GT3 license… Damn you Bernie

    2. Pit Crew

      Probably has something to do with the RJN team itself. Jann shares the car with other drivers not affiliated with the GTAcademy.

      Its the reason I wish PD/Nissan could have designed a default LMP shell with Academy Badges but no sponsorship decals as a final academy gift, though it wasnt part of the TTs.

      Those licensing issues bite. Porsche is a good example, though alot of PD cash would solve that, im not sure I would want them to but ultimately its their decision.

    3. ProjectVRD

      You can evade the licencing with manufacturers and regulatory bodies by approaching the teams themselves, you mention Porsche yet there is nothing stopping PD approaching teams that use Porsche cars as that would be out of the domain of Porsche due to alterations made on the car.

  15. Zuel

    I’m looking to see how this GT-R wheel handles after the update Tuesday. It may handle as good or better than last year’s version, if they were going to add any new GT-R’s what about the RJN Motorsport Nissan GT-R’s n or any of the other cars.

  16. =drifting24/7=

    weird, 2012 is now in the middle of its second half and the HSV-010 that they got was from last year. Not that I’m complaining, but it’s still pretty weird.

    IF they are going to include more SuperGT cars, and that if they’re gonna choose a Supra, i hope the black & red Eclipse Advan Supra will be included, the one with the Fujitsu Ten livery. That car just looks awesome. Seriously, I’d prefer that over the YellowHat Supra any day.

    1. Amac500

      I hope they include more Super GT myself. My main hope is the other 4 teams / liveries for this Honda HPV-010, I really like the #17 Keihin livery. Then I hope they include sone of these other liveries we don’t have. That #38 Lexus (forget the team) doesn’t look bad, and that MOLA GT-R is the current champ, big team right now, one of there cars would be cool. I like adding the Super GT because it’s nice to have a good series to compete in online and the more premium cars, the more that is bolstered :)

    1. =drifting24/7=

      Nissan GT-R R35 is a full-fledged Skyline. Though it does not bear the Skyline name, it still belongs to the Skyline family, hence why the GT-R “R35” is the successor to the Skyline GT-R “R34” . Get your facts straight first before you try to prove and emphasize your point.

    2. aronh17

      I’m sorry but the R-35 is not a Skyline. If the “successor” of each car means it’s the same as the last then every Ferrari that comes out is based off of one from 40+ years ago. The original car eventually succeeded to the 458 Italia was the Ferrari Dino. You’re telling me that all of these successors means that the 458 Italia is a Dino? It’s just a newer and better version of the last car they made, sometimes can be related but in this case it isn’t.

    3. Pit Crew

      The GT-R is closer to a 370Z as they were built next to each other. The Skyline is The Infinite Sedan. Check your facts, again.

    4. Pit Crew

      The Skyline name was actually separated from the GT-R trim and was applied to both the G35 Coupe and G35 Sedan. Its in house designation is V35. (After I did more research)

    5. gamerdog6482

      …Which evolved into the V36, marketed in the USA as the Infiniti G37.
      So…Nissan we have right now:

      R35 “GT-R”
      V36 “Skyline”
      Z34 “Z”

      The Z series needs to pick up the pace.

    6. Pit Crew

      ^ GT-R and Skyline GT-R are separate models now. Heres a quote: The car was replaced by the Nissan GT-R, an independent vehicle not sold as a Skyline.

    7. gamerdog6482

      There is no V37. If there is, everything I know is a lie.

      And there also isn’t a Skyline GT-R anymore. The AWD G37s are sold as the G37x.

  17. Fong74

    “Rate of tire wear in endurance races has been slowed (excluding formula cars).”
    This sounds like tire wear for *offline* endurance races has been altered, right?

  18. HarVee

    I think some people just need to chill out a little bit. It is only a game after all! If you don’t like the DLC, don’t buy it. Pretty simple solution, no?

    1. MeanElf

      Simple yes, but most of these feel somehow that because they have bought the game, they have the right to determine future policy and any additions.

      Sad really, you see it overall on forums – even comic fans get stroppy when the writers change things from where those ‘fans’ perceive the story should be going…

    1. KingDejch

      yup whole garage should be in arcade more, because favorites list is too small and is quite awkward to select cars from garage list because it’s quite lame.

      i like that in GT4 that once u bought a car it automatically became available in arcade mode.

    2. MeanElf

      That would be handy. I suspect that it’s something to do with the same problem with same paint chips not being grouped though.

  19. NT110

    Not complaining here, but I really hope that the ride hide update won’t change all my cars TOO much.
    Id really hate to have to reconfigure ALL of my cars in my garage! :-(

  20. tarzboy56

    I don’t get about the “Diable collision” part for the update in online races. What’s that going to do? I can’t seem to imagine what it CAN do. :/

  21. Rushton1996

    Why not have a DLC that includes cars from all over the world, including muscle cars super cars and Japanese cars as well as race cars. Make it cheap and voila, PD have money flowing in, and we are all happy.

    1. gamerdog6482

      Because of the cost of it. Let’s say they make DLC that includes 13 cars from all over the world. Now they have to pay to model all of those cars, as well as (?) the license. Also, they have to pay the people that model it, and they (TMK) don’t get 100% of the profit.

    2. Rushton1996

      Yes, that’s true. But I’ll bet that half the car manufactures will allow PD to put their cars in the game at relatively low cost because in a way, PD are promoting their vehicles. Remember the first DLC? They sold a million+ in the first 2 weeks. Over time they would sell the same amount, or close to that number of DLC. That would generate multi-million dollars. Even if they don’t get all the profit, they will still make a shed load of money in the end. On top of that they have happy fans and could even attract more fans to the series of they let good DLC out frequently.
      What PD need to do is hire more people so the get jobs done quicker with the same, or better quality.

    3. MeanElf

      You would expect car manufacturers to behave that way, but in real life that isn’t always the case – the contract makers in most big companies will be bean-counters and not necessarily lovers of cars; they’ll see the amount of money to be made rather than ‘the value to the make’ represented by including it in something as intangible as a game. Don’t forget, only a small proportion of people play games or have heard of GT.

      The biggest problem people seem to have with the car choices appear to be based on supposition and hopes really, not on the practicalities of providing that choice.

  22. mcalva98

    I hopw their will be a suprise in the update mabey we will get the honda NSX ’12 dont complain for the looks of it. Its free so dont complain i hope that happens!!!

    1. gamerdog6482

      Uh…what? What makes you think that we would complain about something that doesn’t exist being free?
      Your logic (And spelling) is flawed.

    2. Pit Crew

      Ummm actually most like the NSX and wouldn’t complain.

      Your OP faults people for complaining about a car not even listed in the DLC list? Dude thats a horrible reach.

    3. Amac500

      The new NSX is either a ’13 or a ’14 isn’t it? A ’12 means it came out in summer 2011. I’m pretty sure the new NSX is a ’14, right?

    4. gamerdog6482

      According to the ever-reliable internet, the new NSX is actually a ’15 model, meaning we wont see it (IRL or in GT) until at least mid-2014.

  23. MBP

    We r they bringing Out a DLC pack with cars Out from THE old GT series….?
    – Shelby Cobra coupe
    – TVR Cebrera LM
    – Lotus Elise GT1
    – Ventura LM
    – Renault Laguna Touring car

    Why always Japanese cars????

    1. Pit Crew

      His car list doesnt contain all US market cars, so singling out PDs bias against american cars is inaccurate as europe has nothing comparative, cars or events wise that endorses their more than 100 plus years of motorsport involvement.

  24. monstruoso76

    because my opinion is that if you like shopping if not, do not buy it for me with the Honda HSV enough and I thank you for continuing to polyphony dlc

  25. Amac500

    I hope they add more then just the Weider Honda HSV-010, since the majority of the people running Honda in SuperGT will upgrade to the HSV due to it presumably better tire wear and the fact that it is newer technology. So then there will be alot of people with the sane car with the same number and all. That’s just a pet peeve of mine, lol, always bugs me, but it would be nice to see the other 4 liveries added because I for one always run my Super GT in the Epson and I would like to continue to do so. See here is a promo picture for Honda of the 5 car HSV-010 fleet:

    I am super stocked for the Honda though, or has been on my top 5 most wanted cars list for a while now, along with the Audi R18 TDI, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, a touring version of the Ferrari 458, and the 5th spot is for a new racing series added like NASCAR and Super GT are (indycar or V8 Supercars or DTM). Super stoked for Tuesday, can’t wait to drive this car :)

    1. Amac500

      That all said, I think the Honda Keihin HSV-010 is the best looking of the lot, and would probably quickly persuade myself to drive over my Epson, lol

    1. gamerdog6482

      Nope. The Subaru BRZ S is slightly different then the Scion FR-S and Toyota 86-GT, and that GT-R, whilst similar, is a different car then the ’11 model.

  26. kalakanto

    2.08 gives more than i hoped. Great improvements!!! and new dlc too after 2 years of releasing a game. I’m impressed and thankful PD.

    1. Amac500

      That’s the only way I’d buy it, otherwise I already have the Scion and Toyota so the 3rd badge isn’t enough to make me buy it.

    2. Pit Crew

      That would be aces but the list doesnt say its (BRZ) RM. Guess we will see once someone buys and trys to Race Mod it lol

    1. Hentis

      Lol that’s what I meant. Unusually my fingers were doing exactly what my brain were telling them for a change. Sometimes my brain don’t think straight :p

  27. Hentis

    Really, honestly, I just can’t seem to get my head around the stupidity of some you people around here.

    1). GT6 was announced + Yamauchi San announced more dlc for GT5 as the fans are still requesting it.
    2). Fans start making “demands” on what should be in any available dlc
    3). Dlc should be free blah blah bla blah blah…….

    As has been posted before no one is holding a gun to your head also known as forcing you to purchase the dlc.
    I find it ridiculous and quite pathetic that people are complaining about wanting more dlc yet when we et it your complaining about the price of dlc.

    Two things
    You either want it or you don’t. If you want it pay for it. If you don’t then fine.
    The it her thing this isn’t Forza 4 so don’t expect the same as what Forza 4 people are getting. So what if they get updates every month. Am I bothered……no not really.
    I for one will be buying the pack. It’s 3 cars for less than a pint.

    1. DA6righthand

      I’m not going to complain because I completely agree but I have one criticism of this upcoming dlc:

      There’s only one SGT. I’d like to have a few, maybe 2 others rather than the BRZ and GTR. Either way, I’ll still be buying the dlc. I always do no matter what the dlc is. I feel its my way to invest in the games future.

      So, I’m still looking forward to this dlc and hopefully more to come! If not, on to gt6.

    2. MuoNiuLa

      “I find it ridiculous and quite pathetic that people are complaining about wanting more dlc yet when we et it your complaining about the price of dlc.”

      Yeah, because you somehow know the same people wanting DLC are the same people complaining about it…

    3. SCER


      I think DA6righthand is talking about people that whine about how long they have to wait for DLC, and then whine when the DLC comes that Polyphony Digital have made it too expensive or a waste of their time or not the cars that they’d wanted etc. etc.

      Basically, the people that probably wouldn’t be satisfied if GT5 had a $5 DLC with a hundred cars and twenty tracks, because they don’t understand that A. The staff at Polyphony have lives of their own and B. aren’t designing the game specifically for one persons wishes but rather to suit Polyphony’s idea of what a great racing sim should be.

      I, for one, think they’ve got the game spot on, and as much as I wish that various things were in the game, I could say the same for everything about my life. I’m not owed something by Polyphony Digital.

    4. Pit Crew

      PD makes a good Driving Sim but its a global market game, initially perceived for japans game market, then after some talks with US and European auto manufacturers, added (sparingly) other countries cars and some global locations, but is seemingly way more comfortable (arrogant) with products and events that highlight Asias car and motorsport base.

      Its pretty frustrating for us that realize that. As for PD employees having a life of their own, I mean didnt they set their own career path? Its a demanding business and course of study. They knew what they were getting into.

  28. GTP_Yamicarlos

    My view of this topic is simple: if you don’t want it, nobody if forcing you to buy it. This ongoing trend to release unfinished games and then release DLC for $$ may KILL this industry in a long run. Take forza for example: if you buy the game today and choose to have all the DLC, you are going to spend more money with DLC than the game itself. Same thing for GT5.

  29. fortbo

    i remember when the accademy edition was announced so many people were sayin we better get that car also including me and i am very happy we did. so why are you guys still complaining that we did get this car

    1. smskeeter23

      I remember the same thing and hoped we would get it. Assumed from the start that it wouldn’t be free either. Why would we get it free when EU had to pay full price for a whole new disc?!

      I’ll be getting it if even only for pics ;-)

    2. Amac500

      I was hoping it would be given out as part of GT Academy, it seemed to be a very logical tie in. The new update is being released on a Tuesday though, and that was the day they sent out GT Acadeny cars, so I’m going to reserve a little hope that they will give it out free as some kind of prize for those who achieved whatever PD makes it in GT Academy. The odds are probably low, but that’s fine. I’ll probably still pick it up anyways, since I like the first Ring car we got and it’s only a buck.

  30. TokoTurismo

    You wanna know what I find funny? It’s funny how these complainers are complaining about the BRZ and the GT-R being like the same models from the game, when Forza 4 with its Augest pack AND September pack did the exact same thing. Remember you complainers? The Camaro and Mustang, which are the ZL1 and THE Boss 302? Even the two race Vipers even though they got the SRT Viper for free, but those two race models were PACK ONLY to buy! Others had to pay for both the Camaro and Mustang as well. Don’t give me no BS.

    You babies are damn so blind if you can’t even see that either… Just let me see who’ll be the first to say something so ridiculous and fanboyish. Honestly freakin hypocrites…

    Even complaining about the $1 being expensive. Are you serious? Sure the pack isn’t enough and its maybe crap, I don’t know why PD couldn’t find any new cars to add but the HSV-010 is a really good one, but hey, you’ve ask for more DLC didn’t you all?

    1. MuoNiuLa

      To be fair, the Boss 302 and ZL1 are heavily modified versions of the Mustang and Camaro, so that makes them quite different from the base models.

      Not being a fanboy. Just stating the facts here.

    2. Rushton1996

      You’re missing the point. Yes, the Forza DLC pack had same/similar cars, but hardly any of us are complaining about that. We are complaining about GT5 DLC, not forza’s, we aren’t even comparing them to each other here. What we are saying is that PD need to add more cars that are different to what we currently have, nothing more, nothing less.

      I’m fine with the price but I think we deserved more cars for all the waiting and stuff. And yes we asked for more DLC but we asked for good/satisfying DLC. Not just stuff we already have.

    3. TokoTurismo

      ^ Than why are people comparing GT5’s DLC with Forza’s DLC? I understand we need different cars because I too want other cars, but this is PD. People should have expected the DLC will come like this, it won’t come with as much cars as Forza’s. Didn’t Kaz say it takes like 6 months to create JUST one premium car? They need more staff…

      What’s worse is people are even camplaining about 1 dollar. 1 freakin dollar. Come on…

    4. aronh17

      I’d just like to say I’d pay 1 dollar for GT5’s cars over Forza. They do not spend as much time on their car models in Forza. Scuderia is off, GT-R is off. It goes on and on… We’ve received stuff in updates on GT5 that T10 would release in a new game. Just look at the differences between the series in their first release on last gen consoles (GT3-GT5 & Forza 1-Forza 4), and their games now. You can clearly see which team tries at developing. I’m not talking about graphic differences, but what has changed in terms of physics and what the game includes. Not being a fanboy here, but GT5 has changed more through updates than Forza has in their entire franchise.

    5. MuoNiuLa

      @aronh: Yet PD is still playing catch up.

      Does GT have a livery editor and decent customization after all these years? No. Does GT at least have leaderboards for all tracks? No. Heck, we can’t even paint our cars any color we want but have to deal with the stupid paint chip system.

      It’s good PD is still updating the game but for GT6, they’re going to have to wake up and show they’re in the present like every other developer.

    6. Progress823

      Everyone keeps on comparing Forza GT when it comes to content/DLC….. *yawn*

      I decided to do an experiment two weeks ago, I brought an XBox 360, a copy of Forza 4 and played, seeing that my brother has this as well. I understand us GT fans wanting the content that Forza has, but damn, Forza still has a lot of catching up to do on the kiddie physics. My wife loves Forza because “It’s easier to drive fast”, “the car content is great”, “oh, you can make your car look pretty (via livery editor)”, but she said this which surprised me that she noticed “the Nurburgring is poorly rendered”…..

      Wow – never expected her to notice the differences that I did. My lap times are actually faster on Forza than GT there, I am not sure if other people notice the same thing.

      For me, Forza 4 is sitting out in the living room, I occasionally drop by to drive the R18 before my lady starts playing, but I keep going down to my lounge in the basement and firing up GT5 – I need my realism even though my content may not be as good.

    7. Progress823

      So… think it is realism to be able to take a 90-degree corner (at the end of Hunaderies at Circuit de la Sarthe) at over 80 mph? That’s not even close. I have the same wheel you have, and the physics are arcady with Forza. The only car on GT that you can do that with is either an X2010 or X2011.

    1. Pit Crew

      ^Agreed I’ve pretty much given up on that “Dream DLC” Pack. At least the Honda is another online league class maybe. Wish we could paint it while still retaining the defaulit decal style.

    2. Pit Crew

      tofudrifter you sound like a yesman. When you and people with your “internet bad boy mentality start furnishing my games and consoles, I’ll stop complaining.

      We complain about the Lack of Diversity PD uses when applying cars to GT5. If the carlist or future DLCs work for you, then by all means support PD with your purchase, but im hardly spoiled and short of being entitled, and have every right, as a fan and consumer, to point out shortcomings of any product I buy when the quality falls short.

      You dont like complaints, dont tune in to the sight.

      Your letting that Internet Anonymity go to your head.

    3. Amac500

      It’s Japanesse cars but for here it’s fine. We knew the BRZ would come eventually anyways, no surprises there. We knew Kaz’s car would come out in some form, that’s fine though, no big deal. And the HSV-010 is a kick ass, awesome race car so I’m really excited to have it, Honda is the only Hapanesse brand I’m a fan of because when they make fast cars like the HSV-010, the NSX, their LMP cars, those are all fine and very cool I think, so no displeasure year. The HSV is the only ar we didn’t really expect and it’s cool and can be used in one of the big racing leagues in the game, so I’m not complaining about a lack of US and EU cars here. Hell PD hasn’t even been bias with the latest DLC packs. The last 2 had alot of Volkswagons, an Aston Martin, and a Lambo, so they aren’t even being bias with the DLC cars. Plus this is way to small of a DLC to have the right to complain about it, only 3 cars and 2 we knew would come. So yeah, no grounds to cry here.

    4. Amac500

      @Pit Crew’s first comment. I would be perfectly happy of they us spray the cars, be it body or accent colors, and let us change the number. Racing against the same race car with the same paint job and same number always bugs me, pet peeve. I would so love to be able to spray part of cars like the Audi R10 and Peugeot 908 and change the numbers. It would be almost like adding a bunch of new cars to me. Would be nice

  31. S2

    I wonder if they’ll give away to BR-Z. I can’t imagine it selling well as DLC after they gave away the Scion and Toyota versions of it.

  32. aronh17

    I like the $0.99 a piece cars. It’s like buying virtual hot wheels cars, but instead you get to take them around the world and actually drive them. I had over a hundred hot wheels as a kid, idk about the complainers but I can clearly see the value in a 99 cent car. In fact, I’m getting a meal tonight for 5 dollars, that will be gone in 20 minutes. Sure, that’s food and I need it to survive, but do you need the DLC to survive? Anyways, keep up the good work PD, I appreciate the subtle release of cars. Keep working on GT6, it’s clearly what you have your mind set on. Definitely getting all of these cars.

    1. smskeeter23

      Virtual hot wheels :tup: that’s good ;-)

      And I am pretty sure there have been some DLC related fatalities here since January…

    2. aronh17

      Also, I remember driving around on GT4 and playing it so much. Never got any DLC because it was unheard of, never got and updates for any bugs that may happen. Nothing. None of that! Even the updates to GT5 could’ve been worth money. Thanks to the developers taking time out of their day to fix a problem with something, or adding something to their latest game to keep their game smooth.

    3. Amac500

      I like the $1.00 system as well. Instead of paying $5.00 for $5 cars were I may only want 1 or 2 of them and never use the others. That’s makes it like paying $5.00 or $2.50 per car. I hope they keep doing $1 per car model, deffinently seems like a more efficient way of doing things :)

  33. mcalva98

    Rembemer when they made GTHD el capitan was in the demo right?? And the demo was in HD on the ps3 so what i am saying were the heck is el capitan in GT5

    1. DuskTrooper

      No one knows where El Capitan went. PD showed the track in their Horse Power teaser trailer way back in 2010. But the track never made it into GT5, and the same goes for the actual song used in the trailer. Luckily the Ferrari Enzo made it through.

  34. mcalva98

    Do yall remember when they made gran turismo HD and they had el capitan, grand canyon and costa di amafi something like that right if that was in HD why are those tracks not in GT5???

  35. Wanderlust2000

    Eager to try the new clutch. Elated to hear more wing will now mean more drag. Cautiously curious about the new ride height physics. Looking fwd to the Subie.
    As soon as PD gets us some BMW E30s as DLC, my car wish list is basically completed. Although, getting a Testarossa would be some tasty icing..;)

  36. Tvensky

    great looking Honda! but after so long wait, there have to be more :) dont want to complain, but I am :) I just wish GT5 had more tracks, DLC getting so rare and when its here, its so “tiny”…. at least its moving in some way..

  37. TheGTGuy

    I don’t beleive this will be the last DLC because I beleive there are more GT500 Honda HSVs being modelled and I’d say Lexus LFAs GT500 to.

    1. mcalva98

      Because they are making things that should have been in the game for example, Twin Ring Motegi that should have been in the game right, so i payed $60 for a game that was not done

    2. smskeeter23

      Who says this stuff was supposed to be in the game? Did you get a pre-release car and track list?

      Unless there was some sort of lists released by PD saying this stuff was going to be in it, and misled the public deliberately, they owe you nothing.

    3. mcalva98

      No im just saying, by the way im a huge gt fan i own the jap ver of gt1 and gt concept. But seriously i wish they were not overpriced because $5 for TR Motegi it only came with 1 track. Im just saying that there should have been more i love the game but in al reality it gets boring after a while

    4. DuskTrooper

      2 of them should be free. We already got the 86 and the FR-S free, so why must we pay a dollar to get the BR-Z? The BR-Z is almost identical to the previous ones mentioned. It doesn’t make sense, and there is no logic to this.

      Lets make the fans pay a dollar for a car they essentially already have two of! (five if you count the prototypes too)

      Also we got the 2011 version of Kaz’s N24h GT-R for free, so why not the 2012 one too? Plus the Europeans get this car for free with the Academy edition. So wait a minute, lets give the Europeans a free pass, but make the rest of the world pay for it, despite the fact that the entire world got last years version free!

      All PD is doing with the DLC is trying to rape our wallets. I wish some people would see this.

    5. mcalva98

      I hope there will be a suprise with the update like we will get an acura nsx ’12 free ill take free any day no matter what car it is but u r right about the BRZ we got 2 free why pay for the other one. We can just change the color of the FR- S or 86 GT to WR blue mica

  38. Rushton1996

    Disappointing if you ask me. they make us wait with high hopes for this long and all it is is 3 cars. And I don’t think
    PD listen to us anymore, they probably never did, because I didn’t hear anyone say they wanted the Honda and the GT–R should’ve been free.
    I’ll be getting the BRZ and maybe the Honda, maybe. But overall a disappointing DLC. I expected more than just 3 cars, 2 of which are already in the game. I sure hope this isn’t the last of the Updates/DLC for GT5.

    1. gamerdog6482

      That’s great. But if you haven’t heard people say that they want the Honda HSV-010, you haven’t been listening.

    2. MeanElf

      Umm…which two cars are already there? The GT-R is a later version and the Scooby has a different engine and suspension system to the Toyota.

      Most people outside Europe were complaining about not getting the GT-R so this is the way they can get it.

    3. Rushton1996

      Ok, seriously, The GT-R and the Scooby are not “all new” cars. The BRZ uses the same engine as the Scion FR-S and 86, yes, the suspension may be different but the chassis and everything else is pretty near identical. As for the GT-R, how many do we need?
      Lets list them:

      Black Edition
      Spec V
      2011 N24
      Black Mask
      and now this.
      I don’t think we need that many, and this is coming form a HUGE GT-R fan. I just think PD should be including other cars that deserve to be upgraded to premium or completely new cars all together, rather than wasting resources on things we don’t need. I’m sure everyone wants that and would also want more than just 3 cars.

    4. mcalva98

      Because they are making things that should have been in the game for example twin ring motegi, that should have been in the game. So i payed $60 for a game that was not finished it that true or false

    5. MeanElf

      Rushton – I was basing the engine comment on this:

      “This is the world’s only front-engine, rear-drive sports car powered by a boxer engine. The Subaru 2.0-liter four is an all-new engine with a different block from that used in the 2012 Impreza, and features Toyota-sourced direct injection. It gets a unique FA designation within the Subaru engine family (the closely related 2012 Impreza engine is known as the FB, while the 2011 Impreza is the EJ)” which implied that the scooby has this but the Scion does not.

      However, ater further reading it does appear that both Scion and Scooby have the same engine, so my apologies.

      I still stand by my comment on the GT-R though. The whinge factor from non-EU fans was high due to this model being offered with the upcoming region specific version of GT5 with all DLC (minus Motegi) – the rest wanted it too. This redresses the balance.

      As for the amount of Nissans – this is PD! You’ll always have a lot of them.

  39. joetruckv8

    Well I’l be Speed Route X testing my cars before and after this update to see how much the aero package has changed. It is a bit unrealstic to go to Monza and get your lap times beat by someone who is running full downforce. Slowly but surely this is become a more realistic racing game, so all I need now is split sector times for all cars, and not just the leader!

  40. grazbro

    It’s a welcome DLC, but not very unique. On the 25th, there will be GT rooms loaded with nissians and hondas, as everyone who chose to buy it will be racing them. I rather see unique cars that you would of had to get by way of the Signature Edition/Collectors Edition or the Edge Camaro. I love crusing out onto the track with my Chromeline Jaguar XJ13 Race Car ’66 on my EU account. Not very many people know it was available free. Anyway, I’m in so see you in my Honda! LOL.

  41. japlkofk69

    Am i the only one happy that the BR-Z is here??
    P.S. im pretty sure this is not the last dlc, this must be an add on for the new update, at least for me this dlc is really great

    1. Pit Crew

      Knowing Kaz, he may feel as though he fullfilled his actual promise of more DLC with this car pack.

      I honestly feel 2 yr anniversary may be an opening like last year, as would be Xmas but as Corvette said, “Kaz is the boss” and what ever we get there will probably more bias in its consideration.

  42. Youngun

    Not bad, Update may keep it alive a bit longer and my OCD of 100% cars may kick in for DLC but 3 cars after months of waiting. Honda HSV was what some called the next NSX before the next NSX was shown so only real new car to be added. BRZ STI would of been nicer, and GT-R should just be a free-bee anyway. A welcome update but after then, R.I.P GT5, R.I.P.

    Still, These problems shouldn’t of existed in the first place.

  43. adellanotte

    For me the biggest design error besides on the fact that if you find, being inside a room, your oil has become old, you have to exit the room, wait, go to GTAuto, wait, and still you have to bare those three (if you want a full restoration) horrible animations of the car entering and exiting the garage (turning around i dont know how…), . Then exit GTAuto, wait go to comunnity section, wait, because the interface is very slow to load, reenter the room, wait, and find the 7 laps race has just started.

    That make us lose hundreds of hours, and you have to do it if you want yourself to be competitive.
    If there was a restoration button within the room garage or adjustments menu, we would save tons of time, we would spend lots of credits on oil an car restoration, and we would find ourselves forced to do many more seasonal events to recover earnings.

    Bad strategy PD, but I love your game.

  44. sibbystiggy

    Guys get down to the basics,

    we paid for a game, we see what its like, it has its negetive sides which we can complain about however,

    none of us have yet paid for any upcoming DLC which isn’t out yet,
    people here act as tho they run the business & make the decisions, PD are allowing us to have our say, which is good.
    people here think that for some reason DLC’s have a car’s or track’s name attached to it, whatever they say happens, well theres not just u making the decisions of what happens.
    GT5 has done well to last this long & still have these many fans, if you’re not interested in what PD have to offer then why oh why does it annoy you in such a way that PD have broken their promises which will somehow affect u, if the DLC isn’t for u then ignore it.

    People complain when there is no DLC & they try to say that for some rights they have over PD.
    if there is a DLC people still complain about why its not what they wanted.
    I mean: this is childish behavior, in the sense that PD don’t have to do any DLC’s or updates. its not like people have paid for something that they better provide or its going against the rights of people who have purchased their product.

  45. HooliganMe

    One of my biggest complaints are the rims , I mean really???? at least give us some Dlc rim packs or somthin , the rims are horrid in the game :) other then that thanks :)

    1. vicgtr

      Yes new and better rims would be nice, the ability to paint 2 different colors would also be sweet, red outer rim with a black centers, yummy. As far as the cars, keep them, the n24 will weight more and/ or have less HP, as per usual.

  46. zman1350

    HELLLLLLL YEEESSSSS the HSV GT !!!!!!!!!! I so wanted it!!!!!!!!!! thanks PD. Cant wait to take it around the ring!!!

  47. berettagt88

    I have replica’s of the 2012 Camaro ZL1,2012 BOSS 302,2013 Shelby GT 500 and I have seen a replica of 2013 Viper SRT just PM me sangdude82

  48. Progress823

    “Rate of tire wear in endurance races has been slowed (excluding formula cars).”

    Does this apply to online endurance racing? If so I can start hosting good long races again…….

    1. sangdude82

      Don’t forget about 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 & 2013 SRT Viper :) But yeah, I really want to have 2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1 on gt5.

  49. C-ZETA

    It is just stupid how many people disregard the HSV just because the GT-R and BRZ are not anything new and would prefer to take it out on them instead. And it’s hardly just another new Japanese car, it’s something the damn game has needed. I mean, the Super GT rosters are 4 years behind, and with this being Honda’s current Super GT car, why the hell wouldn’t they put it in? Come on.

  50. linupix

    I am getting them all as usual… they will be top quality as usual. Only PD can capture the difference between the FR-S and the BR-Z. Going to push those cars on the only laser scan Nürburgring Nordschleife ;)

  51. SCER

    I don’t understand why people think that they’re owed something by Polyphony Digital.

    I’ve been playing Gran Turismo since 2, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of the games as well as the more recent downloadable additions that have been made.

    Thanks for the awesome cars; Gran Turismo is still easily the best racing simulator in my eyes.

    If you’re complaining and swearing about DLC then perhaps Gran Turismo isn’t for you, and you could perhaps design your own game exactly as you percieve a racing simulator should be, and as such get many more sales than the Gran Turismo franchise. If you aren’t willing to do that, then please, please, please shut up and don’t buy the DLC or any forthcoming GT titles.

    1. MeanElf

      I was wondering ;)

      Good points, though the ears they fall on are likely to be deaf. All those complainers want the world to recognise their genius. It doesn’t interest them one bit what others might like, or the practicalities of actually making a game – it’s the whole consumer culture ‘customer is king’ syndrome.

      Roll on the revolution is all I have to say – becaue the zombie apocalyse is already here.

    2. MuoNiuLa

      Dismissing criticism with the “Make your own game!” defense. Typical.

      We all payed for GT5 with our hard-earned money, thank you very much, so we can say anything we want about the game, just like you can defend it against any criticism and complaining.

      Oh, and I’ve been playing since GT1 buddy.

  52. panjandrum

    Well, I guess it is nice that they seem to have finally noticed that the clutch problem (on/off switch behavior) needs to be addressed. But the DLC listed here; it really indicates just how out-of-touch PD is with their user-base. I highly doubt that what most of us want PD to spend their time on is yet another 3 Japanese cars… We still have serious flaws in the underlying game, too-few premium interiors, and a relatively poor track selection, all of which should be addressed before PD spends even a minute giving us yet-again more premium Japanese cars.

    1. lebes14

      While I don’t care about the gtr and brz, there is no care I wanted more then the hsv! It’s a beautiful car and it was needed in this game. However, the fact that they only have one livery for it and it happens to be a rather ugly one is a shame.

  53. 372152ekudllib

    Im sorry but this DLC is a HUGE dissapointment.
    How can we all be made to wait, months, in suspense, and then put of nowhere they give us this pile of s**t.
    They think they can take what i can only describe as a GT82’/Honda FRS which we already paid for, change the badges, and sell as a subaru, then make us pay for it again. FCUK that. I dont care how cheap it is.
    The schulze with different decals on is just as bad.
    Give us the cars we deserve. We’re all waiting patiently, i’m not sure about everyone else, but i can’t wait much longer.
    I also like to do a littl drag racing, give us some big power road cars too. Try to cater for everybody, isntead of giving us these mediocre race cars, and cheap japanese cars which you cant do anything with, but mess around doing doghnuts.
    Please answer me this question: What good is the addition of the BR-Z to the GT5 series?
    Allot of the people i knew who where happy playing GT5, are now, never on the game. That says it all.

    1. KiroKai

      [Arrogant stupid comment reply coming right here]
      I agree to your headlines, it’s a disappointment to me too considering the waiting time.

      The rest of your post is bull#/%t. It’s called GT86 and the FRS is made by Scion, just to start. We didn’t pay for these cars, they both came for free. They didn’t change the batch, but the car’s specific detail changes it has in real life too, like different bumpers.
      About the Schulze GT-R you seem to be as ignorant. It’s not the same car as last year’s one, have you ever seen a picture of the 2011 version at least? You know, it had a bodykit and such, that needed to be modeled. This year’s version doesn’t, it only has decals, a wing and some cheap looking rims.
      Funny how you do not mention the Honda HSV-10.

      Whatever, let’s read on. You say you wait patiently but can’t wait much longer? That’s not exactly patient. And I’d recommend to wait for GT6 instead, it’s obvious PD concentrate on the next game at the moment.

      Please answer me this question: What good is the addition of your comment to this news article?

    2. SonicConqueror

      It’s not a huge dissapointment, 372152ekudllib. It’s hugely awesome.
      It’s a more kinder way of looking at the 2012 model Nissan GT-R N24, Subaru BR-Z (Toyota 86’s variant brother), and the Honda Weider HSV-010 2011 model.
      If you haven’t changed your mind, you wouldn’t even be commenting about Gran Turismo THAT badly.
      My point is, Polyphony Digital are mostly concentrating on development of GT6; whether or not it has any delays; a way of showing how long it takes for each additional version update & certain DLC release dates for GT5.
      I’m not telling everyone to understand this, but when they read this, they should think hard about it.

    3. TokoTurismo

      @372152ekudllib If you’re saying this DLC is the wrost ever, than you’re comparing it to Forza’s DLC. If this DLC is a problem to you, then STHU AND DON’T BUY IT, DUH!

    4. challengerrt10

      It’s obvious that this DLC really is a HUGE disappointment bearing in mind that we have been waiting for it since January.

      Everyone who tries to defend it (justify that new GT-R and BRZ are really different from the previous cars) is probalby a blind fanboy of GT5.

      Just look at the most wanted cars poll in feedback section. There is the list of cars most players really want. Almost none of these wishes have been fulfilled.

      Only Honda HSV is really valuable.

    5. TokoTurismo

      ^ Can’t you buy the cars individually? If so than I’ll be getting the BRZ and the HSV-010, not sure about the GT-R though but thinking about it. There you go, so you won’t have to KEEP worrying about buying all cars at once, so also stop your pathetic hate and get over it, no point in burning your head till it melts… You and I knew it would happen because that’s PD.

      I do agree however, that Kaz should seriously stop his BS and freakin release GT6 already. Why must he want perfection if he can’t even achieve. That’s why I dislike perfection and perfectists.

      He yet again cost “human drama” again… When is he ever going to learn. Somebody out there really needs to talk him and his issues with this game.

    6. challengerrt10

      I wouldn’t complain at all If we had received these cars (GT-R and BRZ) along with for example some ten completely new cars. There are so many iconic cars which really deserve to be found in this game. You wait almost 9 months and get these two superfluous cars.

      We mustn’t pretend that this iis ok, because nothing in this matter will change for better.

    7. smskeeter23

      Toko haven’t you yourself say you’d rather wait until they get GT6 rightrather than just pushing another flawed pile of garbage out the door? (Paraphrasing of course)

      Everyone is SO pissed at the flaws in this game and seem to want perfection but dont want to wait for it. I’m not taking a jab at you I’m just saying you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    8. TokoTurismo

      What? When did I say that? I just want GT6 out the door now. Perfection is good yes, but honestly imo, it sometimes won’t lead to a fun and it just takes to long, like this one… >_> I don’t know what’s PD’s problem. And freakin Sony, they’re really failing but I don’t care.

    9. smskeeter23

      Sorry it was probably someone else and I just remembered it as you.

      I do think they need to move on GT6 though. Just from a business standpoint alone let alone marketshare.

  54. brugab

    DLC Great!, really great, not joking… but…

    we really need polyphony online leagues and ladder for different racing types… all with damaging cars and most important:

    enforced clean driving by a ranking system.

    That keeping all the arcade for people who likes that, and destruction derby lovers. Gaming today is Online!!!

  55. toospiciecc

    I was expecting more than 3 DLC Cars to choose from,not another GTR and more Japanese cars and even know I don’t mind the BR-Z,I was hoping some new 2012 DTM’S and more things.i wonder if the 3.0 version is still on the cards and hopefully more DLC’S?

  56. Xamado7V

    All this waiting and hope…for a BLOODY HSV??

    For **** sake PD, get a bloody grip!

    The addition of the BRZ and ANOTHER GTR ain’t even worth mentioning.
    I seriously can’t believe after all thus waiting etc, that ^this is all we get…

    Let the fanboy bit**in’ commence…

  57. smskeeter23

    I just really hope some of the “bug fixes” dont include the photo glitches we’ve all found that allow for interior and off grid shots.

    Also hope the aero doesnt mess with all the childish fun I’ve been having with the jump tracks offline :-(

  58. researchALLwars

    El Capitan, Grindelwald, Seattle, Red Rock, Apricot, Midfield, Pikes Peak… GT6 will be great with the additions of Silverstone and Bathurst ALONE. Throw your paying customers a bone, Kaz. We know for a FACT that EL Capitan has been modelled for years- we all saw it in one of your BS gt5 preview videos. If we’re going to be stuck playing gt5 for the next X years (and we’re truly not with options like F1 and Project Cars coming soon), at LEAST throw a couple tracks out to hold us off. The chances of GT6 coming out in 2013 are fading by the minute, and the competition is about to explode all over PD’s dwindling parade.

    A bigger track selection will surely help mask the kindergarden A.I. and perplexing opponent selection.

    Event Creator. Event Creator. Event Creator. Event Creator.

    1. sangdude82

      I would love to have Bathurst & Silverstone as DLC on gt5. Those tracks will make me to play gt5 like crazy until gt6 comes out…

    2. Flagmo-T

      But i do think that El capitan as we saw it in 2005, demands to much power, then the end result of the PS3 we finally got from Sony, GT5 was made for the first idea of the PS3, and that was later scaled down by Sony ..

      The first info on the PS3 in 2005’s was a Huge machine with so many nice things, But it to expensive to produce,that the cost price would be to much.. So unfortunately we the Fans was let down, but not by PD and k.Y – but by Sony..

      PS4 will do the trick, but again we have to pay lots to finally get the version of GT that k.y had in mind for us..

      To be honest, I really don’t think that PD.K.Y is trying to hold back any tracks or Cars and even features for us, I’m sure it has to be with the Technic in the PS3, and how we wouldn’t accept it if they released it :o)

      Anyway that’s what i tell my self, so I still got the respect and trust in K.Y heheh ( but i still do have the Trust – the man is a legend in this industry )

  59. backpian1

    If anything the clutch thing IS GOOD, But they really need to allow flat shifting, The reason is not because it is faster. because your finger clicking the paddles or gear change button will always be faster, but because in drifting, the Anti Flat shift code in the game does not allow h pattern gear changes untill the rpms are really low. and in a drift, if the corner starts slow and goes fast, u need to change and it ruins the experience knowing no matter how fast u shift, the game just gives you the finger

  60. Lambob

    •Now possible to select “Disable collisions”
    Anyone who asks me to set this to ON at the Nurburgring, is getting banned from my friends list and rooms.

    However, I am happy ride height is finally getting some new immersion, you mean to say all this time it had zero effect?

    Clutch slip is exciting news, I love the sound it gives to the Enzo, vs paddle shifting.

    DLC, acceptable, better than no DLC, will buy them up, I have some spare change in my Sony wallet since last year.

    Air resistance on wing, well thank you! No more screaming Lotus Elise blasting by on the Nur at 500pp, should even the field some more! good stuff,

    And best of all, looking forward to the 50 undocumented changes and unfortunately, more sound glitches.

  61. Andyc709292

    So, with 2.08 it sounds like I’m most likely going to have to re-tune all my league racing cars (which I would say are honed to perfection of course). Not sure if I’m pleased or pissed at that to be honest.

  62. tonyNOS

    Honda Weider HSV-010 (SUPER GT) ’11 : Sound from Hell.

    In real world, of course.

    I have a dream…… no 8 bit engine sound

  63. MaDHaX

    I dissappeared from GT5 and went over to FM4 for nearly a year. The only reason why i’m back on GT5 right now is becauase microsoft dashboard update screwed up my wheel. As soon as it’s fixed I’m going back to FM4.

    I hope Mr. Kazunori reads this because I have been playing GT since the first one and love motorsports. Gran Turismo needs to be better than Forza especially since Forza was inspired by GT.

    Now Polyphony can carry on being stuborn about making GT better or they will lose players, simple as that. I have bought every Gran Turismo game but I think the buck stops at GT5.

    1. linupix

      I have Forza 4 now and it is underwhelming, but I am playing with the controller. I guess you are using a Fanatec wheel. I am using the GT3 RS for GT5. What is the difference between the controller and wheel for Forza. I heard about so many problems with the Fanatec wheel and Forza.

    2. MuoNiuLa

      @linupix: I don’t know who told you those things, but I have a Fanatec CSR and I never had any issues with Forza. With a wheel, FM4 is truly the blast GT5 should have been.

  64. hennessey86

    So we get another gtr and another rebadged gt86 sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh they could really learn something from turn 10. But there are to many gt5 fanboys that will lap this up so pd will think they are doing a great job. I bought a ps3 for gt5 and although I do love the game I am seriously questioning wether I want to buy gt6 when I no forza 5 will be better.

  65. Dynamite_Dave

    another GT-R ??? ok pleased to see the honda , but what i want is for them to give us all six stealth cars and done as optional . It kills me to not have the NSX Stealth , id give my McLaren up easily for the NSX Stealth

  66. MaDHaX

    If I was in Kaz’s shoe’s I would buy and Xbox with FM4, then I would buy better sound recording equipment.

    GT6 needs
    Better car sound’s
    More modern super sports cars
    Porsche (polyphony needs to talk to sony so they can make a deal with EA)
    Better upgradable parts, such as front downforce or change bumper’s, bonnet’s and spoiler’s

    If he does that along with an open world map for GT6 and it will be the King of the Hill without a doubt.

  67. 05XR8

    99 cents. 99 cents should be the charge for each complete livery for the HSV. OR the extra liveries should come as a colour pack which means spending your easy earned (500k Nurburgring Seasonal) 950k on as many HSV’s to complete your Super GT stable- Super GT LFA next, please?


    Some nice news, something that might actually pull me away from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for abit (Along with F1 2012).

    Honda HSV-010: Abit overdue, but glad to have it (even if its just the Weider car)
    Nissan GT-R N24 2012: Nice to have. Yeah I said it, I like having this GT-R. Its a class winner so its as deserving as last year’s more race specced car
    Subaru BRZ: Can’t say I didn’t see this coming, just means the Breezefrees collection is now complete (Just as we planned, har har har)

    Overall, worth buying in my opinion and not too far from mah birthday.

  69. ManiacRS

    I think this is a relatively good pack. And I also like the fact that you can buy the cars seperately…

    As for the comments from those who disagree, I would like to make some comments of my own:

    First of all, someone posted his wishlist (as it accustomedto do in these threads), which included a few LM prototypes and a couple of SUVs. I’d just like to say that GT5 is more of a road cars racing game and that’s why I like it… Because it’s the ONLY sim where you can drive and tune street cars. I wouldn’t mind more race cars but I like the focus being on street cars.

    And to all those who feel strongly about the addition of the Subaru BRZ in the DLC. You have been given the choice to either have it or not, it’s not like previous DLCs which were a pack. I think that’s positive. And for crying out loud, it Toyota GT86!!! FT86 is the concept one…

  70. Fong74

    Great news! Update and DLC, never expected this to happen anymore in GT5. Update sounds interesting, DLC, well everyone can decide which car to buy or not. That’s fair enough. Would be great if more of the newer GT500 cars came out soon, too. Online leagues like ours ( would really appreciate some fresh air within that car pool [thumbup]

  71. mickoafna

    I’m just glad that something new is coming :)
    THANK YOU KAZ and PD :) I don’t care if they release a new DLC with 50 Nissan GT-R’s :D I would buy it!!!

  72. Buzz17091991

    Don’t buy this DLC!
    Yamauchi and Polyphony Digital don’t listen to fans.
    What do we want with another Japanese Cars like an GT-R (yeah, there wasn’t any GT-R in the game until now lol) and a BR-Z which looks like a SCION GT-86?

    Cars from the 24 Hours of Le Mans this Year like R18, TS030-Hybrid, Nissan-DeltaWing would be nice.
    Or new cars like Q5, Q7, but no, Kaz brings new Japanese cars -.-

    1. JunkiePanda

      Maybe he can’t get the Le Mans cars in the game because the companies don’t want them in there yet. Also, keep in mind that PD is based in JAPAN, so naturally Japanese cars will be added to the game. Just be happy the DLC isn’t more Kei Cars and that it is some pretty cool cars. The Scion FR-S is a sweet car, as is the Toyota 86. The BR-Z being released means I can complete the triad and enjoy driving one of the newest sports cars to come out of Japan. Yes, the GT-R as good, but the FR-S/BRZ/86 is actually affordable in real life, unlike the GT-R which easily pushes $100K with just a few basic parts put on.

    1. atomrah

      The blue car in the pic is a Scion, I meant BR-Z? Hmm… Thanks PD… I’m still scratching my head & staring at the BR-Z.

  73. marktyper

    I’m just curious about the Honda HSV but the GTR, we have that it’s just a different name come on.. pkus BRZ? Really? We have Toyota GT86 and Lexus FRS. wow.. not getting this.. just saying.. yeah I know I’m whining but can’t do anything about it… Will they ever put Porsche in the game? Kaz said it is possible in the previous interview.. Plus Benz C63 Black Edition Coupe hopefully!

  74. Pit Crew

    Fair enough PD, this will work. Figured we see something after GTAcademy event finished. Kazs car should be free but I’ll just decline that purchase. BRZ and Honda will work.

    Is it BRZ or BR-Z? Curious because everything Ive read about that car spells it BRZ no hyphen.

    1. RACECAR

      The official trademarked logo seems to read simply as “BRZ” with no hyphen so I’m assuming thats pretty much it.

  75. Zuel

    I’m really pleased to see that the aero drag will be even more improved since the Spec II updates as well the tire wear. Though the tire wear won’t matter to 99.9% of the people running GT because most of their cars are tuned with a Stage3 motor or turbo which will burn up the tires faster even with TC on. Now the suspension update I’m really looking forward to test, knowing all the testing PD has done with the race team under the Nissan flag. One step closer to getting everything right good work Kaz and PD.

  76. DuskTrooper

    So you want me to pay for a re-badged car we essentially have 2 of, a Super GT car I really don’t like, and a car that Europeans got with that GT Academy?

    Seriously PD? There is a million and one ways I can say no to this.

    1. DuskTrooper

      *Waits for people to say: “If you don’t like it don’t purchase it.”* Good, because I plan on voting with my wallet and not buying this.

    2. TokoTurismo

      It’s your choice @DuskTrooper. If you don’t feel the need to purchase this DLC, it’s totally up to you and your wallet.

  77. gt5box

    For drifting in gt6 like in TT how you could change the lean angle on your rider you should do a setup for your drifter then it would show how much power and gear through corner Well just a thought I know PD is busy and Kaz is stressed about what to make the next GT better. I got to give some credit even though some say there lazy but they try hard

    1. TokoTurismo

      They should ask for help as well, nothing wrong with that? lol. But Kaz should really find others from other countries like Europe to help him out with the game, not just them.

  78. mykem

    I’ve been dreaming about the HSV010 since GT5 was released (2 years?) and when the car actually made its appearance in Super GT. And the Weider’s livery is the best of the bunch, in my opinion, compared to the ones from ARTA or EPSON. While the overall performance won’t be any different from the current NSX, GTR or SC430- the reason why it’s a class-specific car- but in term of how it’ll drive will be quite different from the NSX since the HSV010 is an FR and not MR.

    Another great update- although I’ll wait before making judgement- is the adjustment to clutch/gear response. Now that I’m using TH8RS/T500RS combo, I’m more likely to use manual shifting that I did with the dreadful G25 shifter.

  79. Amac500

    HOLY HELL! I missed it on the first rad through but I’m very happy about the tire wear deal! I hope they add an option in online rooms for it. Also I wish they would show who had the fast lap of the race and what the time was in online rooms at the bottom of the results page.

  80. starbutt033

    Despite the hype, glad we got the new GTR, due to being use in this years Nurb 24h, much lighter, will actually get to use it in our weekly endurance races, for those of us that race leagues, also the tire wear being more realistic, very important, real race slick tires go around 150-180 miles before they have to be changed, not everyone does 2 lap races, disable collision- does that mean on full damage that if you wreck bad enough you cant finish the race for us league racing realists… awesome sure hope so.. goodjob PD we wer-startin to think you wer only there for us when Forza was coming out..hehe

  81. KilzoneStrife

    When I said I wanted DLC, I didnt mean

    1) Another GTR, thats the same GTR with a different skin.
    2) A Toyota FT86, thats also a Scion, thats also a Subaru.
    3) Another japanese race car. (I dont hate em, but the game is more saturated with them than I’d like)
    Thanks Kaz…

    If this is DLC.. I would rather have a GT6 announcement, but seeming as its the Tokyo Game Show, and Kaz is nowhere to be found (Sony conference two days ago), its safe to say GT6 is a launch title for PS4, rumored to be announced E3 next June.

    My only gripe is.. if the rumors are true, they are dropping the Cell, not planning on using XcEll..
    and are using an :( AMD X86 Quadcore CPU with integrated GPU (Hopefully and ATi Islands GPU) … how is this going to affect this game engine to be used in GT6? I mean, the CELL, though old, is an 8 Core beast. 6 Cores for gaming. Kaz kept telling us the GT5 game engine is like an “operating systems” with future iterations being easy to make/port things.

    Honestly…. I hope they use a Cluster of CELL CPU’s, an ATI Islands GPU AND unified ram for crying out loud !!!!!

  82. dethringr

    Damn. I was worried there wasn’t enough slightly different variation of Nissan GT-R or Toyota/Scion FT-86/FR-S. Thanks PD for putting my worries to rest.

  83. jjurasic

    Looks like they are finally addressing the issue where cars are fastest when the front is raised all the way up and rear lowered all the way which tune is almost necessary for WRS time trials.

  84. GTP_Versatile

    Let’s just hope the HSV-010 doesn’t sound like the titanium racing exhaust on the aventador/zonda c12/murcielago sv/ and so many other cars that use the same audio file. If anything, I’d rather have it sound at least like the F2007/F10 or better yet, like it does in real life.

    1. HuskyGT

      The HSV has a flatplane V8 that sticks to the same rules that the rest of the Super GT Championship cars follow. So most likely it will have the same sample than the Super GT GTR, the Soarer or the Supras.

      Honestly I would like for it to have the same sample that the Super GT GTR’s have. It has a very nice grunty 4 cylinder-ish sound that’s typical of flatplane V8 engines.

      I don’t see why PD would use that fake v12 sample than most v12 supercars have as their racing exhaust sound. But who knows… The worst that could happen is that they might put the same sample that the Cusco Impreza, the CLK-DTM and the Lexus IS-F Concept (ruined after 2.06) have. Absolutely hideous, I must say.

      If it doesn’t have a decent sound, I’ll pass.

    2. HuskyGT

      Then again, I know that the exhaust setup or something in the Honda’s engine makes it sound realy unique compared with the other V8 Super GT cars, but being honest, we all know that PD will not get it right.

      I say there is a 50/50 chance with this car just because its sound is so unique. Good thing is that you can demo the car first.

    3. GTP_Versatile

      That’s true, the car just sounds so insane in real-life videos it’s unbelievable. Now that I think about it, none of the Gt5 Super GT (GT500) cars sound like they do in real life, but that’s just something I’ve become used to following the Gran Turismo series. I just hope the sound is unique.

      Which is also another reason why if I’m not using the car for racing etc. I like the keep the exhaust stock.

  85. HuskyGT

    I was frozen for a while. I couldn’t believe it.

    Honestly, I’m more excited by the update than the DLC due to the fixes that it might bring.

    The Subaru might be worth it for collecting purposes and because it’s a street car that can be used in numerous events.

    The Honda, I see myself using it a couple of times before realizing that I’m doing the same thing that I’ve been doing for months but with different car. The GTR, I don’t even want to give my opinion on it. If it’s better than the old N24, then I might consider it.

    Not impressed, but yet, a reason to blow the dust out of my GT5 disc.

  86. ChicoMaloXD

    These type of releases make me think GT6 will only have just a few more cars. Most of them copies and hybrid/electric :(

    1. Nissan Lover

      Considering PD said they’re focusing on GT6,it makes no surprise that there is a gap between the last update AND DLC.

  87. McZachenF1138

    This is not sarcasm, I’m being entirely serious. I love how just days before DLC is released, PD tells us about it. I like that so much more than being told a month in advance and having to wait for what possibly could be a delay.
    I don’t care what cars are added to the game, as long as they are cars that we don’t have already.

    1. Amac500

      I totally agree with you 100%. Being told a month ahead is crap, then I have nothing to look forward to until a month from now. When I know they tell us so close to release I can always have that little hope or anticapation that a DLC is about to come out RIGHT NOW. And of course as long as they aren’t duplicates, though I would be fine if they offer the other numbered cars for cars like the Audi R10 TDI (could add the #7 paint) or the Peugeot 908 HDI FAP (could add #2 and #3), because I just hate it when I’m racin a bunch of guys with the same car with the same paint and number as me, lol, pet peeve.

  88. Ferraridude308

    Anyone else think its weird that they waited this long to fix Tsukuba? I’m not complaining, just seems like odd timing.

    1. gamerdog6482

      PD said that they are focusing on GT6. That means that whatever they are doing to GT5, they are going to do it soon.

    2. Amac500

      The Daytona Road Course has far more problems the Tsukuba. First off there is suppose to be plenty of run off in turn 1, there is a barrier but it is alot farther back and doesn’t kart into the track. When they scanned it they ran the wrong bus stop. By the Nextel Cup signs in the infield that scan must have been 2006 at the most recent, before the repave. Before they repaved it you turn into the bus stop and then immediately right left out of it, no straight, in fact it’s a constant turn, that’s the GT racing. When they scanned it they ran the straight, doing the AMA motorcycle racing bus stop. Now that it is repaved the AMA bus stop is the same as the GT bus stop. Also the pit exit shouldn’t dump you right back onto the track in turn 1, it runs an access road through the inside of turn 1 and the esse. Then there are missing iconic things like the ferris wheel and it’s a shame we can’t enjoy the beautiful skies of a Florida sunrise or set. After Spa the Daytona road course is the next that needs time change. After all the 24 Hours of Daytona are part of the triple crown of endurance, along with Sebring and Le Mans.

  89. PDD-Nox

    The Honda looks great. N24 GT-R…. still not real 24h Nurburg cars limitation.
    Subaru Brz, only worth the money if is handles different than the 86.

    Update: love the tire wear adjustment.

    But please… limitation voor Nurburg. Repeating the win of Kaz in 2012.

  90. ederss7

    they should fix engine sounds of standard cars because they are the same for many of them(Audi r8-Minolta,Gtone-Sauber c9…).

  91. Evolution_GT

    I can name a good list of cars that they should be focusing on… GT5 could really take notes from Forza… the cars they’ve been adding are ridiculous and irrelevant

    – 2013 BMW M5 & M6
    – 2013 Dodge Viper
    – Aston Martin Vanquish
    – Aston Martin DBS
    – Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
    – too lazy to think of more… but you get my drift

    1. TomBrady

      why would you want another set of tires? Racing Softs are already WAYYYYY TOO GRIPPY, and i can’t imagine you want something below comfort hard do you? If anything, they should get rid of Racing Soft altogether, and rename the rest to be more accurate

    2. Chinese_Drifter

      I think he means by buying tires from real manufacturers such as Dunlop, Yokohama, Kumho, etc. Since most of the tyres on GT5 aren’t accurate at all.

  92. MrMelancholy15

    Honestly, guys, don’t complain. I’m happy with just having the aerodynamic changes, but, having a new DLC Honda V8… That’s pretty awesome.

    Then the longevity of the tires, etc. is all quite awesome. Seriously, if you don’t want DLC, don’t buy DLC. I’ll buy the DLC, and enjoy it, and you won’t. It’s not difficult.

    As for the IDs during online events, that’s not bad, I guess.

    The disabled collisions had better be done correctly. I don’t want to have a ghost car for the entire race.

    The WMA WRC racing series I run in could REALLY use the disabled collisions feature, so that we can survive the recce lap, without lag spikes damaging the cars. :)

  93. XPLOSV

    I just recently found out how many car updates Forza Motorsport gets on a regular basis, and this really is pathetic.
    Forza well and truly smashes GT5 on this front.
    And how many Toyota/Subaru 86 derivatives do we need in this game!
    I am looking forward to driving the Honda HSV though.

  94. dylpro

    The GTR looks pretty much the same as last years, so I really don’t care for it.

    The Subaru, just another version of the GT 86, so not like it’s a new car.

    I do like the looks of that Honda though.

  95. TomBrady

    I really hope the HSV sounds authentic. They matched the LFA, which is a car where engine sound is very important, I hope they match that quality. I’m confused why we have to pay for the Subaru, but it’s only $1 so seriously, who cares.

    The updates look great, I’ve been wanting the whole disable collisions feature for a while now because so many people can’t race clean online because no one uses heavy damage. Plus the aerodynamics thing is huge, as well as the tire wear. Can’t wait.

  96. Doober

    I still wonder if PD is saving for the 2 year anniversary of the game. Kaz did say he wanted 2 more years to develope and I hope we get some kind of super update.

  97. SebiRO1293

    I’m not writing this to p*ss, moan & groan over this DLC & update, I actually welcome it. BUT, I don’t know about everyone else but I would have thought that they would given the BR-Z and the GT-R race car for free as part of the update? That HSV GT500 race car does look really nice though.

  98. Amac500

    I really hope there are multiple liveries for the HPV, because everyone who runs Super-GT will get it and then everybody will be running around online in the same car with the sane number and paint job. Like the Epson and Autobacs, I know there are more as well.

  99. Amac500

    I gotta say though, I’m kind of bummed they didnt use Kaz’s Nissan as an award for GT Academy, like when somebody geta all golds in GT Academy. Bummer

  100. Shinshiki

    This is good news. Although, I would have liked to have seen the S Road GTR in the form of dome DLC, since it won the Super GT championship last year.

  101. gamerdog6482

    I must say that I like that livery. Whilst I hope that for once they include multiple liveries in one car I like that silver/red/blue thing they have going on.

  102. ApexVGear

    FINALLY, they’re addressing the horrible clutch model in GT5. Tired of consciously making the effort with EVERY shift to let off the throttle almost completely to get a successful shift–VERY unrealistic. After missing crucial turn exits because GT5 kept going into neutral usually resulted in shutting down the PS3 (with a few harsh words), turning on that other console, and racing in that other game–with an excellent and realistic clutch model. I might actually start to enjoy GT5 a little more now. We’ll know next Tuesday.

  103. Quakebass

    “DLC & Update Coming September”…

    F***ING CALLED IT! But STILL no NSX…? I get that It won’t be out in a while, but putting it in GT6 may be too late…

    1. gamerdog6482

      OK, so the HSV-010 was based on the HSV, which was originally intended to replace the NSX, yes? So, no, it isn’t an NSX, but it was intended to be its successor before the project was canned.

    2. Amac500

      It’s not the NSX race car. Honda was originally going to make the HPV as the replacement to the NSX until funding ran out, but they still went ahead with the Super-GT version anyways.

      I’m guess the new NSX concept will be in a Spec 3.0 in a month.

  104. bprred6

    What? Another GT-R?


    *That’s pure sarcasm just in case you didn’t know. Regret buying this game.

  105. Mac K

    Clutch support and tire wear is improved, and maybe suspension tuning will no longer be backwards? Sounds fantastic to me, and even DLC as a bonus.

  106. Coltenfutbol16

    I like the effort, but couldn’t you have given us a little more choice? We have enough GTRs, we have 3 Toyota 86s, we have a scion frs, I would just like to see a wider range of new cars.

  107. santhur

    I for one appreciate new DLC whatever it may be, tracks cars etc. and they keep the price reasonable. No matter what they do or don’t, they [PD] won’t be able to please everyone, at least PD continues to release content for GT5. They [PD] could just say kma world were working on GT6. So thanx PD for continuing to release race content for your fans,…… liked or not.

  108. ImprezaAddict

    It absolutely AMAZES me that PD keeps adding GT-Rs but after 2 years the R35’s Titanium Exhaust thing has not been fixed. That ugly gray looks ported from GT2.

  109. PinappleJuice

    Wait you can buy the cars individually, that is a great idea for less than 5 car DLC. $1 (USD I’m guessing) that’s great cause I think I have loose change on my account, great work PD.

    1. sangdude82

      Yeah it’s a good idea that people can choose to buy them individually instead of being forced to buy them as a bundle.

    1. Foxiol

      Not good for simulate races …it will be something “a la” Trackmania. It means that you are going to be hot-lapping against ghosts. Instead of racing against other obstacles also called CARS.

  110. CNSpots1

    I ignore GT5 for many weeks and come back to find that PD actually did something awesome?! IMPOSSIBRU!

    Lets list it shall we?

    Adjusted the changes in control characteristic when altering vehicle height from standard height(this needed to be done)

    Amount of air resistance change when altering aerodynamic wing settings has been increased(this is kinda cool, will have to redo tunes though…)

    Rate of tire wear in endurance races has been slowed(THIS NEEDED TO BE DONE. HOPEFULLY IT SPREADS TO ALL RACES WITH TIRE WEAR)

    Completely new car(This is always awesome)

    Subaru BRZ(the one that the people actually wanted, not the one Toyota forced upon PD)

    Another GT-R(There are WAY too many of these. but as long as they don’t interfere with other content, and are at least slightly different, BRING IT ON BABY)

    Kaz has been elevated to Total Bro status…

    1. CNSpots1

      Well I am SOOOOOO sorry.

      I didn’t know I wan’t able to have all that in my post so that I could put my opinions. pfft, go cry somewhere else.

    2. Conza

      This person is an obvious troll, real fans please ignore. :P C’mon man! Geez, you’re complaining to this guy about him attacking your opinion, when you attacked mine not one page ago, seriously, if you like it you like it, if you don’t you don’t, or to reiterate my opinion, I kinda like it, but not given the time that has elapsed since say, Car Pack 3, which was how many months ago? 8? We should be up to roughly Car Pack 6 or 7 by now had they kept their 2 month DLC commitments.

    3. freshseth83

      The GT86 was free. The BRZ is less tail happy and has different bumpers/wheels. It’s a different car as is the Toyota/FRS (RHD vs. LHD respectively).

  111. Jackthalad

    “Adjusted the changes in control characteristic when altering vehicle height from standard height. (Vehicle height can be changed by adjusting ride height, either by installing a suspension kit or adjusting a full customizable suspension kit.)”

    Is this going to fix the reverse ride height settings?

  112. gamerdog6482

    Wait a minute…
    The Honda HSV-010 was based on the 2012 Acura NSX Concept, right? Well, wasn’t the concept MR? Why is this FR? Why did they decide to move the engine up front?

    1. Tilemaxx

      No. HSV is a completely independent design designed exclusively for Super GT in 2009. It has nothing to do with the NSX concept. They are entirely different, HSV is not road-legal.

  113. Oshawa-Joe

    Almost 2 years later PD is still working hard improving the game, one I play almost daily. My copies of Shift 2 and F1 2011 are still on the shelf, almost si ce day 1, because apparently they are a finished product.


  114. otakukid96

    I wonder how the “Disable collisions” thing is going to work. Also, if people are going to complain about how ‘bad’ the DLC is, please don’t even comment.

    1. Doober

      I think the “disable collisions” means the ghost through people thing. you when you come up too fast behind someone and you go right through them as a ghost.

  115. Rdp616

    The Honda is cool, though it will probably sound like every other Super GT car…

    Everything else, YAWN. The BR-Z will be just as boring as the FT-86 and the FRS. And do we really need another GT-R? May aswell call the game GT-R 5..

  116. warp9engage

    Haven’t posted anything on GTPlanet for a while but this DLC surprised me. I honestly thought Polyphony had shifted to GT6.
    Anyway, here’s my take on this DLC:

    Subaru BR-Z S: This, unlike the Scion, is a car that interests me because it’s different. Yes, the differences are small but noticeable. It’s even built by Subaru themselves. The Scion, on the other hand, is exactly the same as the 86 GT but with another badge. We don’t need duplicates.

    Nissan GT-R N24 GT Academy: What can I say? It’s another GT-R. I like the Nissan GT-R, it’s a really good car, with great handling and good styling, but I think everyone can agree that enough is enough. I know this car is special because Kazunori won with it but you already have 5 GT-Rs in the game (not counting SuperGT ones) and repetition leads to boredom. The only thing that makes me want this car is that I want more premium race cars. After this one I think it’s time to put the GT-R and the Skyline family to rest.

    Honda HSV-010: Definitely the car I look the most forward to. Of all SuperGTs, it’s the design I like the most and like I said above, more premium race cars are required. The only pity is that it’s another Japanese car. GT5s car list is very biased and this should be changed. Why can’t we get cars from other GT racing series from around the world, like the FIA WEC. Where are some awesome European and American GT cars like the BMW M3 GT2, the Ferrari 458 GT2, the Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 GT2, the Mercedes SLS AMG GT3, the list goes on and on…

    Well, as a last note I hope this isn’t the last DLC and that we get some more packs after this. Also hope as I stated above to see more premium GT cars and Prototypes from other racing series around the world.

    P.S: Almost forgot: a DLC of rally cars would be another nice idea to try (Citroen DS3 WRC, Ford Fiesta RS WRC, Mini Countryman WRC etc…)

  117. Rob-F1-Fan

    I wont be buying these, another GTR, pointless Super GT car and the Subaru which is basically exactly the same as the FT86.

    Roll on GT6.

  118. OmarBaez53

    This Super GT car may be the first one in a series of DLC containing more Super GT cars, like they did with Nascar models, they added the new ones (2011).

    Anyway, lets enjoy the butthurt in the comments, Not from my comment, but from the update itself, people never seems to be happy from what they get, i bet a lot of people are just going to say:

    ”OMGG!!!111!! y u no add Vugatteh Beyraun SS primeum PD!?!? or Pogany Huaeaiaerya!?!?! why u add estuped GR-T agaen or faken Honda intead of super awesum porcshe 911 GT 3 RS-R super La mens with vig spoilah”

    That allways happends, no matter what Genre or Console the game is, people allways want companies make a game that suits perfectly THEIR needs, like if that person payed the company to make the game they want.

    1. OmarBaez53

      It’s funny, i’ve seend comments requesting already the Veyron SS, Pagany Huayra and the GT3 RS (Le Mans GT3).

      Hah, Come one complainers, you’re soo predictable.

  119. Conza

    Could be worse,as it stands they wasted months of development time on GTA, have not been updating or giving any of the DLC like they promised, and have basically ditched a game that too forever after less than 2 years of it being released, but hey, they aren’t actively releasing content to make it worse, so let’s be thankful of that.

    1. Conza

      Actually, in the past their changes to tire wear upset many of the fans, myself included, there are several instances if you check back the responses to release notes of patches where more than a few people didn’t like how PD had altered the game.

  120. Tilemaxx

    I want to buy the Weider HSV with a different PSN account that has funds in, will it work with my main PSN account? They are both European, and my disc is Euro region, too. Please answer.

    1. MaterA113

      Yes you can as long as it’s cars and tracks. The gear and paint packs you can’t because you can only download those once.

    2. MaterA113

      Purchase the car with the account that has funds, and download it. Then go into the game and hit downloadable content in the game profile you want the car in. You can download the car in every profile on that PS3.

  121. TokoTurismo

    WOW! We get more DLC and look, more crying. Pff. This is why I said PD needs to forget about GT5 all together and fully focus on GT6. When it comes to DLC for GT, it all goes downhill. I think it’s time that PD should not bother giving out any DLCs for this game anymore, it’ll never cheer anyone up no matter how hard PD tries…

    But overall it takes PD forever to create DLC anyway so why waste their time making any for this game if everybody will compain about it? Honestly.

    Nissan GT-R N24 GT Academy ’12: Well DUH, they raced it at Nurburg, so obviously it’ll be in GT5 because it had a good reason to even be in it. “Kaz himself of course.”

    Subaru BR-Z S ’12: Some people’s been begging for this for sometime now, so hurray its in GT5. What’s with all the hate on it? It was so obvious it’ll come to GT at some point, so get over some of yourselves please. Its not meant to be, “OHHH ALL FAST.” Its purpose is to perform well just like both the 86GT and FR-S.

    Honda Weider HSV-010 (SUPER GT) ’11: Others seem happy about this one, cus its new to the series so no big deal.

    1. daus26

      Like the HSV, I think a lot of people just want something completely new for the DLCs, especially if they’re going to cost us.

      I, however agree, that they need to get GT6 out asap. The DLCs have been indications that they’re probably, really trying to save all the good, DIFFERENT, cars for GT6, rather than GT5 DLC.

    2. TokoTurismo

      Yeah they really need to bring out GT6 now. What could they be doing with that game? I believe it’s better to have a fresh new game, other than to waste with this one. I also agree with you about having new car into the series. PD should stop pissing everyone off.

    3. Progress823


      When GT6 comes out and DLC for it released there will be more of the same complaining and bellyaching about the content. What is PD going to do then? Release GT7 to stop the complaining?

      This DLC is unique as it brings a totally new car to GT5 (Weider Honda HSV).

    4. TokoTurismo

      I agree with the endless complaining about the DLCs for GT5. It’s just that PD should look into fourms to see what their actually want in their games. It’ll motivate them to do more and more.

    5. Flaco13

      Toko, forget about the dlc for a second. You say PD should look in to forums…? …Adjusted the changes in control characteristic when altering vehicle height from standard height….Amount of air resistance change when altering aerodynamic wing settings has been increased…Rate of tire wear in endurance races has been slowed …Response of the clutch pedal when using the steering wheel controllers… All those things where highly demanded by the comunity, Do they not listen? Sure?

  122. sangdude82

    Sweet!!! I finally get to drive that GT-R & Honda HSV-010 :D it would’ve been better if the HSV-010 had better looking decals.

    1. UrieHusky

      Sounds nothing like an F1 engine to my ears. F1 has an incredibly distinct tune.

      In saying that though. It does sound GLORIOUS, unfortunately, I fear PD are going to murder it =/ but still, one can hope

  123. RentALife

    all we get is just 1 JGTC CAR and the ANOTHER NISSAN and Toyota and Subaru partnership to make the same exact looking car with different symbols and there both slow yup GT5 is dying just sayin

  124. varmintx

    HSV for me. Can’t wait to see what the difference in the clutch will be. I screw up a gear change at least once a race as it is right now.

  125. ShawnPhillips

    Worth it for the BRZ. I know it is the same thing as the Toyota 86-GT and the Scion FR-S, but the Subaru emblem makes it 10 times better for me. I efffing love Subaru!

  126. MOTORTRENDmitch

    Love the HSV… I’ll buy it for that alone.
    I like the BRZ.. Just don’t know how necessary it is to give us another re-badged car.

    1. sumbrownkid

      BRZ has a softer suspension set up compared to the FR-S/86GT.

      If they included the last two, they might as well include the BRZ. Only what’s confusing is that other two cars were added in for free.

    2. daus26

      sumbrown, the PSblog said the suspension is set up to make the car more stable than the other two. I guess that could mean softer, but more stable to me is stiffer.

  127. starbutt033

    Good Call, finally, exactly what we wanted, more realistic tire wear, crash your car severely enough, your done,,,thank you finally,, good car choices as well, glad to see you all are listening….

  128. acedition333

    Eh, 3 cars. Was expecting more DLC cars for this long period of waiting. Or either more RM/TC cars.
    I hope the HSV is paintable atleast..(probably NOT)…meaning that’s all you’ll be seeing on the track for a lil while.
    Atleast they’re doing BUG fixes. Something is better than nothing.

    Question is…… Is this the LAST DLC/Bug fixes??? THE END?

  129. sumbrownkid

    If you guys hate the GTR so much then you are playing the wrong game. If you hate alcohol then don’t hang out at a bar. Jesus

    1. MOTORTRENDmitch

      That doesn’t make sense.. You go to a bar to consume alcohol. You don’t play Gran Turismo 5 to drive GTRs. You play GT5 to race and drive cars..

    2. sumbrownkid

      I’m talking about in terms of how much attention PD gives to the Nissan brand over the other brands.

      Granted, I was a little stoned when I posted that, but I still stand by it.

  130. Jav

    “• Rate of tire wear in endurance races has been slowed (excluding formula cars).”
    They just don’t get it… What about online!!!!?

  131. fourliter

    I can’t find my very first post here on GTPlanet (it only seems to go back 100 posts), but it was in a thread about what cars we thought might be in GT5.

    On my list of guesses, IIRC I had the Mclaren MP4-12C (which at the time was only an unnamed prototype), Mercedes SLS AMG, R35 GT-R, Evo X, 3rd-gen STi, and a bunch of others that I can’t remember, but all made it into the game. That is, all but one. I was sure the HSV-010 would be in at launch. It’s about time!

  132. emmanuelp96

    They already have the Scion FR-S and the Toyota 86 and now the Subaru BRZ?!? I would get it…..If it was free…

  133. Sputnik

    Thanks for individual purchase option PD, i will be buying only one car this time, since i have enough GT-Rs and obviously Toyota/Scion……

    1. MuoNiuLa

      We’re being told to go away for posting our opinions? And he even said he loved GT5.

      Oh, man…either love what PD does no matter what, or be told to get out.

    2. mortrax

      they’re not the only one supporting the game ! everybody here is supporting gt5. like i said i love gt5, but they couldve payed more attention to what people want, and bring more variation in the dlc’s. i mean they are releasing these dlc’s anyway so why not make it a good one ? why always the same cars, but whatever… i only give my opinion like everybody else here, and you come and give me crap ? you’re acting like you made gt5! maybe you should cry more..

  134. sibbystiggy

    I saw pretty much every post on GTPLANET that PD has finally dropped GT5 & now just working on GT6,
    well…MUHAHAHAHA!!! do not underestimate polyphony digital guys! its still rolling :)

    1. sibbystiggy

      wooaaaw, i mean:
      Nissan GT-R N24 GT Academy ’12
      Subaru BR-Z S ’12
      Honda Weider HSV-010 (SUPER GT) ’11

      should already have been in the game since last year even before they were made…
      there is somin wrong with u guys in the head…
      u moan if theres no DLC or update,
      u complain when there is,
      have you ever heard of the word ‘grateful’???
      i would define it on Google or look it up in the dictionary if i were u

    2. MuoNiuLa

      Oh boy. The “greatful” argument. Have you heard of the fact we gave up our hard-earned moneyed to get this game? PD should be greatful to the 7 million people who bought GT5.

    3. Silver-Sylph

      I would be grateful if PD stuck to there promise. And they did for how long? Like 4 months. Even then it was crap. They try to justify the several month absence by giving 5 cars with stickers on them.

  135. HKS racer

    HSV awesome news !

    Finally they released a super cool race car, keep up the good work PD, give us more HSV and the possibility to select the opponents, people want to create their own SuperGT events

  136. xero0083

    Ok its nice to see dlc but give us a beak enough of the Nissan gtr I’m so sick off that car this is one of the reasons a lot of people don’t play the game anymore STOP RAMMING THAT STUPID CAR DOWN OUR THROUTS !!

  137. zs1994

    I could care less about the brz but the gtr and the honda i likey i likey. And to all you complainers forza 4 will be having a price drop for the holiday season this year so maybe look into that.

    1. monoha

      Hmm, I also have a 24 ‘ring running with 7 hours left, and I dont have time the finish it the next 1½ weeks – So what happens when I resume the race in 1½ weeks?

  138. TokoTurismo

    Even though were getting a new DLC. At least theres an update that comes along with it. How long till the next DLC or something? Wish GT6 appeared. :(

  139. RandomCarGuy17

    Can’t wait to drive all of them, especially the BRZ.
    Ever sense PD updated GT5 and added the toyota 86 gt, I have been looking forward to it’s subaru counterpart. Of the 3, it’s my favorite.

    I don’t know that much about Super GT or JGTC, but that new Honda Race Car looks pretty cool, I’m curious now on how different it is from the NSX.

    As for the new N24 GT-R, it looks a lot different than the 2011 version, it probably performs different too since it looks more like a tuned GTR rather than a race car.

  140. Gturbo5

    nice update, but no special dlc cars! =/

    Nissan GT-R N24 GT Academy ’12 – stop enough GTR!
    Subaru BR-Z S ’12 – like is same Toyota FT-86 why!
    Honda Weider HSV-010 (SUPER GT) ’11 – nothing happy!

  141. TokoTurismo

    I want that new GT-R in my garage, along with both Honda HSV-010 and Subaru BRZ. :)

    Others should relax though. You should by now that PD would make little DLC like this. Mind as well take it or leave it, and stop comparing it to Forza’s DLC please… We know which game has bigger DLCs.

    Like some parts in that update btw.

  142. e30 freek

    Only one car worth buying, im going a bit off topic because one of my mates told there’s a ps3 superslim coming soon! Woooooo

  143. Drevenger

    Check this out,
    software update the 25 sept.
    Probably available in PS store 2 weeks later.

    They should gave them free to apologizes for not having A new DLC car since january. .
    A couple of stickers or switching names is not considered new btw.

  144. zlays

    Damn my lil brother called me and he told me about this and he said some new japanese race car is in the picture (he dont like cars but wanted to tell me) and I was like OMG Toyota TS030 Hybrid it gotta be…but :/

  145. Tommy_861

    “Response of the clutch pedal when using the steering wheel controllers “G25 Racing Wheel”, “G27 Racing Wheel”, “T500RS” and “TH8RS” has been adjusted.”


    1. Ganondorf

      I doubt it, I think it means cars that conform to real Formula regulations (e.g. F10, F2007) or are inspired by them, even if they aren’t necessarily accurately adhered to (FGT). GT5 normally refers to the FGT/F10/F2007 as Formula cars for those reasons. The X2010/X2011 falls into neither category, so I would guess not.

  146. UrieHusky

    Hmm.. anybody else concerned these changes to aerodynamics and suspension behavior will effect tuning significantly? it doesn’t really outline /how/ much it’s changed so I’m not too sure

    1. UrieHusky

      On a side note, zero stuffs are given by me about the GTR and the Subaru, as I doubt either of them are different enough from the similar cars already in the game, but that honda.. I’m afraid I’m going to cave and buy car DLC after all

  147. TheGTGuy

    I wrecking well see more HSVs in future gt5 DLC, I wreckon they seen the impatient comments about DLC and just put this together but I’m happy.

  148. A_Higher_Place

    Great news, something to keep me occupied for 1 night. I wonder if the HSV will blow every other GT500 away? Or will new regulations make it lag behind its older siblings?

    Also, is the new Ring GTR less powerful than the 2011 version? Sure looks like it.

    1. UrieHusky

      I can relate, I’m OCD on completing all events. Even the ones I hate like the Kei car ones. But the DLC.. idk I’m not feeling it, the content to price point ration just isn’t worth it to me. I spent 70 odd dollars on project C.A.R.S so yeah, that kind of killed GT5s chances of dragging me in for DLC.. however.. Super GT cars are a soft spot with me :P

  149. LVracerGT

    Honda looks great, but why did they adjust tire wear only in endurance races? The tire wear needs to be adjusted back to where it was for the entire game.

  150. vale0220

    About time they fixed the tyre wear in indurance races, only being able to do 3 laps in an LMP car on a set of racing softs around le mans was ridiculous

    The other changes i like too, plus that Honda looks great

  151. Whodoyouthink

    Wonder how tunes are going to be affected. Also, I’m a bit disappointed about the BRZ. I don’t need to point out why….I’ll still get the DLC though because the other 2 cars look sick.

  152. Tilemaxx

    I want to buy the Weider HSV with a different PSN account that has funds in, will it work with my main PSN account? They are both European, and my disc is Euro region, too.

  153. Liamsles

    The new Honda looks good! Good to see about the tyre deg as well in Endurance race. All in all happy! Nice to see they’re working on it still.

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