Gran Turismo 5 is (Still) “90%” Complete

May 3rd, 2010 by Jordan Greer

In what is presumably the last of Kazunori Yamauchi’s round of interviews to emerge from his time at Snetterton, he’s made a comment regarding the development status of the big game:

“Gran Turismo 5 is about 90 percent finished. There are currently around 140 people working on the project.”

That arbitrary number doesn’t mean much, but some of you may recall that’s the same thing he told USA Today back in January at CES 2010. At the time, though, the game was set for a March release in Japan, and we all know how that turned out. While these numbers were most likely pulled out of thin air, the lack of progress could be due to a significant setback in development or features have been added or improved. Regardless, we do know that it still won’t have everything that Yamauchi wants (head over to Edmund’s Inside Line for the full interview):

The developer claimed the driving simulator would not be released until it “satisfied everyone’s wishes and then exceeded them.” He admitted that not everything he had hoped for will be included in the game but wouldn’t elaborate on what was missing. Instead, he insisted that GT5 marked the most significant step forwards since the original game was launched in 1997 and that the introduction of online gaming had, “dramatically changed the way the game is designed.”

So, what’s getting left out? Did head-tracking get the axe? Perhaps it’s the rumored track-editor? (Please, no!) While that’s a little worrisome, improvement in online functionality is probably the most anticipated aspect of GT5, so it will be interesting to see how it’s eventually incorporated. Thanks to Loren for the tip!

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  1. May. 4, 2:53pm

    GT PSP has fine graphics BUT no story ,no feed back (shock, vibration, no real feeling of simulation .. no appel.

    My opin… Best driving experince what you can get (without Wheel) is from NFS Shift.

  2. May. 4, 2:48pm

    @ George…. And yet, you leave your jungle to come back here and check the status of GT5…

    The wait is frustrating for any of us, but i know you will come back to the PS3 some day and forever :P
    YEP.. as i sad …i moved to 360 and i have fun… each day more one 360 … less i will miss no GT5.

  3. May. 4, 2:39pm
    Mickle Pickle

    @ George…. And yet, you leave your jungle to come back here and check the status of GT5…

    The wait is frustrating for any of us, but i know you will come back to the PS3 some day and forever :P

  4. May. 4, 2:23pm

    I have PS2 i liked GT3, GT4p, GT4. Then PS3 come out for new “GT5”. The only reason why I bought PS3 vs 360 was GT5.

    Now it’s almost 2,5 years that i don’t run Ps3 because i moved to 360 and i have fun… each day more one 360 … less i will miss no GT5.

    I’m sure that buying Ps3 was mistake … they can’t build Gt5 that will have added value of 600€ (value of Ps3 when i bought).

    I have GT5P… i’ve played 1 month. So Gt5 is dead for me.

    On 360: best ever are NFS Shift, FM2 and FM3 Cod4,5, MW2, yes BF2, … no need for Ps3.

  5. May. 4, 2:04pm

    Still rooting for GT5.

  6. May. 4, 11:04am

    It would be better if PD says it will be delayed until next year, rather than making people expect that it will be released anytime soon. so many excuses, but no progress being made. very disappointing for such a great game. So whats holding them up for telling the truth?

  7. May. 4, 10:09am

    A track editor, as well as a livery editor, adds nothing at all to the driving experience. In fact, a track editor, if not complemented by gameplay design, is 1990s. I can vividly remember all the Mods for first person shooters, new maps and all. Very, very few were actually worth while bothering.

    I doubt there are many individuals with the skills to actually improve on something the developers can come up with. If anyone bothers, take a look at Midnight Club 3 – Rockstar paid tremendous attention to “route” design – I doubt with the higher demands of a “sim” game this can be achieved easily. Furthermore, key should be bringing as many people as possible online racing and enjoying themselves. T10 has not quite achieved this, many people were just far too happy spending time painting their cars than actually race them.

    The question remains: how to bring together a very large number of people with different skills together racing AND enjoying themselves.

    How to make a true and better experience for any- and everyone. If PD knows the answer, they truly surprise me. I don’t want “more”. More content, more cars, more tracks, more possibilities, more realism.

    It’s about time gameplay is re-invented, which is a tough call if you have saloon cars going round in circles.

    So, impress me away, but PD most certainly can’t surpass my expectations. That’s quite impossible by now, because I expect GT to be larger than life “Über”-game. No developer on earth can fulfil this. Unless you happen to be Team ICO.

  8. May. 4, 10:07am

    How dare they trying to polish a game and do the best they can? PD is a Joke, But Activation and EA are not a joke lol

  9. May. 4, 9:02am
    Max Mosley

    With no news on if a track editor, livery editor, day and night cycles (the only stage shown a night was Route 5 or clubman which is nothing new) and weather conditions will make it in the game a I am fearful after reading this interview. The only thing confirmed is 3d and gps data logger. PD or more likley Sony, seems more intrested in advertising new technology with GT5 than provide a gaming experience to the people that really care about the franchise. They are aiming for a different target. And I think it is us gamers who will be sacrifced to achieve these aims.

  10. May. 4, 8:50am

    it seems that the PD team is running trouble with their work team, maybe PD needs bigger team to hurry up this slow GT build (PD is trying to bild a huge skyscraper with small team), and maybe PD is worried of some gaming spies and dont hire new employees… lol, new theory.. anyway.. HIRE NEW EMPLOYEES, so there will be like 500 people working on it, faster release dates means MORE MONEY and other good stuff so the GT can evolve and grow faster :)

  11. May. 4, 7:18am

    Personally I think that the game is done, but Sony wants PD to implement their 3DTV with GT5, so because of that the game isn’t coming out.

    Probably the game was done in 2009, but because of Sony’s 3DTV crap the game is being delayed and delayed.

    Sony is being complicated sense past few years, and with all the removing other OS thing.

    They should had release GT5 on PS3 in 2008, and work on GT6 for the 3DTV and Camera movement thing and Car damages.

    Let’s be real here, most of us PS3 owners buy PlayStation just because of GT.

  12. May. 4, 6:52am

    memo –
    Iam upgrading my grades at the moment and Iam at math now and I have to say I couldnt agree with you anymore. That math just told us the truth!

  13. May. 4, 4:19am

    It makes sense, it was 90% complete but now there are extras added it’s still at 90%. I just hope the improvements are across the whole game. If 3D wasn’t mentioned then I would be expecting dynamic weather and lots more exciting features but my fear now is it will be the same game as the expected March release but with a 3D option.

    And at 90% complete we know hardly anything. One video showing briefly the new damage, a WRC stage, a tuned car and a few other bits would keep people happy and talking for weeks. Please do something as I’m fed up with the 3D doom and gloom!

  14. May. 4, 3:21am

    guys don’t want to dissappoint you but a track editor these days will be too difficult to implement in such a high tech game.

    it’s not just adding blocks of straights,45′ 60′ and 90’turns like in that old PC game “Stunts” (great by the way but it was the early 90s). it will be too complicated for simple users like us to handle. just my opinion.

    as one guy said above all my hopes for the moment are on F1 2010 and at least I know I’ll be playing it by September… the features and the career mode seem very very promising.

  15. May. 4, 2:52am

    I’d like to create a track with a looping. I know, this doesn’t exist on a real track, but would bring a lot of fun. And some real steep-corners (is that the correct word ?) where you almost drive vertically or head down

  16. May. 4, 2:03am

    Is a Track Editor basically like what they have in Little Big Planet? If we could download and share our ideas of tracks… man.. that would be amazing.

  17. May. 3, 9:14pm

    Here’s a few things you can stick in the sin bin.
    Head tracking: seriously I’m playing a game in my lounge room. I’m not strafing civilians in my apache gunship.
    Track Editor: Who has the time? Really? Unless you’re 10 years old with 16 weeks of school holidays per annum you are probably going to be happy with the in game courses and tracks. If you are said 10 year old you probably don’t have the necessary attention span to use the editor anyways.
    Does Sony not remember that the original audience is now 15 years older than they were with the original GT? While I’ve been waiting for the Ultimate PS3 Driving simulator I’ve done a stint in the forces, gotten married, pumped out a clone, and found a real job where i get to slave away from dawn til dusk. I won’t be editing virtual tracks on saturday afternoon with my 30 year old bff’s, talking about boobies and funny poo’s. (at least while the wife’s home)

    By the time this is released we’ll all have arthritis, grandchildren, and moth balls in our pockets.

    • May. 4, 1:49am

      I strongly disagree with you on the track editor, FatherTime. The game will be played by millions of very interested people around the world who, with a robust (key word) track editor, could bring infinite depth to the game for everyone. You wouldn’t have to actually use such a feature to benefit greatly from it.

  18. May. 3, 9:04pm

    Yo Kaz. Imma let you finish. But Forza 3 will be the best racing game of all time!

  19. May. 3, 8:04pm

    you know what makes things even worst is that they don’t release any other info. no car list, no track list, nothing. i would love a new trailer, at least. that 90% is complete fiction and I figure that they are trying to get features in that they would kill for. They can easily do a title update for those desired features, but I doubt that is in the mind of KY. Just a demo would be fine, or even a car and track dlc(not too expensve. edit: fuck that, free!) for prologue. a community manager would be nice.

  20. May. 3, 7:52pm

    let’s put the estimated left time to release in equations in order to see if sony is manipulating us by saying it will be realeased this year or this time they turns telling us the truth.

    if we may say 90 % is done in 5 yr and there is 10 percent left …. this means:

    Assume: X= the estimated left time to release

    90 % —- 5 yr

    10 % —- X ====> X= (10% * 5) / 90% = 0.56 yr

    This means: the estimated left time to release = 0.56 * 365 = 204.4 days = 6.8 months

    Since we are in May – fifth month -, we can add ruffly 7 months.

    So guys……..

    The math has spoken so is SCE and the math logic tells us this time they may tells us the truth. So, it will be released this year and to be precise that the game well be released by Christmas.

    Marks the comment guys to check it later. ;)

  21. May. 3, 6:00pm

    90 percent complete???…still??? Must have been 90.0125 percent complete towards the end of last year or whatever. Now we’re dealing with it being 90.475 percent complete.
    damn not enough percentage points to round up to 91 percent.

    post back in a couple of months (hopefully) when its 95 percent complete. I would hate to put a further rush on PD.

    Lets hope for an annoucement at E3 that its 92.5 percent complete. Again…I would hate to put a further rush on PD.

    /sarcasm and disgruntled.

  22. May. 3, 5:54pm

    hah not even surprised. I won’t even be surprised if the game turns out to be a huge disappointment as people have huge expectations due to the delay.

  23. May. 3, 5:47pm

    It’s May and we have no release date. Simply put we are at least four months out given they need that much time to market once announced. So at best, if a release date is given next month at E3 it won’t be before Oct. Most likely it will be Nov. or Dec. At this point I’m just looking forward to F1 2010 from Codemasters. If only they would make a GT racing series based on LeMans or FIA GT1…

  24. May. 3, 5:42pm

    now to be honnest i have been waiting for this game since i completed gt4 roughly 2 week after it was released. This next paragraph some might and might not agree with me on but im not o fussed if it causes a rift or not, they are my views either agree or disagree but done give me crap over it.

    here goes.

    i cant see why PD couldnt have relased a game say for example in march 2k10, without features such as 3-D mode (which personally i think is a waste as i do not have the money, or motivation to go out and spend £1100+ on a tv giving 3d stuff) without head tracker, track editor etc, just the tacks and cars on the full game, so we can at least have something to play with, and then if they so desire release the 3d software, head tracker, track editor and that via updates and differant downloadable versions to install onto it. Personally speaking if i dont have a 3-d tv, or the ability to use head tracker technology then i dont want gb’s worth of data stored on my ps3 never to be used, waste of space.


  25. May. 3, 5:11pm

    Some of us have probably heard that NFS Shift 2 is a strong possibility, not this year, but maybe the next (apparently EA wants to develop higher quality games, not just pump out sequels every year). This is great news. If we want any chance of being heard we should speak now while the game is in early/pre- development.

    I think the sequel needs:
    * Dynamic weather
    * Dynamic time-of-day (ie. endurance races run into the night)
    * Upgrades for Tier 4 cars (even if only works)
    * Works upgrades for every car (I want a works Veyron)
    * Simulation mode above Pro mode with more realistic handling
    * A slower-paced career (Tier 1 and 2 were over WAY too quickly in the current career) with a different structure, the tiered arcade interface is a bit underdone.
    * More detailed upgrades for we car nuts (just like there is quick tune and pro tune, there should be quick upgrade and pro upgrade)
    * Obviously more cars and tracks, but the current selection is so awesome they should keep those too.

  26. May. 3, 5:10pm

    I would describe driving in FORZA like watching a movie on an old fashioned tube TV from the 90’s while driving in SHIFT is like watching a movie in 3D at the cinema,..MUCH more drama and a hell of a lot more fun,…cant understand why so many people hate it!
    The way the car cockpit jolts forward as you change gear and the sidesof the road are just a blur as you scream down the track at 150mph,..the way the head cam moves as you steer also is really clever because lets face it no drivers head ever stays still when driving. All these little details are what makes driving these cars exciting, I really hope they make a SHIFT 2.

  27. May. 3, 4:50pm


    Exactly what I was gonna say … but with waaayyyy less profanity. Well done.

  28. May. 3, 4:38pm

    I reallly wish it gets released sometime just after the summer, I have waited many years to play this game, and i want to be able to play it before i go off to college…

  29. May. 3, 4:27pm

    Here we go again…Kaz seems to be eating his word of “we can release it whenever we want”. Apparently, he cannot release a 90% completed game because none of have a copy.

    Dear Kaz: (if you are following)

    This is your loyal fans. We dont mind waiting longer for the game because we trust its going to be the best racing simulation game ever made for a console. We also know it won’t have everything you want in it but thats ok because there is always GT6 coming. Also: What we really want is for you to attend E3 armed with as much information as you can give us like cars and track lists as well as the main features the game will have. Please also have a release date that we can solidly bank on. I dont want to hear a sugarcoated date (like the 2010 Christmas holdays) just because you think it will make me happy. We just want the truth. Thanks and good luck! Sincerely – Your Loyal Fans

    Nice letter?

  30. May. 3, 4:16pm
    Flagmo-T Aka Team_MoFF-No2

    It’s cool – it’s ok!! and not to forget 90% is better then 80%..

    But Ya I too, wouldn’t count on a 2010 release..

    At least release the Time limited Demo to the public then, I would rather drive on the Tokyo circuit then see more photos of it,
    and yes it’s some more work on top of the last 10%, but !! that would calm the public for ½ a year or so, including Me :O)

    Trust me K.Y it’s better that way, and you will have a more relaxed developing time for the rest of the game, and not to forget ,copying and packing the whole lot for the big world of GT Fans :O)

    I second my self_♥_
    Lets Have the Demo, that so many other people have tried, and we wont judge the Game from the demo, because we have your word on the final quality!! The PSN store needs something real for a change, It’s a doll boring place to spend time on as it has been for ages ( Sony needs to step up there game ass well ) Easy as Pie/cake

    Best Regards

  31. May. 3, 3:57pm

    jesuschrist, this is hopeless..

  32. May. 3, 3:49pm

    I really hope we will get some good info at e3.t This is getting apsurd!

  33. May. 3, 3:45pm

    I didn’t expect to hear 90% finished again like we did back in January, but I’m taking a shot in the dark and say that Kaz continues to ‘wing’ things like it most likely since both he/PD and Sony want to keep things as secretive as possible. Only downside to the wait (aside from not playing it) is I have a big feeling review scores are going to suffer even if GT5 pans out to be the best of the best with almost no issues.

    I’m shocked only 140 people are working on it. Def should be more in my book.

  34. May. 3, 2:58pm

    Update: Gran Turismo 5 is NOW at 60% (its going backwards!).

  35. May. 3, 2:50pm

    Negative, i will buy and play GT5 even if review scores are below 0,0.

  36. May. 3, 2:44pm
    Mickle Pickle

    Kaz to us: “I @#$% tired of making this *&$#@ game for you guys, i would rather experience the real thing and drive for myself on real circuits, nothing beats real life, not even 3D. Good Luck waiting, so long $uck37s !!! “

  37. May. 3, 2:18pm

    kazunori drive vln since 2009 & now 24h of nürburgring in two weeks . So he can’t made a game in the same time …

  38. May. 3, 2:13pm

    The real problem will be the customers who think they need to be able to drift a 500hp car with their dual shock controller…GT5 will be a compromiz

  39. May. 3, 1:46pm

    The review score is a bit irrelevant because it’ll be heavily dependent on whether the reviewer is a sim fan, or someone who thinks powerslides at 300mph is realistic.

  40. May. 3, 1:36pm

    i expect nothing less than a 9.7 review scores because im not having it and WILL BOYCOTT the game if gets any lower. ANYONE with me to BOYCOTT the game if it doesnt live up?

  41. May. 3, 1:23pm

    I went back and translated the original answer KY gave in Japanese, he actually said, “I hear it’s amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hara-Kiri Rock. I need scissors! 61!”

    • Jul. 26, 2:20am

      LOL thats what the colonel sais in MGS2 when he goes crazy.

  42. May. 3, 1:09pm

    10% is 2 years :(

  43. May. 3, 1:07pm

    Don’t worry.
    Be happy.

  44. May. 3, 12:56pm
    GT5 Fan

    KY…release the game finally! I think I am speaking for all GT-Fans: We don’t want to wait any longer – MAKE IT SIMPLY HAPPEN AND RELEASE GT5

  45. May. 3, 12:28pm

    I’m agreeing that they could release the game and add extra cars or track editing or any other extra via DLC. I’d really be willing to pay for a track editor and extra cars, as long as they release the game sooner!

  46. May. 3, 12:26pm

    This is getting very annoying, I’m really starting to lose respect for KY and especially SONY. Save 3d for GT6.

  47. May. 3, 12:26pm

    well its coming for xmass :)
    and on the unrelated when that game finally does come out we can try to beat the 599XX time on the ring :)

  48. May. 3, 12:25pm
    Mickle Pickle

    What??? There is still 90% of the work to go through?? only 10% has been accomplished so far ??

    There must be an error in translation! … :P or at least it seems…

  49. May. 3, 12:18pm

    Time is really dragging, Im glad this game is going to be amazing.

  50. May. 3, 12:13pm


    What I say it true.

    “Then in Forza 2, we got up to about 250. We increased our [full-time] staff, increased our [contract] staff, and increased the number of people in India and Vietnam. And now, for Forza 3, we’re just over 300, all-in, with again [contract], [full-time], and a fully-burdened outsource group. And that’s been pretty much since the beginning. ”

    This one better post >_>. I’ve tried 3 times to post this, but I think posting the link of the source is blocking me from posting.

  51. May. 3, 11:46am

    What an joke… Is this man really serious? The most important thing for him seems like that HE can play the game but not WE…

  52. May. 3, 11:33am

    GREAT NEWS Mr. K.Y. !!! now let’s have some even more Tokyo circuit footage…

    This is becoming a really bad joke.

  53. May. 3, 11:26am

    Could this not mean that although it might have been 90% finished in January, the ‘delay’ (‘delay’ because an exact date was never set, therefore it’s not really delayed) means they can put more in the game, meaning what was 90% finished then became 70% finished (for example), and now they’ve worked on it harder to make it 90% finished given that the 100% finished game is now bigger than it would have been if it launched in March?

    I mean, we all know Sony is deliberately holding this back so they have a flagship 3D game, thus helping to sell their 3D TV’s (and let’s be honest, they’re going to need some seriously awesome incentives to get people to replace their already new HDTV with a 3D one…). Given that they’ve effectively had their deadline extended, KY will want to use that time to pack more into the game instead of sit on the finished product for half a year (assuming the March date was ever likely).

    With this reasoning, I for one am not hugely bothered about waiting even longer for GT5. I have absolute faith it’ll be worth waiting for, and to that end I’m happy to wait. Oh and there’s also the fact that I rarely believe anything any studio says, therefore I mostly disregard anything PD says and just go on what I have seen thanks to the videos posted here.

  54. May. 3, 11:21am

    We are humans and not material i can´t hear it anymore, PD is annoying!! Realease PLEAAASE :D !!!

  55. May. 3, 11:19am

    Hmm. i think we already know that GT5 is 90% done, but this is a surpsrise, now it should have been finished and copied times and sent out.

  56. May. 3, 10:52am

    Only 90% after how many years? There’s no way it’s coming out in 2010. :(

  57. May. 3, 10:27am

    @ ferhoundSays: Because GT5 probably won’t have dynamic weather. It sux, but it’s probably true.

  58. May. 3, 10:22am

    I have to say this is quite disappointing, I have no other words on this status update.

    On the other hand 140 people is a pathetic number for this HD generation, 140 people is less than Rockstar had working on GTA 3 in 2000!.
    Go out and hire some people Sony, you stingy bastards.

  59. May. 3, 10:21am

    the 90% is never ending history !!!

    nam nam nam date date date !!!

  60. May. 3, 9:56am

    I hope there will be dynamic weather. Why is it never mentioned on this site, I dont know.

  61. May. 3, 9:08am
    Lawrence West

    Perhaps the day/night or varying yet dynamic weather conditions were dismissed due to difficulties developing the system. It could be that we may only be able to select the time of day or weather conditions for an entire race. Just speculation of course.

  62. May. 3, 9:06am

    I think that in a game like GT5, the 10% is a very huge part of the game…

  63. May. 3, 8:42am

    The comments above (DrTrouserPlank and hank87) are so funny! ……unfortunatly true.

    I think GT5 should wait until 2025 and have full Virtual Reality support using a Sony built green wall! ;-)

    VR support maybe, but it still wont have Porsches though! ;-)

  64. May. 3, 8:17am

    Guys, please stop listening to KY. He’s just tired of people asking the same question in every interview. This game will release soon after E3: September is looking good:)

  65. May. 3, 8:16am

    yer they should tell us wat will definatly be in the game and wat the 10% left is and ps for the U.S guys thinking gt academy is just polishing up skills, its not. it takes days on end of doing just that little better than before, its tough i was once 413 best in aus and slowly than number got biger and bigger that lap tim ov 1min 29.130sec was as good as it got 4 me and that took months and i couldn’t just DO better. trust me IF the U.S gets gt academy it is much harder and agrivating than it looks.
    dont get ur hopes up

  66. May. 3, 8:02am

    In my opinion the delay of the release of this game is all about 3D technology and its marketing… Cause you can’t say we have it 90% done and then say it’s up to sony for the release…

  67. May. 3, 7:53am

    Gran Turismo 5 is hold back by SONY to put some interesting features into it like 3D and (perhaps) controls per the new MOVE controller. Sony knows that there are really fanatic racing fans that will spent thousands of Euros/Dollars/Pounds to get their special realistic racing sim. A lot of fans will (have to) buy the console at all, perhaps a new racing wheel and – “Oh, there’s 3D support?” – a new 3D ready TV as well. That’s MY opinion.
    Sony needs a real “burner” (so it’s called in Germany) to sell their new hardware stuff and GT5 is one of the best opportunities to do so – if not THE best.

    So we’ll have to wait until Polyphony Digital got all the new features in it. And then it’ll be GRAND – without a 3D ready TV, too! :-D

  68. May. 3, 7:49am
    Max Mosley

    “90% complete.” Until they decide to add another hardly used feature (like 3d, head tracking and the gps data logger), that will the release date back even further. If these features have been included at the expense of a track editor, livery editor I would be very dissapointed. The game should if anything include all these features. Having taken probably 5 years to develop by the time it is released. I don’t think they have an excuse.

    I think PD are too overambitious. Like Dr Frankenstein, when they started out developing GT5 it looked like a good idea, but then it became too much and turned into a monster they couldn’t control. I think the fact they wanted 1000+ cars, with us much detail as they could get has sapped there resources, and at the expense of other features.

  69. May. 3, 7:36am

    If this is not the best thing i have ever experienced then i quit life…:)

  70. May. 3, 7:22am

    Don’t u guys get it? The 2 statements r linked, it will never b 100% in kaz’s eyes until he gets all that he wants, therefore the game will b released at like 95% completion. Also if there gunna axe something it will b something that’s only rumour not already confirmed so 3d & headtracking will both stay. U guys always get ur knickers in a twist!

  71. May. 3, 6:57am

    This game is between 0 and 100 percent complete. The game will feature cars that can be driven round ‘tracks’. The release date for this game is ~21st century

  72. May. 3, 6:52am

    Ah haha, love it! 90% complete…based on what end-point?! They don’t have one, so how can they say the game is 90% complete still? They said before that they could basically release the game at any time, so why don’t they stop talking out of their ass, and just fess up about the current state of the game in terms of content, what is definitely in, what is definitely out, and what could make it time permits, assuming a 2010 launch.

  73. May. 3, 6:45am

    i think that is not true or he thought the other person who was talking with him isnt important and he made a undetailed statement…i hope you can understand what i want to say (my english is bad)

    I think they can realase the game ,but they have to wait for 3d …

  74. May. 3, 6:21am

    I guess we will see GT5 in December here in Europe. That’s still a crazy long time.
    I don’t give a shit about the 90% – even if true, it has no meaning as I expect the game to be out for the Xmas holliday season 2010.

    So what will not be included? I believe a lot of things will be missing:
    – Track Editor (no hopes for that)
    – Rain (not very likely)
    – Rollovers (dont see that one coming)
    – Detailed damage with simulation character (at least not, what simulation fans expect)
    – Head-Tracking (I’d give it a 50% chance maximum)
    – Skidmarks (LOL – it’s not the end of the world)
    – Leading Edge AI (we will get some good improvments, but nothing too exciting)

    But there are a lot of things that will come and that will be good. I personally already liked Prologue and I still play it. With the better physics and the more tracks GT5 will rock.
    Be happy and patient.

  75. May. 3, 6:04am
    Il Venturetto

    How about the famous “The first ninety percent of the task takes ten percent of the time, and the last ten percent takes the other ninety percent”??

    2016, there we go!

  76. May. 3, 5:45am

    I hereby offer to assist Polyphony Digital in the completion of their upcoming release, GT5. I can offer my services in the area of:

    Product Testing
    Car Evaluation and driving

    Yours Faithfully,

  77. May. 3, 5:45am

    They probably don’t realize that DLC is there for a reason. If they can’t put something like a track editor or a certain car into the retail product, they can always add it later via DLC.

  78. May. 3, 5:43am

    Time for an Christmas release I see?

  79. May. 3, 5:36am
    S3 Racer

    April not march, sry…

  80. May. 3, 5:34am
    S3 Racer

    I simply don’t listen to Kaz anymore.
    He should not be making interviews. He is not reliable. This statement is just a prove of his lack of seriousness. Get a PR manager PD!!!!
    Waiting for E3.

    If jan. = 90% -> release March
    march = 90% -> release 30.july

    Darn, even God made a whole world faster than that

  81. May. 3, 5:23am

    @ Mr Latte
    If the weather system is missing after all the time, i will be very angry! What have they done in all the years? Implementing 3d and droping the weather system would SUCK!

    Sry for my bad english iam german…..

  82. May. 3, 5:19am

    90% complete….

    Well, that’s what you get when you keep on adding new gadgets.

  83. May. 3, 5:15am
    Mr Latte

    Im thinking the “weather system” is maybe the thing that will be missing.

  84. May. 3, 5:12am

    Well, so December 2010 is starting to look more and more like a real release date to me now.

    But, hey – didn’t KY say a while ago that release is being held off by Sony?
    So how could they sit on if it’s not finished yet?

    It make me wonder , what are they really working on?
    I mean these can’t be any ‘standard’ features like any other racing game has, right?
    These parts PD should already have done & polished, unless they want the game to flop.
    I doubt it’s damage, 3d or track editor. Any guesses?

  85. May. 3, 5:05am
    Simon H

    Re the track editor, I expect all that will be is an airfield and the ability to place some cones where you want to make the layout. Thrilling, I’m sure. Still, if they’re wasting time on nonsense like that and 3D it’ll be understandable if they’re still no closer than they were in January.

  86. May. 3, 4:30am
    Vance Bel Air

    That is not sound logic DrTrouserPlank. For instance, imagine in January the game was 90 `blocks’ big, and so they needed to do 10 more. Now imagine that they decide to leave stuff out of the game, leaving them with just 81 blocks but only needing, say, 90 (not the same as the original 90) to complete it. So as of January they would’ve needed to do 10 more blocks, but as of now, due to the changing game size, they need to do 9 more blocks. Of course conceivably they could’ve made the game even bigger and so they need to do many, many, many more blocks!

  87. May. 3, 4:23am

    Yup, taking these figures for what they are worth we are no closer to a release than we were in January when it was 90% complete.

    The big difference between now and January is that I am 94% fed-up of waiting as opposed to 89% fed-up a few months ago.

    If E3 isn’t all about GT5 (including a concrete release date for each region) then you can forget about playing it this year; something that I’ve pretty much written off already.

  88. May. 3, 4:16am

    i would gladly pay $20 for a track editor to happen and share online, so make it happen *has money at hand*

  89. May. 3, 4:00am

    If Turn 10 had over 300 members working on Forza 3 then it certainly didn’t show. I also doubt such numbers actually worked on the forza franchise. As for GT5 and im not worried its only 90% complete. The 10% could be just testing/fine tuning. Im not bothered if the track editor or headtracking is missing either because im more interested in the online aspect of GT5. These features could always be released at a later date via DLC.

  90. May. 3, 3:38am

    I’d say the stuff that will be left out that he’d rather have in the game would be things like full damage modelling and interiors (“premium” stuff) for all cars, rather than only a select few.

  91. May. 3, 3:29am

    90% = finsihed, 10% = fine tuning.

    srry for my english

  92. May. 3, 3:28am
    Berlino Bear

    If that figure is true.. That means there could be more than 7.5 months of development left. If after all this time there is still 10% to do.

    JOY….. not

  93. May. 3, 3:27am

    well..when sony has said: GT5 is going to be released as we say!, not PD!

    KY sees here the change to improve the game because he seeing always improvement.

  94. May. 3, 3:02am

    @ shwtt

    That list is fake.

    It’s been confirmed fake. Besides Turn 10 is doing the PGR series.

  95. May. 3, 2:52am
    John Marine

    The 3D deal should take a hike entirely. At least E3 will give us a great progress report on this game. If not that, then there’s always the Tokyo Game Show and a few other shows in-between E3 and TGS.

  96. May. 3, 2:50am

    well is it insulting that forza 4 is rumored will bes shown in this E3 and might be launch this year. while gt5 forever might turn into a ps4 launch game which of course will be delayed again for ps4.

  97. May. 3, 2:48am

    hey jordan,,dont worry man,,,,,i think we all drive gt5 at cristmas,,,,,,i hope!!!!!!

  98. May. 3, 2:47am

    You should have mentioned that they talked about GT Academy might come to the US.

    Yes it’s a “might” but it’s still huge. I gotta brush up on my skills >_>

  99. May. 3, 2:46am

    Hopefully some more information about the game will be released at this years E3, hope head tracking hasn’t been axed.

  100. May. 3, 2:45am

    I didn’t think that few people worked on GT5…

    Turn 10 literally had over 300 members both work on Forza 2 and 3.

    No wonder PD is having a hard time releasing a product. Comparatively speaking, Forza 3 has less than half the content (cars) as GT5 is expected to have, not to mention twice the size of the team, and less going into their game engine technically.

    Sony, can’t you lend PD a hand?

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