Gran Turismo 5 Menu Screens Show Tuning Options

August 21st, 2010 by Jordan Greer

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  1. Aug. 28, 7:55am

    The engine looks like a v6 VTEC though…

  2. Aug. 25, 9:25am

    I’m puzzles why so many people assume that these few screens show ALL of the tuning options available… The headers on the screenshots indicate that these are samples to give a glimpse of the available options and graphics.

    The sky is not falling just yet. Why don’t we give Kaz the benefit of the doubt that he wouldn’t spend 4 years making this game and then give us LESS tuning options than GT4.

  3. Aug. 23, 3:27pm


  4. Aug. 23, 6:28am
    GT and Forza God

    Yes Forza is a bit dark, but I hardly think at this stage they have some “serious catching up to do”. Forza is a year old now, and GT5 isn’t out yet, but has been in development far longer than Forza 3 or even 2 for that matter.

    The game is fantastic, and I feel sorry for all the people who refuse to try it. Think about it, if more people were fans of both games how much better it would be, you have 2 awesome franchises that you play to pass time between each game release. You are really only disadvantaging yourself.
    Go an enjoy 500 great looking cars with interiors!

    Foeverza 3 … grow up champ. You can drive ANY car on ANY track in free mode. PLUS, who wants a game that takes no time to earn credits and therefore the best cars in the game. I think it’s more fun when you have to really earn you credits, cars, parts etc. I’m hoping GT5 takes a little longer to earn credits so when you can finally afford even a GTR or R8 you really enjoy the experience.

    Yes i know this is GT Planet, and I’m here for GT myself haha.

    • Aug. 23, 6:29am
      GT and Forza God

      Oops the above “friendly dig” was based at Rob

    • Aug. 24, 4:06am

      Agreed. Plus if you play both and look at them as the competitors that they are, you can see where they can improve. I’ve played Forza. Overall I like GT better by quite a bit. But its the little things that can contribute. Both should stay as top rivals because in some way or another they should both get better. And for everyone else no I’m not a Forza fanboy. I’m loyal to PD not to mention Sony. I just think competition should be productive and that being closed minded kind of counters that potential for productivity.

    • Aug. 24, 4:54am
      GT and Forza God

      Absolutely, the more competition the better!
      It’s win/win for us fans of racing games.

      I’m not a Forza Fanboy either. A fanboy is someone who is biased and one-eyed, I have both wiiiide open.

      Besides, I’ve started playing GT5 Prologue again to help with the wait, AND I even bought a PS3 last year purely for GT5 for god sakes, now that’s commitment! When I get enough of GT5: Prologue I go back to Forza 3 and visa versa.

  5. Aug. 23, 3:11am

    i have a list of what I want there:

    engine swaps, of course ;)

    from NFS:Underground:
    – tire pressure adjustments
    – ECU fine-tuning
    – livery editor (with real aftermarket decals)

    from Tokyo Xtreme Race Drift 2:
    – bolt-on turbo kit/supercharger
    – engine tuning piece-by-piece, not as a whole package (if you want, you can choose to upgrade only the crankshaft or pistons, etc.)

    from Initial D Arcade Stage 4:
    -aftermarket body parts (I would love to recreate my MR2 SW20 w/ Border body parts)

    if I missed anything, just kindly add.., ;)

    • Aug. 23, 6:30am
      GT and Forza God

      I agree the more the better.
      Except interior or stereo mods like in Juiced/NFS U haha.

    • Aug. 23, 10:39am

      yess that is what a racing game is all about, TUNING DUHHH

  6. Aug. 22, 8:37pm

    I wonder if, in this vesion of GT, when you buy a racing muffler, will it actually change in the exterior appearance of the vehicles?

    • Aug. 23, 6:29am
      GT and Forza God

      We can only hope!
      I wish they would show intercoolers too when you add them..

      One day, racing games will be like this!

  7. Aug. 22, 6:16pm


    srry bro, its just that i dont want to see forza outdo PD

    Forza will have to do some serious work to catch up. They would have to work on graphics, lighting(too dark), and add night racing. After being disappointed in Foreverza 3. Where some dreams will never be driven in the game unless you grind away.

  8. Aug. 22, 3:42pm

    One other thing. KEEP THE FREAKIN MEASUREMENTS!!!! I hated going through parts or the quick tune only to find levels rather than the imperial or metric measurements. I like knowing the actual measurements not just some off number.

  9. Aug. 22, 1:16pm

    ‘And you could not make a 500-600 HP civic which i did in forza’

    Thank goodness for that!

    • Aug. 22, 4:41pm

      Whats wrong with that?

    • Aug. 22, 5:30pm

      Umm yes u can make a 600 hp civic in real life… Go on google and type in stage 6 civic, its a straight drag civic. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!! DONT BE A NOOB ABOUT THINGS, PEOPLE DO MAKE THEM RWD PEOPLE DO SWAP ENGINES AND TRANNY’S SO GET USED TO IT. BUT IT HAD ITS KA20 ENGINE.

    • Aug. 22, 8:34pm

      So then it’s not even a Civic anymore…just a money dumpster. I don’t know who in their right mind would do that. Just buy a car that’s ACTUALLY cool to begin with and you don’t need the effort of rebuidling, nor do you look like an idiot in some mega-ricer.

    • Aug. 23, 4:42pm

      I also said this becuase i dont find it fair that u could tune a supra to 850hp but you connot do it to a corvette, does that make any sense, an ls1 motor can make 600hp to the wheel n/a, needs more realism… PRONTOE

  10. Aug. 22, 10:19am

    ‘Oh man. I know Kaz said we could import cars from GT5P and GTPSP (and I have quite a few in both), but I am really hoping I can transfer my millions of credits too, so I can get in and start modding to the max. :-)’

    Think it’s pretty much been confirmed that you can transfer cars from GT PSP garage but only for use in arcade mode. Credits won’t transfer.
    Still, I’ll be transferring mine so I can try out my skyline pace car on the ‘ring as soon as possible :)

  11. Aug. 22, 9:48am

    Complain, Complain, and Complain. The game is not even released yet! But this is the way it always will go, complaints!

    • Aug. 22, 10:00am

      srry bro, its just that i dont want to see forza outdo PD

    • Aug. 23, 4:40am

      Well, you can look at this in so many ways that there will always be something Forza (or NFS, or MCLA) is better at. The way it seems now, forza will win in the field of ‘deep customisation’, which for most people means having your car look like something out of a bad action movie.

      Don’t get me wrong: i would love to be able to change everything about the cars, but…
      I know I’ll ultimately end up driving a lightly tuned M3 or one of the other premium cars around the ring for hours, trying out different engine tunes made by people on this site. I enjoy the physics, the small changes in them when tuning the car, the different tyres and how the car reacts to them etc. I liked that in GT4, and I’m sure I’m gonna like it much more in GT5.

  12. Aug. 22, 9:17am


  13. Aug. 22, 8:55am


  14. Aug. 22, 8:20am

    Saw an SLS today, GT5 shot into my brain !! haha screens look slick, love it. Cannot wait guys :D

  15. Aug. 22, 6:22am

    I’m beginning to think the prices listed are (quite) loosely based on either semi random regions, eg Japan, UK and US, or based on the manufacturers native country. Maybe not. Maybe its a mix and average of a little bit of everything. But heres something to think about. In the 200 or so premium cars, when you perform weight reduction and rigidity work, do you think it will alter the interior of the car? Eg gutted car with carbon fiber for all the applicable necessities. Just a thought.

    • Aug. 22, 6:30am
      GT and Forza God

      I strongly doubt it.
      I wish it was the case, but that really is something that I doubt they spent any development time on.

    • Aug. 22, 6:44am

      Unfortunately. Though as time goes on and tech gets better, we might start to see that kind of detail for something this massive. I just hope the wait isn’t going to be 20 to 50 years. Then again I heard somewhere that GT5 was being developed with the strong idea of making it a basis of GT6, shortening production time without sacrificing quality. At least that was the idea anyway.

  16. Aug. 22, 5:42am

    but not what i expected :(

  17. Aug. 22, 3:54am

    Guys, please tell me it’s not all on the screens that GT5 has to offer in tuning topic, that there are more options but not screened..

    • Aug. 22, 4:09am

      Most likely theres a lot more details in tuning to be announced.

    • Aug. 22, 4:12am
      GT and Forza God

      None of us really know 100%.

      But we all assume there will be more options such as gearbox, brakes etc. Which you’d think is a fair enough assumption.

      Though I don’t think there are any more additions to the options shown in the screens above.

    • Aug. 22, 4:28am

      i saw a few videos about tuning in forza well its intresting

      each part of tuning change performance and voice

      and there is alot of details

      that what i hope in gt5 , the game is perfect by driving graphic etc

      but its missing an important thing , the realastic tuning

      and those pics are showing the tuning in gt5 is just simple and that is disapointing

      all what we can do is wait and we shall see more.

    • Aug. 22, 8:15am
      Big Ron

      Same tuning system like in previous titles. But I always loved it. Choos, what level of tuning you want to have for every part and test it in your setup.

      No need to change for an option to change single screws. It always worked like it is.

  18. Aug. 22, 3:47am


    depending on the pic

    its pretty much same as gt4 but better graphic for the parts

    well… i hope that not all

    maybe its the general tuning

    i hope there are more !!!

    thanks jordan

  19. Aug. 22, 2:22am

    Seriously, they should just make it up as close as they can. It annoyed me in the past GT games, as someone mentioned earlier, that a lot of cars simply had no info. It seems unfinished and unnecessary.”

    The game knows the weight of the car – but they’re just not telling you what it is!!


    • Aug. 23, 4:27am


      I never got why it would be an issue to include the info.

  20. Aug. 22, 12:59am
    GT and Forza God

    Just a couple of notes from my view:

    It can’t be real world, I’m sure it’s just a made up Credit currency. Think about how much work it would be to make the pricing represent every currency around the world that each game is sold in. A GTR here in Australia is $150K ish, in North America closer to $85K, what price will it be in GT5? I don’t care either way, I treat it as made up currencies.

    I wouldn’t bet on many more changes coming to the screens above if they are pretty recent photos. Mainly because of the APEX book that comes in some additions. We have seen some screens which show some of the content. I’d take a guess that the book would show all the upgradeable parts that you see in the above screens. What I’m getting at is, they would possibly have started printing them, with content such as a parts list, and wouldn’t get them reprinted because of spelling mistakes at this stage? Maybe they haven’t started printing yet.

    Seriously, they should just make it up as close as they can. It annoyed me in the past GT games, as someone mentioned earlier, that a lot of cars simply had no info. It seems unfinished and unnecessary.

    Hopefully that simply means, exhausts will have an effect on sound for each car and each type of exhaust. I loved Forza 1, buying a car, trying an exhaust, then trying the next stage, then the next etc. Listening to all the different sounds. Made a big difference comparing it to GT4 at the time. I have loved Forza’s sounds ever since and the exhaust upgrades. PLEASE have awesome sounds in GT5.

    Other than that, I can’t effing wait for GT5

  21. Aug. 21, 11:23pm

    Im really hoping the track we have to race a zillion times because it awards the prize car with the highest trade in value is Spa!

  22. Aug. 21, 10:35pm

    Its quite likely considering theres an option to paint the hood or leave it bare.

  23. Aug. 21, 10:24pm

    So…are the modifications going to have any visual change to the car at all or no? If you get the carbon fiber hood would the car HAVE a carbon fiber hood?

    • Aug. 22, 5:04am

      would it work for standard cars also?

    • Aug. 22, 9:35am

      Hope so.. that would be stupid to choice a carbon hood wihout paint and then in the race it would be a standard colour again.. afterall the only thing that needs to be changed is a material and colour to 3D hood… I think all changes will be visible including exhausts, to Premium and Standart cars.. just have to be.

  24. Aug. 21, 9:53pm

    One thing I would really like to see is the exact exhaust that you purchase to be visible on the car

    • Aug. 21, 10:18pm

      Exhaust, the front splitter, Roll cage and carbon fiber from weight reduction would all be nice to see as visible. I almost forgot, maybe the Blower/Supercharger as well if they offer them in different sizes.

    • Aug. 22, 12:20am

      yea that would be sweet as!

  25. Aug. 21, 9:24pm

    Sorry if this has been talked about… couldn’t be bothered to read every comment
    what are the numbers at the top of the screens?
    A: 12 B: 8 ??

    • Aug. 21, 9:48pm

      A spec and B spec I think.

    • Aug. 22, 9:30am

      that was interesting to me.. its just like in old GT4 A-spec and B-spec modes have different levels.. great!

  26. Aug. 21, 9:19pm

    Oh man. I know Kaz said we could import cars from GT5P and GTPSP (and I have quite a few in both), but I am really hoping I can transfer my millions of credits too, so I can get in and start modding to the max. :-)

  27. Aug. 21, 8:49pm

    The weight reductions are a bit cheap… If they’re anything like they were in GT4, with the stage 3 being a complete carbon fibre chassis rebuild, 2,000 cr for such an option is unrealistically low. Apart from that, this UI is stunning and the choice available is just amazing, I wasn’t expecting a choice of tailpipes and bonnets (hoods), I seriously hope (but by no means expect) they include carbon fibre panel options so you can make your own Amuse Carbon-R, except with any car… I saw a Mercedes CLK DTM AMG at the ‘ring once, gorgeous so it was. And the Mugen Civic RR Concept car was stunning too.

  28. Aug. 21, 8:39pm

    Too bad no livery, was looking forward to putting a giant cock’n’balls on the hood of my charger. _)_)||||||||||D

    • Aug. 23, 10:06am

      Well…that’s very straight! LOL

  29. Aug. 21, 7:54pm

    The one thing I am wishing for is stock tires. So help me god if I have to look up which comfort or sports tire goes with each car. Thats the one major flaw with GT in my book. That said, this week has been F-ing amazing! So much to look forward to. Those UI screens are a huge improvement over past iterations, God I am so psyched for this game.

    @ Jon, I was thinking the same.

  30. Aug. 21, 7:21pm

    Tokyo Game Show dumbass.

    • Aug. 21, 8:10pm

      No need to be nasty, you didn’t even use the reply button correctly.

    • Aug. 22, 11:11am

      Is that your job or something, to be an asshole? Sure glad everyone else on this site is nicer than you…

  31. Aug. 21, 7:20pm

    At the top of the images it shows A – 12, B – 8 in the red and blue.
    ‘A’ class level and ‘B’ class level maybe? Looks like the bars fill up, maybe like XP?

    • Aug. 21, 8:26pm

      I think it’s A-spec and B-spec

    • Aug. 21, 9:01pm

      That’s what i mean, sorry.

  32. Aug. 21, 7:19pm

    Looks good, but I was hoping they would include more in-depth engine tunning. Well if they are going to keep it like this, I hope they at least make unique engine mods for the Wankel rotary engines. For those of you that don’t know, the Mazda rotary engines fitted to the RX7, RX8, 787B, etc, DOES NOT have a cylinder head, valves, camshafts or a headgasket for that matter. Instead they should have bigger intake and exhaust porting in different stages like in real life: extended porting, bridge porting and peripheral porting!

    • Aug. 22, 8:19am
      Big Ron

      didn´t you play any previous GT-game? Than you should know, how the tuning system and setup system works ;)

  33. Aug. 21, 7:14pm

    what site does these picture come from??

  34. Aug. 21, 7:07pm

    Word this looks good.. Kinda mad I didn’t see anything like putting in diff cams and cam gears or different compression ratios and throttle body Size intake size piston size put in different cranks with longer strokes for more tpurque diffrent turbo sizes from 40 up to 75 mm diffrent headers depending on your build.. Idk I like what I see so far just hope these things were included .. U guys should look at. Nitto 1320 parts list for engine parts and u will see what I am talking about if gt had all the engine building features from that game we would have the ultimate gane

  35. Aug. 21, 6:45pm

    wtf is TGS

    • Aug. 21, 7:29pm

      Tokyo Game Show

    • Aug. 22, 11:09am

      OOOHHHHHH thank you VeyronGlen.

  36. Aug. 21, 6:36pm

    “… and tune your exhaust sound.”

    Great, that`s exactly what i wanted to hear/read :)

  37. Aug. 21, 6:36pm

    Looks great for a modifying screen! I wonder how the other screens will look like. I’m really hoping they do a world map for the races, like in GT4

    • Aug. 21, 9:13pm

      I think I read somewhere theyre not laying it out like GT4… I cant be specific as to where I read it, but I remember it because I was dissapointed… GT4 had the best lay out ever!

  38. Aug. 21, 6:34pm

    The Consortium for the Image Protection of the Palio of Siena (link) has filed a lawsuit against Sony and their unauthorized usage of Siena flags and the track in Gran Turismo 5.

  39. Aug. 21, 6:32pm

    (torture face)

  40. Aug. 21, 6:31pm

    jordan you have to check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  41. Aug. 21, 6:09pm


    Are you going to TGS this year? If not, who is?

  42. Aug. 21, 5:48pm

    It will be an wonderful day November 2-3

  43. Aug. 21, 5:09pm

    Look like you need to buy things for Aspec and Bspec? “Owned B” on the exhaust page, and red/blue bars up top with numbers next to them? Any ideas?

    • Aug. 21, 5:19pm

      That’s an 8 not a B.

    • Aug. 21, 7:19pm

      At the top of the images it shows A – 12, B – 8 in the red and blue.
      ‘A’ class level and ‘B’ class level maybe? Looks like the bars fill up, maybe like XP?

    • Aug. 21, 7:28pm

      Owen your right it is an eight, and yeah Jon im intrigued now, it does look like they are pushing Bspec mode super hard with this installment.

    • Aug. 23, 4:23am

      To be honest the little “Owned: 8” in the corner was the part of all the pictures that got me most excited.
      It could well mean that for the first time in GT you’re not buying a ‘life-time subscription’ to a tire class, but you’re actually buying the tires. Fits perfectly with the damage model.
      This might be the time though to start including real sponsors (looking at the relative prices of the parts). :)

    • Aug. 23, 4:45am

      Oh, it says ‘Owned: 8’ everywhere… I was too soon with my excitement. Could well be the number of cars or something like that…

  44. Aug. 21, 4:13pm

    Looks awesome can’t wait to tinker with my own ride.

    • Aug. 21, 4:30pm

      Yes it looks very good, i hope we will get more tuning options than we have even seen in GT4 or saw in Forza 3. But this 3D vision is great, it´s very nice and simply bodacious.

  45. Aug. 21, 4:07pm

    this is absolutely awesome. Carbon parts? More tuning pieces? Its…. EPIC!!! But!!!! What the number owned at the bottom right corner mean? Is that cars? Duplicates of replacement parts? There’s still so much to learn about GT5. Should prove interesting. Hope they bring back the Racing Modification.

    • Aug. 21, 5:23pm
      SZRT Ice

      Agreed, I want my Racing Modified GTO Twin Turbo’s from GT1 & GT2!!! And that sick Racing Modified NSX from GT2 as well!!!

    • Aug. 21, 6:29pm

      I would absolutely love the Racing Modification added back in as well. It was the icing on the cake after you had spent thousands of dollars modifying it.

    • Aug. 21, 10:02pm

      Agreed. It was awesome. I wonder though, if they did bring the racing modification back, for the price it was offered at, wouldn’t it be better to bring it in as an additional shell with all the aero mods to it, rather than permanently modifying the existing body? Theoretically it could also be a carbon fiber body rather than, again, lightweight permanent modification of the existing body. Or am I just way off base here?

  46. Aug. 21, 4:01pm

    PLEASE!!! Make Attention! GTplanet READ THIS! And share this information with KAZUNORI! and every fan of Gt. Well brothers and sisters everybody knows that Kazunori is a master of creation simulation and we love his work.But there is one missing thing that gt5 do not have and makes me cry.Kazunori forget to put a one beautiful camera that Forza3 have. Everybody love the grafics in gt5 but WHERE! is this camera that you could enjoy the beautiful grafics from outside the car.I meen that you could pull the triger during a race and look around every side and see whole boody of a car, like they instal in FoRza3.Inside in the cockpit view is perfect you can turn around camera on left end right . Why they do not instal this view:(

    • Aug. 21, 5:18pm
      SZRT Ice

      Do you have GT5 Prologue? If you did, you would know that if you too the time and went into your options to customize your controller layout, that you can indeed circle around your car from a 3rd person perspective while you are driving in a race… Only useful in tight packs and enjoying the sites. Still cool tho’.

    • Aug. 23, 8:40am

      @ SZRT Icee,
      are you sure it’s not just in cockpit view, I really thought you’ve never been able to circle the camera around your car in 3rd person…

  47. Aug. 21, 3:55pm

    I think ur not gonna be able to do online races in cars that u have in career mode or cars transfered form GTPSP or GT5P . I think you will have an online career where u win money and buy cars and tuning. Im thinking this because on the garage pic (Pic 5)u can see on the left that there is an online category.

    • Aug. 21, 5:08pm

      Yeah, I wondered what that was for earlier on. :)

  48. Aug. 21, 3:37pm

    Why GT5 dont have livery editor when Forza does?


    • Aug. 21, 3:53pm

      Yeah, it blows..

    • Aug. 21, 5:13pm
      SZRT Ice

      Like a tornado.

    • Aug. 21, 5:14pm
      SZRT Ice

      Correction: Like a gale forced hurricane. (Tornado’s suck… Literally…)

    • Aug. 21, 6:27pm

      I laugh in your general direction…………..

    • Aug. 21, 6:57pm
      Super T

      Judging by some of the info we’ve been getting lately GT5 will do a lot of things Forza doesn’t.

      I really don’t care if we get a livery editor or not, I won’t be too bothered if I don’t get to race someone who has spent two minutes drawing phallic shapes all over their car.

      Is it november yet? :)

    • Aug. 21, 9:35pm

      We don’t want GT5 to be a Forza +1 new thing, this will be the new forza, we want GT5 to be the most realistic represenation of real world racing in our consoles. I would like to tune/change the bodykit to alter aerodynamics, not to make fancy carnivals from NFSU2 (notice that car is in carnival)

    • Aug. 22, 3:11pm

      Super T, I agree.

      Secondly, I believe that PD is worried about people drawing inappropriate images on the cars. This will absolutely lower the standards of the game (like how it did to forza).

    • Aug. 23, 10:01am

      Yeah I don’t care about livery editor. I used to have Midnight Club LA and I almost never put a body kit on my cars because it would screw up the way the car looks. It’s ok for 90’s cars, just not modern cars

  49. Aug. 21, 3:36pm

    Holy mother earth this is gona be great!

  50. Aug. 21, 2:45pm

    Will all tuning be performed through GT Auto, or will there be actual tuning companies present in the game?… the latter would be nice just to give the game that “complete” and “official” sort of feel, with all of the hard work they’ve already done.
    What are your thoughts?

    • Aug. 21, 3:52pm

      Well, GT4 had specific tuning companies for some car manufacturers ( like Nissan having Nismo and Mitsubishi with Ralliart ), so i dont see why it wouldnt be the same here.

  51. Aug. 21, 2:45pm

    Looking good.

    One thing though, shouldnt the exhaust manifold have 5 pipes as the car’s a Focus ST?

    • Aug. 21, 3:05pm

      I’m pretty sure they would just put general pictures of the items, not specific to the car you’re in.

    • Aug. 21, 3:15pm

      I know, would be nice though :D

    • Aug. 21, 5:00pm

      Lol smartarse. ;)

    • Aug. 22, 6:32am

      It actually would be great, you could get deeper into the car, know more about inside of the engine and mechanics.

  52. Aug. 21, 2:42pm

    This is not ‘tuning’ this is modifying. I’m sure there will be another screen to tune.

  53. Aug. 21, 2:27pm

    To be honest.. I didnt like it.. well I did like the tires and exhaust options, and the car selection screen was all GT style. But I dislike engine tuning shop, it was too simple, hope there will be much real life tuning not only Stage1, Stage2 and Stage3 version of tuning for more advanced type of gamers.. :(

    • Aug. 21, 5:12pm

      Yeah i’m a bit worried about that,but it says “A lineup of tuning parts” so I think there will be more tuning options ;D

    • Aug. 21, 10:11pm

      if you notice theres a few other engine pieces next the block itself. I think the stages, 1, 2 and 3 are actually the usual NA mod. Next I think is possibly bore & stroke followed by engine balancing. So I doubt detail will drop below GT4 in terms of the amount and variation of parts available for purchase.

  54. Aug. 21, 2:25pm

    I think the screens look very slick indeed. I only hope the next screen says what they do in terms of hp upgrade weight reduction etc.
    By that i mean when you press X it says wieght reduction stage 1 > 64kgs reduced. Sport exhaust> +3 hp etc

  55. Aug. 21, 2:13pm

    You could end up being a mechanic by just tunning one car. Cant wait until it comes out.

  56. Aug. 21, 2:03pm

    looks nice to me, i just wanna be able to use colors (every color, not just 10 or so) for the cars, then i’m happy

    • Aug. 21, 4:58pm

      You should have to pay the massive price for a respray though.

    • Aug. 21, 5:10pm
      SZRT Ice

      Agreed, some cars have less (Mitsuhishi 3000GT/GTO Twin Turbo) and with online races, custom colors will help you be easily recognizable in say a Nissan GTR Cup Race full of Skylines and people who favor the color Blue. Custom “blue’s” would help show individuality. Not to include those “super rare” cars u unlock from endurance races. They won’t feel so special when u hop online and pull up next to someone in the same thing, same color, same body, same rims… Sure customization might not make it, but custom colors are a MUST.

    • Aug. 22, 3:09pm

      I think they should only use stock colors, so people can’t kill the looks of a car. For only races, PD should make it that when you enter a race, a race number is slapped on your car, like in Sega GT.

  57. Aug. 21, 1:52pm

    nice but a bit arcade… I still prefer forza motorsport 4 tunning screen.

    • Aug. 22, 10:27am

      What? Forza’s tuning options are nowhere near as realistic or in-depth as any of this. What do you see “arcadey” about these screenshots?

  58. Aug. 21, 1:45pm

    Looking very sharp indeed. From what I have seen so far, I really like the look of the UI they have developed for GT5.

  59. Aug. 21, 1:44pm

    I would have loved a lot more in-depth tuning.

  60. Aug. 21, 1:42pm

    “Tune your exhaust sound?” I want.

    • Aug. 21, 2:41pm

      very good feature!! I dont like how sounds some Citroen C2 for example, so from now on, when GT arrives, I dont have to lisen in the rubish engine sound of it.. thanks PD! ;)

  61. Aug. 21, 1:34pm

    I’m hoping that the credit intake is at a slower pace than, say, GT5 Prologue. I mean, getting 45,000 credits for ONE race is just way too easy, and in maybe three of those races, you can get an Audi R8. Where’s the fun if you don’t need to really work for a car you really like?

    • Aug. 21, 1:46pm

      Guess, that won’t happen. In GT4, the R8 was 4.500.000cr plus about 200.000cr for all the goodies like racing-tires, larger turbo etc. That was a lot of racing to earn the R8, trust me

    • Aug. 21, 1:49pm

      There was no R8 in GT4, that was a prototype car. All prototypes cost millions of credits.

    • Aug. 21, 3:24pm

      I was talking about the LeMans R8, silver with red or yellow stripes, which is totally different from that road-R8 you meant. They’re both called R8, which may have caused a bit confusion.

    • Aug. 21, 5:33pm

      Wow, really? Sorry, I’ve never played GT4- wish I had :(

    • Aug. 22, 6:58am

      Now that I think of it, they should bring back the prize car roulette wheel. Having multiple prize cars of varying value (GT3 did this with every other race) means you can’t always rely on beating a given race and selling the prize car repeatedly as a source of higher revenue.

  62. Aug. 21, 1:28pm

    Looking at the middle picture on the bottom row, that shows the garage. I am intrigued buy the tabs down the side of the vehicle organiser. The function of the first three tabs SEEMS pretty obvious, but what cars will be in the ‘online’ tab?

    I was a little miffed by the picture of the Lexus Racing Concept (halfway down in the same picture). One of my biggest gripes with the GT series, are cars that do not show the BHP/RPM info. Come on PD sort it out!

    Other than that, the screens are looking super slick. My only hope is that there are not loading times between each setup screen…

  63. Aug. 21, 1:25pm

    Wouldnt it be cool if they added exhaust pipe sizes, that way it takes a little bit of brains to squeeze out the most power. maybe that would just involve too many calculations and information and space that just isnt left on the blu-reay. at any rate, im impressed and cant wait to play :)

  64. Aug. 21, 1:23pm

    All i want is detailed engine tuning!!! =D

  65. Aug. 21, 1:21pm

    Rain tyres would be street/normal or sports tires. They are tyres with tread on them, so you could pick soft normal for full wets and the soft/sport for intermediate wet tires.

  66. Aug. 21, 1:21pm

    Anyone know if we’ll be able to specify wheel sizes?

    • Aug. 21, 1:40pm

      I’m sure you’ll be able to specify wheel rim size.

    • Aug. 21, 2:33pm

      very good question!! I hope “Madmurdock” is right!!!! I want GT5 more advanced then GT4.. I hate simple things.. this menu screens are way too simple.. hope these are just the couple of pages You have to go through..

  67. Aug. 21, 1:16pm

    They look great.
    They’ve spelled Rigidity as “Regidity” in the first line of the Body/Chassis menu though.

    • Aug. 21, 1:23pm

      Yeah, they also have incorrect punctuation in the suspension menu. “thats” instead of “that’s”

    • Aug. 21, 1:32pm

      They’re probably prototype menus… Polyphony would never EVER let anything prevent the game from being %100,000,000 awesome.

    • Aug. 21, 1:39pm


    • Aug. 21, 2:36pm

      this seems all is in BETA stage. They still have alot of time to correct mistakes..

    • Aug. 21, 2:45pm

      probably just translating some items…XD

    • Aug. 21, 6:16pm

      There were lots of spelling errors in the old games.

  68. Aug. 21, 1:12pm

    Pretty much the same as GT4.

    • Aug. 21, 1:47pm

      Exhast manifolds and catalyzers? The ability to tune your exhast sound? Carbon fibre body panels? Was all that in GT4?

    • Aug. 21, 4:23pm

      In a round about way yes. Not a huge improvement, but then I thought GT4 was great anyway.

    • Aug. 21, 4:58pm
      SZRT Ice

      You, good sir, are in denial,,,

    • Aug. 23, 9:54am

      Hopefully, since they’re giving you the option of a black or car painted carbon fibre hood, I think that will give the car a visual change which will be awesome! That would be funny if everyone put the black option when racing online!

  69. Aug. 21, 1:07pm

    That engine is 3d modeled.

  70. Aug. 21, 1:05pm

    well on the exhaust pic it says “tune your engine sound” sounds pretty cool if u as me, anyway looking forward to this game gonna be wicked!

    • Aug. 21, 2:59pm

      Finally a proper comment. Yeah I noticed that too. It’s a shame FM3 missed this sentence.

      Can’t wait to test them all!

    • Aug. 22, 2:41am
      Gamer GT5

      Woah! I didn’t notice that. Sounds awesome! Thanks!

  71. Aug. 21, 1:04pm

    I cant wait for the 18 Megapixels of these!!!!11!!1

  72. Aug. 21, 1:03pm

    It’d be nice if you could preview the sound of the exhaust upgrades. I always went with the best sounding exhaust!

  73. Aug. 21, 1:02pm

    Wow. Impressive. All the new images is making me salivate for its release.

  74. Aug. 21, 1:00pm

    Looks fantastic, but as for the actual upgrades it looks pretty much the same as the older GT’s? I was hoping for some more in-depth tuning with brands etc.. but looks great, gonna be epic.

    • Aug. 21, 10:21pm

      They’ve added a bit more detail into the variation of parts. Keep in mind this quite likely only a piece of what will be offered. With more varied parts, the doors for more adjustments in tuning may very well open up.

  75. Aug. 21, 12:59pm

    36k for racing tires…really? Things are way too pricey here.

    • Aug. 21, 1:23pm

      thats what i thought, still awesome though, quite tactical if you have to buy the tires you want before an endurance race and risk spending too much and not winning :)

      does anyone know if in gt4 you had to fill up with fuel at all cause i never had it and i would quite like to see it in this game.

      i have a sudden obsession with gt1 (1998) on my ps3!
      best game ever:)

    • Aug. 21, 1:37pm

      You do realise that value is in Credits, not a real world currency such as dollars or pounds..?

    • Aug. 21, 1:38pm

      @jaketovey – Yes, you had to pit in endurance-races, to change tyres and refuel

    • Aug. 21, 1:54pm

      @ danielwhite74

      The currency represents the real world currency
      atleast for the cars it does
      maybe not performance upgrades

    • Aug. 21, 2:17pm

      we r still in an economy depression-obama…lol

    • Aug. 21, 2:21pm

      The currency system is designed to strongly relate to the real world, which it does. However, at times they need to balance that out with gameplay advantage. Becoase getting racing tires represents a large performance improvement in the game, players must pay enough in game credits otherwises tires would be the first things on everyones to buy list.

    • Aug. 21, 4:46pm

      Don’t forget that you’re not just buying 4 tyres (or even 2 tyres)… you’re buying a lifetime supply of tyres…


    • Aug. 21, 6:44pm

      Besides we don’t know how much credits we are going to get for races yet…

    • Aug. 21, 7:15pm

      If it’s like GTPSP then getting money should be a doddle, just do a quick drift or race and you could have 50,000 CR in no time.

    • Aug. 22, 3:05pm

      The fastest way to make money on GTPSP is to race on the test track using the bugatti veyron.

  76. Aug. 21, 12:57pm

    I think it’s more tyres. weather, dirt and show tyres.

    I want see more picture, brakes, clutch, turbo. Did I forgot something?

    • Aug. 21, 12:59pm


    • Aug. 21, 1:03pm

      Wheels too.

    • Aug. 21, 2:16pm

      body-kits and my favourite…gears :/

    • Aug. 21, 4:28pm

      ECU, Port & Polish, Intercooler, Clutch, Flywheel, Differential, Transmission, Driveshaft. . . Nitrous Oxide. Maybe he should put Propane in also. Maybe next time.

    • Aug. 21, 8:51pm

      close enough…

    • Aug. 21, 8:53pm

      my bad dude, i’m an american retard. didn’t know they spelled it tyre in England.

  77. Aug. 21, 12:54pm

    I guess this is two pieces of good news. Tuning looks likes it’s going to be just as good, if not better, than previous games. Also, the interface and menu style is looking great! If there was an gaming award for best menu, I think GT would take it xD
    Between the music, sounds, graphics…
    It’s gonna be awesome (and that’s not even playing the actual game) :D

    • Aug. 21, 4:54pm
      SZRT Ice

      “Looks Likes It’s”

      Love it…

    • Aug. 21, 7:08pm

      Sooo…I accidentally added an ‘s’ onto the end of ‘like’, and you have to make a comment on it? It’s not even like I used to/too or there/their wrong. Get a life, please.

  78. Aug. 21, 12:52pm

    It seems that they’ve really looked into things and made actions based on the information gathered. Not only based on what feels good and would work. Images, explanations and features itself are now much more intuitive than in previous GT’s and they resemble much more better their real world counterparts. What I can dig from the pictures, they are more “real” in the feel.

  79. Aug. 21, 12:40pm

    Wet weather tires???? Just put comfort tires on they have treads

    • Aug. 21, 2:15pm

      did anyone ever think that that selection was only for ^%$^%$*(#$# tarmac roads….damn it ppl think

    • Aug. 21, 2:56pm

      @ caasimun

      I’m five hundred and eighty seven percent sure that tarmac roads can become wet.

    • Aug. 21, 10:29pm

      Not necessarily. Most road tyres have treads to meet multipurpose needs. A dedicated wet tyre is made to break the surface tension of water as well as pump the water out of the way to a much greater effect than what a standard road or sports tyre could achieve.

  80. Aug. 21, 12:40pm

    wow it looks great! :D

  81. Aug. 21, 12:40pm


  82. Aug. 21, 12:39pm

    Very nice, Very nice indeed. Looks like the same upgrade system we knew from past GT’s. I can’t wait to upgrade something and then check it out in the replay’s lol. Im booking a month off work for Nov 5th.

  83. Aug. 21, 12:39pm

    They seem to be 3d models in real time. Still not showing Standard cars eh!


    • Aug. 21, 1:46pm

      I don’t think PD has figured out a way to prevent people from making inappropriate images, so they won’t allow a livery editor yet.

    • Aug. 21, 2:13pm

      ohhh….by the way did they *implement* the live rewind feature….the one that allows you to redo a corner if u made a mistake?

    • Aug. 21, 3:21pm

      cassimun this is not Dirt 2

    • Aug. 21, 4:22pm

      I’d think a rewind feature would completely defy the principles of GT. Thats just my opinion though.

    • Aug. 21, 9:27pm

      i agree with Sigmaviper11. In real life don’t get the chance to rewind a corner u messed up on or a crash that happened. lol GT is the real driving simulator unlike some other games*cough*forza.

  84. Aug. 21, 12:35pm

    Oh my god! I have so many screens of GT5 that I almost feel like I already played the game!

    • Aug. 21, 2:11pm

      thats soo true i actually had a dream that i was playin it :/ it just goes to show that i got GT5 on ma mind

    • Aug. 21, 3:07pm

      Yeah i’ve had a similar dream in a red SLS AMG. Wierd…

  85. Aug. 21, 12:33pm

    Oh my god those are some amazing graphics. I see prices went down for things, and there are new and more complex upgrades.
    I also love the list of cars so you can easy tune. I cannot wait for this game! It is outstanding.

    • Aug. 21, 2:10pm

      and you know whats more cool…they all come in three easy installments…*LIES*

  86. Aug. 21, 12:33pm

    It’s a really slick UI. As long as the options from previous GT games are in then I will be one happy beaver.

  87. Aug. 21, 12:33pm

    Hmm, you can’t buy wet tyres? :(

    That either means they’re standard or there arn’t any dynamic wet races during career.

    • Aug. 21, 12:51pm

      hi Jacob! another jacob!!

      nothing intelligent to say …

    • Aug. 21, 12:56pm

      Not at all. You wouldn’t buy wet tires for your car. All that menu showed is what grade tire you could have, not what type.

    • Aug. 21, 1:51pm

      Thanks for the hate guys! Just ones observation, that’s all.

    • Aug. 21, 1:57pm

      it also says you cant by rally tires… but we know that there will be wrc cars… probably just showing us a sample of a wide selection of tires and other car parts :D

    • Aug. 21, 3:57pm

      Yeh, didn’t think of that! :D

    • Aug. 21, 4:19pm

      Don’t lose hope yet. They may have put them in a different category as a kind of special tire. Or it may be as simple as having to scroll to the and get passed the racing slicks. Most likely it’ll be there in some form or another along with dirt and possibly snow tires.

    • Aug. 22, 2:22am
      Gamer GT5

      I’m sure they’re not revealing everything just yet about the tune ups. Even in some of the interviews Kaz mentioned about not just upgrades like engine, suspensions, tires etc. He mentioned about visuals for your car also. But i was always interested how their tune ups would be like. This is what I’ve been waiting for!!!

    • Aug. 22, 11:43am

      i wasnt “hate-ing” you,
      i said that I had nothing intelligent to say :)oops, i hope you can have wets because that would be awesome, half way through a race changing into wets awesome. sorry Jacob :)

    • Aug. 22, 1:05pm

      Oh, alright lol. I thought you was talking about me! :P Yeh, have changable weather during career would be amazing, spending money on different tyres (compounds) so you could change from soft to hard, or wet soft to wet hard etc in a single race would be awesome as well.

    • Aug. 22, 2:01pm

      i think its in gt5 cause kaz said that they have simulated tyre wear very acurately so hopefully it wont be like previous gt games and there’s the gamble of starting or qualifying on used tyres! so awesome. ive also got some great ideas for the track maker aswell cant wait!

  88. Aug. 21, 12:32pm

    Looks like just fancier graphics/different names for pretty much the same tuning options.

    • Aug. 21, 12:36pm

      what r u talking about! this looks more in depth and changing body-kits…thats a big upgrade! from previous GT’s

    • Aug. 21, 2:08pm

      They’re not actually Body Kits, they’re just a fancy version of Weight Reduction.

      But looks great, can’t wait for this game

    • Aug. 21, 4:44pm

      Yeah AND it looks like changing the exhaust kit will have a visual effect also. Ive been wanting that for aagggeeesss. Totally happy about that.

    • Aug. 21, 9:29pm

      I concur, nothing new here. Id really like a crew chief giving the best tuning tips we’ve ever heard. But I guess you have to shell out the big bucks for that 1 ft thick tuning book :(

    • Aug. 22, 8:24am
      Big Ron

      How can you be so sure and how can you know that. This are just graphical illustrations to show the different tuning parts. No informations about visual change.

      But you can expect, that the sound will change like in previous titles.

    • Aug. 22, 8:52am

      Im sorry to say but i am really disapointed bout the customization so far. I was hoping for really deep engine mods like a gt42 ball bearing turbo. If this is all PD’s got for customization…. Forza has that in the bag ;(… That makes me real maad. I love GT and now … Huh plus in GT i was maad u could not turbo a corvette, i hope they changed that. All motor cars that were not tuners could not be turboed. That was a bust. And you could not make a 500-600 HP civic which i did in forza. Im not tryna say forza is better but, PD needs to step their game up fast or this game might not make our expectations…

    • Aug. 22, 10:57am

      Looks cool, but it still seems empty to our standards. It seems the same as all the other GTs, still shallow in the depth of customization. I’m still pissed off about the lack of the livery editor.

    • Aug. 22, 10:59am

      Look at the tuned cars in Prologue. The exhaust in that cars is changed to racing exhaust with the bleu glow. So there is a visual changes, only not is big is i hoped for.

    • Aug. 22, 3:01pm

      When manufacturers let PD make car engines explode, then GT will allow us to do crazy modifications. But for now, GT is about real racing so they are considering engine longevity for races.

    • Aug. 23, 9:40am

      @ acetv06

      I wouldn’t get mad over tuning options! it is what it is. To me it looks AMAZING with the animated parts inst3ead of drawn parts like in all other GTs. To me it’s an “upgrade”

    • Aug. 23, 10:32am

      @Viejacola i know where you are coming from but if its gunna be a real driving similator the tuning should be just as real as the cars itself. From what i know about cars, theres alot missing from this game. I find that if your going to make something real, go ALL the way, not half ass, i know im talking like a hate this game but i dont, i love it! its just that it could be better. Anything is possible when it comes to tuning cars, i also hope there will be a dyno and u can turn up your psi boost controller ect… ;)

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