Gran Turismo 5 Official Track List

November 12th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

As posted on Polyphony Digital’s official website, here is the complete track list for Gran Turismo 5.

World Circuits

Fuji Speedway
Fuji Speedway F
Fuji Speedway GT

Suzuka Circuit
Suzuka Circuit (Weather)
Suzuka Circuit East Course

Daytona International Speedway
Superspeedway – Daytona
Road Course – Daytona

Tsukuba Circuit
Tsukuba Circuit

Circuit de la Sarthe
Circuit de la Sarthe 2009 (Time / Weather)
Circuit de la Sarthe 2009 No Chicane
Circuit de la Sarthe 2005
Circuit de la Sarthe 2005 No Chicane

Nürburgring Nordschleife (Time)
Nürburgring GP/F
Nürburgring 24h (Time / Weather)
Nürburgring GP/D
Nürburgring typeV

Indianapolis Motorspeedway
Superspeedway – Indy
Road Course – Indy

Autodromo Nazionale Monza
Autodromo Nazionale Monza (Weather)
Autodromo Nazionale Monza No Chicane

The Top Gear Test Track
The Top Gear Test Track

Laguna Seca Raceway
Laguna Seca Raceway


High Speed Ring
High Speed Ring (Weather)
High Speed Ring Reverse

Cape Ring
Cape Ring
Cape Ring Inside
Cape Ring North
Cape Ring Outside
Cape Ring South

Autumn Ring
Autumn Ring
Autumn Ring / Reverse
Autumn Ring Mini
Autumn Ring Mini / Reverse

Deep Forest Raceway
Deep Forest Raceway
Deep Forest Raceway / Reverse

Grand Valley Speedway
Grand Valley Speedway
Grand Valley Speedway / Reverse
Grand Valley East Section
Grand Valley East Section / Reverse

Eiger Nordwand Track
Eiger Nordwand Track Short Track (Weather)
Eiger Nordwand Track Short Track / Reverse

Trial Mountain Circuit
Trial Mountain Circuit
Trial Mountain Circuit / Reverse


London / Reverse

Rome / Reverse

Circuito de Madrid
Circuito de Madrid
Circuito de Madrid / Reverse
Circuito de Madrid Mini
Circuito de Madrid Mini/ Reverse

Tokyo R246
Tokyo R246
Tokyo R246 / Reverse

Côte d’Azur
Côte d’Azur

Special Stage Route 5
Special Stage Route 5 / Night
Special Stage Route 5 / Reverse / Night
Clubman Stage Route 5 / Night
Clubman Stage Route 5 / Reverse/ Night

Special Stage Route 7
Special Stage Route 7 / Night (Weather)

Dirt and Snow

Eiger Nordwand Track
Eiger Nordwand Track K Trail
Eiger Nordwand Track K Trail / Reverse
Eiger Nordwand Track G Trail
Eiger Nordwand Track G Trail / Reverse
Eiger Nordwand Track W Trail
Eiger Nordwand Track W Trail / Reverse

Toscana (Time)
Toscana / Reverse (Time)

Chamonix Main (Weather)
Chamonix East (Weather)
Chamonix West (Weather)
Chamonix Mini (Weather)

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  1. Nov. 12, 1:12pm

    you do understand that PDs main objective is to make money like any business, and those licencing fees for tracks and cars (especially those with f1 ties) would be HUGE! so in a genius plan theyve given you a bit….and the rest will come in DLC, They cant rely on online fees to make their money

  2. Nov. 12, 1:11pm

    Wow, we totally got the shaft here.

  3. Nov. 12, 12:56pm

    hmmmm ,… not enough but it will do :)

  4. Nov. 12, 12:55pm

    Odd, I counted 35 tops. Removing a chicane makes it a different track? I dont think so. My blue shirt was still my blue shirt after the button popped off. Guess what? It’s still my blue shirt if I wear it inside out. Reverse doesnt make a new track. Im going to go out and say there are only 7 original tracks, not 20. Hadn’t we seen Taxes Motor Speedway? Not that I need it, I actually think NASCAR is an unwelcome addition. Does this mean other tracks arent listed as well? Not that I need a particular obscure track in my city or state, but it just looks small. Takes a long time to make a track? Hire more people! Dissappointed.

  5. Nov. 12, 12:48pm

    This really makes no sense

  6. Nov. 12, 12:46pm

    I can only hope for DLC that adds the glaring track omissions: El Capitan, Seattle, Infineon (sports car course), Twin Ring Motegi, Tahiti Maze, Apricot Hill, Grand Canyon, Midfield, Motorland, Swiss Alps, and Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo. I know I left others out, but the ones mentioned are the tracks I’ll miss most. Just as a point of reference, GT PSP (the last GT title) has roughly 35 locations and 75+ variations.

    • Nov. 12, 12:54pm

      Just reading through the list again…. Could the title of this news be slightly wrong?

      Could it be the Complete Official Arcade List.???

      I only say because before the video got censored the other day, this is the exact list of the ARCADE tracks, and as much as it will be fun to play these, i’m definitely going to miss Grindlewald, El Capitan, Seattle, Apricot Hill, Midfield amongst many others.

      I couldn’t see PD not putting these in, I know they have to be PS3 readied but they have been made before… Just a curious thing that’s all.

      I’m sure others have seen this.

  7. Nov. 12, 12:37pm

    Whats weird is you have Suzuka but no Suzuka West? I preferred that one over the East course any day.

  8. Nov. 12, 12:35pm

    No Talladega?! :/

  9. Nov. 12, 12:34pm

    Lack of El Capitan hurts my soul. That was my ‘home track’ for the last half decade. I swear I saw a quick clip from it in a recent-ish promo vid too.

  10. Nov. 12, 12:33pm

    I really cant see what took them 5 years, theyve actually dropped several tracks from the past. very very strange if this is all the tracks we will get, and very disappointing.

    • Nov. 12, 12:46pm

      Perhaps it has something to do with the vastly improved quality and other features that increase the lifespan and depth of the game hugely?

  11. Nov. 12, 12:32pm

    I’ve gotta laugh, finally get the revised release date and a full car & track list and the majority of comments are still negative!!!

    For me 27 different tracks (forget the variations) is a fantastic variance for one game. The F1 season only has 19 different tracks!

  12. Nov. 12, 12:30pm

    The Test Track isn’t on the list, and that track has been in the GT games since the very first. Which leads me to believe not every track has been included on this list.

    And by Test Track I mean the incredibly long oval track for top speed testing, not Top Gear.

  13. Nov. 12, 12:30pm

    The game took too long to come out and now it won’t leave up to anyone’s expectation. It will be a great game, just not a perfect 10.

  14. Nov. 12, 12:27pm

    IMO, this list doesn’t make any sense? We’ve seen a lot of tracks on some trailer that is not on this list. Like that mountain pass in FT 86 and El capitan with Enzo. Plus add some unknown tracks that’s been seen in some early trailers.

    • Nov. 12, 12:40pm

      I’m sure a lot of those unknowns, and even that FT-86 track you’re referring to, were created with the track generator.

  15. Nov. 12, 12:25pm

    seems lacking so hopefully there’s a ton of cars and tracks available as DLC. (I’d be a big sucker for this).

    Also, it’s good to be reminded that we have a track generator on top of this :)

  16. Nov. 12, 12:14pm

    You know, I like the original tracks and everything… but I’d much prefer all real-life tracks. Let’s raise a glass in hopes for DLC!

  17. Nov. 12, 12:13pm

    I had faith in Kaz and polyphony digital and i feel seriously let down….where is this massive and fantastic game with a 1000 cars with interior views and loads of tracks??

    6 years??


    explain yourselves??

  18. Nov. 12, 12:12pm

    That´s all? You gotta be kidding me :O

  19. Nov. 12, 12:11pm

    Really all this whining you would think you guys are children. Great tracks, great cars, cannot wait!

  20. Nov. 12, 12:09pm

    Have none of you morons heard of DLC? Stop moaning ffs

  21. Nov. 12, 12:08pm
    Big Poppa

    London are Eiger are two joke tracks – they dumped Hockenheim and Midfield Raceway for these two clangers? WTF! Insane!

    • Nov. 12, 6:08pm

      London and Eiger were the two tracks I ran the most in GT5P

  22. Nov. 12, 12:06pm

    Have none of you morons heard of DLC? Stop moaning ffs

    • Nov. 12, 12:09pm

      Have none of you morons heard of DLC? Stop moaning ffs

    • Nov. 12, 12:10pm

      Have none of you morons heard of DLC? Stop moaning ffs

    • Nov. 12, 12:10pm

      Have none of you morons heard of DLC? Stop moaning ffs

    • Nov. 12, 12:25pm

      That’ll be the same DLC that Kaz has expressed a dislike to. I am not a moron.

  23. Nov. 12, 12:01pm

    *** No Midfield is criminal ***

    So, so, so many good split screen races on that track pre-online.

    • Nov. 12, 12:06pm

      True! Those two last corners…so many great last minute overtakes.
      It would be awesome online…

  24. Nov. 12, 12:00pm

    People… remember when Kaz said that the Blue Ray was full up! Maybe after a week we will have some DLC ;)

    • Nov. 13, 5:04am

      They should delete the first half of the intro movie. That would free up a few gig. In fact they should delete the whole thing along with the My chemical Romance song too. Then have it as an optional DLC.

  25. Nov. 12, 12:00pm

    SS11 ???

  26. Nov. 12, 12:00pm

    people that are disappointed don’t buy it and stop moaning

    • Nov. 13, 2:42am

      ……..and with that, GT5 sales came in at only 25% of the predicted total………

  27. Nov. 12, 11:59am
    Big Poppa

    This is like seeing your girlfriend kiss another guy then someone give you a big kick in the niuts. What a load of sh1t! Kaz Yamauchi has maligned and taken the p1ss out of us for too long. An absolute disgrace.

  28. Nov. 12, 11:58am

    I believe there are still a number of unannounced tracks!

    Regardless Top Gear is there and that is a BIG Plus!! I just hope they do DLC.

  29. Nov. 12, 11:51am

    What is really disappointing about the car and track lists is that is basically just confirms everything that we already knew. There aren’t any surprises with this, like ‘oh sweet! Silverstone is in it!’ or ‘Oh nice.. 40 Ferraris!’

    Seriously, has there been any big surprises with this? Wtf has PD been doing for 6 years?

  30. Nov. 12, 11:48am

    Aww.. No rain for NASCAR??? Not a NASCAR fan, but would’ve been nice.

    • Nov. 12, 11:57am

      IIRC they don’t race if it’s wet- they wait and dry the track. So wet racing NASCARs would be wrong.

      But would’ve been fun…

  31. Nov. 12, 11:48am

    any of you might think they kept some to them selfs? – as a surprice when you get the game? who knows might be the same with the cars.

    I like the list – could’ve been more tracks , but still some good quality tracks!

    • Nov. 12, 12:00pm

      Dude, why would they do that??
      I mean, it’s really conforting to delay the disappointment and expect that they didn’t tell all that’s in the game.
      But they have no reason whatsoever to do so. They wanna sell the game, thus, if there’s anything good/worth mentioning they will do so beforhand.
      And that’s the same reason why they say there are 1000s of cars in the game, while we know that there are so many repeats…

  32. Nov. 12, 11:47am

    Stop complaining or it’ll get delayed again. I hope there’s going to be some DLC…

    I guess this is why they put the course creator in.

    • Nov. 13, 9:24am

      i dont care if it gets delayed, i want a good game and not a piss of crap just so they can steal 70 euros

  33. Nov. 12, 11:47am

    Too bad about the Test Course…………….I’ll really miss that one{still kinda disappointed that PD just HAD to include the Top Gear Track}.

    Hopefully it can be recreated in the Course Editor, though. =)

  34. Nov. 12, 11:45am

    RIP el capitan. BRING US DLC but I doubt there will be much because it takes so long to make each item

    • Nov. 12, 11:46am
      Stomach ache

      Surely, they just have to convert old tracks, I’m sure it wouldn’t take them long at all.

  35. Nov. 12, 11:41am
    GT5 – 180


  36. Nov. 12, 11:37am

    dissopointment to not see midfield and seatle..or red rock or..well alot of old tracks i was hoping for this and the car list…bah..

    • Nov. 12, 11:45am
      Stomach ache

      Yep shocking, not sure what they did for all those years, but looks like GT4 with 1 years garnish slapped on top of it.

  37. Nov. 12, 11:31am
    New User

    @Lethal Chemist

    Forza 3 has 22 tracks with over 100 variations.
    GT5 already has 28 tracks, with possibly more missing from the list (Piazza Del Campo?).

    You do the math.

    • Nov. 13, 2:36am

      70 variations of 28 tracks is still 30 less than forza…..

    • Nov. 13, 3:20am

      Which Forza?

    • Nov. 13, 3:38am


  38. Nov. 12, 11:29am

    The List is nice, but I miss Citta’ D’Aria, Costa D’Amalfi, Opera Paris was cool too, don’t care if there is no Infineon and El captain was boring apart for the scenery

    • Nov. 12, 11:31am
      I n i T i a L


      SS11 ???

    • Nov. 12, 10:28pm

      I loved those 2 tight tracks. sad i dont see them on here.

  39. Nov. 12, 11:28am


    Now you’ll agree it is pretty much as I “predicted” ref *that* debate.

    All those GT4 tracks Akira put together made for a good wish list though. There are between 20 – 30 “locations” listed and many of these locations boast 3, 4, 5+ variations.

    What’s interesting however are the tracks that aren’t mentioned, such as Piazza Del Campo for example.

    So now everyone should know; expect surprises… ;-)

  40. Nov. 12, 11:27am

    I’m missing Seattle, Seoul and NYC. What the hell happend??
    PARIS!?? How come there’s no Paris?
    And Midfield? Apricot Hill?? Tahiti??

    GTPlanet should make a list of the tracks missing, and we’d see how much we lost. I’d gladly give up Monza and the crappy ovals for those…

    • Nov. 12, 11:47am

      Yeah NASCAR is big here but it’s stupid and oval racing sucks

    • Nov. 13, 4:48am

      The only oval track I wanted to see is the one attached to Monza and they didn’t put it in. I thought it would be in for sure.

    • Nov. 13, 7:57am

      Well said Helix…The only oval I cared about was Monza’s. Why not put it in? I don’t get it…
      The inside circuit of Daytona is crap too, by the way, why include that?

  41. Nov. 12, 11:26am

    Some people will never be happy…

    REJOICE!!! 12 DAYS!!!

  42. Nov. 12, 11:25am

    Where’s NY? Honk Kong? Paris? T~T

    • Nov. 12, 12:23pm

      Hong Kong?
      Good riddance to bad rubbish

  43. Nov. 12, 11:23am

    Disappointed so many tracks have been left out.

    Sod Silverstone its a boring flat airfield like the TG test track, was looking forward to a proper picturesque track like Brands Hatch or Spa. Haven’t played on that since Revs on the BBC in the mid 80s.

    • Nov. 12, 11:30am

      I think this is not the complete track list, because you can clearly see “El Capitan” in the intro movie. So I`m confused now.

    • Nov. 12, 11:59am

      Interesting point MVR. And I thought Texas Motor Speedway was confirmed by Sony? Or did I mistake that months ago?

  44. Nov. 12, 11:21am

    and in Toyota FT-86 Trailer thre is unknown track at 1:00.

  45. Nov. 12, 11:20am

    no test track:(

  46. Nov. 12, 11:17am

    Well don’t forget the track generator people.. =D

  47. Nov. 12, 11:16am
    Leathal Chemist

    Forza Motorsport 3 has more tracks & variations right out the box and yet you fanboys flamed it

    • Nov. 12, 11:26am

      I never thought that I would say that, but you are right. It’s such a disappointment…

  48. Nov. 12, 11:13am

    Oh, and by the way: What is with the Move Controller? They said it would be supported in some way…

  49. Nov. 12, 11:13am

    Cant beleave this. When i frist saw the list i was dissapointed not to see the most famous race course in the world(spa)Now after reading the comments i realise that they left out half of the best tracks,(Opera Paris
    citta di aria, costa di amalfi, Seattle, el capitan, infineon raceway)

  50. Nov. 12, 11:11am

    The track list is definitely weak. It’s the number of tracks that keep a game alive and give it longevity, not an enormous car list. There better be DLC for more tracks. For those of us who like to make transition videos showing the evolution of the series, there is only one track that has been in every version of the game (with the exception of Prologue) and that’s Trial Mountain.

    • Nov. 13, 3:17am

      Grand Valley Speedway, Deep Forest Raceway and Special Stage Route 5 have been in GT1, GT2, GT3 and GT4 and will be in GT5.

  51. Nov. 12, 11:07am


  52. Nov. 12, 11:07am

    How come no Suzuka West or Twin Motegi East/West/Oval Road Atlanta or Road America or Silverstone National GP or Sebring ? that one track in Austraillia

    • Nov. 12, 11:13am

      And where’s Siena?? It was even showed in a lot of kart images…

  53. Nov. 12, 11:05am

    RIP midfield :(

    • Nov. 12, 11:21am

      Midfield Raceway was one of the most classic tracks in the GT series… =((( we’ll gonna miss it!!

    • Nov. 12, 12:02pm

      A terrible loss and one I can’t understand. Jeez PD, what have you been upto.

    • Nov. 12, 12:29pm

      theres still time – DLC!?

  54. Nov. 12, 10:57am

    F sake!
    This is what I was worried about… no REAL legendary tracks like Spa, Silverstone… sad :(

    • Nov. 12, 11:02am

      i thought that all tracks will be compatible withe weather effect and day/night ….

    • Nov. 12, 11:17am

      Why would they include day/night for a race that only has 20 laps?

      On some tracks, you never ever have a 24 hr race so it’d be completely pointless including day/night for these tracks.

    • Nov. 12, 12:24pm

      No real legendary tracks?
      If I recall correctly Brooklands is the only purpose built autodrome older than Monza, and Monza is still operational, save the grand old oval of course.
      And speaking of legendary tracks: Nürburgring Nordschleife, Daytona Speedway, LeMans and Monaco must surely fall into that category, like them or not. Lets not forget the Fuji (although ruined for F1) and Suzuka wich are one of very few tracks I would call real that still host Formula 1.
      Spa is a loss. I would have loved to see Bathurst. I would have paid extra for Targa Florio. But there’s still plenty of legendary tarmac in GT5, yeah?

    • Nov. 13, 3:08am

      @F.G – Because it depends on the time of day you play the track. 20 laps on the Ring late evening Nurburg time and yo’ll see the sun setting, I guess!

  55. Nov. 12, 10:56am

    Well this is missing a bunch of tracks. I am happy GT5 is out in 12 days but was hoping for a bunch of the classic tracks to say the least. Oh well.

  56. Nov. 12, 10:55am

    Some people will never be happy….y’all wanna wait till spring 2012 so they can get “your” tracks in?

    • Nov. 12, 11:20am

      Now I’ve seen the list? Yes, if it’s a choice between “get it now and get no new tracks as DLC” or “wait and we’ll add more tracks to the disk”.

    • Nov. 12, 12:04pm

      They are not ‘my’ tracks, they are everyones tracks. Tracks that have previously been mapped in other GT titles.

  57. Nov. 12, 10:53am

    WTF!!! Where is New York.

    • Nov. 12, 11:25am

      “Where is NY?”? Hell,where is America? Did we get bombed and annexed overnight and somebody forgot to tell me. Is that why every track I had planned on using for a future series is gone? Between this and the “Buy Foreign” campaign otherwise known as the car list I don’t know.

  58. Nov. 12, 10:53am

    hmmm. Disappointing content for track selection. And no premium NB Miata. (personal) Here’s to DLC! *crosses fingers*

    If anything comes from DLC, it will be to make this game more complete. Like, filling in the gaps between GT4 and GT5, and adding more premium cars.

  59. Nov. 12, 10:52am

    :S where are the tracks that were new in GT4 :S like El Capitan :(

  60. Nov. 12, 10:49am

    No El capitan?

  61. Nov. 12, 10:47am

    i thought theyd at least put all other original curcuits from gt1 gt2, 3 and 4, Racing_Demon712 ( i will be getting this the day it comes out im a big FAN :)

  62. Nov. 12, 10:43am

    The real driving simulation without Spa? I don’t think so. Disappointed.

  63. Nov. 12, 10:43am
    ACA GT

    Dont worry at least we have track creator thing

    • Nov. 12, 10:44am

      we cant recreate real tracks so thats still of no use

  64. Nov. 12, 10:42am

    Maybe I was the only one, but I was really hoping for Red Rock Valley and Apricot Hill. Also I’m pretty sure that a 1/4 drag strip wouldn’t be included in a track list because it doesn’t show the arena either and we know that is in there. I’ve always wanted a drag strip, would be awesome to have those 1 on 1 battles.

    • Nov. 12, 6:01pm

      You can do straight strips in course maker at any length over at least 4 different locations. That should be ok.

  65. Nov. 12, 10:40am

    I will spend a lot of money when i get DLC. I’m a little bit disappointed if í’m honest. Hope we’re gonna be suprised by KAZ.

  66. Nov. 12, 10:39am

    Wow, this is actually disappointing :(

  67. Nov. 12, 10:39am

    Where are Spa-Francorchamps, Georges V and Opera Paris ? :/

    • Nov. 12, 2:40pm

      You just reminded me, now I’m angry

  68. Nov. 12, 10:38am

    OOh, what a short list. Little bit disappointing, but we did know this from the start (20 locations, 70 variations).

  69. Nov. 12, 10:37am

    No citta di aria, costa di amalfi, Seattle, el capitan, infineon raceway, new york, opera paris, seoul, twin ring motegi, mid-field, apricot hill? :(

    • Nov. 12, 11:21am

      You named it, bro :-(

    • Nov. 12, 6:00pm


  70. Nov. 12, 10:37am

    ahhh kind of a disappointment there.. I was really hoping for some British tracks like Dongington Park, Silverstone, Brands Hatch. Oh well.

    • Nov. 12, 10:49am

      Ditto Cee-Jay. I’m sure we’ll see one of them at some point in the future.

    • Nov. 13, 3:03am

      Of the British tracks, Brands Hatch (GP version) would be my favourite and the Oulton Park. Silverstone… meh, don’t mind :)

    • Nov. 13, 10:08am

      British tracks are boring. nothing special. Top gear track is cool though.

  71. Nov. 12, 10:37am

    dynamic weather is ruled out now for all tracks.

  72. Nov. 12, 10:36am

    So, help me if I got a wrong idea or impression by this list…
    1)The weather and night racing will be active only on some of the tracks not all of them ?
    2)The weather and night racing will not be active on tacks we make by the course maker?

    fingers crossed that I’m wrong on these thoughts…

  73. Nov. 12, 10:35am

    Circuit de la Sarthe 2009 (Time / Weather)

    That excites me no end.

    • Nov. 12, 10:41am

      Nice! I only just noticed that. Are we to assume that tracks has dynamic whether and day/night cycles? :)

  74. Nov. 12, 10:35am

    just as I expected, no surprises or unseen tracks. And a lot tracks missing compaired to gt4

  75. Nov. 12, 10:35am

    SILVERSTONE! oh man

  76. Nov. 12, 10:35am

    i do feel let down on the track list. i know people whine about nascar, but we need at least 1 OTHER TRACK if not a short track like Bristol, and a fast one like Atlanta. im very disappointed they got the license and didn’t do anything with it. it just seems weird there is only one track. and what happened to Watkins? or infinion? like i said. very disappointed in this.

    • Nov. 12, 10:43am

      even though i dont like nascar you are right . Alot of things seem missing. They shouldve gave us 750 cars and alot more tracks. and just gave us the rest as free dlc

  77. Nov. 12, 10:34am

    Um, am I blind or is there a confirmed track missing? Where is that Karting track in Sienna? Instead of removing just the flags did they drop it entirely?

  78. Nov. 12, 10:34am

    So disappointing…no silverstone, motegi, hockeneim, spa, estoril, seattle, new york…I would pay gold to have those for DLC

    • Nov. 12, 1:37pm

      I agree, I enjoy racing in NY.

    • Nov. 12, 3:49pm

      Same here, I loved racing down Times Square!

    • Nov. 13, 10:06am

      agg, silverstone is boring.

  79. Nov. 12, 10:34am

    Grand Valley and Autumn Ring FTWWWWWWW!…

    • Nov. 12, 12:28pm

      I saw these 2 and nearly weeped joy, my wife sobered me up with a good hard slap….

  80. Nov. 12, 10:33am

    Not Many tracks just looks like more but some are in reverse lol
    But remember GT5 has a track maker!! Sort of :)

    • Nov. 12, 10:36am

      Gonna be fun to drift/race with ur friends on a random generated track where no 1 knows whats comming nest xD

  81. Nov. 12, 10:33am

    this track list sucks. no sebring no infinion. NO SILVERSTONE. o man i felt like gt4 had better tracks

  82. Nov. 12, 10:32am

    Good, now we know whats what :)

  83. Nov. 12, 10:32am

    No Seattle? :( Damn I’m gonna miss that track bad.

    • Nov. 12, 10:34am

      Im going to miss Midfield and Apricot hill the most I think. Those tracks were so significant in GT3, so mnay good memories

    • Nov. 12, 10:37am

      Oh crap I totally missed Apricot Hill. Quite saddening they couldn’t accommodate all these old classic tracks.

    • Nov. 12, 10:43am

      i loved seattle :( but ya no ull probly b able unlock em through career or sumat like tht apricot was fun and loved midfield

    • Nov. 12, 10:55am

      It is unbelievable that they have dropped tracks that have been in the game since (atleast) GT2 :'( This makes me sad just thinking about it.

  84. Nov. 12, 10:31am

    Test Course wheres tht 1

  85. Nov. 12, 10:30am

    only 11 tracks with weather :S that doesnt sound like alot sadly :(

    • Nov. 12, 10:38am

      I think there is 95% I think KAZ is saving at least small surprize @ release date :)) for sure.

    • Nov. 12, 4:59pm
      Mark Wolf

      Am I on crack or did I see eiger norwand with rain. I’m so confused.

  86. Nov. 12, 10:30am

    Dissapointed now, most dirt and snow cources from GT4 arent there

    • Nov. 12, 10:36am

      I wasnt a fan so i wont miss them

    • Nov. 12, 5:37pm

      mee too

  87. Nov. 12, 10:30am

    So the only “unseen” (officially) track is Cape Ring?


    • Nov. 12, 12:27pm

      you really havent been checking here and Youtube have you??

  88. Nov. 12, 10:30am

    These are just the old courses from GT4, just a few new ones. The car list is also disappointing just 11 Ferraris. It is obvious, that the damage will be limited and that you have all weather effects just on a few courses. What did they do the last 6 years? Inventing funny sounding race events?
    I swear by god, if they do not come up with a solution for the crap multiplayer races we saw in GT5P, this will be the biggest disappointment imaginable.
    The hype and fanboy talk is over, we want to see results!

    • Nov. 12, 10:36am

      +1 bro. i likes the car list somewhat because its still the bigggest car list a game could have.

    • Nov. 12, 10:37am

      I think GT5 will be a total DLC-hell. We will have to pay hundreds of dollars in total to get more cars and tracks:( What they announced so far cannot be everything they want to release in GT5.

    • Nov. 12, 10:37am

      Hold your horses, lets wait until we have the game in our hands before making such outlandish comments.

      But I have to admit, similar thoughts have crossed my mind, and I doubt we are alone.

    • Nov. 12, 10:41am

      It better have alot of dlc by Christmas because the track selection is weak.

    • Nov. 12, 11:39am
      NO E30 WHAT DA FOOK?


      They have over 130 Nissans, yet no F50, E30 M3 nor CLS63!

      They have got rid of more tracks than they have added! What a sham!

    • Nov. 12, 3:21pm

      6 Years and $80m bucks, this must be one hell of a physics engine.

  89. Nov. 12, 10:29am

    Where is the karting course “Piazza Del Campo”? O_o
    Maybe those aren’t all?

    • Nov. 12, 11:20am

      Maybe, or it could be possible that Sony and PD decided to scrap the course due to the fuss they made about the flag.

    • Nov. 12, 12:30pm

      Circuito de Madrid Mini

    • Nov. 12, 3:28pm

      not even the same country bro. Madrid is Spain obviously, and The Piazza Del Campo is in northern Italy

  90. Nov. 12, 10:28am

    No 1/4 Drag Strip or 1000m? i hope they will be in DLC,
    Nordsleife + M3 thats all i need
    Btw Jordan we need a Countdown on the front page ;)

    • Nov. 12, 10:39am

      Everyone voting for countdown on frontpage say “I”

    • Nov. 12, 10:58am


    • Nov. 12, 11:33am

      I too

    • Nov. 12, 12:26pm


    • Nov. 12, 12:39pm

      I three

    • Nov. 12, 2:38pm


    • Nov. 12, 3:22pm


    • Nov. 12, 4:09pm


    • Nov. 12, 4:27pm
      Trevor Longman


    • Nov. 12, 4:53pm

      Japs I ;)

    • Nov. 12, 5:36pm


    • Nov. 12, 6:28pm


    • Nov. 12, 9:50pm


    • Nov. 13, 2:13am

      I,,,,,,,count down indeed needed!

    • Nov. 13, 5:04am


    • Nov. 13, 8:29am

      I !!!!!!!!!

  91. Nov. 12, 10:27am

    really bad

    • Nov. 12, 12:07pm

      +1 i agree…this is sad. so many years in development and this is all they’ve got??? :-( I guess we’ll have to be creative and make our own courses. I have some good ones in mind…test tracks mainly.

      and the car list is just old stuff too. if no dlc, this game could be a little bit of a waste. not completely, but partially.

  92. Nov. 12, 10:27am

    GT6: Prologue!

    • Nov. 12, 10:40am

      lol… …not.

  93. Nov. 12, 10:26am

    I’m new to GT series and GT5P was my first introduction. Paid $40 for it and it was worth every penny. I’m sure the $60 I will spend on GT5 is going to be equally worth and looking so much to Nov. 24th

    Some of these track looks like as good as being there physically.


  94. Nov. 12, 10:24am

    so the hockenheim ring was just for that promotional build they did

    • Nov. 12, 11:14am

      You’re right, no Hockenheim would be disappointing. What happened to Seattle and Seoul?? My beloved El Capitan is gone :-(

    • Nov. 12, 11:33am

      Yeah, Im going to miss the air I could get off of El Capitan

      Wait a second, no Test Track? There goes my hopes of using it as a No Restrictor Plate Coca Cola Superspeedway for the Stock Cars :(

    • Nov. 12, 11:54am

      On second thought, there is track creator…..maybe I can convince that mode to give me an unrestricted Superspeedway paperclip layout…..

  95. Nov. 12, 10:23am

    D***, so we lost Twin Ring Motegi. Hope Monza makes it up.

    • Nov. 12, 10:35am

      Monza in my opinion is much better track then motegi.

      However i really, really hope they put GT6 on hold and get stuck into some DLC. I really wanna see some more tracks than this.

    • Nov. 12, 10:42am

      yea i want more JGTC tracks, but anyway GT5 is going to be epic no matter WUT!

  96. Nov. 12, 10:23am

    Disappointing, No Special Stage R11 from GT1

    • Nov. 12, 12:25pm

      I hope its DLC!

    • Nov. 13, 12:24am

      I wouldn’t hold up my hope, and I think Kaz doesn’t like DLCs. Well, it would be good if most dev behave like Kaz, but for GT series I will pay for DLCs :)

    • Nov. 13, 9:02am

      This is the only game in the world I would pay extra for DLC, unfortunately I don’t think we’ll be seeing much DLC for this game. They’ll probably just making GT6 and add the extra tracks into that one :(

  97. Nov. 12, 10:22am

    Hmm, 26 tracks.

    • Nov. 12, 11:23am

      I counted 27. Either way, this is way less than what I had expected.

    • Nov. 12, 11:31am

      You’re right. It’s 27. And yeah, I expected more, but oh well!

  98. Nov. 12, 10:22am

    What abot LeMans?

    • Nov. 12, 10:24am

      Circuit de la Sarthe = Le Mans

    • Nov. 12, 10:25am

      Ah ok, thannks!

  99. Nov. 12, 10:22am

    Really hoped for spa until the end :( oh well :D

    • Nov. 12, 10:24am

      Me too mate.. Me too :(

    • Nov. 12, 10:37am

      We also gonna get some DLC maybe we gonna get SPA then.

    • Nov. 12, 10:48am

      What happened to Grindwald? All that hype about that track too… I’m slightly confused by todays news and rather excited but more confused lol

    • Nov. 12, 10:58am

      Dito, still fingers crossed for DLC

    • Nov. 12, 11:29am

      Lets have a moment of silence for Spa………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….So, should Special Stage Route and anything PD dreamed up belong in the original category? I dont care if its in a city, if its made up, it shouldnt get its own category of City. Just call it what it is, PD original. Subcategory City.

    • Nov. 12, 11:40am
      NO E30 WHAT DA FOOK?

      Yeah, what happened to Grindelwald? What a scam!

    • Nov. 12, 12:24pm

      Surely – this can all be downloadable content – once we’re all hooked – they will have us in the palm of their hands. If they said “Laser Scanned Spa-Francochamps Circuit £6.99” how many of us would jump through that hoop. I think the boxed product is just the start of what I’ll end up spending on GT5….and if that is the case, it better be backwards compatiable with PS4. :)

    • Nov. 12, 1:01pm

      “If” it will be as DLC, we still wont get to drive it in the GT LIFE mode.

    • Nov. 12, 1:54pm

      why is there a belgian high fens course creator setting but no Spa track? where the hell is el capitan? we saw video of it

    • Nov. 12, 2:36pm

      Hugo, I did too!

  100. Nov. 12, 10:21am

    Today is a great day, cancelled lecture at university and all this news!

    • Nov. 12, 10:23am

      same for me:p glad I didn’t go

    • Nov. 12, 10:23am

      AWESOME. I hope my DFGT comes back from repairs in time

    • Nov. 12, 10:23am

      Nürburgring 24h (Time / Weather) !!!!!!!!

    • Nov. 12, 11:25am

      Any track is great but no Infineon (Sears Point)?!?! What a bummer…

    • Nov. 12, 12:02pm

      there is no way thats all they tracks sure we have weather but seriously we have less tracks than gt4 wth is going on an another thing how is the f40 considered standard thus that mean all cars have cockpits

    • Nov. 12, 1:17pm

      So, this is what they mean by 70 tracks, 20 locations. Sometimes it is good to not know what you’re missing (I never played GT 1-4). I’ll be OK with this.

    • Nov. 12, 3:14pm

      This doesn’t include all unlockable tracks… does it?

    • Nov. 12, 9:37pm
      G T Allegerita

      Such a HUGE dissappointment! I almost have to puke. Is this what we get when we’re promissed something perfect? perfect? We waited 6 years, bought tv’s, surround systems, ps3’s, etc. and this is what they come up with??? A GT4 makeover? I’m freaking stunned! It’s not full hd, it has only like 5 new tracks, and from the 1000 cars only 100 or so are interesting. I’m f’ing bored allready!! This is not gran turismo worthy. They should name it The Top gear simulator for annoyment system 3.

    • Nov. 13, 5:45am

      So it appears that the extended part of Eiger Nordwand we have seen on the map in the videos is a dirt track? What do people think? It only says short course under the normal road part of the listing.

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