Gran Turismo 5 Online Racing Menu Screens

The games being used to run the GT Academy national finals are showing off what appears to be our first look at Gran Turismo 5’s extensive online race management features! Click through the screens below to see for yourself, paying special attention to the live weather and time-of-day information prominently displayed near the top of the screens… Thanks to Carbonfibre and Stu for grabbing these pictures!

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  1. RedOak

    INteresting screens to say the least. However, i don’t really see anything of big value in there…these are all the regular information you get from any game… its just all condenced in a single screen (which is very nice).

    When i first saw the post, i was hoping for a race management screen, aServer-side management screen like you’d find in Nascar racing ’03 (i believe?) which had everything. You could assigh yellow, blue and black flags to players, call penalities on the fly…

    Also, i was hoping for more telemetric information from the cars… tire pressure, temperature, damage assessment, fuel quant…. something a player could use to manage another player’s race… like any racing team does… talk to the player directly, direct him, give him points… basically, be a pit crew member during a race. That’s a part of racing i haven’t seen in a game yet which i loan for…

  2. caasimun_18

    Something is of great concern…has anyone noticed there is no race that starts off at a stand still it always a rolling start!!!!!

  3. JDigital

    kerrak beat me to it.

    Some people clearly don’t understand software development. PD is not going to make an entire management tool for online racing, and an entirely separate one for their competition. Would make absolutely no sense, especially considering both of those scenarios need the exact same level of control.

    Aside from the chat functions, there would be no need for weather and time of day showing on a academy race? Would there? I’m sure those are predefined. Why would there be PP options and all of that, wouldn’t that already be set… everyone running a 370z? Etc… use brains people.

  4. sastig86

    The biggest problem I see with the time and weather displays in the corner is that in the 2nd shot it says its 10:16PM but the track is lit up like the 4th of July? As much as I would love it, we dont seem to be getting changing weather. Damn

  5. kerrak

    Why is there a “Chat” option (both text and voice) and a “My car Settings” option? This is not a “race director” only interface. I’m pretty sure we will get something very similar to this in the final game

  6. massivechicken

    If there’s a time of day displayed there, and a clock on the 370z stuck at 5:32, one might wonder of the possibility of gradual day/night transitions. Otherwise, why else would there be a clock in either of these two locations?

  7. dbarrade

    Is there a thread where it is explained what all the settings / icons on these screens mean?

    I posted this in another topic thread:

    So what can people make out of the icons in that GUI photo?

    Event Settings:

    Lock = Unknown
    Chequered Flag = Number of laps
    Flag = Racing Flags? (Photo shows None)
    Unknown = Unknown
    Unknown = Unknown
    Person? = Number of people connected to server? Maybe 1 spectator / server?
    Helmet = Number of racers?


    Unknown = Unknown (Perhaps this is a car choice?)
    Large Circle Small Circle = Drivetrain (Photo shows FR)
    Unknown = Unknown
    PP = Max Point Value of car
    PS = Max Power
    Weight = Min Weight
    Steering Wheel = Professional or Standard?
    Tyre = Tyres

    I think the Finals had a rubber band effect turned on because people were talking about spinning or going off the track and then catching up, which sounds wrong.

    There doesn’t seem to be any icon which lets you choose the weather or time, so the only conclusion I can come to is that it must be linked to the track, so wet or night versions of tracks.

  8. Big Rom


    play GTR, Race07 or GT Legends. That is an online menu system and looks nearly same like the simulation systems. a lobby system shows you servers, but not the ingame track display or setup and position infos ;)

  9. blubb

    i can’t understand you guys … even in the next 5 years of no release you would be excited about some shots of a menu screen …

    “there’s nothin’ like GT” – that’s true, but there’s also nothin’ like GT on my PS3 except a demo

  10. iCyCo

    Somehow I don’t think that’s the online menu system… it looks more like a lobby management tool for the race for the finalist. As it’s only seen on this screen which isn’t even in one of the driving rigs but just on a desk for a Charlie Whiting (Race Director) to control/watch.

    Show me this screen on the display of one of the driving rigs and then I’d believe it’s the online menu system…

  11. Mickle Pickle

    Looks Promising
    (if indeed that’s what we are gonna get,
    whenever that is before the end of the world in 2012….)

    From the photos, it seems you have two different Views:

    1) Pre-Race Management
    2) Post-Race (Review/Replay) Management
    In the Pre-Race Management screen, which is split as followed:
    Bottom-Left Corner: Course / Track selection
    Top-Left Corner: Event Information and Rules (you spec what are the condition of the race among friends)
    Bottom-Center : Your Current Car Set-up, Driving options and regular modification choices (found in GT5-P)
    Top-Center : Camera view of the current situation on the track (Free Run = nothing much happening)
    Right section of the screen is the list of participants to join in the race.

    At the lower portion of the screen, It is self explanatory.


    In the Post-Race Replay Screen Management:

    you have the list of Participant in the order of finish time.
    – notice the little icon to indicate which car you are currently viewing on the small little screen on the top-right corner. I suppose you can move that little camera around to view from the other race car. (post race)
    – of course all the times for each section is recorded accurately.
    – and you can view the Stats based on different criteria …

    Very cool, typical and basic race management Tool!

    So how long do we get to enjoy this game until 2012, the end of the world??

  12. LarryL

    GT5 is NOT going to have dynamic weather, so get thet out of your head right now. You’re just setting yourself up for diappointment. We’ll be LUCKY if the game even has rain, and I truly hope and pray it does. But I think if it had rain, we would have seen at least some hint of it by now. But the most we are going to get is the option for it to be raining. We are NOT going to get dynamic weather, in fact I think KY has already publicly stated as much.

  13. TheHell

    sprint Says:
    February 4th, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    4 screens… feeding the birds

    Spot on ( apperantly Its a Try to shut the mouths of the people posting in the Fall release speculation article “me included” )

    But MMMMM NAAAH it doesn’t work
    P.S Blademask You can’t believe How Right are you
    I feel the same way

  14. Autavia

    I’m pleased with the new driving physics and the fact it is the first full GT developed for PS3. I will buy it either way, but dynamic weather and time of day would really be the icing on the cake. I hope its in there.
    However, to me the time and weather buttons to the upper right could be IRL info, so You know when to go to bed and when to go to the beach instead of polishing your driving skills in the alternative reality of Playstation. To me the buttons appear similar to the ones we had in the main menu in Prologue.
    If time and weather were in fact a variable to change racing conditions i would expect to find them under Regulations.

  15. Viktor Navorsky

    im feeling like a pigeon … and PD are the old laid that feeds me around the park… and those screens are my bread tips…

  16. TheHell

    And to POINT something Very important ( just after some news that mean something have appeard ) The FORUM have 400 viewers and more , not the usual 200 that we were seeing recently

  17. TheHell

    Again someone secretly have taken this pics and post them
    Sony and Pd will never post something like that ( they don’t want us to know something about the game )
    AM I RIGHT ???????

  18. wiretap

    Has anyone else noticed in the “Event Information” area, the 3rd icon in which is actually ‘greyed’ out looks to be a Flag?

    Does this mean we’re going to have Full Racing Flags in game? i.e. red flags, yellow flags etc… ? :)

  19. Blademask

    The magic by GT wont be lost because there is literally nothing on the market like it. Thats why it pisses me off so much, I’d LOVE to replace it with rfactor, but Rfactor doesn’t have the visuals or attention to detail.

    We can all find sims. But theres nothing like GT.

  20. ner0_sol03

    this is okay and hey jordon by anychance do u no that member from here from like a few years back that was like telling us all the features about gt5 that all happen to be tru?? w.e happen to that guy

  21. Dan_

    That’s it, if PD release more in game menu screens and showcase features ( instead of just naming them on powerpoint slideshows ), we can wait and not just complain. Lack of info is what piss me off, the release date is just a marketing strategy, I want real in game info, like menus, screens, details of performance tuning.

    Nice work Jay and CarbonFibre. :allthumbsup:

  22. priesty_lfc

    Looking good, lovin the fact that you can save online replys!!

    Text and voice chat too by the looks of it so that’s pretty handy

  23. Jantsu92

    “What coul be the “DLS %” in the top right corner?”

    Downloads. You will see download progress if you are downloading videos from GTTV.

  24. ferhound

    I did not see any indicative of dynamic weather on those screenshots. Maybe for dynamic weather they understand random qeather through the game and not during the race itself. Sorry for my bad english, I try.

  25. Carbonfibre

    The tracks I saw listed on the screen were,


    High Speed Ring was just the icon for change course.

  26. soLid

    FINALLY some “newsworthy” news.Really happy with the display, it make it look … professional like you’re in the pits!

  27. alex c

    the magic will be lost if i dont get this by june ….. stop delaying it…..god of war…..then gt…come on you sorry ass marketing department, i know its finished, theres adding stereo 3d to every track…that could be added later…..with a patch..around the time….the 3d palava tipps over on tot he game sceen….COME ON VROOM VROOM gimme gimme….im impatient……at least reveal the release date and pro-order bonuses in the uk so i can get mine in………come ooooooonnn kevin butler adds will be so funny though….

    “so, u waited…you waited………vroom vrooom…..drove off”


    “so, you want 1000 cars, so you want them in high deffinition”
    -display screen footage-


    “so, you thought u were quick eh – shows powerslide drift – thats it……….nothing more gt logo shows up

    lastly…..where is the formula 1 coverage in the game,……f1 is getting bigger an bigger,..and now schuee’s back, it would be a missed opportunity not to advertise the fact there is a ferarri f1 car in the game….at least…i think i saw one…almost 99percent 99.9 rather positive.

  28. Context

    More than i expected. Looks awesome can’t wait to play multiplayer now. I wonder if you will start from the pits like in rfactor and lfs.

  29. FishforRent

    Article states, it “APPEARS” to be GT5’s online race mgmt. Did anone from SCE at the event lend confirmation? It “appears” to be more extensive than necessary for online racing.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take it. However, we should await more info. (Tired of getting hopes up).

    Thanks, as always, for GTP’s great work.

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