Gran Turismo 5 Retail Disc Revealed?

The image of the disc has been temporarily removed.

Watch this space for more updates shortly…

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  1. Jordan

    Hey everyone, sorry I’ve had to remove this image for now – I’m also going to be temporarily closing comments on this post. Stay tuned for more updates on this mysterious disc soon.

  2. jacoja06

    Does anyone else notice the ‘uneven’ cutting towards the bottom of the disc? Someone definitely used a pair of scissors for this. It’s a very minor, but enough to convince me that this is fake.

    And it IS fake… :P

  3. jaysvw

    I call BS on the whole thing. This guy claims to have one of the most wanted video games in the world and perhaps one of the only copies at that. What does he do? Takes a picture of this disc and then goes “lol see you tomorrow, I will have more info then.”

    This guy may live in Australia but he talks like a Nigerian. :D

  4. Nato_777

    I don’t care what the disc looks like. It’ll be inside my PS3 pretty much permanently and I won’t hardy ever see it.

  5. dazzi

    I say real, I think some of you don’t want it to be real for some reason but dam people complain when the game isn’t coming, when you see the disc you say its not up to GT standards farout….. SCEE is the head of Playstation in Australia there is no such thing as Sony Comp Ent Au…. check all your games… there is a Sony disc plant about 10min from my house at an area called Huntingwood in Sydney, its been there for years. The G on that disc is the rating, to me it looks legit.

    To Bob-c, I have seen things made in photoshop in 2001… they had no pixels -_- are you sure you aren’t talking about the 80’s here?

    1. stevo_mahony

      it’s a fake lads, a good fake but a fake indeed. look at the yellow sony diamond border. it’s doesnt line up and protrudes “SONY” above it a little. besides that it’s flawless and i hope i’m wrong :/

  6. Bob-c

    People, this isnt 2001. Fakes can easlily be made without pixles. The ditthering On the wheel is artistic. there are some weird things about it like the half circle at the bottom seems off and some words are fuzzy. But pixles are no indicator. I say its fake. Something just is odd about it.

  7. Jamie

    If you look closely at the print at the top of the disk it has Sony Computer Entertainment Europe on it.Not sure if Australia has it’s own part of Sony or if it would just come under the European branch.


    Some of you guys calling fake have some very poor claims. I guess there are many game discs out there that are fake because they too aren’t centered, or a certain logo is isn’t on them or because the disc has an image that doesn’t match the cover. Its real, end of story. Picture taken with a phone always produces soem questionable quality but as a long time photoshop user, I can confirm nothing on this disc is fake.

  9. KilzoneStrife

    It is looking very much legit.The weird thing..if you had GT5…wouldnt you be playing it and.not on neogaf?

    1. VYPA-SQUAD_Ace

      I don’t know about that. Say if you had a certain amount of copies. 1 case didn’t get filled. Everybody would be searched even though another would get printed. Also, if it’s the supervisor taking the picture, I don’t know if a PS3 would be in the office so he can play it right then and there.

      That’s my thinking, but it’s basically midnight. Brain hurts…

    2. Maison Looi

      they could be some sort of lock out, or update required that doesn’t come with the game, you never know

  10. Jason

    I envy those people who get video games early… Its just there! waiting to be played! LOL people are complaining about the looks anyway… We all know that it will just be sitting in our consoles, never to be removed!

  11. crisco_21

    This could be the real deal…the guy who has it is not a GT fan, and just pulled this out of nowhere when randomly asked by someone. This guy is proven to have connections.

  12. Tompie913

    I’m willing to bet that this is fake, mainly because of the center spindle hole. It appears to be floating for one, but most importantly, it’s off center.

    It’s not a bad Photoshop, but a ‘shop nonetheless.

  13. Yui-San

    I’m gonna have to say its fake :( Its isn’t reasonable to have an SLS on the cover, and a RAYS rim on the disc…. it just doesn’t seem right.

    1. RACECAR

      So by that same token, every GT4 disc is fake because the Ford GT is on the cover but not on the disc? Seriously, you guys calling fake can’t even be more reasonable in your claims. Something as silly as that hardly indicates fake because anyone who gets PS3 games should know not every game has a disc with the same image as the cover.

  14. vamm

    Look it’s quite clearly a fake. Who in their right mind would only take a “photo” of the disc…jease the fisrt thing any sane person would do is pop it in the nearest ps3 and post every bit of info available.

    1. ArtiSt

      I agree it looks fake and I hope it is. I am not impressed of the disc image. I looks like that…they better fix it by delaying the release date again.

    2. RACECAR

      Expect perhaps that sane person is under a NDA obligation not to reveal any huge details? Seriously, you call fake just because we see no footage from a TV is really unfounded.

  15. Gejost

    Does it matter if it’s real or not? The game has gone gold, it’s being stamped as we speak, that’s all we need to know. ;)

  16. kyleh613

    Every single release date you hear from someone outside of Sony, is a place holder date and isn’t confirmed. Everyone here should know this by now.

  17. bachy

    The imaging is very grainy; kinda reminds me of the color-copied images on the case you get when you buy a bootleg movie off some guy on a street corner. And as someone above pointed out, you can tell it’s not the overall quality of the photo itself, because the suit and the logos are crisp.

    I say fugazi.

  18. vamm

    Possibly fake then. Shame i was sooo looking forward to going to the shop pre ordering it in my size, only to be told it wouldn’t be ready for 6 years. And then to be told i had “put a few kilos on” so there would be a further delay.

  19. vamm

    The disc is on what looks like a rather fetching pin-stripe suit. Is it available in the shops? Or has that been delayed too?

  20. Rafael

    People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Releaes date named. I just got back from gamestop and preordered black ops and i asked the lady if GT 5 had a release date and she told me 1/1/2011!!!!!!!!****************************** Spread the news its official***************************************************************************

    1. GTaddict

      ROFLMAO. That’s the placeholder date they’ve used for weeks. Spread the news, you’re the last to know….

    2. DarthTurismo

      Rafael, shouldn’t you be holding a conference to advise why you pulled out of the paris masters 1000 tournament?? Well at least you’ve made federer happy :-)

    3. Wingnut2

      I got an email from yesterday….

      We regret to inform you that the following items have been delayed as we are still awaiting stock from our suppliers :

      “Gran Turismo 5: Collector’s Edition (PS3)”
      Estimated arrival date: December 17 2010

      One of Amazon’s aims is to provide a convenient and efficient service; in this case, we have fallen short. Please accept our sincere apologies.

  21. Johan

    It’s nicely made fake, i’ll call it real when i reaches my hand and work on a ps3, then i’ll say its real but until then it stays a FAKE!

    1. Foxiol

      My F1 2010 game brings that logo at the cd and it is made in Austria like all games that i have…at Spain.It´s seem is for that because when you look for example the cover of Battlefield Bad company 2 you see a big red one and the number 18 that means the age of course.

    2. Foxiol

      ups…Race Driver Grid comes with both…the green G and the Yellow with the 6…and Dirt too…oh come on who cares..

  22. nevelo

    ok,it’s easy to know it’s a fake.i googled the bces number and this is what happened :
    Fake the code on the disc BCES-00569 Is the code Dungeon Siege: throne of Agony just swapping BCES and ULES.

    ULES= psp

    BCES= ps3

  23. MrDave079

    I don’t care if it is legit or not… I won’t look at the disc when I’m playing… I just want to pick up my collector’s edition and play the game!

  24. Foxiol

    To many people played at Best buy demo of GT5 and nobody at the f….. store take a picture of the CD cover or something showing how it looks?…it´s incredible…If i was one at the store i stole this demo and invite all of you to play it at home…and make some videos racing at nurburgring with the SLS!…
    And…oh yeah that cover is fake…

    1. FamilyForce5

      I believe the demo was a download to the stores and didn’t come on a CD. So there was nothing to take a picture of.

  25. Invictus321

    It makes sense that they would print the Aussie disk first, as it has to be shipped a long way. Perhaps Aussie disks are already being sent out?

    1. madaz75

      That wouldn’t make sense actually.
      Because the disc states “Manufactured in Australia”
      Indicating it was pressed in Australia.
      And there’s some serious fraud laws being broken if it’s Pressed elsewhere and Imported to Aus after being labeled as “Manufactured in Australia”

      Seems more likely that each region are having their discs pressed locally.

    2. DarthTurismo

      @madaz75 agreed! They would definately send the template to Aus and have the discs manufactured here! Then distributed around the country :-) Even if the above pic is a fake you can be sure that pretty much the wheels are turning and this is what’s happening as we speak… imagine being a GT fan and working in the factory that creates them! I don’t think i could do it ;-) i’d be busted for sure trying to sneak one out!!!

  26. Foxiol

    I check Sony Australia site and i found something a little bit strange…i mean they have a contest when you can win a Signature Edition of Gran Turismo 5 and the contest started 06/10/2010 (Midnight GMT) and ends 09/12/2010 (Midnight GMT)……….if we are thinking about a release date of course this 9/12 will be a Sunday…just for say something as always…11/12 probably a good date to launch the game.
    For other hand my father knows something about this stuff (print or copying production of DVDs) he said that to make 5 million copyes takes 4 weeks (one months) or maybe more and then they will be ship for all over the world and takes other week…saying this is probably that the game and for sure is not coming in november but for sure in december or mid december…and in my personal opinion again i have to say that for sure we see the game in Christmas…
    Just wait and be patient…

    1. Bernd

      They don’t have to wait until the end of production, to start packing, I guess. Transporting the daily production to the packing-factory would make sense. So , the release could be much earlier than expected

    1. Stune

      Too right! It takes more than a few pics to convince me. If they want to prove it show us the intro with that song which hasnt been released, show us some new screenshots of within the game such as the car manufacture screens, go online and post some laps on scoreboards and gain trophies, post youtube gameplay vids of tracks which dont appear on prologue.

  27. TurningLeft

    Out of focus and apparent distorted alignment, its because the photo was taken at close range and is ‘warped’.. think fisheye kind of effect..

    I don’t see anything that indicates this is a fake.

    1. RACECAR

      @kyleh613: GT5P also does not have the GT logo on it. The lack of a GT logo does not make it fake and its really pointless as it already says “Gran Turismo 5” So what would it need a GT logo for?

  28. Jump_Ace

    They could at least center the picture of the rim over the hole :/ My initial thought was that it is real, however I would like to take a look at the back of the disc, that should show if it’s legit or not. Since there aparently is no picture of the back, I’m leaning toward Fake ATM.

  29. Ron Dennis

    Means nothing really, whether it is real or fake is irrelevant. All that matters is the release date, this is just another piece of non-news while Sony/PD continue their amateur behaviour.

  30. ukgtfan

    The “Blu ray” and “Sony” logos are well out of focus/blurred, compared to the “Ps3” and “Dolby Digital” logos. This could be the result of poor or low res versions of these symbols…. I call fake, or poor quality camera.

  31. francisbenjamin

    FAKE, it has the PS1 Sony label on it, also the BluRay, PD, and Dolby Digital Labels are scattered all over the cd…

    im sure PD would make a better looking more professional CD press then this.

    and if this is real (which is highly unlikely) then they really rushed the CD press.

    1. rofajole

      That’s the new PS3 font and those labels are usually scattered all over the discs. Go take a look at your other games !

  32. Maison Looi

    And those complaining it doesn’t fit the lines and the art is out of place or something, did you ever think that the person who took the shot might actually not be good at taking photos? The camera is definitely out of focus in some areas.

    1. riad

      we did look at the image correcetly. the camera being out of focus should NOT STILL corz the art work to change its alightment. ok maybe bad camera control wud result in blur or out of focus but to make things look out of place??… ever taken a bad picture urself and find that the head does not match correctly with ur shoulders?.. no matter how bad the picture is ur head will always match ur shoulders

    2. Maison Looi

      I do photography, so I see this stuff all the time from kids with digital pocket cameras, iPhones and such.

    3. riad

      yes but taking pictures of kids playing or what not is totally different from taking a picture of a non-moving flat disk. but not to sound arugumentive i hope you are right brother

    4. Maison Looi

      Well, go take a photo in a room small to medium room with only one window, maybe curtin it about 25% closed 75% open and then take about 10 photos of any of ur discs and see. Maybe try a couple cameras and you will see the results for yourself.

      To the other people out there, How stupid you gonna feel when you found out its genuine?

  33. Sigmaviper11

    It looks legit, but with tech these days anything can be made to look that good. I find it near irrelevant. I’m glad Jordan found it and presented it to us. But in terms of it being used as a reference to completion and distribution. I find it irrelevant. Also, was hoping to see the SLS on the disc.

  34. Maison Looi

    I got one too! hahaha, joking, naw, but that’d be cool.
    It’s not all so surprising to see this disc out there already.

  35. fastattacktuff

    Looks a bit dodgy if you ask me..

    Look at the horizontal lines of text on the disc… See that they’re parallel.

    Look at the Gran Turismo logo at the top, see that it is NOT parallel with the lines of text at the bottom of the disc.

    I say someone printed this with their computer at home at stuck it on a DVD.

  36. AGNT009

    Who cares what the disc cover looks like. Once it goes in my PS3, it will never see the light of day again. Good point about not showing a photo of the game. If you got balls enough to show the disc, why not put it in console and give us shots we havnt seen and be an internet god for a few weeks. Its almost making me think there wont be a release date announcement. It will just show up in stores, and some store employee will scream across the internet “ITS HERE!!” And THAT will be our release announcement. Sony must have lost their balls in a sword fight.

  37. riad

    the logo is is on a slight tilt but the bottom part of the disk is as straight as u can fact look at logo and then look at the redline ull see they dont match up in term os alightment.. once again this could the the actual design .. who knows

  38. Red_9

    But really, what is the point of faking a disc? There’s no plausible or beneficial reason to make a fake disc.

    Either that, or it’s a review copy for a website.

    1. Foxiol

      Look for a video in you tube showing “Gran turismo 5 unpaking.mp4″…it´s really good and fake also…for this video i discover this site…:P

  39. Mango

    It looks real, but it could have easily been faked. All you need is a disc label printer and some basic graphic design skills. I won’t believe this game even exists until it’s in my PS3.

  40. Foxiol

    I don´t know but if it is i like it…
    2 points negatives… it says SCEE…Sony computer entertainment europe…and manufactured in australia…
    I look to all my games to compare with it…i have more than 30…and all says SCEE…made in Austria…and i live at Spain, Europe (some people does not know where is the planet just for this i said it).

    1. Vulcao

      I believe Sony Europe is responsible for Australia. Also, it doesn’t look profitable making the disc in Austria and export it to Australia. It’s most likely produced down under actually.

  41. riad

    the gt5 cover art car is a mercedes sls and ive googled the wheel of it and it does not match up with the one shown.. not saying it has to for it to be real but just a note ive made

  42. sweatynumbthumb

    Not bothered what the disc looks like as long as the zeros and ones are all where they’re should be.
    And the disc will be in my PS3 by Krimbo.

  43. Shigegaki

    On the right side of the disc, you can see the labeling slightly peeling in 2 spots though. Would be nice if it was coming out soon, but Black Ops is almost here :)

  44. riad

    to be honest it could be real or fake , its just too hard to call from a single picture. also lets not forget with the right equipment and the know how one can create this disk for real ( im not talking on photoshop im talking a real disk).. well i tell u thou its sure is fun trying to spot a mistake or someting that gives it away.. lol

  45. Tweetman_277

    The edges of the whole disc look blurry!!! Weve got an action shot of Gran Turismo 5, what more could you want!!! XDXDXD

  46. VYPA-SQUAD_Ace

    A guy on Facebook said: “‘it looks identical to the one on display at sema’ ‘so its real'”

    Don’t know though. It look photoshopped to me. Isn’t the GT5 logo on the case different then the one on here?

    1. RACECAR

      Actually, there are many 3d games that only say “3D” on the cover and not on the Disc (Eyepet anyone?). Its real, not fake. Deal with it.

  47. d3br34k5

    Heh heh, I like this part: “…it would be in your best interest to send me an email.”

    And why would that be?

    1. Sharky

      Because it *is* published by SCEE. ;) My Aus/NZ copy of GT5P was published by Sony Europe, manufactured in Australia.

    2. madaz75

      So far all copies of Gran Turismo here in Australia have been labeled ‘SCEE’ (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)

      For a supposed ‘Australian Version’ being labeled ‘Manufactured In Australia’ to me is an encouraging sign that each regions disc’s are being pressed locally.

    3. Squozen

      All Australian titles PS3 are published by SCEE.

      I’m more interested in why it says ‘Made in Australia’ when all my other Australian PS3 releases are made in Austria. I wasn’t aware that we had a Blu-ray pressing plant down here.

    4. Sharky

      Squozen – my copy of Red Dead Redemption was made in Australia, as was FFXIII, God of War 3, GTA4 and its episodes, Bad Company 2, Tekken 6 and NFS Shift. The only games I have that *weren’t* made in Australia are MW2 and COD4 – so I’m pretty confident that there’s a Blu-ray processing plant in Oz. :P

  48. madaz75

    As tasty as this tid-bit of info is.
    I’m not getting too excited yet.

    No release date = No excitement

  49. Strop

    Sorry, this is Photoshopped. The GT5 logo is much sharper and in focus compared to the rest of the picture and it’s not aligned correctly wrt to the lower part of the disk (slightly uphill).

    1. cohetedor

      Seeing as how the disc appears to be resting on someone’s crotch I’ll definitely leave the grabbing to you.

  50. t4r

    I like how it is off center, rather than being ‘perfect’. I’m willing to bet this is legit, and someone is very lucky to have it

    1. GTP_Dessy


      “You can tell because if you look closely at the gradients on the rim, it’s dithered, not s silky smooth like you’d expect from a AAA title. There is no way PD spend 5 years and 70 million dollars to develop a game, just to burn it on a disc with a dithered image in the background.

      You can tell it’s not the photo quality itself because all the logos are crisp. Whoever made that either didnt get a 300dpi photo to use in the background, or their printer sucks at handling gradients.”

    2. ferhound psnid

      It called “artistic”. I love that pic of the rim. I hope this one is the real thing because I dont like to much the sls. Instead of the sls I would have gone with something more good ol turismo like an Escudo PP. But better without a car, dont “lock” the idea of GT5 to Mercedez SLS.

    3. Dr.Boss.

      reading through the forum the image was originally posted on… the dude with the “disc” says he will upload photos of gameplay / menu screens, tomorrow.

      If this is real (which is probably isnt)… its the gateway to all the information we want to know, but haven’t been told. Track Lists, Car lists, etc etc etc.

      Here’s to hoping this guy is legit.

    4. GTaddict

      If he’s got a playable copy, and the ability to take screens while playing it, I have to wonder why it looks like he’s sneaking a photo (lens distortion says cell phone cam) while sitting down in a buisness suit. It’s more like he’s snuck a pic of a display disk from sema or another press event. Probably no data on it.

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