Gran Turismo 5 TGS 2010 Breakout Session: Full Details

September 16th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

Here’s a quick overview of what’s been discussed in the TGS 2010 GT5 breakout session:

  • Laguna Seca has been completely rebuilt and will return for GT5. Trial Mountain has also been confirmed.
  • “Gran Turismo Anywhere” will allow you to manage B-Spec races, right from your computer. You’ll be able to hold B-Spec races with your friends from anywhere in what are called “Remote Races”.
  • GT5 will feature a series of special events such as the Karting Experience, the AMG driving school, The Stig Challenge, Jeff Gordon NASCAR School, Sebastien Loeb Rally Challenge, and Gran Turismo Rally.
  • Point-to-point rally stages will be automatically and randomly generated – you’ll have to depend on your co-driver to give you the best instructions about the road ahead.
  • Rally mode can be played either on or offline.
  • Weather changes include temperature differences, air pressure changes, and humidity, affecting the surface conditions of the track dynamically.
  • Weather conditions are randomized. Forecasts for your race will be available but may not be entirely accurate, just like the real world.
  • Polyphony Digital has helped Red Bull Racing’s Adrian Newey design the X1 Concept – an “ultimate” racing car, free of any technical regulations.
  • Polyphony Digital has worked to improve engine sounds.
  • Yamauchi admits that, in certain situations – such as standing race starts in the rain with 15 other cars on the screen kicking up spray in front of you – the game may not be able to hold 60FPS. Otherwise, it will strive to hold 60FPS as often as possible.
  • The Volkswagen Kubelwagen, which has a drive system like the first beetle, and the amphibious Volkswagen Schwimmwagen will be in the game.
  • Many things didn’t make the cut in Gran Turismo 5, and work on Gran Turismo 6 has already begun.

This post will continue to be updated as more information is released.

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  1. Sep. 16, 1:31pm

    Sono d’accordo con luca forza motorsport ha l’audio migliore! Speriamo di vedere un miglioramento nella versione completa di gran turismo 5!

  2. Sep. 16, 1:15pm

    Apparently Aston Martin will not be in the game thanks to dodgy deals with a certain other developer and the owners of Aston Martin.

    • Sep. 16, 1:48pm

      Aston Martin will be in GT5…theres a picture of 1 page of the Apex book that comes with the collectors edition that shows 3 or 4 Aston Martin cars….It doesnt show any racing DBR9s tho witch makes me believe that there not going to be in the game because it shows all the cars in alphabetical order from Alfa Romeo to Audi

      Im really hoping this picture is either out dated or the book just doesnt show all the cars. My last big wish for the game is an Aston Martin DBR9 race car preferably the Golf Aston Martin

  3. Sep. 16, 1:10pm

    Guys, I’m so enthusiastic about GT5 release, and all this stuff… well makes me horny:D but one thing bothers me: I don’t know if you agree with me, or not, but engine sound in Prologue by my opinion sucked. What’s your predictions about GT5 cars engine sound?

    • Sep. 16, 1:35pm

      Molte auto sembrano frullatori!

  4. Sep. 16, 12:57pm

    The amphibious vehicle will have a big advantage in the wet races…sorry bad joke.

    I wonder if the weather applies to the whole circuit or if it can be dry in one part and wet in another. Also I wonder if there will be drying racing lines.

    I was thinking about F1 2010 with the weather but once GT5 comes out I doubt I would play it much, the release date for that game being so close to GT5 is putting it at a disadvantage in my opinion.

  5. Sep. 16, 12:47pm

    Nooo, Why do we have a amphibian in GT5?? Why PD?!? I hate bouth the Vw Schwimmwagenand the Vw Kübelwagen….

    • Sep. 16, 1:46pm

      Why not? its nice to have one in game.Dont use if you dont like.

    • Sep. 16, 3:35pm
      SVT Cobra GT

      Don’t you remember the main element of GT was to introduce people to cars that some people may never have heard of or may never see in reality?? Thats what their doing!

    • Sep. 16, 10:42pm

      Vw Schwimmwagenand the Vw Kübelwagen…. premiums

  6. Sep. 16, 12:43pm

    I doubt I play another game for years to come..

  7. Sep. 16, 12:40pm

    Love that “Gran Turismo 6” tag, Jordan. Nice touch.

  8. Sep. 16, 12:36pm

    This already IS the greatest video game ever created….simply put, only GT6 will ever be able to match it…

  9. Sep. 16, 12:32pm

    The best solution : having both – xbox 360 AND PS3 – system. This is what I’m planning for 2011 !!!

  10. Sep. 16, 12:29pm

    Not in terms of graphic and engine sound :)

  11. Sep. 16, 12:05pm
    Mr Frappy

    Trial Mountain = best fictional track in GT. I would have said a similar thing about Laguna Seca being one of the best real courses in the game, but now it has Monza…

    Looking forward to experiencing the X1 too.

  12. Sep. 16, 11:59am

    GT4 is better than Forza 3, enough said……

  13. Sep. 16, 11:53am
    Oli (Death783)

    I came and cried at the same time :’)

  14. Sep. 16, 11:50am
    King Goeres


    That’s what I mean, but some people here believes that Forza and GT is equal in content, graphics and all that jazz.

    They’re not equal, infact, they’re far from equal.. it’s not about being an idiotic fanboy. We’re being realistic.

    The 360 doesn’t have enough power OR space to even match what PD has accomplished, realise this and stop with shouting the word fanboy when the facts are so obvious.

    Also, you actually need passion to complete perfection, something Kaz is known for.

  15. Sep. 16, 11:47am

    hopefully im still alive when GT6 comes out..

  16. Sep. 16, 11:46am

    I want Gran Turismo 6!!! No just kidding. GT5 will be amazing!! ;)

    • Sep. 16, 2:16pm

      They can spend as much time as they want developing GT6, I don’t care really, GT5 will keep me busy for a looooong time!

      I do hope they give us DLC every now and then :)

  17. Sep. 16, 11:44am


    Do we have anything else to look foward to now? any other session, or sliver of info, will there be any nwe cars or anything for teh demo? Anything to be announced or is this the be all and end all for the next 7 weeks…?

    • Sep. 16, 12:09pm

      We will have many reviews before the review :) So, october should bring us many news, too.

  18. Sep. 16, 11:29am

    Hardware is definitely slowing Forza down. Think of the improvements from 2 to 3. There was minimal changes, just minor tweaks and more cars/tracks. And if we saw what Forza “Kinect” had, it only became more gimmicky with invisible steering wheels & auto pedals. And honestly, Forza cockpits & damage are outplayed by GT5 by a long shot.

    Now I’m not trying to bash Forza. I want Forza do well and have huge improvements, so that GT would step up the game again. But right now, besides not having enough premium cars, not having all the tracks in the world, and “ultra-realistic” damage, what feature is missing in GT5? I honestly don’t have a clue.

  19. Sep. 16, 11:24am

    EPIC, first word that springs to mind!
    Only a wee bit concerned about standard cars, TVR Cerbera Speed 12, CLK-GTR LM, my faves in other words.
    Can I have a bonnet view for them at least?!…….please!….
    What I think Forza 3 did well was really listen to what the public wanted as DLC. Cars like the Gumpert, one-77, FXX, Mosler, SSC ultimate aero etc etc
    As far as lovers of fast cars go, these were all strokes of genius in my opinion and kept me hooked for a long, long time!
    Hope kaz is listening…

    • Sep. 16, 12:28pm

      you’re completely right. Releasing all these one-off amazing cars as DLC really is a brilliant thing because after all, most of us GT addicts are also car fans. It would be great if they did. Also I think most people upset about cockpits would stop complaining if it was announced as a patch or DLC. There’s alot GT5 could gain with DLC

    • Sep. 16, 2:27pm

      Prologue had a few FREE updates with new cars etc. I really don’t think PD are going to disappoint in that department

    • Sep. 16, 10:39pm

      Blah Blah Blah

  20. Sep. 16, 11:21am

    I really really hate october now

    • Sep. 16, 1:28pm

      I would, except for the fact that Alter Bridge’s new album comes out in October =p

  21. Sep. 16, 11:20am

    If I’m reading this correctly, does this mean you will be able to control B-spec races from a computer somewhere else e.g. at work? If so, this is not good news for my work!

    • Sep. 16, 11:29am

      I hope so, hopefully I can do it from my phone as well!

  22. Sep. 16, 11:16am

    If this is gt5 what on earth will gt6 be like

  23. Sep. 16, 11:15am

    i just remember it being used extensively by the gestapo.

    • Sep. 16, 11:23am

      It’s not emblazoned with Swastikas, so don’t get wound up in the darker side of the vehicle. It gained cult popularity in the 60s and 70s. It’s an important vehicle, whatever it’s past has held, and is going to be in the game. Just don’t drive it, man.

  24. Sep. 16, 11:09am

    As I said before, it’s idiots like you that give GT fans a bad name.

    “Oh GT is better than Forza”. “No Forza is better than GT”. Who gives a damn? If you like GT, play it. If you like Forza, go play that. I can’t stand moaning, whinging fanboys like you.

  25. Sep. 16, 11:08am

    @Bobo Well, There are people who still play Gran Turismo 1~4 ’till this day, so I don’t think that’s the case.

  26. Sep. 16, 11:04am

    hmm I guess rally stages will be pretty crap then considering they’re randomly generated.

  27. Sep. 16, 10:59am

    Awsome news.
    by the way isnt the kubalwagon a nazi invention? it will just seem wrong driving that thing.

    • Sep. 16, 11:13am

      It’s also known as the Volkswagen Thing here in the ‘States. If you are going to be so particular about it, all of Volkswagen is a Nazi invention.

    • Sep. 16, 11:51am

      I knew this was going to come. Jet engines are a Nazi invention, Modern Rockettry is a Nazi Invention, Nazis were first to find out smoking is bad for you, Nazis basically invented the modern social care system, Nazis were the first to go out to find a cure for cancer, Stealth is a Nazi invention, modern orthopedics is a Nazi invention. Wouldent all these feel weird to use? Incredible what the media does to people.

    • Sep. 16, 12:13pm

      Why don’t you guys say “German” instead?

    • Sep. 16, 12:32pm

      You feel its wrong to drive a Nazi invention, but want Porsche in the game and keep drifting in our M3 ? ;)

    • Sep. 16, 1:01pm

      Good post, troll

    • Sep. 16, 1:16pm

      @haitch40 Im german, does that make me a Nazi!? no it doesnt! The fact is that Volkswagon didnt really have a say in it, goverment ordered. Like in the states ( cant remember which right off hand ) a car company had to stop making cars completely and make airplanes for the war.

      what about Mercedes? they had to make war vehicles also or what about bugatti, BMW, and Audi??? there Nazi inventions also…..I mean if your going to label every german a nazi?

    • Sep. 16, 2:18pm

      @Mutimy. You are confused or stupid.* He didn’t mention one thing about Germans. He simply said that this car was a Nazi invention, as VW was a Nazi invention I guess he’s right. Hitler commissioned Ferdinand Porsche to design a car that all members of his so called ‘perfect race’ would drive. That car was the Volkswagen Beetle, originally just called the ‘Volkswagen'(Peoples car).

      *I guess stupid thus confused.

    • Sep. 16, 2:52pm

      Dear oh dear. And just when I thought you couldn’t get a more retarded fan than BoBo, along comes Haitch40. That has to be the most idiotic post for a long long time.

    • Sep. 16, 6:33pm

      @Mutimy. This is going to be REALLY controversial and ive finally decided to post it, Do not be ashamed of the Nazi era, i would actually be proud because of their achievements (excluding the genocide). “Nazis” made Germany into a superpower in 12 years and they were able to fight the world for 5 years and they NEARLY won but Hitler was a terrible leader and took on too many adversaries. They had superior technology and the Waffen SS were the most capable, brave and loyal men in history. where as Germany had Progressive innovation, the allies just copied the Germans after the war. It is really too bad that Poland denied Danzig to Germany and England decided to declare war on Germany because if not for this The holocaust wouldent have happened because before the war the Jewish people were encouraged to leave and take all their belongings to Palestine and hunderds of thousands did.
      “We painted Hitler as a monster, a devil. And that’s why we could not move away from that portrayal after the war. We had mobilized the masses
      against the devil incarnate. And so we were forced to continue in this satanic scenario after the war. We could not possibly have explained to our people that the war had actually been only a preventative economic measure.”
      _Baker, James Addison (1930- ), Secretary of State of the United States

    • Sep. 16, 7:25pm

      well that just blew the **** out of the water, lol

    • Sep. 16, 10:37pm

      did you not know that Hitler was playing pong in his bunker.

    • Sep. 17, 4:43am

      @Aryanenzo You are a brainwashed fool.

      “where as Germany had Progressive innovation”
      So what? They also had a million stupid ideas that never worked. “Progressive” is not automatically a good thing, progressivism gave the world Hitler, mass genocide, and a country taken over by a madman.

      “England decided to declare war on Germany because if not for this The holocaust wouldent have happened”
      Are you for real? Now it’s England’s fault that Hitler and his brainless, souless, nazi minions slaughtered millions of people.

      You sound like a Nazi apologist. You sound like a liberal loon. You sound like a fool. Go read a book not written by a socialist progressive apologist.

  28. Sep. 16, 10:50am
    King Goeres

    Sorry, but not having a bluray will make forza 4 inferior to GT5, there is no chance in hell it’ll be able to match GT5s content. And take into account that Kaz is one of the few developers that actually has a passion for what he do, and he doesn’t spout trash about his competetiors.

    Forza 2->3 wasn’t that big of a difference, even worse in some areas.

  29. Sep. 16, 10:49am

    Ah we can finally say the 5 years+ development was well worth the wait. Thank you PD and Kaz for this amazing feature rich game. Can’t wait till november 2! I took off from work that day for sure!

  30. Sep. 16, 10:36am

    yes, I miss pikes peak as well

  31. Sep. 16, 10:35am

    And what about forza 4?

    Forza 4 will be better than GT5. GT6 will be better than Forza 4. Forza 5 will be better than GT6. GT7 will be better than Forza 5. Do you see a pattern?

    The bottom line is, the only difference will be which system fans like. A Sony fan will not buy an Xbox because of Forza, and vice-versa.

    People who constantly go on about Forza in a GT forum are idiots. No matter how good Forza 4 is, GT6 will be better so what’s the point in even thinking about Forza. Wait for GT5, play GT5. Wait for GT6, play GT6 etc. That’s all you need to do.

    Stop moaning about Forza like bunch of girls.

  32. Sep. 16, 10:31am

    Hey keep your ears open for an announcement on Pikes Peak, I’ve been dying to race that again!

  33. Sep. 16, 10:29am


  34. Sep. 16, 10:22am

    I have wrote it down below.. It is about SPA. Well, it wasn´t confirmed officialy.. But look around for some vids.. There are shots directly from spa.. Specificaly downhill from Rivage turn to Fagnes chicane. Just can´t remember which video it was. So, yes.. It is practicly officialy that SPA will make it to GT5.. No doubt about it!

  35. Sep. 16, 10:08am

    That is just unbelievable amaaziiiiiing!!! I can´t describe how happy i am to read this now, and i´ll not be able to describe my feelings when i got the package and put the Blu Ray into my ps3 drive GREEEAT!!! Super news and Weather !!! WOOOAAAHHH GT5 PD and anyone who has assisted to create this game i looove it. I love GT this will never change!

  36. Sep. 16, 9:47am

    It’ll be the standard to beat until GT6 though.

    How long people choose to play it is up to them, but it won’t be through anything better being available that they stop.

  37. Sep. 16, 9:44am

    Temp and humidity changes! My worst fear is confirmed, being a NR2003 vet for the PC, Im finally forced to learn to make dynamic setups for NASCAR that keep up with the track. Oh Yes!……But Oh Crap! Time to geek up on setups from every NASCAR PC sim source I can find. Jeff Gordon driving school? I doubt he teaches me anything I dont already know. But, as much as I hate Knaus, Id beg to have him on my GT5 pit box with setup help now!

  38. Sep. 16, 9:42am

    RANDOMLY GENERATED POINT TO POINT RALLY… good-bye to all competition.

    • Sep. 16, 10:31am

      I like that idea.. People, which are not sitting 24/7 on PS3 will also have some chance to win.. :D

    • Sep. 16, 10:32am

      Sorry, I know what you ment.. :D Good-bye FORZA 3, Shift.. etc..

  39. Sep. 16, 9:29am

    If this isn’t better than FM3 and 4 combined, I’ll eat my hat! XD

  40. Sep. 16, 9:28am

    mi avrebbe fatto piacere anche l’introduzione del circuito di monaco!

  41. Sep. 16, 9:23am

    Hurry up, I want to stop playing Forza Motorsport 3…

    • Sep. 16, 9:31am

      su forza3 un s5 e’ piu veloce di un f430 nella stessa classe?!

    • Sep. 16, 10:19am


    • Sep. 16, 10:19am

      sry wasn´t supposed to be here the hahaa

    • Sep. 16, 10:21am

      Ou sry it should be here !! haha play forza that´s the best to do before GT5 comes out

  42. Sep. 16, 9:17am

    sono curioso di sentire come hanno lavorato nel rumore delle auto!anche perche’ ho abbandonato fm3 per ps3 e gt5.

  43. Sep. 16, 9:08am

    Why is Laguna Seca a highlight? We have all raced that track on many console games already, nothing new. Am I missing something?

    • Sep. 16, 9:30am

      I don’t understand either why Laguna Seca is so important truck ???

    • Sep. 16, 11:06am

      @Gulyo Laguna Seca is NOT a truck! Its a track :)

    • Sep. 16, 12:18pm

      If you’ve read the list above, it specifies that PD have completely remodelled and rebuilt the Laguna Seca track in the game, to make it more accurate! Also, if you haven’t noticed, there has been a lot of information to please the American audience than others! It’s an important American track, as Le Mans and the Nürburgring are important European tracks, and Suzuka and Fuji are important Asian tracks!

    • Sep. 16, 12:51pm

      Ok, i understand the importance of Laguna to US motor sport, I just assumed it would be in GT5 being that it is such a popular track. I wonder how much better the new one looks.

  44. Sep. 16, 8:47am

    SO MUCH CONTENT!!!! *runs to bathroom*

  45. Sep. 16, 8:18am

    TGS has arrived and still no standard cars… sigh.

    It’s official then, standard cars will suck. I mean, PD doesn’t even like them, so much that they avoid showing them as much as possible.

    Anyway, cutting from the bad news… weather is in… Yes!! One of my favorite features made it. And rally with randomly generated tracks = excellent!

    • Sep. 16, 8:49am

      My concern is standard cars too … as I drive from cockpit view … SUXXXX !!!
      Please confirm them !!!

    • Sep. 16, 9:00am
      Big Ron

      they are confirmed as non-cockpit-cars ;)
      everybody knows that except you

    • Sep. 16, 9:42am
      SVT Cobra GT

      My only concern with the standard cars is that none of them will be making their debut in the series.

      The PD website states that the standard cars are brought over from old GT games therefore making no room for cars past 2006. For example: I reckon the 2007 Ford Shelby GT500 will either be a Premium car or it wont be in the game at all!

      This is probably the biggest worry I have for GT5 and the only glimmer of hope from PD is that an Audi R8 race car was shown as a standard car. Plus there hasnt been any evidence or mentioning of mixing the premium and standard cars in a race, unless ive missed something.

      It’s a shame about the standard cars not having interior view but with everything else thats been confirmed I think I can live with that!

    • Sep. 16, 3:28pm
      SVT Cobra GT


      How is that a good thing exactly? I’m not talking about all post-2006 cars having interior view, not all of them do, hence the Ferrari 330P4, Jag XJ13 etc.

      I mean the cars in general arent getting their debuts. IMO I think it’s a pretty stupid idea to bring all 800 standard cars from old GT games, some are worthy of a place, but it’d be nice to see cars we havent seen before in GT5, after all that was the idea of GT! Introducing cars to people who may never heard of them or may not ever see them!

    • Sep. 16, 10:27pm

      you can’t tell that VW bus is a premium car.

  46. Sep. 16, 7:47am


    damn you PD.. where is my precious SPA Francochamps however its spelt. Please SPA SPA SPA SPA chant it with me SPA….

    BTW, rally co-driver, nascar, kart and stig challenges…. It is quite clear that PD hasn’t just created a racing game but have really put thought and effort into designing exactly what tehy wanted to achieve…

    unlike a certain other racing game coming out in a week…. erm erm f1 2010

    Spa + F1 cars are all I want now.. that is all..

    • Sep. 16, 8:16am
      Big Ron

      it was never confirmed, that Spa will be content of GT5. Only known info was, that they collected infos about the track.

    • Sep. 16, 8:37am

      if all you want it’s spa + f1 just buy f1 2010.

    • Sep. 16, 9:42am

      It’s nowhere near all I want….
      I want 1000 cars and heaps of sweet tracks at WRC and brilliant weather etc…

      The only two things I would definately add to GT5 to make it even better are F1 cars and Spa. Bathurst being as aussie would be be brilliant but there aren’t any signs of it happening.

      I wont get F1 2010 unless it quite cheap I’ve come ot decide because
      a) games in Australia cost way too much, overseas new are approx 50 aussie bucks, here they are 100-110. Lowest I have seen because its not a big name game is 85 bucks. Rediculos!
      b) Because as I said it my previous post (above), F1 2010 is wel… SH*(*#T . The two things it had over GT5 where looks and beautiful rain effects. Gt5 has now just blown F12010 out of last week. GT5 is amazing with that. Added to that the physics are aimed to be brilliant as opposed to be dumbed down to casual gamers. And it isn’t even a proper F1 game. No saftey car, no proper f1 rules penalties no nothing like that, half of F1 is stratergy and it has none.

      SUre GT5 wont have F1 stratergy either, but it is calling itself F1 2010 is it, it’s calling itself Gran TUrismo 5, and it’s a Gran Turismo game (a gran tour of the car world) and its better (by far) than 4. It is brilliant.

      F1 2010 is not. Sad to say. Maybe if i see it chepa overseas, before Gt5 comes out.. doubt it

  47. Sep. 16, 7:39am

    Great to see how honest Kaz is about possible framedrops in certain situations. And Laguna Seca confirmed! Love that track.

  48. Sep. 16, 7:36am

    This is absolutely great news overall!! But this was the one I was looking forward the most: •Point-to-point rally stages will be automatically and randomly generated – you’ll have to depend on your co-driver to give you the best instructions about the road ahead.
    This is absolute realism for me, being a huge rally racing fan! November 2nd can’t come soon enough!!

  49. Sep. 16, 7:33am

    Hopefully they’ll support the logitech G25/27 fully, clutch and all.

    • Sep. 16, 12:14pm

      GT5 Prologue supports the G25/27 clutch. You just have to press the “triangle” button once the race starts to activate the clutch. But yes, hopefully the wheels appear in the menu and you can assign the buttons to different functions. We know we’ll need a button for hi/lo beam and windshield wipers at least. I do wish Kaz would add an ignition switch one day…

  50. Sep. 16, 7:31am

    O man! I could never get away with people standing outside a games shop at midnight, just so they could be one of the first people to play a game, but if that option is available on release I think I might make an exception for this!

    • Sep. 16, 7:46am


    • Sep. 16, 2:15pm

      Why do people do this? If you preorder a game online it usually arrives one or two days before release day :/

  51. Sep. 16, 7:30am

    Oh man, I was giggling like a school girl when I read “The Stig Challenge” as well when I read about randomly generated rally races. This might be the first year I give rally more attention in any game.

  52. Sep. 16, 7:16am

    Is there any new news about drifting in GT5?

    • Sep. 16, 11:35am

      There’s a grayed out “drift mode” option in the menu of the GT5 demo, so its definitely going to be there.

  53. Sep. 16, 7:16am
    Berlino Bear

    Still not holding out much hope on the sound front. But I can always try and make a V8 sound in my head as I drive along.

    The Evolution (using even thought there is no influence of any selection pressure on the GT genes for the last 6 years) continues.

  54. Sep. 16, 6:52am

    The Jeff Gordon NASCAR school, huh? My favorite NASCAR driver, has a Gran Turismo school? LOL. This game keeps getting even more amazing by the second. I want it now!

  55. Sep. 16, 6:44am

    This is all good news! Laguna Seca, The Stig Challenge and other challenges. I am particularly stoked with the weather but more importantly the idea of random-generated rally courses in which you rely on your co-driver for directions. That will be awesome!

  56. Sep. 16, 6:43am

    Wow! I’m, I’m, I’m speechless. This is awesome! I can’t wait no more. November 2nd is taking too long. Weather, damage, NASCAR, rally, etc. Will be AWESOME!!! I think I’ll skip school today…

    • Sep. 16, 7:15am

      Go to school mate :p

    • Sep. 16, 7:28am

      Save your sick days for something important. Like when GT5 comes out, and you HAVE to finish that endurance race.

    • Sep. 16, 7:37am

      @wsoul: I’m hoping you can save while racing an endurance race. I love the endurance races but just don’t have the time to play 24 hours no stop…

    • Sep. 16, 8:20am

      I won’t have to worry about that since it’ll be Election Day in a mid-term year. No classes anyway!

  57. Sep. 16, 6:35am

    i hope everyone shuts up up about their engine sounds now!!!

    • Sep. 16, 8:07am

      Not unless i can`t hear my own voice when accelerating the Zonda R ;)

    • Sep. 16, 4:10pm

      well what i meant was i hope everyone stops complaining and saying for PD to try and fix their engine sounds.

  58. Sep. 16, 6:23am

    Didn’t the Germans use those Kübelwagens back in WW2?

    • Sep. 16, 8:51am

      I’m pretty sure that’s right :-/ VW is a German company and they were build in the ealry 40’s. So of course, they were used in WW2… seems a bit strange to me. But oh the other hand, it will be fun to drive those things on the top gear test track :D

  59. Sep. 16, 6:16am
    GT and Forza God

    AS much as I love Forza3, come November 4, it will be gathering some serious dust!

    Even if there was some tracks you didn’t like from previous games, you will probably gain a new love once you see them in brand new High Definition!! So the people who aren’t overly excited about Laguna Seca, wait till you drive it!

    But this is EFFING awesome.
    I only really have 2 wishes and one hope left.
    Wish 1: Aussie Cars (Falcons and Commodores)
    Wish 2: BATHURST!

    HOPE 1: The physics are better than gameplay videos make them out to be, such as people spinning abruptly for looking at the accelerator. Forza’s physics are what I’m hoping for atleast, hopefully even better!

    • Sep. 16, 6:46am

      Yes! I hope Bathurst will be in there also! However, there is a low possibility as Kaz has never placed any Australian tracks in his games so far, and there haven’t been many major announcements concerning Bathurst. Still, there could be a slight possibility of it making the cut!

    • Sep. 16, 7:00am

      Forza’s physics? are you serious?

    • Sep. 16, 7:11am
      GT and Forza God

      I sure am serious.
      Can we stop this fanboy crap already.
      Yes Gran Turismo 5 will be better than Forza 3, it’s newer and been much longer in development. It’s expected, just like Forza 4 will be expected to be as good or better than GT5, that’s how the industry works..

      Oh and go borrow an xbox from a none one-eyed friend and try out Forza 3, then you’ll see what I’m talknig about.

    • Sep. 16, 7:24am

      Sorry I spoke ! Dude you have serious issues right there !

    • Sep. 16, 7:29am
      GT and Forza God

      I have issues? nice come back..

    • Sep. 16, 7:34am
      SZRT Ice

      I’ve played forza… It’s seriously off. (Fun, but off…) I love the vinyl editor tho’! GT has always nailed it for me… Always felt legit where other racers lacked.

    • Sep. 16, 7:35am

      Forza3 is a great game, but imho you can compare F3’s physics with standard physics of GT5P. And this has nothing to do with being a fanboy, I own both systems. Having played the Academy TT with the improved physics there is absolutly no question that GT5 will have better physics.

    • Sep. 16, 10:39am

      Simply use the dummed down standard physics.

  60. Sep. 16, 6:16am
    Casey G.

    no announcement of Spa = FAIL for tracks/courses.

    • Sep. 16, 7:30am
      SZRT Ice

      With all the different weather, temperature changes (cold tracks/rain/snow = less grip), wind, and time of day changes, alongside a track editor with infinite possibility for point to point/ circuit races? How could that be a fail??? Simply doing 1 single course in all it’s variations will give the game so much replay value. Rain @ day, rain at night, rain @ noon, snow @ night, etc, etc… 100 tracks will do justice alongside the track editor!!!

    • Sep. 16, 4:46pm

      There are things that point Spa will possibly be in the game (most likely it will).

  61. Sep. 16, 5:57am

    Good news.. all i can say. ;-)

  62. Sep. 16, 5:38am

    Standing race starts confirmed = Awesome!

  63. Sep. 16, 5:32am

    Gran valley?? have news?

  64. Sep. 16, 5:05am

    Standing Starts … the game is now a Real Racing Simulator for me now, so happy!

  65. Sep. 16, 5:02am

    Polyphony Digital has worked to improve engine sounds. Finally!

  66. Sep. 16, 4:57am

    The Stig challenge sounds a bit like “buy an european sports car from the ’80s for less than 5000 bucks” and beat Stig’s lap with his Dacia Sandero

    Oh, this would be fun

    • Sep. 16, 5:03am

      No, I’ve already seen the stig challenge. In this event you must resist the urge to sign a book deal and reveal your identity. I heard the end of this challenge involves a court case.

    • Sep. 16, 5:05am

      I’d take the FORD CAPRI 2.8 and eat that Dacia Sandero :-D
      Hope, the Capri made it into GT5

    • Sep. 16, 7:57am
      SVT Cobra GT


      Me too!! I’d love a Capri in GT5!
      I’d love to take a 2.8 round the Ring or the Top Gear Track! I’d die with happiness if one made it in, it’d be even more awesome if my 2.0S made it in ;)

    • Sep. 16, 12:06pm

      YES!!! Dacia Sandero!!! James May will be so excited until it gets destroyed by Clarkson after you complete the challenge. Screw the Ford Capri, we’d much rather see the Dacia Sandero!! It’s far more relevant to Top Gear. LOL @ Buffig, stupid Ben Collins

    • Sep. 16, 3:24pm
      SVT Cobra GT


      I really doubt a lot of us would rather have a Dacia Sandero over a Capri!
      Think about it! A slow FWD hatchback or a RWD retro sports car thats very tunable and deserves its place in GT along with other classic fords! (I know I’m biased but I can’t help it) :P

  67. Sep. 16, 4:56am

    WOW. Much better news that I’d thought. Also seems Kaz was more honest and open this time around, ie. admitting that the game won’t ALWAYS have 60 FPS. So happy that weather was confirmed!! All those different features are so amazing. It will be the greatest driving game ever. THE game for ALL car lovers.

    Now my narrowed down wishlist looks like this. What’s yours?

    1) Spa-Francorchamps! My last BIG wish for this game.

    2) Porsche =) but, not gonna happen.

    3) A livery editor (which I highly doubt we’ll see)

    4) Qualification – online at least

    5) Bonnet/hood camera – I think it’s included, not sure tho.

    6) Less rigid and stiff chase view cam, or ability to adjust.

    7) A decent way of punishing crashers online

    8) Ability to adjust max. steering degrees for steering wheels

    9) Ability to play around with more than just one car in photomode

    Might think it’s a little too greedy and childish to be talking about this since we’d just had all these new features announced – but hey, if PD has just a bit more time to improve some of these things, and they look in these comments, I’d say it’s worth it. =)

    • Sep. 16, 5:07am

      1) Every GT-series track ever.
      2) Every GT-series car ever.
      3) Some sort of ‘Racing Modification’ for production cars that extends beyond a simple rear wing. I’d settle for a matching front splitter / lip.
      4) Hand delivery of the game from Jessica Lopez wearing naught but a GT5 T-shirt.

    • Sep. 16, 5:12am

      LOL, I like your 4th point. :P

      I’ll add another one I thought of yesterday.

      10) Ability to manually choose all your AI opponents’ cars, like you can in Forza 3.

    • Sep. 16, 5:22am

      I would bake her cookies.

      5) In the event of a livery editor not making the GT5 cut, I’d like to at least be able to respray cars if I get tired of the color.

    • Sep. 16, 7:22am
      SZRT Ice

      @ Rasmus,

      Your 1, 3, 7, & 9 are what I want (3 mostly) and Sum1s2pid’s (cool name) # 5.

      I really hope, that with everything else that managed to make the cut, they fit in a livery editor, or made it possible for dlc some how… If not, custom paint is a MUST.

    • Sep. 16, 7:30am

      @Rasmus: Buy a Fanatec steering wheel you can adjust the max steering degree, the liniearity and the deadzone :)

    • Sep. 16, 10:25am

      11) old cars not having tcs as standard.

    • Sep. 16, 10:40am

      Simply use the dummed down standard physics,

    • Sep. 16, 10:48am

      oops I replied to the wrong post. sorry.

    • Sep. 16, 12:21pm

      Im perfectly fine with RUF replacing Porsche BUT it would be amazing if they could some how find a way around it so we can get Porsche race cars under the RUF name

      And Qualification is almost a must! id be surprised actually if its not on there.

      My list consists of

      Vector Race car
      Ferrari FXX and F50 GT
      Aston Martin BDR9
      Maserati MC12

      Road Atlanta
      Apricot Hill

    • Sep. 16, 1:49pm
      Sigmaviper 11

      I think the racing modification has made it in, but its limited to only a few cars. By a few I mean roughly 150-200 or so for now.

      @aems, yea I agree. I 1971 Dodge Charger should not come with TCS or ASM. I also think cars should come equipped with appropriate tires. So a Dodge Neon or Toyota prius on N2 or N3 tires, while a Viper or an XJ220 would be on some nice Sports tires. Though that much detail would be hard to implement unless they isolate cars by class and just program certain tires sold with certain classes of cars.

      @Mutimy, Well I think they might be able to license Porsche race cars from private or independent racing teams, like they did with that Lambo in GT3. Otherwise you’re going to have to deal with Gemballa, RUF and possibly Koenig, though I don’t remember if Koenig worked on Porsches or if they only tuned Ferraris and Lambos.

    • Sep. 16, 2:44pm

      Im not getting why there arent any porsches in the game. the best thing i could think of is that, they dont want their cars getting owned by a nissan GTR, or they just like being dooshbags (when it comes to licensing /putting into gt5) but i do like their cars alot.

    • Sep. 16, 10:15pm

      Good luck with that list, you forgot 3d trees and people.

    • Sep. 19, 8:24pm
      SZRT Ice

      3D trees? Are you serious? GT5 NEEDS 3D trees??? And people are lined up around the track in many pictures & videos. Not worth the depletion of RAM, but ok, whatever… But 3D trees??? Yeah, we can’t race without 3D trees…

  68. Sep. 16, 4:54am

    Standing starts! Was worried they would only have rolling starts. Standing starts online in the wet will be carnage! :) maybe gamble on slicks tho..can’t wait!

  69. Sep. 16, 4:50am

    Might see GT6 on the PS5 in 12 years

    • Sep. 16, 5:00am

      I see GT6 within 3-4 years, PS3 or 4 – who knows?

    • Sep. 16, 11:31am

      They actually said they might have it ready within 2 years. Since they are able to just build on what theyve already done in GT5.
      So Im thinking it might be PS3, that, or a PS4 launch title.

    • Sep. 16, 11:55am

      Yeah i really don`t see GT6 taking that long, what i see is maybe somewhere between 1100 to 1300 cars and a 3rd to half with premium cock pits and i`m sure they will work out something generic for the rest and a livery editor and simple improvements….I mean what else could they really do?

  70. Sep. 16, 4:47am

    So is damage just cosmetic? Doesn’t affect anything? If so what’s the point??

    • Sep. 16, 4:55am

      Where did this come from? Its been known there will be visual as well as mechanical damage effecting the way the car behaves.

  71. Sep. 16, 4:44am

    February delay WTF you talk’n bout?

    • Sep. 16, 2:39pm

      the game was anounced to come out february 2010 and it was delayed to november 2 2010. keep ur pants on bro lol

  72. Sep. 16, 4:31am
    Berlino Bear

    I guess I must be the only person who doesn’t like Laguna Seca and has no interest in driving in the ran.

    • Sep. 16, 4:36am

      Is that you Tokoyo Drift?? Jk :)

    • Sep. 16, 4:37am
      Gamer GT5

      The track is a classic. One of the main reasons i like the track is the corkscrew and the sunset.

    • Sep. 16, 5:24am
      Berlino Bear

      Yeah its a good track, but I think I spent to many hours hacking around it in a Yaris for a Piston Heads challenge one week. Don’t have any wish to drive it now. :-(

    • Sep. 16, 11:48am

      I have a love hate relationship with Laguna Seca….mostly border line. Something about that track, its only fun to drive in certain cars for me, but i guess its been completely redone for GT5 and with GT5s new graphics and the Night/Day and the weather will surely make every track amazing! im so stoked cant wait

  73. Sep. 16, 4:29am

    Laguna Seca!! My favorite track.

  74. Sep. 16, 4:25am
    Gamer GT5

    Wow they are already working on GT6 that’s amazing. I guess GT6 will be released for the ps3 instead of the ps4.

    • Sep. 16, 4:30am

      hopefully with livery editor. (no, i’m not a whiner :) .)

    • Sep. 16, 4:42am

      GT5 is supposed to be a base build for GT6. So why hold back with GT5. Like a field test.

    • Sep. 16, 9:05am

      Kaz previously said GT6 will come a lot quicker than GT5. GT5 is pretty much laying down the foundation for GT6. Either way, this game will keep me occupied for YEARS!

    • Sep. 16, 10:23am

      I hope GT6 will be a launch title for PS4. There is no point in releasing another GT at the end of the PS3 life cycle. It’s in Sony’s best interest, as they’ll sell truckloads of consoles immediately.

    • Sep. 16, 1:10pm

      @occasionalracer – I don’t quite agree. The fact that they’re using GT5 as a base and that the PS3 has plenty of years left on its cycle means that PD could easily include GT6 for the PS3. I have a feeling it will drop in 2012. I think 1 1/2 – 2 years of additional development will bring Kaz to where he wants the game to be.

      There’s no sense in developing a title for the PS4 considering SONY has considered changing the way that it is coded as they received many complaints that “the PS3 is too hard to code for”. However, we can’t be sure of that considering how much ground the PS3 has gained as of late. If you watched E3 – You’ll notice that EA and many other developers used the PS3 for its demos this year as compared to the 360 in the past.

  75. Sep. 16, 4:25am

    I’ve got just one word for this…………………. FANTASTICAMAZINGWONDERFULLCANTWAITEXCITING

  76. Sep. 16, 4:22am

    Engine sounds and weather are wonderful news. Can’t wait, Kaz!

  77. Sep. 16, 4:22am
    Gamer GT5

    Everybody should be very happy that Kaz mentioned about improved engine sounds

    • Sep. 16, 6:15am
      general of the army

      HELL YA !!

  78. Sep. 16, 4:16am

    talk about EPIC!

  79. Sep. 16, 4:15am

    A minor lag on 60fps is the only negative? Seriously? Thats not even close to bad. Kazunori, you’re a beast!!! And by far the best at what you do. Way to go above and beyond for both your dream and ours.

    • Sep. 17, 4:56pm

      Well, there’s also the fact that most cars will be missing the cockpit view. If they knew the PS3 wouldn’t be able to handle all the features, why not just release it for the PC in the first place?

  80. Sep. 16, 4:13am


    • Sep. 16, 4:16am

      ’tis an awesome thing… however, surely they’ll have fixed tracks in the new GT Life mode, seen as it’s bascially a career mode? It wouldn’t make sense if you enter an event and race on one track one time, and if you lose/fail and come back to it later the course is completely different…

    • Sep. 16, 4:19am

      might be preset rally stages that were built using the randomization system.

    • Sep. 16, 4:22am

      yeh, possibly. and they stay fixed after… that wouldn’t be bad… it’d be like each owner of this game will have their very own, almost personalised copy of it! (that is if it works in this way!)

    • Sep. 16, 4:35am
      Gamer GT5

      I wonder can we be co drivers with rally races online?

    • Sep. 16, 11:43am

      I hope it is different every time. That way the skill is not in memorizing the stage, but in listening to your co-driver and anticipating the corners. You get one chance to get it right.

  81. Sep. 16, 4:09am

    AMG driving school…That should be fun :)

    • Sep. 16, 4:39am
      Gamer GT5

      I’m interested in the stig challenge. When the trailer got presented showing a car racing against an airplane. I’m sure that would be featured in the game.

  82. Sep. 16, 4:06am

    Hope they include the original Special Stage R11 from GT1, that was my favourite.
    Plus some more of the most famous circuits from around the world eg. Bathurst and Spa Francorchamps to name a couple

    • Sep. 16, 4:28am

      I would welcome Bathurst with open arms.

    • Sep. 16, 11:02am

      Bathurst Would be amazing!

    • Sep. 16, 7:49pm

      Bathurst would just be the icing on the cake for this great game. Imagine 24hr Bathurst race, night and day, changing weather, it would be INSANE!!!

  83. Sep. 16, 4:03am

    Was hoping to get a confirmation of Spa.
    But Trial Mountain is also a nice one :)

    • Sep. 16, 4:31am

      Spa has already been confirmed.

    • Sep. 16, 4:52am

      Only unofficial information that point in the direction that it will be included. But no official statement by PD that it’s in.

    • Sep. 16, 9:52am

      Well, it wasn´t confirmed officialy.. But look around for some vids.. There are shots directly from spa.. Specificaly downhill from Rivage turn to Fagnes chicane. Just can´t remember which video it was. So, yes.. It is practicly officialy that SPA will make it to GT5

  84. Sep. 16, 4:03am

    I am glad Kaz directly addresses engine sounds.

  85. Sep. 16, 4:02am

    What a great night/morning

    Im so effin happy

  86. Sep. 16, 4:02am

    Insane info…

  87. Sep. 16, 4:02am

    I commend the mans honesty about the frame rate, absolutely awesome news !

    • Sep. 16, 4:15am

      I just hope that “may not be able to hold 60fps” doesn’t mean it’ll drop to 20. lol.

      As long as it maintains at least 40 fps, no complaints from me!

    • Sep. 16, 4:35am

      I’m curious as to how much the frame-rate drops if we opt not to use 3D.

    • Sep. 16, 6:44am

      Seeing as motion pictures run at 24fps as long as it doesn’t drop below that I’m happy. Otherwise can’t wait for the HD version of the weather trailer.

  88. Sep. 16, 4:02am

    “The Stig Challenge.”

    “Weather changes include temperature differences, air pressure changes, and humidity, affecting the surface conditions of the track dynamically.”


  89. Sep. 16, 4:02am

    Humidity, air pressure changes? I cant believe this! This is insane.

    So does that mean we’ll have it like it was in Spa for the F1 this year – raining at particular corners!?

    I can see it now – Twitchy rear end on the 430 as you try and get the power down coming out of the Roggia on a drying track, low downforce settings of course…Nice

    As I said before, my girlfriend won’t be seeing much of me in 2011

  90. Sep. 16, 4:01am

    Holy cow! Well, for all the people still crying about the february delay… I don’t know what you say now… but… LOOK AT ALL THIS GLORY! I think it was worth every second of postponement. PD = Pixels divine.

    • Sep. 16, 7:08am
      SZRT Ice

      It drops in November dude… Catch up…

    • Sep. 16, 12:53pm

      “February delay?” What are you talking about? :/

    • Sep. 16, 2:08pm

      he is talking about how the february 2010 release date was delayed to november 2 2010. he is saying that this extra long wait that we’ve been living through was well worth it..
      come on ppl get with the program too much time on the computer is rotting your brain lol

    • Sep. 16, 4:30pm

      He mistook the previous release date. He meant March 2010.

      I agree with you Eric. It was worth the wait. And keep on waiting: there are still great news to come, trust me. We aren’t going to know the game on its entirety until its release.

  91. Sep. 16, 3:59am

    Trial Mountain! Woo! Just need confirmation of Apricot Hill, Midfield, Deep Forest and Grand Valley and I’m over the moon =D

    GT Anywhere is interesting, being able to control your B-Spec driver via my computer sounds great. Any word on saving in the middle of endurance races yet?

    • Sep. 16, 4:05am

      I’d prefer Red Rock over Midfield. Btw, do you really want to drive in B-Spec, after having seen all these news and pictures now?

    • Sep. 16, 4:10am

      Red Rock is good, but I like Midfield just that wee bit more :P

      In B-Spec Bob’s defence, PD has made the mode somewhat interesting this time around. In 4 I only B-Speced when I really had to (German Touring Car championship, the longer enduros); in 5 I might actually *want* to B-Spec races for once. lol

    • Sep. 16, 4:53am

      I confess, even I raced B-Spec, but only after having done all the Enduros in A-Spec. For example, I did it to collect all the different liveries in which the F1 car came (24h Nürburgring), but I still don’t have all of them

    • Sep. 16, 6:06am
      general of the army

      Apricot hill , my PF ^^

    • Sep. 16, 9:05am

      I like Midfield very much… But its too short a track.

    • Sep. 16, 9:35am

      I’m really hoping for the Midfield’s been my favorite track by far since 2.

    • Sep. 16, 11:32am

      Apricot would be amazing, i love that track

    • Sep. 16, 4:25pm

      Spa for me.

  92. Sep. 16, 3:55am

    Anxiously awaiting photos of this ‘ultimate LMP’ that is the X1 Concept.

    • Sep. 16, 4:01am

      Same here! It could be the prize for 100% completion of the game, I suppose

    • Sep. 16, 4:40am

      As frightening as it sounds, I’d be fine if it was a reward for Mission 34: The Revenge.

    • Sep. 16, 11:28am

      Supposedly it “kinda looks like the Batmobile” which i`m not sure if i`m to stoked about yet. I`m not a big Batman fan even tho “The Dark Knight” is one of my favorite movies lol. Guess ill find out when pictures are released.

      I wonder if it will have absolutely ridiculous top speed and cornering ability`s

  93. Sep. 16, 3:53am

    Great news on laguna sega now this game is complete!

    • Sep. 16, 8:57am

      Am I missing something, whats the big deal with Laguna, has been in every racing game pretty much.

    • Sep. 16, 11:28am

      That is the big deal.
      You cant call yourself a true racing sim without laguna seca.

    • Sep. 16, 5:13pm

      yeah it’s not like the Nurburgring

  94. Sep. 16, 3:53am

    Nice, random generated rally tracks with co driver instructions.

    So now we have 1000 cars, night racing and weather. I can`t possibly think of anything else they could include.

    • Sep. 16, 4:11am

      How about a cockpit cam for ALL cars?

      > Sorry, didnt want to crush the party. <

      But back to this news: This is simply awesome! Despite it is raining in Berlin right now, i have a very light and joyful feeling about that, just imaging me on the rainy Ring!

  95. Sep. 16, 3:53am

    I love “special event” :) great job PD!!!

  96. Sep. 16, 3:52am

    Awesome :D

  97. Sep. 16, 3:51am

    is weather for all ingame courses? if its in user created tracks id imagine it was usable in all pd created tracks.

    • Sep. 16, 4:02am

      No, on the Kotaku live blog it was said that weather would be only for courses that will be used in endurance races. Also ‘Course Maker’ generated courses will support weather.

    • Sep. 16, 4:22am

      @MSH: was the Kotaku info confirmed by PD? Kotaku is somewhat biased towards the 360 so things they say/claim about a PS title should be taken with a pinch of salt…

    • Sep. 16, 4:26am

      actually I think its implying that DYNAMIC weather system will be for enduros because it wouldnt make sense for dynamic weather in a 3 lap race. I have a feeling static weather will be an option for shorter races.

    • Sep. 16, 4:53am

      @Sharky: I was supposing that what they put in their liveblog was actually said during the breakout session. All the rest they posted there was almost identical to the information posted here in the news section.

  98. Sep. 16, 3:51am

    Surperb, just superb. :)

  99. Sep. 16, 3:51am

    Awesome, simply awesome!!!!!!!!

  100. Sep. 16, 3:51am

    So glad to see Trial Mountain back. One of my favs.

    • Sep. 16, 4:04am

      I, on the other hand, am STOKED for Laguna Seca. Favorite track by far!

    • Sep. 16, 8:18am

      Excellent work PD!!! Cant wait to play it for the next years!!! haha!

    • Sep. 16, 10:24am

      You will not belive me but iam REALLY crying
      i can’t find ANY words

    • Sep. 16, 11:25am

      Yeah, the return of the classiscs are awesome. Has anyone heard anything about Clubman Stage Route 5, or Grand Valley?

    • Sep. 16, 1:46pm

      it’s not the oldest gt track but I’m hoping we get el Capitan not just because it’s a great track but it would look stunning in HD on PS3 & it may allow for the cathedral rocks rally stages. those old VWs better not be premium

    • Sep. 16, 4:10pm

      @marcvic yes grand vally will be in the game it was in that french magazine post a couple months back

    • Sep. 16, 5:49pm

      “Point-to-point rally stages will be automatically and randomly generated – you’ll have to depend on your co-driver to give you the best instructions about the road ahead”

      I just shat a house and came in a swimming pool at the same time.

    • Sep. 16, 8:53pm

      the weather video showed one of the VW’s from an interior view so i guess its premium…..

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