Gran Turismo 5 Update 2.05 Coming February 15th/16th

February 13th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Kazunori Yamauchi shows some love for Gran Turismo fans by sharing news about the game’s 2.05 update. A rough translation of Kazunori’s tweet via Yahoo! Babel Fish confirms the release dates:

The next GT5 update (2.05), Japan and Asia on the 15th of tomorrow, have planned Europe and America on the 16th. The expectation where stability the online rises.

In other words, 2.05 will likely feature only minor changes, while addressing more bugs and glitches (some of which were just introduced in 2.04). As of writing, no online GT5 service maintenance notices have been posted. Stay tuned for more information on 2.05 as it becomes available. Thanks to Joe_Ald for the quick tip!

GT5 Photomode image by Soloracer3.

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  1. Apr. 11, 12:03am

    I have a couple questions and wanted to know if anyone could answer them. 1st question is: Is there a way to buy specific paint colors? I am looking for pink. How long does it take them to update the car lists? Both Online and Used.

  2. Feb. 24, 3:43am

    I cant race Route X anymore it says now I have to buy that sucks.

  3. Feb. 15, 11:16pm

    24MB very small update

  4. Feb. 15, 10:50pm

    paid! lol its 4.50 am here!

  5. Feb. 15, 10:49pm

    I payed for test track yet I can not even race against my own ghost to compare cars!!

  6. Feb. 15, 7:03pm
    GT Pro

    Give us some love by providing us features that SHOULD HAVE been implemented, from the beginning or through updates, for free. It is abhorrent that Test Track/Route X is DLC. More and more game companies have been dropping normal features from games and then providing them or an alternative on release or a future date as a cost on top of the game’s purchase (see also MWIII’s ‘Elite’ concept). It’s greedy and wrong. Polyphony will probably not ever see my money or time spent on their games again.

    • Feb. 15, 8:27pm

      It’s greedy for a company – which has employees to pay and R&D and marketing functions to perform – to find a balance between what people will pay for and what they will not? If the market is not willing to pay for much DLC, either GT5 will stop developing it or will include it into the game for free hoping that more people will buy the base game.

      Do you assume that all companies who sell things are greedy? Do you have the powers of God to view the hearts and minds of others? Greed means to want more than you need or deserve. How do you know how much money was needed to make their software, and how much they are pocketing? By some definitions, if the consumer pays for something that they don’t need the manufacturer deserves the profit, because the manufacturer is providing something that otherwise the consumer would not possess, and the consumer is willingly pay the cost. This isn’t a monopoly or government-forced action.

      I am fascinated when individuals think they can second-guess business decisions without access to accounting statements, project costs, or anything more substantial than a hunch.

    • Feb. 15, 10:04pm
      GT Pro

      By your definition of greed, then yes, they fit the profile because many of the better features of GT5 including Test Track were hitherto standard on GT games. This led to a relationship oftrust between the consumer and Polyphone that such features would be rolled out in subsequent games in a similar manner – ie, with the purchase of the game. All successful modern companies know that a people-driven perspective is vicariously more helpful than one that is purely monetary numbers-driven. If they had taken such an approach, they’d realise the relationship they’ve built up with long-time customers needs to be preserved. I’m just one to have jumped ship; the more people like me who do because of poor handling and alienation of pre-existing cutomer interest, the less effective bean-counting becomes to achieve long-term customer satisfaction / profits.

    • Feb. 15, 10:13pm
      GT Pro

      Besides, you’re missing the point – my argument is NOT that Polyphony should provide additional, subsequent and improved features for free ad infinitum, but that features pre-existing with the purchase of GT games are important constituents of the purchased product that long-time customers not only need and want, but expect. Their alienation of these expectations to maximise profits might well cause more harm than good.

      Also, it is clear to say that such a decision is morally questionable (and, given the articles of late on Polyphony’s expansionary activities, giving a little ‘back’ (or in this case, ‘maintaining’), would hardly break their bank).

    • Feb. 15, 10:35pm

      Noob. Mw3’s ‘elite’ program saves you a total of $250 in the long run. When every game comes out, it has bugs. For a high quality game like gt5, it has a sh*tload of bugs. It takes time to fix dude.

  7. Feb. 15, 6:55pm

    If or when there is going to be more DLC, could we please pay to get a car like the Aston Martin DB5. Isn’t that considered a classic? Much like the VW Beetle Bug!

    • Feb. 15, 9:02pm

      DLC is to be expected every 2 months, the last DLC was a month ago, then the next should be in march… also the last DLC was a month early.

      As for the content, i would have thought it will be of whatever they get their hands on at the time, But PD know what they are doing, im 80/90% sure that they have updates already planned for many coming months.

    • Feb. 15, 9:19pm

      i agree mang!

  8. Feb. 15, 6:51pm

    …Plus, I want my standard cars cockpit view to have working windshield wipers. So I can see in the rain and snow! We have headlights to see at night, does this not only make sense?

  9. Feb. 15, 6:36pm

    Has the disappearing oil trolly come back? with this 2.05 update…

  10. Feb. 15, 1:34pm

    ok, the online reward bug is fixed..
    what else?

  11. Feb. 15, 11:12am

    I’m also a disappointed GT fan….All I ever wanted from GT5 was non-blocky shadows….I’ve searched the wed 100x over looking for answers and so many theories exist, a lot of which make sense,….but why hasn’t PD addressed this personally?….at least come out and let us know from your own mouths “we were over ambitious, we over estimated the capabilities of the PS3, and this Issue cannot be resolved” that’s all I really want now.

    I remember GT2 taking my breath away on my PSX….I remember watching almost every single race replay in GT3, just pure admiration for the masterpiece it was, damn near perfect game. While GT5 does have its moments of pure brilliance, not to mention tht its the closest thing we have to a full-on racing sim on consoles….it does let me down. that “aww”….fluctuates from replay to replay….what happened PD?….when did mediocrity and excuses become the staple of your company?

    But I digress….everyone messes up at least once. heres hoping that GT5 is the fall before the rise of the kingly emperor that we will come to know as GT6. Do it PD!….

    • Feb. 15, 11:13am

      Kaz actually said that the PS3 dosen’t have enough RAM.

    • Feb. 15, 11:24am

      Really?…oops…I take back everything I just said then :) My apologies

    • Feb. 15, 11:40am

      I agree GT5 excels in a few areas but very few and it is NOT the closest to a simulator on the consoles. There is another that simulates just as well; open your mind and take off the blinders. And this is not a cut to GT; just that the world does not revolve around GT/PS3.

    • Feb. 15, 3:03pm

      does really life have a rewind feature? no then neither should a sim, so what is this other console sim you talk of?

    • Feb. 15, 3:16pm

      Yeah and where is the ”Driver’s Club” Kaz sais was ”coming very soon” over a year ago? Where is a half way decent and challenging A-Spec single player career mode? Why does Kaz and PD update everything but the actual game in GT5?

    • Feb. 15, 7:07pm

      @hairystig, if the rewind isn’t something you want to use, turn it off. You can’t use it online anyway. Find a better reason.

    • Feb. 17, 1:48am

      Lol, When I hit a barrier head on at 190mph in GT5, does my controller smack me in the face, while the room crumples in around me, squeezing the very life’s blood from my body, and breaking all my bones, like my car would in real life……?
      No? I can not only get up perfectly unscathed and go get a snack, I can also restart the game and start the race over again like nothing happened? Not has quick has rewind, but amounts to the same thing I guess…
      Unfortunately that also means GT5 is lacking a vital feature in the race for console sim dominance.
      Hear that Kaz? Forget rewind like that other game has, we need truly lethal crash effects. Add it to the next gen racing pod please. I won’t be happy untill this game kills me….


      Yep, old argument that never worked in the first place. +1 to find another.

  12. Feb. 15, 9:43am

    A DLC with porches would be a good idea :/

    • Feb. 15, 11:39am

      My good friend, I too was thinking about this, but Porsche have not sold a liscence which allows PD to use Porsche’s name in PD’s game, Forza have a lisence, and if GT5 or any other GT were to have Porsche’s PD will most likely have to buy a sub lisence from the Developers of Forza (I don’t know them, I think Turn 8?)

    • Feb. 15, 11:46am

      EA handle all the licensing for Porsche and won’t license to certain developers for certain games. That’s why many games like GT, Driver etc end up with RUF instead – they can license separately as they’re a classed as a standalone manufacturer. Unfortunately, until Porsche wake up and realise that EA are doing them out of some brilliant product placement, that’s not going to change.

    • Feb. 15, 12:18pm

      Fumbledew – Turn 10 does not have a license for Porsche. They had one just before FM4 and were going to put Porsche’s in the game until EA withdrew the license because they want it all for NFS. So both, Forza & GT have had to use RUF.

    • Feb. 15, 5:35pm

      How embarrasing it must be for Porche, when some other software company (EA) dictates what can and can’t be done to simulate your own cars, from your own company, into a video game. That, or I just don’t understand how EA can have a foothold on this.

    • Feb. 15, 8:09pm

      From the recent documentary’s ive seen porsche wouldnt be around if not for America…EA are american.Money makes the world go round so im guessin money has a tad top do wif it..Yanks love porsche’s,this was evident in a james dean documentary


  13. Feb. 15, 7:38am

    From gt website in malaysia
    Update 2.05
    The issue of experience and rewards not being received in online races has now been corrected

    • Feb. 15, 7:54am

      Thats good then.

  14. Feb. 15, 7:36am

    I hope there would be a dlc after this

  15. Feb. 15, 6:22am

    More bug fixes. I really hope they add some more content to the game soon. I really hope that they introduce 4-player split screen! That would be awesome, even if they make it a DLC! Looking forward to the content updates PD. :)

    • Feb. 15, 6:29am

      I’d rather they concentrate on making the content we got now work properly before they add more content.

    • Feb. 15, 7:09am

      @hairystig Like the online room freezing and when a black screen occurs that can only be fixed by resetting the game. It’s getting better though and that’s good, except when it happens in rooms that I REALLY like.

  16. Feb. 15, 4:53am

    so is it out yet or not?

    • Feb. 15, 4:58am

      A guy in Malaysia said he got it, and it was 25MB.

  17. Feb. 15, 3:28am

    My god… Does TT’s never ending posts come across as trolling to anyone else?
    That and being an annoying apologist fanboi.
    How old is this person?!

    • Feb. 15, 8:17am

      See. This is what I’m talking about, my name gets added in someones sentence. Now they’re trying to get half my information and calling me a fanboy? Really? For shaaaame….. This is why I’m a star, if you stop then I’ll stop being star. You catch me?

    • Feb. 15, 8:21am

      Sorry for the double post, I really need to say this too. But now they’re also reading what I write now too. That’s disturbing. :/

    • Feb. 15, 4:08pm

      How about realizing that this is the internet so people’s attitudes/personalities are free and as long as he’s neither dissing other games nor getting personally offensive, move along to a GT DEDICATED site that disallows the registering of GT fanboys that enjoy the game for what it is.

      Comments like yours are why he replies like he does sometimes and why I’ve tried not wasting time replying to hateful/negative comments that most of us try to ignore.

    • Feb. 15, 4:17pm

      ^ +100X. You’re my hero another_jakhole. :)

    • Feb. 15, 4:28pm

      Yeeeee-hawwwww, buuuuddy!! *horse laugh*

    • Feb. 15, 4:31pm

      Ride em cowboy Weeehoooo! :D

  18. Feb. 15, 3:08am

    I really dont see what all the fus is about over DLC? I mean the game has a huge amount of cars and tracks to keep us all playing untill GT6. Dont get me wrong tho cos we still need updates to fix any problems the game has but not DLC. For me this game is the nuts and I will keep playing it untill GT6. Just be happy with what you got guys cos even after a year of playing this game it still kicks arse.

  19. Feb. 15, 1:37am

    Ok this is a bit off topic but a few months ago PD hinted at the fact that standard to premium conversions for cars would be coming. My question is will we be asked to pay for this as DLC ?? New cars to the game I will gladly pay for like the scirocco and aston etc that was introduced but premium versions of the cars we already have in the game? that would be a bit of a rip off wouldnt it? If thats the case they should release a revised version of the game with all cars premium and That i would gladly buy from the shops. i’m guessing it would be a hell of a lot cheaper too

    • Feb. 15, 3:10am

      did you get the most recent dlc car pack? teh aventador, aston? the Jag is an upgraded premium version of the car that’s already in the game, so yea we will most likely be paying for it

    • Feb. 15, 6:51am

      I can’t see all standards bein upgraded, would they all then become available in the new car dealership? It would be such an enormous chance I just can’t see it happening, not to mention that data for premium car is about 4 times more than standards, people with 40 or 60 gig consoles would struggle to find hard drive space if all standard cars are upgraded.

  20. Feb. 15, 1:17am

    that audi R8 looks sweet in pink. How do you get that color?

    • Feb. 15, 2:37am

      Matte pink, also good looking on gt-r’s

    • Feb. 15, 3:24am

      It is from either the LFA or i-mev :)

  21. Feb. 15, 12:02am

    I hope 2.05 adds the long awaited towing package to the tuning shop so I can use those trucks sitting in my garage and tow stuff around Kart Space and Special Stage Route X and stuff.

    • Feb. 15, 10:30am

      I’ll race you on the Nur, driving my RV Bus.

  22. Feb. 14, 10:00pm

    i was in a room of 3 people and got kicked 4 times back to back, i hope theres some stability in the servers thats the worst problem.

  23. Feb. 14, 9:29pm

    i hope they fix the chase cam and make it the way it was introduced in 2.03, thats my favorite view to drift

    • Feb. 14, 10:10pm

      +1 back old chase cam !! stupid 2.04 . sorry my english ::russia::

  24. Feb. 14, 9:13pm

    It’s probably just a fix update to why people aren’t getting experience during some online races. (among other things.)

  25. Feb. 14, 8:27pm

    Anyone notice since the last update that the oil change guy floats under your car? Where did his floor roller go?

    • Feb. 14, 8:37pm

      Oh yeah I wanted to inform that aswell. Maybe it’ll get fix. :)

    • Feb. 14, 8:51pm

      GFC,they had to sell it

    • Feb. 14, 9:04pm

      As cool as the mechanics new hover suit is I would still like to see the roller come back.

    • Feb. 14, 9:39pm

      Why do we even have to see the oil change? Could have saved some time just paying for it. I much rather have a km/miles since last oil change. Hard to keep track when you have 1000+ cars in your garage.
      I really don’t miss the roller, it’s a messed up oil change anyway with or without the roller. Skip the thing and just give me new oil when I want it.

    • Feb. 15, 7:55am

      ”Why do we have to see the oil change?” lol, because this is a GT game. If you don’t like the way GT does things, you can as well play NFS or Forza.

  26. Feb. 14, 6:46pm

    Ah, don’t you love the smell of haters in the morning?
    They’re probably the reason why Rebecca Black is swimming in a pool of cash, no?
    And the reason why PD keeps putting awesome updates out to keep the haters playing?

    • Feb. 14, 6:51pm

      +1 I so agree. Like KOBOOI! Hater will always hate.

    • Feb. 14, 6:55pm

      I mean “Haters will alway hate”. Darn it double post again.

    • Feb. 14, 9:02pm

      You guys calling people ”haters” are being haters yourself.

      So get down off your high horse.
      You’re no better than the so-called haters.

    • Feb. 14, 10:10pm

      Okay BMX, you’re right. I apologize if your upset…

    • Feb. 15, 2:56am

      I’m not ”upset”. What I said is true though.

    • Feb. 15, 3:22am

      I do indeed hate new bugs that get created with every update to fix previously created bugs, the inconsistencies all over the game, and the lack of gameplay (with Kaz saying one thing and then doing the opposite). So what’s your point?

    • Feb. 15, 8:12am

      See. I kindly decided to apologize but yet still I get criticized… Oh well…..

    • Feb. 15, 6:14pm


  27. Feb. 14, 6:16pm

    Who would seriously drive a pink Audi R8 with a tea trolley on the back?

    Other than being under 12 years old.

    • Feb. 15, 1:43am

      Maybe its jordon. Lol.

    • Feb. 15, 3:25am

      I did? It was for the photomode tournament season 2.

  28. Feb. 14, 4:47pm

    There is a trend I am seeing more and more nowadays, and that is players referencing back to the positive aspects of GT5P. How has PD gone backwards on things that people liked. Why did they get rid of the odometer for example. Quick matchmaking? This update will merely fix the last update than its very possible a 2.06 will need to be created to fix this update. I HOPE this lack of efficiency is down to Polyphony focusing most of their attention on GT6. Otherwise I worry for the future of the brand!

    • Feb. 15, 4:24am

      Well I like the car and pick mate. Its different. Good job.

  29. Feb. 14, 4:14pm

    Not trying to Affend anyone

  30. Feb. 14, 4:13pm

    No more dlc what’s up with that

    • Feb. 14, 4:26pm
      Big Ron

      Every two month.

    • Feb. 14, 4:44pm

      I can’t afford DLC more than twice monthly! Lol

    • Feb. 14, 5:02pm

      Atleast the 2 months are better for making tracks aswell. Don’t forget that…

  31. Feb. 14, 4:02pm
    Mac K

    As always, the comments are loaded with crap. This place really is annoying at times

    • Feb. 14, 4:05pm

      like the crap you just posted?

    • Feb. 14, 4:10pm

      Grrr Panamera!

    • Feb. 14, 4:18pm

      Or is it Mac K? lol You know I’m joking right Panamera?

    • Feb. 14, 5:31pm


      you’re a douche

    • Feb. 14, 5:40pm

      GASP! I said I was kidding Panamera. Oh my goodness… I’m a star now so I demand respect. Do you hear me! So PLEEEEEASE don’t get mad at me THAAAAAAAANKSSSssss…

    • Feb. 14, 11:04pm

      douche? that’s mature.

    • Feb. 14, 11:10pm

      ^ I know right.

  32. Feb. 14, 4:02pm

    at the end

  33. Feb. 14, 3:05pm

    I see what some of the fuss is about. I went online and did some racing in the lobbies yesterday. What a mess…

  34. Feb. 14, 2:11pm

    I only want this feature:
    Let me change car while in practice mode without having to go back to menu and to the garage :S

    • Feb. 14, 7:53pm


    • Feb. 14, 8:08pm


  35. Feb. 14, 1:52pm

    They should put a new update where u can swap motors

    • Feb. 14, 8:13pm

      Yeh,i want Jay Leno’s Tank car motar in the beetle!

    • Feb. 14, 11:32pm

      Ok, now PIGBOY, that would be stupid and impossible. You can’t fit that motor into a Beetle, the Tank’s motor is as big as the beetle itself! however, a V8 swap would work. and make the car fast as hell.

  36. Feb. 14, 1:39pm

    GT5 updates, is like, a box of choclates, you never know what you gonna get. :D

    • Feb. 14, 1:44pm

      I Agree :)

    • Feb. 14, 2:53pm

      lol wouldn’t you know there is chocolate in there?

    • Feb. 14, 3:21pm

      I’d appreciate a box of A-Spec.

    • Feb. 14, 4:46pm

      I would appreciate a box of GTR shaped chocolates

    • Feb. 14, 9:32pm

      OMG i was watching Forest Gump at school when you posted that!!! what a coincidence! XD

    • Feb. 14, 9:39pm
      No Sorrow 13

      You always know one thing: said chocolates are never Porsche shaped.

  37. Feb. 14, 12:27pm

    I just spent 8 hours updating GT5 from v1.00 (YES! AT LAST!) last night without no sleep at all, and another update? Hope it’s not too heavy. But I’m glad that PD is always taking care of us :)

    • Feb. 14, 1:57pm

      That’s just the update 2.00, is the only update that that takes so much to download.

    • Feb. 14, 9:26pm

      Yes. The 10th update was around 1.2gb. I suppose that was v2.00.

  38. Feb. 14, 12:17pm

    LOL… that’s not what I meant. Just hate hearing PD or anyone blame the PS3 lacking RAM/ROM memory being their reason why more can’t be done in the game. Or that whole blocky shadow complaint. Besides I was serious about fire. I’ve been to real races and seen a porche 911 go up in flames… so why not?

    • Feb. 14, 9:33pm

      Saw a hybrid lmp car go up last year and once the fire touched the batteries….burn baby burn!

  39. Feb. 14, 12:15pm

    v I Agree with the Guy Below, That would be a great Idea!!! I Also would like to see more Styling Updates that could maybe feature interior Modifications like Bucket Seats, Steering wheels and maybe even Rollcages? :/

  40. Feb. 14, 12:08pm

    I do love little touches. Like the blimp at trial mountain moving across the sky. But can you imagine trial mountain at dusk or dawn? I do think such change in racing conditions is what sets GT5 apart as a real sim. Having the control over these settings for every track would be almost like giving us new courses… until, if ever we get new/old versions of GT4 tracks.

  41. Feb. 14, 11:56am

    I still am amazed we can’t have time/weather change for every track. Look at the GTA series, they use time/weather nevermind everything else. Like showing your character running, shooting, getting in and out of any vehicle with the possibility it could take damage to the point of not just catching fire but exploding. Imagine racing GT5 like that, just like real life!

    • Feb. 14, 12:04pm

      and who wouldn’t want to shoot the tires off of their SLS AMG and skid around a parking lot throwing sparks everywhere?

    • Feb. 14, 4:47pm

      Steal a guys car in front of cops

  42. Feb. 14, 11:12am

    I wonder why every time I race in arcade with any of the dlc cars, out of 16 drivers no other A.I. opponent ever uses a dlc car like I am.

    • Feb. 14, 11:21am

      That’s weird, I didn’t even buy them but they’re in almost every race.

    • Feb. 14, 11:52am

      Maybe they couldn’t afford the download? ;)

  43. Feb. 14, 11:04am

    These are the reasons visually GT5 rules over FM in my opinion. Day to night transitions, changing weather with snow and rain, plus gravel tracks. Only better thing about FM is racing car selection and the ALMS courses.

    • Feb. 14, 12:18pm

      FM has more to offer as a Car game Though. Im getting bored of GT5.. FM has a proper Customization feature.Car Culture is what brings people to like the game. :L

    • Feb. 14, 4:38pm

      FM isn’t aimed squarely at Car Fanatics but casual car fans as well, and that’s why its perceived as being better, that and customization.

  44. Feb. 14, 11:02am

    Well, the game is out for more than 14 month & they still aren’t able to fix a SIMPLE THING like the bugged item list (paints, gear & horns).

    I would be VERY SURPRISED if they could EVER fix the whole online mess, roflmao. :D

    • Feb. 14, 11:09am

      What mess?

  45. Feb. 14, 10:53am

    In all other versions of Sarthe/Lemans the ferris wheel is motionless! and I know there was no movement in GT4 of the ferris wheel at Suzuka.

  46. Feb. 14, 10:44am


    GT5 Prologue had this feature and it made offline racing so much more fun and challenging. Nothing like tuning up a car to take on full on race spec cars.


    • Feb. 14, 11:00am

      change (low PP) on your car. NO problem. sorry my english

    • Feb. 14, 11:02am

      Event Creator. We need thee.

    • Feb. 14, 11:11am

      researchALLwars, Perfect!!!

  47. Feb. 14, 10:42am

    I love attention to detail. I can’t say I remember Suzuka having a ferris wheel in motion, but it does now. Although it moves slowly. It’s funny that ONLY the time/weather version of Sarthe/Lemans has a ferris wheel with motion and lights. I wish while transitioning from day to night on SS Route X that some simple (flashing red) lighting would have been given to that TALL tower out over the water. They could have chosen to light it up like a X-mas tree!

  48. Feb. 14, 10:22am

    New DLC please *-*

  49. Feb. 14, 10:04am

    PLEASE back old chase camera & force feedback !!! stupid 2.04 sorry my english. ::russia::

  50. Feb. 14, 10:01am

    I think most of us are “GETTING IT” and even most haters are coming around. Just in case some don’t understand.
    This is not just a game. It’s someone’s (Kazunori Yamauchi) vision. When it’s not right, he does all he can to correct it.

    Game developers bring “add-on’s” but none actually adjust the code in an attempt to make things right. Kaz is getting the foundation right. After that all the bells and whistles can be added, like cars, events and new rules for racing and so on.

    You will not find a single game producer who takes as much care of product as Kazunori San. Because he is dedicated to make his game (vision) the best. No, I aint no Fn “FANBOY”. All you need is common since (which aint common) to just look and see the man wants it right. What we want may not always match up with what he sees. Other games get their adjustments and changes in about a year or two. And you pay $60.00 (USD) for the privilege to try out those changes.
    Unless you somehow blew up your copy, you only paid $60.00 one time for a years worth of upgrades…..that many of you asked for via this site.

    But none can argue the fact that the guy (and his crew) listen. When I saw the issues with 2.04 I posted on here that he would not let it stand and there would be another update to fix it ASAP. Will it be the end of problems? Probably not.
    But it’s a million times more than any other game developer on the planet would have done. You bet your ARSE.

    Hate is what it is. A stupid way to go through life. It hurts the hater worse than the hated. Enjoy the game…..haters and everybody else. :) Because your still palying………arent you?

    • Feb. 14, 10:36am


    • Feb. 14, 11:10am


    • Feb. 14, 11:14am


    • Feb. 14, 11:15am

      Well said Blood specter!!!

    • Feb. 14, 11:15am

      Well said

    • Feb. 14, 11:16am

      +1 Wrote like a boss.

    • Feb. 14, 11:53am

      Very well said!

    • Feb. 14, 1:28pm

      If we could tweet this to KAZ on Twitter (We cant because Tweets are max 160 letters) sure he would be glad!

    • Feb. 14, 1:44pm

      Is that why A-Spec still sucks, A-Spec seasonals are few and far between, and most of the old A-Spec seasonals have disappeared? Don’t even get me started on Kaz’s promise of the ”Drivers Club” that is nowhere to be seen. Kaz said he’s not happy with A-Spec yet he does nothing to fix it. No, I’m not a hater hatin’. I’m a disappointed GTfan, like MANY others, and they have a right to be.

    • Feb. 14, 1:51pm

      ^I don’t want to go into a agurement for something that can be seen in GT6. But overall, ignored…

    • Feb. 14, 3:43pm

      i’d rather support a developer that tests games properly before releasing them or updating them. just sayin’

    • Feb. 14, 4:55pm

      GT5 should stop being Kaz’s vision and should start being a game. For me it’s clear by now that Kaz is blind.

    • Feb. 14, 4:58pm

      YAWN Kobooi. Seriously if it was your game YOU would have done the same, don’t tell creators what to do just you don’t like what they’re doing. Now SHUT IT!

    • Feb. 14, 5:15pm

      If it were my game, kids like you would not need to make gay posts about me in an attempt to defend the game.

    • Feb. 14, 5:29pm

      @Blood*Specter. Said like a true fanboy.

    • Feb. 14, 5:33pm

      Awww. Did I made poor little Kabooi angry, I SOOOO scared. >:) And you’re even putting the word gay in this when I wasn’t trying be. HAHAHA. I’m sorry but our conversation needs to be over because somebody is getting pissed off. Hahaha. Bye bye won’t wanna be ya KABOOI…

    • Feb. 14, 5:42pm

      I meant Kobooi but whatever, you’re too angry anyways. HAHAHAHA, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    • Feb. 14, 8:06pm

      Nuff said u got that on point

    • Feb. 14, 9:43pm
      No Sorrow 13

      +1 to Blood*Specter and +2 to TokoTurismo. You sir, are my hero.

    • Feb. 14, 10:12pm

      Haha, you are indeed welcome No Sorrow 13 and everyone else. :) Cheers

    • Feb. 15, 11:10am

      I’m also a disappointed GT fan….All I ever wanted from GT5 was non-blocky shadows….I’ve searched the wed 100x over looking for answers and so many theories exist, a lot of which make sense,….but why hasn’t PD addressed this personally?….at least come out and let us know from your own mouths “we were over ambitious, we over estimated the capabilities of the PS3, and this Issue cannot be resolved” that’s all I really want now.

      I remember GT2 taking my breath away on my PSX….I remember watching almost every single race replay in GT3, just pure admiration for the masterpiece it was, damn near perfect game. While GT5 does have its moments of pure brilliance, not to mention tht its the closest thing we have to a full-on racing sim on consoles….it does let me down. that “aww”….fluctuates from replay to replay….what happened PD?….when did mediocrity and excuses become the staple of your company?

      But I digress….everyone messes up at least once. heres hoping that GT5 is the fall before the rise of the kingly emperor that we will come to know as GT6. Do it PD!

  51. Feb. 14, 9:50am


  52. Feb. 14, 9:42am

    PLEASE back the chase camera !

  53. Feb. 14, 9:37am

    Thank you, PD,

    hey GTPlanet, can we arrange to send PD a giftbasket & card of thanks, appreciation for their many more updates to come?

    • Feb. 14, 10:05am


    • Feb. 14, 11:17am


  54. Feb. 14, 8:51am

    I think we should be grateful that our game still gets so much attention…if they only return vibrating feel on wheel when going over kerbs that will be great!

  55. Feb. 14, 8:49am

    Please dear Kaz, include an option to change the steering angle in this update!

  56. Feb. 14, 8:40am

    This is y gt will always b #1 ….way after the release still get updates an dlc what game ever got this much attention a year + after that’s how u know when gt6 does come out they’ll b on top cause they c the flaws now an r correcting them

    • Feb. 14, 11:23am

      1+ Agreed, and the best part it’s actually coming out on valentines aswell. No developer will never do that. This proves how much Kazunori loves his game and his fans. Were with you Kazunori Yamauchi. The haters can hate for all we care, not trying to sound like a “fanboy” btw. This the most bestest idea that no other game can’t ever do. While woring on GT6, him and his time are also updating GT5. :)

  57. Feb. 14, 8:12am

    another update……and after this it’s still the same ……
    new stuff that’s what we want

  58. Feb. 14, 7:51am
    Mac K

    Haters *

  59. Feb. 14, 7:50am
    Mac K

    Hatred gonna hate :p

  60. Feb. 14, 7:43am

    I love the pink r8!

    • Feb. 14, 9:30am

      there are prettier pinks, this one looks like it crashed into a swimming pool, and left to dry in the sun for 2 years.

    • Feb. 15, 3:27am

      Thanks haha! Well its from the LFA or i-Mev so take it up with the manufacturers :P Maybe due to the filter though!

  61. Feb. 14, 7:19am

    Vey nice! They are working on fixes and maybe future content on the way.

  62. Feb. 14, 7:18am
    mister dog


  63. Feb. 14, 6:42am


    • Feb. 14, 11:11am

      ^ Aww, don’t be so jealous Turbo-Kai just because your kept freezing online. HAHA!!! >:P

    • Feb. 14, 11:27am

      Your game kept freezing, that’s what I meant. Don’t cry just because the star is telling you this. >:)

  64. Feb. 14, 5:21am

    Need. More. Seasonals.

    • Feb. 14, 7:16am
      mister dog


  65. Feb. 14, 5:20am

    so this is bugdate, not a real update.

    • Feb. 14, 5:53am

      Correct, mostly focusing on the bug where occasionally no players receive any xr or cr after a race online.

    • Feb. 14, 10:58am

      You two want bugdates? Sorry, you’re in the wrong section. Move along now…

  66. Feb. 14, 4:15am

    I was sure Valentines ay was the 14th

    • Feb. 14, 6:19am

      LOL. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this.

  67. Feb. 14, 3:42am


  68. Feb. 14, 3:40am

    PD, pllease add volume sliders for individual sound effects and slider for deadzone setting on the wheel. Thanks.

    • Feb. 14, 6:54am

      Agreed > individual volume sliders for environment and exhaust notes and other special effects would be cool

    • Feb. 14, 9:34am

      Thanks for supporting me thread request :)

      Also, I recently purchased the Sony Wireless 7.1 Headset, and while it really does highlight many great sounds, that I have been missing on my optical 2.0 stereo receiver, the volume balances seem out of whack when selecting the “Large Theater” listening mode. The volume of the BGM drops dramatically, while the in race sounds are too loud.

      I also read some bad rap about sounds in general, since PS3 4.10 update.

  69. Feb. 14, 3:35am

    I hope this fix the flying car, 2 wheels driving, and the glitches when someone can sprint 1 mile in a second then come back in that same second it almost look like the driving is teleporting across the track

    • Feb. 14, 5:18am

      I’ve always assumed that’s due to the individuals poor internet connection rather than an actually bug or fault on PDs part, as always tho I stand to be corrected.

    • Feb. 14, 9:42am

      ^ oops, I should mention that the headset was my Valentines gift from my wife, hi Pookie! x

  70. Feb. 14, 3:31am

    Its good that they’re keeping those updates coming. Hopefully this update will fix and bring an end to all those online bugs/glitches once and for all. So the Polyphony team can focus on DLC and new/improved features. Good work Kazunori-san and keep those DLC and Updates coming, much appreciated.

  71. Feb. 14, 3:29am

    strange comments here today!

    PS. hope PD make it work in 2.05

  72. Feb. 14, 3:27am

    Cool. I wonder what new errors this update will bring?!

  73. Feb. 14, 2:29am

    Some of your need to read your own comments outloud to yourself. Girlfriends would be uh…jealous. I’d give Jazz and handshake and tell him how great GT is but that’s it. If he wants to hang out and play some GT, great. But I’m no groupie. I wont be going home with the guy for other reasons.

    • Feb. 14, 2:30am

      Damn you autocorrect. Jazz = Kaz

    • Feb. 14, 2:33am

      lol. I meant a “friendly” Valentine, not “that kind of way”. X.x

    • Feb. 14, 2:47am

      Maybe a little too friendly. Sounded foot-massage-friendly to me. Need to make it sound kick-a**-job-on-GT-friendly.

    • Feb. 14, 11:03am

      A “fan friendly” ^^’ But next time I’ll do what you’d said. :)

  74. Feb. 14, 1:37am

    Some of you GT Planet users make me want to vomit all over the place. You guys should be thanking Kaz for all of these minor tweaks. After about a year, most game companies would stop caring about their masterpieces, but Kaz, on the other hand, still cares about his masterpiece and has even made DLC available to the public. Kaz, thank you for all of these updates and I look forward to more DLC from you and the team of Polyphony Digital!

    MustangCobra95, A LOYAL GT Planet Member

    • Feb. 14, 2:20am

      I agree 100%. Well…about 95%. I’m a loyal GT fan and intend to stay that way as long as it’s around. The naysayers aggravate me as well. Nothing is EVER good enough for them. As for me, I support the game. I’ll buy whatever DLC they put out just to support the game. I feel like it’s an investment towards the bigger and better days ahead.

      My 5%series disagreement comes in as to where I criticize the game. I always say how awesome the game is (I play it roughly every day) but there’s things here n there that I believe need to be heard. To me, its constructive feedback. Afterall, we as consumers are in the market for a product from a producer. If the producer doesn’t aim to make the consumers happy, doesn’t sound like a recipe for money making does it? PD will adapt the game into what we want, so why not through your opinion out there in hopes it’ll be heard. It’s when the d-bag, irrational, eggheads start sayings things that don’t apply to the collective whole that people need to quit b!t¢h!ng. Its the “gimme gimme gimme!!” that need to put a sock in it.

    • Feb. 14, 2:38am

      Like the RUDE yawn brothers from last update and others hating on the updates saying “Give me more give me give me give me more” like song. Yep, I agree too. So boring to hear their complaints… Go go Kazunori and PD. :)

    • Feb. 14, 2:50am

      It aggravates me to see a news update about a fix and ppl start talking about dlc. Where the f did it mention dlc? I didnt see any mention of it. This is a fix. Would you rather deal with a glitch and get dlc? Fix first, dlc later.

    • Feb. 14, 7:05am

      Finally someone who understands, thank u MustangCobra95 for telling me I’m not the only one out there who thinks the same.

    • Feb. 14, 8:33am

      I am a huge fan of the GT franchise but I’m not a fanboy who refuses to admit problems. I love the fact that PD still supports this game and puts out updates making it better and better. The last two updates though have bought more bugs to the online portion of the game. Ever since the last update me and my friends of had a lot of problems with connection issues. Did anyone notice that they messed up the pitting, now changing tires takes two seconds. I just don’t understand how you can say you play every day and be 100% happy with the game. Don’t get me wrong I love this game so much I’m gonna play regardless. There are reasonable complaints in this game (online) and if you don’t have any you just don’t play enough. People complaining about a spec, seasonal events and DLC need to go jump in a lake. I just don’t see how you could want more content over a working game. I guess these people all they do is the ever so boring a spec, they must never get online.That’s sad, there’s nothing like racing a real person bumper-to-bumper without touching.

      Thanks PD for all the support and I hope you get the online Issues fixed this time, as my patience is wearing thin.

    • Feb. 14, 11:09am

      ^ Noo please don’t say fanboy I dislike that word sooo much. But I do hope they fix online, if they do hurray cuz I like playing with friends and others. :) Must not be cocky, you can do Kaz and PD. ;) Thank you very much for support this games, unlike other games. >_>

    • Feb. 14, 5:37pm

      What else do you call people who refuse to admit there are some problems.

    • Feb. 14, 8:17pm

      Uhhh, you call them a. Uhhh….. Shoot… You won this round, but I’ll be back. X( lol Never mind it’ll be hard to come up with one to repleace it… Darn.

  75. Feb. 14, 1:23am

    New seasonals with it please!

  76. Feb. 14, 12:58am

    Can our “valentines car(d)” be that Acura Concept?


    • Feb. 14, 3:35am

      Yyes, I agree. A new valentines day car to show some love to the GT fans. But maybe not the Acura as they probably havn’t modelled the interior yet because the interior hasn’t even been revealed on the real car yet. I was thinking more along the lines of the Subaru BRZ – the Toyota 86’s twin.

  77. Feb. 14, 12:27am

    Would have been SOOO much cooler if we got a new car pack on v-tines day instead :)

  78. Feb. 14, 12:13am

    As Australia is in the middle of Europe we should get it on the 16th : )

    • Feb. 14, 12:14am

      Should put in a Holden ute with a matress in GT5 for Val day

    • Feb. 14, 2:34am

      Yes an ute, but it wouldn’t be very private.

    • Feb. 14, 3:37am

      wishful thinking but we probably wont get it till the 17th since no-one really gives a toss about us NZers and Ozzies.

  79. Feb. 14, 12:11am

    Any chance they might actually get something right for once?

  80. Feb. 13, 11:58pm

    I only expect this to fix the online prize/experience glitch. Nothing more.

  81. Feb. 13, 11:43pm

    All I would love is a standing start option for the top gear test track!

  82. Feb. 13, 11:37pm

    Yeah, I don’t think Valentines has to have romance. You are just so tempted to give your brothers love too. haha. Kaz is a great valentine for anyone. He is such a remarkable guy. My favorite quote from him probably is. “The largest competition is my own competition (own game)”

  83. Feb. 13, 11:36pm

    Whut? They have to release patch to fix patch! This game is over patched.. Why not making a proper patch and fixing shadow/smoke and the photo mode on track when taking a picture of our cars and not obtaining the same result..

    • Feb. 13, 11:37pm

      Could be due to the PS3. T_T

    • Feb. 13, 11:48pm

      shadow and smoke is impossible to solve, the problem is in the engine of the game, and I dont think they are able to fix that with a patch

    • Feb. 13, 11:51pm

      Its the lack of ram. Thats why theres shadows everywhere

    • Feb. 14, 12:14am


    • Feb. 14, 5:56am

      congrats gran turismo 5: you’ve been PATCHZONED!

  84. Feb. 13, 11:33pm

    Aww, this is the most wonderful news I have ever seen and read. :’) Kaz and PD are the best people on earth. They really know and show love in their hearts to their fans. They’re the best ever. :D For the first time ever, I actually can’t wait for valentines because Kazunori is my valentine. :) I wish I can gift him something really special. “thumbs up”

    • Feb. 14, 12:19am

      What’s up with you dude? Going for the worlds greatest Kaz/PD cheerleader award?

    • Feb. 14, 12:21am

      I didn’t quite catch that… I know I’m famous and all. ^_^

    • Feb. 14, 4:23am

      famous as what ? ……….

    • Feb. 14, 10:56am

      ^ You see. There was these two guys hating on for no reason, then using me as an example. Because they were so jealous of me, I felt like a star. :) My name was getting puttin in sentences, so I thought “hey, if they complaining about me, then I’m a star.” Anyway I don’t want to go off topic, lets stick with the newest news. ;)

    • Feb. 14, 9:29pm

      After being offline for a while and noticing your comments in every post and in most of the so called “haters” comments, it has come to my attention you sir are a true “little kid fanboy”. Not only do you assault verbally all who appose Kaz’s “vision” but insult them in the most sarcastic way. Making you an obnoxious little fanboy. Defend your beloved game with matureness and not sarcastic responses. I’m not angry, just disappointed in seeing people like you try to paint a rainbow over this game to cover its flaws and errors. People need to leave feedback, correcting or stating all that they feel is bad in order for the developer to know what to fix.

      Have a nice day!

    • Feb. 14, 10:08pm

      ^ That’s why theres a section called, *Feedback* my friend I never go in there if you haven’t noticed. Even though I know you won’t come back to replying my comment, it just makes me sad to say. You are to disappointed for your own good. I will never want to be a, so called *fanboy* you speak of. I was just trying to help, but I guess that wasn’t enough. And now you’re trying to walk away with ease by saying, *Have a nice day!* for writing something intelligent to bring me down. *Poohoo*

      Oh well I guess I’m the bad disappointing *fanboy* now which I wasn’t trying to be… It makes want to cry, Poohohoo…
      Now can we PLEEEEASE go back on topic, you are ruining the pleasure of all of us here feeling happy including ME THE STAR for this *fantastic news*! Humph…

    • Feb. 17, 10:57pm

      Please go back to school or slap your English teacher and correct that terrible grammar of yours. I am a person who only comments on GTPlanet’s , stories when I spot idiots or uneducated morons trying to mock others because they disagree with their point of view. I understand you love this game very much, but please admit that patching the game up is not going to cover the fact that it is never going to be what everyone expected. That there will always be someone who is always complaining, yes. This will be my final reply in an attempt to inform you that I am not the enemy, but in fact a fellow GT5 fan. Furthermore I would like to tell you that I do not mind fans, but I despise “extremists” or anyone who tries to shove their perspective down someone else’s throat.

  85. Feb. 13, 11:32pm

    this better fix my g27 having little feedback and no grip. just updated and the game is unplayable

    • Feb. 14, 5:57am

      turn off the active steering in the wheel settings and maybe adjust the ffb strength…

  86. Feb. 13, 11:29pm

    and no more DLCs announcement… what difference does it make, another DLC, another GT-R, I want more british cars, more american cars, no more japanese cars, i’m starting to hate Nissan hahaha, hope that update comes for better

    • Feb. 13, 11:34pm

      you shouldn’t hate Nissan because they have so many cars in Gran Turismo. Gran Turismo was directly involved in the development, so think about how much they’d love the car.

    • Feb. 13, 11:41pm

      I joking about that, i just think that GT doesn’t need more Nissans than already have, thats all, what I really want in GT5 is Bentleys, Continental, Arnage, cars like that, luxury cars

    • Feb. 13, 11:42pm

      I was joking*

    • Feb. 13, 11:56pm

      I know me too. I would love new U.S. Cars like old muscle and new ones. I.E. GT500 ZL1 392 Chsllenger Nova Dart Demon Vega Trans Am GTO etc.

    • Feb. 14, 12:19am

      ^ This is a valentine update, not DLC. ;(

  87. Feb. 13, 11:26pm

    Kaz is my Valentine?? Yay!! I shall give him a box of chocolates shaped like GTR’s

    • Feb. 14, 9:53am


  88. Feb. 13, 11:23pm

    cool, hey at least they put effort into maintaining their games. That’s why ya gotta love Kaz and PD! They know how to treat their fans! :D Keep up the good work PD! (And maybe show even more love by throwing in some dlc…. * hint hint* lol)

  89. Feb. 13, 11:23pm

    Kaz is my valentine? Lucky me!

  90. Feb. 13, 11:21pm

    I hope they fix the speed test list TWO different users on the same PS3 share the list

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