Gran Turismo 5 Update 2.11 Now Available, Restores Performance Point Values

A new, free update for Gran Turismo 5, version 2.11, is now available to download.

Weighing in at 45MB, its most notable changes sees the restoration of “old” Performance Point values, as they were in version 2.09 of the game (the formula used to calculate the PP number was changed significantly with the release of version 2.10 last month).

Here’s a complete overview of the official change log as published by Polyphony Digital:

  • The performance point (PP) adjustments that were made in the 2.10 update has been cancelled, and returned to the calculation method in 2.09.
  • The automatically selected rain tire type has been adjusted. Please note that this may change the normally recommended tire when entering the pit, and the pit timings of opponent cars during races.
  • Adjusted the autopilot during changing road moisture conditions.
  • Corrected an issue where the game would not boot after the 2.10 update in some cases.

As always, stop by our Gran Turismo 5 forum for more discussion of other undocumented features or tweaks which may be hidden away in 2.11.

GT5 Photomode image by KaanBilge.

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Comments (226)

  1. Troy Andrew


    On the next update, I wish GT5 would allow us gamers to paint all Rally Cars in different colors and even change the stock wheels to other wheels that is available for that car.

    Kind regards.

  2. Roman

    I upgraded to v2.11, everything went fine, then I got a Buick special from a friend, and now when I try to go to the gt mode menu, it loads, blacks out, loads with the gt logo, appears, blacks out, etc. I don’t know why it’s doing this but it has to be the Buick or something. Frustrated that I can’t play gt5

  3. csdesign

    Problems with loading: in GT mode or Arcade, after select the track and car, most of times just hands at GT logo loading..and i have to quit GT to XMB and load again.

    Any solutions? Remove data files from ps3?

  4. TheEzekiel

    PD are idiots…i was doing time trial event after this UPDATE and i had to have nearly 50PP less than others before update…you idiots….ruined my overall rankings….

  5. earfin

    Why i’m still get stuck at gt5 logo (the one before opening video playing) after I update it? I thought that PD had already fix it.

  6. ruabeyo

    Only thing im ticked about is the spa seasonal challenge with the nascar. Before it was 570 pp now the cars shot up to 630. The challenge calls for 570pp. No amount of tuning is going to make up for the pp difference…but still no biggie for me. Maybe they should wait til whatever seasonal is current to close than…update away…my 2cents is all…

  7. Chadwickenstein

    Purchased the race car pack a couple of weeks prior to the update, went to sell off a couple of the cars I didn’t want. I was not able to sell them. Sucks! Payed for them why can I not sell them off. Before the update I was able too.

  8. lldantell

    idk why people is complaining about their ps3 crashing while they are downloading the update because my ps3 didnt crash when i downloaded

    1. smskeeter23

      I think its.likely due to some peoples connection being really bad. I’ve seen people on here post dl times of well over an hour for even small stuff. Mine is a 10m dl so I never have an issue but if it were a bad 56k or something I could see it happen.

  9. MLRSparco

    @infamousphil I’m not sure about the rest of you guys but I’m using a high quality Klipsch surround sound system.I’ve also been around just about every BMW in this game and they certainly don’t sound like that stock or modded,I also find it hilarious that the Forza series has always been on point with car sounds.It takes GT incredibly long to make these games and then when they release it it’s nothing special.I don’t mean to hate on GT5 but there are just to many fanboys and girls who are okay with satisfactory.

    1. SavageEvil

      What are you confusing here my friend? I have FM4 and let me tell you something when you mod most cars in that game they tend to use race car engine exhaust notes for notable engines, but other cars it’s just all the same noise makers. Don’t believe me slap on racing exhaust on any inline 4 and listen to the noise you hear from it, if it’s not a notable engine like the boxer it will have generic race engine sound. The stock vehicle sounds are correct in both games, FM4 plays sound samples back much louder than normal and GT5 goes with muting sounds for whatever reasons. I think the last update also increased the sound output levels as everything sounds louder than before the 2.11 update. You’re comparing different mods to real life mods of which there are many to choose from which cause variations in the sound. Being around cars doesn’t mean much as I’m around a crap load of cars myself and only those special race cars I don’t know since I have never seen a single one of them racing ever. M3 2008 sounds like for like in both games, stock and tuned out…what are you going to say about that? GT5 has issues with the standard car sounds as not all of those engine sounds are genuine at all, but premium cars they are all true to life, just not played at the insane levels you get with FM which sounds pleasing to the ear but can get annoying when all your tuned cars all sound the same.

  10. xiSealHDz

    What the hell? when im trying to install the update,my ps3 just suddenly crashes and restarts itself…what to do?

  11. kn00tcn

    just got gold in the nascar trial post patch, it’s doable for normal people, just have to be careful, check the TT thread (normally i hang around 10-30,000th on all leaderboards with no real tuning, always gold eventually)

  12. MLRSparco

    You know since the release of this game you guys could have redid all the premium cars sounds by now instead of releasing these worthless updates,just saying.

    1. Both Barrels

      There’s nothing amiss with the car sounds. The engine sounds are what you’d hear over the exhaust note in a good number of stock cars, pulling upwards of 7000rpm. You’re not riding on the rear bumper, the pipe shouldn’t always be the loudest thing you hear, especially in a car with all the insulation removed.

    2. cassiusclay99

      Come on Both Barrels, like we never heard any car sound in our life. Seriously mate…loving a game is on e thing, defending it against all evidences is another.

      You are in total denial.

    3. infamousphil

      Think some gamers are tone deaf? I’m afraid sound quality and accuracy is a highly subjective matter.

      We got players out there playing with sound systems ranging from HiFi quality to speakers from a tube TV.

  13. SunsetSailor

    I don’t agree with Nelson or RealTest at all.

    I hate that i have to try to tune cars when i don’t know what i’m doing. I understand the physics of weight distribution and traction, so i i know how to drive properly. But i don’t know the first thing about what how the engine, etc works.

    I’d like to see no tuning whatsoever in GT6. This way, it would down to driver-skill alone. I’m a racing driver, not a bloody mechanic!

    1. Quakebass

      No, because a major part of all racing is setting up your car for a specific track. If you use a racing car, it won’t be perfectly set for a given circuit – you’ll need to adjust the LSD, transmission, and sometimes suspension to get the best handling and speed range for your car. If you don’t understand how to do this, do some research in GT5’s performance instructions. I learned all about oversteer and under steer and how to tune purely from this.

    2. SunsetSailor

      Yeah, what i’d really like to see is the abilitity to RM any car. All associated tuning taken care of automatically when you RM.
      When i RMed my ZR1, it became one of my favourite cars. No need to tune it whatsoever. It’s full-on wicked! :)
      However, there are so many other cars i wish i could RM, but the game won’t let me. The 458 Italia, for example.

    3. MeanElf

      I know what you mean about the tuning. Some other games have pre-set tunes for each track, though you can alter these also to suit your own style. That would be a happy option for both sides of the argument – that or a non-tuned mode option wherin tuning is disabled, tyres set to the norm and interior cam enforced for those who want to test their skills online.

    4. 05XR8

      You can learn everything about cars by watching Best Motoring(BMI) and Hot Version videos. The early videos are dubbed in English and the later ones have English subtitles. Everything from The Drift Bible to V-Tec Club. It breaks it down for the everyday person who loves the automobile. It’s real world fun and real crashes and real drivers who have come from the streets and made it as professional racing drivers/tuning shop owners. Even if you still don’t understand what’s going on, pay attention to the numbers when they show the various car suspension settings(F 16kg, R 18kg for example), horsepower ratings, transmission gear ratios, etc. use those numbers and practice setting up the same type of car to the ones on the video as a base.

    5. Steph290

      So because you don’t want to take some time to learn a topic, you would like to see tuning simplified to the point of presets. Sounds pretty immature, even tho I know you are not the only one. The game is geared towards an older audience for auto enthusiasts. And remember, every Race-car driver is a mechanic because they have to know what’s going on in their cars As far as suspension, transmission, and engines, in order to relay info to his pit crew. That’s how it is in real life. It really isn’t that hard to read up and learn. I did, and I’ve acquired much.

    6. MeanElf

      Yeah, and at 54 I’m the immature one ;)

      Your logic is good only to a certain point Steph – not everyone here is a car fan. I just enjoy the game and driving cars around. I don’t drive IRL, never have, nor is that likely to happen now. That is why I said it would be nice to have the option, as other games do.

      I did not say that the tuning needed to go that route only, just that the additional option would be nice for those of us who haven’t a clue about it.

      Nice call 05XR8 – I might well give those a look up.

    7. Steph290

      @Quakebass – Correction noted since I myself started GT1 when I was 7.
      @MeanElf – I actually meant to reply to SunsetSailors remark at removing tuning altogether, noticeable as I moved back to the mechanic reference. Guess I was reading too much at once. (Feelin a bit embarrassed) But, dude learn up on tuning through either programs like 05XR8 recommended or through online articles or Tuner magazines. I would also recommend a fellow YouTube engineer who explains certain car systems pretty well. His channel is called Engineering Explained. Check it out.

    8. SunsetSailor

      Steph, you make it sound so easy. I downloaded a complete explanation on tuning. It was 80 pages and my mind mind was boggled at page 2!
      It’s no fun being non-competitive when racing online, simply because others know to tune. It puts me at an unfair disadvantage. That said, what i’m really sick of is those who do know how to tune looking down at me because i don’t! :(

    9. SavageEvil

      Worst post yet, who cares if you aren’t a bloody mechanic…millions of players of these games sure as hell aren’t. Just because you’re too lazy to put some effort into tuning your car to be competitive doesn’t mean the rest of us should suffer because of you. PD can stick in a quick tune setting for the uninitiated like yourself but to remove tuning would be complete nonsense, why do you think people played GT in the first place, to grab a daily driver and win races then tune it up to go against better more powerful autos. If you don’t understand why tuning is in GT then you are playing the wrong damn game, there are many others that do just what you want, NFS Most Wanted the newest one does just that. No tuning necessary just upgrades and drive.
      No one said you needed to be a mechanic but your shortsighted idea is just nuts, makes no sense and would actually set this game back into the stone age of NFS II where you just grabbed a car and drove and when you weren’t fast enough, get a faster car all the player added ingenuity of squeezing that very last bit of performance out of your favorite car is mooted. In case you didn’t know GT5 also has force tunes off option, if you actually care to look for in online lobbies or make your own room so you can drive stock vehicles to your hearts content. There are lots of people who actually just look for tunes and use those and others who actually dig deeper and trying to figure out even more and become better at tuning and driving alike.

  14. TeamCZRRacing

    To anybody who’s having trouble updating because the PS3 keeps restarting:

    1. Boot up the PS3.
    2. Start the game.
    3. When it asks you to update, CANCEL IT.
    4. During the game’s startup sequence, the game will ask you if you would like to sign in the the PlayStation Network. Hit “Yes.”
    5. You will be brought back to the same screen asking you to update your game. This time, go through with the update. The game should update fine and restart when done.

    Just thought I’d help. This is how I was able to get my game updated. :)

    1. bigburt82

      And if you have PlayStation Plus, change the update time and turn your console off so that it installs the patch automatically for you.

  15. panjandrum

    I haven’t played online in quite a while now (I gave up on that during the dual-physics era and just can’t seem to get back into it even though that bug is finally fixed). One of my biggest problems is that tires aren’t included in the PP calculations, which means that everyone simply has to run the softest allowed compound. I generally prefer harder compound tires, so it’s difficult for me to find online races I’ll enjoy (unless I make them myself). For a short time tire compounds were included, and then they weren’t IIRC? Does this update fix things so that tire compound is again taken into consideration?

    1. kleefton

      No it doesnt. I think the original pp system back a few years ago took tyre compound into consideration.
      But it didnt work well. I think they are struggling to find the right formula to make cars perform evenly. I think it is fair now. You can always restrict tires so thats not an iasue.

    2. MeanElf

      Join a group that races online regularly – most of them appreciate the virtue of challenge, ergo: hard tyres and sports compounds – plus you are generally clear of the usual numpties that enjoy crashing peoiple out.

  16. realtest

    Gt5 is about tuning. If you can’t figure out how to tune your car for online racing you will not win. The game rewards you for hours of on track tuning to get your car and yourself the fatstest time on that
    track. Learn to tune and the game changes for you. If a car seems to fast thats because it is. You can’t slow down a
    LFA or M3 GtR Viper etc.. it would be doing those cars an injustice because of how fast they really are. The pp is there so other slower cars can keep up and its a more “even race” but you still have to drive like you stole it.

  17. kleefton

    Thank you pd!!!
    It doesnt take a mad scientist to know that 2.10 was a broken update
    You cAnt have cars that can trap 20mph more in the same pp level,
    Im so glad they fixed it!!!!

  18. GT5-0Km

    I dont agree…
    I think they are joking with us… because this way we wont be able
    to choose and prepare the settings of our best Cars to run Online.


    1. Wanderlust2000

      I think ppl read too much into PP. Its ONLY A GENERALIZATON. You cant just tune a car and watch the PP change, and think ‘THats It’. There a whooole lot more to it. Car/ track combo, drivetrain/susp tuning, driving method…. Camber, gearing, LSD, clutches, etc all effect Performance in a given scenario, but not PP. Besides, if they make all cars precisely equal, then whats the point of choosing a car? You would would then just choose a PP, no matter the chassis it attached to… PP’s only intent is to give a quick, convenient, variable way to set up races with SIMILAR (not identical) classes of cars. Once you cross over too large a difference in car type, PP doesnt (and shouldnt) mean much. Just look at the PP of your go-karts… would you really want to race one against a Toyota 86? At Kart Space, you will probably win in a kart… at Lemans…..hmmm…. there’s no PP fix for that!

  19. SavageEvil

    Not sure but many people don’t seem to understand the weight of this cancellation. You who praise this love regression, this revert sends the game back to NSX, M3 only races for the 500-570PP. Losing grip rating inclusion in the calculations is a bigger issue than anything else. Now you have cars who have power but can’t actual handle worth a damn but have the same PP as other cars which will out handle, out accelerate it how is this progression? PD should have included the tires in the PP calculations or reduce the grip on those tires(it’s just too damn high).
    2.10 was the best addition to the PP calculations as you actually were penalized for excessive power as you have less grip and handling is adversely affected, longer braking distances.
    I fired up my game this morning and was greeted by insane PP values, cars jumped nearly 50 PP and aren’t competitive no matter where you put them now because grip is voided, so if you car handles terrible by nature it isn’t calculated so your power and aero are the only things to go on. This is just bad, no idea how anyone can champion this regression at all. Now the wider field of competitive cars is back to this severely limited set of cars once again. Cheers, hope GT 6 really doesn’t have this issue and has a great number of variables to best convey PP calculations, this is just sorry to even have to go back to.

  20. Z Crazy

    I think they may be attacking this problem wrong. To most people there are only a few cars that seem too fast, simple solution is adjust those few cars (LFA, NSX, Elise, M3 CSL & GTR).

    1. emanuelmelo

      I agree with your approach. I think they should try to fix the PP of certain cars, instead of the entire calculation system. But I don’t believe the NSX, Elise, M3 CSL & GTR are the case. In limited PP races, those cars usually are underpowered when compared with others. Their advantage is in the handling, so it is up to the player to extract the best of them in the corners. The one that bugs me is the LFA. I usually race in 500 and 550pp races, and I don’t understant how a car with a good chassis, downforce and mechanics can be allowed to race with so much power in those pp limited races.

    2. Neilson248

      no matter what the regulations are there are always going to be some cars that are stronger than others so I’m not really sure why everyone is so surprised by the fact that engineering masterpieces such as the nsx, m3s, elises and so forth are faster than the others… its just the way it goes but there are some other cars out there that can compete to a certain level such as the c5 04 corvette for example.

      The main problem people are having is their own tuning skills… thats what really makes the difference… there are so many cars that are capable of winning races if people just learn how to tune, thats one of the best things about gt… I bet most people who are complaining have no idea how to get their cars to go fast so they blame it on the PP… learn the game people GT5 with the pre-2.10 pp calculations is awesome…

    3. Steph290

      @Neilson248 – I give you a gold medal sir. I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Some friends and I tuned a Legacy SpecB GT to out perform the premium Imprezas. There are several cars that can beat the above cars if people took the time to learn how to tune seconds off their lap, and it’s the tuning that keeps GT challenging. +1 my friend…+1

    4. Neilson248

      @steph290 – I was once frustrated by the game myself – when I had no idea what tuning was about… but once you start to understand tuning, its beautiful… its so addictive and fun when you can tune a car like the legacy specb gt or skyline gtr to a point where, if you drive the wheels off of it, you can beat faster cars… but thats just human nature isnt it… when people dont understand something, they criticize it instead of criticizing themselves… gt is obviously way too smart for most of the gt community

    5. Neilson248

      ok last post… if PD ever reads these messages I would like to personally thank them for the masterpiece that is the GRAN TURISMO series… GT5 is so good and has so much depth that unfortunately most of the people playing want a pick-me-up and play game like need for speed which means they have no idea whats going on in GT… they cant appreciate the fact that gt can teach you tuning and driving skills that no other GAME on any console can… GT5 is in a league of its own in console terms and not too far behind the very best sims in the world and its not perfect but it is still an incredible piece of work that actually takes a bit of thinking, learning and practicing to enjoy and appreciate.

    6. Quakebass

      The problem I have is that the AI isn’t competitive enough – its much easier to set up a good offline race than one online, but then no one is competitive. I wish there was at least a way to set AI cars to be lower, equal, or higher pp than you. It would save PD (although I still think they need to work on it) time working on AI algorithming, while giving the consumers a better product.

      I feel like there’s so much more PD could’ve easily done to make GT5 a better game despite how unfinished it was. That’s what disappoints me most.

      Other than that, PD did a great job, as always. And I completely agree with what you’ve said about tuning in GT5. I didn’t expect to learn so much about transmissions, LSDs, and suspension just from the few paragraphs of text in the tuning instructions.

    7. Steph290

      As far as the AI, I wish they would lower the proximity before the AI cars slow down, cause them to shift their line slightly, and just let off the gas, not use the brakes. If they waited till you get side by side it wouldn’t be as bad, but as it is now as long as you’re within about a car length with a certain approaching speed the AI will keep its line and hit the brakes causing us to rear end them. The code can be written, I don’t see why they haven’t added it and set a higher difficulty level for pros?

  21. Progress823

    I was expecting a fix to regulate pp, hp and torque all at the same time…..I guess that was wishful thinking on my part.

  22. yudge2k

    Nobody ever noticed that when you start a race with weather change (Suzuka 1000km) at the begining while the cars are loading the weather is raining and when you start the race the weather as changed… Is it just me or it is the same for you ?? PD Please fix this problem its frustrating to start a race with rain tires when it’s sunny on the track or the other way around…

    1. MeanElf

      It’s always been that way if you don’t wait for the names of the other drivers to load first. It’ll say 100% rain or somesuch but change to whatever the game has chosen once the track has completed loading. Just be patient and then select your tyres before starting the race.

  23. ChevyFan1912

    Well I have updated. The first time I tried it said it got stuck on the “please wait” screen, then the PS3 went beep beep beep, and then reset. Second attempt was successful. No looping. I am able to join online with no issues.

  24. Umbra344

    The butt-hurt in here is absolutely incredible. I don’t see anything to complain about unlike some of the people around. I am very glad they took back the PP changes they made before, some cars even seem higher in PP than they originally were before the 2.10 patch. I haven’t encountered a single bug or glitch with any of these patches… Even that looping bug that I’ve heard so much about, they tried so hard to fix that too.

    I’m interested in the pit-stop changes they made and I’m grateful for these updates.

  25. SunsetSailor

    I for one am glad they’ve restored PP back to the way it was.
    However, i know someone who was so angry that they had ruined his Weider that he rang up sony demanding his $1.75 be refunded!h
    He’s yet to come online but when he does he’s going to go off his nut. You see, he threw out the old tuned in disgust. :x
    personally though, i couldn’ care less about the DLCs. I hate that there is any DLCs. They should all be free in my opinion and i refuse to get any

    I’m more interested in the change to pitstops in weather-changing conditions. Indeed, sometimes the tyres the game advises to change to is down-right loudicrous!? Guess i’ll do one of the endurance races again to find out.

    And yeah, thank you for this update, PD. Unlike some, i do appreciate your efforts. Cheers.

  26. ChevyFan1912

    I will be updating in about 45 minutes, I will report here as to how things went. I am still using my original game data and have never had issues with updating.

  27. BkS

    ANYONE ELSE HAVING ISSUES GETTING ONLINE? My PS3 seems to crash if even go near a lobby. Everything was fine until I updated. :(

    I’ve now been plagued by the ever feared “PD BROKE MY GT5!!!” bug.

    1. BkS

      I’ve reset mines, still can’t get online. It’s just freezing my PS3, and Nurburg 24hours had NO TEXTURES at all. :\

      Uploading a video to YouTube as I write this, so I can show the world. (The joys…)

  28. leeson

    Wow isn’t it funny how most of PD’s “updates” are just (often unsuccessful) attempts to fix what the last update broke?

    As a game developer, they’re on the verge of pathetic.

    1. e30 freek

      Wheras other developers wouldnt even make an effort to fix it atleast PD make that effort even with their small numbers

    2. SCER

      if you feel that way leeson, then please, i implore you, find a game that isn’t made by ‘pathetic developers and enjoy it. some people are really pathetic.

      if you think pd is so pathetic, please tell us about the game which you developed that was one of the best selling console games in existence for twenty one years.

    1. BkS

      Yep, I can’t get online now. Taking forever to load, and then crashes my PS3. Need to hard power-off at the mains to reboot the thing. So no GT5 online for me, even though everything else works fine.

      It’s pathetic -___-

  29. classicpark

    Same Here
    Mine won’t update… it gets to “please wait…” then the entire system restarts… Three times now…
    after ignore the update and entering GT5 when loading the update message dit come back again and then pfffffffffff final it works

  30. JeremiahTB

    Let’s assume that GT5 is going receive some new content before the next game is released. This recent downtime could have seen a bunch of new assets loaded in on Sony’s end. Obviously nothing has been officially announced, but it has been said that DLC will come about every month. That has not been the case, but I’d guess that we will see some soon as they TRY to catch up. I don’t think they would be tinkering with the game this much if they didn’t have things up their sleeves to make some money on GT5 in the near future.

    1. leeson

      Doubt it. They said DLC once a month, and that hasn’t been anywhere near accurate. They said well over a year ago that a GT Driver’s Club (or something similar) was coming to the game, and never mentioned again. Let’s not forget the whole release date fiasco in the beginning. I think, if anything, when PD says they are going to do something, you can be SURE that it WON’T happen.

    2. Quakebass

      *TWO months, and it wasn’t steadfast. That was a statement by Kaz stating that that’s how often he’d LIKE to get DLC out.

      There were no promises ever made, which is what’s bothering me. Everyone is getting disappointed because they think things were “promised” to come, and get nothing or very little.

    3. TokoTurismo

      ^ I know right? Those people like @leeson just need to stop and get over themselves. Kaz hasn’t promised NOTHING so why keep think he has? Honestly…

  31. BHalpen

    Would have been nice if Today we could have had any of the old GT4 tracks we’ve seen used in promo videos for the Stingray Prototype. But to be honest with 3 seperate maintenance days and hours spent I’m really surprised they needed so much time just to undo the PP at an update size of only 45mb. What I was really expecting to see was at least the NSX Acura.

  32. Darren

    PD vand Kaz,

    what GT5 really needs is more filters. This means you create more combinations of the tools at your disposal. Engine size restriction, suspension , transmission and LSD should be isolated in filters. Think of the different cars that would come into play if this were possible. You could ad aero only with stock mechanics or vise versa. It’s a trick that PD missed big time and it would have made the game much more appealing because they would not have needed to resort to gimmickry to make an already good game more exciting. In terms of longevity it would have given this game twice ad much.

    1. fordskydog

      THIS! I honestly don’t understand why we don’t have that now. Seems like it would be simple to implement, and it really is a necessary tool when the game has over a thousand cars, and probably infinite tunes. This would make finding a good room much easier, and quicker to the starting line.

    2. Quakebass

      YES! I agree! Every part should have a filter on it.

      And to add to this, it would be nice if AI could actually use performance parts and aero kits… It could give more variety to which cars you face, potentially tone down the “chase the rabbit” problem, and give more relevant to the part filter option in the process.

  33. carfreak13

    I put 7 bucks aside for possible new DLC for this game. I dont get money on PSN very often. Anybody think i should save it just to be safe?

    1. hobanator24

      I would. I’m glad there was no dlc, because I only have 85 cents on my PSN. Hopefully, I get some more money befor they release anything

  34. Hentis

    I see the usual band of malcontents are moaning yet again. No DLC was mentioned or promised get over it.
    Also to the people saying the game is sat on the shelf, off you go what are you doing hanging around here? Don’t let the door knob hit you in the arse on the way out!!

    People complaining that they’ve rolled the PP back to their original values. Well that’s a good thing surely as most of the moaners complaining about the PP update are now moaning that the PP has been reset to its original values. Also the black screen big has been fixed (not a lot) tha is for that going round. They tried something and it didn’t work, they’ve reset it back to its original state. Well done PD.
    As to future DLC and updates. I think you should brace yourself for the fact that we are not going to get many more. If that is the case then just deal with it and move on.

    1. steebz

      I wasn’t expecting any DLC. I was hoping for it but deep down I knew it wouldn’t happen. (Check previous threads)

      What about the hacked cars? Have they fixed that? Doesn’t look like it. That’s what 2.11 should have done. That is a major issue for me because It is cheating

    2. SunsetSailor

      My thoughts exactly.
      PD gets criticized for not listening to their consumers, then when they do, they still suffer complaints.
      They’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t!?
      Such ungrateful people are just impossible to please!

    3. fordskydog

      I think the malcontents and screwabouts are finally leaving. The past few days have seen some excellent racing online for me. Was in a jgt500 room, 13 laps i think at Monza. Full room, about 12 or 15 cars. EVERY CAR made it through the chicane on lap one. It was amazing. I think that has to be some kind of Guiness record. Just in general over the past couple days the racing has been clean and close. So much fun. You figure one out of ten might be good, but this has been great. Hope update doesn’t break my online play…

      Anyway, let ’em bitch. Hope they go away.

  35. Cote Dazur

    I have the pleasure of driving in a PP proof league , so pre or post update PP did not change anyhting to my life.
    I am still amazed that after the change, last update, most every one was upset, so I was expecting very positive comments since PD put it back the way it was, but no, a lot of post are still negative, truly amazing.

    1. leeson

      I think it’s because by reverting to the old PP system, they are admitting they screwed up with update 2.10. If they stood by the changes they made and explained why they were better, that would have been the right thing to do.
      They needed to prove that there was actual thought and method to the revamped system, not just say “OOPS!” and scrap the whole thing.

  36. steebz

    Haha goodbye GT5 its been fun but the time has come to move on. PD is just a hype machine now. Go and buy your PS4s when they come out and then come on here and moan about it when GT6 flops

    1. MeanElf

      An awful lot of assumption there based on one game’s track record…and it is just one game that apparently failed to meet all and sundrys’ expectaions (a difficult task in itself.) So why should GT6 flop?

      For a ‘hype-machine’ PD is still turning out updates and patches. Okay, the last one didn’t work out for a lot of people, so it’s been reset, possibly pending a new fix. That’s hardly an action taken by a hype-machine.

      And why submit a reply to your own post? I’m baffled…and awake this time :)

  37. snoopybg

    Haha, 2 years later and this game is still so broken.And just when I think how hyped I was when it was released… It has been collecting dust for months. Great sim, terrible game.

  38. GranTorino91

    And another patch that does nothing …

    Yamauchi ARRANGES arcade mode NOW!

    Add all cars in Arcade
    added more options in Arcade Mode!!!!

  39. Lambob

    I discovered and gave time to cars during 2.10, that would have remained collecting dust in the garage. Perhaps that was the biggest intent Kaz had for us, to drive a greater % of available cars in the game. I could be totally wrong, no matter, tomorrow is another day.

  40. VBR

    “•The performance point (PP) adjustments that were made in the 2.10 update has been cancelled, and returned to the calculation method in 2.09.”

    Now, if they rolled back the AI to GT5 Prologue’s, they’d be onto a winner.

  41. Milouse

    “The performance point (PP) adjustments that were made in the 2.10 update has been cancelled, and returned to the calculation method in 2.09.”

    1. infamousphil

      Good thing I didn’t delete my pp based tuned on Sheet A. Sheet C is for hp/kg based tunes and Sheet B is used for online (room) adjustments. Glad I was thinking ahead.

  42. Andyc709292

    Sigh. I’d not long updated all my league ready 500pp cars to comply, including irrecoverable tuning updates. I’ll have to go out and buy a load more cars now… oh wait, that’s not so bad.

    Anyway, on balance, a good thing for my league. Thanks Polophony

    1. ScotteDawg

      Overall, an up-date is just that – an up-date. Things are NOT worse for it though things aren’t much better either!

      All the people having a winge about it can just go DIAF… (Not you Andy)

      And with only $20m being the maximum we can have, buying more cars keeps us interested in the game!

  43. Steph290

    I’m so glad the PowerPoint issue has been resolved. A lot of good racers went on hiatus when 2.10 dropped, including myself. I’m certainly not disappointed that there were no DLC from this, but then that’s because I was smart enough not to hype myself up with unnecessary speculation. For those who believe 2.10 was somehow better, I say get to tuning, there in lies the challenge. And for those looking for DLC, I say wait a little longer, dont be so anxious, and it’ll come in it’s time.

  44. kollosson

    I understand how people can be frustrated at the lack of DLC, funny thing is we would all dearly part with our cash for new tracks/cars in the blink of an eye but we have no idea what PD are up to, so its a little unfair to rip into them cos i’m sure one thing is certain, Kaz will not want to release GT6 ‘ unfinished ‘ like GT5 . GT5 is still an amazing game even with all the little niggles but lets not forget the perfect track record before that, the high point being GT4 which can only be described as pure genius, i can’t think of any other game ever that used last gen assets that shows how awesome GT4 was. I think PD/Kaz will be making sure that GT6 is the real deal. What would you rather have, DLC for GT5 or GT6 being the best GT/racing game ever?
    Hopefully PD/Kaz have listened to the fans on this site and taken notes, we know that there will be an awesome car list in GT6, i think the important for me is tracks, we need as many if not ‘ all ‘ the classic tracks back, thats what will seal the deal for me : )

    1. mcalva98

      That would be awsome to see red rock valley, Tahiti circuits grindlewald, etc. if they did that it would be the best game ever!!!!!

  45. Flying Scots

    Deeply disappointed.
    In the last four months, the only machines made ​​by PD were 2 prototypes Chevrolet, which can not be tuned.
    If we talk of the tracks, things are even worse; Motegi was released last summer …
    It would be good to be part of PD, not to release updates, which are then corrected by other updates, but to give us a decent car and track pack, at least once every 3 months.
    I do not think GT6 is just around the corner, and the competitors begins to be fierce. If PD wants to maintain his group of affectionate, release content worthy of being purchased.
    Yamauchi has a duty to do so. Gran Turismo is not a simple car racing game, is the ancestor of driving simulators, and I think it is a duty on his part and PD, keep the game updated and rich in extra content.

    1. infamousphil

      Ummm, I hope they aren’t planning to charge us for any more DLC. I am totally content with the cars and circuits we got free of charge.

      BTW, did they just charge us for an non-tunable C7 dlc? Cain’t remember…?

  46. infamousphil

    Hey PD… Kaz… I know you guys are busy but please hear me out.

    I think it’s way past time you guys stop rushing perfection. The error of your ways have been evident since GT5’s release to the public. Two different quality (graphically) types of cars, circuits with holes in their barriers, the failure properly categorize your entire carlist as a whole unit… The list goes on and on.

    Do yourselves and your loyal fans a favor. Before you release GT6. Wake up and know that no one is perfect. Know that you know what you want to produce for your fans. Look at your product… as in the big picture. Know where you want to expand in that big picture and leave room to expand in that area. And finally, leave it at that. The less time you spend fixing your imperfect godzilla the more time you’ll have to enjoy the laborious efforts on the following GT installments.

    My fellow GT playas… God loves you. I truly understand your frustrations and I thank GTPlanet for giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts on… loosing our favorite game.

    Question?… Or a thought…? If GT5 had gone non-patched (as long as it was playable online) after it’s initial release, would we continue to collectively share and enjoy it? Holes in the circuits, outrageous shortcuts, dominating cars, inaccurate sound effects and the rest. I think we would.

    1. ScotteDawg

      Apart from the reference to this God being, the rest of what you said is perfectly correct! Who cares if there are up-dates – they have fixed a lot of stuff!!!

      By the same token, PD do have to take a good look at what they release next in the Gran Turismo franchise. Of course, there will still be patches to repair and expansions to be made, but those things should be able to be implemented without having to download the up-date! They should just come in with the Seasonal Event up-dates.

      However good these up-dates have been, if PD had left it the way it was when it was released, I’d still be playing it!!!

  47. TokoTurismo

    I REALLY hope this is the last update for GT5, PD needs to fully focus on GT6, enough working on this game already. Good job PD, now make GT6 trump GT5 BIG TIME on the PS4.

    1. hairystig

      Kaz days a lot of things that never come to fruition, don’t get you’re hopes up, although I suppose we could be given hints at release titles for ps4 tomorrow. xD

    2. Emmepica

      They cheated me once: I got my ps3 on day one,just waiting for gt5, i got g25 wheel, i bought also pseye for the promised feature that never arrived, and all I got for 30 months was demos and prologue (do you remember how frustrating was prologue after few months!?!?)
      Call me stupid, but I only play Gt and Gta saga so do not enjoy other games.
      I felt the PD behavior really unfair, and if I look at what they served in our dish, I see nothing special, when I was expecting to eat the best sushi in the world.
      What save GT5 in my opinion? Online lobby. Human interaction is the best thing in this game, and I still play GT5 just online. Pd team made it available, but they do not make people behind screens, so they’ve done nothing special.
      My gt5 copy is into my ps3 from launch day, and as of now, after years playing gt5, I can say, it’s a FAIL and they will not cheat me again with next generation of all the stuff needed for gt6

    3. MeanElf

      You can’t blame Son or PD if you only want to play one game, not really. The console was not created just for GT5. As for your points about GT5 and the promise – you’ve played for over two years so far – are there any other games that provide that kind of value for money? A genuine question.

    4. ScotteDawg

      Ok, GT6 is most likely nearly FULLY COMPLETED for the PS4. But as technology advances and the internet changes, up-dates will need to be done!

      Emmepica, I only play GT5 and I got the PS3 one week after it came out! I do NOT feel cheated – it was my decision to get it early. Like most people, I actually KNEW what I was doing…

  48. Eks

    Great to see them giving the people what they want. :]
    I personally had no issues with it, but I kno many others did.

    1. pnbr0014

      yeeessss!!! you just gave me something to be excited about loll.. i didnt even know this existed. hopefully they don’t get lazy on the ps3 development side of things :( like most developers do on cross platform titles..

  49. creati

    I’d guess it was reverted back potentially for new stuff that didn’t fit well with newer pp… Seems funny maintenance before ps4 reveal.

  50. kn00tcn

    um it seems the nascar spa time trial has been made way too hard now, i should have finished it a couple days ago (i did on another account)

  51. Darkpitiless

    Funny how people here still have big hopes. Don’t remember when was the last time i played GT5. Recommend Forza Horizen though it’s arcadish but at least it has million times better car collection, customization and car modding. And yeah it loades zillion times quicker than GT5.

    1. MeanElf

      That’s a different kind of driving game though, so the two don’t really compare. It’s like saying Killzone 3 is better than FEAR 3 – a matter of opinion dependant on what you want out of a game…

      And do we really need another ‘my choice is better than yours…’ post?

    2. Quakebass

      Horizon is a simulator of sorts, just not a “track simulator”. He should be comparing FM4 here, where he’d still kinda be right…

    3. UrieHusky

      I’m going to indulge this off topic chatter.
      Horizon has arcadey handling, simple as. It’s not that it’s “not a track simulator” it’s that it simply doesn’t simulate driving physics as well as even Forza 4 does.

    4. TomBrady

      Forza Horizon is good. Yes it’s a bit more arcadey than Fm4, but I really think that’s the direction forza should go in. honestly, I’ve had a lot of fun with customization in Fm4 and some of the cool cars it has but the physics in that game do absolutely nothing for me.It’s just not realistic enough to make circuit racing interesting enough, even on great tracks like Fujimi Kaido. It’s setup to be a car collection game like GT5 except it doesn’t have the physics to make you want to test more cars. The racing is even more dull than GT5’s AI, and even easier, and it’s only fun once the novelty wears off.

      Horizon however, doesn’t suffer from that. It’s like what TDU 2 should have been, and what TDU 1 updated could be. If Horizon had Fm4s physics it would be even better. Fm4s physics aren’t enough to make it fun on the race tracks but on the open roads where you don’t know the corners, and have to be on your toes completely? It’s perfect for that.

      Microsoft would never allow it because they want to provide an “alternative” to GT for people that only have xbox, but I really think Horizon is a much better direction for Forza because at this point, after the first 4, I really doubt Forza ever intends to or ever will be an accessible sim in the same category as GT

    5. MuoNiuLa

      GT5’s tire model is really lacking compared to FM4’s though, so I disagree about FM4’s physics not being good enough.

    6. tube chaser

      OP: Horizon is so good the sun shines out of its tailpipe. And ermahgerd the online play is amazing – almost as good as FM3’s is at the moment.

  52. Felix79

    At least there are still putting effort into trying to give the gamers a better platform to work with. If the new PP system had so many issues in it, to me it makes sense to go back a step and work on a better solution to role out.

    We all have cars we love and cars we hate for many reasons and when we get beat in our most loved cars, people tend to look at some weirdness with how the game calculates things. Suck it up and move on I say.

    It’s one of the best racing games that you can spend tons of time playing or take a brake and come back to it after a couple of months and still be able to race on a competitive level. It drives me mad when I see people just posting totally Emo negative comments in some vane attempt to seem cool.

    Oh well I better take my own advice and play the game…..

  53. SavageEvil

    Damn the 2.10 calculations were better, they actually accounted for skidpad in the calculations, which is why those stupendous hp cars got lower ratings, now it’s back to the old setting which is actually a step backward. PD can remedy a few problems like that power limiter, only let it go down to about -20% and also lose the permanent upgrades(they suck, forcing you to buy multiple cars). Not sure why they would change the calculations back, they could have added the tire compound to the mix and lower the grip of all tires starting from the sport hards on up. I was expecting advancements not regression, PD why kill adding more variables to PP calculations which allows for better overall understanding of cars and tuning?
    On top of that updates for AI stuff, unless it makes the AI drive more perfect I can care less about AI updates they are all too damn slow.

    PD for GT6, I seriously hope they keep all the tire grades within realistic grip ratings, no point to having sophisticated physics engine and slap on super grip otherworldly tires…that just breaks the immersion watching a bloody Dodge RAM flying down Nur and gripping the road like no tomorrow.

    1. Synapticgap

      I am down with the rollback, since FR cars with the exact same PP as my MR car would just slay me in races after the 2.10 update. I never bothered getting technical about the formula, but the end result was that certain vehicles benefit threw everything out of balance. I (and I’m sure many others) used to feel confident about which car I would choose in a face off with other cars, but after 2.10 that went out the window. I assume too many players complained about this, prompting PD to roll it back.

  54. wnw65

    I wonder if FM4 or Horizon or F1 2012 has so many patches and updates so often? Maybe GT6 and PS4 will be more stable…

    1. Drag Labs 101

      Can’t speak for the F1 but as for FM4 & Horizon.. No. They get quite a bit of dlc but there aren’t numerous patches as there have been over the coarse of GT5.

    2. Quakebass

      Maybe because GT5 was a rushed and unfinished product and has a lot of issues that need fixing? That would explain the “bug fixes”, wouldn’t it…?

      I’m not trying to sound rude, but it’s pretty obvious PD didn’t have time to fully fledge many parts of the game.

    3. m8h3r

      1 update at about 30mb for 2011, 1 update also at around 30mb for 2012. Can’t speak for 2010 though. Never played that one with Internet connection. Update number 21 for GT5.

    4. Drag Labs 101

      @ Quake.. I don’t think you sound rude and I also am not tryin to be rude in asking this… How was 5-6yrs not enough time??? It should have been plenty IMO for PD to have delivered a more complete less glitchy game to us.

  55. UrieHusky

    I do so love how people are “Disappointed”.

    You only have yourselves to blame for reading into a MAINTENANCE and expecting some kind of content to come from it.
    This is gaming 101 people, maintenances are maintenances until told otherwise from the company themselves. Nothing more.

  56. ps3finest

    Well then… I wish to be taught by these wise masters of anti-climax. Only they are capable of such under whelming performance on such a massive scale. ;D

    1. ps3finest

      I suspect I have muddled my point. I expected nor wanted anything from this update (or maintanence) of the online servers, since I don’t play online. I was merely trying to observe that a lot of people from a lot of places were going to be dissapointed. I see how you could have assumed I was complaining, so I will try to be more concise in the future.


  57. forzaturismo

    WHAT THE F….!!!!!!

    1. UrieHusky

      What…? you don’t have to do anything to your cars..

      The PP limit is just for restricting cars so that a Veyron can’t race against an Accord..

      Nobody promised you anything, it’s your own fault for expecting something from a MAINTENANCE.

    2. Drag Labs 101

      Who says its over? Aren’t we supposed to have another maintenance tomorrow?
      Who says that DLC still isn’t possible… I figure it is. Doesn’t mean I expect it.

    3. Drag Labs 101

      @ forzaturismo.. They had originally said last Tuesday & Thursday. Then after Thursday before today’s update.. They said a 3rd round would be this Tuesday. However.. Now that this update is up I’m not seeing that info on the site any longer.

    4. Drag Labs 101

      Look on the news feed here on GTPlanet.. The feb 19th maintenance notice. Today supposedly.. But idk if its happening now after this update.

    5. Drag Labs 101

      Well.. I read it here.. Didn’t see there.. Believe I said that when I looked today I didn’t see anything but the update. Maybe that wasn’t clear idk..

  58. HuskyGT

    Sorry, was there something wrong with the PP? Never noticed.

    No Spec III then. I know they never promised such thing, but oh well… Someday I’ll buy GT6.

    1. HarVee

      Not really, not only is patching quite inconvenient for the end user, but it also only proves how faulty the game is.

    2. Quakebass

      A game shouldn’t need so many BUG FIX updates after release. There’s nothing wrong with new content.

      But it s a good thing PD is trying to fix mistakes, as long as the fixes don’t lead to more issues later on, like rushed games. Or a faulty reconstructed PP system, like what just happened.

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