Gran Turismo 5 Update 2.14 Now Available

July 16th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

A new software update for Gran Turismo 5 has been released, version 2.14. At only 13MB in size, it’s even smaller than version 2.13, and once again appears to “fix minor issues” according to the only documented changes published by Polyphony Digital.

Users in our message boards have noted, however, that some “hacked” car modifications have been removed or reverted. As always, keep an eye on this topic in our forums for more discussion on any undocumented changes to the game as they are discovered.

GT5 Photomode image by hawk2201.

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  1. Aug. 12, 4:29am

    Yea I hack, but when it comes to putting down some laps with people, I run fair and square. It’s best for everyone.

  2. Aug. 4, 4:06pm

    Blocking hacks was a terrible idea. Hosts did more than just a good enough job policing the lobbies. Also hackers generally respected lobbies that said “no hacks”. It brought some life back into an old game that people had stopped playing months ago. Also why even bother blocking the hacks when GT6 was right around the corner anyway?

  3. Jul. 28, 12:51am

    and i keep getting disconnected for no reason

  4. Jul. 28, 12:50am

    gt5 has made a big mistake blocking hacked cars

    • Jul. 29, 3:12am

      I’m sure they haven’t…

    • Jul. 30, 3:17am

      And I’m sure you meant to say PD and not the game they make…

  5. Jul. 23, 3:58pm

    Since this update, playing online is much more unstable, players with lag as never seen before, listen to players while racing with them but without seeing their cars, falling of gameroom for no reason, etc :(

    • Jul. 29, 3:11am

      I actually went online for the first time over the weekend and it was the most stable I’ve ever seen it – twelve on track for 48 laps plus and hour beforehand of general tuning – never a problem the whole time.

  6. Jul. 23, 2:06pm

    So sick of the hacker vs legit racer argument

    So yea people will always find ways to mod games and data,

    You guys are like Ferrari in f1 someone develops a new part that they never thought of, they run to the fia. And say its illegal, pd should enable parts to everyone. Forget the hybrids and we can all have more fun from an old game,

    But I for one was getting sick of tyre smoke everywhere and getting rammed from behind by a cheat

  7. Jul. 21, 6:09am

    Just noticed on b spec that the first lap best lap now counts, fix this pd please

    • Jul. 25, 8:36am

      Not really sure what you are talking about. Could you explain further please.

    • Aug. 4, 3:22am

      …apparently not – just another random blurt then.

  8. Jul. 20, 11:40pm

    The update messed up my game. It freezes on the startup menu where you choose gt or arcade mode. Anyone know how to reinstall or fix it?

  9. Jul. 19, 4:28pm

    Exactly as Mr.Sulu said:::: Maybe they could have given us more improvements in updates, but instead they have had to waste god knows how much time fixing the exploits A-holes like yourself have made against the terms of service. So give yourself a good hard pat on the back. It’s you who is killing GT5, not polyphony.

  10. Jul. 19, 12:34pm

    ”Waaaaah I broke the T&C and now PD is removing their secret parts that were secret for a reason! Why are they doing something they have the right to do?!”

    ^^ Thats how y’all sound like.

  11. Jul. 18, 6:09am

    Well really i thought we were expecting DLC but i really don’t like these minor issue updates because we don’t get anything new from any of the latest updates, i think they should replace this update with something we haven’t got.

    • Jul. 19, 4:35pm

      People rarely expect actual DLC from updates anymore – the excitement level here can lead to think that it might be coming…but that’s all really.

  12. Jul. 18, 5:18am

    What happens when hybrids are part of those “agreed upon” rules? That was already happening online, and a simple filter would have sufficed.

    Obviously the seasonal time trials should have been locked for hybrids. Just a little bit of intelligence goes a long way.
    Love the silly hyperbole, though. TdF, lol.

  13. Jul. 18, 3:03am
    New Yorker

    That’s it. I will now definitely order GT6 as soon as it’s available. I applaud PD’s latest update. Call it whatever you like, doping in the Tour de France, steroids in MLB or “hacking” in GT5 – it’s cheating, pure and simple. And it’s unfair to those of us who compete following the agreed upon rules.

    • Jul. 23, 6:59pm

      Hacks are still around – and the worst ones – the 30,000hp+ cars. I can’t applaud an update that removed parts in the game code and not hacked cars.

  14. Jul. 17, 11:08pm

    Just release gt6 as and update on top of gt5 and be done with it

    • Jul. 17, 11:10pm

      Nope, sorry. No can do. :sly:

    • Jul. 17, 11:11pm

      Dumbest idea yet.

    • Jul. 17, 11:27pm

      Ohhhh burn SaintSaiya haha. XD

  15. Jul. 17, 5:05pm

    I only did the hybrid stuff at its height. once i the first patch came i was” ok, shows over”. deleted the save data, brought back my backed up virgin data, then played like everyone else. All great things must come to a end at some point. Besides once GT6 and GTA 5 are out. the hackers will return, like with cod. The previous installment becomes a hackers paradise.

    But GT5 is just one game in many. I bounce back between my PS3, Gamecube, PS2 and other things. ass long as a games are online, and as a large enough following, their will be hackers. no matter how good the Anti-hack, codes, patches are. Their will be that one person, one group dedicated to breaking the code.

    It doesn’t bug me, why let something so trivial in this life make us mad?

    • Jul. 17, 11:36pm

      Why? Gran Turismo 6 is coming out at the end of the year and Polyphony would probably stop updating Gran Turismo 5. Let Us enjoy hacking Gran Turismo 5 for chris sakes and let people do what they want to do to make the game fun to play.

  16. Jul. 17, 9:05am

    I think since gt6 is almost out let us be us put out 2.15 update restore all the stuff you have taken away put all the parts on the game what’s wrong with having stage 5 turbo stage 5 engine this game is a sinking ship if you keep messing with the hackers they are going to find more loophole find a way around your patches you gt5 community are playing a cat & mouse game I am tired of tuning the same old boing tune cars keep evolving look at the ferrari f70 968 hp & Ferrari f12 730 hp those are innovations to the world they didn’t look & say lets keep it simple slap on a different paint job kick up the price call it something different like pagani zonda!!!!!!!!!!!! Gt5 is like zonda ugly & stupid used to be worth the money but. Not anymore you keep taking everything away what made this game so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jul. 17, 12:35pm

      Holy wall of no punctuation Batman!

    • Jul. 17, 1:52pm

      TL;DR Please

    • Jul. 17, 2:30pm

      The dot on your keyboard. It’s important.

    • Jul. 17, 2:48pm
      Pit Crew

      Even with good punctuation, this OP would make no intelligent amount of sense.

    • Jul. 17, 2:56pm

      This is not a PC game that you can mod to your hearts contentment. Is a console game and use of such is strictly regulated by the creator. By buying and playing the game you’re agreeing to the T&C of the game and that means you’re agreeing that you’ve bought the right to play the game, not become a Jr. Programmer.

      There is virtually NO outcry from the community to let the game be an to return it to its hack-able form. Just an outcry from a very few sore teaty-bebe players who have lost their ability to modify the game to their own purposes – nefarious as those purposes may or may not be.

      As for “challenging” the hacker types and the thinly implied threat there in and with the eminent release of GT6, PD could choose to stop supporting all online aspects of GT5 leaving the game hackers with nothing to do but play with of by themselves.

    • Jul. 17, 4:24pm

      You can still hack, the parts are useless though.

    • Jul. 17, 4:51pm

      Zonda……. Ugly…….WTF. Please man, specsavers please. I give you Zonda R, best track car ever (bar 599XX). Tricolore, special road R painted in italian air force display team colours. Originals juat changed the game and the roadsters where one of the fastest convertibles. Yes they seem the same but each one had either more power, lighter body, no roof, track spec etc.
      and your right, GT5 is like a Zonda……if you look hard enough

    • Jul. 17, 8:25pm

      I’m trying very hard to be civil about it. There is no way PD would do what you are suggesting, it wouldn’t even make any sense. If the patches bother you so much, then you should have stayed at update 2.11.

  17. Jul. 17, 7:23am

    i’m still on 2,11 ;)
    it’s sometimes hard to play alone but i always feel like i really have the freedom ( and luck ) to create crazy cars.
    that is priceless.

  18. Jul. 17, 3:23am

    *comes out of cave with long beard*
    Can I use my drag tunes now? Can I know now that if someone beats me it’s because of legit tuning? And not some hidden parts?? :O

    • Jul. 17, 3:04pm

      if you lose, round everyone up and complain on here so that maybe PD can change the transmission back to being unchangeable like when we first got the game,yea, then that would be AWESOME AND FAIR and we can enjoy this magical real driving simulator

  19. Jul. 17, 3:19am

    It blows me away how bad people’s spelling on this forum, especially with spell check really is???? I have no issues with some of the home skillets on here wanting to look cool or what ever. But FFS and the love of the English language please take a sec to correct your words so that the rest of us can get what you are saying with out having to try and decipher the Da Vinci code.

    • Jul. 17, 3:56am

      Dude remember a lot a posts on here, as with all online forums, are written by folk who don’t use English as their first language. Translators aren’t yet that hot on sentence structure, grammar and punctuation.

      Add to this the amount of bods typing on their cell phones from trains or on buses or quickly trying to bosh out a post on their break. Typos will happen.

      Political correctness and inclusivity boxes ticked.

    • Jul. 17, 4:55am

      hahaha, ok pepps clemency granted to the non English speakers, I understand the ones on trains and buses ect but there are those that are just plain lazy and can’t be bothered

    • Jul. 17, 5:34am

      Well said mr_pepps.

      I learned english from watching TV, so you can not expect me to write correct all the time.

      But i do my best to make myself clear.

      sayba2th you should try and write Dutch.. or french.

      GT Planet is the largest site that gives accurate info.. Lots of other sites come whit crap or they copy from GT Planet and thats why so many foreign come to this site.

      Get used to grammar like this, there are other thing to worry about.

    • Jul. 17, 6:03am

      Even so, there are many here whose primary language is English, who frequently make the their/there, they’re/there or to/too kind of mistakes. A lot of those whose second language is English and regularly post here seem better at that kind of thing. So unfortunatly it’ll be down to the individuals to improve.

      It would make life easier though ;)

    • Jul. 17, 11:19am

      Haha try coming to Scotland. You wouldnt understand the language we based on english never mind people typing the words lol.

      I get what you mean though. Decipher is the word of choice.

    • Jul. 17, 1:22pm

      Potato potato

    • Jul. 17, 2:52pm
      Pit Crew

      Interesting point sayba2th, considering “without” is 1 word. Follow your own advice before correcting folk on their spelling.

    • Jul. 17, 3:00pm

      I’d worry less about spelling if my grammar and sentence structure were as bad as yours.

    • Jul. 17, 3:59pm

      Actually, without is good in original English – having two meanings: without – the outside of something or meaning a lack of something being the shortened version of without that.

    • Jul. 17, 4:23pm

      @tpark103 I’m not irish nor irish descendent.

    • Jul. 17, 7:12pm
      Pit Crew

      Which is fine MeanElf except in the OP he spelled it as 2 words, With Out.

    • Jul. 17, 11:39pm

      Sorry PC – I wasn’t paying attention…again

    • Jul. 19, 11:22pm
      Pit Crew

      All good Mean Elf. We getting old bro lol. :)

    • Jul. 20, 4:36am

      Sadly, that’s true ;)

  20. Jul. 17, 1:35am
    gt5 sucks

    pd should allow hack better yet they should promote them

    • Jul. 17, 3:09am

      are you bored brah?

    • Jul. 17, 10:56am
      Pit Crew

      Promote them for what??

    • Jul. 17, 11:18am
      Ittybitty Stigy

      Apparently you didn’t read the terms/conditions, why are you surprised?

    • Jul. 17, 4:42pm

      Just GTFO,
      Not promote hacks…..why would anyone do that. Companys do allow mods but only with ammended T&Cs but can be uploaded to share. These are personal hidden changes that no one else knows.
      They should just unlock the further modification that they never applied to the final game ie RSS tyres, twin turbos, double clutch etc

  21. Jul. 17, 12:58am

    Polyphony Digital

  22. Jul. 17, 12:54am
    gt5 sucks

    WTF IS PD?

    • Jul. 17, 3:20am

      Puff Daddy

    • Jul. 17, 3:21am

      P Diddy

    • Jul. 17, 3:22am

      Pipe Dream

    • Jul. 17, 3:23am

      Professional Douche

    • Jul. 17, 5:35am

      Personal D…

    • Jul. 17, 6:22am

      Perplexing Debate

    • Jul. 17, 7:32am

      Park , Drive. Gees, it’s no wonder this community is so divided, people rely on hacks, not knowing what an automatic transmission does when it stares at them in the face! ;p

    • Jul. 17, 8:15am

      Police Department

    • Jul. 17, 10:57am
      Pit Crew

      Professional Dimwit

    • Jul. 17, 2:06pm

      Puppy dog

    • Jul. 17, 2:33pm

      Purple dragon

    • Jul. 17, 6:02pm

      Pro Direct

    • Jul. 24, 9:28pm
      Both Barrels

      Pedal Down

  23. Jul. 16, 11:59pm

    Sad thing is I had a 1150hp 3kgt vr4 with a stage 5turbo and it was knocking on a veyrons door.pd u have awoken a sleeping giant.u just don’t know it yet

  24. Jul. 16, 11:04pm

    PD has done it for me. I am canceling my pre-order of GT6. The special parts were already coded in the game PD just chose not to let us have them. I wasn’t happy with the 2.12 update because I could understand the “illegally” modifying the the software though I do miss my hybrids. Why to they continue to do this sneaky s**t when GT6 is just a few months away? Do they seriously think that what they have done is going to encourage people to buy GT6? I for one am not going to buy GT6 until after it comes out so I can see for myself if it is really worth another $60.

    GT6 had better have enough customization to make it worthwile. I have been doing the GT Academy demo and I am not in the least impressed with this so called new physics. Watch a replay of your 370Z when braking and watch the nose dive a good 10 inches or the body roll when taking a turn. Yeah right this sure is real. My SX4 doesn’t pitch and nose dive like the Leaf or the 370 with stock suspension. My 240SX doesn’t roll over or nose drive under braking and it is tricked to the max. So I am done with GT5 for now. I am not holding my breath for GT6 either.

    • Jul. 17, 12:27am

      so the data captured from sensors on real world cars on real wold environments that power the physics is incorrect? Cool story bro tell it again…..I got money down that says it will be in your collection eventually

    • Jul. 17, 3:10am

      *real world environments*

  25. Jul. 16, 10:20pm

    No its for players who want more than the same pitiful skyline everyine else has creative custom cars not a 450 hp riceburner!!!!

  26. Jul. 16, 10:15pm

    So they finally finished killing GT5 geez leave it alone for gods sake the “hacked” parts only bumped the HP no moe than 75bhp making most cars more realistic & better handling a game is suppose to be fun GT5 isnt even fun anymore its like a digital hot wheels collection & if not for photo mode it would be worse & if the driving phisics for 6 arent any different or better then it wont be worth 6 bucks much less 60

    • Jul. 17, 4:26am

      Maybe they could have given us more improvements in updates, but instead they have had to waste god knows how much time fixing the exploits A-holes like yourself have made against the terms of service. So give yourself a good hard pat on the back. It’s you who is killing GT5, not polyphony.

    • Jul. 17, 1:13pm

      +1 MrSulu, +1

    • Jul. 17, 4:02pm

      And yet another breathless (well, I assume so from the lack of punctuation used) comment. You know, you guys getting angry are not furthering your cause by such rants – it doesn’t come across well.

  27. Jul. 16, 9:05pm

    Theirs no point having physics if you don’t stay within the relmse of reality !

    If you don’t do reality well a big black ? Over your car saying modifide?…that’s cool…but stay out the live and seasonal events..what’s the point?

    But better still lets hope fore lot more interchangeable parts..many more make your car unique ..lots more colaberation s with real world manufactures parts and data……I’m hopeing that parts will be a lot less obtainable or a lot more exspencive…lots of wins = lots of money….and the money you spent should be reflected in the car increased value….for being ladgitamently modifide …more traiding. Could of been a lot better in GT5. apart from the duplication over site….but was a well setup system for items gifting and receiving ..if we’re talking reality then why not lets av all of it….the car world means many different and varied things to different people…here’s looking to a much more colourful and varied GT6…

    • Jul. 17, 2:36pm

      I hope English isn’t your first language.

    • Jul. 17, 10:36pm

      Quicksilver….boring….did you learn how to right and forget how to communicate?

    • Jul. 17, 11:46pm

      I think QuikSlvr’s post was very clear and communicated it’s message perfectly – your post on the other hand was close to an illiterate mess. If something is worth saying, at least make the effort to make it understandable.

      Try typing it out in Word first – there’s reasonable grammar built in and it’ll spell check for you – then paste the corrected version.

    • Jul. 18, 9:19am

      I think nothing here is ever worth saying and I doubt either of you found it interesting …because you are boring grammar freaks…when you lift your heads from your schooling you’ll find the world is a colourful and complex place and not the English speaking /righting utopia you think it is… Communication is about understanding as well as being understood…in any made up language …if all you can do is troll around correcting people…then your education was money well waisted …

    • Jul. 18, 1:04pm

      Made up languages are fine, but you need to get your message across fella – that’s my point.

      And as for the world being wider than the English language, yes, I know – I’ve lived in five countries…been about a bit and can speak more than one language.

  28. Jul. 16, 8:48pm

    some of the hacks to me are ok. like the 500hp Hondas are fine because a Honda can actually get that much hp.what do you guys think?

  29. Jul. 16, 8:25pm

    After this stupid update its taking forever to load.

  30. Jul. 16, 8:03pm
    gt5 sucks

    if anyone wants hacked cars dd JDM_Modz666

  31. Jul. 16, 8:00pm
    gt5 sucks

    gt5 need to add new modifications to the game because th rims and the body parts are so old and boaring now. we need more choises for the cars we want to mod or upgarde

    • Jul. 16, 8:09pm

      The game is old now bro, why would they add things like that to GT5 when GT6 is about to come out.

    • Jul. 16, 8:39pm

      500, he’s baiting you check the name, here we see eye to eye ;-)

    • Jul. 16, 10:58pm

      The game was old and boring a year before it was released. It is outdated, boring, bland, and tired. I’d say dead is a good choice of word to use to describe GT in general.

    • Jul. 17, 6:11am

      And here comes BWX again, who apparently has nothing better to do than complain about a game that he has (apparently) long since forsaken. They must have hurt you really badly fella for you to keep coming back on here to check for things to whinge about.

    • Jul. 17, 7:41am

      BWX wants to try and get people to not play GT5 by saying “Oh its boring blah blah blah.” Why does he even care, he said he’s going PC gaming, but yet, he still comes here. This place is so much better when he’s not here whining all the time. He’s a troll who needs to go away and not come back.

      Oh, and love how people say GT5 is dead, when theres people still playing the game. Why are they so stupid? People need to get over themselves and stop hoping GT is dead and crap just because of GT5, so dumn.

    • Jul. 17, 8:43am

      Hah – well the problem must lie with his expectations then, as the PC games are clearly not meeting his requirements either, or he wouldn’t have the time to come here – he’d be playing them…

    • Jul. 17, 9:15am

      ^ Yeah excatly, you’re so right MeanElf. :tup: It’s just funny how not even PC gaming can keep “him” out of GTP. XD

  32. Jul. 16, 6:58pm

    The problems of hacked cars is that the people who use hacked cars dont admit using them they say this is just a ‘tune’ plus they also lie and join lobbies that say plz no hacks. Another thing about hacks is that 99% of the ones I see are ridiculous and fake. Plus the key word of the last sentence was SEE, its easy to see the ridiculous ones but what about the subtle ones you cant see. The problem of hacked cars arent the hacked cars and its not the people who use them its the LIARS that use them. It makes it unrealistic to trust anyone. Even close friends. Ive deleted some people i trusted fully (because they taught me to tune and are legit clean racers but i caught them lieing about using hacked cars). Its ruined online racing almost.

    • Jul. 16, 11:20pm

      Well said. This update keeps the liars out of public lobbies. It is a shame PD did not include proper support for more mods to begin with, but for where GT5 is at right now, it makes sense to prevent all online cheating and banning these cars

    • Jul. 17, 3:30pm

      Come to think of it, why does “BWX” even have a GTPlanet account?

    • Jul. 17, 11:58pm

      Seriously guys…I’ve been playing GT5 since the day it came out and it’s about to see it’s own light when GT6 comes out. I’ve been complaining about rim selection. It’s been the same 10 rim selection since day. Why couldn’t Polyphony kept the rim selection from GT4? They did it with the 800 something standard vehicles. I don’t think the GT4 rim selection would take a bunch of space.

  33. Jul. 16, 6:10pm

    People conplain about removal of “Hacked Cars” but guess they never read the Terms and Conditions then.

  34. Jul. 16, 5:45pm

    The more you hack, the more PD have to spend time and effort fixing gt5 rather than spending time and effort on making gt6 better. So I say let them get on with gt6.

    • Jul. 16, 7:54pm

      It’s going to be so funny when people blame hackers in GT5 for any issues GT6 has.

    • Jul. 16, 8:11pm

      Deedub777 is right, they’ve been dealing with this for like 6 months now when they could very well be doing better things. No hacker is aloud to complain about what they get in GT6, I swear.

    • Jul. 16, 8:43pm

      You guys do realize that software security teams don’t do anything like: model cars, tracks, music, any of that. All they do is security! How would that interfere with GT6? If anything, them trying to fix GT5’s security is nothing but good for GT6.

    • Jul. 16, 11:51pm

      @Bluntifird: I agree, which is why it’s so funny how people think this is affecting GT6 development.

    • Jul. 17, 6:15am

      So you think PD has a software security team? Sony, yes but the game software isn’t theirs which is why updates and DLC need to be tested by Sony before release. Given the size of PD (way smaller than most other dev teams) I’d say that it’s done in-house but not by a special section that has no other function.

  35. Jul. 16, 3:56pm
    Pit Crew

    It’s so unfortunate how the “Hacked” car thing has divided this community, even more then it already was…:(

    • Jul. 17, 3:23am

      Hey PitCrew. No one dislikes hack jobs more than I. But the blame starts with PD for two reasons, imo.

      First are those spec4 mods PD decided not to let us utilize BUT still distributed the mods intact on the disc. Laziness?

      Second is the 50% hp modification that they ALLOW when tuning is “prohibited.” Shouldn’t be allowed at all.

      IDK what they could have done to avoid stuff like engine swaps so I blame the hack jobs for those violations. Would a FWD car gain 1500kg with a V10 engine swap? IDK such things.

      But debate can be a good thing when it’s conducted in a none combative discussion. I am guilty of at least trying to insult the hack jobs in earlier post, but now I don’t bother. Bored and tired of what PD started in the first place, imo.

      Also, if PD repeats the habit of coding parts that are not recognized under the normal filtering process in 6, then we’ll be continuing this debate for the next few years. I get the feeling that PD may be just “moving on” and focusing on 7’s development.

  36. Jul. 16, 3:45pm

    It is software and easy to give everyone exactly what they want! Let them opt into the hacking rooms or out of them. For the purists like myself, there is a simple fix to fair racing; shuffle and no-tuning. I’d just like to see these as filters in the online gaming options. I would like a filter for shuffle, non-tuning, and spec rooms.

    More importantly, make it easier to change from a 300pp or 800pp car to a 525pp car online. It takes A LOT of lame scrolling. What is the result? I miss many races trying to find a car before the next race starts, because the only warning is a skip once the race has started, oh and if I was tuning I lose my current changes as well!

    • Jul. 16, 3:58pm
      Pit Crew

      Tuning can be prohibited. Great option for Spec 1 make events.

    • Jul. 16, 4:40pm

      I know, but the only way to find a non-tuning room now is to read through every room name. I have a regular group of racers, but it is also fun to race people you don’t know, or if you’re racing outside your normal “business” hours. :)

    • Jul. 17, 1:59am

      Ok, I’m involved in a room of racers that does not usually change but, being in an open lobby means that ANYONE can join, so we DO get to race against other people! If they bring out a hacked car, they’re out of the room!!
      I’m an Australian but the vast majority of people I race with are American, Canadian, English or Irish. I work outside of ‘normal’ business hours and this is reflected in my friends list.

    • Jul. 17, 3:27am

      Hey PitCrew. Modified hp IS a tune… or detune, if you prefer ;)

  37. Jul. 16, 3:45pm

    hawk2201 great pic!


  38. Jul. 16, 3:45pm
    The Stig Farmer

    Jordan, T-12, Famine, I have a suggestion; lock the comments section on any news stories concerning “hacking” or whatever you want to call it, it simply brings out the worst in the community…

    • Jul. 16, 3:54pm

      That and “skid recovery”.

    • Jul. 16, 5:46pm

      No it dosent, it brings out Nice Stance cars

    • Jul. 16, 5:47pm

      Before long every article written would disallow commenting for some reason or another, so it’s best we don’t do that.

  39. Jul. 16, 3:35pm

    I am really sick of these updates this game is just like call of duty haha release an update give it about a month and someone will find a way to get around the patches

    • Jul. 16, 4:26pm


  40. Jul. 16, 3:29pm
    Rafael F

    I still can’t find what is so fun about hacking cars on GT. It’s a serious game, on my oppinion hackers are just making such beautiful game look ridiculous at racing comunity.
    Don’t get me wrong but if you want an ultra powerfull car with ultra shining colors you are playing the wrong game.
    I used to love the GT online mode but it’s getting annoying because it’s filled of noobs with hacked cars who are spoiling the driving experience.

    • Jul. 16, 3:50pm

      The fun part is pretty much popping a wheelie in a Daihatsu Midget and going the speed of sound down Mulsanne. Can’t make that sound boring no matter how hard I try. But going online and crash serious races is a whole other cup of tea.

    • Jul. 16, 5:31pm

      I cant understand rediculous hacks like 3000hp civics but lowering the car as a mod is more realistic than what it is the now. The cars hardly go down when lowering normally.

    • Jul. 16, 5:52pm

      That isent wath is fun, the drift car i had was fun, i made a Johan Halvorsson s15 Replica with a 470hp 2jz and Merc SL500 (124R) Chassi, it was not fast, it was a drift car, the smoothest one!

    • Jul. 16, 6:42pm

      hacking is for losers who couldnt win a race online without them

    • Jul. 16, 9:06pm

      Have you played GT5, the worlds most boring driving sim? What do you got. You got a game with the lamest, poorest, worst AI on the planet. You got like 5 events. and like 900 Japanese cars from the late 80’s to early 2000’s. It’s no wonder people have hacked it. Because there’s not much else left, after you’ve bought every car you sort of, kind of like, for what ever reason. After, you’ve raced on-line, off-line, arcade mode, whatever and spent your 20,000,000 over and over. What else is there? Really. What else? Nought, Nada, nothing, zilch, nic, niete, squat, alls ya got left is to start messing with it as best as you know how, and, apparently some are better at it than others. Which I think is really the crux of the problem. ehhh.

    • Jul. 16, 9:10pm
      Both Barrels

      H.Keslijinen nailed it. So did kekke2000. Make your own fun, but don’t F with anyone else’s…

    • Jul. 20, 2:10pm

      Only for some Kelsijinen – others seem happy enough with it as is. I still get plenty of fun out of the game using the various challenges put up on this site.

  41. Jul. 16, 3:07pm

    This is perfect, this is just what you need to kill a franchise, On PD’s part, a developer that isn’t delivering what people are demanding and on the consumers’ part, people who think they have the right to break the law so they go ahead and affect everyone else, even the manufacturers you freaking people love so much could turn their backs on PD for this kind of crap but you guys won’t listen. What does it take for you to listen?, Ferrari leaving the franchise?, PD removing any kind of tunning and customization for future games? If you guys think you have big balls and feel all pumped up by changing a few parameters in a little piece of software and being a ”rebel”, why don’t you guys create your own games?..You say it’s the future huh, all this modding, where can I find your work guys?

    • Jul. 16, 6:11pm

      I can’t believe I’m doing this…

      I agree wholeheartedly!

      (Damn, now I’m gonna burn in Hell)

    • Jul. 16, 7:13pm

      He’s right though, and I agree. I’m really sad that the community has been separated into bases because of all this.

    • Jul. 16, 7:47pm

      Pepe, normally I don’t share your point of view but this time cuz you have nailed it! Lets hope that none of that happens and that the minority don’t not procreate this for the majority

      Hahahaha Scotte classic

      Toko, unfortunately this is the upshot of SPEDs – software performance enhancing drugs. *cue Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Two Tribes*

    • Jul. 16, 8:24pm

      He’s right for the first time. Manufacturers all have in-house rules. At GM, there is a rule no car can beat the Corvette. I don’t think they would be too happy to see any of their other cars going faster then that. Plus the game become a hugely inaccurate portrayal of real life when all the cars are performing in the wrong performance group, and what’s the point for manufactorers to stay in a game when nobody knows what their cars can really do? He’s right, you’ll start losing those options to customize if the cars become inaccurate and the manufacturers become upset. If this keeps a livery maker out of GT6 I would become quite an unfriendly person.

    • Jul. 16, 11:00pm

      It’s Kaz and PD’s fault for not testing the damn game. Hackers gonna hack.

    • Jul. 17, 1:07am

      I agree when PD is asking new manufactures if their interested in being in the next game i think they’ll be very put off by all this.

      Some of the community here really don’t understand how precious car makers are about the products they create, im sure plenty of clauses in those licensing contracts are being breached right now and PD are acting to stop lawsuits or withdrawals from future games.

    • Jul. 17, 11:21am

      I remember, about 20 years ago or so. hearing that Rolls Royce would sue anyone that made an unsanctioned mod to one of their cars!
      Now, I know that RR are not in GT5, but if that was the case back then, why would it be any different for any other car manufacturer now?
      PD managed to add 200 cars in GT6 (probably more with DLC) and Dog knows how many more manufacturers, so if these hackers start working on cars in GT6 we can say goodbye to any hopes of a GT7 title coz all car makers will just pull out and leave PD with only Nissans!

      In order to play online, an e-mail address needs to be registered, so how hard would it be for PD and Sony to block an e-mail address? ALL hackers should be blocked, hunted down and sued by PD and the car manufacturers!!! Then lynched!

      (I’m really gonna burn for this, aren’t I?)

    • Jul. 17, 12:42pm

      Only in flames of vitriol ;)

  42. Jul. 16, 2:41pm


    • Jul. 16, 2:54pm

      I know that car is loud, but no need to shout…

    • Jul. 16, 2:55pm

      tehe :D

    • Jul. 16, 8:26pm

      See, he’s running a hacked car, that’s why they need to ban em. Shouldn’t be screwing with em, manufacturers get mad.

  43. Jul. 16, 1:50pm

    It ain’t never been that serious lol

  44. Jul. 16, 1:40pm

    *Sigh’s and Facepalms*…….. Wow……… this community is slowly going down hill. People arguing like children over stupid stuff.

  45. Jul. 16, 1:39pm

    Anyone who hacked their cars, no matter how they used them should have seen this coming. Don’t complain about something that is expected. They’ve fixed the problem twice now. As long as you people keep hacking the game, PD’s going to fix it, and eventually they might ban you people.

    You all need to grow up and realize you can’t just do whatever you want.

    • Jul. 16, 1:47pm

      maby PD shuld lisen to the user, in wath they want in gt6, but it dosent look like that, and they are gona end up like NFS!

    • Jul. 16, 1:55pm

      This is the 3rd update that “fixes” hacked cars and “fixes minor issues”. If polyphony digital keep “updating” GT5 every 3 weeks in hopes of “fixing” hacked cars, then eventually GT5 will literally turn into GT6.

    • Jul. 16, 6:44pm

      what should be done is those accounts associated with hacked cars should be terminated. i know everytime i come across a hack i report it. but it dont seem to do any good

  46. Jul. 16, 1:33pm

    This is just getting ridiculous.

  47. Jul. 16, 1:22pm

    I don’t know if it was fixed in an previous update, but after months of not using it, my Trans-Cammer Mustang is finally spitting flames from the side instead of from behind.

    • Jul. 17, 11:28am

      I’ll check mine out – I’ll get back to you on that!


  48. Jul. 16, 1:10pm

    This hacking/hybrid crap is so yesterday. It was never justified so get over it and move on.

  49. Jul. 16, 12:16pm
    wraith of horus

    I disagree with the hacks and modded save data. So if anyone comes into my Drag lobby with hacks they will get kicked plain and simple. I don’t mind if they play fair and play by the rules and bring a n-o-r-m-a-l car online so then knowone has an advantage over someone elses hard work to tune the car properly in the game with the original specs its supposed to have.

    Go and create a game yourself with an open licence if you wish to do that, not screw up everyone else experience and hard work by playing the game as is meant to be played.

    It’s still illegal for anyone to be changing any save data parameters at all which violates the PD’ terms & conditions. It infringes a copyright law. Copyright being that only the original author can change the code and not third pary/person who thinks its ok to break a copyright law.

    It’s their sole licensed content and anyone breaching that is breaking a law whether they realize it or not. I don’t care about those people who think that once they have bought some software it becomes theirs to play around with. No it doesn’t it becomes yours to use, not change again – as intended by the author.

    If you were a programmer who has created an app and release it, would you want your code being messed with. I know i wouldn’t and i know lots of geeky programmers who wouldn’t either. Its their code, their data, they copyrighted material owned by them. Only the author, creator has sole rights to change the code as they please.

    • Jul. 16, 12:45pm

      wow congratulations , you learned your ‘obeying robot lessons’ very well apparently…you must be a righteous man! glad that such people still exist nowadays, in my area i’m mainly surrounded with scumbags deeply into ‘TOS violating gangsterism’ !!! hardcore zhit my word…thug life 2013

    • Jul. 16, 1:18pm

      I agree with you wraith don’t let the hackers with modded computers and a keyboard try to change your mind. If u want realistic mods but a real car and do whatever u want to it. Don’t ruin a game.

    • Jul. 16, 1:22pm

      People will do whatever they want to their game offline, and there’s not a freaking thing Sony or PD can do about it. So please keep crying over something that you can’t change.

    • Jul. 16, 1:22pm

      @BTR well u know it sucks that you live in that environment but u know what, u are the only person keeping you at that place. Doesn’t mean u have to follow what the thugs do.

    • Jul. 16, 2:10pm

      Hah – “obeying robot lesson” BTR? I assume that you do not live in a house, or go to work and otherwise obey the norms of your society? I really fail to see how an objection to a modified console game equates to anything more than common decency born of respect. It certainly is nothing like the robot mentality you are suggesting – look up social development, mores and norms before getting your eight inch paintbrush out, eh?.

    • Jul. 16, 8:00pm

      it does not matter what age you are the level of ones maturity becomes quiet apparent on forums such as these.

  50. Jul. 16, 11:49am

    ATTENTION: I just read in the TopGear News app that Nick Hiedfeld’s F1 car (or others from 1999) will be in GT6

    This of course is the BBC TopGear…

    • Jul. 16, 12:07pm

      I think they were reporting on the fact in GT6 you can attempt to beat his Goodwood climb record, that he set in a Mcleran Mercedes

    • Jul. 16, 12:38pm

      I don’t know… But it sounded pretty surely that you will have the opportunity to try it in a 99 F1 car

    • Jul. 16, 1:02pm

      Cool, if that’s the case

    • Jul. 16, 1:16pm

      I would expect them to put the exact same car in the game otherwise that defeats the purpose of trying to beat his time. Having an advantage with a better car is kinda blah.

  51. Jul. 16, 10:14am

    to many minor updates, I’m gonna hold off from gt5 for a while.

    • Jul. 16, 11:27am

      If you don’t like hacked cars online, set PP restrictions for lobby. /thread

  52. Jul. 16, 9:23am

    Didnt have any hacks yet it messed up all my cars. I think that will be the last time i play gt5 now. Goodbye

  53. Jul. 16, 9:20am

    Ha I told ya’ll folks there’s no damn spec 3.

    • Jul. 16, 10:57am

      Congratulations, you told people who were joking about it being a Spec 3 update that it wasn’t a Spec 3 update…

    • Jul. 16, 11:05am

      And you probably one of them thinking its spec 3.

    • Jul. 16, 11:19am

      Even if that were true, at least I know to capitalise Spec 3. :P

      Going to do something much more important than talking to the slow kid, bye.

    • Jul. 16, 11:41am

      Who gives a damn about capitalizing Spec 3. What’s so important you got to do? Play games 24/7 talking junk? Yeah your so cool dude.

    • Jul. 16, 11:45am

      You’re the one “talking junk”, nobody said it would be Spec 3 apart from as a joke.

    • Jul. 16, 12:23pm
      Ittybitty Stigy

      You guys are really arguing about this?…..

  54. Jul. 16, 9:15am

    It reset my BGM settings! Well pissed off!;)

  55. Jul. 16, 8:46am

    Gees I hope PD fixed the mic lag

    • Jul. 16, 8:49am

      Mic lag?

  56. Jul. 16, 8:35am

    The only thing I can’t quite grasp is, I can’t have a Toyota FT-86 G Sports with a Subaru flat 6 engine (less powerful than stock flat 4!) and an 8 speed trans out of the Lexus IS-F, but people can still run around lobbies in 100,000 HP X1s.

    You want fairness in your leader boards, PD? How about getting rid of those negative PP cars? I wasn’t even going to race that FT-86, I just wanted it because I thought it would be realistic and cool, and I already have plenty of race worthy cars that aren’t hacked. I absolutely love Gran Turismo, GT5 has the most hours I have ever logged on a game. I’m excited for GT6, I think they are doing an excellent job showing advancements throughout all the games. But please, PD, provide players like me (and there’s a lot of us) with better customization of those 1200 vehicles so we don’t need to hybrid. Then you can do what you will with the hackers (i.e. DESTROY THEM)

    Next time you see a freakin’ 3,000 HP Civic, remember this.

    • Jul. 16, 9:31am

      Gthead87 likes this

    • Jul. 16, 9:17pm
      Both Barrels


  57. Jul. 16, 7:52am

    PD should put a virus in the code that would stop and lock the cooling fan inside the hackers’ consoles so that they would burn in flames without a chance to save them.

    • Jul. 16, 7:58am

      Well that escalated quickly.

    • Jul. 16, 8:02am

      Thats why I keep a fan in front of mine;)

      Also seems like you need to burn something to calm down.
      Rants like that will give you a heart attack.

    • Jul. 16, 8:17am

      I agree Allek. Hacked cars are BS. Realistic or not it’s still an advantage.

    • Jul. 16, 8:25am

      I don’t know about you, but my PS3 is made of metal and plastic rather than wood or other combustible substances.

    • Jul. 16, 8:46am

      @Snorevette: so I guess in your personal universe plastic is NOT combustible? Interesting.

    • Jul. 16, 10:10am

      Plastic melts quite well in my world and burns if you touch it… Ideas… Exploding, melting PS3s? :D

  58. Jul. 16, 7:46am

    Getting rid of hybrids is one thing, but I don’t see the hype about getting rid of the hidden parts. I’m a driver who hasn’t used either, but I have friends who have used the hidden parts to replicate RL cars. Their tunes still fall under the pp system, so they still must add weight or detune accordingly, so what’s the fuss, especially when they do it mostly for their own offline use? It’s not as if they are getting added performance at the same rate. Also those with Supersoft Tires will show up as sports hard online, so if you saw for eg. an FRS/BRZ/86GT with sports hard tires, you would know to kick it immediately. I do not condone the online use of these vehicles, but I do feel sorry for those who have created their replica car list only to have it snatched away.

    What’s more annoying are those who are paranoid about hacked cars, saying that they should go to hell or get banned forever. Why? If its a game then they should have their own fun(offline), and if its a sim then they should be able to recreate real life cars. If PD could’ve found a way to restrict it from online use only that would’ve been nice, but now that things have been reset again let’s see if I get kicked out of lobbies when I start with my winning streaks. The excuse that suspiciously good drivers /tuners must have hacked parts is now out the window. Come at me!

    • Jul. 16, 9:33am

      I tried explaining this to people so many times . It not worth it bro

    • Jul. 16, 11:01am

      There will still be accusations of hacking, I’ve been accused a few times recently while driving an F2007.

  59. Jul. 16, 7:43am

    all you guys bitch too much….

    • Jul. 16, 10:18am

      I think the driftcommunety is about dead now

  60. Jul. 16, 7:17am

    still the same narrow mind zhit you have to read , as soon as topic is about hacked cars…why ya’ll so sure every hackrider is giving a a f**k about winning ? ok i reckon there are many noobs thinking like that,but ya not need hacks to meet retards,GT online is full of them…but not everybody is getting wet as soon as they see their name poppin’ up beside their new gay race suit at end of the race, you’re obsessed with winning yourself probably , and ya’ll projecting your ‘limited mental perspective’ on everybody else..i’m full legit racer same as my m8s,realism was our thing, we never cheated we are not f#cking kids,who cares really? do you? I not…win or not,that doesnt change change the fact that i smoke at least 90 95% of people runing online,my friends likewise,but still we enjoyed running realistic mods,just for fun and the new challenge it wtf? LOL

    ok i repost it here for all of ya poor people having to live with a ‘mental in constant stadium of deficit’…lol whatever imma go back to beats,beer,n smoke f#ck hacked cars f#ck stock cars f#ck dirty pilots f#uck clean pilots f#ck it all just…f#ck off GT..LOL cheers

    • Jul. 16, 7:30am

      I can see your point. I’ve seen some cars with modded suspension and it looked f****ng awesome! I watched a vid with an mx5 with ferrari wheels that looked quite cool. Dunno why they dont let people just slam their rides.

    • Jul. 16, 8:03am

      I feel the same way dude. They want to stay ignorant and as soon as you start pulling away in an online race, here comes the moaning, “He’s probably using hacked parts, kick him after the race!”

    • Jul. 16, 10:17am

      To be honest I don’t care about the realistic mods as long as I don’t know about it. But when a car starts snaking its tires in a straight line at 130mph then I get annoyed and the reports start flying. I’ve probably raced realistic mods no doubt but I can’t tell which doesn’t bother me. But seeing a ferrari pulling away at speed super fast is ridiculous.

  61. Jul. 16, 7:11am

    I’m happy I’m still on 2.11 :) Boo-ya!

  62. Jul. 16, 7:10am


    I don’t mind hackers, I slightly support them for what they’re doing. They make GT5 more ‘vivid’, it’s quite interesting to see what people can come up with.

    They still should get banned from online though, like forever. And they should definitely stop defending themselves. It might be true that you don’t use your cars to win races and you only do ‘realistic’ hacks, but you’re still using illegally modified game data, which is prohibited by Terms of Service (to which you agree by playing the game) of like every game in the world.

    • Jul. 16, 7:16am

      No, it’s modified save data to manipulate the game play experience, nothing’s changed about the game data itself.

      And personally I’m pretty pissed off PD couldn’t leave me my Gallardo with turbo sound and gauge and 1250hp, it had so much lag it was unuseable for racing anyway, but it was great fun to cruise it simply because of the BOV sound. They just can’t seem to deal with hacks in a proper way.

    • Jul. 16, 7:35am

      Nevermind, PD left those cars where you put FF into the turbo line which means not only my turbo’d Gallardo remains in 2.14 but also all the stupid 2 million HP cars do! The update only removed the hidden parts (e.g. turbo stage 4) which actually were a very interesting thing about hybrids and the only non-glitched modding still available up to this point.

      Well done PD, well done…

    • Jul. 16, 1:02pm

      The only thing to be taken seriously in my post is the first paragraph. I don’t want anyone banned, nor do I think it’s OK to use hacks.

      Maybe I’ll get into hacking myself soon…

  63. Jul. 16, 7:08am

    I only liked to modify the colors of unpaintable cars, everything else was nonsense to me.

    • Jul. 16, 7:11am

      That’s still around as well, from what I’ve heard – well, hacked paint chips are still around, so I presume Matte Black Ford Mark IV’s are still possible as well.

  64. Jul. 16, 6:47am

    One more thing, before you people praise 2.14 for getting rid of the people in HP-modified cars – they’re still around. Update only removed the hidden parts. Still good because it means there’s no more WR stage 5 and Racing super-soft cars, but if you were glad because you could stop having to use HP restrictions in online lobbies, then…

  65. Jul. 16, 6:43am

    I can’t believe some people are actually in favour of hackers, PD made GT5 ‘ the driving simulator’ to be played and enjoyed by people that love cars and racing, of course they would not take kindly to hackers changing parameters and messing with the game, tampering with the game is just wrong on every level. It might be fun but its cheating, braking into game code and messing around with the game, how can that be good ?

  66. Jul. 16, 6:34am

    I f**** hate hackers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bann them all!
    Useless kiddys who ruin the game for everyone!
    If u guys wanna mod go play on a PC!
    PD is doing a great job and u guys dont appreciate the hard work.
    Damn, even here on gtplanet u guys should be banned.
    It makes absolutely no sense how u r thinking about a game, no understanding, just a hole in ur (lobus frontalis)!!!
    If u dont know what that means, go to school!!!

    • Jul. 16, 6:57am

      You mad?

    • Jul. 16, 9:00am

      Grow up.

    • Jul. 16, 11:30am

      I would like to add this little bit to your rant : “And if you can’t use “you” instead of “u” , go to school!!”

      Ooh dear, did I just take away the credibility of your comment while I was just trying to help you get your point across? You can use fancy Latin terms all you want but by using “u” you just shot yourself in the foot.

    • Jul. 16, 1:03pm

      @Darkcraft *sight* textspeakers…

    • Jul. 16, 1:03pm


    • Jul. 16, 3:43pm
      The Stig Farmer

      We be trolled.

  67. Jul. 16, 6:30am

    I’ll be brief: 2.12 and 2.14 I Love you! la la la

  68. Jul. 16, 6:27am

    Gt5 is a game. A game has rules. Hacking is changing the rules. Hacking is cheating. End of story.

    As for the statement that hacking improves programming skills: go program your own game!

  69. Jul. 16, 6:25am

    Hackers are poor Idiots…
    And all should be banned for ever!

  70. Jul. 16, 6:01am

    good to see they’re still working on gt5

  71. Jul. 16, 5:54am

    I missed my m3 stanced with a Ford mark iv engine… Damn 2000 hp cars :'(

  72. Jul. 16, 5:30am

    My opinion is: PD / Sony should ban the hackers forever from online-gaming. end-of-message

    • Jul. 16, 5:51am


    • Jul. 16, 5:53am

      That’ll be almost 80% of the players who still play this game thats already 2 years old. Nice shot big boy.

    • Jul. 16, 7:00am
      Los Arts

      I have yet to see A true “hacker” in GT 5, (play GTA 4 online its infested with em) , at least in GT 5 you can kick out any unwanted moders, & seeing as Polyphony keeps focusing on “simulated modifications that excluding hp” rather than 2000+ hp modifications, I wouldn’t be surprise if REAL hackers start showing up like after the linux fiasco.

    • Jul. 16, 1:34pm

      80% of the players LOL Way to exaggerate ridiculously to try and make a point, that’ll win the argument for you.

  73. Jul. 16, 5:14am
    gt5 sucks

    and remove the 2.12 patches it makes hacking a lot harder

    • Jul. 16, 8:51am

      GOOD! Hacking is childish! If you can’t play the game without cheating, 99.99% of the NON-hackers don’t want to know you and have NO respect for you!!! Learn to drive a normal car or go get stuffed!

  74. Jul. 16, 5:13am
    gt5 sucks

    i think hacking should be aloud because its just some people trying to have some fun and they are also learning a new ICT skill.

    anyone who has a problem with hacking should take the thumb out of there ass and accept that people hack. if they don’t like it then they can request to have the “HACKER” to be kicked from the lobby or just leave them-self. Also there are ways to stop people from using hacked cars like “PP” and “BHP” if u don’t like hacking don’t play with them

    • Jul. 16, 5:55am

      Ruins gameplay experience for everyone else who is not a hacker, which is the majority of GT5’s players. Not ethical.

    • Jul. 16, 6:13am

      They should have made a rooms with standard game and modified , it would all be ok

    • Jul. 16, 6:16am

      R.I.P. English Grammar.

    • Jul. 16, 9:11am

      My thoughts exactly Freezer.

    • Jul. 16, 3:30pm

      I think yew sheld gow and learned how to rite gooder english, and furthermore. Hacking someone else’s code will usually get you bombed where i come from. If any of you punks stole or modified a real hackers code, your electronic life may become a disaster, luckily you fools, who call yourselves hackers probably couldn’t hack your way out of or into a .c hello world.

  75. Jul. 16, 5:10am

    So thanks to all the elite hackorz with 2000hp civics, the people who just wanted slammed cars and sensible engine swaps have to suffer…

  76. Jul. 16, 4:48am

    Most of the pro-hacking people are saying ‘PD SHOULD NOT REMOVE HACKERS BECAUSE I DON’T RACE WITH THEM!’ when it’s fairly obvious that there are definitely other people that DO race with them – indeed, they’re even using them in TTs and the like. That’s not good for PD’s reputation.

    Meanwhile, most of the anti-hacking people are saying ‘ANYONE WHO HACKS ON GT5 DOES SO TO BE UNFAIR WHEN WE JUST WANT FAIR RACES!’ despite the fact that it’s been stated time and time again that many of the people who hack do so purely for their own use. It can’t be that difficult to understand that some people want to hack for the purpose of slamming their cars or repainting their unrepaintable cars – I’m sure we can all agree that neither of those are going to make them any faster than you.

    GT6 is coming out. If you enjoyed hybrids, it’s not difficult to revert back to 2.11 when you get GT6. If you hated hybrids, then you’re free to continue playing GT5 as much as you like and nobody is going to stop you.


  77. Jul. 16, 4:36am

    I think the people who need hacked cars to cheat win, really need to open a window and let some air in, If you seriously need to cheat victory, then your really not winning at all, perhaps you should learn to drive!
    I can not tune a car for the life of me, but I can drive the nugget box to 8 GTP wins, as well as a team member in last years nurb 24 hour, 90% of this game is driving, and if you can drive the nuts off the cars or go in endurance races and strategize your win, you will feel a lot more earning of it,

  78. Jul. 16, 4:01am

    I love how mad hackers get about their HACKED cars getting remove. They act as if their town has been hit by a sharknado. Sorry that PD is making you play fair!

    • Jul. 16, 4:11am

      Heeey! First mention of a Sharknado ;)

    • Jul. 16, 4:12am

      Yeah, sucked in – you ba****ds can’t cheat anymore!!!

    • Jul. 16, 4:24am

      Okay. Keep assuming everyone who made hybrids cared about racing them. I’m sure no one will point out how flawed that thinking is. Oops, too late….

    • Jul. 16, 5:55am

      They only removed the secret parts. They didnt do anything about modding with HeX lol…

    • Jul. 16, 6:31am

      Hahaha Sharknado… puting together with Atlantic Rim… LOL :p

    • Jul. 16, 7:00am

      still the same narrow mind zhit you have to read , as soon as topic is about hacked cars…why ya’ll so sure every hackrider is giving a a f**k about winning ? ok i reckon there are many noobs thinking like that,but ya not need hacks to meet retards,GT online is full of them…but not everybody is getting wet as soon as they see their name poppin’ up beside their new gay race suit at end of the race, you’re obsessed with winning yourself probably , and ya’ll projecting your ‘limited mental perspective’ on everybody else..i’m full legit racer same as my m8s,realism was our thing, we never cheated we are not f#cking kids,who cares really? do you? I not…win or not,that doesnt change change the fact that i smoke at least 90 95% of people runing online,my friends likewise,but still we enjoyed running realistic mods,just for fun and the new challenge it wtf? LOL

  79. Jul. 16, 3:50am

    I run Gt mods only, in the 336-424hp rating.. Myself and the guys I race with have lots of fun, close races… Hacks/hybrids are just ppls way of saying “I have very little tuning/driving ability, and need to compensate”.. Now I do believe GT needs more tuning/customization, and this has been extremely apparent for years.. This is why some ppl hack, so PD needs to step their game up and give the masses what we want, a driving sim with real world mods (motor swaps, body kits, rims, ect).. We the gamers/enthusiast keep you in business, get the picture??

  80. Jul. 16, 3:27am

    PD should just nuke the hackers save files and reset them to day one state. that’ll teach them.

    • Jul. 16, 4:18am

      Why do you care if it’s not effecting you in any way?

    • Jul. 16, 4:33am

      I never supported hacking/hybriding, but isn’t that a little extreme? Its a good thing you aren’t in a position to make decisions for PD.

    • Jul. 16, 4:52am

      I would make Hacked PS3’s to burn or explode!!! I know I know..

      but thats the way we are… :D

      I was born in USSR after all ;)

  81. Jul. 16, 2:45am

    The absolute reason im racing STOCK cars for now on………never know who is modding their vehicles……add me TEAMworkPLEASE if you enjoy racing a variety of vehicles with only paint rims and oil………

  82. Jul. 16, 2:33am

    Not sure why PD will still want to update GT5, but they sure care for it a lot I must. Hey, as long as PD keeps the game clean and fresh, that’s what should really matter at this point. *shrugs* With this, now PD is gonna to keep GT6 fresh too. This is what, IMO, devs are suppose to do, it’s really fustrating when some people just don’t understand that but only care for themselves…

    • Jul. 16, 2:40am

      Oh, and I want to see some bitching in here, I love it when theres crying here and there. Freakin GOOD that devs do this when updating there games. HAhaha. >:)

    • Jul. 16, 3:22am

      You can be sure of at least one car/track wishlist, some generic whinge about sounds or a statement that GT5 is dead…

    • Jul. 16, 4:32am

      Well I think it’s a good thing. If they just ignored a massive problem like hacked cars, then it wouldn’t be understandable. They need to support the game because the online community is very much alive and they shouldn’t just abandon it.

      I think a better compromise would be for them to allow hacked cars in private lobbies only, and anyone that tries to cheat in public lobbies will be banned from public lobbies. I understand some people hack cars for the fun of it, but the problem is most of them are cheating online, and just the suspicion of cheaters has been ruining trust between racers online and that’s not cool.

      Anybody saying “we wouldn’t hack if PD would’ve given us what we wanted” is delusional. You can’t just do whatever you want because you’re not satisfied with something.

    • Jul. 16, 5:57am

      Quite funny how they only got rid of the secret parts. Theres still way more stuff going on than you think

  83. Jul. 16, 2:06am

    PD: Taking the fun out of Gran Turismo since 2010.

    • Jul. 16, 2:13am

      But not all people like hybrids/hacked cars, dude!

    • Jul. 16, 2:14am

      PD: Supporting* Gran Turismo since 2010.

    • Jul. 16, 2:19am

      GT: Dead Since Late 2011, Hybrids Brought Life Back Into The Game, PD Kills Them…..Logic.

    • Jul. 16, 3:07am

      You all say that but I disagree.
      To me, when you hack like that, you are just simply saying: “This game’s horrible and the cars in it suck”. This is my honest opinion, not going to lie or be a suck up to anything.

    • Jul. 16, 3:58am

      BS……Hacking is cheating period! If you don’t have the skills to play with the big boys and have to cheat take that elsewhere!

    • Jul. 16, 4:20am

      Assuming everyone who made hybrids cared about racing them.

    • Jul. 16, 4:22am

      Imari: Taking the fun out of Gran Turismo since he found it!

      Seriously, if you have to hack a car to be able to win a race, you have NO SKILLS AT ALL!! You probably didn’t even hack the car/cars yourself – someone passed it/them on to you! So there you go, still no skills!

    • Jul. 16, 4:35am

      Hilarious how people call GT5 “dead”. I mean seriously, when’s the last time you’ve been online? Because I’m a night owl, I can race at the worst times possible, and I still see a ton of races going on 24/7. If that’s “dead”, you’re either delusional or have been playing too much CoD.

      Not to mention, you people do realize that a ton of people like playing offline right? or seasonals?

      I’m happy to hear you people cry about this because PD did the right thing. I don’t care how you people justify it, it’s not ok to cheat, and it’s against the most basic rules of all video games. You’re lucky you people haven’t been banned completely yet because this isn’t the first time they’ve had to erase your hacks.

    • Jul. 16, 5:02am

      It was never dead. It still gets so much support and there really is a lot of online races. This was always a good sign.

  84. Jul. 16, 1:51am
    drag lab 101

    Say bye bye to hybrids again for now!

    It’s a fact… Pull’em out and they reset.
    And to the numbnut who wants to flippen complain about ppl having hybrids gfys!
    I don’t have 25,000hp cars but I very much enjoy my 1000hp Mits GTO or my slammed Supra and my white Nismo 350z Ztune!

    On top of that I wanted to check something out since I noticed this.. I had 3 super turbos to use and hadn’t done my Tom’s Chaser yet.
    Remember I have already updated.. Noticed my Ruf and XJ220 reset. I took a non hybrid Tom’s Chaser with 666hp added super turbo and took it to 923hp. Went and did route X off line.. Could tell right away the turbo didn’t take even though it said it had. Get bk in the garage and look at it and now it has a max 504hp lol
    Did they really have to take like 162hp as payment for having a super turbo on it…
    Those b@st@rds!

    • Jul. 16, 2:13am
      drag lab 101

      So far everything I have hybrid wise has reset.
      Mits GTO95 690hp to 1027hp
      Ruf CTR2 640hp to 897hp
      Nismo GTR sky Rtune 794hp 1144kg painted yellow
      SvtF150- 773hp 1482k ssrt
      Nismo270 518hp 1016k brakes & clutches close to normal painted white
      –98Audi S4 515hp to 675hp-
      Spyker- kg down to 867 from 9?? Close to normal
      O5 stang- racing intake 734hp to 759hp close to normal
      Lotus GT 687hp to 1027 ssrt
      96 rx7 514hp to 711hp
      C6 Vette 638hp to 655hp with big brakes
      300zx 695hp to 1086hp
      JagXJ220- 1046hp
      02ford GT 871hp-894 1208kg-1124
      86ruf race cat added
      Gt350 race cat
      Supra RZ 1027hp extra turbo and slammed
      Camaro LMS race cat with ssrt
      GTR Tokyo ssrt & turbo 920hp up from 775hp
      Lexus LM TC 3??hp-575hp
      RS4- weight, ssrt, turbo, race cat 760hp
      Sub sti22b with 700hp gone!

    • Jul. 16, 2:39am

      You have to really think about this, people were becoming professional racing drivers off this video game. They need there leaderboards to be functional.

    • Jul. 16, 2:52am
      drag lab 101

      Listen.. I’m not complaining..
      Just informing some folks who may not have updated and don’t wanna lose the stuff.
      Believe it or not I’m not the guy online racing ppl with hybrids or cheating seasonal. This was something I did for fun with a cpl of friends to kill the summer waiting for GT6. 3 years of GT5 got stale at times and it was a way to get me interested again.
      I’m all for fairness in Gran Turismo.. Honestly.. For me the modding just started by wanting to paint cars that they wouldn’t allow. And it went way over board as everyone knows with the crazy HP we’ve all seen. No question…
      I’ve seen many cool things other then that though.. Would have great for this stuff to have been options to a degree anyway.
      Just my IMO… But no love lost here, it is what it is.

  85. Jul. 16, 1:50am

    I love Gran turismo

    • Jul. 16, 3:24am
      The Stig Farmer

      Me too <3

  86. Jul. 16, 1:46am

    Not surprised by this at all.

    • Jul. 16, 3:55am

      I agree you cheat you get your things reset. Hackers stop your crying. If you don’t find Gt fun there is always little big planet racing.

    • Jul. 16, 3:56am

      To many cry baby hackers. There isalways little big planet racing

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