GT5 “Online Event Finale” Begins Today, Awards Cars in GT6


With Gran Turismo 5’s online services set to be discontinued on May 31, 2014, Polyphony Digital have announced they will be hosting one last special event to celebrate the title.

Starting on April 30th at 20:00 Pacific Time (PDT) and running through May 30th, the “Online Event Finale” will consist of the following two stages:

  • Stage 1: Mazda Roadster Touring Car ’11, Top Gear Test Track
  • Stage 2: Nissan GT-R N24 Schulze Motorsports ’11, Nurburgring 24h

For participating in these last two events, players will be rewarded with five free cars in Gran Turismo 6 if they sign into the game between June 2nd and June 29th using the same SEN ID they used to record their Finale event lap times in GT5.

The reward cars are:

  • Abarth Grande Punto ’09
  • Renault Sport Megane R.S. Trophy ’11
  • Nissan Fairlady Z (Z34) ’08
  • Tesla Motors Model S Signature Performance ’12
  • Subaru S206 NBR Challenge Package ’12

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  1. infamousphil

    !!!HEADS UP!!! Please forgive if this has already been addressed and a little off topic.

    If anyone’s interested in continuing Bspec play after GT5’s cutoff from the internet , please remember to remove your drivers before May 31st (?)

    I’ve been offline for a while now and am unable my Bspec drivers because they are frozen in limbo. I didn’t think to remove them from the online roster before cancelling my internet subscription. I want to try logging in at a friend’s house and saving it on a thumb drive but just haven’t had time to do so yet. If anyone has a solution please let me know. 

    A proper GTPlanet alert to this potential issue would be greatly appreciated by all, I’m sure… Jordan, Terronium?

    Thanks ;)

  2. zanxion

    Those that don’t want to get GT6 won’t get anything? Sad that GT5 is over. Yeah, all of GT5 was in the seasonals.
    I am in positive thinking though, I will finally break free from GTX! :-)

  3. Stratman

    Maybe when they shut down GT5 they will finally fix the game sound loss, crash/freezing bugs that happen constantly now in GT6.

    COD Black Ops ran better than this in its first 6 weeks, now that is a really low mark to hit, and GT6 isn’t hitting it yet. All the system crash reports that even just my PS3 sent to Sony in April should make Sony smack PD’s butt into line…

    And I too miss the little messages- a good add I reckon would be show the cars and drivers in a podium type of thing at conclusion of online races, if anyone is left online when the races finish (!) Lastly, pretty average cars as rewards I think.

  4. Takata

    Oi… is this it? Is this all? No patch to keep the seasonal events available for as long as your PS3 HDD still works? They’re really going to delete roughly half of GT5’s race events at some arbitrary date? >.>

  5. DYLAN777-is-not

    Ahhh the great memories of gt5. I remember being mesmerized when driving ferraris and lamborghinis for the first time. Then i remember trying out and loving all the new tracks amazing tracks. Cape ring with its awesome 360+degree corner and that view and the fun rally jump. I loved the custom track editor through italy. The amazing top gear track. London rome spain were just awesome! Plus the graphics for its time were just amazing. Good times. Thank you PD.

  6. Soyuz 77

    Why do so many people think PD is doing this stuff to “save” themselves?

    Seriously though, who would they be “saving” themselves from? Do people actually think PD would be concerned if people disagree with how they operate? Individuals who express their negative opinions about the games don’t seem to understand how insignificant they are.
    But it makes me laugh, so carry on if you like ;D

  7. Quigz125

    Just score a 8:44.511 with a DS3 controller. That was a great challenge. Great way to go out on Gran Turismo 5.

  8. omnibusse

    Great idea to play GT5 once again for a great finale with benefits for GT6. When I saw the prizes for Gold, I almost cried: sadly there’s no way to earn so many credits in GT6 (yet?). Smells like “Do microtransactions or go grinding”. Too sad.

    1. FrzGT

      Grind the X1 Standard. Yeah I know its a grind. But its the same story in GT5 and nets you +2 million, higher than most of GT5 seasonal events. Go give it a try.

    2. FrzGT

      Also its the definite proof that PD still isn’t sure whether microtransaction is a sin or not. Unlike Microsoft ( Not just FM5 mind you ).

  9. Sick Cylinder

    I enjoyed the two events, but doing them made me realise how much better (massively better) the driving experience is through my steering wheel (T500) on GT6 than with GT5.

    Any free cars are always welcome!

    1. merlinrichards

      Yes mate your right,, I can see, hear and feel so much more on GT5.. Tyre squeal is to loud on GT6 I didn’t realise the difference either until I went back to back on the games. GT5 is soo much better, GT6 has been a 60 quid demo for hopefully the real GT6 which will be realised when the GT5 servers get taken down end of may. There better be a massive download which takes all day and GT6 will finally ‘The real driving simulator’ like we all love.

    2. Sick Cylinder

      Merlin – Are you using a wheel? I can’t speak for pad users, but the feedback through the T500 and DFGT are greatly improved – I can’t comment on other wheels as those are the only two I’ve used on both GT5 and GT6. Obviously tyre noise is too loud and there are many areas requiring improvement, but I couldn’t believe how dead and lacking feedback the cars felt on GT5 compared with 6.

    3. merlinrichards

      yes budd im a T500 aswell ,, but like I said I think gt5 is better. It felt back to normal when I raced the gt 5 TT’s it just felt right lol if I turn the sound off yes gt6 does feel different but as the tyre squeal is to loud when sound is on I just cant seem to get the same feel of driving ,, if you know what I mean 8]

    4. ExplodeTheApex

      I agree. In GT6 I could hardly hold a slide with my DFGT, and in the Nurb time trial I found I could drift round most of the corners!

    5. merlinrichards

      another thing aswell is the amount of up/down play in the screen when in bumper cam on gt5, when you brake the screen dips down, when u put the power on the screen lifts, now im sure there was a gt6 advert with a dino in slow mo showing the amount of pitch and roll in gt6 ,, I haven’t seen of felt that at all.. in gt5 its more there than ever and it just adds more of the visual feel through braking and accelerating.

  10. FrzGT

    Boooooo……Grinding X1 Standard is better. Oh yeah I supposed is to lure people to buy GT6. The car is the as the standard package to progress.

  11. ynot

    They ought to unlock all the cars and content on GT5 once they shut the servers down since the game is basically dead after that anyway. That way you can use have all the track, cars, paints, suits, helmets, etc. I would still go back and mess around with it if they did that. Would still sell a few copies at gamestop too. They are going to get flooded with GT5 discs here in about 30 days.

    1. GT5 Level 41

      For participating in these last two events, players will be rewarded with five free cars in Gran Turismo 6 if they sign into the game between June 2nd and June 29th using the same SEN ID they used to record their Finale event lap times in GT5.

      Not awarded till June 2nd or later.

  12. binbin90

    Doing this event later :D I’m a bit of a slow player, so I still don’t have 4 of the 5 reward cars :3

  13. Amac500

    Eh, I can get all those cars in 20 minutes of grinding. But this is a good thing, it’s a good idea. It will encourage people to upgrade from GT5 to GT6.

    1. SnakeOfBacon

      20 minutes? It shouldn’t take more than 4 if you do one race of the Red Bull Standard Championship

    2. Amac500

      I was talking about the Red Bull events. Lol I was being generous cus I wasn’t sure of all the prices, should take at least 2 races though shouldn’t it?

    3. z71L28

      Encourage!, more like forced thay have no choice. You want to experiance GT lobby and sesanoles you have go to 6 no other choice.

  14. Steph290

    It actually feels kinda sad. GT6 lobbies are no where as live as it was in GT5, plus additional features are still missing. Goodbye GT5, it’s been fun. (I’m really going to miss those personalized online messages)

    1. Amac500

      I agree about those online messages. Even just showing your driver on screen and the little saying, it’s nice to have a little sum balance of an award for winning. I always hoped they could just show a screen of the podium drivers and they’re cars or something. Hopefully GT6 lobbies pick up more when people come over from GT5. If they were smart they might put GT6 on sale the last week of May, first week of June to encourage the switch even further.


      I totally agree with you as you are one of the only people to point this out. I’ve always thought to myself that the people who join lobbies aren’t really “welcome” feeling anymore. Now it just feels like people are coming and going inside lobbies. Plus one little message can show a lot about your personality and grow friendships.

  15. Sederholm

    Should have done the opposite:
    Release the GT6 cars on GT5 and update the physics
    Would have course maker, b-spec, community and shuffle racing.

  16. shaunm80

    GT5 dusted off and ready to go. Free cars? I’ll have em all. Can always sell them if i am a little skint.

    1. Quigz125

      All cars in GT are worth something. I have to try and build my garage back up to the 500+ cars I had on GT5. I’m only at 47 right now and 20 of those I got with the 15th anniversary edition. I’m trying to avoid using those cars because it makes it too easy.

  17. Lambob

    Thank you for my introduction to GT, PD, with GT5, became my top goto game/simulator of choice. As I play GT6 now, until the final chapter, which will become, project Cars, then to await the great GT7 for PS4.

  18. superivanho

    Great I’m still playing GT5 while I’ve already finished GT6 putting it aside. Online collector dealership on GT5 has a lot of good stuff as well. Just collected all Le Mans cars with my hard earning credits. :D

    I’m curious about the condition of the prize for the final event though. The second event is Nurburgring 24h. Does that really imply you have to play the full 24hour endurance to qualify the prize?

    1. Quigz125

      I feel they should do a 24 hour race to finish it off. What a finale it would be to have a real 24 hour race online monitored by PD.

  19. Quigz125

    This is awesome. I’m glad I didn’t delete my data for GT5 yet. I hope when they finally shut down GT5, that will start Seasonal Race events in GT6 like we had in GT5. I’m kinda over the super laps of random cars that I don’t really want. I’m finding It a bit hard to make money and I loved doing seasonal races because they were so challenging. And with GT6’s AI improvement it should be very fun.

    1. Quigz125

      i have noticed an improvement in AI from GT5 to GT6. they’re more aggressive in GT6 than GT5. Sorry they don’t add up to the real life counterparts like you were expecting but it is an improvement over what we had. At least they don’t just slow down once you pass them. They actually keep up and try overtaking more.

    2. Quigz125

      I have noticed an improvement in AI from GT5 to GT6. They’re more aggressive in GT6 than they were in GT5. Sorry they don’t add up to the real life counterparts like you were expecting but it is an improvement over what we had. At least they don’t just slow down once you pass them. They actually keep up and try overtaking more. all i said was hope we get races in seasonal events because the new AI would be fun until someone opens their mouth about what PD did wrong again… grow up.

    3. Amac500

      Personally I like having online leaderboard events more than the championships. It’s the lack of diversity that annoys me. All Super Laps, why can’t we get one that like a 10 laps Enduro with a pitstop or something? And I like that they now have seasonals without SRF but they should never force us to have it on. SRF forced on for a dirt event? That’s a joke.

  20. CallmeDan

    When I saw it say we would get five free cars, I thought “Huh, maybe an actual reason to update GT5.” After reading that they are giving out average cars, I won’t be participating.

  21. Eager Snake

    “GT6 is a PlayStation® 3 exclusive title, so all you need to do is to purchase the software to start playing. The game continues to evolve through updates that have been added since its release in 2013, adding new cars and tracks…” New tracks? Huh?…

    1. omgsean1

      Same here, I did sold gt5 and two games (KH2 ps2 and Pokemon Black version 2) to a thrift store for $10 last Wednesday.

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