GT5 Update v1.09 Brings More Bug Fixes

The latest update for Gran Turismo 5 just went live. As expected, given the continued turmoil in Japan, it does not bring any new content or features. Thankfully, however, it does clean up bugs and glitches which were allowing players to “break out” of tracks and exploit the lap counter to quickly acquire cash. The game’s Online Car Dealership also appears to have been updated with fresh inventory.

v1.09 weighs in at 49MB and is available now. Thanks to all of you who sent this in so quickly!

GT5 Photomode image by baio.

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Comments (145)

  1. Arthurneddysmith

    Er… I have six Japanese family members still living in Japan and even I don’t consider it “selfish” or “unsympathetic” to ask for more from Polyphony Digital (PD) (if they are not delivering).

    The two issues have nothing to do with each other and unless PD are claiming their work has been significantly hampered (and I’m sure that customers would be most sympathetic in that case), they should be held to account.

    Asking questions of a company is hardly insulting the whole nation.

  2. Begbie00

    Is anyone else getting an error on their PS3 “To Play this game, you must insert the following disc. Insert the disc and then start the game again (8001003E)” after installing 1.09?

  3. sinister_300zx

    i have to agree with some of you guys on how the game is getting really is.up to this day im still tryin to figure out why it took them 5 yrs to release this game..they pretty much took half the car list from GT4 and brought it over to GT5 and added a few premiums..woopp deee dooooo this could have been done is 1 1/2 yrs…but yes this game is gettin boring that is why i picked up SHIFT im also glad they patched the glitch so now all those canadians that hosted those rooms have to race the correct way (reason for my canadian comment is because everytime i went online they were always the ones hosting glitch rooms..blame canada!:))

  4. stoney71

    I have read that most of these people seem to be upset that PD is spending their limited time fixing glitches that aren’t all that important to them, instead of fixing or adding content that they have been asking for since before the earthquake. It’s not that they are ungrateful, it just seems as if PD isn’t concerned with giving their fanbase what they want. They only seem to want to play nanny and keep anyone from using glitches so they don’t have to GRIND,GRIND,GRIND all the time. If they would make they game more fun by giving us more races in GTLife, more credits for races, let us sell ALL the cars, give us more (and better) prize cars, lower the price of the cars, etc., etc… then they probably wouldn’t have to waste their time fixing all these little glitches. That is not being ungrateful, that is just giving PD suggestions about what the fans want. That is what a discussion is about, isn’t it?

  5. steve30x

    We need is people to stop being selfish and remember that Japan is after going through a major earthquake. Be greatful you got this patch.

    1. stoney71

      Really, there was an earthquake, when?
      Everyone knows there was and earthquake and a tsunami. They aren’t being selfish, they are only discussing the latest update. Isn’t that what this space is for. I’m sure everyone wishes Japan well, and we are greatful they were able to release this patch. We can still hope they are able to do more in the near future, though.

    2. steve30x

      Its obvious that you havent read what everybody has to say because some people are complaining about this patch and some are complaining because theres nothing added.

  6. viejaloca

    Well, actualy, they fixed more than just breaking out. They fixed lighting and shadows so now, the sky won’t look like a white fireball, the cock-pit view will have better shadows and the gauges and intruments are more noticeable. Plus, physic have appeared to have changed.

  7. Kein

    9 patches in 6 months??? Lol 2 me it sez the game wasnt finished, if thay didnt want people 2 cheat then finish it b4 u sell it, tuff luck on pd i say lolololol

  8. dearlybeloved

    I don;t play on-line. What I wish to knw is that does this patch fix all those’next lap invalidated” and the others where by crossing a part of the track that is not allowed it does not accept your lap time? If that is resolved than that would make my day. Or does all of these fixes only apply to on-line? Thanks for the help folks.

  9. Ell

    I thought Kaz said this update would be getting the “in-game” race saves? I was really looking forward to that feature so I could finally do the 24-hour enduros :(

    Anywho, it may be due to the recent Japan tragedies so I can’t complain, Polyphony is a standout company for everything they do.

  10. Jonny

    Anyone have any error codes come up after they download the update? It seemed to be going fine until 99% into the instal then i got an error code, and its making me download a 608meg patch, which i can only assume is 1.05? i play everyday,always online,and never had multiple accounts or anything like that so not sure what went down, any ideas???

    1. blake

      this is the last time im saying it. new cars/tracks will be DLC the DLC may be free also this is the 2nd update they didn’t post on there site b4 it happened it uisily says maintness notice. but 1nce agn DLC is wer u will see new CARS

  11. blake

    im glad they fixed this errer but when are they gonna add youtube export? so i can upload my 50 foot high x1 to youtube & my awesome x2010 times. they said theyed add it on one of the feature list things b4 it came out. PS. new content (tracks) will be in DLC not updates so stop complaining about new content im sure they,ll be plenty of it in the 6 years till GT6. just be glad there fixing these glitches.

  12. SeanStephen

    I’m glad that they tried to fix some things even with all the stuff going on in Japan.

    So when you’re on the TOP GEAR track and talk about the patch fixing the “Break Out” bug, is that where you’re able to cut the corners where the cones are by about 50 feet in some places?

  13. Suntoucher

    How about a track from each continent to keep people happy?? spa from europe….road atlanta from the america’s….bathurst from australasia, macau GP circuit from err!! macau?… :) etc.
    A car pack containing about 100 premium race cars from le mans and GT racing would be good, after all its called GT for a reason!

    1. Aces & Eights

      I am a old classic type of guy, I would love to see those old standard muscle cars turned premium PLEASE. Theres few classics in premium. (’70 Chevelle 454 SS and the ’70 Dodge Charger 440 R/T premium please?)

  14. Sir-Real1

    WTF!!!!! I haven’t been able to log into PSN in two days. No access through GT5 port either. No hope of a patch for me until this is sorted. Anyone have any ideas????

    1. blake

      my PSN was acting up yesterday. i thought about the hackers but wouldn’t they shut down all PSN not just 1 acount?

    2. really?

      Anonimiss or however u spell it said they,ll stop attacking PSN but still atak sony sumhow. good & bad news i just hope they wind up in prison.

    3. Alex

      I didn’t have this problme, but it was similiar. I can’t find my friends races anymore after 1.08. Now I can’t even join their lounge even though its open

  15. Camaroyenko

    I’m just a little upset that I have to waste my time updating and I’m an innocent PSN player :\

  16. Unai

    Can you put a list of the new cars in the online dealership? A friend borrowed my game and I want to know it so I can ask him the game to buy any interesting car.

  17. khduus

    WTF???!!! I was on th 22-23 hour of the last 24 hour race in B-spec and it just cancelled it… Without a warning!!!
    That sucks big time, WHY????!!!!!

    1. shigllgetcha

      I cant beleive this happens, on xbox live its only when you boot up that you get an update prompt

  18. Limelight788

    I’m just glad to have any updates at this rate, it shows that Polyphony Studio is being incredibly generous towards us for even caring about fixing up the game. That’s something I can appreciate, rarely does a video game developer put this must effort into a game that isn’t broken.

  19. SA

    PD made us dissapointed that GT5 STILL has no complete Japanese Tracks like SUGO, AUTOPOLIS, OKAYAMA and many world famous tracks like SPA, CATALUNYA, Paul Ricard HTTT, and more ! The old Super GT car made us bored ! (Still in 2006, 2008). I think GT5 will be defeated by some professional simulator like rFactor 2 and Simbin GTR3 !

    1. Hypergolem

      Come on… Everybody would like to have his favorite track in GT5… I would love to have Citta’D’Aria and Spa. Somebody else would love to have Brands Hatch, somebody would love to have all the USA oval speedways.. etc etc. PD cannot make everybody happy.

    2. Hypergolem

      I’m pretty sure most of the people didnt even try once some of the tracks on reverse. There is simply not enough time to race on all of them. Unless you are 24/7 playing…

    3. Big Ron

      I second that. Everybody has it´s own taste and wishlist and it is impossible to make everybody happy.

  20. Big Ron

    Thanx for continue updating GT5, PD. Keep going on.

    Never saw a console game with 9 patches within 5 month. Maybe a bad sign for an incompleted game, but a good sign to get a better game than we bought.

    Great job, thanx for the good support

    1. im_verdu

      i believe that the developer has wasted so much time in the process that has becomed obssesed, and he wants the pwople to be wasting all their lives to complete all the car list, for that reason the patches that are trying to force everyone to expend an ethernity to get the cash to buy one 20k car… is a race game, the cars should be unlocked, you are not paying to get a lifetime work, i was paying to get fun, and seems that the developer doesnt eant allow the people to get fun. with free trading as amazing the fun you experienced few month ago, but now…. is pathetic, just imagine that you purchase the game today, how many time you need to waste just to get a little percentage of interesting cars? and how many hours of loght bill are you going to pay? bspect should be accelerated… gt5 the most unecologic game in history… and now in japan people shouldnt waste to much energy in playing games for an obvious reason.

    2. jvchevy27

      im_verdu just go play need for speed and quit complaining about how everything should be unlocked

  21. Hypergolem

    Oh the joy to hear the complainers and whiners again and again. The game is great as it is! If they will give us DLC (more tracks and cars) ok I will be happy, but it will be fine even as it is. So let me understand you complainers. Did you manage to race with all cars already?!? Wow I’m impressed… Did you manage to race on all tracks and learn every single turn perfectly?! Woow even more impressed!!! It is like if somebody in Real Life would go racing on real tracks all around the world and would not be satisfied because there are not enough tracks. Come on people… it is a racing game, just race it!!! The truth is that you are a bunch of lazy gamers… Go play the next FPS and leave GT5 and especially GTplanet for the real enthusiasts.

    1. daltonlm

      Nice speech, mister. BTW, do you drift?
      If no, you don´t miss the lack of any true touge with genuine hairpin sequences.

      I even could get something near of it in Toscana, but would be a lot easier if it was a true track creator, not a simple track generator.

    2. im_verdu

      Almost, because except lambos ferraris redbull nascar and some classic cars the list is similar to gt4 and i have used a lot of cars of gt4. is like replaying all the time, and with less races, i love aspect, when you pick a car similar in power to the oothers the race experience, if you drive correctly, is amazing. for this reason i miss a lot of trophies, and the races in each brand and model houses…

  22. hennessey86

    I’m not going to be happy until they fix the graphical glitches and update at least some of the engine notes.

    1. Limelight788

      Honestly, the graphic glitch (I believe the jagged shadows on cars) isn’t a huge deal in comparison to other missing features, like matchmaking and endurance saves. Let’s focus on glitches that fix the gameplay and add contents that we want, after that, then we can moan about the graphic glitch.

      I’m not sure why people complain about the graphical glitch anyway, it really doesn’t bother me.

  23. Wallbreaker

    Incredible how they continue updating this game despite all tragedies in their own country. Kudos, Kazunori and PD!

  24. robgt81

    People will never be happy with this game. There’s 1000 cars and people say the game is old because they haven’t added any new ones?? 9 patches is more than most games get in their lifetime and there is more broken games out there than gt5

    1. daltonlm

      But the GT5 is the main racing game of the whole world… the legend… the mith. And for a game so important, this number of tracks stills small.

  25. im_verdu

    by the way, gt4 events could and should easily added to gt5, was more interesting offline game gt4…. I had completed all gt series at 100%, but I dont believe that i will complete this game, … I dont need the reward of unlocking new cars, get the gold position in tests is enough… but getting the car and sellig it like in gt4 was really a great thing and switching between aspect and bspect was more fair, 24h in lemans is raced by teams of 3 runners, each one 8 hours in the wheel. GT5 is no longer the REAL drivibg simulator…

  26. im_verdu

    FInally, i mean that the people are more interested in getting money and experience rather then drive correctly, thats the magic of gt you can learn how to drive all kind of cars. Sad because people are more afraid of getting tha car list completed instead of make good and beautiful real races. All the content in the game should be opened by poliphony… there are people that could not invest the time to get all unlocked… not fair that you cant get friends cars anymore too…. disapointed about all this things…
    Have a nice day

    1. Dino

      I’m sorry but a-spec is trash. I don’t want to grind for money on something I don’t enjoy. The online racing does not give out enough money to fund people.

    2. im_verdu

      but in gt4 aspect was really funny. no enough tracks and to expensive cars are making this game boring…

    3. really?

      GT4 was WAY harder than GT5 but in some asecs funner ive still never beat GT4 or come close to GT5 progress. 23%GT4 & 10 times more races thn GT5 96% GT5 GT5 has a TON of features but after uve beat all races under 9 hours (& a 9h on B SPEC) its just boring

    4. im_verdu

      but remember that thy put a bspect submenu that allowed you to speed up the race in one third… nine hours become then …. only… three. I love the italian urban circuits… i miss them, but now when you get acostumed to hd you cant go back….

  27. new_soul

    EPIC WIN for BOYS who sit in front of the TV for hours just to earn enough Cr,- to rebuild the engine and restore rigidity

    1. Furai

      How “new” are you? Level 3 or what? Your Bob can earn 800.000cr in one hour, no need to sit there for hours.

    1. daltonlm

      Drift event is a joke. I grabed the replay from the 1st place at nurburgring… it was ridiculous to see he scamming the corners with only one tire touching the tarmac to achieve the max score…

      I denie myself to exploit the game like this for fame.

  28. HKS racer

    Still no custom championships, still no chance to decide AI’s cars. Still no proper SuperGT championship…I’m TIRED to see a Ferrari P4 against a Nissan GT-R GT500, well, great update yeah -.-

  29. Frederik

    Guys come on, please stfu about Japan and the tsunami/earthquake stuff! i think we allready know… and again it havent affected PD….

    Stupid ..

    1. Limelight788

      Just because Polyphony Digital has been relatively unaffected by this doesn’t mean that it should not be a concern for them. They (probably) have suffered family loses to the tsunami and as appropriate, are focusing on what is more important.

      Also, I believe Kaz made a tweet that may indicate no new contents for awhile, meaning it’ll probably be a long wait before the new updates arrive.

    2. SavageEvil

      Ignorance is strong with some people, just because they release things still doesn’t mean the were not affected. Watch your replies, karma does have a way of paying you a visit when you have little sympathy for people who you do not know have trouble. You call yourself a human being, pfft. This world is becoming one selfish place to live sigh.

    3. Aces & Eights

      Yea, don’t forget about the radiation leaking everywhere, into foods, power outages, food shortages, etc. I have a buddy that lives in Japan on my PSN and hes told me of these problems.

    4. stoney71

      I think just about everyone is concerned and supportive of all of Japan in their time of need. Nobody is saying they MUST give us a patch right now, but IF they are going to release a patch right now, which they have, then please give us something better. If they where not able to work then they probably wouldn’t be releasing anything, so they must be trying to get back to normal as much as possible. I for one am sure that is very hard and I wish them all well in their recovery.

  30. Dino

    Again they address things what are not importent. I rather have them improve the game than patch something stupid like a glitch what effects no one.

    1. stoney71

      As I have said before, people are only using the glitches to keep from having to grind so much. If PD would fix the screwed up leveling/credit allotment system in GT5 then maybe so many people wouldn’t be looking for these glitches and cheats. Most of the cheating wouldn’t be worth it if you could just ‘earn’ enough credits doing more varied races. PD needs to fix the core of the problem FIRST, THEN fix the glitches. Lets all be honest, even all you fanboys on here, NOBODY LIKES GRINDING. It is BORING and a waste of time. Please PD, give us more races in GTLife, more credits for races, let us sell ALL the cars, give us more (and better) prize cars, lower the price of the cars, etc., etc…Just stop making us grind so much. That is the reason so many people are cheating, because the game doesn’t offer enough FUN ways to earn so many credits the ‘right’ way.

    2. Aces & Eights

      Give us better payouts seriously, I can get 800k for 1hr of racing and do an endurance race for 4hrs and only get 400k, are we being ignored here? I sensed an update coming, got excited, it just fixed a glitch that had nothing to do with me/other people. Its getting kinda old with everyone including me getting on GTP and reading about ‘we want this and that’ and we get an update with…… nothing. -_- Awesome.

    3. stoney71

      @really, how do glitches like the breakout glitch effect everyone? If you don’t want to do it, then don’t.

  31. BAZZ

    Fixing Nürburgring 24 exploit that some users used in order to get the cars they wanted in a faster pace (I’m not one these people, tried SSR7 once for a wtflolz-experience) rather then being forced to grind two or three races for roughly a week in order to collect the 20 million credit car(s) that so many people wants, great update PD, REALLY! :dunce:

    SSR7 exploit, removed within what, three weeks after it was discovered?

    OH and we now have triple monitor support! YAY!
    And let’s not forget that our standard cars look better!

    What else can we ask for now then?

    HOW ABOUT THE FULL PHREAKIN SUPPORT FOR G27/Fanatec wheels?? It’s quite obvious to me that they don’t have any intentions [b]what so ever[/b] to address one of the biggest f*ckups so far.

    But hey! Just buy two more PS3’s, two more copies of the game and a US$500 wheel.. That seems to be their solution to all of this.

    Oh, and btw PD, you’ve still missed a similar bug but this time I believe most (me included) will keep it to ourselves.

    Wheel or no deal!

    1. Maa

      I’m sure it was discussed a million times, but I hear that you CAN use AND map (most?) of the buttons on those wheels you mention. So, is it really that freekin important to have all the buttons mapped?

    2. SavageEvil

      PD doesn’t have to support anything, they released officially licensed wheels that we towards the marketing of this game. Seriously G25/27 work just fine, you should be happy with what you have, they could have not included the ini.files at all. I swear some people need to take a business marketing class or something.

    3. LeeC2202

      Actually, YES, they do have to support something. It’s called a responsible development practice.

      Or maybe you’d be one of the people perfectly happy, if all PC games were released in VGA, with stereo sound and keyboard support. Because PC devs don’t have to support any other kind of hardware I guess, using that logic.

      As for the fanatec wheels, PD should have least added a throttle sensitivity, so that you don’t get full throttle after a quarter distance pedal press.

    1. Maa

      Racing sims are never ready. Look at iRacing, apparently they issue a Major patch every 3 months (and small ones in between). That game is evolving and people are happy. This one is too and at least I am happy.

    1. burn in flames

      Motorstorm>GT5. Pacific Rift was pretty much the best simulator, x10 better than iRacing and the likes of. Can’t wait to see how they top that amazing game.

    2. burn in flames

      I know i was pointing out no one that actually enjoys racing/driving pixels around on top of other pixels would play Motorstorm over GT5 lol

    1. Alex

      Well, than again
      Japan is still recovering from the earthquake and they havve to shut down the reactors 50& of the time to prevent overheating. So you’re lucky you’re even getting updates

    2. im_verdu

      japan one of the most sismic actives countries,… and tsunami is a japanese word dont you forguet that…an now they are pollutioning without responsabilities … there should be international claims to ask for responsabilities… dont you think?

    1. O'Reilly

      Actually, you could. Each pixel is just a collection of 0 and 1 and if you get them in the right order and import the file to your PS3 it could defenitely be used to fix all issues AND add the latest Porsche to the game.

      It’s just a matter of knowing which pixels to mark, and in what colours. But if you make a YouTube tutorial of it I bet you will be our latest GTPlanet hero!

    2. Pointing out the obv

      Well could you do us all a favour and do it then? I’m pretty sure most of us would chip in a dollar or 2 to pay for it

  32. Typical GT5 User

    Hey, hey guys…guess what.

    The world revolves around me and my Playstation. There are no other concerns to be attended to, least of all in Japan.

    1. A. Einstein

      Well, according to the theory of relativity it doesn’t, unless you live on the north (or south) geographic pole and have your PS3 fitted onto a spinning table rotating clockwise at the same speed as the rotation of earth. And even then you would have to be sitting on top of your console, or else you would also rotate around it.

      And although the sun could be considered to also be rotating around you and the console, the theory that the two of you are the center of the universe would have to live with the flaw that the rest of the solar system would rotate around the sun and that the rest of the universe would have to be fixed to the sun in some strange super-gravity field and jerk its way around space. It would also be a fact that the universe is not expanding, but that Big Bang (and indeed time itself) is slowly making it’s way away from you and your PS3 and as it does so it also distorts the rest of the universe at an exonential rate.

      Which all in turn would make us have to update the formula:


    2. Madman Apex

      so true… i cant even believe they are releasing any patches. i wasnt expecting anything for atleast 3months.

    3. Cornelyus

      C’mon, they are the third ecomomy of the world, they already passed worst things, they no need no one to getting ahead.

  33. ##GreenHell##

    Wow no new content but more bug fixes. Cant say Im surprised. We gonna neeed something new to spice this game up cause im sure half of you have completed the game.

    1. Grieg'n'Stieg

      It’s like asking this question to Michael Schumacher after winning his first F1 championship: “What are you gonna do now, that you have completed the game?”

      Just keep racing, that’s at least what I think is the fun part of the game. Especially if you find a good online race.

      Sure, there could be more tracks and cars, but that will always be the case, no racing game will ever be fully saturated in that perspective.

    2. blake

      no malor new content ever comes in updates just patches & things they didn’t have time to add (REMOTE RACE) but new tracks cars will be DLC

    1. Aces & Eights

      Yes I agree as well, all these people glitching for money and then whining about no new content is pretty amusing. I hope the next update is actually worth something, soon please, PD. I would love to see something like putting parts from other cars into a project car or something. Or like taking a right side steering dash and switching it to the left….

    1. guidance is internal

      What we need is GT6
      Five is getting BOOOORING!
      I even went to 4 the other day, for some different tracks.
      Forgot how much fun Motegi, & El Capitan are/were.

    2. steve30x

      What we need is people to stop being selfish and remember that Japan is after going through a major earthquake. Be greatful you got this patch.

    1. SavageEvil

      What’s wrong with the custom BGM? Mine works just fine, just like they said it supposed to. It only works online if the room doesn’t have mics enabled, other than that I don’t see an issue with it. Is there something that I might not have encountered with the custom BGM?

    2. Sigmaviper11

      I havn’ had the freezing, but with some mp3 files, I’ve had it reset to the games default BGM. This hapens a lot when it comes to the menu BGM. UI’ve yet to figure out why, and honestly I don’t know if it has been fixed or not yet, because I haven’t been up here in quite some time, and my PS3 has been dead for over a month. Oh, and GT5 is still stuck in it. >_<

    3. daltonlm

      Ya thats really annoying. I only create my lobby with voice chat off, due this strange problem… so many people run away from it.

    4. Thesrdic

      for me it will freeze after 1 or 2 songs (always a different one), online or offline, even on menus so I have to have it off all the time :(

    5. SavageEvil

      I think something might be wrong with the PS3 or the HDD, mine runs well in fact I haven’t taken it off my custom BGM. I did change the menu BGM once, but I noticed that it pauses harshly when moving from one song to the next, besides that jazz is just to smooth to try and top. I’m using a FAT PS3 as well, no freezes at all with a 160GB drive and about 49 GB empty space left.

    1. SavageEvil

      Really? Do you even know the meaning of the word PATCH? How you can assume Patch has any correalation with New Content is beyond me, but maybe I’m not all that smart.

      Where does this sort of audacious behavior come from?

    2. Erik

      The word you are looking for, Corey, is probably “expansion”. A patch is generally about bug fixes and minor additions.

    3. Nick

      I’m glad they released a patch period, they had a catastrophic natural disaster occur in their state. You should keep that in mind Corey.

    1. blake

      Glitching is cheating what helps u hurts others. i used to be 1 of the higher lvled up ppl @ lvl 34 A 36 B but now evryones 40 A Spec.. if only PD would remove the rewards the cheaters got.

    2. Vasichko

      Another update for gt5 beta…. Still no dlc, no improvements on loading times. Forza 4 will be amazing.

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