Gran Turismo 5 vs. Reality: Can You Tell the Difference?

February 21st, 2012 by Jordan Greer

GTPlanet member Abraxas went on a trip to Austria and Italy last year, with a special goal: to visit and photograph some of Gran Turismo 5‘s most impressive Photomode locations in the real-world, then compare them to Polyphony Digital’s work.

The result is nothing short of incredible, as you can see in the 40 sample images from his trip below. He’s paired each photograph with a GT5 Photomode image taken from the same “virtual” location; the real photos are in the left column, and the game’s screenshots are in the right column.

Check out his complete gallery here in our forums, which features even more photos and Abraxas’ commentary on the different locations. He has also assembled another impressive collection of real-vs.-virtual car photographs which are not to be missed. Thanks, Abraxas, for sharing these images with our community!

Siena / Piazza il Campo

San Gimignano

Red Bull Hangar 7 (Austria)

The Abbey of San Galgano

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  1. Feb. 22, 9:46pm

    Just incredible.

  2. Feb. 22, 8:29pm


  3. Feb. 22, 8:07pm

    Simply stunning! This game is only why i bought ps3, ps2 and ps1. The most real driving simulation combined with the pleasure of enjoying the best put out scenarios around the tracks. No racing game can ever match till now the perfetion that Grant Turismo has as a racing/driving simulator game and as a pleasure of enjoying the beauty that cars are and the world scenarios that surround them every day! :) This game is an inspiration to all car lovers and enthusiasts, shall they be racing drivers or sunday drivers!! ;)

    • Feb. 22, 8:21pm

      Totally agree. :D Gran Turismo really inspired me for quite sometime now, and to this day it still inspires me. :) I can’t wait to see how GT6 will turn out, I bet in that game aswell will inspire us even more. ;) I believe that GT6 will have a bright beautiful future, I can feel it.

  4. Feb. 22, 3:27pm

    Awesome work man… Good to see the original against the images from GT5.

  5. Feb. 22, 3:08pm
    SZRT Ice

    Amazing work by PD, and Abraxas should be compensated/awarded for such a tedious display of PD’s dedication to detail.

    But to the haters, do you people really think that the people responsible for the level design of photomode locations are the same people responsible for car design?, physics?, track design?, etc? No. PD has TEAMS of different people dedicated to designing different aspects of the game, as there is a WORLD of different people that ENJOY DIFFERENT ASPECTS of GT5. Not having scouters go out & take data on photomode locations will not make the car detail department suddenly kick into high gear, and if they’re focusing too much in one area, we’re bitchin’ in another. Right, GT5 needs some work, but this here should be appreciated. One thing at a time people…

  6. Feb. 22, 2:29pm

    ok its nice to see something other than an update or dlc. but all you people that are complaining, shut up! All your whining and bitching and complaining isnt gonna make anything easier. Kaz and Polyphony Digital doesnt do whatever you say so just deal with what you get shup the f**k up!!

  7. Feb. 22, 1:31pm

    GT5 has better graphics than real life, real life has better physics..

  8. Feb. 22, 1:13pm

    GT5 vs reality, there is a purpose to pictures in the real world, GT5 should focus on driving.

    • Feb. 22, 2:20pm

      ohhh. so close. wrong answer.

      photo mode is a part of GT. too many people use it. photo mode will only grow larger in future titles.

  9. Feb. 22, 12:54pm

    wow, is it me or do the gt5 pics look better? apart from the pixalated people lol, great work though, impressive i have to say!!

    • Feb. 22, 4:17pm

      If you auto focus it may be better

  10. Feb. 22, 12:05pm

    Simply stunning!

  11. Feb. 22, 12:05pm

    Haters fonna weight. Can’t we just enjoy of incredible pictures from Abraxas even game is not perfect still.

    • Feb. 22, 12:46pm

      I know right? Watch until the DLC news comes, it’s gonna worse yet annoying. Honestly. Abraxas did a very good job taking every photo from real life, and GT5’s photo travel. They should atleast be pleased of his and his girlfriend’s fantastic work, and PD aswell.

  12. Feb. 22, 11:59am

    The crappy low res player models kind of give it away lol

  13. Feb. 22, 11:48am

    Amazing! What an important thing this is in the “real driving simulator” lol.
    I wish they had more focus on online sector of the game and not on this. Can’t decide GT5 is a Barbie simulator or a photographer simulator now…

    When I had GT5 I was driving/racing, and not comparing sreenshots to reality. Maybe that was the problem, that’s why I had enough of it? :)

    • Feb. 22, 11:56am

      *sigh* Im sick of you whiners….dont like the game cool sell it dont play it but dont come onto the forums and whine your hearts out because to be frank no one cares.

    • Feb. 22, 2:07pm

      In a way hes right tho…I don’t really care for online, but it would be really pathetic if this is the type of stuff which delayed the game for so many years, only to be released incomplete. Kaz is a perfectionist, and if it wasn’t for all the die-hard GT fans like us, it could’ve really hurt him and his company.

    • Feb. 22, 2:21pm

      the majority disagrees

    • Feb. 22, 7:17pm

      Whhhyyyyyy are you under the dilusion that PD had anything to do with this story? I thought this was suppose to be done by GTPlanet. I don’t understand your arguement. Maybe I was reading to fast. I don’t know.

  14. Feb. 22, 11:24am

    the FOTO service sign in san gimignano is the wrong color! ultimate PD fail!

    just kidding. pretty amazing

  15. Feb. 22, 11:14am

    Those look pretty good. Looks like the game needs a few more tourists!

    I’m planning a trip to Mazda Raceway (Laguna Seca) in August to watch the Rolex Motorsports Reunion featuring the Shelby Cobra. I’ve been there before, but If I can remember to, I’ll try to match some location photos from in game if I can.

  16. Feb. 22, 10:58am

    wow I didn’t realise I bought a photography simulator,I thought I bought a driving simulator but I guess not silly me.

    • Feb. 22, 11:08am

      Beautiful pic tho….but I do agree that there was probably misplaced priorities over at PD. They thought they had 2 more yrs so chose to work on the environments first. If they had got what they wanted, they game would’ve been released Nov 2012 and have no standards cars and zero issues

    • Feb. 22, 11:30am

      agreed, lets keep fingers crossed they don’t release gt6 until absolutely ready and perhaps they could keep non driving stuff like photomode back for dlc but then I guess they won’t make the most money possible but they might actually learn what we do and don’t want from driving sim.

  17. Feb. 22, 10:51am

    Funny how life seems to work, just planning a road trip from England to Switzerland in the summer this morning and I was planning on visiting the Zytglogge in Bern as it’s just down the road from the in-laws and I wanted to see how close it was to the photomode in GT5!

    • Feb. 22, 11:43am

      As I had the opportunity to visit the City of Bern during an event last year in Switzerland I made plans before the travel to take some pictures and try to take same pictures ingame. It worked.

  18. Feb. 22, 10:27am

    :O I’m lost for words

  19. Feb. 22, 9:20am

    Bloody hell! Good Job.

  20. Feb. 22, 9:11am


  21. Feb. 22, 9:10am

    So who is the special goat?

  22. Feb. 22, 9:01am

    The Red Bull Hanger looks liked its been rearranged since PD copied it (More Planes etc) but Excellent shots

  23. Feb. 22, 8:55am

    It’s just the people that let down some of the shots. PD didn’t do well with them. Otherwise, great!

  24. Feb. 22, 8:50am

    If they cropped the people out of the shots it would have been even harder to tell.

  25. Feb. 22, 8:42am

    amazing. GT for life

  26. Feb. 22, 8:11am

    I normally don’t comment on these news posts, but feel compelled to do so here. Not only because of the proof showing the great attention to detail that PD puts into the game to recreate the realism of each scene and (premium) car, but also for the work and time Abraxas put into this comparo. Epic indeed.

    Excellent job sir!!!

    • Feb. 22, 1:39pm

      im sorry that this is an irrelevant question but im trying to improve my laptimes at the nürburgring & time attack, what is a suitable tire setup for a GT-R or any other car? please reply

    • Feb. 22, 1:46pm

      rjcraft16 What about asking somewhere else?

    • Feb. 23, 3:54pm

      what about i don’t know how to work the damn forums? all i want is an intelligent & quick answer

  27. Feb. 22, 7:25am
    mister dog

    On the last set of pictures there is clearly moss on the floor, and it don’t appear in GT5!!!

    • Feb. 22, 8:59am

      And Metal support bars on the pillars (must of been present vs past pic)

  28. Feb. 22, 7:05am

    game of Spot the Difference anyone?

    • Feb. 22, 9:35am

      the fake ones have WrongGear on them

  29. Feb. 22, 6:32am

    Which ones are real and which ones are GT5? I CANT TELL IT!

    • Feb. 22, 11:55am

      All pics on the right are GT, ;)

  30. Feb. 22, 6:16am

    This is really awesome what PD did! And great work Abraxas!

  31. Feb. 22, 5:44am

    EIt’s easy to spot the difference. The sausage-fest ones are from GT5.

  32. Feb. 22, 5:31am

    the gates are sometimes to narrow and sometimes to wide, nice attention to detail.

    so in real life you might be able to drive through them and in the game you crash,


  33. Feb. 22, 5:18am

    Where are the women?

  34. Feb. 22, 4:57am

    PD are gods.

  35. Feb. 22, 3:45am

    Nice work. But GT5 and other PS3,360 Games are ingame far away. The Reality is much better. Photomode in GT Makes the picture better,but the ps3 could Not handle them in actual ingame footage.

    pCars has far better graphics without photomode. The Next Generation will Bd Beat Reality, but will Not reach is.

    I have to der thanks for the work, but it doesnt Makes Sense to me. This Generation is far away from Reality.

    • Feb. 22, 3:47am

      Arg Sry wrote some words wrong :D

    • Feb. 22, 6:52am

      I have a feeling they meant to make the photomode locations into actual tracks, but then they realised the ps3 wasn’t powerful enough. With the models already made they turned them into photomode locations.

  36. Feb. 22, 3:42am

    PD, after seeing this, massive kudos to you.

  37. Feb. 22, 3:36am

    as amazing as photomode is it doesn’t have anything to do with racing, I would gladly lose photomode for more premium cars and cool tracks.

    • Feb. 22, 9:24am


  38. Feb. 22, 3:11am

    It’s still amazing to look at even after playing for over a year now. If only PS3 could perform tessellation. That would make it even harder to distinguish actual buildings from virtual ones. Tessellation would make the texture of all of the walls appear more realistic due to adding more depth to crevices and more pop to raised surfaces. I love this game so much. Stuck on developing a fleet of Toyota FT 86’S and 86 II’s right now. It’s the only car distracting me from driving my 917 hp 247 mph Lamborghini Aventador, or any of the other 5 I have.

  39. Feb. 22, 3:03am

    Wow, my photos on front page of GTPlanet, yay :)
    Thank you for all kind words. We (me and my girlfriend) are very happy that you liked it. It was really great experience travelling to all those awesome places. We visited many more Toscanian cities and towns, but I still think PD picked the best ones for photo travel purposes.
    And thank you PD. Without you we wouldn’t know about San Galgano, which is one of the most incredible places we’ve ever been to.

    • Feb. 22, 5:23am

      well done you deserve to be on the front page your pictures are epic and so close in perspective to the ones from gt5.

    • Feb. 22, 8:43am

      Not only great pictures and locations: You actually conviced your girl to do a Gt5 inspired tour??
      Congratulations!! You must have great negotiation skills my friend!!
      Great job

    • Feb. 22, 3:36pm

      Amazing job.That was incredible…i have to make a tour like this sometime soon.

    • Feb. 22, 11:22pm

      You sir, are a artist!!! :D

  40. Feb. 22, 2:52am

    hate the ”people” on stands during racing, it completely destroys any photo. C’mon they are only 2D sprites. Would be better to have them as texture.

  41. Feb. 22, 2:31am

    Critical Fail… (-_-)

  42. Feb. 22, 2:22am

    In most of the gt5 pictures it shows the logo in the corner. But still amazing, still struggle to find the difference

  43. Feb. 22, 2:02am

    Been to Siena! =)

  44. Feb. 22, 12:53am

    Its pretty easy to see which is which, but some of the GT5 ones look better lol

  45. Feb. 22, 12:29am

    that hangar is way off

    • Feb. 22, 2:40am

      On my photos, yes :D We were there at 9AM, so it may look off on photos, but believe me, when you enter it you fell like you’ve been there before.

  46. Feb. 22, 12:14am

    A few things, A. In order to have high detailed crowds with high detailed cars and still pull a high framerate you have to sacrifice somewhere, this being the people in the stands. Happens on every game. And also B. do you see the attention to detail they give? Yet you still want more. If you rush them, the game won’t look good nor have much improvement over the previous (shift & forza) but these games continue to amaze me. Just take a look at the huge step of generation we have now and realize how good games are now and just appreciate it.

  47. Feb. 22, 12:08am

    *Pictures of real cars compared to GT5 cars, that’s what I meant to say… oops !

  48. Feb. 22, 12:06am

    It’s easy to tell, because everything in the GT5 pictures is basically straight lines, trying to look natural, as opposed to the real pictures, which are tilted “naturally” to capture the best picture you can and some chimneys, bricks and balconies are a bit sideways and all.

    Anyways, I have the eye for details, sometimes, I wish I didn’t, but what can I do.

    The GT5 pics looks good, but besides real pictures… hmmmmm…

    Pictures of real compared to GT5, now that’s something else !

  49. Feb. 21, 11:35pm

    One sentence.

    I LOVE IT!

    The photos from GT5 almost look similar to the real ones, though some things were altered or changed, but they look spectactular and even sitting in photomode. PD gives you that feeling that you are actually there. Which in my opinion, one of the coolest features ever since GT4 photo travel days.

  50. Feb. 21, 11:32pm

    This is so impressive. they almost took as much care with details like with the Premiums. And that guy selling those busts is having problems convincing customers. I can see them in the real pic and GT pic :P

  51. Feb. 21, 11:31pm
    Ferrari Enthusi


  52. Feb. 21, 11:26pm


  53. Feb. 21, 11:21pm

    environments look great… now what about the cars…. i mean, thats what the game is really about right, the cars.

  54. Feb. 21, 10:32pm

    That’s great. Now expand A-Spec. I’ll gladly pay you $$ Kaz.

  55. Feb. 21, 10:30pm

    Real life has bad graphics..

    • Feb. 21, 10:38pm

      Standard definition ftl

  56. Feb. 21, 10:11pm

    Looks awesome, exept for the “PSone people” same as in the tracks, they should have never made crowds

    • Feb. 21, 10:53pm

      You, Sir, with your comment, made one of the best comments evAr !

  57. Feb. 21, 9:59pm

    Wow! That is all very great work. And I have one thing to say, Forza can’t match that.

  58. Feb. 21, 9:59pm

    very good, but only wish we can have quality online play instead of pretty looking cars and back drops!?

  59. Feb. 21, 9:58pm

    I went in search of playstation square when I was in Tokyo once, walking slightly uphill I thought it was a bit familiar, when I noticed that I was in fact walking along the start/finish stretch of the r246 track. It seemed fairly spot on to me at the time (at that point I hadn’t played gt since the tokyo-geneva disc) walked all the way to the first turn (which seemed a bit different) but a whole lap would have taken an age so i stopped there.

  60. Feb. 21, 9:36pm

    ok if it wasnt for the people and certain shadows, i couldnt tell the difference. but seriously, whats with the 9 hour maintenance on thursday?

  61. Feb. 21, 9:31pm

    The buildings look almost exactly alike. Great job on PD’s part. But I think one major downfall of GT 5 is that their people look they came out of a PS1 game. And it wouldn’t be that difficult because they just copy and paste the same type of people throughout the course. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but I think it’s one thing they could improve on. :P

  62. Feb. 21, 9:24pm

    if only standard cars interior were so detailed :)

  63. Feb. 21, 9:09pm

    I think it’s amazing that, in the picture of the art vendor, PD included some actual pieces that you can see are still for sale as of the taking of these pictures. Talk about detail!

    • Feb. 21, 9:31pm

      Unnecessary detail some might say, considering the lack of detail in other areas….

  64. Feb. 21, 8:58pm

    That’s the best part. I was talking to a Spanish friend online and he was able to identify all the buildings on the Madrid track. Including the Tio Pepe billboard on the building at the U turn, which he told me was removed in 2010.

  65. Feb. 21, 8:47pm

    Sad thing is some of the Gt5 pics look better lolol.

  66. Feb. 21, 8:46pm

    Wait, what? The left side wasnt GT5? :D Just kidding, but they did a very good job!

  67. Feb. 21, 8:38pm

    I could, even if you hadn’t told me that gt5 pics were on the right.

  68. Feb. 21, 8:34pm


  69. Feb. 21, 8:13pm

    The only problem I see is that PD has no females at any of there locations except the girl on the bench with the cell phone. A few months back I tried to take some photos of the girls of gt but there are none. ??

    • Feb. 21, 8:28pm

      I hope in GT6 there’ll be more females in photomode and in gameplay, having both male and female drivers too, and looking like the final fantasy characters and people aswell. The GT girl was great to see in GT5, she’s awesome. ;)

    • Feb. 21, 8:29pm

      I read another comment or post here I believe about this. It’s because of the way the Japanese society is structures or something like that. Apparently women are, for lack of better words lesser over there.

  70. Feb. 21, 8:04pm

    PD uses a cheap trick with the windows on buildings. From a distance the windows look normal, but when you get close they appear to be flat.

  71. Feb. 21, 7:53pm

    You should of cut out the blurry people and the GT symbol, other than that, I was barely able to tell the two apart!

  72. Feb. 21, 7:51pm

    Yeah totally. When my mate and me headed over to the Nordschleife, I told him to stop at Ahrweiler first. Never been there before, but it was like I’ve been there before already. I was looking for that hotel, couldn’t find it, then I noticed the bank exactly as I remembered from the photomode, so then the hotel had to be a bit next to it. And there it was, just like I’ve been there before.

    And the same went later on that day when my mate wanted to find a nice spot where we could watch all the cars driving by. And I remembered from the 4-hour races I did on the 24-hr layout that there was an excellent sport at Brünchen. So we drove to there and I was right, it was exactly as it was in the game. Pretty freaky in some way, but an excellend job.

    • Feb. 22, 2:45am

      This. You really get that feeling you have been there before. That stunned us especially in San Gimignano and Hangar 7. Siena is too crowded compared to quite calm GT% photo location and San Gimignano is so stunning you can’t think about game anymore :)

  73. Feb. 21, 7:51pm

    Amazing! o.o

  74. Feb. 21, 7:47pm

    I hope the whiners can finally see how much PD has actually put into this game now.

  75. Feb. 21, 7:30pm

    This is just incredible. The way PD really put this game into this much detail, I applaud them.

  76. Feb. 21, 7:24pm

    I’m so happy to see this. Look how beautiful PD has puttin to this. This is just fantastic work. I’m really inspired by all of this.
    Thank you very much for this wonderful post Jordan, you rock. :)

    • Feb. 21, 7:39pm

      Honestly, I’m inspired by this as well. The graphics department at PD truly has a dedication towards detail like none other. I’m not sure how this will be topped in GT6 only if it’s on the PS3, which could possibly come in the next year and a half.

      There are too many reasons why I’d prefer GT6 on the PS4. Current and continual updates for GT5 being a couple of them. C-Spec, which is Free Roam, is the other great reason.

    • Feb. 21, 8:05pm

      Totally agree. :) Can’t wait to see how GT6 will be like. From all the support GT5 is getting. We may see GT6 having an even more brighter future. It may inspire the two us more aswell. :D

  77. Feb. 21, 7:18pm

    “Great” now when is the new dlc coming out?

    • Feb. 21, 7:33pm

      Haha….nothing gets past you

    • Feb. 21, 7:52pm

      grow up or play some forza

  78. Feb. 21, 7:16pm

    That is really impressive!!! There were a few photos that if I didnt know better would have thought were the real ones! I too though, have to admit while scanning through the photos I did think about the huge amount of time and effort that must have went into this extreme amount of detail. For me personally I got into gran turismo from the get go as it was one of the best driving games available. In some ways I wish this detail was not so great and there was more time used to broaden the racing side of the game.. Great job though everyone involved in getting these photos, that must have been alot of work!!

    • Feb. 21, 7:37pm

      yup, some of that ram coulda been used to fix the shadows on some of the tracks….but I wonder, could it be possible to enhanced the shadows in the replay only, like the high fidelity rendering technology they use in photo-mode?…I would take that

  79. Feb. 21, 7:10pm

    I can tell which one’s which!

    Look at the people.

  80. Feb. 21, 7:10pm

    Think why PD spend so much time doing this. They took those pictures and then made the 3D model of it to include it in real tracks as Madrid for example and in photomode. This is amazing and a wonderful work by PD. I always wanted a game that make this.
    Imagine if Crysis or STALKER on PC make this. Currently i´m playing Stalker C.o.P. and it looks fantastic+ Atmosfear 3 mod (it gives a photo-realistic sky+ weather changes) and they made parts of the game as in this case Pripyat city based in real photos of the place and they turned it in 3D models and it looks fantastic.(best atmospheric game ever)

    GT tried to make the same and i think they made a great job and even better because this is a racing game and the most important thing is not the environment so much but yes the car itself. They made a great balance between cars, tracks (at least the real world ones + Race X) and the lighting effects. It is hard to see that in any other game being on consoles and even on PC.

    Imagine GT6 with this engine and being upgraded with true HD textures in the environment as we can see in pCARS now. I have pCARS and still GT5 looks more realistic despite if the game loss some quality in the environment because of the low resolution textures of the tracks (tarmac textures are low,same with grass and trees).

    One more thing…even Forza 4 fanatics agree that GT5 looks better.(realistic)

    • Feb. 21, 7:17pm


    • Feb. 21, 7:44pm

      I still think PD was a bit overambitious ….they should’ve worked within their limitations to make a more complete game, Instead of taking on such a humungous task….but you’re right, I don’t think we can even began imagine how amazing GT6 is going to be, Lets just hope its early on after launch and not 3-4 yrs after

    • Feb. 21, 8:20pm

      ^ I hope so too. I beg for it to release in 2013. And GT6 prologue. I really hope it’s like the old GTs. :)

    • Feb. 22, 3:25pm

      I think GT6 will be a direct upgrade from GT5. As i said with upgraded HD textures in the tracks and sky for higher resolution and even more realistic atmosphere in real tracks. The cars now from outside looks realistic and with little improvements in lighting effects its done. The cars only need upgraded textures in the inside (for example for give to the leader a more natural look and not so plastic look)
      Also i think GT needs DX11 effects to complete the experience.

  81. Feb. 21, 7:04pm

    He is sooooooo lucky, I’ve always wanted to go to Italy!! I am amazed at how close they are and that just makes me want to go there even more!!!! CURSE YOU EXSPENSIVE TICKETS!!!!!!!!!

    • Feb. 21, 7:43pm

      so lucky, for sure. It wasn’t just Abraxas that was in on this, you should keep in mind.

      AND they were able to compare a number of cars, as well.

    • Feb. 22, 2:49am

      That’s the only reason why we haven’t done Japanese locations yet :D

      @another_jakhole, only one friend, to be precise girlfriend ;)

  82. Feb. 21, 7:03pm

    What a great job Abraxas!

    Cool comparison which shows just how detailed those photo trip locations are in GT5.


  83. Feb. 21, 7:01pm

    are those buildings standard with no interior?

    • Feb. 21, 8:15pm

      kinda like your head yes, standard with nothing inside

    • Feb. 21, 9:00pm


  84. Feb. 21, 6:59pm

    I never realized how bad the graphics were in this game……..OH wait that’s real life :D

  85. Feb. 21, 6:58pm
    Mac K

    People complain about the dumbest things, just shut up and read the article, its nice to read about something other than an update for once.. that being said, if it wan’t for the GT logo and the people, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. It would be really cool if someone did this with cars as well, I know PD did, but it wasn’t the best and I’m sure a GTP member could do a much better job anyway.

  86. Feb. 21, 6:57pm

    Outstanding! Who’s coming with me for the GT6 release? ;)

    • Feb. 21, 7:04pm

      Me me me, pick me. :D I can’t wait for GT6!

    • Feb. 21, 7:08pm

      I’ll start saving now…

    • Feb. 21, 7:12pm

      Hurray. :D Haha

  87. Feb. 21, 6:53pm

    Absolutely stunning. Good post Jordan :)

  88. Feb. 21, 6:47pm

    This is what PD decided to spend time working on, instead of adding more premium cars to the game.

    • Feb. 21, 6:51pm

      :) delete these two comments, if possible.

    • Feb. 21, 7:04pm

      Don’t you start! We and PD loves backgrounds like this and it’s just as special as cars. Best reason to have photo travel for stuff this fantastic. Remember GT4’s photo travel? Outstanding work PD. :)

    • Feb. 22, 8:32pm

      Troll and douchebag

    • Feb. 23, 11:34pm

      I know right. That’s ALL these two do!! Annoying!! Let some one else have an opinion.

  89. Feb. 21, 6:40pm


    Congratulations, Abraxas and his small group of friends for this treat. You were lucky enough to do this, and now, your work is represented on the greatest GT fan-site in existence.

  90. Feb. 21, 6:38pm


  91. Feb. 21, 6:34pm

    Nice work. It’s interesting how some of the real pictures look better than the game pictures, while other game pictures look better than the real thing. Maybe it’s the variance in the photographer’s skills and/or setup.

  92. Feb. 21, 6:32pm

    That’s incredible

  93. Feb. 21, 6:32pm

    How can you take photos at San Galgano during daytime? It turns into dusk too quickly.

  94. Feb. 21, 6:30pm

    The buildings are unreal. The people give away GT5 but if you look beyond that it is extremely well modelled

  95. Feb. 21, 6:29pm

    Besides the PEOPLE, everything else is near perfect. They have done a lot of work on this.

  96. Feb. 21, 6:25pm

    This hardly qualifies as news. Would have been relevant the first months after the game released, but now it just seems reduntant.

    • Feb. 21, 6:42pm

      It’s not ‘news’, it’s a feature story; and shame on Abraxas for not scheduling his trip around Europe closer to the release of the game, right? Oh, well, look on the bright side: at least it gave you an opportunity to complain about something.

    • Feb. 21, 6:47pm

      this was released in the forums in late September ’11. Most negative comments on GTP are redundant and make most of us become very annoyed by them, too. There hasn’t been much serious news recently, so this is a good time to post this “marvel”.

    • Feb. 21, 6:53pm

      By marvel, I mean awesome.

    • Feb. 21, 7:07pm

      GT5 fans acting victimized yet again. Jawehawk wasn’t complaining, he was just posting his opinion and giving feedback, or is that not allowed here anymore?

    • Feb. 21, 7:14pm

      News is the Photomode Competition?

      You’re the creator of this site?

      I will NEVER understand someone like you that posts on a fan site. No one should reply to this guy.

      Starting meow (now!)!

    • Feb. 21, 7:14pm

      Then think twice, why can’t you complainers think that, oh wait…

    • Feb. 21, 7:15pm

      Whoa you’re fast another_jakhole. :) My comment was for omgitsbees.

    • Feb. 21, 7:16pm

      I’m not sure where you’re going with that, bees. If someone is going to express their opinion on the content of my blog in such a rude way while disrespecting someone who has contributed something like this to our community, they should prepare to be called out on it.

    • Feb. 21, 7:20pm

      Totally agree with Jordan and another_jakhole. +1 :)

    • Feb. 21, 7:27pm

      Even without this “awesome”-ness, Abraxas has been contributing to the forum tremendously. He deserves a great bit of recognition.

    • Feb. 21, 7:30pm

      ^ You’re right. +1 for Abraxas aswell. :D

  97. Feb. 21, 6:23pm

    Wow…texture maps are amazingly close. In fact, the biggest diffirence I see from real life to the game is the fact that the game version is a bit more clean on the ground/walls.

  98. Feb. 21, 6:22pm


  99. Feb. 21, 6:19pm

    For starters, all of the screenshots that are GT5, have the GT5 logo in them. Dead give away right there.

    The 2nd point I wanted to make is that far to many of these real photos and GT5 screenshots have people in them. And let’s be honest here, the character models in GT5 are the games weakest link. I mean if you can’t tell those aren’t real people, then I don’t know what to tell you.

    Beyond that, there are a ton of little details here and there that make it very obvious which one is GT5 and which one is the real photo. The photo mode is able to make GT5 look good, but not that good, we aren’t there yet, not by a long shot.

    • Feb. 21, 6:23pm

      always gotta have a negative nelly

    • Feb. 21, 6:24pm

      Seriously? Notice how the original post says: “the real photos are in the left column, and the game’s screenshots are in the right column.”

      You ignorant fool, the post isn’t really challenging you to be able to distinguish which is which, its just to show the work they put into it. Wow, people these days….. gtfo.

    • Feb. 21, 6:40pm

      If you need a logo to tell if it’s a game or not, you know it’s fantastically real!

    • Feb. 21, 6:44pm

      Hey, don’t blame me, the title of the news story asks if I can tell the difference.

    • Feb. 21, 6:50pm

      This guy likes to be a negative nancy 99% of the time.

    • Feb. 21, 6:52pm

      @oskierox *bow* that is all

    • Feb. 21, 7:03pm

      There was nothing negative about my comment, I was just posting my personal opinion. You’re free to ignore it if you don’t like it. I don’t get why you whiners don’t just do that? Since it seems to bug you so much, but you go ahead and expend a lot of worthless energy, getting worked up over it anyways.

    • Feb. 21, 7:11pm

      lol. How are they whiners if they’re correcting you. That was funny. XD Complaints are so boring nowadays. Now there just being over used for no good reason now…

      Have a nice day.

    • Feb. 21, 8:20pm

      Really? the only logo i can see is Wrong gear, not GT5… need specs and to stop dissing this great game…..

    • Feb. 21, 10:47pm

      Uh, no, you’re the one that needs specs; I counted 22 screen shots where I could clearly see the logo.

  100. Feb. 21, 6:17pm

    briliant :)

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