Gran Turismo 5 Weather Video Trailer (Now in HD)

September 16th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

Here’s our first look at the new Gran Turismo 5 “Weather Trailer” just revealed at the Tokyo Game Show 2010 Sony press conference. I’ll update this post immediately as soon as the HD version is available!

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  1. Sep. 16, 2:42pm

    Pisspoor qualty video, but from what I CAN see, the night racing and weather effects are going to be awesome. Now for a better quality vid.

  2. Sep. 16, 2:40pm

    Did I see a VW Bus in there?! Sweet.

  3. Sep. 16, 2:22pm
    Gran Turismo Vet

    This is one of those games where you ask yourself, how the eff did they make it!? I`m so glad to be a PS3 owner right now. Probably the best racing game of all time!!!

  4. Sep. 16, 2:12pm

    It’s time to add a Firebird/Trans-Am car.

    • Sep. 17, 3:02am

      We want the BANDIT – who’s with me?

  5. Sep. 16, 2:04pm

    Now that we have dynamic weather, I have one more request. I plan on running a NASCAR and “Nationwide (using stock Cameros, Challengers, etc)” league. Since some of my races wont be on actual race day, I was wanting to take the race time temp of the last time NASCAR raced at that track so it feel like you had to endure the conditions you saw on the tv. What I mean by this, is that if Daytona was overcast and cloudy and 70 deg and 80% humidity at race time, Id like to start my league race with those base settings, then let the dynamic engine make up what happens as the race progresses. It would be nice, and it may already be in the game that way.

    Would it have killed them to give a definite car and track list THIS time? Dang PD, stop trying to preserve your game’s virginity until its wedding day, lol.

  6. Sep. 16, 1:42pm
    Viktor Navorsky

    This game MUST be in THE GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS as the one that has done the most significant and AWESOME things with a SINGLE blue-ray disc.

    OMG , a KOMBI! A SO WANT TO DO A SPEEDRUN in Nurbs with that thing… with a NIGHTMARE Weather and at night…

    I really dont care about the standard cars no more…the game is just PERFECT for me… right now, the way it is.

  7. Sep. 16, 1:42pm

    Is this video really that good? You see, idiot me was going to check gtplanet before I left for work this morning and I was running late so I didn’t get a chance. Then I get to work and, well, you can’t get any videos to work at all. (It’s not fair I say!!). But I don’t think I have ever read more positive comments about any GT video ever. I won’t be home for another three hours. As a GT diehard, how will I feel when I finally see this video? I teared up when I watched the E3 video (wife thought I was nuts). Do I need to have a box of tissues for this one?

    • Sep. 16, 6:06pm

      Yeah. You should probably just take your laptop with you into the tub. It’s going to get messy.

      The video quality is terrible, but the content looks amazing, and will be awesome when we get it in HD, not recorded off of a projector screen

  8. Sep. 16, 1:34pm

    can windscreen wipers break?

  9. Sep. 16, 1:03pm

    I don’t care if it’s not an entirely realistic implemention, I just want to drift and make it fly. My childish side is taking over :D

  10. Sep. 16, 12:32pm

    rainy deep forest .. wooooowww ! snow on eiger north .. .wowwwww

  11. Sep. 16, 12:28pm

    Holy mother! This is beyond anything i imagined, it looks amazing… Hope amazon can get this baby down here (Brazil) in less than a week….

  12. Sep. 16, 12:09pm

    I hope PD will release lots of making of vids. There is so much detail in that game and i`m really interested to know how hard they worked to get all that in the game.

  13. Sep. 16, 11:49am

    How can people say it looks stunning?
    I can hardly tell what the hell is going on, I saw rain and snow(i think) and some interior views where I could’nt even make out the gauges.
    But, I have no doubt that when they finally put the video itself out in HD it will be damn near the most epic thing in the world.

    • Sep. 16, 11:50am

      Oh, I meant to say later in the movie it looks better but clicked submit first. Still though, will look so much better in HD

  14. Sep. 16, 11:48am
    Oli (Death783)

    love this game too much

  15. Sep. 16, 11:45am

    at 0:47 it seems like a cockpit view of an old military wrangler jeep… and is that the VW transporter van aka the hippie waggon its racing??? LOL!!!!!!

  16. Sep. 16, 11:42am

    I am soo glad that I’ve already ordered a collector’s edition!! :D

  17. Sep. 16, 11:33am

    +1 for PD

    • Sep. 16, 9:46pm

      I think +5

  18. Sep. 16, 11:31am

    Simply Amazing!

  19. Sep. 16, 11:17am

    ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Sep. 16, 11:12am

    Ohhh myyyyy goddddd

  21. Sep. 16, 10:44am

    0:48 – The legend that is the Camper Van!

  22. Sep. 16, 10:42am

    MY… GOD.

  23. Sep. 16, 10:33am

    fair play looks amazing, imagine BMW M3, leguna seca in the wet :P haha, also anyone notice the car spin at 0:35?? must be slippery haha nov 2 hurry !

  24. Sep. 16, 10:22am

    as the video started i wasnt thinkg it was all the hot……but then the tunnel exit happened. i was jaw droped speechless, and i mean that completly . I have never seen anthing so amazing looking before. I truly dont know if i can wait another month+.

  25. Sep. 16, 10:17am

    Thanks Jordan we have such a great webside with the best news and always updated for our amaaziing Gran Turismo 5! and all that will come, for sure.

  26. Sep. 16, 10:07am

    Weather is what the fans have been asking for and PD came through and hooked us up big time lol. Looks really good too, but the rain on that night track looks like instant spin out in a RWD car & massive under steer in a FWD lol.

    • Sep. 16, 9:45pm

      Guess you’ll have to learn how to drive. lol

    • Sep. 17, 2:56am

      We already knew that since GT4’s Tsukuba wet. But maybe, with GT5’s new physics-engine it’s a whole new experience in the wet

  27. Sep. 16, 10:03am

    GT5 will undoubtedly set the standard (once again) for racing simulation on consoles and PC. I think everything looks so professional that it’s easy to forget this is a game. The PD team has put some serious effort into every little detail, and left nothing half-assed. This makes Forza look like cartoon.

    • Sep. 16, 12:40pm

      are you (expletive deleted) joking? nothing is half-assed? WHAT ABOUT 80% OF THE (expletive deleted) CARS THAT AREN’T FINISHED!! besides that the game is very well put together & exceeds my expectations so far but they definetly half assed the cars

  28. Sep. 16, 9:53am

    Simply now, it’s just perfect.

    But Trial Mountain??? Come on.. Apricot Hill is much better by far…

    • Sep. 16, 10:04am

      Apricot Hill is good too, but we don’t know the full track list yet. So you can still cross your fingers lol

    • Sep. 16, 11:47am

      I hope that, I love that track with those long turns, linked turns and those descents..

  29. Sep. 16, 9:53am

    OMG. I was not one of those people screaming for weather effects, but that video gets me excited. That looks amazing. I can’t wait to see the HD version.

  30. Sep. 16, 9:37am

    @47 secs….is that a vorsprung durch fartenbanger i see ? ie the volkswagen camper van ? if so im absolutely gobsmacked !!!!!

  31. Sep. 16, 9:34am

    Crazy, Amazing > WoW Q_Q

  32. Sep. 16, 9:32am

    My jaw dropped.. floored

  33. Sep. 16, 9:30am

    Is it just me, or are the wipers notr actually “working” well. I can see that it tries to give the effect it wiped away the rain, but it appears more that the wipers are just passing over the window, and the rain drops, for the most part, look unaffected. I can imagine that was really hard to pull off, and its a valiant effort, but it seems only 50% functional IMO, and at high speed, that may get too unworkable to be truly fun. Reminds me, I need to change the wipers on my real truck.

    • Sep. 16, 9:51am

      It’s just you. At the speeds the cars are traveling, the wiper can only handle so much at a time. Also, the car is getting sprayed by the car in front.

    • Sep. 16, 9:52am
      Big Ron

      I can see nearly perfect working wipers. In the video they show stormy rain all the time so you know, that stormy rain is too much for wipers also in real life. But most time, they do clean the windows for a second.

  34. Sep. 16, 9:29am

    Okay …. I think complaints have been brought down a notch … or 10.

    THAT is TRUELY EPIC. IF car count is dropped from 16 to 8, I would not care. But 16 cars WITH those effects??? Unbelievable. I can’t wait.

  35. Sep. 16, 9:19am

    **** YES!!!!!

  36. Sep. 16, 9:18am

    0:15 is insane
    I can barely wait any more

  37. Sep. 16, 8:51am

    Yeah the video won’t work on the mobile site but I’m still excited!

  38. Sep. 16, 8:26am

    The weater is awesome and all

    But im more excited about the fact i just saw a VW Hippie wagon at 0:47 :o

  39. Sep. 16, 8:21am

    With this GT5, there shall be no more flame from the Forza Fanboys. Neither shall there be any opposition from Xbox. The war of the racing sims is over and Gran Turismo reigns victorious! ALL HAIL KAZUNORI! ALL HAIL GT!

    • Sep. 17, 2:51am

      Forza Fanboys, fall to your knees, and bow to the REAL KING!!

  40. Sep. 16, 8:05am

    Why is just me or something else, the video always like from cheapo camera. I can capture hd resolution better with my trusty camera & handphone.secretly.

  41. Sep. 16, 8:05am


  42. Sep. 16, 7:59am



  43. Sep. 16, 7:55am

    I showed this to my friend who has (and loves) forza 3 so much so he’s gotten 100percent complete on it… but after showing him this he said oh thats cool, but Im not into driving games anymore?
    you mean anymore after watching this?
    I ad no idea he was such a fanboy… he even said that gran turismo will be ‘ok’

  44. Sep. 16, 7:37am

    This is just amazing. Le Mans looked AWESOME.

  45. Sep. 16, 7:35am

    You have got to congratulate PD they’ve done an outstanding job on this game/simulation. 5 years and well worth the wait. The content – 1000 cars….over 100 tracks…the depth and detail is like nothing any game has attempted let alone accomplished before. I’m just so amazed they’ve managed to get it all on 1 bluray disc?

    Any idea when the HD video will be available???

    • Sep. 17, 2:49am

      Yes, now we can see, there was a reason for the long wait. It simply couldn’t be done any faster. Now imagine GT6 coming on 2 blueray-discs (probably):-D
      I’m still in a state of shock after all the news coming in since yesterday

  46. Sep. 16, 7:30am


  47. Sep. 16, 7:22am

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! That’s all i can say right now. *tears*

  48. Sep. 16, 7:21am

    I feel sorry for 360 only owners.

  49. Sep. 16, 7:19am

    Jeep Wrangler at 0:23 and 0:46???

    • Sep. 16, 11:11am
      Don O’Hu

      I think it is a VW van.

    • Sep. 16, 1:57pm

      Man, refering the cockpit view!!!!

  50. Sep. 16, 7:05am

    I got the same thing that video show us
    got wet. lol

  51. Sep. 16, 6:43am
    SZRT Ice

    Cosmic… Epic is an understatement…

  52. Sep. 16, 6:37am

    Awesome… waiting for the official, hi-res version of it. And gameplay videos, of course.

  53. Sep. 16, 6:14am

    A time interval of 52-53s will show you a shock!!

    The GLOWING BRAKE Disc is your visbility!? This is seen! Are you also seen??????

    Please, see it immediately. Respond immediate.

    My excite is inappropriate – the video is of INCREDIBLE.



    • Sep. 16, 6:40am
      Big Ron

      glowing brake discs have been seen since….ever. So why is it a surprise to see it in GT5?

    • Sep. 16, 11:29am

      Ron maybe he is new to the series and has never seen that before.Maybe him getting excited about it will enhance his game experience.I guess what i’m trying to say is quit being an ass.

    • Sep. 17, 2:41am

      I’m still missing backfire and sparks coming from underneath cars scratching the surface :-(

  54. Sep. 16, 5:58am

    0:46 Is that a VW Van?

    • Sep. 16, 6:13am
      Big Ron

      Man, watch 6 posts above yours and you will be enlightened. You should read the post before asking.

  55. Sep. 16, 5:29am

    3 november need now!!

  56. Sep. 16, 5:22am

    Does this mean if you are playing the Nascar Races, they will be Stopped because it is sprikling on the track? = race over…. If no then there goes the whole Sim part of the game :)

  57. Sep. 16, 5:21am

    and again stupid teaser video in poor qaulity, with some sg and no real gameplay. Why not to post hd video on cmon, stop teasing people PD!!!!!!

    • Sep. 16, 5:56am
      Big Ron

      even an idiot would realize that there real gameplay-scenes are included. Surely you can see the typical replay cameras

    • Sep. 16, 6:09pm

      wow, another great gt5 video, another idiot with a stupid comment. If you had eyes you could have CLEARLY seen some scenes of real gameplay. GET THOSE EYES OF YOUR CHECKED.

  58. Sep. 16, 5:09am

    well just woken up blurry eye after losing most of hte night to flight control hd. remembered it was tgs, ran down stairs to the laptop.. and this.

    just fracking unbelieabale. this is just awesome. KAZ you are a legend. you suprassed my expectations ages ago. you have simply made what seems to be a ps4 game. theres way too much. but you have achieved it. roll on november….

  59. Sep. 16, 4:31am
    Sean S

    @0:47 is that a VW Kombi on the left?

    • Sep. 16, 4:44am
      Big Ron

      Yes it is. It is the VW Bully. Also confirmed is Volkswagen Schwimmwagen and Volkswagen Kubelwagen

    • Sep. 17, 2:38am

      Big question – will the Schwimmwagen actually swim? We’ve got lakes at Grand Valley, High Speed Ring and even Trial Mountain now. Maybe, it’s to early and we have to wait till GT6

  60. Sep. 16, 4:29am

    It’s stunning, absolutely stunning.

  61. Sep. 16, 4:29am

    You should really make a mobile friendly version of this site, I’m no where near a bloody computer at the moment !

  62. Sep. 16, 4:27am
    Big Ron

    Unbelievable, they get it to work at night. This is so atmospheric. I am happy to get weather in this realism.

    Bet video moment is, when the car gets out of the tunnel and the whole windscreen gets flooded with water.

  63. Sep. 16, 4:05am

    It won’t work on my iPod or the ps3 :(

    • Sep. 16, 5:28am


  64. Sep. 16, 3:59am


  65. Sep. 16, 3:58am


  66. Sep. 16, 3:54am

    Massive blowout right there. :)

    Also saw my fav prototype as well: Peugeot 908 hdi fap, audi r10 tdi,

  67. Sep. 16, 3:51am

    OMG! @ 0’46: its a fricken KOMBI!!!!!

  68. Sep. 16, 3:49am

    What do you reckon…restricted to premium cars only?

    Not a biggie for me but I know some of you will be peeved.

    There will be some caveat attached, don’t start creaming yourselves until you know the full details.

    • Sep. 16, 4:25am

      Too late. I appear to have creamed.

      Gah. Did it again.

    • Sep. 16, 12:25pm

      No one could care less about “Standard cars.”

  69. Sep. 16, 3:49am

    Incredible ! unbelievable ! after 13 years since GT1, Polyphony did it again ! they are gonna revolutionize racing games another time again ! WOW just WOW !

  70. Sep. 16, 3:49am

    Glowing (front) brakes at 0:53? Rear ones i cant see because of the light.

    • Sep. 16, 3:55am

      Burning brake discs :))))

    • Sep. 16, 6:15am

      ALSO this is seen. I am an erection.

    • Sep. 17, 7:52pm

      Didn’t they have glowing brakes in previous versions of GT?

  71. Sep. 16, 3:47am

    We still dont know if it is dynamic.
    If it was then I would send an email of gratitude to PD immediately.

    • Sep. 16, 3:49am

      actually dynamic weather is confirmed for enduro races.

    • Sep. 16, 3:57am

      The weather is dynamic.

    • Sep. 16, 6:07am


      is it dynamic only for endurace offo course and available in fixed form for single races?

    • Sep. 16, 8:00am

      Of course it is dynamic. PD wouldn`t include that feature into the game if we would have to race a whole 24h endurance race in rainy weather.

      Now, please correct me if i`m wrong. GT5 will be the first racing game where we are able to drive a full length 24h race with weather effects and day/night cycle and ressources ? (ressources = drivers, tyres, fuel, damage, … )

  72. Sep. 16, 3:45am

    now that’s awesome. Just came back from school in the break to see the trailer :D

  73. Sep. 16, 3:44am

    THIS IS AMAZING!!!! i almost had a tear in my eye it was so good

    • Sep. 16, 11:01am

      I actually did! Granted it was 7:30 AM so i was a might sleepy but DAMN, it was so good i went to bed with a huge grin :D

  74. Sep. 16, 3:42am

    Lol :) Kombi……. But the weather is freaking awesome!!!!!!!

  75. Sep. 16, 3:41am

    Wow just look at that rain-splash on the windshield. And was that a VW hippiebus at 0:47?

    • Sep. 16, 3:43am

      YES IT IS!:D

  76. Sep. 16, 3:40am
    Gamer GT5

    I see why it took PD over a half a decade just to make this simulator

  77. Sep. 16, 3:40am

    Probably the most amazing videogame ever made in the history of mankind

  78. Sep. 16, 3:39am

    Holy [expletive deleted] on a [expletive deleted] sandwich with [expletive deleted] on top… and a side helping of [expletive deleted].


  79. Sep. 16, 3:39am

    Im stunned… now there nothing more to say… “The REAL Driving Simulator” Bring on november, signing my self up for a week of !!

  80. Sep. 16, 3:39am

    This is unbelieveable. (O_o)
    This is out ultimate dream GT!

  81. Sep. 16, 3:38am

    LAGUNA SECA !!!?!

    wow at night racing plus laguna seca?!?!

    wow & the rain plus night racing looks so intense

    everything on this trailer is perfect!


    • Sep. 16, 4:17am
      Gamer GT5

      I think that’s actually Circuit de la sarthe.

    • Sep. 16, 4:19am
      Gamer GT5

      Oh i think you’re right it is laguna seca. Nice!!!

    • Sep. 16, 7:35am

      the night bit is la sarthe. it shows turns 4 and 5 first ( under the dunlop bridge ), then it shows the Porsche curves. :)

  82. Sep. 16, 3:37am


  83. Sep. 16, 3:37am

    Can’t “wet” !

  84. Sep. 16, 3:37am
    carl finlow

    For those who still can’t watch the video, try a different browser. Safari wouldn’t let me watch it, but Chrome did.
    Outstanding night and weather, just outstanding.
    Bravo PD.

    • Sep. 16, 5:20am

      One word. Firefox.

  85. Sep. 16, 3:37am

    That looks soo real!

    • Sep. 16, 10:14am

      Yeahhhh!! The rain drops just fall onto the windshield and were removed by the windscreen wiper immediately :D WOOOW

  86. Sep. 16, 3:34am

    OMG! Can’t wait!

  87. Sep. 16, 3:33am

    Naaap! still won’t load. Unbelievable.

  88. Sep. 16, 3:33am

    Awesome :D I’m soooo in love….

  89. Sep. 16, 3:31am

    sweet :D

  90. Sep. 16, 3:29am

    Oh. My. God! That looks amazing! I can’t wait for November!

  91. Sep. 16, 3:29am

    Thanks Jordan appreciated as always!

  92. Sep. 16, 3:28am

    I’m not seeing it!

  93. Sep. 16, 3:27am


  94. Sep. 16, 3:27am
    The Gran Finale

    Looks absolutely stunning!

  95. Sep. 16, 3:27am

    Yes. Everything I could want is here.

  96. Sep. 16, 3:27am


  97. Sep. 16, 3:27am

    darn cant see it… but im so excited :D

  98. Sep. 16, 3:27am

    Omg, sweet!

  99. Sep. 16, 3:26am


    • Sep. 16, 7:00am


    • Sep. 16, 8:08am

      OMG! Thanks you PD!!! That is how you produce a masterpiece!

    • Sep. 16, 10:11am

      Orgaassm when putting in the Blu Ray and start the game i think i will cant over my seat!

    • Sep. 16, 11:23am

      lmaaooo!! i think i’ll die once i put in the game…

      >>NEWS<< Mass Murderer Polophony digital is on the run for killing over 4 billion ppl with its dangerously awesome game. as of now (nov 2) the game is in quarintine… XD

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