Gran Turismo 5’s Improved Textures, Flying Debris

Over the past several days, users in our forums here and abroad have combed over GT5 media, noticing the changes to Fuji Speedway that indicate significant visual improvements among the latest demos over Prologue. Most notably, you’ll see rougher grass with ruts appropriately carved out around the curbs, moving dandelions and weeds (as you might have noticed on Prologue’s “Eiger Nordwand”), flying clumps of dirt when cars drop a wheel off track, and a scruffier track surface with more pronounced (albeit still not dynamic) tire marks.

Most of all, the changes make the track look and feel a more realistic, and help take it away from the “better than real-life” criticism that is sometimes directed at GT’s visuals. Check out the side-by-side screen shots below, and watch for the improvements in motion with these video clips. Thanks to CoolColJ and SolidSnakex for putting these together, with video from!

Fuji Super GT Race Replay from Gran Turismo 5

Fuji On-Board Comparison Laps: Gran Turismo 5 GT Academy 2010 Demo

Fuji On-Board Comparison Laps: GT5 Prologue

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  1. Ethan

    hey, looking pretty !

    to me though, maybe it’s my screen, but the colours don’t seem quite right,too bright maybe?

    looking nice though, can’t wait for full product! BRING IT ON!!!

  2. BWX

    You cannot compare colors of the game when screenshot is a photo of a TV screen as mentioned … the contrast is blown out in those screens.
    Also- did anyone else notice LESS detail in rear-view-mirror in that first screen? The grass does look good though.

  3. ner0_sol

    i agree with everyone in here u no why??? cause we all want the samething. (this excludes all u qares that think we should wait another year).. we all think all this news in gr8 and w.e but we all just want to no wth happen to gt5 the game.. we have no car list.. no track list.. and half the features arnt even confirmed which is leading me to believe that either the game is not done or it wont be out till next Christmas.. and another feature i didnt see was tire blowouts. still waiting for that one…

  4. Flagmo-T

    Delicious PD.. Thank you ..

    On the sad but fun side, those flowers in the grass is very unstably, the pollen would be blown off with the first morning Car, and here they stand strong all year long.. haha. SO very unrealistic Hehe.. I said it was fun, the sad thing about it, is that I mentioned it!! LOL :o)

    On Race day at Fuji Speedway, It would be crowded and lots of energy would be going on.. So no matter how great a Race we drive, we will always have a boring Sunday version of Fuji hehe OK!!

    But It is beautiful Thank you :o)

  5. GlobeKIDD


    I think after having sold 1.8 million copies of GT PSP, i don’t think they’ll be too concerned about profiting issues.

  6. Jason

    Looks great…for vaporware…Hey Sony and PD — yawn…..never before have I seen a game developer just milk the fan base like this…oh wait, it happened on GT4 and the result was a disappointment. I hear on GT5 that true gameplay will be optional and eye candy standard.

  7. blackjack

    “They’ve already floated enough stories to test people’s reaction to having to wait another whole year for the release.” – DrTrouserPlank

    after all these delays I find it quite believable. If sony and KY thought it would effect their profits then maybe they might have a reason to give a damn about their fans.

  8. DrTrouserPlank

    Laughing at the silly May release date claims.

    You’ll be lucky to see game in the 3rd quarter of this year, if at all this year.

    They’ve already floated enough stories to test people’s reaction to having to wait another whole year for the release.

  9. randeeeeeeee

    For the first time in the main series, an online mode will be available in the game, with 16 player capability. Both mechanical and external damage have been confirmed, along with interior damage for 170 “special” cars. Night racing will make a reappearance for GT5, with every course having the option for night racing. Weather effects are also confirmed to be included, although the extent of the implementation is currently unknown.


  10. TokyoDrift

    Are times so desperate that forum topics consisting of relatively old stuff need to be fed through to the news pages?

  11. random

    The colors in prologue arent as drab as that picture makes them out to be, so the difference in quality people are touting here is a bit to much.

  12. Hm

    Two things that would make GT5 seem more real – first a less smooth driving action. This might seem weird, but cars don’t drive perfectly smooth in real life – there’s a minor juddering and vibration constantly based on the imperfections of the road and the tyres that needs to be in a driving game to make it feel more real. Second – gradual and subtle accumulation of dust on the windscreen, even in the most perfect driving conditions. It’s these kind of imperfections that make up reality, not recreating the most perfect, unreal conditions ever.

    A big reason the Uncharted games seem so real is that Naughty Dog spent many, many hours tuning the characters ‘imperfections’, not making them more and more perfect.

  13. DrTrouserPlank

    Shots obtained from off-screen footage mean nothing.

    Put up a direct feed of prologue vs offscreen footage and the offscreen will always look better due to the lighting changes that occur.

    The improvement to the textures is welcomed, but this isn’t a like-for-like comparison.

  14. GTracer

    Good,, nice details and little skid marks too … I hope they polish this game. It should be great. Q4 2010 has to be release date. On more delays plz

  15. Corrado

    @S3 Racer,

    Ill tell you what, you can have GT5 right now, while its incompleted, and we can all have the jaw-dropping completed version later in th year, how about that? Then you can yawwwwwwn all you want.

  16. Gejost

    I have to say I didn’t expect a major graphical difference between Prologue and the final version. But after seeing those vids and pictures, it’s clearly they worked hard on improving it. Prologue looks so clean, so unreal. GT5 looks ALOT better now. Good job PD!

  17. Hentis

    It looks really good. But how many cars were on track in that shot?
    prologue had 6 , 12 and 16.
    With Damage, upto 16 cars* racing on track at any one time, and the detail settings of the tracks…. I would love to see the final product and how much load is going through the processors.

    * Not confirmed.

  18. Tim

    All of the screenshots are too blurry to make out enough detail to form any reasonable opinion. I’ll come back when there is a proper 1080p comparison (and not some kin dof bull-shot, either.)

  19. S3 Racer

    We already saw this on the nür. vids.
    I love it. you gotta love this. i also think the delay is due to kaz. if you look at the investor meeting Q3, you see that gt is also a pain in the “popo” for sony and they are eager to throw that game out, so they see the cash.
    Remember Kaz saying : if it was my choice i could not release a game because for me they are never done (or something like that).

    I think the problem is Kaz has earned a lot of respect (which the really earned) and sony let him do. And there lies the problem. Not enough pressure. naughty dog release 2 big sellers in 4 years.

    Perfectionist’s problems

  20. blubb

    i’m also not very impressed – this is GT5 guys – the “real” driving simulator, an exclusive game – look at Uncharted, this had to be standard for such an exclusive …

    … and when will we get a release date?

  21. daniel

    I’ve just found out something, I was playing M.A.G. today, and its a fairly hot day, and noticed the fan on the ps3 sped up, nothing to worry about, on hot days it sometimes does, but I threw in gt5P and started a few races, played for about 2 hours, never heard the fan. just thinking that as good as gt5P is, its probably not pushing the ps3 near its limits.

  22. CheeseBag

    “The PS3 is really making it difficult to include high res textures”

    You cretin. PS3’s been unsurpassed in console texture quality since Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune over two years ago. Also see: God of War III, Uncharted 2.

    Thankyou texture streaming with a HDD in EVERY PS3.

  23. InterpolAgent

    it doesn’t look like debris to me, its more like one of those flowers on the second picture.

    Pay attention to the clouds on the last picture, they are the same but on GT5 they are more to the left.

  24. Hypo_Pylon

    G-Ram – it’s a screenshot from video footage taken at the GT Academy french finals, did you not see the steering wheel and the players hands in the bottom corner of the shot? Obviously it has not been altered to look like that, there is even youtube video of it further down the page if you can be bothered to look.

  25. G-Ram

    I’m gonna have to call some kinda BS here. That Prologue shot of Fuji is either altered to look absolutely awful, or it’s the worst screen shot ever. You can’t even see the gauges or the needles, and I just fired up Prologue to have a couple laps to make sure… and the colors are NOT that muted. They actually look closer to the top image, although not quite as vibrant.

  26. blackjack

    it sucks that we have to sift through Academy footage these days to find “news”. I think KY owes alot more to the fans for dragging it out so long.

  27. Watevaman

    I still remember back in the day when heavily altered screens were posted on the internet for various games, such as future GTA titles, Driv3r, and even the Gran Turismo series. I would look at those and say to myself “games will never look this good, at least not within my lifetime.” Well, that 6th screenshot has changed my view on this. The top part, showcasing the final Fuji turn, looks absolutely stunning. Everything from the color palette down to the specific tire marks are truly elements that make the game worth the wait. I still won’t forgive PD for creating possibly the longest wait for a video game for me, but I definitely support everything they’re doing to make the racing genre go one step forward.

  28. Paulo

    Yea the torn up grass near the rumble strips looks fantastic. The color seems a little to colorful for me on the on board video, like if someone turned up the saturation setting all the way up.

  29. soLid

    Well Ddag if you consider the gap between Prologue and GT5 (whenever it comes out!), i’d say you could produce another game (EA style).It’s only natural to see such improvements

  30. Walsall Fc

    the 1st pictures with the track comparison is quite amazing, the colours look much better than before and i like the cuts in the grass!

  31. Dom

    This is big news and the upgrade is massive. The textures are one of the weak spots of GT5 so far, but now with the update I am confident in the quality of the final product. The PS3 is really making it difficult to include high res textures, but this looks promising!

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