Gran Turismo 5’s Nurburgring on Video

Gran Turismo 5 80 December 4, 2009 by

Some rare video has emerged from Finnish gaming magazine Pelaajalehti who has shared raw footage from their tour around Polyphony Digital’s studio. The part that’s getting the most attention is Yamauchi’s 3-minute demonstration of the Nurburgring Nordschleife in what’s described as the company’s primary “cockpit” where they “check the driving physics of the car while developing the game”. As we can see from the beginning of the clip, Yamauchi digs through many different options – a close-up shot would have been amazing, but it’s hard to make anything out from what we have. Regardless, you’ll still get a good look at how the IS-F handles, though Yamauchi’s smooth driving makes it look quite easy (much like when he drove the real thing).

I’ve included the other clips below – they’re fun to watch, but I found one tiny revelation particularly interesting: Polyphony Digital has actually expanded to a second studio down the street from their headquarters, which is completely dedicated to writing the online code for the game. Considering how important this functionality will be, that’s very encouraging news. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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