New Gran Turismo 7 Trailer Revealed a Whole Load of New Cars

In case you missed it earlier on this evening, a new Gran Turismo 7 trailer dropped announcing the game’s March 2022 launch date.

However that wasn’t all that was in the video, which took us on a bit of a rollercoaster ride through the game’s features and content. There’s an awful lot to dig through, and we’ll be covering various aspects of the trailer in due course, but we’re going to make a start with every new car seen in the three-minute clip.

You can watch the new trailer below, and feel free to let us know in the comments if we missed anything!

Of course the first car you’ll set eyes on in the trailer is the Porsche 917 Living Legend. This is one of three cars we’ve previously heard about, and announced in 2019 as coming to GT Sport.

That hasn’t actually come to pass, but the car will make its debut in GT7. It’ll pair up with what we assume to be the Porsche Vision GT on the game’s current cover, though this hasn’t been officially revealed.

Two Vision GTs that have been revealed are in the trailer though, with the Lamborghini “Lambo V12” and the racing version of the Jaguar Vision GT. They appear in a show area alongside two established Vision GTs: the original Mercedes, and Aston Martin’s DP-100.

While the Vision GTs certainly qualify as the future of Gran Turismo, the trailer is also dripping with references to the series’ past — and that includes the car list.

As you can see from the image above, the classic JDM hero cars which were almost made famous by the first Gran Turismo are back, carried over from GT Sport for the most part. Mazda’s RX-7, three generations of Nissan Skyline GT-R (and an earlier Hakosuka model), the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V, the Toyota Supra and the SW20 Toyota MR2 all appear in the clip, with the original Honda NSX also showing up in an accompanying batch of images.

One car that just sneaks in and is not a returning GT Sport car is the S15-generation Nissan Silvia, in what appears to be the 2002 Spec R flavor from GT6.

In addition, we’ve got the return of three fan favorites from previous games — including one car we’d probably class as a “hero” vehicle. The video showed the Alfa Romeo 155 Touring Car, the 1999 Pennzoil Nissan Skyline GT-R JGTC and, in that nostalgia-laden opening sequence, the famous Toyota Castrol Supra.

Of course it’d barely be a Gran Turismo game if there wasn’t something super weird to race, and GT7 looks to have us covered off for that. A short sequence shows a bunch of original Jeeps bounding around the Colorado Springs rally circuit, though at the moment we don’t know if it’s the genuine Willys or one of the cars built under licence by brands like Mitsubishi and Ssangyong.

Hypercar fans are well taken care of too, with the immensely quick Ferrari FXX-K making its Gran Turismo debut. The car appeared in a clip racing against another FXX-K in a different livery — the only car shown racing on track against only itself — though we can’t say if that’s significant yet or not.

One car shown racing not on its own though is the Mercedes CLK-LM. Another in-demand machine, the CLK returns from exile having last appeared in GT6 as a Standard Car carryover from GT4. This time round, it’s in full next-gen detail.

Classics look set to play a major role too, with an area of the home map called “Brighton Antiques” that appears to deal with classic cars. Again we can see the Jeep, along with an Aston Martin DB5, the Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Lungo Touring Berlinetta seen in a previous clip, and a small selection of cars hidden under covers.

An accompanying image also shows Brighton Auctions stocking other classics, including the Supra JGTC and the De Tomaso Mangusta — implying the return of the Pantera — and returning Shelby GT350, Porsche 356, and Plymouth XNR.

Interestingly there’s also a separate used car dealership, with a few familiar faces in stock. The Dodge Viper, Mazda MX-5, Renault Sport Clio V6, and Abarth 500 all show up here. The odd-man out is the Volkswagen Scirocco R, which also returns from GT6 having skipped Sport.

One blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sequence shows a number of framed photographs of cars. We’ve mentioned many of them already, but one photo shows what appears to be a collection of classic 1950s racers. At the moment we’ve only been able to identify the Mercedes 300SL W194 from that shot.

The clip is also full of returning cars from GT Sport: the Jaguar XJ13, Ford GT40, Toyota’s GR 86 and Yaris, and so on. As with the previous trailer we also get to see a lot of the game’s Gr.3 cars, however there’s a newcomer here too in the shape of the 2018 Ford GT.

We do get to see the car in action very briefly, but it appears more prominently as the current vehicle while browsing the game’s menus. The car raced at Le Mans under GTE regulations — as did the Porsche 911 RSR we have in GT Sport — rather than GT3, but it should slot in to Gr.3 nicely and give Ford fans yet another option.

GTPlanet’s members have been assembling a list of all cars spotted in official media like today’s new trailer, and you’ll likely be able to find anything we’ve not mentioned here in the relevant thread. If you’ve seen something we’ve missed, add your comment in the thread — especially if you can identify any of the other cars in that 300SL image!

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  1. SideKick

    So, I’ve not bothered with getting a PS5 because all I want it for is this game. I’ve been hoping to buy GT7 and a PS5 as a bundle. Hopefully a special Edition like the GT5 Collectors Edition or GT6 Aniversary Edition. But I’ve been told PS5’s are scarce. Do I try and buy one as soon as I find one available? or do I wait for GT7 and hope for a bundle? (Maybe not the correct place to ask this, but hopefully can get some helpful comments)

    1. F1V3

      I’ve just managed to get one from Game and I’d say go for it – there’s plenty to play (not least your entire PS4 collection – and more PS4 games that become free if you have PS Plus as a PS5 owner) so you might as well have it ready for GT7’s arrival!

    2. w_a_i_n

      I’d say if you plan to use GT7 day one, buy one now. Stocks are going to be hard to get for quite some time, so if you don’t mind paying over RRP for one – get one and be using it!!


  2. Kristofer Stoll

    That trailer was excellent. GT7 is really shaping up to be spectacular. Forza Motorsport 8 will have some big shoe’s to fill! here’s to hoping they Turn 10 can match Polyphony Digital with the masterpiece that GT7 is looking like it will be! I love both series so I hope both games are excellent!

  3. Kazuya720

    0:32 Did somebody else noticed the reflection of a silver car in the cargo hatchway of the truck (with the Supra inside). It is viewable for a few moments. I recognise two exhausts and flat triangle backlights.

    Does someone recognise the car?


    it looks great at first then i spot the same flaws that have plagued GT since GT4. a new gorgeous 3D hub & world map slapped with dated menus. new music slapped with terrible classical music ringing in your ears. beautiful animated cars & tracks but closer inspection shows a blurry textured cardboard pair of racing arms, blurry car textures & a reuse of previous gt car skins enhanced from ps4. 7/10 for me yet this is meant to be AAA 10/10 🙄

    1. Ging1986

      What trailer were you watching?! Or what device were you watching it on? Perhaps your old screen made old used potato skins is the problem?

  5. CoopR_26

    I just hope that cars will be more optainable than in GTS. I’ve played Sport for a few years and still don’t have enough to get a 20 million cr car. Those cars would be awesome to drive, but I’ll never know since the grind is just near impossible.

    1. NekoPufferPPP

      There’s a Professional level event in the career mode, using old race cars. You can use the Red Pig Mercedes if you don’t have anything better, enter the Le Mans race and you’ll get a lot of cash very quickly.

  6. Knapneder

    And I noticed a typo in the game : there’s a “u” missing on the De Tomaso Mangsta (sic) card at 1:51 into the video.

    1. Kazuya720

      Haha, I noticed that too! A little bit embarracing for PD to spell a car names wrong. However.. I guess that will be fixed in update 1.57 :D

  7. matrix_gt1

    The first pic in the article is beautiful. The light reflecting off of the Rx-7 is gorgeous. The photo with the CLK looks.. really low poly in comparison.

    1. NekoPufferPPP

      Yeah I can see the polygons in its small headlights, but that’s normal during races, as a lower-poly model is used.

      1. NekoPufferPPP

        No no, the heat haze is one thing, but if you take a real close look at the small headlights you can see the polygons. It’s normal.

      2. matrix_gt1

        It isn’t normal… or rather it isn’t consistent with some of the other cars we have seen during races. If it’s not sun haze making it look like low poly, then it is low poly even for gt sport.

  8. Randy Dubin

    Er, I am pretty sure the DeTomaso Mangusta is not a returning car. Whoever wrote that might’ve mistook it for the Pantera, which was in GT Sport (but hasn’t been seen so far for returning to GT7).

  9. Lukanyon

    The De Tomaso Mangusta and Porsche 356 are actually new cars (GT Sport has the Pantera and the 356 Speedster). Also, although not in the trailer, at the site there are images of the Mustang Boss 429 ’69 (new) and the Toyota Aqua S ’11 (returning from GT6).

  10. CarreraGT

    Oh my god, there is a lot to like about this. 2020 and 2021 were write offs, but perhaps there is hope for 2022 after all. Just as long as they don’t hamstring the PS5 version to appease the PS4 crowd…

  11. SomeGamer2021

    I noticed the cars having a out-of-5 star rating in the photo car select mode. No idea what it means though.

    Also, side note… got my PS2 and GT3/GT4 and my PSX with GT1/GT2. I’m gonna have some sweet nostalgia here. Got like, 20 memory cards from ages past for both so I’ll start a mass car collection in GT2, gonna split cars between memory cards and I’ll go for normal/race modification versions.

    That should be a blast!

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