Aston Martin DP-100 Vision GT Teaser Video

Aston Martin is the latest Vision GT collaborator unveiling their design to the world and they’re doing it at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. We have only seen a few shots of it so far, but this time we get to see it in motion; although it’s quite close up and teasing motion.

This video is to hold us over until the full reveal comes to us tomorrow, the 27th of June. GTPlanet will be at the unveiling covering the proceedings as we learn more about this Vision GT work and possibly other news.

Join in on the discussion for the car in our forums.

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  1. Hentis01

    Obviously the ones complaining about having the “fantasy” cars in GT6 are completely ignorant of the ideology of why they are there in the first place. Each car starts as a concept, an idea, a design on a piece of paper computer screen.

    For those of you that are just too ignorant / immature to find it on the GT6 site. Here’s Yamauchi’s piece.

    “Vision Gran Turismo
    A celebration of “Gran Turismo”

    The project started with a question from Kazunori Yamauchi: “Would you be willing to design your rendition of Gran Turismo for us?” The videogame’s name “Gran Turismo” (GT) refers to a 2-door sport car, known as a Grand Touring car in the automotive world.
    The manufacturers who have answered our call are now delivering new Grand Touring cars in succession. “Vision Gran Turismo” is a 15th anniversary celebration that will be hosted by Gran Turismo, car manufacturers and users around the globe. The cars presented will appear one after another in Gran Turismo 6, and as those cars will be driven by more and more people, the festival will get bigger and bigger.”

    This Vision GT not only brings in a lot of promotion to GT6 and PD but also to the manufactures who have spent time, effort and money to design and build a concept car in their celebration of a computer game but to also build them in real life as well. This is not a job that is done overnight like I expect a few of you think you could probably knock one together…… it’s takes months of planning to get from the ideas of one person or a group to being wheeled out finally onto the show room floor ready to be sold.

    1. HuskyGT

      You got it all wrong. I know perfectly how concepts work for manufacturers, and VGT is definitely not an example of this. VGT is only and in-game project only with the sole purpose of merchandising and it promotes absolutely nothing to the real world.

      Concepts like the Toyota FT-1, the former FT86 plus many others that we’ve seen in the last three GT instalments are actual design and new technology exercises that lead manufacturers in new directions eventually giving birth to new products out in the public.

      I don’t see how VGT, other than the VW that actually got a real life concept, being something that these manufacturers spent months or years worth of work. They probably just paid some designer to come up with the sketch and passed it on to PD s they could make it into an in-game model, not before making a huge fuzz about how cool and “special” these cars are. A true example of this is the BMW VGT. I mean, come on! Months of work? I’ve seen many people come up with made-up car designs that look as interesting or better than these VGT’s in just a couple of days. Any game developer could take those ideas, put them in the game and say it’s the next big thing.

      No one is being immature other than PD. GT has always been about the passion for cars. Putting a bunch of nonexistent and irrelevant cars just for the sake of making more money,(that in the case of most of them will not even see a showroom) instead of bringing real cars that have a right to be in the game is what I call immature.

    2. Progress823

      From what I have seen and what I read between GT6, GTplanet and articles from the participating manufacturers, the VGT project is not fake or imaginary. These are concepts (and so far one limited production car – thanks MB) that use real parts and technologies from their respective manufacturers.

      Every “real” car was something imagined at one point.

  2. fordskydog

    WHERE’S MY TRACK MAKER?!?!?!?!?!


    I want that s more than anything else for GT6. Gimme!

    1. ScotteDawg

      Actually, it’s NOT shown in the video above!

      How about you make a comment on the DP-100 or make no comment at all?

      Quite a lot of people want the course maker but, considering the above article is about the Aston Martin VGT, this is not the area in which to voice your desire for it!

  3. HuskyGT

    Okay, so it looks weird, especially the wheels… BUT WHO CARES! IT HAS A V12! It’s a “real” car :D

    Probably the only VGT besides the BMW that I’m excited about.

    1. vr6cas

      Something tells me you think out loud a lot and you might be the type of person that talks to yourself, lol.

    1. ROFFATI

      …thats my thought too… if they can make the engine look that nice and don´t put in a neat cockpit, i will be disappointed.

    1. Fat Tyre

      “as we learn more about this Vision GT work and hopefully more.” It wasn’t a new paragraph, sort of look weird once you pointed it out.

    2. Aussie_HSV

      My take on it is that by ‘this Vision GT work’ simply refers to the Aston Martin project.
      And the ‘and hopefully more’ would simply mean things like vital statistics and release date etc.

    3. Wardez

      Yeah, should’ve looked that over a couple more times. I’ve changed it for better readability:
      “as we learn more about this Vision GT work and possibly other news.”

    1. OpticZero

      This may be a surprise to you, but there is a whole list of your “fantasy cars” that have yet to come out yet in the Vision GT section of the main menu of the game. So let’s not be so down on them when a new one is released. You can see them coming from miles away.

    2. Aussie_HSV

      Yes, let’s not incorporate an innovative project like ‘Vision’ cars.
      Worthless exercise.
      Nowhere near enough real world cars in comparison.


    3. HuskyGT

      Oh, he’s right. Think of all the real cars or all the Premium conversions they could’ve worked on instead of these fantasy cars. Maybe not too many, but I rather have one real car in the game that all these VGT’s.

      The VGT project while slightly interesting sometimes, it’ll be a year around waste of time.

    4. Progress823

      Mercedes-Benz AMG VGT is being put into limited production for those who actually read the articles on this site. The VGT project is not all imaginary after all…

  4. AbsoluteBarstool

    It takes some genius to show the whole car without showing the whole car…

    But back on topic, the DP-100 looks pretty good.

  5. kollosson

    Love the look of this, the picture they gave in the vision GT section of the game is accurate, I get the feeling that maybe all these manufacturers had concepts already in the design stage and Sony made the deal to get them in the game, great marketing for the companies involved and great for GT.

    1. OpticZero

      Totally agree that this is a great opportunity for PD, Sony, and the auto manufacturers; but more importantly, us. We, as the drivers/users, get to race these wonderful toys in the virtual world. Keep up the great work, PD/Sony.

    2. Aussie_HSV

      Gotta disagree.
      I believe these cars were born because of the Vision project.
      And not that the Vision project was born because these cars already existed.
      I believe each manufacturer has designed these cars at the request of PD.

      But agreed that this is an excellent exercise, and good for both PD, GT6, and the car manufacturers.

  6. Monatsende

    DP-100: Double pene… er, no. What does it even mean? Ah, I see, Design Prototype. I sigh with relief. Really want to hear that beast.

    1. OpticZero

      That’s what I think 9 out of every 10 times I hear or see someone in auto racing say DP. I know it means Daytona Prototype, but I still chuckle a little bit.

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