Gran Turismo at Belgian Motor Show Jan. 14-24

european-motor-show-brusselsGTPlanet user Snake206 has discovered that GT5 is scheduled to make its next appearance at European Motor Show Brussels, to be held January 14-24. While this is good news by itself, there are some clues we could be in for a few surprises at this show. First, Sony is actually holding a contest to give away two tickets to this auto show to “learn” about Gran Turismo – unusual, to say the least. Also, the show ends on the 24th – a date which just happens to be near the deadline for the GT Academy 2010 demo.

For me, however, the pieces start coming together when I recall the early information about the GT5 Time Trial Demo that was disclosed to me back in November. My source (you know who you are, thanks once again!) mentioned that it could feature either Indianapolis or Spa Francorchamps. Sure enough, Indianapolis was in, and Sony has already said the second round of GT Academy would be held on yet another new track. Hmm, what could it be?

I may be wrong, but I can’t imagine a better time or place to reveal Belgium’s most famous race track. What do you think? For the uninitiated and those wondering why the prospect of Spa Francorchamps coming to the GT series is so exciting, watch this on-board lap

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    Very late on this I know, but isn’t the 24th also the same day when the Rolex 24 starts up? With Daytona already in GT and the Nascar license (as well as two other major ones), maybe we could see a demo down there at Daytona with Grand-am cars whilst everyone at the European Motor Show in Brussels get to see Spa for the first time. Abit unlikely admittingly since only the COTs have been shown so far, but that’d be one hell of a day for me! :D

  2. DemonFireblade

    Gmdaewoo….are you serious? Really hope that is true. PLEASE can someone else confirm this!!!!!!!

  3. Alex

    @ Vivian, yea I am American, and was raised/taught to be a Euro-snob fan-boi by my father before I opened my eyes and saw the light on how more kickass race tracks Americans have than what Euros have.

  4. Tenacious D

    This brings us one more brick closer to the flood of info. Spa will be a wonderful addition to the GT series, and GT5 is the best game to premiere it!

    March… closer, ever closer…

  5. Alex

    Long Beach would be nice but I would rather race F1 or Indy Cars at Long Beach than stock/Le Mans since that’s what the track was designed for. I want Watkins Glen!

  6. Alex

    LOL to people saying Spa and/or Nur are the greatest tracks in the world, UM….no. Indianapolis Motor Speedway is! Just stop by and visit the Meuseum they have there, every race car from the last 110 years that has raced at Indy.

    Nurburgring is great still, but NO comparison and never has never will.

  7. Jeff Van Jindelt

    Spa is an awesome race track, i hope GT5 has a lot more real tracks this time around,Long Beach would be nice

  8. nismo

    wow thats a badass track..
    you have to admit , that save at around 3:25
    of the video was pretty beautiful…

  9. DemonFireblade

    THAT is my GT5 right there. Taking a Radical around Spa with my G25 and playseat! Please make it happen Kaz and get pixelating those Radicals :)

  10. S3 Racer

    alba: Yeah could go up there if i get the time during the weekend (16th??)
    And no the greatest track still is the nurburgring and always will be. Spa is great but no comparasion to nur.

  11. stu

    That track looks longer than the one in NFS Shif and more like I remember the old F1 track barr the final chicane, very excited to drive it in GT5! The final frontiers for them to announce are Monte Carlo and Mount Panorama!

  12. Prepaid Vergleich

    Awesome news! Finally we will get one of the best racing tracks in the world. Nice article, thanks for info

  13. hinklor

    Google’s “learn” translation is a bit weird. It actually says “visit the Sony booth and discover Gran Turismo”, so i don’t think it implies any sort of disclosure. Although I agree the Belgian motor show is probably the best spot to unveil the Francorchamps track.

  14. [UK] ANDYW

    Man… I’m taking my wife to Brugge for valentines day… wonder if I can alter my ferry booking to exactly a month earlier…

  15. RedBaron

    Like the Nürburgring was the greatest drawing card in GT4, for GT5 it will be the Spa track. I can’t wait to go for a drive on it!

  16. Snoopy

    The sound, my friend, is miles ahead of the noise in GT5. I was just thinking how obviusly the voice of the car changes accordingly to how much the driver pushesh the throttle. Something we’ve never seen in the GT franchise.
    At 3:29 I was thinking how despite real grass is really slippery he was still able to hold the car. If this was TT he was a goner.

  17. dbarrade

    Wow that replay was so unrealistic, the engine sounded like a vacuum cleaner, where was the skidmarks or damage modelling, and as if that green paint on the side of the track would cause him to have that much of a moment, I mean seriously was that even a unicorn car?

  18. pegaz2507

    spa is one of the best track in the world. I love it! We really need to see some new info of GT5. March is closing in really fast and I really dont know what PD and SONY are thinking of! This would be really a nice suprise to all the fans of GT5! And a feature list too please!!!!

  19. iCyCo

    That’ll be great to finally have Spa in GT..I’ve driven it so far in the Simbin racers, Grid, Shift and Eutechnyx’ FC & SCC

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