Gran Turismo Sport Could (Finally) Get More Wet Weather Tracks

It looks like GT Sport players will have one more reason to tune into this weekend’s Nürburgring FIA World Tour event. A recent leak has seemingly confirmed the addition of new wet weather conditions within the game.

An apparent screenshot of the event info is the source of the news. It’s slowly made its way around social media and our community recently. Given the subject, the potential sources are quite limited: those that are either competing in or organizing the World Tour, in fact. Whoops. Check it out for yourself below:


According to the image, those that find themselves in the Nations Cup Repechage Match will not only have to fight for one of the few remaining spots in the finals, but do so in the rain at Red Bull Ring.

Rain is a bit of a rarity in GT Sport. The franchise popularized dynamic time and weather last generation. Now, while most of the genre includes it in some form, Sport has just one damp track: the infield at Northern Isle, used in a handful of Driving School tests.

If the leak is real, then true rainy racing will finally be a part of Gran Turismo again. Kazunori Yamauchi told us way back in the final days of 2017 that wet circuits would return. At the time, we figured they’d appear in 2018. Hey, better late than never!

Also, this may provide an answer to the mysterious gaps in the FIA schedules over the next month. While we originally posited it could mean the return of Silverstone, the recent wet-weather revelation could suggest multiple tracks will get the rainy-day treatment. Heck, we wouldn’t even rule out the possiblity of both Silverstone and more rainy tracks alongside Red Bull Ring. Both tracks featured dynamic weather in GT6, after all…

The Nurburging FIA World Tour event takes place this weekend. That means we’ll find out soon enough how valid this leak truly is. Watch this space for more info as we get it.

Featured image courtesy of Rage Racer.

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