Sony Exec: Gran Turismo 5 Launching “This Fall”

February 1st, 2010 by Jordan Greer

Uh oh. In an interview with Spanish website Canarias Al Dia, CEO of Sony Entertainment Portugal James Armstrong had some disconcerting words for Gran Turismo fans. Via Google translation (user subsonic offers another, human translation):

We believe that launching the product this fall, before Christmas, but not yet decided.  I do not rule that uses the MC but I doubt it. ‘GT 5’ is a great hope for Sony, a very important game for the company, which generates much income. We would have wanted him out before but we think the priority we are giving it our best. I’m very confident in this game that we launch this year and help us consolidate PS3 as the console that is large.

This actually isn’t the first time we’ve heard from Mr. Armstrong. Back in November of 2008, he told a Spanish financial newspaper that GT5 would “arrive at Christmas [2009]” – a date which was both privately disclosed and publicly confirmed several times throughout last year before Yamauchi set the now-postponed Japanese release date for March of 2010. Nevertheless, his reputation unfortunately precedes him, making his comments all the more believable. For the rest of us, the release date drama continues…

Thanks to Freeman_Cruz for digging this up!

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  1. Feb. 2, 4:30am

    Why I am not suprised , this is in the words of Smokey and the Bandit’s Cletus snow is becoming a J.O.K.E and I am fan of GT but I am starting to become rather fed up by these constant delay’s and release pushbacks I think that in this case Polyphony should cared less about Academy and got the game out they have been promising us for what seems like an ice age which it probably will be , too much longer and I may consider switching to X360. and as I said in another piece of news only Sony and Polyphony are the only ones who do this nintendo do not nor do microsoft.


  2. Feb. 2, 4:28am

    Quency Says:
    February 2nd, 2010 at 4:01 am

    HAHA !!!

    All of you make me laugh “I don’t give a fuck anymore bout this game” !!!
    Let see in few days when Sony and PD react to this news how all of you gana be :

    “Oh my god, the game gona come out sooner than september !!! i can’t wait !!!”

    crying babies… be mature, sit down and wait, and more important shut the F**K up… If you cant wait then get a free 3D modeling program and start develop yr own game… By the time you release your first car i’ll be playing GT 6…

    Be respectfull, don’t insult PD, wait for them to release what we all are unable to do….

    I think THATS AN IDEA why we gt fans don’t make the game im sure we will release it before PD ( i will work on the skidmarks (will steal them from mario kart -yes it has skidmarks) And then we will sell the game to EA and make a lot of money

  3. Feb. 2, 4:25am

    I can not believe this.

    Don’t get me wrong I understand it takes time to create a great game, and we are all hoping for great things from GT5, but there comes a point where enough’s enough. You need to release the game and then focus on the next one.

  4. Feb. 2, 4:22am

    Epic Fail – again ! This is becoming the next Duke Nukem Forever ….

  5. Feb. 2, 4:22am

    I have to agree, as disappointing as it is to maybe have to wait longer than, well, most of us don’t really know cos’ we never got a US or EU date yet…as disappointing as that is, crying about selling your PS3 and getting an Xbox 360 instead will be the biggest mistake you will ever make. Sure, it will make the wait a bit easier, but then you will suffer the worst case of buyers remorse once GT5 does launch, THIS YEAR.

  6. Feb. 2, 4:10am

    This makes me very unhappy… and I mean very…

  7. Feb. 2, 4:07am
    Berlino Bear

    @Bernd.. Hmmmm yeah cos that will be worth it!!

    What a strange thing to say.

  8. Feb. 2, 4:06am
    Mike Miranda

    @The Masfer PS4 has also been delayed

  9. Feb. 2, 4:05am

    Expectations increase with every delay, they just shoot themselves in the foot. We may buy it when it releases, but they are going to have a hard time hyping GT6, because no one will belive what they say anymore.

  10. Feb. 2, 4:01am

    HAHA !!!

    All of you make me laugh “I don’t give a fuck anymore bout this game” !!!
    Let see in few days when Sony and PD react to this news how all of you gana be :

    “Oh my god, the game gona come out sooner than september !!! i can’t wait !!!”

    crying babies… be mature, sit down and wait, and more important shut the F**K up… If you cant wait then get a free 3D modeling program and start develop yr own game… By the time you release your first car i’ll be playing GT 6…

    Be respectfull, don’t insult PD, wait for them to release what we all are unable to do….

  11. Feb. 2, 3:57am

    My bet’s on October 10th… purely for Marketing reasons…


  12. Feb. 2, 3:56am

    I’m willing to forgive them, if they put like 10.000 spectators and 300 tents around the Nürburgring.

  13. Feb. 2, 3:52am

    Oh my god ! I can’t believe it ! Please rescue me from madness, this is a bad nightmare, ok ?

  14. Feb. 2, 3:49am

    I am honestly not sure i can be bothered to even show an interest when this game comes out anymore.
    I am sick of the lies and the misdirection being fired at us over this.

  15. Feb. 2, 3:38am

    I was hoping it to come out in May or June,

    This is what i am guess for GT5 stuff in 2010

    June 2010(E3)-Indy Cars,Relase Date,All of the Features is relased
    August/Sep 2010-A New Demo(w/The Ring,NASCAR,Daytona,WRC,A Rally Track and INDY Cars)
    Sep 30,2010-Relase Date(Guess A)
    Oct 30,2010-Relase Date(Guess B)

  16. Feb. 2, 3:25am

    Due to this kind of news and the continuous delays I completely lost interest. For a long time I’ve been a huge GT fan but this just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. When it comes out it still may be a huge and beautiful game but I just don’t bother to buy it directly anymore. When it is a budgettitle I’ll grap it.

  17. Feb. 2, 3:25am

    So…. what else is new?

  18. Feb. 2, 3:25am
    S3 Racer

    I don’t know why, but i don’t believe this old bold portugese man. This is nothing of official, just some old guy wanna to be in the front. But this is good because if this rumor gets more publicity, sony will take an official statement.

    It really takes the turn of Duke nukem Forever. Waiting for it for 15 years. LOL

    Remember the interview with Kaz.: I hate release … i would never release it … maybe sony asked kaz his opinion. LOL

    I don’t even care anymore. i buy it when it comes out which will be this year, and till then there are and will come a lot of games in 2010 (MassEffect2, Mag, AVP2, Mafia2, Max Payne3, Heavy Rain, GOW3,….)

    And all those : I sell my ps3 and get an xbox….. GO ON, I will f’ing laugh you down, paying to have the RIGHT to play online, get not full hd, less exclusive games,….
    I have an xbox, so I know the downsides of that one. PS3 rulz the consoles: stronger, cheaper, better service, better games. (Anyway Pc (not apple) is best)

    Take your finger, put it somewhere and wait happily for release because we all will buy this damn game with a huge smile on the face and than can’t wait to return home and play.

  19. Feb. 2, 3:19am

    Enought is enought…for six month and summer, I this time (for me) it worth the switch between PS3 + G25 vs Xbox + Fanatech

  20. Feb. 2, 3:17am
    The Masfer

    This should hve been released last year
    Sony confirmed 3d tvs this year so the ps4 will be arriving soon

  21. Feb. 2, 3:13am

    Adrian: You’re asking in the wrong place if you want answers lol

  22. Feb. 2, 3:09am

    I’m glad I went out and bought an Xbox and Forza 3 late last year…

  23. Feb. 2, 3:02am

    12/21/2012 that’s the release date. Lol

  24. Feb. 2, 2:59am

    Is there a games expo before E3 in June? Does anyone know if KAZ has been interviewed where we could actually hear something? Why am I asking so many questions? I just want some information!

  25. Feb. 2, 2:58am

    GT 5 release date 21.12.2012

  26. Feb. 2, 2:50am

    What’s gt5?

    Dont worry about it too much guys, like i said we may have to wait till Q2 or Q4 or early next year. so be it. Its not the end of the world. Other great games coming out this year anyway.

  27. Feb. 2, 2:44am


    Next stop at E3.

    Who told this was joke? :D

    See you GT5 at Christmas 2030 … if we are lucky.

  28. Feb. 2, 2:28am

    who DIDNT see this coming???

    and he said : “We believe that launching the product this fall, before Christmas, but not yet decided.” that means it will most likely be even LATER then Fall… after all… it is GT5 and PD/Sony we are talking about.

    but it is upsetting… we wait this long, we BUY a DEMO, we play the crappy TT and still get nothing in return… they just stay so tight lipped about everything…

    Give us something PD… show me the wait is worth it… so far i haven’t see anything special… and im becoming tired of waiting.

  29. Feb. 2, 2:22am

    I feel that this has no merit. First, it is not from the head office. We have been down this road before. I’ll wait for word from Japan.

  30. Feb. 2, 2:15am

    forget gt5 and play rFactor …

  31. Feb. 2, 2:03am

    “I feel like I’m being cheated by Sony Entertainment once again. period.” +1

    I think Sony could have given GT fans something in exchange for the endless delays. How hard would it be to release an official demo of the “SL AMG experience” to everyone?

  32. Feb. 2, 2:02am

    Maybe they need more time to include iOpener in the WRC part of the game.

  33. Feb. 2, 1:46am

    Why do I willfully read all this crap? Am I that obsessed with a computer software program that simulates automotive dynamics?
    If the answer is yes then I will play GT4(Nur, Sarthe),&GT5p(Ferrari) untill someone does it better(wait! don’t tell me so and so is better)
    after that GTpsp will just have to hold me over till then.

    I really hope this DELAY RUMOR proves to be true so that competors improve their games and show Sony the folly of milking cash-cows dry. I know I will be buying this so my complaining about it won’t intrest sony, so i’ll say this, just pray that Kaz doesn’t get pissed, that would be bad for everyone.

  34. Feb. 2, 1:45am

    and when fall gets here it will be pushed back to spring 2011 and when spring 2011 gets here it will be pushed back till summer 2011. in the end they will decide to make it on PS4 mid way thru that consoles lifespan.

  35. Feb. 2, 1:39am

    i went nuts when i first read the title but i don’t think it’ll be too far off unless the whole world petitions for GT’s release in the summer, i don’t see it coming in the summer. If i have enough to spare, i’m getting my japanese copy..this is just torture WTF I understand they want to maximize sales but come on, consider how long hardcore fans have had to wait for this gem..this is just beyond irritating now..not happy at all

    I hope sony is listening to all these complaints. I’ve have had faith in them from teh beginning when there weren’t enough games, and the games that were out, wasn’t anything amazing except heavenly sword. I have been a die hard fan of PS knowing that eventually the ps3 will kick into gear and really turn up the heat. They’ve done that but this is far too disappointing. I have a bunch of friends constantly asking when’s gt going to come out? what’s different from GT4. I tell them all these good things and when it comes to the launch date i’m like ehh…march maybe for japan and hopefully summer for US. At first i said Christmas, then it was march, summer, and now FALL! I can’t even advertise for their game anymore because it’s like i’m lying to them, which is how we fans feel. And when they hear about how long it’s been in development and still no release date, it’s like a joke. We’ve all waited patiently so i think it would be fair if you tried to speed it up a little. It was announced that GT5 was 90% done about a month ago. I assume it’s higher by now and i don’t think it’s going to take another 7 or 8 months to finish off that 10 or less percent. This is absolutely ridiculous, do us a favor please!

  36. Feb. 2, 1:37am

    @ Deko Wolf, actually you’re somewhat right about Japan Rules over US/UK but reality is that majority of the time US rules over the entire world on games and equipment (gadgets/computers/etc etc) on releases.

  37. Feb. 2, 1:36am

    NFS Shift, here I come!

  38. Feb. 2, 1:25am

    last year around this same time i saw someone predicted release dated 2011…. i honestly tought that person was nuttz… if anyone predicts it for 2011, i say they be preaching the gospel… ridiculous..

  39. Feb. 2, 1:24am

    The problem is that we cancomplain all we want Sony doesn’t care, because at the end of the day, all of us gona buy this damn game whenever it’s released ….

    Thats why they are so selfish…
    To all thus who said they wont buy it if it’s after june, put you right hand up and say “I sware” !!! Haha, all of you are great talkers but none is serious !

    @soLid : Don’t forget Myamoto (Big N’s head) which is in the top 3 of our times (if he’s not the best).

    For the moment i’m gona wait for FF XIII and Red dead Redemption… those seems to be long and nice enuf to hold me until…well… one day

  40. Feb. 2, 1:16am

    As much as I wanted released they can add more tracks, improve smoke effects, improve trees, make engine sounds better, add tire marks and so on…

    How about improve damage models and make cars roll?! Now there’s lots of time.

    I mean 6 months you could almost make a decent game with that. Cant you make these little things work in 6 months?

    Expectations increase with every delay and some fans want simple little things that “dont matter” but kind of do. When you spend this much time and hear people commenting about them then just improve them with all the luxury time you got.

  41. Feb. 2, 1:14am

    “Official announcement of a release date is nothing less than a promise to fans and business partners. In other words, a release date change is like betraying the expectations of everyone,” Kojima added, according to the translation.
    Read this on Kotaku. It’s from Hideo Kojima. He and kazunori are the greatest game designers of our time in my min,so why can’t Yamauchi be like this?

  42. Feb. 2, 1:07am

    I wouldn’t take this as fact yet. The PR for GT is notoriously inaccurate… Remember when it was supposed to be released in November 09?

    GT5= Duke Nukem Forever…

  43. Feb. 2, 12:57am

    think… Duke Nukem Forever.

  44. Feb. 2, 12:52am
    Pilot Ace

    Well….It’s not another delay…

  45. Feb. 2, 12:49am

    Unreal. Sony knew very well when Gow3 and FF13 were coming out, there’s no excuse to ‘delay’ the game because of them, there must be another reason.

    Good thing i’ve been building a custom cockpit for the last few days…


  46. Feb. 2, 12:46am

    This is a joke! , how KAZ can miss his time frame by 3 years?? (Q4 of 2007).

    I dont have a problem with games taking long in development if the result is good but my problem is that Kazunori and Sony has been teasing us since 2005 with release time frames that are not even close.

    They should do what Bioware did with Dragon Age, the game was announced in 2004 without a date, then the development had some changes and the just shup up about the game, then the last year they start showing the game again and they release it few months later delivering a fantastic game.

    Instead we have all this teasing and release time frames, i remember KAZ laughting when a fan visiting the studio asked him for a 2009 release, he laught and tell him why he expect the release that long in the future….. well Kaz look at us now, 2010 and we still doesnt have the game!

    Seriously i love the saga but Kazunori SUCKS when it comes to teasing the fans and give correct information about the game that he is directing. I hate his unrelieable mouth.

  47. Feb. 2, 12:35am

    LOL OWNED!!!

    Dont let it even get to you! it’s not even a big deal! weather its in Q2 or Q4 or early next year!

    The game will come when it comes.

  48. Feb. 2, 12:34am

    ahhhh…we (SONY) are finally ready to mass produce gran turismo5…..(SONY CEO)oops i dropped the mast-copy, opps i dropped the mast-copy, oops i dropped the master- copy…ooops i dropped the mast-copy…ooops, looks like gt5 will be blown into the middle of next year!

  49. Feb. 2, 12:21am

    I feel like I’m being cheated by Sony Entertainment once again. period.

  50. Feb. 2, 12:02am

    Oh well, I’m not the impatient/over hyper type. I’ll just continue trying to collect every single car in every colour possible on my copy of GT on PSP.

  51. Feb. 2, 12:00am

    Now that @Geohot had broke the PS3 last defenses and now that the PS3 hack starting to get really possible, this stupids Sony’s HQ should release the game while it’s still not hacked.

    By waiting too long they will lose more than fans, they will just lose everything…

  52. Feb. 1, 11:37pm

    I always thought of KY as someone who cares for the fans… like a (gaming!)daddy or somethin lol
    but im sure lots of fans already lost that hope.
    Yeah I know that it was NOT KY’s idea to postpone the game. Sony is the one forcing to. But the question is, for KY knowin how much money he can earn at this point of time, how can he still accept it not to be released? Oh u would say “he was forced, he had no choice, so he had to accept it.” But then he knew that the fans would be extremely upset, mainly at KY instead of Sony. So he shouldve made a public announcement and ofcourse not directly, but some how say that the reason the game is delayed is not because of PD, its because of some complications in Sony’s market.
    What im tryin to say is, if its Sony’s decision, fuck that. I dont care. I’ll wait. But if its KY’s, mannn hell no. It’d mean all the love n support that was given to him cuz of his games year after year is paid back to us by lies for the release date to earn more money? Fuck! This is just obnoxious.
    But hey, even this guy himself aint sure. So unless I see an interview with KY where he says its set for fall, i wont believe a shit.

  53. Feb. 1, 11:34pm

    I’m bookmarking this thread so I can call you all out in 6 months time when you’re all playing this game and loving it.

    Jesus it’s not the Play Gran Turismo Station 3, there are plenty of other things you can do with your whiney, clearly miserable lives in the meantime. Did any of you give your first born to reserve this game? If not, shut up, grow up and stop being such spoilt brats. You’ll get your precious game eventually, and Sony will make lots of $$. Lots of $$ means GT6, PS4, GT7 etc. Get it?

  54. Feb. 1, 11:31pm

    Great idea too.

  55. Feb. 1, 11:29pm

    Maybe we need teach SONY???
    Let’s make ultimate – “if game not arrived at this Summer in US/EU – we not buying it!” – send this message to SONY.
    There is many of us at least on this forum…
    Kiddish but i want do it.Enough is enough….

  56. Feb. 1, 11:18pm

    Hey PD, here’s an idea: seperate from those F’n idiots at Sony!!!! That’ll solve the problems with delays.

  57. Feb. 1, 11:16pm
    Rhett Mash

    Boy am I glad I did the right thing by buying a 360 and Forza. But hanging onto my PS3 for GT5 seems like a bad decision. Hopefully Gow3 and FF13 will justify that.

  58. Feb. 1, 11:02pm

    Well for all those saying that PD is treating us like crap, they don’t have the final say it’s up to Sony on when the game is released. So in turn it’s Sony’s fault that we have to wait for the game when we know it’s mostly finished.

  59. Feb. 1, 11:00pm

    Im thinkng about buying two XBOXS so if one breaks i can still play forza if i buy it fuck you sony!

  60. Feb. 1, 10:57pm

    If this holds true, it is very disappointing but not surprising at all.

  61. Feb. 1, 10:54pm

    They (Sony marketing execs) should be getting concerned over the hype outstripping the game – after all this time if the game doesn’t come up to some lofty expectations it’ll bomb big time.
    Personally, for my wait I’m expecting the smell of racing car fuel, leather seats and general thrash when I open my PS3 case…

  62. Feb. 1, 10:49pm

    O get over it whining fools. This game needs all the polish it can get. After the last demo I was not looking forward to this so soon. Work on it for another 6 or more months. It’s like, find something else to do for the life of your self. Who f’ing cares. The game needed the time. Too massive.

  63. Feb. 1, 10:47pm

    Until there is an official announcement, with a press release to back it up, all of this is just noise.

  64. Feb. 1, 10:37pm

    I’m a bit surprise about this, that was ridiculous! I hope it’s not true, because as what other have said, i might end up selling my PS3, too, and upgrade my PC for a change. it’s sucks to be a GT fan in a PS3 days, but the GTplanet Gran Turismo fan members like jordan is quite dedicated with all this 5 years waiting keeping the website alive and well active. Kudos to that Jordan, but this waiting is a killer if you ask me.

    Oh well, whatever complaining we do it’s all end up to SONY’s business decision. They could delay this game for another 2 years if they really want to.

  65. Feb. 1, 10:34pm

    this is getting past a joke……

  66. Feb. 1, 10:31pm

    I am starting to doubt this game will ever be released. Sony has messed up so many things already no wonder everyone I know has an Xbox or Wii over a damn PS3. WAY TO GO SCE, WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Feb. 1, 10:08pm

    Well, Sony won’t be releasing a game when EVERYONE is on summer vacation. They need it to many some moola :D

  68. Feb. 1, 10:06pm
    Sam__ NY

    Is this just for Europe?

  69. Feb. 1, 10:05pm

    F**K corporations…this is unbelievable…the bloody game has been five years in development, thats a whole lot more than any other game on the console, and now that the developers say it’s finished the corporate people decide to push the game back, 6 months??? To “boost” sales??? Come on Sony, you’re making a fool out of PD/KY, out of yourselves, and, most importantly, out of GT fans. Keep delaying the darned game even more and you’ll see casual gameplayers will avoid it because they would still think it’s nothing more than a demo…

    I thought GT5 delays were ok as far as the game was polished, and it had great functions and capabilities but delays for…”Marketing”? It’s GT! IT WILL SELL! If GT made “Greatest Hits” with a freaking demo (GT5P), imagine what the full thing will do! Unbelievable…

    (Sorry for this, I just had to vent it out…stupid bussinessmen…)

  70. Feb. 1, 10:04pm
    Darn thing

    This is why I bought PS2 few weeks ago and place GT4 until GT5 comes out….
    I knew this is going to take this while………I didn’t want to believe…but….it happened…

  71. Feb. 1, 10:01pm

    great!!!!!!! by that time I’ll be unemployed like everyone else in the states and won’t be buying ANYTHING!!!!!!!

    Sony you BLOW!!!

  72. Feb. 1, 10:00pm

    so is it coming out japanese all what? all your just playing with has sony more crapy news for the fans

  73. Feb. 1, 9:56pm

    Really, really disappointed and upset. waitin` for a long time and since October reading news everyday, and release is not closer, it`s only farther and farther….

  74. Feb. 1, 9:46pm

    I’m betting Sept 30th, for US, Europe, and Japan…
    Australia and New Zealand will have to with till march 2011.
    If that’s the case, and we Southe of the Equator get a ‘Delayed Launch’ I’ll personally go to Sony HQ in Japan and deliver my ‘Launch Model’ PS3 to some Sony Exec’s Uncomfortable Orifice.
    Anyone know if US disks work in Aussie PS3 consoles?

  75. Feb. 1, 9:37pm

    Enough!!! I’m tired of those economic dictators that kills culture. I agree with you @jamaicangamer, they could lose some eventual buyers. That game is becoming a pure joke, as the image of ps3 lauching marketing. Sony worries to much about his little “baby”. I checked polls on a lot of video games websites and all i can see is that first of all, race games don’t attract as much gamers as Sony thinks (plus, simulators don’t represented the whole category of race games). On the other hand, Xbox360 Forza did his job really good and still goes on. And finally, all GT addicts that bought a ps3, a wheel(g27 compatibility joke) and gt5p(that hasn’t been updated for a while) are really treated as fools in their endless waiting. That’s why, in my opinion, they’ll lose buyers. The video game market is under a huge crisis, and GT5(and 6) will not save Sony from it. Stop dreaming! You blood sucking business men.

  76. Feb. 1, 9:35pm

    Well, this is disappointing, but not so much, since I do not have so much time to play videogames anymore.. I don’t care… But, seriously, this is becoming ridiculous.. In the end of this summer some CEO will say “we will try to launch the game before 2011” and so on.. lol
    They could at least release another track to play with the 370 Z’s to keep us busy ! :-)

  77. Feb. 1, 9:30pm

    my gawd what a joke….this is beyond ridiculous already.

  78. Feb. 1, 9:27pm
    Deko Wolf

    @NoxNoctis: meaning, European resale…
    Japan rules over US and UK.
    US rules over Canada, Brazil, etc…
    UK rules over France, Spain, Portugal, etc…

    You get the idea, right?
    That’s basically how the directors at Sony work
    That’s also why some games get released in Euorpe the last…

  79. Feb. 1, 9:16pm

    i hate the the pr waves before great games. just say “when it’s done”, cause this is just swapping it from one month to the next month and you just sit before gtplanet reading great news but the game just won’t be released :DDD
    im sad about it :D

  80. Feb. 1, 9:08pm

    If this is true, well I cant help but laugh, I`m not even dissapointed anymore. I just feel sorry for all the fans who have been waiting for this, buying wheels, playseats and whatnot. It just goes to show, sony will do anything to make money, hype and lie about release dates to keep interest up and sell consoles..I just HOPE this behavour will backfire on them!

  81. Feb. 1, 9:07pm
    GT Fanatec

    Really starting to lose patience! If this is true then am off to trade my PS3 and games to buy a 360 and Forza at the end of the week.

  82. Feb. 1, 9:03pm

    This is the kind of stuff that is the only thing I like about the GT series. It’s been delayed, okay…no amount of whining or crying will change that. But seriously, why not keep the fans in the loop, let us know what is going on. I love Gran Turismo, but the amount of mis-information and drama that comes with every new release of it really kind of pushes me away.

  83. Feb. 1, 9:03pm
    Dave sz

    Now I wish I got one of those most-likely faulty FANATEC wheels that work with the 360/ps3/pc as opposed to the DFGT. I could use the fanatec for FORZA which it seems i’ll be playing for another year.

  84. Feb. 1, 9:03pm


  85. Feb. 1, 9:01pm
    NoxNoctis Umbra

    Sony Entertainment Portugal, so maybe he talks about PORTUGAL release..
    Talk to SONY of US or Japan..

  86. Feb. 1, 9:00pm

    Annoying. Another setback? Bought a PS3 at launch years ago for this…now i get to wait even longer…thanks Sony ><

  87. Feb. 1, 8:56pm

    I call BULL!

    If it does not come out by the Summer, I will not buy GT5.
    And just buy other games instead! I can’t see how a game that was nearly ready last year, needs 12 month delay! They say damage delayed the game. Sony need to give them a DEAD LINE, because this is becoming a JOKE!

    Remember it was supposed to be a Launch Title!

  88. Feb. 1, 8:54pm

    ” We would have wanted him out before but we think the priority we are giving it our best.” I’m fine with polishing a game but they have crossed the line. To tell you the truth i believe that sony wanted at least one juggernaut this fall since G.O.W 3 and F.F 13 are coming out early this year.But i don’t understand why?This fall thing i a stupid american trend.Europe and Japan don’t celebrate anything on October and November so the market is the same as spring and summer!

  89. Feb. 1, 8:52pm

    thanks jordan, thx kaz, BUT WTF. this is gettin ridiculous lol now they past the point of gaining fans with the suspense. now they r beginning to lose some ARGH

  90. Feb. 1, 8:51pm

    /suplexes PD

  91. Feb. 1, 8:50pm

    Jesus. As someone who has been waiting for this since the launch of his 60gb… god. so upsetting.

  92. Feb. 1, 8:48pm

    :( Well I hope the WRC game comes out soon to hold me over. Come on Sony, is there not enough demand? AHHHH

  93. Feb. 1, 8:47pm

    I knew this will happen. I think because they want to have alot of sales. Just like when Modern Warfare 2 came out last year in fall. I’m sure that sony is pushing this game more than the other games that’s coming out this year. At least it’s the best for last.

  94. Feb. 1, 8:46pm

    Looks like i’l still be sitting of rFactor for another six months or so, i’m missing my GT5 though =[

  95. Feb. 1, 8:42pm

    Shouldn’t be unexpected … As soon as March was announced for Japan then Christmas became likely.

  96. Feb. 1, 8:40pm

    People who will say “nooooooo”

    read before you post:

    “We” believe that launching the product this fall, before Christmas, “but not yet decided.”

  97. Feb. 1, 8:40pm

    fall?? like 6 months away??? booooo!!! hiissssss !!!

  98. Feb. 1, 8:39pm

    Thanks for the info! I will just be happy if it is this year. With GOW3, Dante’s Inferno, FF13, Bioshock 2 and a few other games coming out… I think I’ll have plenty of options to keep me entertained until GT5 hits stores.

  99. Feb. 1, 8:39pm


  100. Feb. 1, 8:38pm

    Sad day today!

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