Sony Exec: Gran Turismo 5 Launching “This Fall”

Uh oh. In an interview with Spanish website Canarias Al Dia, CEO of Sony Entertainment Portugal James Armstrong had some disconcerting words for Gran Turismo fans. Via Google translation (user subsonic offers another, human translation):

We believe that launching the product this fall, before Christmas, but not yet decided.  I do not rule that uses the MC but I doubt it. ‘GT 5’ is a great hope for Sony, a very important game for the company, which generates much income. We would have wanted him out before but we think the priority we are giving it our best. I’m very confident in this game that we launch this year and help us consolidate PS3 as the console that is large.

This actually isn’t the first time we’ve heard from Mr. Armstrong. Back in November of 2008, he told a Spanish financial newspaper that GT5 would “arrive at Christmas [2009]” – a date which was both privately disclosed and publicly confirmed several times throughout last year before Yamauchi set the now-postponed Japanese release date for March of 2010. Nevertheless, his reputation unfortunately precedes him, making his comments all the more believable. For the rest of us, the release date drama continues…

Thanks to Freeman_Cruz for digging this up!

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  1. Technics

    “We believe that launching the product this fall, before Christmas, but not yet decided.”

    Lol something tells me that GT5 is going to be a Christmas special for the 2010!!! I gave up all hope few weeks ago, I am not going to sell my ps3 like some of you but I understand the frustration.

  2. Pedz

    The forza team must be laughing in their houses of gold right now.. Sony have officially signed over the title of best Racing simulator to Forza by mistreating the people who supported them most.. It is beyond a joke now releasing it this much later, I could understand start of summer (everyone will be looking for a summer game to keep them occupied at night..) but at fall is just.. ugh..

  3. Rhett Mash


    Thanks for the strong judgements… 2 cents follow…

    “If you think GT5 won’t sell big time – you’re retarded.”
    I’ll agree with that. GT5 will sell big time.

    “If you think Sony gives a fuck, or needs to give a fuck about the handful of ‘fans’ who will boycott (for a few days) – you’re retarded.”
    Yes and No – Fans may be a handful, but are loud and in todays landscape of blogs and the internet, a mini PR fiasco can be amplified with the wrong message very easily.

    “If you bought a PS3 just for GT5 and you’re mad – you’re retarded.”
    As a consumer, it’s okay for someone to be mad. SONY has clearly broken the trust relationship here. People spent 600 bucks and were promised a game in the 2007/2008 timeframe. It’s 2010 and people are bringing in references to Duke Nukem Forever. 600 dollars is not a small amount by any means.

    “If you buy an Xbox and Forza 3 in spite – you’re retarded.”
    Err… Consumer choice is good. Whether done in spite or to fill the necessity to entertain themselves, it’s their choice. At least they will enjoy a different, but definitely comparable experience now and then later enjoy GT5 when it does come out.

    “If you think Sony and PD don’t know what they are doing – you’re retarded.”
    Agreed. They definitely know what they are doing. Simply put, the game is not ready despite their false assurances. This is PD we are talking about. When was the last time they delivered something on time as promised. Announcing a later date might make all of those fans waiting just find their fix somewhere else. Instead, they just keep the fans waiting by promising closer dates and moving it by a few months every now and then. How many release dates have they announced for this game and how many times did they postpone it?

    As for the rest of you here. Move on. If you feel that you need to be patriotic to GT5, fine. Realize that you are going to have to wait until the game actually comes. If you feel vindicated, fine. Go buy a 360 and Forza 3 or something else to keep you occupied.

  4. TheHell

    tvensky Says:
    February 4th, 2010 at 10:47 am

    I hope my unborn son will get this game…

    Lets hope that your unborn grandson will play it ! :D

  5. alucard0712

    For those who want to buy XBOX and Forza – don’t repeat my mistake…I was fascinated of these “loud forza features” ™.But after buying awakening was quick…2 days of Forza i wanna burn game disk AND console.

  6. Beast

    Wow. Over 300 comments and it’s still a shitfight.

    If you think GT5 won’t sell big time – you’re retarded.
    If you think Sony gives a fuck, or needs to give a fuck about the handful of ‘fans’ who will boycott (for a few days) – you’re retarded.
    If you bought a PS3 just for GT5 and you’re mad – you’re retarded.
    If you buy an Xbox and Forza 3 in spite – you’re retarded.
    If you think Sony and PD don’t know what they are doing – you’re retarded.

    You are not an unique snow flake, you’re an insignificant portion of the millions of people who will buy and love this game. This is the most dedicated GT5 site on the net, yet only 300 comments on this thread – many of which are by the same people (this is my third). Do you really think you/we represent the public? Fuck no. Sony don’t need to care about you because you’re not even a blip on the radar. 300 people out of the 4 million plus that will buy this game?

    Grow up.

  7. OmnipotenceZERO

    @ alucard.
    Always less? ok true but i dont think its a change from 1000 to 200 cars n 200 to 20 tracks lol.

  8. Mechimp Jubunbung

    Makes no difference to me. I did badly want GT5 at one point in time. I sold my PS3 a long time ago after;

    1) I got tired of the constantly pushed back release date.

    2) Realized that the PS3 has very few exclusive titles that are worth a damn

    3) Realized that the titles that are worth playing are on 360 too, with better support, and a greater pool of online play.

    I doubt I’ll pick up a replacement PS3 even after GT5 comes out. Sony, you done effed up. I’d still have my PS3 if you had just said it’d be Fall ’10 to begin with.

  9. alucard0712

    Man don’t mix all thing together.Release date with features in-game.
    PD says ALWAYS less than actually in-game. (number of cars in GT2,3,4 is for example)
    Maybe it’s not ready by now, MAYBE.But they don’t lie about CONTENTS of the game.

  10. OmnipotenceZERO

    LOL Sure, seems like u nvr checked the rankings. Or else u wouldnt dare ask me for a challenge. Bring it on. OmnipotenceZERO. and oh nice equality, im owning a DFGT too.
    As for ur question, for the same reason u bought the GT5P.
    Man, i luv this. U’ll mark the 20th in the row who challenged me online…
    And yet a clean sheet

  11. TheHell

    If not, u have to visit my father.
    Hes a psychiatrist. Agree my Mental Health is on the EDGE
    OmnipotenceZERO you know me well
    p.s. i own PS1,PS2, AND PS3 if you don’t believe me Im sure im better ( with My DFGT ) on gt 5 prolouge If you want test me my PSN id Is vampire6363 you can search my times in the lists ( search on proffesional physics ) and also on drift on Fuji

    So OmnipotenceZERO again im asking


  12. OmnipotenceZERO

    oh wait. Nono I made a mistake in my last comment. (^)
    @TheHell again. U dont even own a ps3. U r a xbox360fanboy ;) can say it from ur age.

  13. OmnipotenceZERO

    @ TheHeLL

    200 cars?
    shitty online??
    NO FANS????
    NOT NEXT GEN???????
    BETTER SIM RACERS ????????????
    ONLY 20 TRACKS?!!?!?!???????????????

    LOL where the FUCK did u get ur information from? I recommend u to stfu.
    By reading ur comment, i can bet it is ur first day here/owning a ps3/owning GT5P.
    If not, u have to visit my father.
    Hes a psychiatrist.

  14. TheHell

    Why the GT5 isn’t The real driving Simulator ??
    I will tell you
    1. You can’t play It ( end you will still not be able to play it for 1 or 2 more years )
    2. Only 200 cars
    3.A shi..y online play
    4. No fans ( after this There are no Fans believe me )
    5. Its Not NEXT GEN Anymore the next gen consoles are to be released after 2 years
    6. There are better Sim racer for the current Gen
    7. Only 20 tracks
    Now someone will say ( but they say 1000 cars 20 loc. great online Great tuning ect……)

    I will ask YOU —- And You BELIEVE SONY AND PD BECOUSE ????????

  15. TheHell

    Gt5 And God of War 3 4 YEARS AFTER PS3 HAS LAUNCHED !!!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO SONY
    blubb Says:
    February 3rd, 2010 at 7:00 pm

    i have learned so much this generation

    1st – i will never ever buy high-priced launch console

    2nd – i will never ever count on statements by sony, pd or ky – they really … really don’t care about fans no matter what they say

    3rd – i will not count on GT6 or 7 i will buy the next xbox generation and a copy of forza or whatever or i had to buy a gaming pc with a sim …

    microsoft did not made so much right but sony made so much wrong … it’s not the first time i’m pissed of by sony politics this gen …

    my last sony (only) generation? …don’t know.

    Agree Agree Agree and deffinetly Agreee

  16. hammertime

    “But the Automotive industry also is putting pressure on the release date as some new cars are not yet debut in the international market. It is only a matter of a few more car shows and then it will be released. marketing is another reason but these games have secrets to tech of cars that need to be kept hidden until release.”

    What tripe!! I’m pretty sure real world automotive R and D doesn’t include getting the drop on rivals’ cars from prematurely released video games. If you had any car secrets I’d bet on car companies not handing them over to Sony to make game.

  17. steveo

    Guys, you need to understand that its mot only sony putting delays on the release of this game. But the Automotive industry also is putting pressure on the release date as some new cars are not yet debut in the international market. It is only a matter of a few more car shows and then it will be released. marketing is another reason but these games have secrets to tech of cars that need to be kept hidden until release.

  18. Quency

    After all everybody complaining about how the graphics and driving improvements gona be… This is pure shit !!!

    Think twice about what’s aside the graphics and driving experience, for this i’m confident we will be damn enjoying, but think about the crap game GT PSP was…

    No career, less than one hour and you can buy 500+hp cars… Where is the damn good carreer evolution GT has, GT PSP is without challenge…

    I just hope GT5 won’t follow this way !!! because one thing is sure, we have no fucking idea bout the “gameplay” excluding driving. No menu pictures, no feedback from PD… i’m damn scared.

  19. Mickle Pickle

    you will certainly enjoy Prologue… Go for it Mate ! You will have a blast for at least 6 months if you are not on it everyday… furthermore, what you do will on GT5P will be transferrable ;)

  20. massivechicken

    All these people saying that “ZOMG I GET XBOX AND FORZA”, have you actually played it? I had a go at my mates place the other week – it’s rubbish!

    Now, please answer me this – I have avoided getting GT5:Prologue in the hope that I’d just buy the full GT5 when released. However, should I get it now? Do you think it’s worth it and of decent quality and will tide me over?

    I really need a sim to drive. I might go back to rFactor on the PC for a while… they were fun days.

  21. RS

    I am pretty sure sony knows what its doing in terms of marketing decisions…..but I seriously think they are only looking at the numbers (or only care about numbers) rather than the fans

  22. chris

    well maybe if pd didnt waste there time make the crapest game ever, gt psp, we might of had gt5 by now! i mean seriously, gt psp is so crap, its worse then the first gt on ps1. very disapointed!!!

  23. blubb

    i have learned so much this generation

    1st – i will never ever buy high-priced launch console

    2nd – i will never ever count on statements by sony, pd or ky – they really … really don’t care about fans no matter what they say

    3rd – i will not count on GT6 or 7 i will buy the next xbox generation and a copy of forza or whatever or i had to buy a gaming pc with a sim …

    microsoft did not made so much right but sony made so much wrong … it’s not the first time i’m pissed of by sony politics this gen …

    my last sony (only) generation? …don’t know.

  24. randomer199


    You make a good point, but you seem to be assuming that all Gran Turismo drivers are experts, and that all real-life drivers are amateurs!

    Now that Polyphony is broadening/has broadened their market (annoyingly, admittedly), there will definitely be a lot of people who will struggle to match times of pro drivers, or even come close to them. These will be the people who will find this sort of thing a lot fun – hell, even I would have a blast racing against The Stig from Top Gear, for example. Secondly, professional drivers on real-world circuits are, well, perfessional – there are many stars out there who are constantly pushing their veichles to the limit – yes, the danger will play an important role, but to exaggerate it to the point where it sounds like they are terrified to go over 60mph is simply unfair.

    Oh, and I am also aware of that Laguna Seca test. And, again, it’s an unfair argument. That was on GT4 – a 5 year old game, whom not one line of its code is being brought over to GT5. Add that to the redesigned, hopefully more realistic physics over the horizon, and the gap might be a lot smaller than you might think. But we’ll see, I guess.

    And lastly, you are mixing up polish, and adding more stuff to the game. Polyphony don’t use this time to add more things to the package, they use it to perfect what they’ve already put in it. “Perfect” doesn’t mean adding in everything under the sun, for PD it means incorporating what can only be executed to its highest standards. So no, it won’t turn into an endless wait, as they keep adding more and more technologies as they crop up. These last months don’t (or at least shouldn’t) work like that.

  25. Pedz

    Wuh-hay, yet another dissapointment from Sony. I congratulate you in your disappointing year, and we don’t even get a little glimpse of the game (a demo from one of the press releases) to play ourselves… I am really thinking of just skipping buying this game and then buying it from CEX or something, so sony get no more money from me, the buggers..

  26. Whiskeyjack

    Anyone accusing Sony of having a poor marketing/sales department is out to lunch. This company is too massive and well run to knowingly do anything that will negatively affect Gran Turismo’s sales based on a rash marketing decision. Either Polyphony is directly responsible or Sony genuinely feels the best release date is late this year.

    You also have to realize that the process of going from the completed game to manufacturing to distribution isnt a short one.

    Having said that, I believe that Sony/PD is making a mistake by not addressing this obviously angry fan base. The fans of this game or why PD exists, and to continually give us the run around with very little in the way of explanation reeks of unprofessionalism.

    I’m just a meagre business student, so I doubt I can teach Sony and PD anything they don’t already know, but when fans start to openly criticize the company and go as far as stating that they won’t buy the game (Which I doubt), it’s time to think about some press releases.

  27. smoke1485

    i have a feeling that this is false in a sense of the official release date. other areas may receive it later but whos to actually say. but it is also not fair for pd and ky not to give us any kind of useful information about the game. what are they afriad of? forza is out now there’s no need for secrets anymore

  28. Flagmo-T

    @GT Fanatec :o) Apparently first until Fall 2010 (Christmas time) yep it’s true !! But don’t sure about it.. we are on Sony Time in this topic, and that means a 24 hour -12 months schedule of Nothing (black matter) LOL and so on .. Fish!!

  29. TheHell

    James Play Nfs Porsche its obviously better than gt5 and you can play it
    actualy i will join you
    Its from 2000 but have skidmarks porsches and revers lights even indicators ( tehnologys UNKNOWN TO Polyphony and so complicated )

  30. James

    Didn’t care for damage, WRC, nascar, incar views, nightime or weather. Just wanted Porsche, reversing lights and skidmarks….

    I’ll get my coat….


  31. TheHell

    And the Hype is Officialy Dead like ( consider monkeys for the marketing ) or the Ps4 will also be dead one year after it release DUE to Good Marketing by the new ps4 marketing team

  32. Sento Siete

    Are yoou sure he is talking about 2010?, maybe someone has get an old new from last summer and put it out now?

  33. TheHell

    kev mcgann Says:
    February 3rd, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    terrible news. however, i may seem desperate to find some good news in this but here it goes…
    could this mean the Formula 1 series could be introduced?

    No No No and NO ( its Just Marketing ) hahahahahahahah marketing hahahahahahah
    a very very very shi..y marketing very very very

  34. racingchamp30

    Don’t know why people are getting so upset when GT5 prologue has such a great replayable value, online battles and all. I am antsy as much as anyone else waiting for the game but all we can do is wait. Think of it, i think the wait this long for the full GT5 experience will be more than worth the waiting we are dealing with. It will be a blessing in disguise.

  35. chrisrar

    dont get me wrong im as excited as anyone here waiting for the game to be released. but if im totally honest the wait is going to really piss off alot of fans or new-comers to the series wanting to play the game. the least there should be is an official announcement made by sony/pd on the official playstation blogs to either clarify or put this speculation to rest because people will just be more dissapointed when the game is released.

    its gotten hyped and better hyped.

    i love gt time trial demo… awesome physics… with wheel and pad superb fun.
    but come on this is starting to wear a little thin… for polyphony and for the fans… its making sony and pd look…. a bit amateurish.

    and in the process theyll lose fans and customers.

  36. kev mcgann

    terrible news. however, i may seem desperate to find some good news in this but here it goes…
    could this mean the Formula 1 series could be introduced? XD it would be pretty amazing :)

  37. WannaRace1

    Someone brought up a good point earlier. By delaying the release of this game for this long, Kaz has to go back in and add all the newest cars. Think about it, he actually considered the 2006 cars the NEW cars originally. Then he had to add 2007, then 2008, then 2009, and now 2010, and soon 2011! That’s probably kicking his ass right about now. This is the problem with delaying the release of a game that’s tied to cars.

  38. TheHell

    Anybody Knows Why Forza 3 is better . I will tell you

    BECOUSE FORZA IS RELEASED The game can be played by more than 100 people And Forza 4 Will ( remember my words WILL BE RELEASED before GT5 )

    Applouse FOR TURN10

  39. TheHell

    That’s just in IMHO … I hope this message will get transmitted to the highest position at Sony corporation… Making people wait longer from now on is NOT going to improve your situation…

    NOBODY and i mean NOBODY gives a ……… about The Fans

    Sony , Polyphony Digital , KY NNOOOBBOOODDYY

    If they cared they were going to answer to That much comments of HATE
    YES im not a GT fan anymore IM PROUD TO BE A GT HATER ( it seems not the only one converted )

  40. Mickle Pickle

    and by the way Sony… Making GT5 release wait for your showcase of 3D Tv technology WOULD BE the lamest excuse !!!

    Releasing it then and hoping to get higher revenues is just plain Not smart.

    It’s not like you cannot showcase the game after it has been release,
    in fact you could infuse new life to a game that was released 6 months before your official sales of the 3D TVs…. i dont see how a game could make help sale more tV if the game was release at the same time…. It’s not like the little boy in Italy will be able to pressure his parents to acquire your 3D tv just to play GT5 …. :S :S what kind of idea comes out of your meeting rooms Sony ??!! Maybe it’s time to reconsider your internal personnel …

  41. randeeeeeeee

    Many believe that its sheer complexity may be its downfall: the process of eradicating thousands of bugs may be taking longer than expected.

    Others believe that the developers’ decision to include a realistic car damage simulator may have created months of additional work.

    My advice is to work and save money to buy it at the first day of sale. You can buy a G25 and a HD TV too. Save Money for your enjoyment.

  42. Mickle Pickle

    Honestly, i dont understand Sonny Logic?!

    I dont see how a Holiday release would in any case make / generate more profit than if the game were to be released earlier…

    No matter the situation, we all know this game is great, we all know this game will sale.
    And No matter when it’d be released, there will approximately be about the same number of sale. Period… They are not going to sale any more during the holiday than any other time of the year… Actually the Holiday season is a crunch time >>> It could be that not everyone will be able to get it if EVERY SINGLE person including grandma rushes to buy it… Would you guys think it’d be wiser for them (SONY) to SPREAD their revenue and income over time??!

    They actually might be selling a few extra millions on top of their prediction when comes Holiday 2010, after so many good reviews from the previous months (IF they are smart enough to release the game latest Summer 2010)

    That’s just in IMHO … I hope this message will get transmitted to the highest position at Sony corporation… Making people wait longer from now on is NOT going to improve your situation…

    At this point, i think i would like to Encourage Dan G. at Turn 10 to take those 6 months and improve their FM3 to make a FM4 that would WHIP SONY and PD rear when comes Nov/Dec 2010. Go Dan ! you can DO IT! Just improve the physics and you will be on your way! ;)

    That’ll teach Sony to keep on delaying ;) Peace out!

  43. Dan_

    Let’s team up together GTP members and head to Tokyo, we can buy some AK-47s from Yakuza and assault PD headquarters, then maybe we get some new info or even steal some test PS3s. Is there any japanese mate interested?

  44. 84/7

    Hopefully i will experience this game before my joints tear completly apart and I vanish into darkness.

    As I speak now, I am 84 years old and I don’t think I can make it to 2011-2012 when the game FINALLY is released. Hopefully I will.


  45. Me.Switch

    I do not really care about a release date and i am not whining, but to me over the years Kaz and PD (and Sony) loose their reliability with all those comments like “we can release it anytime”, “it will arrive sooner than you expect”, “European Release Q4 2009 [GamesCom]”, “it is done in march!, releasedate is up to Sony”…and so on.
    They expect way too much from their fans and i hope they know what they’re doing wrong.
    Now they let it happen that the CEO of Sony Entertainment Portugal puts a squishy(?) statement out to the world, which only can dissapoint everybody who is reading it.
    So what the hell is wrong with their GT5-policy and their marketing-strategy?
    Every new Statement about a possible release makes it worse.
    The only statement about a release should be the final releasedate. Nothing less or more.
    i thought they were holding back new informations, because the release is close and they will start presenting new stuff like a month pre-release.

    What ever, the game will be mine when it’s time and i am sure it will be nearly perfect.


  46. Flagmo-T

    What if this, was to blame. ?

    I have read/write access to the entire system memory, and HV level access to the processor. In other words, I have hacked the PS3. The rest is just software. And reversing. I have a lot of reversing ahead of me, as I now have dumps of LV0 and LV1. I’ve also dumped the NAND without removing it or a modchip.

    3 years, 2 months, 11 days…thats a pretty secure system


    Now this is serious Business, and it’s with out any doubt, the worst case scenario for Sony, all the stupid problem we users have had, is often to do with Sony’s security system, they will do anything to prevent any user Control of the PS3, and they will alter it right away, and the sad Bomb in this situation is The Game releases will suffer..$$$ <- :O) all is going on StandBy, until they have the full Control again. still sony win's and in this case, I don't mind, But!! It will happen again, and again the same old song will be played over and over again.. :O) It's cheaper for Sony to hold back the releases and even repack the Stock of games, when things like this happen.. It's the brighter side of things – Romantic or Not!! Heheh

  47. Paulo

    Its whatever at this point, we all knew this was going to happen, I guarantee they will hold for a X-mas holiday release. Sony is making such a big deal about how this game is supposed to bring in so much money, but all they are doing is helping out T10 since so many people are giving up on waiting for this freaking title that they are buying 360’s and Forza 3.

  48. overdriver

    @ismellbacon611: keep us updated, wanna know if someone knocks your door with GT5 in hands… (IMO no one will knock but it’s fun to ask)

    Talking about another date setback, loved psnfanboys’s comment:

    “In 1962 President Kennedy challenged the American space program to land a man on the moon before the end of the decade. They accomplished that in 1969.

    Yamauchi is taking just about as long to make a video game. A freaking video game.”

    LOL that’s just shit.

  49. xhris

    let me just say this, i have tried so hard not to talk bad against sony and pd i love the products they make. this GT5 situation has gotten outta control at this point my heart is broken. sony, you should not play with your fans this way.( i mean look at me typing away like a lil b@#$% )sony and pd made us hype for GT mobile way back in 2004 then made us wait for it till 2009 are you serious? and then the games car list was only mildly updated. now, again sony and pd at E3 2005 hypes us with “Vision Granturismo” to show what the next installment of GT might look like on the up and coming PS3 system WOW (we all went in) i stood in the cold for hours like a damn fool on Nov2006 with vision granturismo in mind. a month later GTHD was given as demo to push the idea further ( one nice track and only time trials ) ok then GT5P in 2008 (74 cars on only 6 tracks) had me going back to GT4 for the full experience i’m old now it’s 2010 and STILL no full GT and now to hear i’ll be waiting all the way to the end of the year i’ve been played i’m a fool, which makes me angry for being duped and to think that by the time GT5 (AKA THE GREAT PUMPKIN) finally comes out my 600 dollar PS3 may fail me , i shoulda known better .

  50. Mic

    And argument of the year thread goes to…….

    Sooooo many flamers, I used a hose to scroll down the page.

    It has been pushed back. Back is bad. We do not like. If you do not like. You are very, very lost.

  51. TheHell

    370zTurbo Says:
    February 2nd, 2010 at 2:39 pm

    By the time GT5 comes out, USB loader will arrive, take that PD&Sony.

    I wanted to buy it even the collector’s edition BUT i will Pirate it cuz Sony and PD don’t care about US why should I care about them and buy it when i can download it and stick it in their …….

  52. wardo

    that’s all it will be NBH, pretty much prologue with more cars/tracks and a few extra features… they won’t be releasing any mindblowing media because it doesn’t exist or they would have done so already, as I said before they took the quantity route, modelling that many cars and interiors is just ridiculous and takes a long time, I never use the in-car setting it just doesn’t feel right and never has in my opinion in any racing game, what’s the point really? you going to sit there and go “wow look at the hand stitched leather on steering wheel” all that in car gimmickry eye candy just gets in the way of driving.

  53. NBH

    I don’t mind it being released later but PD have to show us more to justify these delays. Just show us 10 seconds of a rally stage with rain and mud or a NASCAR smash that lasts 5 seconds, just anything to make us think wow, this game looks amazing.

    Right now people probably feel like they are waiting for 5 years to get a HD version of GT4 with NASCAR and WRC and an updated physics engine.

  54. wardo

    game could have been done months and months ago if they didn’t bother with the ridiculous amount of cars 1000! ffs, c’mon PD what’s the point of putting in that many shitty cars 950 of which you’ll only ever drive once, game could have been done and so much better if they didn’t bother modelling all the interiors of bullshit cars. when you go for quantity quality always suffers… epic fail already.

  55. firas sabri

    frankly…sony brought to us gran turismo game series (EVERY YEAR)….yeah im not kidding

    2007 = GT HD
    2008 = GT 5 prolougue
    2009 = GT psp
    2010 = GT 5

    i dont know whyGT fans crazy about 5 years of development….u played new gran turismo realesses every year

  56. Black Chamber

    If GT5 doesn’t have rain and night racing in the retail release after ALL THIS DELAYING AND POSTPONING – I will disavow any contact with future Gran Turismo games.

    I mean it.

  57. ismellbacon611

    am i the only one that pre ordered this game like a wile ago? because i called gamestop today and they said my copy of gt5 will be at my door tomorrow afternoon. i called them after reading the news here today, but i guess gamestop says otherwise about releases. . . tomorrow i play gt5 … confirmed by gamestop … they just got them ready to ship today 2/2/10

  58. ner0_sol03

    i dont recomend no one get forza 3 .. i made that mistake back in november and its not that good. not that many cars and not that many tracks. its fun online but thats about it.. i am just as mad as evryone else but its w.e not planning on getting this game now actually just for the fact its been all lies up till now.. i am not supporting bs no more. if they wouldve just told us wht it was from the start so many ppl wouldnt have gotten mad thats all i am saying

  59. tyl0r_r

    @ viejaloco:
    @ Flagmo-T- Well said.
    Anybody know any fun games that dosen’t involve being killed 30 times online?

    – the stuff I’m playing right now that fits that bill is Little Big Planet, Braid, Demon’s Souls, NHL 10 and Bomberman Ultra. Honestly, as prevalent as FPS games are (I have Killzone 2 and COD 4 too but not MW2), it’s really not that challenging to find really high quality games that aren’t entirely focused on shooting someone with your gun. For like $9 or whatever it is now you can download and play Flower which — while single player — will prove my point quite well!

  60. Selcuk

    I don´t know why they will bring GT5 for the PS3??? Is it not better to wait 2 years and bring it on PS4???

    I think we get this damn game in summer 2011… Then when nobody cares about it anymore… Enough time for T10 to bring FM4 LOL

  61. Zmann42087

    psnfanboys: “In 1962 President Kennedy challenged the American space program to land a man on the moon before the end of the decade. They accomplished that in 1969.

    Yamauchi is taking just about as long to make a video game. A freaking video game.”

    Word up to the fan boy! This isn’t freaking rocket science. Give us the damn game!

  62. AudioProject

    I had a feeling this was coming so I’m not dissappointed, but I still feel for everyone who’s been waiting for this game. I am sure that what this man said has GREAT credibility…whenever someone mentions “Gran Turismo” and “delay” in the same conversation its probably true.

    Sony is not getting my money for this game. I will either buy a used copy or find a way to pirate it. There is no way I will support this crap they’re pulling. Kaz confirmed last month that the game was near complete. Therefore this fall-release scheme is purely in the interest of money-making, not “production issues” as they told us last month. What production issue can cause an 8 month delay on a game that is 90% complete. All lies from Sony. They just want to release in holiday season, without considering the people who have suffered through their years of delays. There will be some sort of GT5/PS3 bundle this Christmas. It’s nothing new. This is making the PS3 look bad. When ppl think of game delays, and titles that are announced but have yet to come out they think PS3, and this game is the poster-child. 3 years of delays is retarded (soon to be 4).

  63. Quency

    There is only one reason for that delay…

    Chuck Norris didn’t finish to play the game yet… So can’t be released !

  64. PeterWRC

    Is there any GT development or all the news, trailers, demos etc. are mendacity? This is the real scam simulator! We will never see this game! Good policy, thank you SONY. I’ve had bought the PS3 at november 2009, because the G25 is not supported by XBox, so I was really pleased with the christmas release date last year. Hopefully I’ll get the game for christmas at 2010. That’s a joke.

  65. HaVoK_

    In all honesty, i don;t know how much weight this man’s opinions hold. He may be concious of games releasing in Portugal but not the rest of the world. I personally believe that the game will be released before fall in the US. It is a mute point to me anyways considering i willl import it ASAP.

  66. viejaloca

    Great! Just when I’ve started to get sick of shooters! If I won a trip to Sony HQ, I would tell them off, honestly. I don’t play Xbox but at least they don’t delay any of their games. 10 F***ING YEARS!!! And they’ve got like what, 4000 people working on this? UNBELIEVEABLE.
    @ Flagmo-T- Well said.
    Anybody know any fun games that dosen’t involve being killed 30 times online?
    I don’t know about any of you guys but I now starting to see more reasons to get an Xbox and throwing away my PS3.

  67. icant55

    How About when the game comes out nobody buys it for 5 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sony wouldn’t like that shit WOULD THEY!!!

  68. tyl0r_r

    DOUBLE POST APOLOGY: But by the way, PD said to watch the blog for a release date mention sometime this month after we got the first delay news regarding Japan. Well it’s February now and I didn’t see a thing on said blog. Just give us a damn date rather than pointing ambiguously toward a certain time only to point ambiguously to a more distant time every couple of weeks. Customers/fans deserve a little more respect.

  69. tyl0r_r

    You know, if we actually believe Kaz when he said the thing was done months ago and could come out whenever, or if we believe him when he said it was “90%” many weeks ago, then they are actually going to give us a game that’s almost a year old by the time it comes out simply because they are assuming that christmas = big gt5 sales.

    Guess what Sony? A truckload of amazing and high selling games are going to come out this christmas, same as every christmas ever. If the game’s nearly ready, summer time is an obvious choice to me. Put it out around Easter: less competition, still a gift giving time, it’s not an anually updated franchise like almost all the garbage Activision puts out or like most sports games so Christmas sales can still be robust. Imagine if the game drops in the summer and a GT5 PS3 bundle drops for Christmas. There’s your sales, Sony.

    Possible conclusions:

    1) Kaz has been lying, the game isn’t nearly finished and who knows how far behind schedule they are.

    2) Sony wants to sell GT5 at Christmas. Period.

    I can’t see any other options but maybe somebody else can prove me wrong. Either way, Sony
    s handling of GT5 has been a huge facepalm. How much of that is PD’s fault? I have no idea.

    If it’s really delayed until fall then when it does hit it needs to be utterly epic. It needs to be really obvious where that extra time was spent, it should not be spent applying more layers of the never ending polish that PD appear to be interested in applying. It’ll be more than a little bit annoying if I get the OFFICIAL WHEEL FOR GT5 for Christmas one year, and have to wait ’till the next Christmas to actually play the game it was meant for, which looks like the path I may be on.

  70. Flagmo-T

    On topic, i’m not going to defend Sony and PD anymore, they need to have a solid release date and soon. Its going to be over five years, and no mater how you look at it, its taken way too long.

    EVERYBODY loves new features in a game, but when you need to revise them in the last second at the expense of their long awaited fans, its inexcusable.

    In 1962 President Kennedy challenged the American space program to land a man on the moon before the end of the decade. They accomplished that in 1969.

    Yamauchi is taking just about as long to make a video game. A freaking video game.

    Spot on guy’s.. are we asking to much now ? I Don’t think so ♥ sorry Kaz .. :o)

  71. Flagmo-T

    @ Mickle Pickle Thank you :o) I love romantic people, i’m a huge romantic my self, and I too would gladly be with out any concern about $$$ involved in This particular item, so would Kaz, But i’m almost sure that he has his battles while we speak.. But I do feel that today Sony, has given all of us trusties :D a Fat raw stick with a cheap big sign each, with a drawing of a Donkey! and a text saying DoH!! and then my Guards are up, for a free fight!!

    Sony constantly shows that ugly side of there business, The Release of the PS3, when finally reaching the market, it was scaled down from something fantastic, to something still fantastic but far less possibilities then promised, ( but now it comes as extras for more $$$ ) No software for playing ps2 games on your ps3 ( they should be dragged to court, it was one of there big infos Yes it will!!, when they made it public at Sony expo 2005 :P and this weird idea that USB headphones can’t be used as audio heads on a ps3. and the list goes on and on, Killzone2 Wauuu what a hype, but nobody is talking about it any more, it’s a dead Fish, why! could it be because of sony’s great Marketing people, that tell us Romantic tales about there products, and then chooses to cut it in anyway they like before releasing, because of there own bad decisions around the table or in the past, and Finances are low we all know that.. uhhh man it’s risky business .. I♥$ but in my pocket :o)

  72. teo72

    SCEE only speculates that GT5 will be held back till fall. I do not think Kaz himself knows when the game will be done. He is a perfectionist. GT5 is done when it is done… What do we know. GT5 Japanese edition will be slightly delayed. Probably until April so GT5 is released in the financial year of 2010, which begins in April. Normally EU and US versions comes out 2-3 months (GT4 was 3 months later in EU i think) That will mean May og June release. Probably June. As I recall Gt3 was released in June in EU. So we might still have a happy summer. SCEE are just trying to downplay release-expectations. We will probably know more when Gt5 is released in Japan. Let us send a CLEAR message to sony. “WE DO NOT CARE IF SONY HAS TO RELEASE THE GAME IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SUMMER HOLLYDAYS. WE WANT GT5…ASAP”

  73. minime7748

    i can’t believe this “possible” delay news. if it is true, the cars featured in the game will probably be out of date by the time the game is released. it really is unbelievable. i may consider getting a xbox again at this rate.

  74. psnfanboys

    In 1962 President Kennedy challenged the American space program to land a man on the moon before the end of the decade. They accomplished that in 1969.

    Yamauchi is taking just about as long to make a video game. A freaking video game.

  75. Watevaman

    One of the longest development cycles ever. And what the heck are we getting during the process? NOT MUCH.

    But of course, I’ll buy it when it comes out no matter what, but until then, I’m pointing and laughing at you, Polyphony Digital.

  76. EVOl

    Ok, jerks let all the trolling and tears out *pats on the the heads* its ok.

    i understand you guys need to compensate for something that GT has, and feel the need to bash.

    Once gt5 comes out you guys can crawl back in your ****s. Um-kay?

    On topic, i’m not going to defend Sony and PD anymore, they need to have a solid release date and soon. Its going to be over five years, and no mater how you look at it, its taken way too long.

    EVERYBODY loves new features in a game, but when you need to revise them in the last second at the expense of their long awaited fans, its inexcusable.

  77. Mickle Pickle

    @ NJ:

    One thing at a time, if weather was possibly done in the time frame that Kaz is alloted, he would have done it a long time a go… i would love to have active weather, rain, snow, wind, tordonado, whatever you can think of… in this game. BUT for now, i am just happy to be driving in an ideal/perfect condition, which is already hard by itself, and which allows us to perfect our driving skills/knowledge in a “safe” condition, with less variable such as slick roads, wet spots… (MAN the grass is already a killer in the Demo, imagine you have to drive on the wet…) That’s what i mean, i am not against Weather, i am all for it, but only if they (PD) can do it right and DO IT FAST!…

    PS: night time driving will be in GT5, just as it was in previous GTs series… It just was omitted in Prologue, that’s all… but yeah, if Weather could be realistically represented along with all the effects on driving, Bring on… But I would still be perfectly OK if they decide to leave it out until GT6.

    @ Flagmo-T:

    I absolutely agree with what you last said/wrote, of course i am in touch with the other real side of reality, but i guess i am just too much of a “romantic” to allow the sense of $$$ to affect my world… i wish it was otherwise… I hope that Kaz will say stop to this nonsense.

  78. NJ

    @Mickle Pickle

    Haha you call GT a serious simulator? Where is the weather effects? I don’t care about damage… but a racing sim where it is always perfect weather … or always day … that is just laughable.

    I call GT a good car game, but is not a simulation in anyway.

  79. gt3luke

    @ OmnipotenceZERO
    You probably haven’t read this sentence i wrote.
    “But in the end I will buy it at the moment i can buy GT5”

    So yeah, off course i buy GT5 when it comes out.;-p

  80. Jorge

    I just got my hands on GT5 prologue,,,, oh man what a game!
    So i got plenty of time to finish GT5 prologue before they actually release GT5

    Happy hunting and see you on GT5 2011!

    The delay is due to the inclusion of Formula 1 Franchise for 2011!!! LOL

  81. Flagmo-T

    @ Mickle Pickle .. There! Now you have totally lost any sense of reality.. Kaz would like it to be a Car enthusiasts as your self, and many others. ( Just keep on thinking like that).

    BuT Sony has another opinion about that, they would sell it to my old mother, if she was told to buy a PS3 Game for my Nephew age 12, for birthday or Christmas.. It’s only $$$ that counts. the game is A 3+ Game, set by Sony-Fony Not very much a Car enthusiasts Game then.. :P

    Sony decides every thing regarding how hard it should be. they don’t care about your idea “Car enthusiasts” haha Come on Dude.. Wake up and smell the Coffee..

    And further more don’t confuse your self, I’m 48 so no skateboard game for me, Numbnuts. I know what I’m talking about, apparently you Really Don’t know!! and That is what Sony like the most, you way of thinking.. LOL sorry for laughing out Loud .

    This kind of Success will always be ruin by the $$$ Always!! again Always , and again ALways, delayed again Always the $£$.. who decides! the $$$ Side of the business ..

    Kaz is just a Artist getting payed to do exactly what he is best ad, creating a sucess, If he didn’t he was Not there!! WHo decides $$$ <– :O)

  82. BASE

    I think this just means, that PD has wasted a lot of time on other projects, and that the game is far from what they have said. Why can`t they just tell us where they are in the process? What do they gain by doing what do now? Are they having problems developing GT5? Can not understand that everything is such a secret. Seems to me, that some people from Polyphony is more into travelling around the world to carshows, than working on GT5.

  83. Mickle Pickle

    @ Flagmo-T …

    to hell General Public … GT5 is meant for the hardcore…. just like you have skateboard games, it’s not meant for everyone… And so GT5 is not meant for everyone…

    It’s for Car enthusiasts, the real ones… and we went realism, just as Kaz was set out to do since the very beginning… Sony is not to dictate it… Sony got too greedy, seeing how much profit PD can generate…

    IMO, the latest code (GT5 demo) the controls of the car was EXCELLENT, whether with the wheel and ESPECIALLY WITH the controller !!!! Yes, playing with the controller was AWESOME… AND IF YOU DONT Know how to play with it, you just dont know how to drive PERIOD… you should start from GT1 or GT2, there some good tips on how to sport a car.

    The effort PD has put in for the maneuvrability and controllability, it’s the best…
    Let them improve for GT6… for now We just want the damn game out…

  84. Beast

    @RatVomit: Quote “To all the douchebags who are telling everybody to quit whining:
    Shut your stupid pieholes! You retards are bigger losers than the people
    who are whining about GT5 not being released yet. At least these people
    know they have no life, and embrace it. You asswipes, on the other hand,
    have no lives either, but are living in denial–getting off on chasting disgruntled
    GT5 fans. So, get over yourselves!”

    No RatVomit, I’m a ‘disgruntled GT5 fan’, you/they are embarrassing. I’ve seen 2yr old throwing tantrums in shopping centres that are better behaved than half the posts in this news section.

    When GT5 comes out, it’s not going to be dated – it’s a racing sim, not Madden 2006. If you bought a PS3 in anticipation for GT5, just GT5 and nothing but GT5 you’re a fucking idiot. Firstly, you’re missing out on all the PS3 has to offer, secondly, why not just buy it WITH the game WHEN it’s released? There is a good chance that A) It will be bundled and B) It will be cheaper by then. Honestly, how retarded are some of you people? To think I’ll have to race online with you scares me.

    I also expect most of you will eat you own words and buy it anyway, but you already know that to be true.

  85. twinspark24

    at randomer199:

    the GPS “thing” is the most useless option to be implemented in any game ever
    People who think a race between a real-wolrd car driven by a pro and a game-car, driven by a gamer will be any close to realistic has no sense of reality

    I guarantee 100% that any average gamer will beat the records on each real-life track in the game. What happens if you crash in the game? – NOTHING. What happens if you crash in real life- your life is treatened and you’ve ruined a machine for hundreds of thousands of USD

    Watch Top Gear- they did an experiment at laguna seca with honda NSX and gran Turismo 4

    The difference was about 3 secs a lap

    You simply can’t polish anything 1 year. Only a fool would try making a perfect game. OK, will be perfect for 700 people, but others would demand the GSP data for Suzuka from all F1 drivers in Audi Rs4 and will complain if it is not present and will start a wishlist for GT6 (which will be released in 2019)

  86. M3fanatic


    By the time this game is out, I assume I will be having my own drivers license and car. (you need to be 18 here) And GT5 was the only reason I paid almost 500$ for that stupid PS3.
    Well, at least I’ve had a lot of fun with the Prologue.

    Well, now we can enjoy the summer without spending time in front of the geekstation.

  87. Flagmo-T

    speculation theory ::

    What if It is something to do with the Game it self, that has made the situation

    For instance:
    1. Lots of people has screamed about, how hard it is to control the Nissan in the last online Demo with a controller ( Huge problem )

    2. In any Video we have seen from the List Demo (CES), there is not a single Driver that is showing any kind of control over the Cars ( Yes it’s not Sim Drivers, but just first timers) But if it’s to hard for a Normal Kid/grown up, they could be afraid that the game will suffer Big Time ( Richard Burns Rally Did! – Too Hard they said LOL Greatest SIm Ever)
    and if they end in suffering, it could be like Bad reviews and Bad Rumours, less interest’s from the Normal(New Comers Gamer – giving Less sold copies, and after a beating like this, it will take years to get back in FronT..

    So the most important thing for this game to function Correctly, isn’t working Right.
    I think The New Physics are Orsm.. But damn my Good Body TM1 and a great GT5p drivers is using Controller at Home, and he just left it after the first ½ hour. Too Damn Difficult he said..

    Just a Thought, and some hard Topic Hehehe. We need to grill them, before we get answers or even Game Info..

  88. wardo

    I too believe the delay has everything to do with sony’s push to get 3d tv’s out in the marketplace, using GT5 to showcase the technology but in all seriousness who but the filthy rich are going to shell out that kind of money for a 3d tv, maybe in 5 years time when prices drop and they become “affordable” I don’t know anyone that had 10 to 20 grand to drop on an idiot box when Plasma and LCD’s first hit the shelves.

  89. thatone_guy

    I think when someone dies, and they have been generally a bad person in life, they goto their own personal hell. Ours would be sitting in front of gtplanet for eternity, waiting for gt5 news. Every couple of months a release date is thrown around, you get excited, then a couple of month later its delayed again. Over and over again for FOREVER.

    That’s what this is right now gentlemen. This is our own personal hell. I have said last time the game was pushed back that I was going to sell my PS3 and buy a 360 forza because I was so pissed off. Now it may be true I could buy a 360 and forza to help me wait it out, I’m not gunna kid myself anymore, I’m going to buy gt5 the second its out. Regardless, this IS ridiculous. For those of you saying gt5 is just a game and we shouldnt be complaining about someone not giving us our “toy.” Well last time I checked, WE are the ones that pay the bills for everyone who works at PD and Sony, and I think we have the right to express our dissatisfaction with a completely unreasonable development time for a game we have been told over and over again is coming very soon.

    I along with many of you gt fans bought a ps3 right when it came out, along with a new hdtv, and a g25 racing wheel. All in anticipation, no…. with the promise that gt5 is coming very soon. I told you guys last time that this would happen, it’s going to be delayed until the cows come home. No one really knows why, so I’m not going to speculate, and frankly I don’t care, whatever the case my be its unacceptable. I used to bash forza so hard for not being anywhere near the level of gt. However, they have a couple of games to play on the 360, and we don’t even have one yet.

    A lot of the animosity towards PD/Sony could be greatly reduced, although not completely avoided by being a little more transparent with the development cycle and just giving a solid Christmas 2010 release date or later. That way we aren’t stuck in this gt5 limbo staring at gtplanet for an eternity waiting for news.

  90. igniz248f1

    They probably want to milk God of War 3 for all it’s worth before bringing GT5 out. If all this is true that is.

  91. Johnno

    They probably want to have a big blow-out for the game at E3. It’ll probably release in summer, like a month after E3. Makes sense to me!

  92. racingchamp30

    The only one that i’m going to worry about coming from about a release date is when SCEA comes out with an official release date window. SCEA has NOT announced anything, Mr. Armstrong is from portugal so it has no effect on north american release date. Just wait and see what SCEA says when it happens.

  93. Cru_Jones

    I’ll purposely wait a few days and buy a used copy for $60 on ebay just to screw Sony out of the money. Ha! Take that.

  94. madaz75

    Sony has a reputation of delaying release schedules for PD games.
    So who really didn’t see this coming? Also, Sony is also renown for even further delaying the release of Software and Hard ware for Non Japan/US markets. Australia got the PS2 6-months after the rest of the world, Australia got the PSP 6-months after the rest of the world, Australia got the PS3 4 months after the rest of the world.. GUESS WHAT?!?! I’m sick of your shit Sony. Just because I don’t live in Japan or the United States, it doesn’t excuse you for treating me like a second class citizen. I’ve told everyone I know. If GT5 isn’t a simultaneous world wide release. There will be a ‘Release Model’ PS3 for sale, and I’ll spend the money raised on airfares to fly to japan and paint “C*#k Lords” on their front window. Sony can suck it.
    I already have a 360 and Forza 3. All Hail Bill Gates!!!

  95. Gran Turismo Vet

    Come to think of it, they have no other choice but to release by fall 2010. Kinda sad but there are enough games to play till the release day.

  96. demonblade

    1 hr, 14 mins ago
    the longer the wait, the better GT5 will have to be to suffice my expectations.

    Exactly right Jack, the longer this goes on the higher peoples expectations will be. PD better make sure the wait is worth it! Imagine if it’s just a ‘shinier’ forza ;)

  97. depe01

    GT5 will be a virtual/multimedia car monument not an ordinary car game. It will be a game for car lovers. I guess I have to wait a little bit longer. But I expect a clear, honest reason for this delay. Has it something to do with quality/technical issues (damage, on-line, frame-rate) or has it something to do with marketing strategy of Sony (promoting (GT)PSP sails, or PS3 in Q3/Q4). The later reason I find more difficult to cope with.

  98. GhostXX

    I have recently decided none of these delays have actually been created by Polyphony Digital, and as we were originally told the game was indeed 90% done, as Kaz has claimed.

    … I now believe the delays are rather tied to the pipedream 3D version of the Gran Turismo 5 that SONY wants to hype their new tech … the downside is that many of us are actually looking forward to this game and could give a damn about LAME, EXPENSIVE, “BEEN THERE, DONE THAT” 3D televisions

  99. GTracer

    Actually I knew this will happen. I was expecting to be Q4. But it will be nice if they release proper demo. with AI cars, online too etc … to warm up for the GT5.

    Hopefully F1 2010 by codemasters get released by August at max, there are lots of other great games too. I hope they have enough time to polish GT5 because that is king of racing games :D

  100. Race3x

    Fine with me, not angry anymore because I have my Fanatec wheel and racing the Hell out of Forza3.But I hope GT5 comes out before Ps4

  101. Flagmo-T

    I’m Having a Ball driving in this GT5p Championship on a every weekly basis. <– We sure manage to change some numbers on the ranking, so thank god for PSN: peyoeuskadi for his HARD WORK Managing this orsm CS… GT5 is the Bomb, we all Know that,and the system behind the creation of GT5, is the cleverest people in the Creating seats, so yes!! they will blast us away.. but the whole marketing system around GT5 is such a bad combination of fragile Black suited Over weighted Old men, that stinks of Fony deodorant..

  102. Mickle Pickle

    Graphics of GT5-P on a 50 inch plasma 1080p…. my jaw still drop to the floor everytime i watch my own replays… i wonder how the real thing will be :)

  103. GTBillyboy

    Looking back at the demo’s over the past few years, it’s clear that GT5 is getting better and better. Obviously PD want to maximise the hardware to showcase the PS3.

    GT5 should be released the day KY says he is 100% or as close to 100% as possible – new features can be patched in, but the quality though needs to be there from day 1.

    What would worry me is they are in a code spiral, so they optimise the code and find they can add more, and then refine, making better and adding things, then optimising code finds more resources and having to rework – this has been going on for years and could go on for years more trying to fill the other 20% of PS3 power.

  104. Mickle Pickle

    More time for GT5 Prologue et GT4 …

    I just replayed GT5, and it still so good… might be boring to most of you by now… but if you try to improve your own time, it’s still fun and the graphics is actually even better than you think, i notice details i havent seen before (especially in the replays)

    I definitely would enjoy more of GT5 Prologue, squeezing every ounce of it, and completely finish it to my own goals, which i am still far from it…

    Furthermore, i still have to finish Bioshock 1, and Assassins Creed 2… so no rush… i’m immune to GT delay by now… i will still buy the damn game whenever it will be out…

  105. randomer199

    Probably the only person in the world that went “Yes! Brilliant” when they saw this. I still don’t own a PS3, so I need the time to save up for one. And the more time that GT5 spends in development, the more time that is being used to make the game better in some way – that’s what it translates to for me, anyway.

    Unfortunately, the cliche is true – patience is a virtue. Yes, the game will be released. No, your “DUR! GT5 WONT COME OUT UNTIL 2199 LOL LOL LOL” comments are not funny (difference between exaggeration and making up rubbish, you know). And no, any amount of whining, moaning and complaining will not make the game come out any faster.

    ……..damn, shouldn’t have started this rant, I can’t stop now! Prepare yourselves ^^

    Also, remember, this is NOT a comfirmation of a release date. I notice a lot of you are treating this as meaning an Autumn date is set in stone now. Not the case, anything could be true, and I would only treat PD’s word as final.

    On people who say “that’s it, I’m not buying the game anymore” – in my opinion, a completely pointless statement, that will most likely be untrue. The Left 4 Dead Boycott is always the best case in point – put simply *a lot* of people in that group were playing the game they supposedly were not going to play (because it was being released too early, ironically). Making a speech over what you’re not going to do, anonymously over the internet, is pure ego inflation.

    Next thing – about what PD are using the time for. What is really annoying me is that people are saying “well, we better be expecting something massive now” – please, for the love of all that is holy get that out of your heads. I could be wrong, but when it gets to a time where the game is nearly done, any sort of delay by PD would most likely be for polish. And no doubt half the people who have that planted in their heads will come back after the game is released, complaining about how they didn’t get anything ten times better than what is currently out there now. Handed to them on a silver platter. For free.

    Oh, but wait, how apt – a lot of you are complaining about expecting so much, and then you proceed to talk about the “useless” GPS data technology. I would like to know who the person was who put it into everyone’s heads that what that technology is only going to be used by people at track days. It’s something that really has brought out the stupidity of people on this site – just tell them what to think, and they’ll follow, no room for extra thought whatsoever. It’s all too clear that the system will be used for being able to race against professional drivers, or something similar. Polyphony are at a point where they want to broaden their market, so developing what is simply amazing technology – SimBin are doing something similar, and they are still at the Beta stage with it – for something as specialised as you suggest is utter madness. In short, the Data Visualisation Technology IS one of the big announcements to come from Polyphony, and I’m shocked that it is the one thing that is being kept under the radar!

    ………….right, good news, I can’t think of anything else to say (at the moment), haha! Sorry if it just sounded like I’m completely against everyone who inhabits this site, I love GTPlanet, even though I’ve just been an obsever for a few months. There are some truly amazing people on here, and full credit to the people who set this site up and keep it running. Keep up the fantastic work, and many thanks for keeping us updated!

  106. Tarek

    People kept crying and pushing for damage (which I don’t see as a very necessary feature) to be in GT5. Damage is a completely new feature to GT series, so I’m sure it needs time to implement properly and to meet GT’s very high quality standards. I believe the delay is related to this feature and to implementing it right. So the fans’ request is the cause of the delay, sadly.

  107. Flagmo-T

    @Luke -> SKidmarks will never join GT5 – Never!! same goes with realistic Car Crashes on Nordsleife , or realistic weather system, or even realistic Dirt or Mud / snow or even Dust-Clouds after crash, behaviour ? all these things are not going to be ín GT5 or GT6 for that matter, for what I know they have just only touched the ideas of it….

    But!! They will try to make it the best way they can or at least have some thought of it in the Game, so they say.. But still no Evidence of it, just some small useless news info, with no solid words saying what it’s going to be..

    The Only Solid Words, we have heard!! time and time again is “GT5 is Delayed”

    Lets Give them Hell Boys, they sure don’t deserve a clap on the shoulders, those Black Suit people working for FONY..
    FISH!! your Turn..

  108. Racer

    Its amazing that this comes from a japanese company, where did all the respect and honour go? And they are the worst in the industry…that would be Sony

  109. Alan

    This doesnt even bother me now, i lost all excitment for this game months ago the last time they fucked us about, to be honest im glad, i didnt like the new physics in the gt academy time trial, i much preferred the professional physics in GT5 prologue, so now i can keep enjoying it, the least i think they should do is add a track and a couple of cars to prologue

  110. Racer

    @ Luke

    They have been teasing and hyping the game for a looooong time, giving the IMPRESSION that the game is “just around the corner”! In addition Kaz sat and said it had a japan march release the day before it got delayed. This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many many more examples..

  111. alucard0712

    @David Macphail
    Heavy Rain, White Knight Chronicles, God Of War 3, Dante’s Inferno, Final Fantasy XIII, Yakuza 3, Mafia 2, Resonance Of Fate, Quantum Theory…
    I don’t want all these games.Just want GT5 – as simple as that!I mean other games are other games…

  112. Luke

    I don`t really get where Sony was lying and manipulating ? GT5 never had a fixed release date, as far as i remember march never really got officially confirmed.

    Oh and unfortunately i can`t stay offline, work would be quite impossible :)

  113. Moon

    some of you are some of you are the biggest fanboys i have ever encountered online…

    seems like even if PD would have Released GT5P and said it was the full game… you guys would be happy with that…. tsk tsk tsk.

    it doesn’t really matter when the game comes out anymore… its been way too long over-do, just let it be.

  114. Drug

    No one cares about the other games. This is a GT5 news site. I only own Prologe so far and I only care about GT5 since day one of the PS3 release. GT5 is all about racing, not about gaming.

  115. Berlino Bear

    @ David Macphail. Its alright for you to suggest White Knight Chronicles, God Of War 3, Dante’s Inferno, Final Fantasy XIII and Resonance Of Fate. However, I cant play these as Im not a 13 year old Japanese boy. :-(

  116. David Macphail

    What’s the big deal? They said Summer, which is anywhere between June and August. They are now saying Fall, Which means August – October. That’s a delay of, what, 2 months? WTF are you crying for?

    Heavy Rain, White Knight Chronicles, God Of War 3, Dante’s Inferno, Final Fantasy XIII, Yakuza 3, Mafia 2, Resonance Of Fate, Quantum Theory. Those are all launching this year before GT 5, so it’s not like you don’t have anything to pass the time.

  117. S3 Racer

    if someone is manipulatable, that’s not sony fault. Do you smoke because of the malboro man??
    This is how game industry works, deal with it.
    Ever since game got delayed. Mafia 2 was planned for Q4 2009, as was Max payne 3…

    Still waiting on duke nukem. but i don’t cry over it since 15 years…

    always the same

    Whiners =

    @ Luke: Luckily we got lobbies : non-whiner 900° team

  118. Robbo1

    I agree with @Racer
    Why the game is not out already? And reading all that whining posts make me fell comfortable, because i see, i am not only one, who is shockes/surprised/disapointed.With all that patience, which somebody of you have,PD/Sony will feel free to delay game to 2013.

  119. RatVomit

    To all the douchebags who are telling everybody to quit whining:
    Shut your stupid pieholes! You retards are bigger losers than the people
    who are whining about GT5 not being released yet. At least these people
    know they have no life, and embrace it. You asswipes, on the other hand,
    have no lives either, but are living in denial–getting off on chasting disgruntled
    GT5 fans. So, get over yourselves!

    On topic, GT5 is now beyond the point of being able to live up to it’s hype (it hit that point sometime last summer). Kaz should have nutted up and told SONY to take GTMobile
    and shove it sideways up their asses. He also should have the sack to tell the SONY execs that he’s not going to allow them to delay the game any longer. You have to be willing to walk away. If Kaz had some balls, this game would have been out by now.

    And I don’t even want to hear about GT6. That shit will never happen. Not on the PS3 for sure. PS4 will be out in 2012/2013…

  120. Luke

    Reading through these comments makes me never want to drive online with GT5. I could meet some of you guys :(

    Sadly, the comment sections here are full of whining little kids. Crying because someone took away their toy, which wasn`t even his/her own.

  121. Cru_Jones

    I really think they will lose quite a few sales but more importantly GT fans & Sony fans alike. I see sooooo much R&D and man power wasted on stupid crap like GT PSP and that device that correlates your real track driving into the game. 99.999% of your customers don’t have race cars to take to Fuji or Spa you retards!! If I could do that I wouldn’t waste time with video games….

    New technology and ideas and new cars will come out almost EVERY DAY so if they constantly keep trying to add in the newest stuff the game will never complete. Ship it and provide solid updates and then start on GT6!

  122. Gortheon

    Forza is a game. Burnout is a game. NFS is a game. GT5 is a simulator. I’ll buy it if it comes out tomorrow, next year or 2012. It is the REAL driving simulator ;-)

  123. Racer

    Ok Sony so fall it is! Wait! Why should anyone belive you? You have shown so many times now that you cant be trusted, so it really doesnt matter what they come out and say anymore. Sad.

  124. twinspark24

    How come EA made 5 NFSs for 5 years, and Sony not release this stupud game?
    Of course, NFS has been crappy and childish lately, but still I can play it when I get home, instead of waiting for news for agame that will never be realeased (not for PS3 at least)

    This is what I love about Need For Speed – as soon as october comes, I get something to play
    With Gran Turismo we can’t even speculate about the decade it will be launched!

  125. pLiDeX

    i’m so annoyed, i bought a ps3 last december because i could play GT5:P until march/april, but now i have to wait until november???? if i knew this i would waited another year to buy it

    i will sell my ps3 and get x360&forza3, i won’t keep playing GT5:P for 9 months

  126. Webbo

    I’m so sick of this. It’s going to be a while before i return to this site. GT5 will come faster if I just forget about it.

  127. jay

    Who is he to say this? Why would sony let this guy make a statement like this..from all the talk from Polyphony and US Sony people it was looking for a late spring/summer release.

    If the game is what is understood to be >90% done..then why hold it longer..It seems like they are testing and demo-ing the game more and more..its here already.

    Get it out the door already.

  128. Bryan

    I coudln’t care less. I have FM3 and XBOX360 in the meantime.

    By the time they actually release GT5 honestly might not even care anymore, that is the sad part.

    How long is it going to take to get GT6 out the door?

  129. OmnipotenceZERO

    @S3 Racer:
    Once, while having sex in a tractor-trailer, part of Chuck Norris’ sperm escaped and got into the engine. We now know this truck as Optimus Prime.
    And even that truck is included in GT5.

  130. Camryfan

    Well thats alright, with soccer season soon and hopefully more work coming soon I wont have time for GT5.

    Just joking, sooner rather then later of course I’d like too see the game out.

  131. Downer

    Was just playing GT4 and totally forgot the pretty wet roads. There are even sparks from cars when they hit the road. I assume all that was in GT4 will be in GT5 + more right Kaz? If you didnt include it, well, you got time now!

    Frankly, if there is a 6 month delay or more then I expect something that would be above and beyond anything there is out there and so good we wont need another GT this gen.

  132. Persiano_Dubai

    GT5 News update:

    Date: 12 Dec 2020

    Gran Turismo 5 is announced to be released early in May 2021 …. However, there seems to be no other info other than the 1,000,000 + cars and 200,000 tracks and it seems PD is thinking of realeasing the game with the release of the new Hologram Sony Playstation 6 !!!!!


    Maybe my grand children can enjoy this game !

  133. Paulo

    You know instead of postponing GT5 which is such a HUGE title for Sony, and because it’s such a MONEY MAKER, why the fuck don’t they postpone any of these other PS3 title instead!?!? Why is it that GT is the one that’s always pushed around with release dates?

  134. OmnipotenceZERO

    Oh hell fuckin yea.
    I finished it 22 times. Have all emblems. I die for that game. Played the whole series n man its a masterpiece…
    oh wait, was off-topic!
    on-topic: damn! I needa get chuck norris here

  135. Flagmo-T

    Haha I told you so, did i told you so, that i said so.. Yes we all did, and it’s so clear, that Money is the Hell of it all.. Community or not, we are just the Finances for sony, and nothing else.. Believe it, this is the world we live in, and this is the world we are creating..

    The only way to teach the companies, is to stop commenting anywhere, and stop being shitty games.. Otherwise tey are the rulers, and they do exactly what they feel like around the big Table. These guys are not Driving GT% or even following it’s developing, they just sit and count, for the next great market.. Forza/ Microsoft hasn’t been this cruel, For god sake, we are talking Forza 3..

    Gt5 is going to be a great game, But I do belive my time is almost Up for this Game, and we sure don’t need it, i would be beedy, but Nahh Other fine SIms is out there, and also with supreme Technical stuff. so the fun is on PC Friends, and it’s Much cheaper..

    I really Don’t give a Rats ass for this Kind of manipulating business, i rather be with out.. I’m so pissed about GT5p anyway, and with GTR evolution and Rfactor and RBR – DIRT2 I en-joy what they created, with out going in to deep with Graphics and such.. I-Opener is a Orsm Idea, and you guys really should test it..

    Please don’t get the idea that PD is the little mermaid, and sony is the big bad wolf, Thats the best scenario for keeping ppl interested and hanging on to Late fall.. I’m so Fack you all SOny/PD I’ll never buy anything in advance.. The next step is New 3D TV, and properly some more new stuff we haven’t heard about yet, and that’s what they do– Ijust like the Movie ” The Informant” same Kind of Bad People that is like price fixing – same shit, and probably all Americans ..

    Let all the great GT series Communities Take a break, and not post anything at all about the Game, for the next 3 monbths. that will teach them a lesson, we should keep it very low for some Time, because we are powerless, until we use our Numbers of ppl, to simply say, get a grip Sony!!.. Up to you!!

  136. [UK] ANDYW

    I got RROD 1 day after getting FM3.. with GT5 seemingly over the horizon I didnt see a reason to bother fixing it.

    I might aswell get my xbox fixed now though..

    FM3 is half decent, might as well go back to that for now.

  137. Bernd

    @BerlinoBear – I meant, after this long delay they should really come up with some extraordinary stuff. Like a “living” Nordschleife, dynamic weather, skid marks, tons of tuning parts. I’d also want – weird or not – a LOOPING or/and a real steep-corner on a fantasy track.

  138. ell470

    Why is everybody so upset? Why is everybody calling it a delay?

    As far as I know, there is no release date being delayed, there was no release date, remember?

    And as many others has stated, he might be a ceo at Sony, but these news are nothing more than rumours at the moment.

  139. DrTrouserPlank

    YEAH!!!! I’m going to threaten to burn my house down if Sony don’t release this game.

    That’ll show them!!!!!!!

  140. Thehell

    So Who will start a PETITION to SONY AND PD ( i think thats the only way For us to be heard by them ( i don’t think that they read gtplanet becouse they are not fans of their game ( sound stupid but… )

    So is there anybody who know HOW TO START PETITION POST A THREAD IN THE FORUM WITH THE LINK and when enough people sign the petition send it to SONY

    The petition from what i see must be something like this
    DEAR SONY we bought your console for GT5 so if you not release this game you are doomed to loose us 40 million gt fans FOR THE NEXT GEN and that means that you will loose a lot of cash even more then releasing it a once with god of war 3 So think and answer US on a place called GTPLANET.NET ( if you know that such place exzists )

    P.S sorry for my englis im a bitt angry and i don’t think for errors .

  141. Beast

    Dear C.omplainers of U.nbearable N.ippon T.ime S.chedules

    Please go ahead and sell your PS3s. Perhaps the new owners won’t be such annoying, hypocritical douche bags. Enjoy Forza 3, your crappy MS Steering Wheel and paying extra for online gaming. At least on Xbox Live you’ll be amongst tens of millions of fellow 13 year olds, and perhaps you can collectively bang on about how crap GT5 will be together.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a raft of PS3 exclusives and AAA multi-plats to get through before GoW III, Heavy Rain, The Last Guardian and M.A.G come out. Oh and then there’s NFS:Shift, Dirt2 and Supercar Challenge that I still have left to play fully through. Oh gee, is that F1 2010 coming mid year from Codemasters?

    No, you’re probably right – GT5 not being in my hands RIGHT NOW is definitely the collapse of the PS3, democracy, fairy bread and the end of the world as we know it.

  142. S3 Racer

    Wasn’t this likely to happen??

    I’m dissappointed too, but to notify: japan didn’t have a fixed release date; it was planned for release.

    But some of you guys, and reason for my post is, that a lot of you remember me this littel fellow:

    It is imperative that Sony gets Gt5 out this year ’cause otherwise the press would rip them apart, and that matters for Sony.
    Now there are 3 timeframes highly possible for Q4: late summer(begin sept.), november (high release rate month) and for xmas.

  143. Razor

    I bought PS3 because of GT5, i played prologue and thats it. I did not play any other PS3 game since i bought PS3 (1.5years ago).Because all other games suck.Waiting for GT5 only.

  144. Blitz187

    “”I blame Sony more then PD(although PD have to take some of the blame). I think Sony wanting to push 3d TV’s & gaming is one of the reasons for this delay.””

    I believe this has SSSOOOOO much to do with it… They say it is a marketing thing… Well what is Sony bringing out in a couple of months?? You guessed it… 3D LCD TVs…. And which game was showcased no too long ago at CES, if Im not mistaken, supporting 3D technology???? Yep, you guessed it… GT5…. So I believe it has everything to do with the 3D TVs Sony is going to try and sell the masses to use with GT5… Their biggest cash cow in their whole lineup… I think its a dumb decision… but businesses always have one MAIN focus… Revenue! and if that revenue is not rolling in they will do anything and everything to get that revenue going again… Including postponing games to release in a certain quarter of the year…. Altough Fall seems very illogical to me?? Why not bring everything out at once?

  145. DrTrouserPlank

    The point is Max Mosely that this game is finished. 100% sitting there doing nothing and ready to press.

    With the now defunct March release date that was planned in Japan, this game would have been going to press by now so no more work was planned on it.

    They aren’t going to use any extra time to add anything more. This is just stalling and maneuvering the title into a release window that they are happy with.

    This game has become very good at moving it’s probable release date backwards. I don’t really think I’ll even believe an official announcement of the release date until I’ve got the game in my hands. Considering what happened to the Japanese version, even their official announcements aren’t worth the paper they are written on.

  146. Spazza

    Lmao, its funny to see the amount of people who are selling there ps3 for a 360, if your selling because your fed up of waiting for GT5, then what have you been doing for the last 3 years? have your ps3’s not been used? lol, honestly stop crying about it. We will all love GT5 when it comes out. im not angry about this, sure im a little dissapointed, especially if this is reliable info, but i’ll wait. good things come to those who wait.

  147. sam

    To the idiots who compare this to Duke Nukem Forever,

    this game is 5 years in development,

    – Alan Wake is 6 year in development

    – too Human 9 years in development

    these games can be compared to Duke Nukem Forever and not GT5.

  148. Max Mosley

    I know alot of people will say- “If you want it now, you will have an unfinished product. Is that what you want? I would rather wait for it to be finished, and without any bugs. The longer it takes the better it will be.” Well if you gonna wait approximatley 6 years of course it’s gonna be better then if you released it in 4 and so on.

    I know! Why don’t Sony go the whole hog and round it off to a even 10 years. Then it’s likley to be x10 better.There is taking your time then there is taking the piss.

    I blame Sony more then PD(although PD have to take some of the blame). I think Sony wanting to push 3d TV’s & gaming is one of the reasons for this delay.

  149. 8@No$

    I agree with Luke, but i also agree with those who think of GT5 as Duke Nukem Forever lol :-)
    Anyway, the game will be great when it comes, so stop crying now ok?

  150. Andreas

    I am a big fan of the GT series. While I consider the series far from being anything near a “simulator”, I have played GT1, 3 and 4 to death and enjoyed them all. GT4 being the nicest one IMO. What really irks me about the games though, are the lack of renewal with regards to tracks and choice of locations. Getting very tired of seeing tracks like Trial Mountain and High Speed Ring etc. in the menus. I have longed hoped for a totally new approach in which most tracks are real life pieces of road set in different environments and regions. Not so much focus on closed racetracks. Why do PD go on with the most lifeless, bland and boring tracks like Tsukuba and Indianapolis GP? And while I enjoy the Nurburgring, it is not enough to carry the game. Although it seems Sony thinks so.

    JUst as a little reminder, even TOCA world touring cars on PS1 in 2000 had cockpit view with gear shift animation, arm gesticulation, working windshield wipers, working dashboard dials, 5-6 different weather conditions (including rain and thunderstorm) which could be combined with many different times of day, including night. Good AI with smart opponents that fought back when irritated. Yes, the cockpit was basicly the same in the racing cars, but it also had a wide range of road cars too with individual interior modeling. Sure, GT has many more car models, but they could easily cut away a couple of hundred skyline and supra editions. It had revolutionary and extensive damage, dents, bumpers loosening and dragging behind the car with sparks, bonnets flying off, glass shattering, mechanical damage to motor and gearbox, flipping cars, glowing brake discs, etc. etc. Large field of cars (customizable, max. 14), AND it had a very good and large selection of racetracks, including Road America, Laguna Seca, Dijon, Bathurst, Adelaide and Kyalami. Of all PS1 racers, this was without doubt the most “simulator” of all of them, yet they did not hype it up to more than it was. A GT game with damage has still not been released, and we are now in 2010. And they still dare call it the “real racing simulator”? Even in the last title you had AI that ran on track (should hardly been called AI) and you could gain position by bouncing off walls ?!

    As for the delays, look at them as nails in the coffin. This is fast becoming Sonys “Duke Nukem Forever”, like others have pointed out. Or maybe Sonys “Trespasser”, a game that got severly delayed many times due to the developers making more and more promises about game features and continously pushing back the release date. When the game got out, the engine was old, the game bug ridden and nearly unplayable. They tried to bite over more than they could chew and lost, as will Sony if this continues. No, I’m not sitting by the computer glued to GTplanet, biting nails and waiting for GT5. In fact, this is my first post here. But I am following the development, because I really like the GT series and I want them to put out a nice and entertaining game. Sony and PD really needs to be more open to the fans, and communicate better to their market. It is really to much drama and secrecy going on, and it will, along with delays, in the worst case alienate a lot of fans.

    Personally I have never played Forza so I cannot comment on the quality of those titles. I have never owned an Xbox in any form. But I don’t like reading the continuous bashing. At least they release their games and move forward. What good is a game that is forever in production and never enjoyed by the public? And to the die-hards: As important consumers of Sonys product we have the right to raise concern about it, just like any other piece of software.

  151. nameless

    Japan Release is a half year before US/EU. PS3 came out in Japan first.. Almost every game is released in Japan first!! Not surprising.

  152. RedBaron

    Sony, sony. Let Kaz to release actual game now and develop all those missing features and content until GT6 comes with Porsche inside :o)

    I am waiting for official statement and If this is true, I’ll definately give a chance to Xbox + Forza now.

  153. NS

    Well, I think I could bare the pain of the game not being released by being shown a video with the latest progress of GT5 so far. Show us new cars, new tracks, improved graphics, the damage model so far, rain, night, Nascar crashes… and I would keep hoping for the best.

    It’s true that we will be getting our hopes real high till the release. I am certain that Kaz delayed the game because of all of our expectations. He might have realized that some of the fans’ suggestions were crucial to the game and he probably would strike his head against the wall by not realizing this earlier. Or maybe he was happy with it, until he saw some other features in other released games and HAD to have them in GT5. I mean we cant have a feature we like in Race On, or Forza, etc and not have it here…

    What I actually NEED from GT is better wheel support and audio. Not engine sounds, tire sounds, squeakins sounds, gear sounds, breaking sounds, colliding sounds… and the wheel giving you the feel of the road. If anyone has a PC, they should try Race On or GTR Evo. Best experience on wheel ever. I was reborn when I realized how good they play on a wheel that makes the GT5 delay bareable… but will get a bigger dissapointment if it releases and doesnt play just as well..

  154. Meya77

    I’m hoping someone will crack the ps3 code before GT5 launch. You see, I haven’t pirated any games or software ever since I got a job. Not for the wii, 360 or the iphone apps.. This time I’m determined to do (if its available) just to stick it IN YOUR FACE – Sony, PD and that Spanish dude… I’m going to do it, and I’m going to go to all my friends house and do it for them..

    thats if it can be done :(

  155. OmnipotenceZERO

    dont tell me when gt5 comes u wont buy and wait YEARS later just to make em understand “what the meanin of waitin is”. Stop lyin for fucks sake. We all know we buy the game the first second it comes out, no matter what, which is our weakness, and which again is what PD/Sony knows n loves. So keep ur strategies for urself, u can follow them if u want. :)

    And oh to those retards who say”COME ON! ITS JUST A GAME!!! GET OVER IT!!!”
    The prob with u guys is that u look at it like a GAME. I dont look at it like a GAME, its a Simulation for me, with my wheel set up n stuff, I feel I’m driving a real car not another retard game like forza where u play just for fun. i mean come on man, if it was just another driving game why would the number of downloaded demos ONLY in europe be over a million? Do u even have the slightest idea of the statistics of granturismo’s sales/production cost/franchise earnings? I bet no. And oh for ur info, many real racers used GT5P to get used to the car and the track. Dont tell me even they have no life… They race REAL cars over 500HP. And yet they play GT5P? lol :) I guess its someone else who aint got no life. Or should i say bucks
    I myself own a Chrysler 300C and im dying to see it in GT5. So yea im not another teenager who nvr drove a car n bluffs that GT5P is realistic. I can feel it =)

  156. Gejost

    This is taking to long! Although it means that the game will get better and more polished (unless they put to much stuff in it and don’t have enough time to polish that! Maybe that will cause another delay?), taking to much time isn’t good. It’s beginning to remind me of Duke Nukem Forever.

  157. gt3luke

    Why don’t we all buy this game 5 years after the release. Sony then understands what the meaning is of waiting for a game if they are waiting for there money. I love to see the faces at Sony when no one is buying GT5 at the release and everybody just wait for 5 years and then buy the game. Then we make a statement.

    But in the end I will buy it at the moment i can buy GT5(bought gt5p 2 times. First the JP and then the EU edition)
    Off course i’m disappointed but there are enough other games to make me happy: Red Dead Redemption, Mafia 2 etc. And when it’s taking to long maybe i’ll also buy a 360 with Forza 3.

  158. maximumattack

    Come on PD/Sony, they seem to have a very odd sense of humour, all this is going to acheive is more ill-feeling towards them.

    This is very annoying news, I’m glad that I’ve just bought a 2nd hand Supercar Challenge, it only cost me £15 and I’m hoping theres plenty of racing to be done with that to keep me occupied for a few months at least.

  159. Luke

    The only joke here is you people. March release date wasn`t even official, so why are you disappointed ? Neither of you is not going to buy GT5. You may say that now, but when it`s released and you see people talking about it, people playing it, you will buy it yourself, otherwise you wouldn`t be visiting a GT fansite.

    So shut the hell up and wait for it. GT is great, but it`s not your life. Play another game, go outside, open a window. If you sell your PS3 to buy Forza do us a favor and don`t come back here.

    You all only think of yourself. “Oh it`s been delayed for 6 months, i`m so disappointed”. You should start seeing it from another perspective –> “Oh great, they are going to enhance the game, GT5 will be so awesome.”

  160. Turbo_3800

    Lmao it’s quite entertaining seeing all these pissed off comments..seriously ITS jUST A GAME!!!!. If u don’t wanna see bad news about the game don’t visit GTP so often. Funny how a video game can pinch a nerve in people. I’m a GT fan from the beginning to the end & yes this news kinda of sux but yet this isn’t a 100% confirmed info just yet, but my life isn’t revovling around this game like some here lol. There’s no telling what’s going on @ Sony & or the people
    involved with the game being produced. All we can do is chillax and wait for an official release date thrown at us.

  161. yeti

    Fall = Fail…

    Simple as that… that’s 12 months after Forza 3 released…

    As stated earlier – this is getting ridiculous now.


  162. MadMikePL

    I do not believe this bullshit…but if this is true…I have no words to comment this,someone sucks at the moment & its Sony

  163. demonblade

    That does it! My G25 is getting sold for a 360 wheel so I can enjoy Race Pro. What a joke! Companies like Bioware can produce and release two incredible titles like the Mass Effect series yet PD keep us waiting for years. I honestly believe this game is nothing more than a couple of demos and pictures. We know Kaz is a perfectionist and I’ll bet he has decided he cannot produce the masterpiece he wants on PS3. If this does ever come out, it’ll be a PS4 title.
    Gutted! Gutted! Gutted!

  164. DrTrouserPlank

    Sick of waiting, sick of the uncertainty, sick of reading conjecture about the release date.

    I would actually prefer it being announced for Xmas 2010 instead of just hoping that someday soon they will actually come up with a release schedule.

    This isn’t really providing anything in the way of good publicity. For us die-hard fans it’s just annoying, and for the randoms who will buy the game (the people who actually account for the majority of sales) all these “ifs” and “maybes” don’t even register on their radar. Until the game has a concrete release date, a lot of people aren’t even interested in whether they might or might not buy it.

    My opinion = shockingly I don’t think Sony actually know when they are going to release it. I think we can all agree it will be this year, but to not have a release date in mind for the biggest game of the PS3’s life-cycle is unbelievable, especially when that game is completely finished and ready to go to print.

  165. Tim

    Why I am not suprised , this is in the words of Smokey and the Bandit’s Cletus snow is becoming a J.O.K.E and I am fan of GT but I am starting to become rather fed up by these constant delay’s and release pushbacks I think that in this case Polyphony should cared less about Academy and got the game out they have been promising us for what seems like an ice age which it probably will be , too much longer and I may consider switching to X360. and as I said in another piece of news only Sony and Polyphony are the only ones who do this nintendo do not nor do microsoft.


  166. Thehell

    Quency Says:
    February 2nd, 2010 at 4:01 am

    HAHA !!!

    All of you make me laugh “I don’t give a fuck anymore bout this game” !!!
    Let see in few days when Sony and PD react to this news how all of you gana be :

    “Oh my god, the game gona come out sooner than september !!! i can’t wait !!!”

    crying babies… be mature, sit down and wait, and more important shut the F**K up… If you cant wait then get a free 3D modeling program and start develop yr own game… By the time you release your first car i’ll be playing GT 6…

    Be respectfull, don’t insult PD, wait for them to release what we all are unable to do….

    I think THATS AN IDEA why we gt fans don’t make the game im sure we will release it before PD ( i will work on the skidmarks (will steal them from mario kart -yes it has skidmarks) And then we will sell the game to EA and make a lot of money

  167. j8mie

    I can not believe this.

    Don’t get me wrong I understand it takes time to create a great game, and we are all hoping for great things from GT5, but there comes a point where enough’s enough. You need to release the game and then focus on the next one.

  168. TokyoDrift

    I have to agree, as disappointing as it is to maybe have to wait longer than, well, most of us don’t really know cos’ we never got a US or EU date yet…as disappointing as that is, crying about selling your PS3 and getting an Xbox 360 instead will be the biggest mistake you will ever make. Sure, it will make the wait a bit easier, but then you will suffer the worst case of buyers remorse once GT5 does launch, THIS YEAR.

  169. Racer

    Expectations increase with every delay, they just shoot themselves in the foot. We may buy it when it releases, but they are going to have a hard time hyping GT6, because no one will belive what they say anymore.

  170. Quency

    HAHA !!!

    All of you make me laugh “I don’t give a fuck anymore bout this game” !!!
    Let see in few days when Sony and PD react to this news how all of you gana be :

    “Oh my god, the game gona come out sooner than september !!! i can’t wait !!!”

    crying babies… be mature, sit down and wait, and more important shut the F**K up… If you cant wait then get a free 3D modeling program and start develop yr own game… By the time you release your first car i’ll be playing GT 6…

    Be respectfull, don’t insult PD, wait for them to release what we all are unable to do….

  171. fraggle

    I am honestly not sure i can be bothered to even show an interest when this game comes out anymore.
    I am sick of the lies and the misdirection being fired at us over this.

  172. Racer612008

    I was hoping it to come out in May or June,

    This is what i am guess for GT5 stuff in 2010

    June 2010(E3)-Indy Cars,Relase Date,All of the Features is relased
    August/Sep 2010-A New Demo(w/The Ring,NASCAR,Daytona,WRC,A Rally Track and INDY Cars)
    Sep 30,2010-Relase Date(Guess A)
    Oct 30,2010-Relase Date(Guess B)

  173. doblootje

    Due to this kind of news and the continuous delays I completely lost interest. For a long time I’ve been a huge GT fan but this just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. When it comes out it still may be a huge and beautiful game but I just don’t bother to buy it directly anymore. When it is a budgettitle I’ll grap it.

  174. S3 Racer

    I don’t know why, but i don’t believe this old bold portugese man. This is nothing of official, just some old guy wanna to be in the front. But this is good because if this rumor gets more publicity, sony will take an official statement.

    It really takes the turn of Duke nukem Forever. Waiting for it for 15 years. LOL

    Remember the interview with Kaz.: I hate release … i would never release it … maybe sony asked kaz his opinion. LOL

    I don’t even care anymore. i buy it when it comes out which will be this year, and till then there are and will come a lot of games in 2010 (MassEffect2, Mag, AVP2, Mafia2, Max Payne3, Heavy Rain, GOW3,….)

    And all those : I sell my ps3 and get an xbox….. GO ON, I will f’ing laugh you down, paying to have the RIGHT to play online, get not full hd, less exclusive games,….
    I have an xbox, so I know the downsides of that one. PS3 rulz the consoles: stronger, cheaper, better service, better games. (Anyway Pc (not apple) is best)

    Take your finger, put it somewhere and wait happily for release because we all will buy this damn game with a huge smile on the face and than can’t wait to return home and play.

  175. Enciah

    Enought is enought…for six month and summer, I this time (for me) it worth the switch between PS3 + G25 vs Xbox + Fanatech

  176. Adrian

    Is there a games expo before E3 in June? Does anyone know if KAZ has been interviewed where we could actually hear something? Why am I asking so many questions? I just want some information!

  177. djcorrosive

    What’s gt5?

    Dont worry about it too much guys, like i said we may have to wait till Q2 or Q4 or early next year. so be it. Its not the end of the world. Other great games coming out this year anyway.

  178. Moon

    who DIDNT see this coming???

    and he said : “We believe that launching the product this fall, before Christmas, but not yet decided.” that means it will most likely be even LATER then Fall… after all… it is GT5 and PD/Sony we are talking about.

    but it is upsetting… we wait this long, we BUY a DEMO, we play the crappy TT and still get nothing in return… they just stay so tight lipped about everything…

    Give us something PD… show me the wait is worth it… so far i haven’t see anything special… and im becoming tired of waiting.

  179. kartracer

    I feel that this has no merit. First, it is not from the head office. We have been down this road before. I’ll wait for word from Japan.

  180. blackjack

    “I feel like I’m being cheated by Sony Entertainment once again. period.” +1

    I think Sony could have given GT fans something in exchange for the endless delays. How hard would it be to release an official demo of the “SL AMG experience” to everyone?

  181. Tek9[R]

    Why do I willfully read all this crap? Am I that obsessed with a computer software program that simulates automotive dynamics?
    If the answer is yes then I will play GT4(Nur, Sarthe),&GT5p(Ferrari) untill someone does it better(wait! don’t tell me so and so is better)
    after that GTpsp will just have to hold me over till then.

    I really hope this DELAY RUMOR proves to be true so that competors improve their games and show Sony the folly of milking cash-cows dry. I know I will be buying this so my complaining about it won’t intrest sony, so i’ll say this, just pray that Kaz doesn’t get pissed, that would be bad for everyone.

  182. bryan

    and when fall gets here it will be pushed back to spring 2011 and when spring 2011 gets here it will be pushed back till summer 2011. in the end they will decide to make it on PS4 mid way thru that consoles lifespan.

  183. recca7

    i went nuts when i first read the title but i don’t think it’ll be too far off unless the whole world petitions for GT’s release in the summer, i don’t see it coming in the summer. If i have enough to spare, i’m getting my japanese copy..this is just torture WTF I understand they want to maximize sales but come on, consider how long hardcore fans have had to wait for this gem..this is just beyond irritating now..not happy at all

    I hope sony is listening to all these complaints. I’ve have had faith in them from teh beginning when there weren’t enough games, and the games that were out, wasn’t anything amazing except heavenly sword. I have been a die hard fan of PS knowing that eventually the ps3 will kick into gear and really turn up the heat. They’ve done that but this is far too disappointing. I have a bunch of friends constantly asking when’s gt going to come out? what’s different from GT4. I tell them all these good things and when it comes to the launch date i’m like ehh…march maybe for japan and hopefully summer for US. At first i said Christmas, then it was march, summer, and now FALL! I can’t even advertise for their game anymore because it’s like i’m lying to them, which is how we fans feel. And when they hear about how long it’s been in development and still no release date, it’s like a joke. We’ve all waited patiently so i think it would be fair if you tried to speed it up a little. It was announced that GT5 was 90% done about a month ago. I assume it’s higher by now and i don’t think it’s going to take another 7 or 8 months to finish off that 10 or less percent. This is absolutely ridiculous, do us a favor please!

  184. Alex

    @ Deko Wolf, actually you’re somewhat right about Japan Rules over US/UK but reality is that majority of the time US rules over the entire world on games and equipment (gadgets/computers/etc etc) on releases.

  185. caribbeantopdriver

    last year around this same time i saw someone predicted release dated 2011…. i honestly tought that person was nuttz… if anyone predicts it for 2011, i say they be preaching the gospel… ridiculous..

  186. Quency

    The problem is that we cancomplain all we want Sony doesn’t care, because at the end of the day, all of us gona buy this damn game whenever it’s released ….

    Thats why they are so selfish…
    To all thus who said they wont buy it if it’s after june, put you right hand up and say “I sware” !!! Haha, all of you are great talkers but none is serious !

    @soLid : Don’t forget Myamoto (Big N’s head) which is in the top 3 of our times (if he’s not the best).

    For the moment i’m gona wait for FF XIII and Red dead Redemption… those seems to be long and nice enuf to hold me until…well… one day

  187. Downer

    As much as I wanted released they can add more tracks, improve smoke effects, improve trees, make engine sounds better, add tire marks and so on…

    How about improve damage models and make cars roll?! Now there’s lots of time.

    I mean 6 months you could almost make a decent game with that. Cant you make these little things work in 6 months?

    Expectations increase with every delay and some fans want simple little things that “dont matter” but kind of do. When you spend this much time and hear people commenting about them then just improve them with all the luxury time you got.

  188. soLid

    “Official announcement of a release date is nothing less than a promise to fans and business partners. In other words, a release date change is like betraying the expectations of everyone,” Kojima added, according to the translation.
    Read this on Kotaku. It’s from Hideo Kojima. He and kazunori are the greatest game designers of our time in my min,so why can’t Yamauchi be like this?

  189. Zenith

    I wouldn’t take this as fact yet. The PR for GT is notoriously inaccurate… Remember when it was supposed to be released in November 09?

    GT5= Duke Nukem Forever…

  190. meowmeowmix

    Unreal. Sony knew very well when Gow3 and FF13 were coming out, there’s no excuse to ‘delay’ the game because of them, there must be another reason.

    Good thing i’ve been building a custom cockpit for the last few days…


  191. Hernan

    This is a joke! , how KAZ can miss his time frame by 3 years?? (Q4 of 2007).

    I dont have a problem with games taking long in development if the result is good but my problem is that Kazunori and Sony has been teasing us since 2005 with release time frames that are not even close.

    They should do what Bioware did with Dragon Age, the game was announced in 2004 without a date, then the development had some changes and the just shup up about the game, then the last year they start showing the game again and they release it few months later delivering a fantastic game.

    Instead we have all this teasing and release time frames, i remember KAZ laughting when a fan visiting the studio asked him for a 2009 release, he laught and tell him why he expect the release that long in the future….. well Kaz look at us now, 2010 and we still doesnt have the game!

    Seriously i love the saga but Kazunori SUCKS when it comes to teasing the fans and give correct information about the game that he is directing. I hate his unrelieable mouth.

  192. djcorrosive

    LOL OWNED!!!

    Dont let it even get to you! it’s not even a big deal! weather its in Q2 or Q4 or early next year!

    The game will come when it comes.

  193. peter

    ahhhh…we (SONY) are finally ready to mass produce gran turismo5…..(SONY CEO)oops i dropped the mast-copy, opps i dropped the mast-copy, oops i dropped the master- copy…ooops i dropped the mast-copy…ooops, looks like gt5 will be blown into the middle of next year!

  194. timeatkuu

    Oh well, I’m not the impatient/over hyper type. I’ll just continue trying to collect every single car in every colour possible on my copy of GT on PSP.

  195. Quency

    Now that @Geohot had broke the PS3 last defenses and now that the PS3 hack starting to get really possible, this stupids Sony’s HQ should release the game while it’s still not hacked.

    By waiting too long they will lose more than fans, they will just lose everything…

  196. OmnipotenceZERO

    I always thought of KY as someone who cares for the fans… like a (gaming!)daddy or somethin lol
    but im sure lots of fans already lost that hope.
    Yeah I know that it was NOT KY’s idea to postpone the game. Sony is the one forcing to. But the question is, for KY knowin how much money he can earn at this point of time, how can he still accept it not to be released? Oh u would say “he was forced, he had no choice, so he had to accept it.” But then he knew that the fans would be extremely upset, mainly at KY instead of Sony. So he shouldve made a public announcement and ofcourse not directly, but some how say that the reason the game is delayed is not because of PD, its because of some complications in Sony’s market.
    What im tryin to say is, if its Sony’s decision, fuck that. I dont care. I’ll wait. But if its KY’s, mannn hell no. It’d mean all the love n support that was given to him cuz of his games year after year is paid back to us by lies for the release date to earn more money? Fuck! This is just obnoxious.
    But hey, even this guy himself aint sure. So unless I see an interview with KY where he says its set for fall, i wont believe a shit.

  197. Beast

    I’m bookmarking this thread so I can call you all out in 6 months time when you’re all playing this game and loving it.

    Jesus it’s not the Play Gran Turismo Station 3, there are plenty of other things you can do with your whiney, clearly miserable lives in the meantime. Did any of you give your first born to reserve this game? If not, shut up, grow up and stop being such spoilt brats. You’ll get your precious game eventually, and Sony will make lots of $$. Lots of $$ means GT6, PS4, GT7 etc. Get it?

  198. alucard0712

    Maybe we need teach SONY???
    Let’s make ultimate – “if game not arrived at this Summer in US/EU – we not buying it!” – send this message to SONY.
    There is many of us at least on this forum…
    Kiddish but i want do it.Enough is enough….

  199. Godzilla157890

    Hey PD, here’s an idea: seperate from those F’n idiots at Sony!!!! That’ll solve the problems with delays.

  200. Rhett Mash

    Boy am I glad I did the right thing by buying a 360 and Forza. But hanging onto my PS3 for GT5 seems like a bad decision. Hopefully Gow3 and FF13 will justify that.

  201. bkeljda

    Well for all those saying that PD is treating us like crap, they don’t have the final say it’s up to Sony on when the game is released. So in turn it’s Sony’s fault that we have to wait for the game when we know it’s mostly finished.

  202. AndyC

    They (Sony marketing execs) should be getting concerned over the hype outstripping the game – after all this time if the game doesn’t come up to some lofty expectations it’ll bomb big time.
    Personally, for my wait I’m expecting the smell of racing car fuel, leather seats and general thrash when I open my PS3 case…

  203. C.

    O get over it whining fools. This game needs all the polish it can get. After the last demo I was not looking forward to this so soon. Work on it for another 6 or more months. It’s like, find something else to do for the life of your self. Who f’ing cares. The game needed the time. Too massive.

  204. ralph89

    I’m a bit surprise about this, that was ridiculous! I hope it’s not true, because as what other have said, i might end up selling my PS3, too, and upgrade my PC for a change. it’s sucks to be a GT fan in a PS3 days, but the GTplanet Gran Turismo fan members like jordan is quite dedicated with all this 5 years waiting keeping the website alive and well active. Kudos to that Jordan, but this waiting is a killer if you ask me.

    Oh well, whatever complaining we do it’s all end up to SONY’s business decision. They could delay this game for another 2 years if they really want to.

  205. TheGranVette

    I am starting to doubt this game will ever be released. Sony has messed up so many things already no wonder everyone I know has an Xbox or Wii over a damn PS3. WAY TO GO SCE, WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!

  206. CarBastard

    F**K corporations…this is unbelievable…the bloody game has been five years in development, thats a whole lot more than any other game on the console, and now that the developers say it’s finished the corporate people decide to push the game back, 6 months??? To “boost” sales??? Come on Sony, you’re making a fool out of PD/KY, out of yourselves, and, most importantly, out of GT fans. Keep delaying the darned game even more and you’ll see casual gameplayers will avoid it because they would still think it’s nothing more than a demo…

    I thought GT5 delays were ok as far as the game was polished, and it had great functions and capabilities but delays for…”Marketing”? It’s GT! IT WILL SELL! If GT made “Greatest Hits” with a freaking demo (GT5P), imagine what the full thing will do! Unbelievable…

    (Sorry for this, I just had to vent it out…stupid bussinessmen…)

  207. Darn thing

    This is why I bought PS2 few weeks ago and place GT4 until GT5 comes out….
    I knew this is going to take this while………I didn’t want to believe…but….it happened…

  208. FishforRent

    great!!!!!!! by that time I’ll be unemployed like everyone else in the states and won’t be buying ANYTHING!!!!!!!

    Sony you BLOW!!!

  209. FES

    Really, really disappointed and upset. waitin` for a long time and since October reading news everyday, and release is not closer, it`s only farther and farther….

  210. madaz75

    I’m betting Sept 30th, for US, Europe, and Japan…
    Australia and New Zealand will have to with till march 2011.
    If that’s the case, and we Southe of the Equator get a ‘Delayed Launch’ I’ll personally go to Sony HQ in Japan and deliver my ‘Launch Model’ PS3 to some Sony Exec’s Uncomfortable Orifice.
    Anyone know if US disks work in Aussie PS3 consoles?

  211. sprint

    Enough!!! I’m tired of those economic dictators that kills culture. I agree with you @jamaicangamer, they could lose some eventual buyers. That game is becoming a pure joke, as the image of ps3 lauching marketing. Sony worries to much about his little “baby”. I checked polls on a lot of video games websites and all i can see is that first of all, race games don’t attract as much gamers as Sony thinks (plus, simulators don’t represented the whole category of race games). On the other hand, Xbox360 Forza did his job really good and still goes on. And finally, all GT addicts that bought a ps3, a wheel(g27 compatibility joke) and gt5p(that hasn’t been updated for a while) are really treated as fools in their endless waiting. That’s why, in my opinion, they’ll lose buyers. The video game market is under a huge crisis, and GT5(and 6) will not save Sony from it. Stop dreaming! You blood sucking business men.

  212. 8@No$

    Well, this is disappointing, but not so much, since I do not have so much time to play videogames anymore.. I don’t care… But, seriously, this is becoming ridiculous.. In the end of this summer some CEO will say “we will try to launch the game before 2011” and so on.. lol
    They could at least release another track to play with the 370 Z’s to keep us busy ! :-)

  213. Deko Wolf

    @NoxNoctis: meaning, European resale…
    Japan rules over US and UK.
    US rules over Canada, Brazil, etc…
    UK rules over France, Spain, Portugal, etc…

    You get the idea, right?
    That’s basically how the directors at Sony work
    That’s also why some games get released in Euorpe the last…

  214. hNs

    i hate the the pr waves before great games. just say “when it’s done”, cause this is just swapping it from one month to the next month and you just sit before gtplanet reading great news but the game just won’t be released :DDD
    im sad about it :D

  215. Racer

    If this is true, well I cant help but laugh, I`m not even dissapointed anymore. I just feel sorry for all the fans who have been waiting for this, buying wheels, playseats and whatnot. It just goes to show, sony will do anything to make money, hype and lie about release dates to keep interest up and sell consoles..I just HOPE this behavour will backfire on them!

  216. GT Fanatec

    Really starting to lose patience! If this is true then am off to trade my PS3 and games to buy a 360 and Forza at the end of the week.

  217. Wade

    This is the kind of stuff that is the only thing I like about the GT series. It’s been delayed, okay…no amount of whining or crying will change that. But seriously, why not keep the fans in the loop, let us know what is going on. I love Gran Turismo, but the amount of mis-information and drama that comes with every new release of it really kind of pushes me away.

  218. Dave sz

    Now I wish I got one of those most-likely faulty FANATEC wheels that work with the 360/ps3/pc as opposed to the DFGT. I could use the fanatec for FORZA which it seems i’ll be playing for another year.

  219. NoxNoctis Umbra

    Sony Entertainment Portugal, so maybe he talks about PORTUGAL release..
    Talk to SONY of US or Japan..

  220. Forenza

    Annoying. Another setback? Bought a PS3 at launch years ago for this…now i get to wait even longer…thanks Sony ><

  221. IREWolfman

    I call BULL!

    If it does not come out by the Summer, I will not buy GT5.
    And just buy other games instead! I can’t see how a game that was nearly ready last year, needs 12 month delay! They say damage delayed the game. Sony need to give them a DEAD LINE, because this is becoming a JOKE!

    Remember it was supposed to be a Launch Title!

  222. soLid

    ” We would have wanted him out before but we think the priority we are giving it our best.” I’m fine with polishing a game but they have crossed the line. To tell you the truth i believe that sony wanted at least one juggernaut this fall since G.O.W 3 and F.F 13 are coming out early this year.But i don’t understand why?This fall thing i a stupid american trend.Europe and Japan don’t celebrate anything on October and November so the market is the same as spring and summer!

  223. jamaicangamer

    thanks jordan, thx kaz, BUT WTF. this is gettin ridiculous lol now they past the point of gaining fans with the suspense. now they r beginning to lose some ARGH

  224. GamerGT5

    I knew this will happen. I think because they want to have alot of sales. Just like when Modern Warfare 2 came out last year in fall. I’m sure that sony is pushing this game more than the other games that’s coming out this year. At least it’s the best for last.

  225. sam

    People who will say “nooooooo”

    read before you post:

    “We” believe that launching the product this fall, before Christmas, “but not yet decided.”

  226. Jake

    Thanks for the info! I will just be happy if it is this year. With GOW3, Dante’s Inferno, FF13, Bioshock 2 and a few other games coming out… I think I’ll have plenty of options to keep me entertained until GT5 hits stores.

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