GT Awards 2010 Official Photo Gallery, New Screenshots

Here’s the official photo collection from last week’s Gran Turismo Awards in Las Vegas. Don’t miss the first new screenshots of last year’s winner, Philip Koenen’s 1970 Ford “Trans-Cammer” Mustang below.

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  1. G-Ram

    Someone should update the Gran Turismo wikipedia page.

    The last one it mentions is the G37 from the 6th annual show in 2008.

  2. Dark-Cloud4

    jordan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    add me and my brother :) …

    please :) … my brother is very good at GTP , he have good scores in the leaderboards … add us please :) ..
    all people can add me , all are welcome :) ..
    we will get GT5 soon :) , less then a month !!! :D

  3. Paulo

    Kinda glad Intro video got blocked, I was so tempted to watch it, but I would so much rather get the full experience watching it at home in person. I’m getting that itch again really bad, it died down with all this delay nonsense, but now its back full steam.

  4. Hypergolem

    Yesssss!!! More pics… just what I wanted….
    We will get a pirate copy of GT5 before Sony will even tell us the release date…

  5. Benny44

    I’m not a fan of the American “big three”, but that fastback is gorgeous. And there is just something about the old muscle cars that will always make them cooler than anything more technologically advanced. That was hard to say being a fan of Honda and Toyota.

    1. Michael Delay..ney

      Hard to say but I agree with you… at least honda and Toyota don’t make their sports cars weighing in at over 1.5 Tonnes! or do they these days??

  6. lthe stigl

    ok,I am impressed by almost everything I saw…but why there is no veyron in intro movie!?!?
    me wants veyron very much!

    1. Jada

      Yes, realized that, but with no edit button I decided it wasn’t worth posting again. More so, given the topic that inspired it. ;)

  7. madaz75

    Who else wants to hold Vuvuzela Orchestra’s outside every Sony Office we can find until they give us a God Dammed release date?

    1. DarthTurismo

      according to local shops here in Aus… JB hifi & EB electronics Boutique.. they have the Aus release date of 25th December???? i said nothing is open on xmas day this is BS… to which they said “yeah seems a little strange doesn’t it!” sigh…..

      the first guy (from JB) said “what system is that game for??” I’m like geez where have you been living? on dessert island!!

    2. madaz75

      @Darth Yeah, that’s why I won’t deal with the “Richard Craniums” that work at JB.
      I wouldn’t have Pre-ordered through EB either, but that was the only other way I had of getting a Signature Edition.

    3. DarthTurismo

      yeah tell me about it… i can deal with it coming at the end of this month… but if its just before xmas it’s going to be a mess!!!! btw not sure if it’s already been posted but there’s another 7min clip on YT of a Z4 on the Cape Ring Periphery track.. man that track looks awesome… he’s driving a little conservatively i think ;-) can see the faster cars getting a little air!

    4. BWX

      Oops wrong “reply to”……..

      Oh, and intro music in GT5= FAIL!!! WTF PD?!?!

      Anyway, just spit out the release date Sony.

  8. Snaeper

    I wish the Art Morrison Vette looked beefier. Of all the current GT Award winners, it’s the one I’d least like to own.

    1. BWX

      Yeah and all those dreaming of night and rain at Le Mans… uh oh.. only can select rain or night, not both by the looks of it. And a surprisingly FEW tracks have changing time by the looks of it, same can be said for rain- from what I’ve seen very few tracks have it. I hope I’m wrong. What happened to dynamic weather and change of time of day? That must only be at a very select few tracks, if any. What happened to time of day and weather conditions of real track in real time for real-world tracks? Guess there will be a lot of disappointment in that department too. Oh well. I hope there are a whole lot of unlockable tracks and unlockable track conditions or there’s gonna be a lot of pizzed-off fanboys out there.

    2. BWX

      Yeah I hope a whole bunch more tracks/conditions are available in career mode to unlock. If not, after 5+ years waiting, there’s going to be some bummed out people.

    3. DarthTurismo

      We already know there are a few tracks not apprearing in ‘practice’ mode yet…. topgear.. the nurburgring nordschleife… el capitan… they always do that.. leave some surprises to be unlocked… what’s the fun in showing everthing at once??? remember in gt4 it took time to unlock and show everything… it’s a tease but it’s exciting too!! as for weather? well that’s anyones guess at this stage.. but in GT mode it’s more likely they will have the dynamic weather races and also the changing of weather they spoke about…

      So far we only have the tip of the iceburg and yet so many are already dismissing GT5 as a huge disapointment that wasn’t worth the wait…

      When i see that trailer in HD on my 65inch screen i know i’ll be a lot more blown away than watching it on you tube ;-)

    4. Foxiol

      If Spa isn´t in the game i´m going to do it with the editor (i´m good in that and have some practice with rFactor :P.

    5. BWX


      Oh, and intro music in GT5= FAIL!!! WTF PD?!?!

      Anyway, just spit out the release date Sony.

    6. nevelo

      where are infineon and motegi circuits ?
      i can’t believe they are not in the game.the real motegi circuit is supposed to have the only gran turismo cafe in the world and you can’t play the track ?
      if they traded them for madrid and rome,i don’t think that was a smart move…

    7. moshic

      @nevelo You’re right, I love that tracks too. I think if they put the nascar championship in the game, there is a possibility of get at least Motegi in the game, since this track have an oval configuration.

    8. nevelo

      exactly,i was thinking about it seems to me there are many reasons to put motegi in gt5.let’s hope it’s hidden somewhere with top gear,el capitan,infineon and nordschleife tracks.

  9. Clark

    I know I’m being overly negative here, but it’s hard to celebrate all these wonderful GT award ceremonies and events whilst some people already have copies of the game, and the rest of the world waits patiently for even a release date.

    1. Sigmaviper11

      Yea, well, at the same time, should these people ever be discovered, i bet Sony would make examples of them. Sending them to the metaphorical gallows.

    2. Foxiol

      This guy stole that games from the warehouse at the store that he is working…he has more videos showing TV´s, xBox, PS3…and a lot of boxes with games…he shows a big one with Fifa 11 and more.He works in there and it seems that this is not the first time he made something like this.And of course he showed 4 copies…one for him and the other 3 for sale.The videos that we have seen yesterday was made for one guy (friend of him) that bought it to him. That´s all.
      I really don´t care the only thing that interest me is a release date for now until 3 weeks and get the game and forget about delays and that stuff.

  10. m0j0

    Seriously is it that bad for a person to like 2 different race games?.

    I like both Forza and Gran Turismo.. does that make me a traitor??

    Knock it off with the stupid “fanboy!” comments.

  11. Sigmaviper11

    That HPA Audi, Trans Cammer Mustang and S2K look beastly. Can’t wait to drive them.

    Hope nothing too bad happened when it came to those vids egtting censored. Thanks Jordan for the steady flow of information. Hope you’re not slavin away too bad there.

  12. WHY?

    Ok ok, I’ve seen the videos, and I just wanted to say WHY? why o why did the chase camera have to be stiff??..
    I’m not a forza fan, but on forza at least you can look around the whole exterior of the car itself..

    1. DarthTurismo

      be a man!! only a little boy would use the chase cam…. have u ever driven a real car?? i guarantee you, you don’t do it from behind the car :-p

    2. WHY?

      Chase cam :'( PD should’ve learned a few things from Forza by now, but NOO! they carry on with the same stiff cam..
      I see it like this a real car enthusiast would wanna be able to see the sides and wheels/alloys not just the trunk/boot of the car.
      Oh well everybody have fun with that gaaay chase cam.
      And I am not a Forza FAN people!

    3. WHY?

      Oh yeah, by the way, if I was working for Kaz, I’d be the only one working on the cams, I would say to him “Right I do the chase cam and you do rest” :)

    4. WH?

      @HugoStiglitz_420 and DarthTurismo Dudes! Do you know how much it sucks to have a chase cam like this? even on the prolougue it sucked really bad while driving doing full turn or a 360 spin, you can only ever see the rear of the car. Come on be real yeah?

    5. Chris_GT

      Eh wrong Darth Turismo. Don’t speak for all of us men. I for one enjoy racing with the chase camera from time to time because I like to see those awesome curves and external exhaust of my car. As a matter of fact, I enjoy racing in all of the cameras, so the stiff chase camera with the tiny cars are a bit of a disappointment. I for one would choose the interior camera over all of them, but since only 20% are even getting one, I will most likely be alternating between chase camera and bonnet view. Hopefull the full release gets more than one chase camera.

    6. Thank you.

      @Chris_GT +1 To you sir.
      I also hope there is another chase cam view which brings the car closer to the screen, so close to the screen that we could see the beautiful details of every car.

    7. rydeen

      I think it sux that the camera is stiff… if it wasnt so stiff, i would use it in drifting replays:) its awesome in LFS!

  13. James

    Is anyone else afraid to go to sleep?I don’t want to wake up to an awesome video that has been blocked by Sony.

    1. Sigmaviper11

      I’m not making any links, all I can say is, they are out there. copys and originally made ones. For now anyway.

    2. James

      I have seen all his videos and possibly have them downloaded onto my computer.I just don’t want it to happen to me.

  14. GoldUltima

    They shouldn’t be blocking all the videos. It’s actually restarted the hype train for a lot of people. (granted, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was their plan and that they leaked everything.) Anyways, thanks for keeping up the good work, Jordan.

    1. IVKillerVI

      Yeah, because that’s why people who were seen playing reach early were perm-banned from XBL as a whole the moment they were caught playing reach with no warning at all.
      You can’t really say MS would take this kind of attention, when they actually reacted faster and more harshly than Sony.

    1. Sony

      Aproximate time to censoring: 15:24:17 and counting.
      Operation Silent Managment proceeding has planned. Random independant trolls initiating small scale attacks has expected. Prepare for phase two.

    2. Sony

      Oh wait, did we type that out loud?
      Never mind, somebody censor that….
      Darnit, this too.
      Hope nobody noticed…

  15. Zenith

    Big thanks to Jordan for giving the latest news so much time and effort as well as dealing with Sony.

    Man that 1970 Mustang looks diabolical…:D

    1. Jakemania

      Touche. I don’t even see why Sony is even bothering. Most of the YouTube videos are still up anyhow, so why not let GTP link to them?

    2. GT'ireland

      i agree,jordan has been doing a fantastic job keeping us updated and even put up some older news when there was no new news to show,thanks jordan,looking forward to hopefully being able to race some of you guys online,it would be a big challenge and alot of fun.cant wait

  16. Red_9

    Well, at least Jordan keeps steady news!

    Those screenshots are genius. I’mma see if I can fool my friends into thinking those GT5 screenies are real.

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