GT Sport Daily Races: One Plus One Makes Three

Gran Turismo Sport 529 December 16, 2019 by

There’s a little less choice than usual in this week’s GT Sport Daily Races, with a pair of one-make events making for very homogeneous grids — but all is not quite what it seems.

Sticking out as the exception this week is Race C. That’s the traditional endurance event which this week features Gr.3 race cars. It’s set at the Autopolis circuit — the full version this week — and lasts for ten laps. You won’t find any particularly tricky tactical decisions this time, with a straight-forward rolling start race on the hard racing tire compound. Fuel and tire degradation are at three and seven times respectively, so likely won’t factor into it.

Race A sends you to the fictional Kyoto Driving Park, and puts you into one of the last set of DLC cars. It’s the Toyota 86 GT Limited again — the facelifted version of the car you could find in the game’s launch version — and it’s provided to you. This will mean that all you have to do is pick one of the seven colors, then pound out your three laps.

Lastly, Race B takes place at the Tsukuba Circuit, with another of the most recent batch of cars. This time it’s the tuned Mazda RX-7 courtesy of RE Amemiya Racing. You’ll need to own one of them in order to take part, which means you can show off your livery editor skills (or ability to download other people’s liveries) as well over the course of the seven-lap race. However, there’s one further twist: now you can tune the car too. Sticking true to its tuner roots, the event allows for the player to adjust the RX-7’s settings.

All three races will run through to Monday, December 23, when another new set of three will replace them.

Race A

Track: Kyoto Driving Park – Yamagiwa, 3 laps
Car: Toyota 86 GT Limited ’16 – Provided Car
Tires: Sports Hard
Start Type: Grid Start
Fuel use: Off
Tire use: Off

Race B

Track: Tsukuba Circuit, 7 laps
Car: RE Amemiya FD3S RX-7 – Garage Car
Tires: Sports Soft
Start Type: Rolling Start
Fuel use: Off
Tire use: Off

Race C

Track: Autopolis International Racing Course, 10 laps
Car: Gr.3 – Garage Car
Tires: Racing Hard
Start Type: Rolling Start
Fuel use: 3x
Tire use: 7x

Featured image courtesy of RL_23.

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