GT Sport Daily Races: Mountain, Lake, and Park

Gran Turismo Sport 650 December 7, 2020 by

There’s a new set of GT Sport Daily Races to take us through the next week, and there’s a bit of a range of pace on offer.

Nowhere is this more evident than Race A, which puts you into a selection of B-segment hatchbacks. You get to choose from the hybrid Honda Fit, the diesel Mazda Demio, and the regular gas-powered Suzuki Swift for this week’s race, which takes you to the tiny Miyabi circuit.

This is part of GT Sport‘s fictional Kyoto Driving Park, and ranks among the shortest in the game. Even on Comfort Soft tires, you’ll only be braking once each lap, for the tight turn four, across the seven-lap race. Eagle-eyed racers will spot that vehicle settings are adjustable in this race, but this is merely an indicator of a pre-set, non-standard tune for each car.

Things get a little quicker in Race B, where you’ll be driving Gr.4 machinery. These are race cars which take a road car as a basis, strip them back, and fit some slightly hardier parts to deal with the rigors of racing, and it’s quite a varied class.

The venue for these cars this week is Australia’s fierce Mount Panorama. It’s a long lap, with very few valid passing places — not that this will stop a lot of drivers from trying their luck everywhere — and we’d expect the usual front-wheel drive dominance.

Our final race for the week puts players into the Gr.3 machines. These are much more loosely based on road cars, often sharing nothing more than a handful of components and a basic engine configuration and position, and offer far more speed and downforce.

For this week you’ll be racing them over 13 laps of the Laguna Seca circuit, the most recent track addition to GT Sport. There’s relatively high tire wear this week at 10x, and while you might find a set of Racing Hard compounds will last to the end of the race, you’ll also have a few heart-in-mouth moments through the last few attempts at the Corkscrew…

These three races will run through to Monday, December 14, when another new set of three will replace them.

Race A

Track: Kyoto Driving Park – Miyabi, 7 laps
Car: Honda Fit Hybrid ’14, Mazda Demio ’15, Suzuki Swift ’07 – Provided Car
Tires: Comfort Soft
Start Type: Grid Start
Fuel use: Off
Tire use: Off

Race B

Track: Mount Panorama, 3 laps
Car: Gr.4 – Garage Car
Tires: Racing Hard
Start Type: Rolling Start
Fuel use: Off
Tire use: Off

Race C

Track: WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, 13 laps
Car: Gr.3 – Garage Car
Tires: Racing Hard
Start Type: Rolling Start
Fuel use: 2x
Tire use: 10x

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