GT Sport Daily Races: Survival of the Fittest

The latest set of Gran Turismo Sport Daily Races is now available, as the game heads into its final month before being succeeded.

Although we don’t yet know what will happen to the Daily Races once Gran Turismo 7 hits shelves (and hard drives), there’s at least three more weeks of GT Sport after this one, so plenty more racing to enjoy.

It’s a fairly routine line-up for this week’s racing, with two events for the “Gr” racing car classes and a one-make event for road cars, taking in two real tracks and one fictional one.

First up is in Race A is a one-make affair for Honda’s compact city car, the Fit — also known as the Jazz in some other territories. It’s not the quickest car out there, with a 1.5-liter Atkinson cycle petrol engine paired to an electric motor, but it is a pretty entertaining car to thrash about.

You’re going to need to hang on to it as well, as the race takes you to WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca for a four-lap rollercoaster. It’s likely that the Corkscrew has never been subjected to anything quite like it, but it should be a fun race.

The Gr.3s are up for a sprint race this week, at the Sardegna Road Track B, in the reverse direction. There’s no special concerns on the table — aside from a very awkward first corner — so it’s just a case of grabbing a Gr.3 of your choice and running the five-lap race on Racing medium tires.

For the endurance-style event this week you’ll be racing the Gr.4 cars. These events are usually dominated by front- and four-wheel drive machines, and we’re expecting that to be the case again this week despite the fact tire wear is on. That’s because it’s set at a low 2x multiplier, so the 10-lap race will feel like 20 laps on your rubber.

You’re locked to Racing Hard tires this week and there’s a rolling start, but there is one consideration: a compulsory pit stop. Players must make at least one trip to the pits during the race — you don’t need to take tires or refuel, just head through the pit lane — or face a one-minute post-race penalty.

The three races will run through to Monday February 14, when another set will replace them.

Race A

  • Track: Laguna Seca, 4 laps
  • Car: Honda Fit Hybrid ’14 – Provided Car
  • Tires: Sports Hard
  • Start Type: Grid Start
  • Fuel use: Off
  • Tire use: Off

Race B

  • Track: Sardegna – Road Track B II, 5 laps
  • Car: Gr.3 – Garage Car
  • Tires: Racing Medium
  • Start Type: Rolling Start
  • Fuel use: Off
  • Tire use: Off

Race C

  • Track: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, 10 laps
  • Car: Gr.4 – Garage Car
  • Tires: Racing Hard
  • Start Type: Rolling Start
  • Fuel use: 1x
  • Tire use: 2x

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