GT Sport Online Events Change Again: New Tracks, Garage Cars Allowed

Gran Turismo Sport 29 October 23, 2017 by

The Sport Mode races, they’re a-changin’. That’s a saying, right?

Gran Turismo Sport isn’t even a week old, but it’s been evolving at a steady pace since landing in players’ hands last Tuesday. The latest changes have brought in another round of events for the game’s eponymous Sport Mode, right after an earlier change to a one-make Type R event.

The road car race sticks to the N300 class, but swaps out the front-drive Honda for an all-paw Evo from Mitsubishi. Being built in the UK, it made sense for the Civic to race at Brands Hatch — similarly, the Evo event takes place at the small Miyabi configuration of the new Kyoto track.

The bigger news for competitive folks is the shift for Groups 4 and 3. Out go the rental cars, and in come garage cars. Tuning is also enabled, so those looking for every last advantage on track will want to tinker.

Mercifully, race length is also up. Group 4 has moved to Dragon Trail, for a four-lap race. Meanwhile Group 3 will take in Lago Maggiore and its awesome banked hairpin for five laps.

It isn’t yet clear if the circuits will begin cycling every 24 hours as they did in the demo, or if Polyphony has plans for additional races to complement the current three. The team already shortened the wait time between events: originally each ran once an hour, but they now cycle every 20 minutes.

If you haven’t picked up GT Sport yet, get the full scoop from our in-depth review of the game.

Featured image courtesy of mazda787.

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