Got a Spare $46,300 Lying Around? The GT Sport Super Bundle Could Be Yours

With GT Sport finally releasing worldwide over the course of this week, many versions have been made available for buyers. As with most modern game releases, the title has Day One, Limited and Collector’s editions. If none of those take your fancy and you want something a bit more lavish, Sony has you covered.

Coming in at a cool $46,300, the GT Sport Super Bundle is certainly unique. Potential buyers will get a nice selection of items that includes a copy of the game and an actual car. The most expensive bundle comes with:

  • A copy of GT Sport
  • Sony PlayStation 4 Pro console
  • PlayStation VR headset, PlayStation Camera and PlayStation Move controllers
  • 12 months of PlayStation Plus
  • Thrustmaster T-GT Steering Wheel
  • APIGA AP1 racing cockpit
  • 2018 Mazda MX-5

Yep, you read that correctly. This version of GT Sport comes with an actual MX-5 convertible. Still not enough? The Mazda also comes dressed in a special GT livery to show just how much of a superfan you truly are.

The other items in the bundle aren’t slouches either. Everything you could want from your GT Sport experience will be provided here from a top of the line TV to a fully equipped racing rig. The included year of PlayStation Plus is also handy, since you wouldn’t be doing too much in-game without it.

If you’ve seen the eye watering price that accompanies the edition and are still interested – there’s a catch. The Super Bundle is currently only on sale in Taiwan and there’s no word of it arriving anywhere else. Given the lucrative nature of the bundle, we wouldn’t hold our breath on this getting rolled out anywhere else. A neat marketing ploy but don’t expect this to see a worldwide release.

If you are from Taiwan and are legitimately interested in the Super Bundle, you can register your interest here.

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