Check Out GT Sport’s Time Rally and New Alsace Village Circuit

After covering the fog and rainy conditions in some of GT Sport’s campaign events, it’s time to look at some more footage. Our latest batch takes a look at the Alsace Village circuit and the return of Time Rally for the GT series.

Alsace Village is a high speed tour through the French locale and offers a new GT-exclusive experience. The track features many camber and gradient changes, pushing drivers to find the optimum racing line and avoid losing seconds off your lap time.

Our video above shows a hot hatch face off in the Renault Clio R.S. from the perspective of a replay and then live race footage. Starting from the back of the pack, the single lap run shows some of the best overtaking sections of the circuit. Alsace is looking like a very welcome and new fantasy circuit in GT’s roster. Just don’t mind our small accident near the end there…

Our next video captures event 8-4 from the title’s Mission Challenge mode. Piloting the Gr.B Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, players must complete a Time Rally at Fisherman’s Ranch. Those familiar with the Sierra challenge in GT6 will be at home here, with the goal being to reach each checkpoint before running out of time.

The event isn’t that simple though, as you’ll have to navigate between some traffic. We’re unsure why all these vehicles decided to descend upon the rally track but regardless, you won’t want to lose any time hitting the road cars. Stay clean and drift your powerful rally monster and you’ll grab the gold.

GTPlanet’s review of GT Sport will arrive in the near future but in the meantime, these videos should whet your appetite. Polyphony’s latest is certainly a change in direction for the series but keep your eyes peeled for our final verdict.

As always, don’t forget to drop by the GT Sport sub-forum to keep up-to-date with the latest community findings.

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