GT Sport vs Project CARS: Corvette C7 at Brands Hatch

The familiar setting of Brands Hatch has become a testing ground for yet another comparison, showing the similarities — and differences — between two racing simulators. The latest video compares Project CARS to the GT Sport beta, using the up-to-date Corvette C7.R and Gr.3 car, respectively.

GT Sport is the first title in the series to take advantage of the new audio system Polyphony Digital has been working on. Improvements over the last game on PS3 are considerable, as confirmed by Eurogamer during last year’s Sony PS4 Pro Event in London.

To our ears, the real-life racer in Project CARS comes off as the more guttural of the two in the interior view comparison. GT Sport’s considerable transmission whine drowns out the angry V8 while in the car, but the exterior view lets the small-block bellow more satisfyingly. Of course, the C7.R receives a similar hike in volume from outside.

Of note is the much-improved sound of the rumble strips in GT Sport.

If you’ve got a hankering for a comparison more focused on road cars, we covered the sound evaluation of the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat late last year, a machine that has made an appearance in both GT Sport and Forza Motorsport 6.

GT Sport is set to launch at an undetermined time later this year on PS4. It won’t be alone as Slightly Mad Studios will be joining in with Project CARS 2 in the tail end of 2017, launching the title on PS4 as well as Xbox One and PC. Stay tuned for more direct comparisons on GTPlanet.

[Source: Slinky Ichi Youtube]

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