GT Sport vs RaceRoom: BMW M6 GT3 at the Nürburgring Nordschleife

One criticism often leveled at Gran Turismo regards its sounds, with Kazunori Yamauchi himself apologizing for the audio quality. A promise of change has proven to be true for the latest iteration of the series, at least in this early beta phase.

A comparison made last week showed how far the sounds had come since the previous release, Gran Turismo 6. With notable improvements in sound representation, it’s a good start for the team’s new approach to the audio.

Following on from this comparison, MotoGamesTV has now put the beta up against PC-exclusive title RaceRoom Racing Experience. This racer is often praised for its level of audio accuracy, and considered one of the best within the sim-racing genre.

The video shows GT Sport’s beta at its best, with the thundering noise of the new-to-the-series M6 GT3. The series’ new standards for audio are obvious. The gearbox whine, the wastegate bark and thumps as the gears are changed are a far cry from the sterile sounds of Gran Turismo’s past.

However, the challenge that faces the PlayStation 4 title is — quite literally — heard loud and clear when the audio sample swaps to RaceRoom. The synthesized sound is far more extensive and authentic, with even the squeal of the racing brakes faithfully replicated.

Even from outside the car, the difference is clear. Despite the substantial overhaul, the sounds of Gran Turismo Sport remain more clinical by comparison. The crack and burble under deceleration is a significant improvement, but it’s still missing some elements which would enhance immersion.

Although it still falls short of the class-leader at this point, make no mistake that the sounds are a huge improvement in what has traditionally been a weak area for Gran Turismo. However, it’s clear that progress has been made and, with the game still in beta stage, it’s likely that more is to come.

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