GT Sport Will Not Feature Dynamic Time or Weather


Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed that Gran Turismo Sport will not feature dynamic time-lapsing or weather. In the interview conducted by GTPlanet, Kazunori made clear that there will be no ‘transitions’ during races and conditions will be chosen prior to entering a race. These features were two of the stand-out attributes for Polyphony’s PS3-era games, however they could only be accessed on specific tracks within the game’s track roster, which meant the level of quality each track had could vary depending on what was chosen.

This inconsistency across the titles was one of the reasons the features were dropped according to Yamauchi, citing that ‘degree of freedom’ and ‘quality’ are inversely proportional to each other, where increasing one would lead to a decrease in the other. GT Sport aims to improve the proficiency of the series’ from a technical standpoint as a main focus:

“We opted to not have the transitions in the race this time in order to raise the framerate and the quality of the image *during* the race. So the user will be able to set that before they enter the race. So you’ll still be able to have night races, morning, races at dawn, dusk, and so on.”


Frame-rate and resolution are key elements to any simulation, being able to react as quickly as possible and interpret far away action allows racers to feel immersed without feeling impaired by a game’s short-comings. Frame-rate was an area some fans pointed out was not up to the standard they’d like in GT6, so although key areas that directly affect real-world racing will be omitted, the sacrifice is perhaps justifiable from a racing perspective.

The focus on more static race conditions may have allowed for an improvement players have been wanting for a long time though, as GT Sport will feature a series-first 20 car strong grid. Kazunori iterated that he expects GT Sport to ship with the 20-car grid size, commenting that whether more cars are possible is something ‘they will decide upon along the way (to release)’ and keeping a stable quality level is the most important aspect for any future improvements to the grid size.

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  1. richard918

    I agree with BWX it seems like Kaz and the team can’t be bothered to fix the problems of the previous game. If you’re going to do a decent job, then you might as well do it right or not bother at all. And I’m tired of seeing pointless cars such as the VW Camper van or world war two German jeeps from the previous game. You can’t race them against anything. Just a waste of valuable game data. Anyone for changeable weather?

  2. richard918

    I’m really disappointed to hear there will be no changeable weather that you can set to how you would like it. It seems like they’ve been focusing too much on the graphics and not enough time on the game play. Why do game company’s today seem to think it’s ok to make a game on the graphics alone and not worry too much on game play. What I’m saying is that ok there might be a few new tracks, but I would like to see Road America circuit on the final product as it’s a great track and I would also like to see more car models from European car company’s from the likes of Mercedes and genuine Porches. At the moment I’m playing Project Cars and the weather and rivals are very good. I feel on GT7, we will once again get opponents following each other around like robots making it feel like a ‘overtake as many cars as you can within the number of laps’ kind of game. I’m wondering if we will get proper endurance races this time around. Doe’s anybody remember the so-called endurance on Gran Turismo 7? what a big disappointment that was. I’ve got to be honest, I’ve bought every single GT game but I’m not sure if I’m willing to shell out £50 for this one. Maybe this should be the final one as Forza is a very good game.

  3. research

    Closely following the saga that is Polyphony’s Gran Turismo and expecting Yamauchi’s promises to become reality only leads to two actual results: Heartache and wasted time, and both come repeatedly by the bucketful.

    If you are a self-respecting man or woman, you will find something else to do with your precious, fleeting time on this earth. As a 17-year veteran, every piece of news about the next GT just brings horrible memories of things like “car and track DLC every month” and “overhauled sound and damage model”.

    Take my advice boys and girls. Find an alternative to to this beleaguered, wayward franchise. I am lucky enough to be able to spend chunky cash on a high-end pc ($1200+) and have been having the racing experience of a lifetime playing Assetto Corsa for the last year, and only now have realized the true depths of foolishness that comes when you pray to the Polyphony gods. Run, I tell you. Run fast and run far.

    1. BWX

      It is truly sad what has become of Gran Turismo.

      GT1 through GT4 were great, but lacking in GFX and wheel FFB mainly because of technology at the time.

      Then we got the PS3 with some horsepower behind it, and in GT5p they got the FFB and GFX doing much better, but the actual GAME part of the game went to hell.

      GT5 was more of the same. The actual game part of the game was no fun. A-spec career severely lacking. On-line mp is terrible, unstable, buggy, and basically worthless. Grinding for XP is a waste of one’s life. KAz falsely limited forward progress in the career mode part of game in the form of tacked-on XP system because he didn’t want to take the time to make career mode properly.

      GT6 was more of the same. Terrible A-spec career, terrible ai, physics ok, gfx ok (not great), but problems everywhere. A-spec career a slap in the face to any real GT fan. Ai was an insult to the word “intelligence”. Ai artificially slowing down to let you win. What a joke Kaz is. Online MP a buggy mess still.

      Seems Kaz just likes to take the easy way out of every problem encountered. Can’t get ai to work? Delete standing starts. Can’t get shadows to work? Delete time progression. Can’t get damage to work? Delete damage model. Won;t take the time to make proper A=spec career mode? Slap on an artificial XP system to make player grind for XP (and kill all fun in process). Might as well just stop playing GT and do something else at that point.

      The Kaz that coded GT1 is not the Kaz that is at PD today. This Kaz seems tired of making GT, and seems to just do the least amount of work possible to pump another GT “version” out the door for a payday. BTW GT Sport is just GT5 running poorly on a PS4.

      GT Sport still has the wonky flickering shadows that were in GT5 Prologue. It’s the same code. Same tired old code.

      They are so stuck in the lire that they cannot even code a new game for a new console these days. What a waste of a franchise.

    2. research

      BWX I agree with some of your feelings but strongly disagree with a couple of your main contentions.

      Kaz most certainly is NOT lazy, and most certainly does NOT care about paydays. This I can promise and would genuinely bet my life on it. He wants GT to be the greatest virtual car experience for… looking at cars. That’s all. His priorities are just so far off from what sim racers actually want. Which is why any sim racer with a shred of self-awareness will eventually conclude that it is his OWN fault if he continues to have his heart broken and time wasted by Gran Turismo.

      I really hope the feeling of assetto corsa is conveyed when released on console this fall, so you all can experience the intensity, the realism, the strong a.ì., and the freedom to set up a d*mn race or full season of races however you please and then rip that sh** til the morning light. If you want to take a photo you better hit the printscreen button Get outta here!! (Punts dualshock across the room) lol

  4. smskeeter23

    I recant part of my earlier statement about part of the defending group being the same core of people who were screaming about things now defending them. It seems instead that there are a good deal of new faces here again that aren’t familiar with how PD works just like I once was. Just goes to show how little I’ve been around lately. Which for you newbies is largely PDs fault as well.

  5. Manasseh257NSX

    This is sincerely scaring me. We haven’t had one sim game that runs 60 fps while having dynamic conditions. It’s making me think that it’s not possible to achieve on next gen consoles. Forza, AC, and now GTS don’t have dynamic weather or time.

    This was one thing I always took pride in with GT when it came to comparing it with Forza, but now I can’t use that.

    I’m honestly hoping Turn 10 reveals that Forza Horizon 3 has dynamic conditions while holding 60 fps. It’ll give me hope that it can be done.

    I’m hoping PD can figure it out soon because Static races at La Sarthe or Nürburgring just don’t seem right. Going from day to night gave the game that realistic feel.
    I’m hoping dynamic conditions can make a return soon.

    1. RodolphoPNeto

      We actually have one. Project Cars runs at 60fps with dynamic weather/time, damage, and 30+ cars on the track. And it doesn’t look like it’s trying that hard.

    2. RodolphoPNeto

      Actually, i thought pcars ran at full fps but, after looking into it, it drops to the lower end of 50 in some situations, but that’s barely noticeable…

  6. FyBy

    I am absolutely ok, what Kaz is trying to serve to us this time. Its like making whole game around “GT Academy” principle.

    I like it. “Single player” campaign about school of driving and etiquete, esports grade fps and consistency (I hope). Great!

    Many of you guys want good old gt remaster. Its always controversy, when company tries to do something new. Something is needed to be sacrificed and something will be gained.

    I know theres Forza with great content. But I believe Kaz and his team will again try to deliver great experience and feeling, which I desperately tried to find in Driveclub, Project cars and Forza.

    Maybe Im wrong, its only my opinion. But Im looking forward for gt sport!

  7. Mahmsy

    Fanboys defending this is funny. I point you to games such as Project Cars, Forza and the like… PD are just lazy. Keep defending them fanboys, but the competition is wayy ahead of them. They have no excuse to cut dynamic weather for smoother gameplay. That’s a load of rubbish, again I point you to the aforementioned games.

    1. ArR29

      Forza doesn’t have dynamic weather though. And Project cars framerate on console are all over the place with dynamic weather.

  8. SMIDG3T

    I’d really like to head over to Polyphony Digital and see what they get up to. How can they, in 2016, make a racing game that doesn’t have weather effects, a key feature in my opinion. A certain developer called Turn 10 pump out games every YEAR and they manage to do a great job. By the way, I’ve played every GT game, I had a PS3 and currently have a PS4 and I am not choosing sides here, just curious.

    1. BWX

      Lots of smoke breaks. Long lunch. Go home early. Take a vacation. Maternity leave. Code a little. Bathroom break. Out sick. Fumigate. Move office. Water cooler. Office party.

  9. Probuff

    My first love of racing games is dying. I really hoped for the thrill it gave me every single time it came out (until 5th), but sadly it does not anymore. I find other racing games way further than GT, tho I still miss that feeling of driving a car in it. RIP

  10. RacerPaul

    20 on grid is fine imo. 24 in FM6 is too chaotic. Mind you, the quality of drivers in the big factor. There’s a lot of idiots about, sadly

  11. Psychopulse

    Wow, very refreshing news indeed! Really glad they are becoming more focused on quality over quantity. This is only the beginning, and it’s a good start to put much more emphasis on quality by making sure it is not compromised. For those who are complaining, it’s not that big of a deal you guys… They just omitted transitions, but the feature will still be there (i.e. we can still choose it before the race). It’s a better option for Photo Mode too because the quality overall is significantly better for static race conditions!

  12. smskeeter23

    Haha look at me all signed in for the first time in like 3 months just to respond to this.

    I find it interesting that once again we have a core crew of fans who said “GT7 better be this or that” or “GTsport better have this…” more importantly “PD better not EVER run another half assed prelude game or partial release” blah blah blah… talking about things that were absolutely screamed for in 5 and 6 and now saying it’s ok or no big deal for being excluded… simply because it’s going to be some sort of new release on PS4.

    My opinion isn’t worth anything so take it for what you will but for me, a hardcore fanboy of 18 years to where I am now says something about how PD operates and why it just won’t ever change now. Call It SONYs fault, call it Kaz’s fault, blame it on thin staff… do what you must but it’s become clear that they can’t, or won’t, or worse don’t feel the need to keep up anymore and run solely on the fact that they know people will buy a game simply because it’s GT.

    And don’t mistake my words when I speak against the great Kazunori… I truly believe he wants to make GT the greatest driving game on the planet, I do, but I also believe it’s become a tactic to get hype, then “promise” updates.

    You guys with hope that “things will be different this time” I envy you. It’s where I was too. Honestly though once online updates became “a thing” PD has lost at every turn. I hate that my most loved series, my one last true obsession in games, has made me bitter to the point that I don’t even want to turn it on anymore and I instead find myself wondering what kind of fun I might be missing with that dreaded “F word”.

    Alright, rant over. I’ll just leave with saying I’ve come to understand that PD will not live up to promises they make or things they elude to. One day you will care about the things you are giving a pass to now, trust me.

    1. FosterG

      You make some very good points, but the dreaded “F” word is a pretty good alternative. If you have not tried it, you might very well like it, Turn10 listens very well to the base.

    2. KIfa

      Just one question. Before you did all you’re useless rant. Did you even read the reports about GT sports?
      Let me tell you:

      According to various reports, GT Sport is designed an online-focused eSports title. AGAIN: its a eSports title.
      It’s not just dynamic time of day or weather that will be absent, but the singleplayer mode will also be missing in action to make way for small tutorials and missions to teach people proper racing technique and etiquette as well. Its also possible the game will be free to play.
      THIS IS NOT GT7!!!! ITS A eSports TITTLE!

    3. smskeeter23

      Klfa you must not have been paying attention to the 47,000 conversations about GT over the last few years… or played GT very long. “Tutorials and missions” is basically saying “look we got rid of license tests and renamed them”.

      Also GT’s online systems are a long known nightmare that have been full of problems everytime they’ve tried it. It’s not a console issue, it’s a PD server and code issue. I wouldn’t expect this to be much different. Same lofty goals, same age old issues.

  13. ArR29

    Meh. Not a big deal. Dynamic weather is great in GT6 but the framerate and image quality is poor because of it. Tbh, I kinda like what PD is doing right now. Quality over quanity and performance over eye candy. Having a smooth 60fps is 100x better than dynamic time and weather imo

  14. johnnyman123

    Haha. My thoughts exactly. It was a feature that ALWAYS made me feel happy about choosing GT over Forza. I am sure itll be back for GT7…doesnt matter, to me Forza already has the crown. But the time GT7 comes out Forza 7 will be out and well, can you imagine how amazing that game will be?

    1. cjr3559

      Agree here, the transitional effects will come later. Sony/PD probably needs to push *something* out in the meantime. I mean, how far behind are they compared to their competitors?

      On the other hand I’d hate to fall into conspiracy thinking this is simply a ‘danking carrot in front of the horse’.

      Meanwhile I’ll stick with my old GT6 until something better comes along. PCars and AC haven’t prompted me to run out and invest in a PS4 and new wheel yet.

  15. Sparkz_360

    I know this ain’t a full game but that is truly odd, surely the Ps4 can handle this without major issues.

  16. breyzipp

    Lol the ONE thing GT6 has over Forza 6 (the combination of dynamic weather and different tyre choices) gets killed for the next title. gg

  17. ss3

    I didn’t like it at first but after I thought about it and read there still will be different times of day I was okay with it ;)

  18. KIfa

    @ the potato heads who don’t know what they talking about.

    This is not a full GT game. According to various reports, GT Sport is designed an online-focused eSports title. It’s not just dynamic time of day or weather that will be absent, but the singleplayer mode will also be missing in action to make way for small tutorials and missions to teach people proper racing technique and etiquette as well. Its also possible the game will be free to play.

    THIS IS NOT GT7!!!! Get it in you’re thick mind. ITS A eSports TITTLE!

    1. KIfa

      And stop mentioning Forza. That game is long gone. The online servers are almost empty. No one plays or even plays that game. No wonder its free on PC. GT sports will be HUGE game for eSports.

    2. mister dog

      Yup i bet a lot of people will find the patience to wait another 3 years for the next GT to appear, and end up being disappointed with it.

    3. KIfa

      @TeamCZRRacing. False. I owned an Xbox one. after 2 month of Forza 6 release. The servers were almost empty. And now you can check it out on PC. Even being Free. People are not interested in playing it. This says much on how good it is. Forza 6 since the September 15, 2015 release it has sold only 1.2 million. That also tells you something. Facts are facts you can check it out and stop lying to yourself.

    4. smskeeter23

      “Rabbid angry fanboy” at that. You all know I was a rabbid fanboy as well… but never so angry at people and condescending.

      Klfa you’re digging a hole trying to school us veterans on what GTsport is and is not. Call it what you will but the fact is that once again there was hype of features, especially ones people complained about at nausium to be included or fixed that are now once again disappearing.

      Different song, same lyrics.

  19. wallpaper42

    Damn, all the dynamic stuff was a huge edge GT had over Forza and now it’s gone for the time being… Driving on the Nurburgring while the weather and time changed was freakin’ magical.

    At least this means it’ll probably have puddles like Forza 6.

  20. Lotrzyna

    Polyphony has 6 months to convince Sony to make G29 work on PS4.
    This is the only way for me to buy the VR and GTSport (and I had played the series since GT1) – I hope there will be many people like me and Sony will live up to their “for the players” slogan.

    1. Donnced

      The Logitech G29 works with PlayStation 4! The only logitech wheels that doesn’t get support from logitech on PlayStation 4 are the G25 and G27, and they will never get support on the console cause logitech don’t want.
      And the G25/27 are outdated also,finding them new now is a lottery cause logitech don’t make them anymore.

    2. potvinsuks

      @Donnced Are the Logitech g25 and g27 really outdated though?

      To me, my G27 absolutely comes to life when I’m driving via P-Cars, i-racing, R-Factor 2 and even NR2003.

      To me, THIS is the one thing that I just can’t get over, is that their making us have to buy another wheel. It’s bad enough I’m going to have to get the “NEO” in order to buy the better VR for the upcoming two titles, but the wheel is what’s killing me.

      As of now, I’m fortunate enough to have a PC good to use on any sim, and all I would need to spend money on is a VR for the PC and I’m set. Heck, I could probably do without the VR as some titles implement the track-ir.

      However, most hard core GT users including myself are going to dish out an extra $1100-$1200 to just play these two titles……..grrrrr… why do I have to love GT so much :-).

      I just find it ludicrous that we can’t use our G27´s on the ps4…

    3. Johnnypenso

      To say the G27 is outdated is patently false. It’s forced obsolescence on the part of Sony and/or Logitech. The G27 is a perfectly good wheel, works great with all the sims I play on pc. It’s an entry level 3 pedal wheel with a shifter. FFB isn’t as strong as a T300/500 for example, but it’s also 1/2 to 1/3 the price.

      The G27 is working with some games on the PS4 as well through the use of the Gimx adaptor.

  21. Foxiol

    Glad I never bought a Play Station 4 for a Gran Turismo game yet, the more I know things about GT Sport, the less interested I am. (not even talk about the engine sounds)

    Spend a lot of money in upgrading my PC and that sure is paying off…Heck I can even play Forza Motorsport (and upcoming games in the series) which to my eyes is doing things right compared to what Kazunori is doing (or trying to do) with Gran Turismo.

    Not sure why that need to focus the game in other things instead of making the game WE all want.

    Frustration is what I’m getting which every news related to this game. Such a shame.

    1. johnnyman123

      PD and Kaz have a partnership with the FIA…instead of making the game we all want Kaz now has a business partnership to make a FIA game….this means Kaz sees us as sheep…he and PD make money off of the FIA *AND* the GT fans who will buy GTS. He doesn’t care what we want…kaz is looking at this from a $$$ perspective and will make whatever game it takes to make him more money…the hell with the fans.

      this is why I am done with GT…been with the series since GT1 thru GT6…but now im making the jump to Forza.

    2. GrumpyGrumps

      I mean PCars, Assetto Corsa, iRacing, Raceroom, etc., it doesn’t have to be Forza vs. GT

    3. johnnyman123

      @GrumpyGrumps Absolutely! Both those titles are excellent…However I love driving road cars in their most stock form..Forza and GT do it with the most excellence…

  22. TeamCZRRacing

    Regurgitating something I said earlier for the sake of banta:

    The PS4 can more than handle it, but first of all, you have to admit that the weather simulation in GT6 was lacking. While there was dynamic weather and TOD, there also weren’t, say, puddles or any real aquaplaning simulation – it was basically a linear loss of grip in accordance with how wet the track was. So, by removing dynamic weather, they can focus on making actual wet conditions more realistic by including standing water and other things like that. Second, and most importantly, they have to maintain a constant high framerate for VR users’ safety – having the game put out anything less than a smooth 60 fps makes it harder for the headset to upscale the FPS to 90, which is the minimum threshold to avoid motion sickness for most people.

    1. BWX

      So PD suck at doing time progression and changing weather. Yes, that is correct.

      So now with a more powerful console to play with, what does Kaz do? Instead of fixing it and making it better he ditches it completely. Par for the course. Kaz always takes the easy way out now. Always deletes features instead of fixing them.

      GT is dead.

  23. RodolphoPNeto

    This game must look incredible. pCars looks pretty good to me, at full 60fps even with 30+ cars on the track AND dynamic weather and damage models. If GTS can’t keep the frame rate with that stuff, it must look unbelievably detailed. IMHO, i’d rather have all the other stuff and tone down the details if that’s what it takes.

  24. Radracing

    No biggie. Frame rate should be a high priority since it is necessary for smooth game experience without that it would ruin the sim experience of racing more cars with fast reaction time from game controllers or wheels. We just need to be patient with the hardware catching up with all the game features we all want where it will actually send you to the hospital when you crash in the game. ;-)

  25. gear1420

    Maybe when the PS7 comes out they won’t have to dodge the graphics limitations or KAZ’S ideas.
    Watching the Indy 500 you have partly cloudy with sunny then cloudy conditions

  26. ederss7

    Lol. Simply ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is Kaz’s excuse. Huge disappointment. Although I understand it if GT Sport is something “small” in comparison to what the next Gran Turismo will be. But if this is the tendency for future games, then the series is death to me.

  27. gigio79

    PS4console new generation, hardware more powerful and no way to have dynamic weather and high quality in the same game? Very very disappointed. Dear Mr. Yamahouci you begin very bad the next generation, and GT series go on under a not good star. Think about!!!

  28. BrunetPaquet

    Hunh, that’s… different. Time of day will be chooseable but it won’t lapse and conditions are also chooseable before entering the track but it won’t change?

    I’ll refrain from being for or against anything mentioned here, since GT Sport is creating a war between supporters and unsupporters.

    Don’t wanna be branded a fanboy or a hater nor join any sides.

  29. Vspectra

    No dynamic weather is fine but I’m incredibly disappointed in no dynamic time transitions.

  30. jpbonadio

    He says that as if he wasn’t working with a much more powerful hardware. What happened to PD?

    1. johnnyman123

      Its all excuses for Kaz…if you been with the series from the start there are many MANY countless other nonsense excuses he makes…its really ridiculous and ita a shame the newer people jumping onto GT will take a few years to realize this samething.

  31. Rubencho

    lol, Turn 10 releases the Pc capped version of Forza 6 and people complain it’s not a complete game, PD wants to release a demo and charge for it en fanboys are still happy to buy limited editions…

    1. SavageEvil

      What about GT Sport makes it an incomplete game? Forza Apex has 60+ cars and like 6 tracks. GT Sport has 137 cars and 19 courses, Apex is a demo of sorts teaser if you will.

  32. VBR

    One of my favourite things to do in GT5 & GT6 was driving a lap or two of The Nord with a day to night transition. It was also good to do that in online races. Won’t be able to that anymore!

    1. MrWaflz55

      If you played endurance races with weather changed and many cars on the track in GT5/6, you would know the frame rate issues.

  33. Gavster11

    I really hope GTS is similar to the ‘prologues’ of the past with regards to less features and cars than the ‘full fat’ numbered GT’s, if dynamic time and weather are missing from GT7 (or whatever they end up calling it) it will definitely be a deal breaker for me.

    GTS is looking less and less appealing for me, but then again I’ve never been that interested in the prologues of the past either. Don’t get me wrong, I know GTS isn’t GT7 prologue, it’s so much more than that with the FIA sanctioned championships, it’s just that I’ve always liked racing offline using the huge catalogue of cars and tracks in whatever combination I like making GT a kind of ‘sandbox’ game for me. GTS will not be like this, that’s a given.

    1. BoneSawTX

      Personally I think GT5P was the best effort they made, then we got gt5 and I abandoned ship. GTS seems to be following T10 and FM in the locked 1080p/60fps. No other reason to discard those features.

      60fps seems a requirement to run a proper sim, jump between FM and Horizon and you can feel the difference. I’m gonna guess GT7 will have weather and time back with their fluctuating fps.

  34. GT HP Nut

    I’m sorry, but that might be a deal breaker to me. Dynamic time and weather has been a huge selling point to me when I played GT5, especially during endurance races. I mean, it adds so much more realism and variety to endurance races! I might belong to the minority, but I’d rather GT Sport runs with an inconsistent framerate than it runs with a constant weather and time.


    People used to get angry when Kaz was being quiet for too long, and when he started to open up for us on mentioning on what his next direction would be – people are going more furious !?
    What has the fanbase became into !?
    Doesn’t people realize that he is using his cards carefully to give the best possible entertainment for us before the deadline !?
    I know about his previous statements but that man is holding a mountain of responsibility between companies – events – cars – tracks – programming & most importantly … US !!!
    If he didn’t cared about us he wouldn’t have made these dicisions before the deadline & it’s clear in his current statement !!!

    1. littleregret265

      We’re all rabid fans with our own desires for the game, which can get out of hand often.


      Let’s say it’s true … but still – before we make a harsh judgement like what happened here – we should at least think twice about what he is doing & why he is making these dicisions before throwing a flamming words like what happened here <:(

    1. BrunetPaquet

      I know Forza Horizon 1 had time of day and Forza Horizon 2 has both, but considering it’s was an arcade game it’s just… different I guess, even if it had mechanical damaging.

  36. magawolaz

    Disgusting. One step forwards, two steps backwards. Give me GT6 Remastered instead of this.

  37. jakenj9

    Its really not a deal breaker for me.. The canned enviroments in forza 6 work just fine… But on the other hand Project cars pulls off dynamic time of day and weather really well….. Still not a deal breaker…

    1. BoneSawTX

      The fps fluctuations in Pcars was frustrating, going into a turn and boom it drops 15-20 and there goes the line you wanted to take. Locked 60fps is the smart thing to do, it’s not a numbered release so try something different. I’d say innovative but T10 has stuck to that locked 60fps philosophy.

  38. KiroKai

    Degree of freedom is inversely proportional to quality? If that’s his basic principle approaching options in games it’s not surprising we can’t create events, adjust cameras properly or even choose our preferred units.

  39. Blood*Specter

    In GT Sport, I’m not so gutted. However if GT7 is not outfitted with time and weather, I would be really disappointed. Those features have been mainstays of the franchise.
    And are very welcome when racing 24 hour courses. Very challenging and wonderful effects in late afternoon, evening and early morning. The stars and moon light……really Kaz?

    So all the talk about the PS4 being much easier to manipulate and program compared to the PS3 was just that…….talk. Progressing through time and light conditions along with weather is what gave the game a soul. Without these things taking place in a life like manner, the game will become dry and sterile.

    And I really would like to see the tuning menu(s) and an example of damage.
    I hope those items are more simulation than game/arcade like.

    1. littleregret265

      I agree that having that dynamic element adds so much, but mainstays? Hasn’t really been a thing for PD until GT5.

  40. littleregret265

    It sucks that they’re leaving dynamic weather and time behind, but with their stake in VR, it’s all but necessary to keep the frame rate as high as possible. I’m not interested in VR really (cool concept but not for me or my wallet) but I hope it is amazing for those who choose to use the VR features.

  41. isaac munene

    at this point they might as well make a PC version. Console power isn’t enough bruh! Also I wonder if they were scared of competing with Driveclub visually.

    1. isocuda

      GT Sport is basically iRacing light for consoles as it is, they’d be jumping into a market segment they’d likely not make much gains in besides existing customers, which would be silly given they already have a PlayStation.

  42. Prenny

    Forza Motorsport 6 also have static Time and Weather, it’s probably because they want to make the game rock solid 60 FPS, Dynamic Time and Weather takes alot hardware.

  43. LivingWithGames

    Even in the PS4 days, dynamic weather is a myth. No news here.

    But if GT7 fails to deliver that, then it’s GG. Or proper damage.

  44. Vendrah

    Thats a real big shame, I did expect at least time change. There are no reasons for any endurance races in GT Sport anymore, there is no sense in any race that lasts more than hour. 24h Nurburgring, 24h LeMans… forget it! One more step backwards sadly =(.

    1. SavageEvil

      Which means they should create a solid base that runs at 1080p 60fps rock solid, after that they can tweak and push other limits. Or what they forgot to do with GT5, plan a solid base before shoving in things that made the entire game a bit of a rollercoaster. I’m not upset for them pushing dynamic in GT5 at all it was new and really brought something special to driving, unmatched beauty in a car game from just watching day/night cycles.
      GT Sport is brand new all new builds of everything, dynamic changes are out but it doesn’t seem like the it’s gone just not dynamic but you can choose time of day still but static during the race. Pretty sure once the game comes out and is solid, they’ll work at bringing back dynamics, I don’t like static weather or time in driving games. Not sure why PD left it out from the core but it’s their product and the direction is their decision. I can choose to buy or not, simple as.

  45. David Talle

    “‘degree of freedom’ and ‘quality’ are direct parallels to each other, where increasing one would lead to a decrease in the other”
    Wait.. what !?

    1. Brend

      D’oh, that’s what I get for trying to go all mathematical in my articles! :) Apologies guys.

    2. David Talle

      No, sorry I got that part even if it wasn’t exactly what you meant, but I totally disagree with what Kaz is saying, especially talking about this feature ! It doesn’t really makes sense IMO.

  46. Ramosis

    It’s ok to me, since we get an option to select various times of a day (as said in KY interview), but I think that’s mandatory GTS have shadows similar to GT5 Prologue as trade-off for this.

  47. racingchamp30

    My question here for GTS is that is their any damage component to the vehicles. A damage component that would be a much better improvement over GT6.

    1. Nato_777

      There is damage but we haven’t seen it yet so it remains to be seen how much or well it is implemented.

  48. Fat Tyre

    A step in the right direction I think, with Forza I realised how much more important it is to have a rock solid performance @60fps than poorly done weather effects. Just have to be patient, they’ll return when the hardware is powerful enough for them.

    1. SavageEvil

      The hardware is powerful enough to do it, problem is they build a new engine for the game from scratch so it’s obviously not running on all cylinders. Once it matures it’s going to see enhancements, I mean there is still the ability to choose time of day and weather before races, so it’s still built into the game. Them allowing it to run dynamically is up to maturity of their engine and code bases.

  49. WyldAnimal

    Humm?? how can you have a Sanctioned Endurance Race with out, at the very Least Dynamic Time of Day changes..

    Could you Imagine a 24 HR endurance race and it’s always the same time of Day?
    How boring!!!

    Doesn’t even have to be of 24 hrs length..

    1. isocuda

      iRacing has the VLN 24, Le Mans, etc. They usually just run them the whole time in the night setup to weed out the wanna bes. So much work goes into the whether and debris system, etc. Day to Night transitions are a whole other beast if you want to simulate them properly.

      GT isn’t about just visuals, they want to do it correctly. Which is why I’m a GT/iRacing guy, because the updates do take forever, but they are good at what they do.

  50. Bigbazz

    It’s not a big deal for me but we are going backwards here in many areas, I think GT Sport is a mistake and I worry for the productivity of PD, it takes them so long to get anything done that It’s no wonder the game is getting cut down.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      The PS4 can more than handle it, but first of all, you have to admit that the weather simulation in GT6 was lacking. While there was dynamic weather and TOD, there also weren’t, say, puddles or any real aquaplaning simulation – it was basically a linear loss of grip in accordance with how wet the track was. So, by removing dynamic weather, they can focus on making actual wet conditions more realistic by including standing water and other things like that. Second, and most importantly, they have to maintain a constant high framerate for VR users’ safety – having the game put out anything less than a smooth 60 fps makes it harder for the headset to upscale the FPS to 90, which is the minimum threshold to avoid motion sickness for most people.

  51. Nato_777

    Doesn’t bother me in the slightest providing that the static weather effects are first class. Proper wet road with reflections, standing water, great water droplet textures and spray etc…
    Proper headlight beams for all cars. These are the things that were completely absent in GT6 with it’s dynamic transitions. For GTS being static they should be best in class now considering the “quality” reasoning.

  52. OptiMystik

    It’s bad manners for modern racing game, but I glad to read that: I like only dry day races and don’t greet surprises like “transitions in the race”.

    1. Tenacious D

      I agree with you completely. The dumb weather in PCARS with the changes every lap and a half are just awful. HATE it. I’d much rather have a sunny or rain race myself. It doesn’t seem to upset the fans of Forza…

    2. thomZ

      Any of your answer is just too fun to read, that’s amazing.

      There are two small tracks that almost nobody knows. They are called “Spa-Francorchamps” and “Nurburgring”. And guess what : depending on the weather, you can have half the track cover by rain while the other half is just freaking sunny. That’s call dynamic weather and that shows you can have several weather conditions on the same lap or between 2 laps.

      But you will discover that one day. ;)

    3. OptiMystik

      thomZ, calm down, Shakespeare =D it’s just a videogame for me – “you will discover that one day”

    4. JohnScoonsBeard

      Tend as you brought it up the Project Cars weather system is easy to control once you know what you’re doing. If you the create your own race weekend or an online weekend each of 4 weather slots can be manually set at anywhere between about 2 minutes and an hour.

      If the weather is changing that often in career mode try running a longer race. The transitions between weather are great. I enjoyed them in GT5 and GT6.

      I suspect PD just don’t have the time to get everything done for GT Sport so stuff gets cut.

  53. thomZ

    On last article I said : ‘I’m pretty sure it won’t even have dynamic weather and timelapse’. People told me I was too damn high. Now, I’m smiling :).

    As I said, GT licence is D.E.A.D. Everything is so predictable about Kaz…

    1. Tenacious D

      Yeah… even GT5 is still selling, so I’m thinking your proclamation is… as valid as the last thousands.

    2. Fredzy

      Dynamic time and weather is trivial to me, so this is very good news in my opinion. This is an example of PD making a trade off in the right direction – improving the quality of the game where it matters. There are tons of reasons to hate on PD and GT, it’s funny though that most people hate on them for the most trivial/unimportant stuff. You probably place damage modeling really high on the priority list also.

    3. Master Weasel

      @Fredzy: People enjoy different things from GT. Just because a feature isn’t important to you, doesn’t mean it’s not important to other fans.

    4. Fredzy

      @MW, understood 100%. I do feel your pain.. I’m always getting the short straw like that. For example, all I want in the world is a Subaru Levorg, but they just won’t bring it to the US. The demand isn’t there, supposedly. It’s similar with dynamic time/weather, detailed damage, a lot of that stuff. It’s cool, more realism is always better. There are a lot of very vocal people that get lots of joy from that stuff. But what is more important to the masses is what is more important to the maker. You might be ok with graphical/content compromise for that stuff, but most would prefer otherwise.

  54. MarchingSaint

    “Coding on PS3 was a nightmare”

    Still can’t understand the directions GTSport has taken, i’m a die-hard fan to the point of fanboysm, but some decisions just look like a rushed to the point of nonsense.
    Hope i’m wrong.

    1. JoshDevil

      He just said its to raise quality. Its right there in the article. I can quote the quote for you if you want.

    2. MarchingSaint

      Don’t get me wrong but the PS3 premium as a standard was a good standard, they just jammed the entire production of the game in redoing assets that were good looking and updated until a few months ago. The point isn’t even about the all-round quality of image but gameplay.

  55. MeanElf

    That is indeed a shame. I can understand why though, in view of the ‘keeping consistency’ idea.

    There is hope, by inference that GT7 might include such – I mean, if Sport is GTAcademy focused and the numbered games will be more about the ride.

    1. JoshDevil

      He said this could have been called 7. When 7 does come out its gonna be the same to keep the same quality.

    2. MeanElf

      Yeah, I saw that too – my point though is that if the next title isn’t a continuation of the ‘sport’ theme, then the old rules will once again apply. In other words, it’s more about not having to keep to specific conditions of the level playing field such as we’ve seen in the GT Academy events in the past, but more about the GT ethos of driving the tracks instead of trying to be number one. In other words, it’s not so much about capability of the game engine or platform, after all Driveclub comfortably managed dynamic weather alongside progressive time at different frame rates, all under 30fps. GTS can therefore do the same, but it was chosen to not follow that path due to needing to keep the conditions the same for everyone. Think about the Top Gear star in a reasonably priced car event – allowanced needed to be made for weather conditions – that’s what this is more about.

      In these days of uncertainty, things are said that are true at the time, but might well change according to pressure/demand.

    3. JoshDevil

      He’s not going to lower the quality for dynamic stuff as seen here. My original statement stands

    1. Tenacious D

      People don’t seem to realize that PS4 is about as powerful as a good gaming laptop right now, not even an excellent one. The ram is MUCH nicer and faster, being boutique GDDR5, but the CPU is an average off the shelf laptop processor, and 60% as fast as Cell. Many of us weren’t sure what to make of PS4 and XBone at release, but it comes as no surprise now that both SONY and MS are making higher end versions of both.

      Now maybe Kaz and the team are being a little slow to know how to take advantage of the processors in the GPU as well as CPU, and that will be enhanced in GT7 down the road. As with all things GT, we’ll see.

    2. Samus

      I was referring to Ten D saying “Now maybe Kaz and the team are being a little slow to know how to take advantage of the processors in the GPU as well as CPU, and that will be enhanced in GT7”

  56. FireEmblem10

    Interesting. I’d assume there’s a reason beyond what is being mentioned in the article for the lack of dynamic weather, although I can’t fathom what.

    I hated the time changes, but liked the weather changes, so it’s kinda 50/50 for me on removal of them.

  57. silicon1138

    For god’s sake, this is ridiculous. This is the PS4, it’s got 8 gig of RAM. Considering what they squeezed out of the PS3 with it’s 256meg, the weather, the time changes, all at 1080p, and now they are telling us they are worried about quality control? Something really fishy about this. They should be jubilant, bathing in the power of the PS4, not telling us we can’t have this or that.

    1. johnnyman123

      This is nothing new…Kaz has been giving these ‘reasons’ since GT1 days, dont fall for it guys. I am not even a big online racer so GTS is pretty much dead in the water for me.

      Forza, at this point, is for SURE the way to good…I suspect only the die hard playstation/GT guys will stay behind.

    2. Tenacious D

      I don’t like Forza anymore. Might try it on PC with F7, might, but definitely not a given. I skipped F5 too. That series just isn’t as awesome as people make out.

    3. BoneSawTX

      Forza left GT behind long ago, the switch to FM has been nothing but great. Hot air around here kept me from trying it sooner, so much fan boy bs here it’s hard to take many opinions here serious.

    4. Fat Tyre

      Same here, switched nearly two years ago and it has amazing. No slow development bs, Turn 10 delivers like clockwork, we got Porsche, three games in the space of three years and one of them being a great fun, free roam racer. Great sounds from the get go, 24 car grids, every car with its interior modelled, just superb stuff, also my TX wheel works beautifully in Forza 6, ffb feels great.

    5. johnnyman123

      Tenacious D, I an curious, what dont you like about Forza? Its got PD beat in both car list, real life tracks, damage, physics etc etc….

      whats your reasons?

    6. Imari

      @TenD “any more”? Do tell when you have ever liked Forza through your ongoing love affair with Gran Turismo.

    7. apexpredator100

      Not sure why he’s getting attacked for not liking Forza. If that’s not what he prefers then just leave him be.

  58. GTP Ziggy

    I pretty much was expecting that, articles first said that they would not have dynamic weather and GT5 Prologue did not have a dynamic atmosphere neither, which was a secondary title.

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