GT Sport’s Circuit Experience is the Quick Way to Early, Easy Money

Every time a new game comes out, like GT Sport, fans immediately look for a quick way to bypass the grind.

The good news with GT Sport is that the Circuit Experience portion of the Campaign Mode acts as the game’s inbuilt ATM. It’s also rather handy for learning the myriad new tracks in the title.

Unlike Arcade Mode, which locks away the overwhelming majority of circuits until you level up, Circuit Experience allows you to, well, experience the circuits. Handily it also gives out fabulous prizes.

Even the very first Circuit Experience is a money-spinner. It’s a simple, one-lap run of the Northern Isle Speedway. For your 15 seconds’ work, the game awards you 37,000 credits and 111XP. That’s more money than you get for doing the entire first set of Driving School missions, and almost as much XP.

Better still, you also get a prize vehicle from the carousel for hitting that easy gold time, and some circuit decals for bronze and silver.

Aside from that, the best prize pot in terms of time that we’ve found is actually the Brands Hatch Grand Prix test. Circuit Experience divides this up into six sectors, all at 22 seconds or less. The final lap challenge has a gold time of 1:27.700, so all-in it takes just under three minutes to earn 277,500 credits and more than 900XP.

The prizes are sadly non-repeatable. However, should you complete all of the challenges you’ll accumulate more than four million credits and 14,000XP — enough to reach level 20 and unlock everything that you can unlock. You’ll also have 22 new cars to play with.

In addition, the track miles will certainly fill up a few Daily Marathons — not to mention Achievements. With bonuses for distance driven, time playing, fuel used and prize money, you’re sure to get an even bigger boost by claiming these rewards.

We’ll bring you more tips and tricks to getting ahead in GT Sport as we find them.

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