GT Sport’s Decal Upload Feature Now Available to Limited Users

Gran Turismo Sport 72 November 11, 2017 by

It appears the wait for GT Sport’s missing livery editor feature is coming to an end. The feature in question is the decal uploader, delayed to maintain server stability. Polyphony Digital shared the bad news one day before the game released in North America and Asia.

The good news is the decal uploader is now out in the wild albeit to a limited number of people. The slow roll-out is a result of PD monitoring server load. Once server stability is no longer a concern the feature will release to more users. Players weary of a time frame similar to the Track Path Editor for GT6 can breathe a sigh of relief for the time being.

For those looking for a quick reminder, the decal uploader allows players to upload their own decals (in .svg format) for use in the game’s livery editor. Complimenting the announcement of the feature’s limited availability, Polyphony have shared tips on using the upcoming feature.

Beginning with the obvious “What is an SVG file?”. At its heart, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a text-based file format describing how the image will appear. Images saved in the format can be enlarged or reduced in size without any loss of image quality. Those looking forward to the feature will find interest in knowing how to edit SVG files.

Data size is going to be a crucial factor moving forward as images saved in the format are to be no larger than 15kb. Those exceeding the limit are going to need a bit of work. Users can reduce the size by editing the anchor points and path data of the image. On the other hand, users can opt for software that will take care of the hassle for them.

Featured image by NBDESIGNZ.

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