GT Sport’s Photo Mode Makes Us Wonder if You Even Need Photoshop

PlayStation Access has shared another GT Sport video from the recent tours of Polyphony Digital’s offices. In it, we get to see how the franchise’s Photo Mode has evolved to become even more powerful.

The video largely focuses on the Scapes mode. The headline figure hasn’t changed: Polyphony has picked over 1000 locations from across the globe. No, the Cotswolds and Manhattan categories, while interesting, aren’t our primary focus here. Rather, it’s the number of options available once players point the camera.

PS Access starts by placing a Merc VGT in — appropriately enough — the Mercedes museum. Here, we see the option to give the car a set travelling speed for the shot. It’s something we saw last month with IGN’s Photo Mode walkthrough, too. We’ll admit, it’s a little strange to think of the VGT barrelling through the museum at 120 mph, but we digress.

The steering angle and head- and tail-light options should be familiar to existing GT players. One new feature is the Key Switch option. It does what it says on the tin, setting the car up as if the key’s in, powering up gauges and DRLs.

The Camera sub-menu also carries a fair amount of familiar options. New are the more detailed panning shot settings, allowing players to fine-tune how locked-on the camera will be. Present and accounted for is the usual raft of resolution and aspect ratio selections as well.

It’s the Effect mode that really brings us to the headline of the article, though. Color temperature, color fogging correction, exposure correction — these are the sorts of terms that Photoshop or Lightroom toss at you. Lens distortion lets you create faux-fisheye shots. Since Scapes plonk digital cars on real-world photographs, you can add subtle film grain to really fool friends.

Things take another step into serious photo-editing territory with the filters. No, this isn’t like Instagram: there are masking options available, allowing players to choose what parts of the image are affected. If you’re not happy with the filter, you can pop into a deeper menu and tune it by color. Players can apply multiple filters too.

Photo Mode was one of the most popular sub-forums in the GT6 section here at GTPlanet. Out of the over 77,000 posts in there, a fair amount featured post-game editing. With the power of GT Sport’s evolved mode, we predict only the most advanced photographers will feel the need to tinker with what the game spits out.

We’ll see what the community is capable of when GT Sport launches mid-October.

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