GT5 Academy Edition Included in New “Super Slim” PS3 Hardware Bundle for Europe

October 2nd, 2012 by Jordan Greer

As you may have heard, Sony announced the launch of their third – and likely final – revision to the PlayStation 3 hardware at the Tokyo Game Show a few weeks back.

Known as the PS3 “Super Slim” or “M-Chassis”, it is the smallest version of the console yet, and includes larger internal hard drive sizes at 250GB and 500GB.

Although not widely announced by Sony, Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition has been included in one of the Super Slim’s new European hardware bundles. Priced at £249.99 in the UK and €299.00 elsewhere, the bundle also includes a copy of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

As GT5: Academy Edition will not be released in the United States, such a bundle is not expected to come to America.

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  1. Oct. 20, 6:38am

    Super Slim PS3 Looks like a ps2 only tiny bit thicker. I like the slim one that i have

  2. Oct. 4, 11:06am

    Why isn’t the academy version being sold in North America? is there content in it that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise?

  3. Oct. 4, 9:50am

    the new ps3 super slim stinks

  4. Oct. 3, 9:44am

    Yes, EVERY PS3 does PS1 emulation.
    Only first gen PS3s do PS2 playback.

    GT2 is a PS1 game.
    I have an 80gb gen 2 PS3 and a Slim and play GT1 and 2 on both when Im nostalgic ! :P
    Buy a Ps3 mate.

  5. Oct. 3, 7:02am

    @ hairystig
    The thing is at 28nm, each pack of CPUs literally use 12-20watts of power to run, I hear.
    With that said, granted their overclocked, I rate they would run pretty cool.
    PDAs and Smartphones dont overheat in a hurry, granted they use 1,2 or 4 similar cores.
    Dont forget, at launch, the PS3 had a 90nm CPU and GPU,
    with this setup, theres no need for redundent manufacturing to improve yield, as at 28nm, heat will be minimal, and cost/production to the point.

  6. Oct. 3, 6:28am

    Priced at £249.99 in the UK and €299.00 elsewhere!

    LOL what? :) weird pricing..

    • Oct. 3, 3:54pm

      Pounds and Euros are different units. It’s actually cheaper outside of the UK at the current conversion rate.

  7. Oct. 3, 4:56am

    The cores to be used 192 are in fact modified tablet cpu cores, the thing is, their over clocked at 2GHz each (unlike in Tablets, where their left as is to conserve power).

    This whole process is rumored to be at 28nm. So.. maybe a PS4 could realistically really powerful and launch at $400- $450.

    Just wanted to let you guys know the latest rumors :)
    Hoping to see GT6 on that beast GPU!!!

    • Oct. 3, 5:23am

      That’ll need serious cooling or they’ll ylod like a mofo, if those particular rumours are true……………

  8. Oct. 3, 3:46am

    Can PS3 play PS1 games? I’m thinking of picking up a copy of GT2…

    • Oct. 3, 8:46am

      No only i you have the 1st mabye 2nd generation i have the 1st

    • Oct. 3, 9:46am

      Yes, EVERY PS3 does PS1 emulation.
      Only first gen PS3s do PS2 playback.
      GT2 is a PS1 game.
      I have an 80gb gen 2 PS3 and a Slim
      and play GT1 and 2 on both when Im
      nostalgic ! :P
      Buy a Ps3 mate.

  9. Oct. 3, 12:39am
    i love gt5

    Dat game costs 50 euro’s -_-“

  10. Oct. 2, 9:58pm

    I’m getting the NEW NEW NEWEST PS3.
    The “Super Micro PS3 & Triple Head Razor” for gaming & grooming on the go!
    Out this Xmas.

    • Oct. 2, 11:03pm

      Oop, looks like ya missed out. They just announced one with a Quattro Head Razor and it can walk your dog. I just pre-ordered mine!

  11. Oct. 2, 9:16pm

    Just build yourself a PC then a ps4 for GT6 :)

  12. Oct. 2, 6:53pm

    That’s a pretty good bundle. Uncharted 3 and GT5, what a combo.

  13. Oct. 2, 6:18pm

    I’m so done with the PS3.

    Can’t Sony just focus on remaking the MegaTV?

    • Oct. 2, 7:44pm

      TV’s are mega.Only old people value todays great things,the rest whinge,whine

  14. Oct. 2, 6:01pm

    One question I ask myself often, if why sony even bothered releasing the Super Slim when it doesn’t perform faster than the other two PS3 machines. Seems like a waste of money and resources, IMO..

    The bundle is an okay deal. If I lived in Europe and didn’t a pS3 yet, I would’ve maybe bought it.

    • Oct. 2, 6:06pm

      Damn spelling errors!

    • Oct. 2, 6:48pm

      Less materials are being used to make this smaller version, so it DOES save them money in the long run. An I’m pretty sure it saves a little more power, just like the previous slim compared to the original.

      Also, with a new unit, all of the current software is pre-installed, so less hard drive space (although not much) is saved. Like with my iPhone 2… No more updates are available, but .96 gigs are taken up by all of the current update data.

      And it isn’t made faster because then higher-end games could be played on the system. Now that sounds like a good thing, but it isn’t a good idea because then games made for the higher-end hardware might not run on the lower-end boxes. And it would cost Sony a bit more to actually upgrade the hardware, anyways, rather than make current stuff smaller and more efficient.

    • Oct. 2, 7:41pm

      dont worry b harves,its not the forum,so u escape hanging,floggings for errors…hahaha….f

  15. Oct. 2, 4:35pm

    E3 Next Year, Ps4 and Xbox 8 announcement.
    These are the LATEST rumors.. as you can see, loads more horsepower than “The Cell” and the PS3. The future is near.. I hope Gran Turismo 6 is for the PS4 a.k.a ,Orbis, A.K.A Project Thebe.
    “Durango -> “I don’t know the
    4 Power7 cores + 2 ARM cores
    (2010) -> 4 AMD Jaguar cores
    (2012) [4 packages of 4 = 16
    48+16 VLIW4 SPs(2010) -> 192
    GCN SPs(2012)
    Orbis -> Thebe-Jaguar
    4 AMD Steamroller cores(2011) ->
    4 AMD Jaguar cores(2012) [4
    packages of 4 = 16 cpus
    128 GCN SPs(2011) -> 192 GCN
    (year) is the date it was changed
    Sony’s version will be optimized
    for SonyGL 3.0/OpenGL 4.2
    Microsoft’s version will be
    optimized for DirectX 11.1
    The Jaguar SoC for both consoles
    will not be the same as the
    Jaguar SoC for consumers.
    AMD Jaguar vs Sony/Microsoft
    H1 2013 vs H1 2014
    LP-DDR3/DDR3 vs DDR
    4(estimated clock is 2133 MHz
    10-10-10-20 1.2v)
    For x86 consumer markets vs
    specialized versions tweaked for
    each company
    HSA 3/4ths vs HSA Complete”

    • Oct. 2, 5:10pm


    • Oct. 2, 5:39pm

      I want whatever you’re smoking.

    • Oct. 2, 5:56pm

      I didn’t understand a damn thing that you said..

    • Oct. 2, 6:50pm

      I think he’s listed rumored hardware specs… But I barely even know what each one means, and why he seems to be listing years along with them…

    • Oct. 2, 7:39pm

      bleh bleh bleh

    • Oct. 3, 1:27am

      Absolutely breathtaking that we could get cpu’s built for low-power devices such as tablets, netbooks and low-end notebooks.

    • Oct. 3, 3:41am

      Nice rumour.

      I heard a rumour that Michael Jackson isn’t really dead, he’s working for the government as an alien liaison officer!

  16. Oct. 2, 4:31pm

    PD Really does anything to get money, in a good way though for those who haven’t GT5 yet.

    • Oct. 3, 2:30am

      Yes, they sell their products. That’s SO WEIRD!! I can’t believe this is happening. Can someone stop the earth from spinning? I’m getting dizzy and I want to get off! Did someone call all the major media and tell them about this new revolution in the global market?

  17. Oct. 2, 4:03pm
    Mac K

    Two great games and a great system, nice bundle.

  18. Oct. 2, 3:33pm

    Well let’s see. The PS3 Slim came out about 2 years after the first PS3. Now the Super Slim comes out 3 years after the Slim. So probably at least 2 or 3 years until the PS4, but I doubt any more then 4. I think since for the first time in the PlayStation’s history the PS3 did not beat it’s competitors (Xbox and Wii) Sony will try to not be the first to release it’s next round, and will put a year or 2 between itself and the Xbox.

    • Oct. 2, 3:35pm

      Sony releasing after Microsoft that is.

    • Oct. 2, 3:43pm

      …but don’t forget the micro-slim PS3 :-)

  19. Oct. 2, 3:23pm

    I’ve had 500gig in my ps3 for 2 years now. They’re a little late for that.

    • Oct. 2, 5:42pm

      I totally agree. I was thinking maybe I could install a terabyte….

  20. Oct. 2, 2:51pm

    So the “Super Slim PS3” was true. I don’t really care about it unless my new slim goes YLOD on me in the future (which it will probably do since these things are made to fail so you keep buying them. That’s the business these days).

    As for GT5… I’ll patiently wait for GT6.

    • Oct. 2, 5:21pm

      It was confirmed ages ago.

    • Oct. 2, 6:54pm

      “since that’s what these things are made to do these days” – that seems more like a stereotype for an Xbox, not a Playstation… Although, I did just fix my second YLOD.

    • Oct. 2, 9:54pm

      Yeah. Up until today, of everyone I know that bought a fat PS3, it went YLOD on them (mostly 60 and 80gb ones). I took the best care of mine and it died 5 years after working perfectly and not showing the slightest sign of malfunction.

      Currently, my Slim is two years old, so we will see in two or three years. I can almost bet that I will end up with one of these “super-slims” eventually.

    • Oct. 3, 2:38am

      Funny thing. I’ve got a Super Nintendo. It’s almost 20 years old and still works like a charm. If only my slim PS3 would last that long…

  21. Oct. 2, 2:42pm

    Already bought and installed Academy onto my rather voluptuous 250 gig PS3.
    Now running round with 5 gig free space on the HDD and all my Stealth and chrome cars.
    Really dont need an anorexic PS3 for that!

  22. Oct. 2, 2:29pm

    Dear Sony,

    See! Yes you Can do it! Congratulations! Now, please do the same for PS4 with GT6, at launch time!

  23. Oct. 2, 2:26pm

    All’s quiet on the PD front with regards to something new (not DLC, we’re talking GT5 3.0 or GT6 or something).

    • Oct. 2, 6:56pm

      That’s not surprising, saying DLC and an update was just released nearly a week ago…

    • Oct. 3, 2:31am

      Yep, that means at least another 2 to 3 months of waiting before we get something… hopefully.

  24. Oct. 2, 2:22pm

    I’ve been without a PS3 for two weeks now, as both my Phat 60Giggers properly died after 6years of excellent service. So this bundle will see me through for hopefully another 5years

  25. Oct. 2, 1:32pm

    Man I don’t care about old crusty PS3 anymore. Bring on PS4 already.

  26. Oct. 2, 1:29pm

    No surprise lol. Sony’s way of trying to get some sales home before a PS4 announcement.

  27. Oct. 2, 1:04pm

    nice to see them putting more memory into something small.

    • Oct. 2, 2:18pm

      It has more memory?

    • Oct. 2, 2:24pm

      I think he meant more HD space. I know it can come with up to a 500G HD if I’m not mistaken.

    • Oct. 2, 2:24pm
      e30 freek

      Yep 500gb

    • Oct. 2, 3:36pm

      Double the memory I think

    • Oct. 3, 2:02am

      My PS3 has 320 gigs of hdd space :)

    • Oct. 3, 3:00am

      The exponential evolution of computers means higher performane on less space. For instance, the Death Star, packed with computers, had about the same performance as the first iPad. If Darth Vader wanted to destroy the rebels today, he would probably just build a Death Star app for iPhone 5.

    • Oct. 3, 3:01am

      … hm, when I come to think of it. Do we really know who actually made Angry Birds in Space?

  28. Oct. 2, 1:01pm

    Well, let`s discuss about launch of PS4… Hahaha

    • Oct. 2, 1:03pm

      True right

  29. Oct. 2, 12:58pm

    Nice :)

    • Oct. 2, 7:27pm

      I think the PS4 will be out by Christmas next year. Sony have already said that the support will be over for PS3 in 2015, but they need a crossover, so to think that by Christmas 2013 isn’t crazy.

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