GT5 Asia Online Tournament 2012 Concludes in Malaysia

June 14th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

The Gran Turismo 5 Asia Online Tournament 2012, an official competition similar to GT Academy hosted by PlayStation Asia, concluded last weekend with an event at the Sepang Circuit.

Top finalists from the six eligible territories, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and Hong Kong, were brought together for the Super GT race at the circuit. Sony hosted the final event in GT5 on Suzuka using the Motul Autech GT-R ’08, the Calsonic Impul GT-R ’08, and the YellowHat YMS Tomica GT-R ’08.

Andika Rama Maulana of Indonesia eventually won the competition, ahead of Lee Seonhong of Korea and Chung Ho Hin of Hong Kong. As the winner, Andika was awarded an all-expenses-paid trip to the 2012 Tokyo Game Show. He’ll also get a complete tour of Polyphony Digital’s studios and will enjoy a dinner with Kazunori Yamauchi himself.

A separate GT5 competition was also hosted for Super GT drivers, where Daisuke Ito (#6 Lexus Team Le Mans), Yuki Nakayam (#32 Epson HSV Nakajima Racing), and JP de Olliveila (#12 Calsonic GT-R Team Impul) raced head-to-head in the game.

Congratulations to Andika and all the other finalists at the event; thanks @ramstig for the tip!

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  1. Jun. 19, 5:03am

    Never thought that ramstig would win the competition but he deserves it. I just wish that next time Brunei would be included in the tournament as there are also many sim racers here.

  2. Jun. 15, 7:23pm

    okay so I’m not bragging about my win. I will never forget this. I raced 550 PP like a year ago.. I joined a room with Chinese flag. They were 8 using JGTC GT500 race cars and I am using 550 PP Skyline R34 GTR. Haha I won and I’m serious. I suppose they are all using Driving assists and I don’t. 1st of all I am asian, specifically Filipino and i’m proud of what I have accomplished. :D There must be that kind of challege here in CANADA! Plus since we Canadians cannot compete in GT ACADEMY, there must be some sort of a challenge .

  3. Jun. 15, 9:38am

    There a less asian sim racer out there, i might have chance to reach at the top 5 or better with a little improvement at least. If my ps3 didn’t go ylod and Laos nation was included in the competition. It’s funny that indonesian is the winner of this competition. I thought Malaysia is the best of these selected countries. Not even Philippine or other asian countries included makes it a joke competition. Yamauchi having a misconception that GT5 had like 10million of players still playing the game. Without thinking of ylod user and those who sell the game.

  4. Jun. 15, 8:29am

    anybody else notice Bobby Lee sneaking around in the first picture of the gallery? LOL!

  5. Jun. 15, 7:02am

    So who else thinks there could be a significant Gran Turismo announcement at the Tokyo Game Show? It just wouldn’t make any sense otherwise!

    • Jun. 16, 2:08pm

      I don’t think we are going to see another Gran Turismo title for another 2 years or so. But, I could be wrong.

  6. Jun. 15, 7:01am

    I wish they had booth babes at the GT5 competition for the US just as this competition did. :(

  7. Jun. 15, 6:24am

    Great news, great pictures. Congratulations to all involved. Well done Sony for roping in some promo girls otherwise that would have been a serious sausage fest!

  8. Jun. 15, 3:38am

    Yes, this news is clearly homosexual.

    • Jun. 15, 7:18pm
      e30 freek

      when is the tokyo game show?

  9. Jun. 15, 1:49am

    Congratulations ramstig!

    • Jun. 15, 7:53am
      e30 freek


  10. Jun. 15, 1:31am

    Oh wow! Hooray Indonesia!

  11. Jun. 14, 11:47pm

    That’s good stuff. Dinner with Kazunori-san? Lucky!

  12. Jun. 14, 10:55pm

    Wow I truly love this news very much. Congratz to you ramstig. If possible, can you tell Kaz I said hello? Congratz again. :D

    • Jun. 14, 11:02pm

      Thx broo:D its okay.

    • Jun. 14, 11:05pm

      Your welcome, and woohoo thanks you very much. ^_^

  13. Jun. 14, 10:32pm
    Mac K

    Tharts pretty cool, especially the tour of PD and getting a chance to meet Kaz and have dinner with him. Congrats.

  14. Jun. 14, 10:21pm

    Congratulations ramstig once again. Was great to be part of the GT5 Asia Finals event. I guess your concerns about car settings the night before the race really paid off :)

    It was nice having dinner with you and the rest of the participants. Great company and great racers.

    Say hi to Kazunori san and his team at polyphony for me haha.

    I’m sure you’ll have a blast in Tokyo.

    Regards and have a safe flight .

    • Jun. 14, 10:24pm

      Yeah, but still confused with SRF on style in online mode. Luckily got the last turn haha.

      (Btw who is this? Cant see your ID coz I’m in mobile)

    • Jun. 14, 10:33pm

      Yeah the last turn at Suzuka was really the money maker, really really close race.

      Its Kenneth here by the way haha

    • Jun. 14, 10:40pm

      HuHahahahaha. 130r turn is gambling.

      Waw Mr.Ken from HK? Hahahaha. Nice to meet you

    • Jun. 14, 10:48pm

      Hhaha no Kenneth from Malaysia.

      Please ask Kazunori san when GT6 is going to come out haha

    • Jun. 14, 10:52pm

      Ooo from MGTC ya? Hahhahaah nice to meet you

    • Jun. 14, 10:52pm

      Ooo youare from malaysia? I though you are from HK

  15. Jun. 14, 10:14pm

    Yeah! The news already up! Thx GTP for the post.

    (I’m Indonesia represetative and I really proud make Indonesia to be the winner).


    Thx Diptob79 (dont forget the petition)

    • Jun. 14, 10:20pm


    • Jun. 14, 10:46pm

      Hhaha no Kenneth from Malaysia.

      Please ask Kazunori san when GT6 is going to come out :)

  16. Jun. 14, 10:03pm

    Way to go GTIC_RamStig.
    I knew you can do it.

    Send my regards to Mr kaz :)

    Regards from Gran Turismo Indonesia Community

    btw Pertamax gan

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