GT5 Easter Egg? R34 Skyline Has Die-Cast Underside

GTPlanet user NISMO_GTR_ noticed something looked a bit odd when he flipped his Mine’s R34 Skyline: Phillips-head screws, an AUTOart logo, and a bit of text that read “1/18 Nissan Skyline R34”. AUTOart, of course, is a large manufacturer of die-cast car models – a popular feature around the Polyphony Digital offices.

The user who discovered the suspect texture actually has this model and snapped this picture to confirm that everything does, indeed, line up. Nice one, Kazunori-san, and good spot, NISMO_GTR_!

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  1. Deathsarthe

    Premium cars don’t have fully modeled inards on their wheels, they’re just as blank as the ones in the picture. I think the difference is the texturing on the under carrage is there and it kinda hides the inside of the wheels. There is nothing modeled on the inside of any of the cars.

  2. FlareKR

    Did anybody in the studio noticed that when they put the cars together. The last thing we need is blind model designers, the lighting department already has those.

    1. boblikepie

      that’s a premium car not a standard one. If this was done on a standard car then whatever they’re just upscaled ps2 models but for a premium car not to have it it’s just dodgy.

  3. Deathsarthe

    I flipped over a Lancer Evo premium model with my Veyron and didn’t notice anything there. I also flipped my Veyron and saw that the bottom of it was carbon fiber textured and my Driver’s foot sticks out of the front wheel well.

    I’ve been trying to flip all my cars now.

  4. TheCyndicate

    Its prolly there because they prolly scanned a 3d model of the car, provided by auto art. Many game companies do this.

    I think this isnt as much as an easter egg, as it is you busting them for being slackers and scanning the car instead of making it themselves. =x

  5. KilzoneStrife

    Interesting. And I noticed the tires when in the Dodge showroom. I was about to buy the old Dodge Challenger. Hit X once, when in the view where you’re able to change between how the car looks in day/night etc. Look at the wheels. The car is so high up,you see theres nothing there. Its off putting.. Prologue, Im pretty sure had the inner wheels/ back of the tires

  6. PinkCarrotInYoBigA$$

    What if…. PD just modeled a lot of cars by looking at modelcars. And they forgot to remove the AUTOart texture that appeared because they used laser scannings of the modelcars.

    Or maybe im too tired. 4.10 here…

  7. WTF Mate?

    Wow, lazy texture artists for GT4 then… just snapping a model car’s underside and slapping it on. But to be fair, they weren’t expecting people to see the underside in GT4.

  8. GT-Relentless

    I realy do not care about stupid over expensive toys, all I wanted was a challenging and rewarding GT game, but no matter how you cut it all we have ended up with after all this time is a half cocked driving (not racing) game with little “TRUE” enjoyment, and instead a shed load of pretencious kaz i,m a driving GOD so this must surely be a wonderful experience to every being who touches it crap (and most of you reading this know this to be true, but don’t like to admit it, out of some kind of utterly pointless loyalty) so that we all have fallen for it being the reason we bought a PS3. But the fact is both myself and probably most of you have thought of a load of better things that could have easily been included in GT5, if only a certain someone had spent more timne concentrating on making a truly enjoyable “GAME”, rather than gadding about all over the world at great expense in racing cars and imanging himself to be some kind of racing “GOD” because of being the head of a bunch of people crunching a load of 1s and 0s, i’m sorry but even I a humble commoner have come up with better ideas in a few days than what is included in GT5 and don’t think that I hate having thought these things because I really do but that’s just how I (a day 1 GT fan) can’t help feeling!.


      Wow, run-on sentences! I’m actually QUITE glad that people unhyped this game for me before I bought it! On the 24th, everyone was receiving their copies of GT5, then coming on here and telling of how horrid it was! I was expecting something truly horrible, that I would pass up for Black Ops.

      But when I got my copy of GT5 a week later, I played it and… loved it! I can’t even switch back to Black Ops! But I don’t love it because of loyalty; it’s because I genuinely enjoy it!

      Hype kills. It’s Serious Business.

    2. dearlybeloved

      HI, you know but I hate to admit it but, I think that you are right. My PS3 is now sitting with the YLOD due to playing GT5. I have gone back to playing GT4, Forza3, PGR4, Colin Mcrae. I thought in all honesty that GT5 would be an amazing game but I just feel a little let down. Ok the level of detail is insane but I have learnt more about car settings via Forza than I have with GT. i.e. real world numbers when setting up a car in forza as opposed to the 1-10 slider that GT has always offered.

      I suppose as a driving simulator as it does that very well but overall I will go back to the game once the patches are in order and in the meantime I might as well play complete GT4!

      Peace out.

    1. Dustyr

      200 laps at Indy. I used the pugeot 908hdi with racing soft tires and set the max speed to 240 and ran 41 second laps and pitted ever 30 the comp will pit at 45 so the time you gain in the corners will give you a big advantage. The formula turismo is in used cars and 5000000 bucks with no k’s and 4500000 with 3000k

    2. FlareKR

      And it would’ve been much easier if I could’ve imported my Forumla GT from GT PSP already so I wouldn’t have to go through this mess later on. I bought just for this, only for it to get stuck in arcade with all the other 1 years if hard work.

    3. Bernd

      @dustyr – Uff, 200 laps, but thanks for the info. My level is at 24.5 at the moment, so I should reach 25 tomorrow. I bought the awesome Peugeot 908 just yesterday, but had some trouble to control it during a test-drive at Trial Mountain. Think, I should remove the large turbo, it’s still fast enough without

    1. Bernd

      Pleeeze, how can I get the Formula GranTurismo, I’m stuck on Level23. How many laps do we have to go, to win the Jaguar XJ13 ? ( I know, it’s worth 20 million )

    1. idlestation

      I guess the outside of the wheel can look like crap as long as on the inside/under the car looks perfect like the real counter part.. priorities people!!!

    2. Rios

      really? seriously? your going to complain about the inside of the tires. You’ve got to be kidding me. Grasping at straws to find something to complain about are we. Isn’t there bigger issues, how about those jagged shadows don’t think we’ve complained about them enough yet. Wait, did they fully model to the last nut and bolt the back side of the tire and wheel in Forza?

    3. d360

      What i do find weird is that (do not kill me for saying) Collin Mcrae Dirt had moving axels and stuff on the bottom side of their cars. For a game that looks like this on the outside and was developed for 5/6 years they could have at least tried to put in some axels. The cars now do flip over so the bottoms are visible. I’m not saying that I don’t like the game just the fact that they actually made a GT compilation, +200 very good looking cars and better physics.

    4. Rios

      @mistamontiel: oh the ever popular ‘I found a word you spelled wrong and I’ll rub it your face thing’ yes very clever, shows your higher intelligence and all that, I’m gonna be up all night now feeling awful that I spelled a word wrong. Thankfully there are people like yourself out there who are willing to read every word of a post for no other reason then to call someone on a simple spelling mistake in an effort to make everything they said somehow irrelevant. Thank God for you, oh is it ok if I say thank God, I’m not offending you am I?

      Whats really funny is you had nothing to do with the conversation, all you did was chime in to put me down, I guess the important part is you read what I wrote so thanks for that. Sure hope I spelled everything right in this post for you. Wouldn’t want to suffer the embarrassment of you pointing out yet another spelling mistake Adolf.

    5. Donkey Dentist

      “really? seriously? your going to complain about the inside of the tires. You’ve got to be kidding me. Grasping at straws to find something to complain about are we”

      The only person grasping at straws for things to complain about is…..Rios! You’ve been complaining (about other people complaining) all through this thread! It seems that YOU are the one that scans through articles looking for complaints and then pounces on them just to complain!!

      Get a life!

    6. Rios


      Whats your point? And sorry but were not mates, chip chip cheerio and Bobs your uncle and all that anyway.

    1. Rios

      “cut corners”? Yeah your right I guess, more then a few times have I been driving in GT5 and thought why didn’t they put more time and effort into the inside of the wheels that I never see. I guess they could have done that been then it wouldn’t be six years your moaning about it would have been longer.

      Let me guess your one of those people who bitch about the crowds being made up of flat people, have to agree with you there to, I mean Id much rather have development time and effort put into making sure one guy standing in a crowd that I see for maybe a half second as I pass by him at two hundred miles an hour looks better then the cars and tracks.

    2. MintBerryCrunch

      If they would have modeled the inside of the wheels and left out the interior, I would be so pissed.
      Yeah, they cut corners, but when working with 5 year old tech what the hell did you expect? It would be almost impossible to make it any better than it is.

    3. Bernd

      I think, there isn’t that much to model, as all wheels are looking veeery similar inside. Model it once and use it for all cars – there you have it!

    4. Flavio Briatore

      “why didn’t they put more time and effort into the inside of the wheels that I never see”

      – Well, we’re seeing it now in the photo, aren’t we, Mr. Sarcasm?

    5. Dave-o

      @MintBerry. Are you suggesting that the longer it takes to make a game the more you can be forgiven for the flaws in the final product because you were working on old technology when you started? ;-) (p.s. I don’t care about modelling wheels on the inside, I just thought what you said sounded funny :P)

  9. MilkMan

    Perhaps they just put model-cars in a big “premium-car making machine” and it takes a minute or so for the cars to be made. Then they imported the standard cars from gt4 and sat on their offices eating donuts and asking sony for more money during these 5 years :)

    …or not :P

    1. Ryan

      This is a standard car though so this has been on the underside since GT4 or whatever game it was imported from.

    2. occasionalracer

      Ok MilkMan, I should have known that in this commerical world we live in that a doughnut shop would likely exist. I know what your point was and I doubt they ever sat on their asses. People don’t see the detail and precision they strived for in the surrounding scenery.

    1. GTracerRens

      I don’t think it is sweet or an easter egg.. I think they have bought a couple of carmodels from AutoArt and used them to model there virtual cars. AutoArt makes very detailed modelcars. Probably Polyphony Digital just photographed the underside of the car..
      I really want to start an AutoArt 1:18 car collection, but it costs too much. :(

    1. occasionalracer

      I think what threw me off was that Easter Egg was mentioned, and thought that a previously bare underside got an unlockable patch. Whatever, let’s hope PD doesn’t get sued…

    2. GranTurismo Disciple

      @Bernd i have the formula gran turismo, you have to buy it from the used dealer, u need to have 5million credits cos that’s how much they are. Then wait for one to show up. I had the money ready and then starterted to enter 5 events and quit then check the used dealers it should be refreshed. Please note i did this a total of 5 and a half hours before the f1 car appeared. U don’t need to race just enter the event and then click the exit button. I’m looking to trade mine soon after i unlock the X1 tonight, hope this helped you.

    3. Bernd

      @GranTurismoDisciple – Oh, thanks for the help, I’ll keep an eye on this. Didn’t spot one of them til now. Raced the whole day, to buy my favorite car, the PEUGEOT 908 HDi/FAP – it’s awesome!
      The engine-sound is so raw, my budgies almost lost their feathers from shock and awe

    4. GranTurismo Disciple

      @Bernd, yeah i saved up for the HDi too, everyone kept quitting when i took it online haha, the sound is nice its a good car especially around the nurburgring. I don’t understand why it shoots flames out when you change down a gear tho i thought diesels couldn’t do that oh well I’m happy i could help.

    5. Bernd

      @GT Disciple – Considering you own the Formula GT and the Peugeot908 + an unknown number of Ferraris and Lamborghinis,
      where do you get the money from? My cash-cow at the moment is the 5-lap Indianapolis, which brings 98.000 in 4:10mins. Guess, you must have a race on a level higher than 24, worth about 300.000 or more?

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