Enzo Ferrari on Nürburgring GP Course

Our old friend mimaximax travelled to Germany this past weekend to experience the Nurburgring GP demo first hand! Here’s his latest video, providing us with an in-car gameplay video of the Enzo Ferrari around the new Nurburgring GP circuit.


Gameplay of 2002 Ferrari Enzo using a Driving force GT, pro physics and no aids (I think ABS is set on 1). Track is Nürburgring GP. There were only 8 cars on track but i’m positive there’ll be more on final release.

Transmission : Automatic (shifters were broken)
Driving Physics : Professional
Driving line : Off
Active Steering : Off
Traction control (TCS) : 0
Front Tires : S2
Rear Tires : S2

Physics seemed a little bit more like Time Trial Demo than what it was in GT5 CES 2010 demo.

Video recorded in 720p@50fps from 1080p Bravia screen, using a tripod, a Panasonic TZ7 and a Zoom H2 recorder.

Note : There were two demos around the Playstation truck running on PS3 Test : one time limited and the other with unlimited number of laps but none of them had the replay function. Option on the main menu was disabled so I wasn’t able to turn off music while racing. AI didn’t amazed me at all. AI drivers now have names (selected randomly ?) : Titus, Grant, Shawn, Keagan, Jasper, Giovanni, Rodrigo, Keith, Haiden, Phoenix, Yahir, Humberto, Jimmy, Jason, Kai, Jayson, Russell, Jared, Milton, Carlos, Omari, Harper, Zachary, etc. I think it’s part of the “more human IA experience” ; maybe one name is linked to one particular behaviour just like in NFS Shift. No more active stability management setting (ASM) in the option menu. Engine noises still sound a “little” poor. The sparks effect looked very poor to me as well, at least, we know sparks will be there.

Graphics seemed to have improved a little bit. Atmosphere around the Nürburgring changed, it was less yellowish than the one in GT5 CES 2010 demo (seasons changes ?). The whole experience felt more like PC sims, with subtle handling and accurate track details but low on effects or polygons ; whereas games like Dirt that have beautiful 3D moving trees and lots of visual effects but got an arcade handling.

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Comments (225)

  1. lukelovesthesound

    THE SOUND OF THE CAR IS HORRIBLE! ALL THE CARS IN GT SOUNDS NOT REAL! im sorr but they suck.. game is amazing but the einginne sounds just sucks! the sounds are better and more realistic in forza games!

  2. snaketus

    Lear to drive really. Can’t even watch driving like this. And engine sounds still sucks, what we can say from camera footage.

  3. mawkie

    looks great, didn’t spot any damage model, but other than that it looks great. One thing is missing though, SMOKE and SKIDMARKS. The car-physics felt great in the time trial so the only thing missing is some visual authenticity. Please PD, 6 years is a heck of a long time.

  4. KoldStrejke

    @ Beaugu

    well i thought thats what the two different physics options were for.
    I use Professional with my regular Dual-shock controller anyway it seems to work for me pretty good.

    1. Standard (Controller) ?

    2. Professional (Wheel) ?

    I could be wrong. What do I know I am merely a gamer. And it appears to me that he probably didn’t take the time to setup his car tune, and just jumped in. cause his driving stank.

  5. danielwhite74

    Steady_Dave_2JZ, most likely because they are immature little ten-year-old boys butthurt about not being able to play their game yet.

  6. Steady_Dave_2JZ

    Why are people saying this doesn’t sound like the real thing?

    Youtube inside driving footage from Enzo and you will see it’s the same.

    To the guy who said the 360 he drove sounded better, of course it will, it was right behind your head in real life at god knows how many decibels.

    In this video it was recorded on a bad video camera being played out of ok-ish speakers.

    If you got an insane speaker set up and turned it up to the point where it would be as load as driving the real thing then you can comment.

    This is a simulator and not an arcade game so if you want it to sound un realistic like any other arcade games out there then go buy them.

    That is the authentic sound of an Enzo at that volume.

    How can people not understand this?

  7. don-sf

    gt5 will only come out on ps3.

    polyphony digital, the producers of gran turismo are owned by Sony entertainment.

    and gran turismo was the best selling game for ps2, so naturally sony are concentrating on gt5 to boost their console’s overall position in the markets.

  8. BWX

    AnthonySays: Lots of great tracks in the world, only a few have been confirmed in the game.

    Yeah and after waiting all these years that is a huge disappointment. If there are really only 20 tracks in GT5, it’s going to suck.

  9. Anthony

    Enzo looks difficult to drive. Mid Engine cars are difficult to drive without having putting many laps to see how the car behaves. Try driving the F360 in PRD3, its a handful.

    How can you judge sound without the console being plugged directly into the recording device?

    Some comments around here make no sense and they are just comments people wanting to hear themselves I suppose.

    The Nurburgring is not the end all to be all. Its a great track but I like Spa better actually and I don’t know why the focus of this blog is to constantly put up imagines and movies with people driving, drifting whatever around this track.

    Lots of great tracks in the world, only a few have been confirmed in the game.

  10. GT5 DieHard-Fan

    Can someone please answer my question as follows:

    Is this on the xbox 360 or the ps3 version?

    Also, can we expect a pc release as well?

    Answers will be much appericiated!

  11. Mitch

    “The OGRE Says:

    May 21st, 2010 at 3:36 pm
    Engine sound recorded from the real car.As always in Gran Turismo.So calm down dear noobs”


    It sounds terrible, and 100% most certainly not recorded from an actual vehicle.

  12. don-sf

    erm i wasnt arguin…

    i was just trying to help bad drivers get better in gran turismo by givin som helpful advice…but he claimed there are no bad drivers on gran turismo. but clearly evident, even on the video on this page, the guy could have benefited from this advise…

  13. Real fan

    What are you speaking? the stock Enzo can corner at 1.36g and that’s FAR! from a slick tire.

    Lean to drive and don’t play the game like it was Forza or you are dead!!

  14. BWX

    don-sf and tommygt, could you both please argue somewhere else? What I was going to say is STFU–> but that sounds like flaming, even though that’s what I mean. *** ALSO- concerning the shifting animation *** did you ever notice when in GT5p, while driving manual shift car w/ floor mounted shifter, the animated driver “PREDICTS” when you are going to shift by taking his hand OFF the steering wheel.. After that he shifts close to when you do, then puts his hand back on the wheel. If the shifting animation started when you shift, the actual shift animation would be way behind.. If you ever played GTR2 on a PC- the entire driver shifting animation starts when you shift, but it doesn’t lag behind too much because the animation is WAY FASTER than in GT5. It looks like the paddle shifting animation in the video is using the same principle- taking the hand off the wheel predicting the shift. A MUCH better way would be to just start the paddle shifting animation at the exact time you shift, but speed the animation way up so that it doesn’t lag behind too much. PD could certainly do that, not sure why they wouldn’t.. hopefully it will get ironed out before release.

  15. HaVoK_

    I don’t care what anyone says, why the hell would you put S2 tires on an Enzo? Whoever thinks that this a proper comparison to real life needs to sort themselves out. An Enzo comes with some very very sticky tires stock, something the likes of a mix between s3’s and r1’s. With s2’s on such a powerful car is absurd. No wonder the player could hardly keep the car in control, it seems like they were on an ice rink rather than a race track.

  16. True History


    Hey learn how to drive a sim first and then stop the crying, that’s not Forza. lol

    and don’t worry the game has an arcade physics mode for all the Forza players that can’t drive straight with the Pro Physics… and a lot of aids to switch on!! haha

  17. danielwhite74

    What morons are these people? Complaining that the car appears too hard to control. That, my friends, is what driving assists are for. If you happen to be one of those “noobs” who’s become accustomed to playing arcade titles such as the Need For Speed and Forza series, then turn that traction control on – you’re playing the Real Driving Simulator now.

  18. tommygt

    my friend, can you even read? im now pleading with you to go back and actually READ my posts. I refuse to carry on with this any more as i may as well be talking to a brick wall. The fact that you are just repeating what you’ve said previously, and have now resorted to ‘i would kick your ass in gran turismo’ indicates that im conversing with a child. I NEVER said your info was not relevant or beneficial to anyone. And the comment of mine that you quoted was taken out of context. You are a sad, strange little man with too much time on your hands.

  19. don-sf

    lol your a funny man.

    i would go out and get laid, however i am hopeful that i can save it till marriage, so i don wanna.

    your point now seems to be that only professional drivers use this site. if this were the case then why were so many people complaining about the physics of the game in this website’s forums? hmm try answering that one, with the disgregarding man of the person u r. haha.

    but the facts is the facts, always. if the advise i gave out was not beneficial to anyone, then why are there so many videos with drivers spinning out and crashing on gt5?

    i mean you your self even asked why are there so many crap players on gt5 lol, and when someone was giving some decent advise to these ‘crap players’, your responce was an arrogant ‘teaching a granny to such eggs’…with your arrogant, disregarding, contradicting nature, you have been found out, and shown up for what and who you truly are.

    and dont be so arrogant and say this website is only for professional racing drivers. gran turismo the most popular game on the playstation series, therefore you can expect alot of ‘lesser ability’ people to come in and have a look.

    and anyway, i would kick your ass in gran turismo haha. and im probably just one out of the thousands who is better than you, so before you go round thinking your good, remember my arrogant friend, there are many many who are better than you. hahaha.

    so again il leave you with the question i wrote earlier. if you think this advise will not benefit anyone, then why are there so many people crashing in gt5, why were so many people complaining about time trial demo, you your self was criticising the drivers playing gt5, so tell me, why was this the case if my information was not relevent?…

  20. tommygt

    Again, did you read what i said? obviously not. you have incorrectly assumed that:
    1. i think the majority of people who use this site are ‘experts’
    2. i myself think that i’m some sort of expert (if you actually read my post you will see the words “im not claiming to be an expert”)
    3. im on some kind of mission to flame you, and i look down on people with less ability

    As you are apparently judging someone from merely a few lines of text, i will ignore your rediculous personal attacks. But i will say i find your attempts to seemingly come out ‘on top’ of this by twisting what i said is completely childish. And the fact that you trawled through previous articles to find one of my comments (which i stand by), is frankly pathetic.

    And you inadvertently proved my point when you said “gran turismo is known as a game that targets both hardcore and casual fans”
    Think about it. its fair to say that ‘casual players’ are a lot less likely to be the ones constantly visiting this site for the latest tidbit of info. Therefore i found it reasonable to say you’re teaching granny to suck eggs. It was intended as a cheeky bit of fun. But you’ve turned it into your own personal quest to try to flame me.

    Bit of advice for you: wind yer neck in, cut down on the essays, and go get laid or something (if you can prise yourself away from writing another ‘how to sound like a tool on the internet’ comment, that is)

  21. don-sf

    erm, maybe you should re read my posts, and then you can identify where im comin from…

    alot of people found the time trial demo hard. alot of people on this website even said they found it hard (look back on the forums), and according to you the vast majourity of people on this site are driving experts. so if everyone is a driving expert in this site, then why were people finding it hard.

    secondly, gran turismo is not just for you ‘experts that know everything there is to know and more about driving’ lol. gran turismo is known as a game that targets both hardcore and casual fans. and this is obvious by looking at the sales of games like gt3 and gt4. everyone other ‘simulator’ is not popular amungst casual gamers because of the nature of the game.

    this is even more evident on the videos we have seen on gt5. alot of the videos you can see the driver crashes alot and cant control the car, even in this video. so you, the arrogant, know it all, super driver of the year, stig beating, all conquearing, expert of the driver u r, may know this information, but if you, with your blinded, clearly ignorent of all other people with less driving skill than your self, if you cant see that there are people out there who are struggling with gt5 then you are just a blind and foolish, carless and selfish person, with no regard for anyone else but your self. lol.

    gran turismo seems to be sony’s main game for the ps3, it looks poised to be the best seller of all games. this means the majourity of people will play with dualshock3/sixaxis controller. and a high percentage of these people will use x and [ ] for accelating and braking…

    so i dont know if you live in this dream world, where you and all the people you know on the ‘internetzzz’ in ‘gt plan3tzz . n333tz foruumzz’ are all experts on driving or what. but in the real world, alot of gamers have not, as of yet, aquired these skills and as a result they have been finding gran turismo hard, as proven to you in the above paragraphs.

    so please, have some regard for people who are not as mighty and skilled and amazing as your self.

    lets prove your arrogance with some more evidence. on another post on this site, this comment was copied from one of your comments

    tommygt: I hate how nearly every person you see playing these live demos have absolutely no ability whatsoever. Rekon i would hit the barriers fewer times if i was steering with my face.

    hmm…note your use of ‘every person’, note how when i gave advise about driving better to some of these ‘every person’, your reply, in the arrogant, self obsessed, disgregarding manner in the way you said this information was useless and not needed by anyone. you are a disgrace, a somewhat hypocritical, self loving, ignorent person.

    i have used your own logic to show who and what you really are. you have been exposed, and now i rest my case. hahaha.

  22. tommygt

    did you even read what i said? the point i was making was that anyone with half an interest in cars/motorsport/racing is likely to be fully aware of what you were describing. in my opinion you would have to be a complete racing virgin to not understand the basics of smooth and progressive controls… Notice how i said ‘in my opinion’… rather than ‘i know everything and this is how it is…’

    And how can you claim that the majority of people who played time trial said it was too hard? thats a bit of an outrageous statement. Sure, some people might have struggled, but it doesnt take too much nouse to work out how to improve. Just my two cents…

    Anyway you’ll probly just come back and repeat the words ‘arrogant’ and ‘know it all’ again, but dont worry, im a big boy. i can take it ;)

  23. jimbo

    whiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrr. that enzo sounds a lot like my computer fan. i wish all cars didnt sound so ‘whiry’.

  24. KriLdo

    I cant believe there are actually people on this site complaining this game looks too real . isn’t that the point…Its called The REAL Driving Simulator.

  25. don-sf

    lol you claim the vast majourity of people already know this information.

    i dunno where you were when they released time trial demo, but alot of people said it was too hard, alot of people were complaining about spinning out and etc.

    so if the majourity of people already knew this information, then why were they complaining it was too hard?…

    stop being so arrogant…

    the following information in my post is towards ONLY people who found the time trial demo (note: this means if you found time trial mode easy, then please do not read the following information – and the reason you are being warned before hand is because there are users on this site [not naming any names..erhem] who feel that posts should be catered to only their knowledge of gran turismo, and not the whole population of gran turismo fans)

    anyway, those people who tried time trial demo of gt released a few months ago, some of you would have found it hard (unless of course you are an arrogant know it all). the reason you found it hard was because it was in simulation mode only. in the real game gt5, this mode will be optional. however it will still be somewhat more difficult than your used to, it will be harder than arcade games like forza and need for speed. but gt5 will also be a more rewarding game.

  26. Mr Skyline

    @ Ner0_sol03

    i’ve never driven an enzo, but i have driven an F430, and the sound you hear in this video doesn’t even come close to what you hear inside that car, since an enzo has an even better soundtrack than an F430 i can conclude that the sound you hear in this video comes closer to a coffee grinder than to a Ferrari. So please stfu, i’ve heared better enginesounds than this in games.

  27. GTP_Dought

    This is some sad driving. I would think that someone wiling to go to film it knows how to drive…

  28. Mitch

    Looks awesome, sounds absolutely TERRIBLE.

    Seriously, how hard is it to model the cars sound???? Forza dominates in that respect and it makes the game a thousand times more realistic.

  29. True History

    Damn, the physics! that’s how an Enzo kicks you, thankfully nothing like the Forza 3 arcade handling haha. ;)

  30. tommygt

    I’m not claiming to be an expert or a ‘know it all’ as you put it, and i wasnt just speaking for myself… what i meant was the vast majority of people who frequently visit and post on this site have probably played GT since the days of the PS one, and its also fair to say that the majority of them also have an interest in some kind of motorsport. I therefore found your comment/essay on progressive steering, throttle and racing line rather amusing as seemingly the only people who could benefit from your lecture are the whinging kids who are only interested in skidmarks, trees and engine sounds.

  31. don-sf

    well if you already know this information, maybe you shouldnt be reading and replying to it, therefore wasting your time.

    there are people who will benefit from this information, as not everyone is such expert like you.

    please stop being so ignorent, know it all…many people struggled on the recent time trial, so this info will help them. so go away, and if you want to learn new things, there are experts on this site in the forums, im sure they can teach you a thing or two about driving – or maybe not, because you seem to know it all? hmm…

  32. cuco33

    Game is looking good. Ill judge things when the game is in my PS3 with my HT cranked up. I don’t think its really fair to make final judgements based off of non direct feeds and externally recorded. A lot can be missed out. But damn is this game looking purdy! I can’t wait for E3 when we find out finally the bulk of features that’ll be in the game.

    Just a note, if you guys want to downplay Forza as an arcade game be sure to do the same for GT. If you want the best in realism in simulation, that honor goes to the PC platform. I think Forza is more sim than arcade and I believe GT5 will follow the same path. Forza3 in my book is an absolutely must own game for any GT fan who has both platforms. Just sucks no full 3rd party wheel support which is what I think is awesome on the PS3 and for GT5.

  33. don-sf

    if you want a improve your driving, theres a few things you can do.

    since gt is starting to be a proper simulator, your gonna have to drive like a real car now. you cant just hold down the ‘x button’ and go left and right and the car to do so accordingly.

    when your accelerating quickly, you dont have much traction in real life. so in gran turismo when you accelerate full throttle, and then try to go right at the same time, it is almost 100% certain you will spin out (unless of course you are a master at correction lol).

    to correct this you have to understand your driving a car, not playing arcade games like forza or need for speed. in a real car, you dont press ‘x button’ to go, you use a accelator pedal. secondly, pressing the x button is the same as pressing your foot down to the floor, no driver will constantly have his foot fully down onto the floor (again unless they are going straight).

    when driving a real car, you adjust your throttle or gas pedal depending on the situation. you must learn to do the same if you want to master gran turismo 5.

    put your self in the position. you are driving fast in a straight, and now a bend comes. in a normal arcade game, you press [ ] to brake, you take the corner, and then press x to go. in a real life or simulator situation, you will spin out.

    in a simulator you want to try things like slowing down, and then pressing 1/4 of the gas while taking the turn, increasing gas as the car straightens up, and when car is fully out of the corner, your back to full throttle. without these techniques you wont go very far in simulation mode.

    the same applies for steering, as i said before you can expect to steer and accelerate fully at the same time without spinning out. in a corner you will steer obviously, but the steering needs to be smooth, and when you exit a corner you must steer smoothly out of it, at the same time increasing throttle. steering and throttle usage, you need to use them well together, they work in pairs, and both must be smooth and controlled.

    also try to learn the racing line, if you steer and use throttle right, but you are constantly taking the wrong lines, it will slow you down. racing lines are the fastest way across a race track. and by the way gt5 does include a racing line in the tracks but i turn them of. that racing line included is the perfect best racing line, however its impossible to stay on that exact line for a whole race or lap. however the line in the game does not change if you move it, its not a dynamic racing line. some people will move out of the racing line, and then will try to move back into to the line on the road, this could slow people down. if you move out of the racing line, then a new line applies to you, youll have to take a slightly different line to avoid loosing time. but if you try to move back into that line, it will damage your time. just a thought btw.

    and the sound sounds pretty good from what i can hear. you must consider that most modern cars have sound deadening installed all around the car, so from inside the car you wouldnt hear so much noise.

  34. HKS racer

    @ Joel

    no, HELL NO, this is not about slighty detalis.. we are talkin about an Enzo supercar, everything have to be perfect.. u can miss some details in a seat ibiza in a reanult clio, u can miss some detalis in 2d trees ok.. BUT NOT IN A FERRARI!!! damn, the shifting animation is simply disgusting, they still have time to fix it… i hope they will but if they don’t they will goin to loose a lot of reputation out there IMHO!!!

    and what about the sound.. in Gt5 that Enzo sound like a turbodiesel audi’s engine.. poliphony are goin to repeat the same errors again n again… the sound is simply HORRIBLE
    go to listen a real Ferrari Enzo’s engine it’s a V12 660 hp and it sound like a beast, this is the top car from Maranello!!!

    the in game sound is a joke period.

  35. tommygt

    zabax – who rattled your cage? and what the hell kind of comment is “choke on a fat tranny dick and die”
    Theres only one person here who wants to smoke some tranny pole, and that my friend, is you.

  36. Berlino Bear

    @ oscartron Because thats a real life driver… not a computer. He knows when he can change and when he cant. You can do that in a computer game cos people who play it are stupid…

  37. Hoodge

    What has me really concerned about this sim as in GT’s in times past is the lack of tire smoke and actually rubber marks in the pavement. After seeing all that spinning and donut making, you’d think by now in the development of the sim, that they would implement billows of smoke in that scenario and have some skid marks on the pavement.

    I head KY say in what interview, “Don’t even mention skid marks.” What’s up with that. What does he have against that…Every other PC sim and console sim I have played has it. He has never had rubber marks in any of his sims…Bothers me…Plus that shifting looks terrible…Not how it would look at all in real life…I sure hope this isn’t close to final code, cause I’d say the 6 year wait for this along with the horrible crash sounds just won’t cut it in the end..

  38. Mauricio

    Why does nobody that traveled all the way down to Germay didnt take a video where they crashed the vehicle to any wall, then provide us with a view of the front of the vehicle, to see the damage.?
    This is a great web site, it joins all the news about Gran Turismo in one single resource.
    The only thing I could complain about, is the fact that they doesn´t make actual periodism, they might research, but they don´t provide us the whole new. Better could be done with this web page, try making a better efort, think what people who see this web page would actually want to see, and provide them the content.

    Mauricio Mercado
    Monterrey, Mexico.

  39. Ferrari


    Really? I tried everything but all it did was turn off the sounds completely haha
    thanks for the answer, I really appreciate it

  40. gtkiller


    You can turn off the music in prologue. You have to put the BGM volume all the way down.

  41. PSZeta

    @ obi_one

    If PD wants these animations to be as accurate as possible, the hands should only be taken off the wheel when the fingers are unable to reach the paddle, which happens when you turn the wheel too far. It could make the shifting animation difficult as the paddle size differs between cars. You avoid this problem by having the driver always take his hands off the wheel.

  42. ryan

    thanks mimaximax for sharing vid.my concern is u said physics in this is almost the same,which means its not right? i’m assuming this nurburg demo is the the same physics engine used as the GT Academy 350z demo which Kazunori himself said does not reflect what gt5 is going to be.So mimaximax does this demo really differ in physics than the CES demo and how much do both of these new GT5 demos differ from GT5 prologue?

  43. slicksabo

    The shift motions are absolutely terrible….I’ve seen a few you praise it but, good lord man, it’s really really awkward and robotic looking. I hope this is nothing like the final although since the animations made it this far, i fear for the worst.

  44. Jeffreypang911

    On a better note, the sounds when you hit someone are ace, and I enjoy the new physics if PD think they are more “simulation”. The reason why I play GT5 is to get a real experience of how it feels to drive a car on the race track.

    With that said, drifting will be hard hard.

  45. zevehcj

    @Mickle Pickle
    Me too!!! Once the GT5 disc goes in my ps3 it’ll probably never come out. GT2 stayed in my psone for 2 years.

  46. Ferrari


    I’m sorry, I’ve never played GT4 or any other GT’s, and in GT5 Prologue you can’t turn off the music.
    So stop being such a fuckin joke and stop trolling.

  47. HKS racer

    OMG the shifting animation is AWFUL… this is not a simple car, this is a FERRARI ENZO!!! one of the most important cars in the game!! they absolutely need to fix that!!!!

    and the sound it’s somethin really far from a REAL Enzo’s engine, this car in real life sound much more aggressive and powerful.. what a shame :( :( :(

    come on Yamauchi wu trust on you, don’t disappoint us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Joel

    Liking the vid!! Interior is stunning! Also the gear change display on the wheel is impressive. I’m really looking foward to gt5 there’s only so much you can guage from videos, until you actually play the gasme. Some of the whinging on here to be honest is pathetic. I know we all passionate as kaz is about gt, but some of you guys nitpick over the slightest of details!

  49. Mickle Pickle

    i FOR TWO am ready for this game.

    Who cares about those complaining :) I just want to pop the game in the PS3, enjoy it in my homemade cockpit in front of the 50 inch plasma, surrounded by 7 speakers!

  50. GT Player ABC

    Very nice! Praise God we don’t have any awful pipped-in music with this vid!
    Hurry and release the game, PD!

  51. yazeed

    why they dont release a ZR-1
    i cant wait to listen to it amazing sound
    god i love that car <<<

  52. zabax

    sure, the game looks awesome and the physics are probably accurate, but if u say that this or any other car in GT5 sounds almost exactly like the real thing then my friend u are fucking retarded and u need to choke on a fat tranny dick and die…

  53. RacingFreak

    For everyone complaining about the “unforgiving physics”….he’s driving an unforgiving car! Hello, it’s an Enzo….this isn’t a go-kart or yo momma’s mini van we’re talking about here. And like has been said…he was driving with no sound…which actually gives a lot of feedback of the engine power to the driver…if you mash the gas in first gear in an Enzo…it’s going to spin the tires…unless you want your TCS set to 10….PD will give you that option too. Or you can go put racing slicks on the Enzo..that should help as well.

    As far as sound… I’m really not going to judge it until the game is in my PS3 with surround sound cranked up instead of on a not so great youtube video with music in the background from the game.

    I for one am ready for this game!!!

  54. G0N

    IS STUPID !!!

    for any reason when a GOOD driver make a video of GT5 ALL COMENTS looks like this :
    OMFG is amazing, is incredible , cant wait OMGOSH OMGOSH !!

    but when a really BAAAD driver make a video ALL coments looks like :

    burn out paradise damage is better.
    is a pooor game.
    forza is better.
    looks arcade.
    the trees are 2d…..

    ok the sparks looks soo bad but, whu cares ?? the trees 2d looks like PS2..but at 250 K/H WHO CARES ??
    gt fan trees 2d are important to you ?? you drive a car or a tree ??

    is my GT, mi favorite GAME is THE BEST !!
    sorry for mi monkey inglish……

  55. gtkiller


    I agree the the sound is really nice on a surround especially HD uncompressed audio :) At the sametime they can improve the sounds overall by giving off more reverb when driving through tunnels and when passing by grand stands.

  56. viejaloca

    Wow! These physics look different! I’m going go enjoy practicing! :-D I’m getting anxious…

  57. AMC

    Been coming to this site for a long time watching you all bitch and moan, but now whining about the physics, that’s it ! WTF is wrong with you people, physics should be as realistic and as unforgiving as it can be because this is the real driving simulator, if you can’t handle go play Forza3, that game will hold your hand!

  58. zevehcj

    Ok but it sounded like he directed that towards me. What gave him the impression that I won’t stay oh the road?

  59. DomoKun

    Lol whats wrong here? When in fear mention Forza? Leave Forza alone, they have a different approach to racing than GT. What GT needs to do is step up and take back what Forza clearly took away 5 years ago….. which is less time that T10 took to make 3 games…embarrasing thing to say

  60. Mickle Pickle

    he means that: whoever cant stay on the road while racing… he doesnt want them buying the game, so that he wont have to race with those people…

  61. JB

    I will be extremely glad once this game is out and I will not have to come to this site anymore looking for news. I’m a GT fan, have been since GT 1. Too much whining and complaining on this forum. Oh that tree doesn’t look right, oh that exhaust sound doesn’t sound right (not that the majority of the critics actually know what a enzo actually sounds like in person, which I’m sure Kaz does). The game is coming, it’s going to be a driving simulator, not a scenery simulator, not a crash simulator, not a skid mark simulator. I truly hope that Sony or PD don’t take any pointers from the haters on this board.

  62. zevehcj

    I’m very sorry but I don’t understand your response. “Please, dont buy the game. I want less people to race with that can’t stay on the road”. What do you mean by this?

  63. FlareKR

    Hmmm, who is this mysterious mimaximax giving out all these vids? Is it normal to be smelling a certain Kaz?
    GT5 is looking good, but it’s still the same old problems: the sound sucks, literally; the physics is extremely unforgiving, not even at a reasonable level; and the trees (yes this was mentioned) are still two pieces of green paper put together on top of a brown stick. If PD is going to focus so much on little details, GT5 better be near perfection- wait scratch that- PERFECT! I think we’ve all waited long enough for no disappointments.

  64. blademask


    1/2 of GTplanet is bored forza fans pretending they aren’t going to buy GT5. Funny considering how few copies the definitive racer Forza3.. sold. Considering its so much better.

    GT’s sounds are best for surround w/subs. a lot of the lower notes are lost in headphones.

    Please, dont buy the game. I want less people to race with that can’t stay on the road.

  65. oscartron

    @ Berlino Bear: ok mr i know everything about the enzo, why does this driver never take his hands off the wheel when changing gears?


    i have an RX8 with paddles (yeah not an enzo get over it) but also I never need to take off my hands to change gear. its just a flick with your fingers, and thats what it should be in game too.

    and where have you seen that the animation changes when the paddles are on the wheel? wheres the proof please?

  66. zevehcj

    Wow!! Its like people never played GT before. Of course you can turn off the music. Actually, you can turn off the music in almost every video game since the late 90s(maybe earlier). So much ignorance. Not trying to be jerk but sometimes people say the cutest things over the internet.

  67. Skiddmarxx

    I have to admit I have a terrible time keeping the high powered cars straight too especially with sport tires and no driving aids.
    I just hope that the game isn’t so real that it’s no fun to play (even with a wheel and a great stand). Most of us don’t have the reflexes and skills required to be a real racecar driver. I hope there’s some story line as well as the visual improvements.

  68. Stradivis

    Hey folks.

    I’ve searched a video of an inside cam in an Enzo ride.
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3oCn8Yn304

    Now, let’s compare some things.
    1- Sound. The sound is still lacking those deep growls, but that has to be heard in a decent sound system before we can judge. Most racing games have been lacking in this matter, and I hope PD nails it. Just as a note, I thought NFS Shift had some sweet sounding cars, albeit a bit too exagerated.

    2- Handling. It seems the Enzo is a very wild beast for one to tame. You can see in the video ho much the driver struggles with the wheel. I have high hopes for PD nailing it in a way that’s also fun, not only real and yet unplayable unless you’re a pro driver. I guess the settings will allow for a lot of tweaking in the handling.

    3- Gears. Very unrealistic. The pilot’s hands move way too much, whereas in the real video, you can see he just uses his fingers to change gears.

    4- AI. That’s my major grip with GT. In GT4 I always have the feeling that the competition is in a carroussel ride, and I’m the only one actually driving around the track.

    But hey, it’s PD. Let’s give them credit for what they’ve done, and wait to judge what comes.
    Be aware that this is a demo, not the final product.


  69. Ferrari

    Also, I hope there’s an option to turn off the music :(

    I would much rather listen to the symphony of the car vs the music they’re playing now

  70. zevehcj

    Complaining about the driving physics!!?? Too hard!!?? Come on!!!!! I remember you guys asking for a more realistic driving physics. Now that you have it, you guys don’t want it anymore!!! If its not skidmarks its sound. If its not trees its sparks. Now its the driving physics. Wow!! By the way, I play with the controller. I use X/square for gas/brake, R2 L2 for shifting and the directional buttons for steering. I was smooth as butter in the time trial challenge. Its not just for wheels.

  71. Moglet

    It looks good, but very….plain. I’d rather have a close race on Forza 3 with semi arcade handling than a boring race on GT5 with ultra realistic handling.

  72. alwaysoffboost

    As far as the engine sounds are concerned, check out some videos of a real enzo interior. It is reasonably similar. I just hope the exterior view has the sharp sounds of the real enzo.

  73. Maxitsu

    looks nice, but the sounds are terrible when the car hits something… . and the tyres makes a overwhelming sounds. and not the engine :(

  74. Pedz

    Not sure why the staff at GT are not good at collecting sounds or doing AI. I think they need to employ some people from EA (they have the best in-game sounds for most genres, go battlefield bad company 2 ^^) to do sounds at least >.>. But then I don’t run the company so not my decision :P

  75. obi_one

    @Berlino well Im no expert but last time I was in a car with paddle shifters they ware on the column but still close enough not to take your hands of the wheel. So unless ferrari puts them that far there should be no problem shifting with out taking your hands off.

  76. fade

    Whiners, only part of this video which isn’t great is the sound, everything else is great.

    Sound has always worried me.

  77. Steady_Dave_2JZ

    I don’t understand where this controller Vs wheel conversation has come from.

    I personally use a controller, and not because I hate wheels, i’m sure they’re awesome. I just use the controller because I do.

    I can play just fine on professional physics with the controller.

    I’m not slagging off wheels, I think they’re a great idea, and one day may get one, but controllers aren’t as bad as people are making them out to be!

  78. Berlino Bear

    @ Dudezi….. Dear lord, how many times do I have to say it. The hands have to come off the wheel as the paddles are fixed in position on the column, not the wheel. The anamation changes if the paddles rotate with the wheel.. Please stop moaning about this.

  79. Amendobobo

    The animation of the paddle shift stay ridiculous… And the sound is equals of the Ferrari F430 e 599… FACEPALM for PD.

  80. Calin Romania

    the in car graphics are incredible , they makes Forza 3 look like NFS …I also like the sound that comes when the car crashes into something much more realistic…..I presume that the hand position during shifting is so because of the paddles which are fixed not moving like the steering wheel….anyway….this game is going to be the best driving simulation available for home users …..can t wait for it….


    nice video thx
    i think its a demo without new features !
    we saw new features in some videos but we cant see any of them here

    i think pd dont wanted to show the real “power” of the game

    its good for us ,that means that the game will more awesome XD

  82. Dudezi

    The shifting looks horrible. The point of the paddle shift is that you don’t need to take your hand of the wheel to shift. In the game he takes his hand off the wheel ages before he shifts.

  83. TheOne

    I thought that looked pretty good tbh.

    How can you judge the sounds from a tv being recorded onto a cam, seriously!

    Tv’s these days don’t have great sound anyway, needs to be hooked up properly to a decent sound system, heck i’ve been to recording studios and the sound change from a top notch system is massive. i/e you get the full effect.

    On the driving side, he was pushing without aids, and i’m not surprised it was harder.

    On the subject of wheel, i have both a pad obviously and a g27.

    But i’ve even tried the early demo with a pad and it wasn’t that bad at all.

    As with everyone, we just want the game and it cannot come soon enough.

    Peace and see you on the tracks hopefully.

  84. S3 Racer

    hey guys :-P!!
    they are still on 90% of the game, now they do fine tuning…we must still wait and hope

  85. aleksandarSRB

    I have stering wheel but I use controler much more because I don’t have a lot time to play GT5P or TT demo… I don’t have problem to control car on pro physics without driving aids!!! Ony car where I use TC 2 set up is Lotus Elise 111R tuned…

  86. marcus

    I often find playing GT games after i get the best car i get bored of it. Therefore i am pleeding to PD to add car football into GT5 as a dlc

  87. jerzyk17


    GT5 is most better than Forza 3 but the sounds are better in Forza3 :(

  88. Mr_Tee

    Damn you controller players, if you think it’s too hard then switch to arcade physics, how can you complain? I really hope PD dont cut down on realism in the physics because of your complaints, when there actually already is a mode for you casual gamers to switch to (ARACADE PHYSICS)…

  89. Brad

    A couple if thoughts…

    1. What amazed me, with just watching the videos posted in the comments is how much more realistic GT5 looks compared to F3. I’m not a hater, but watch the videos, the track in F3 is so unrealistically smooth and so is the driver. Then watch the hands and vibration of the real Enzo, and then re-watch the GT5 video. The movement of the steering wheel (not the shifting) and the vibration in the cockpit is a lot more consistent with the real life videos.

    2. I’ve owned several very powerful RWD cars (2 Porsches, Mustang, 350z, 240sx, all modified). When they are on street tires they are very tail happy. I had given a friend of mine a ride during an autocross event (he drove a R32) and when we were finished he said, “Thank you for the ride in your rear wheel steering car”. Real life physics are much more similar to TT, it is very hard to drive a car very fast consistently. That said, I am sure that PD will build in levels to help those who, for whatever reason, would like a more simplified model.

    3. I personally don’t give a crap about 2D trees. If you are looking at the trees, you are driving too slow.

    4. I think the issue with sound is that most people want to hear the exhaust sound, not the cockpit sound, so when you hear it from the cockpit, you may think it is lacking. In reality it is a lot more muffled and more of a drone. What is missing from the sounds from every clip I’ve seen is brake squeal on race cars.

  90. alucard0712

    Strange people.One time they want “PHYSICS over GRAPHICS”.Now they screaming “IT’S TOO HARD ON GAMEPAD AND TREES ARE 2D”.WTF?

  91. marcus

    Tip: Don’t constantly mash the throttle and you will not spin the car. Poor driving.

    Am I the only person who thinks that this sounds like the GTR in prologue. Appaling sounds and the physics look the same as prologue. Paddle shifters in these videos look like their three feet away from the driver. Sparks are also bad.

    Those of you who can’t control the 370z in time trial without a steering wheel are just very bad drivers. It is easy you just have to get used to feeding in the power. Sounds strange but the PS3 buttons do allow this.

    Hope this isn’t the final version otherwise they wasted about 2 of the years they spent on making what is basically GT5P with better graphics.

    p.s.does anybody know if the money you have in GT PSP is transferred into GT5 because otherwise I might buy a lot of Enzo ferraris and sell some to buy the 458 etc

  92. StratAlchemist

    Could the 8 car field be indication of a downloadable demo(size restriction), possibly TBA at E3?? One can only hope.

  93. ismellbacon611

    i think the reason the physics in the time trial demo were hard for controllers to manipulate, was because they were looking for good drivers… not button pushers, they needed to know that you were good with a wheel so that way the training on a real race track wouldn’t be a waste. and plus the time trial physics were locked on the proffesional physics… when gt5 is released im sure that the arcade physics will better suite the controller with the same gran turismo experience!!! :)

    (back to the video)
    great modeling of the interior of the enzo (excluding shift animations, but then again it is the demo not the final project so we can’t judge gran turismo 5 too much right now) the sound is also very good. remember this was interior view… you’re not going to get all the roar of the exhaust. so for interior view i can say the enzo sounds fantastic!!! thanks pd for putting so much effort into the biggest reason most people buy a ps3.

  94. Bernd

    How difficult can it be, to give something like a GT-exhaust to that poor Enzo ? It’s already there, we all could hear it in previous videos. I’d rather have the same GT-sound in all of the powercars than this vacuum-cleaner

  95. Brian (socomkiller59)

    I really think they should add racing tires to these cars, so that it’s a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Everyone in here knows driving in those racing tires make things enjoyable, faster and easier. If the press is going to play this, PD, just make it easier so that the watchers and players can actually see an attempted try around a track without having to see the car hit the wall or spin out every 10 seconds.

  96. Drogahnus

    Man, look at those textures inside the car, especially the steering wheel. Awesome stuff. I just hope they fix the sparks issue.

  97. Belatu

    The in cockpit head movement has been improved over GT5P. The static view makes the GT5P in car view feel a little sterile. After watching the video, I got a much better sense of road feel and a better sense of speed from the head movement alone. I keep seeing improvement…that’s all that matters!

  98. GTracer

    It is not the best video but driving make it really bad. Also they need to fix the shift animations, sound. I think it will get fixed. Merc SLS AMG video was better. The gfx and track all look awesome :D

    Just need to fix some issues and polish the game before release.

  99. Dom

    NO, the tire squeaking is NOT terrible. If your wheels spin, the sound is like this. It’s pretty realistic. Learn to drive and don’t react akward when you have no sense for real world driving.

  100. Arhokandres

    I got a wheel and I tried both controller and whell on the TT demo to found that it was easier for me to control oversteer with the controller, in fact my best tome was 1 sec under with the controller compared to the steer, if can not drive pro fisics with a controller and find it anoying try drive a real car with the controller and tell us how it goes

  101. Berlino Bear

    @ItsHim Again.. The paddle shifters on the Enzo are on the Steering column and not the wheel. The hand will have to be taken off the wheel for the animation or the gear change wouldn’t be able to happen if there is a significant amount of lock being applied. I suggest you develop a car racing game a show us a better way of getting around that.

  102. Jake

    I bet mimaximax is a gr8 driver, but as previously said, there wasn’t any sound, which makes a racing car almost imposssible to drive. Even i cant concentrate on driving well w/out sound. Thx for all the vids mimaximax. Gran turismo is gr8 and can be driven well wit or w/out steering.

  103. lilmann73

    Guys, your saying that it’s hard to watch because of his poor driving, but remember:

  104. Big Ron

    I think, the shift animation is ok, because you have to adapt it to all cars in the game. and it is realistic on tracks with hard turn combinations, that you hold your hand near the shifting paddels. That is, what you see here.

    Of course, on straights, it looks a bit funny. But when you are driving fast and good, it will be comprehensible.

    I think, the tire squeaking is terrible, also the sound of hitting barriers.

    But I am hopeful to get a great game.

  105. Bolg

    Glad to see they haven’t dumbed down the physics from the TT demo for kids that can’t drive but that gear changing really does look strange.

  106. ItsHim

    Good grief, the shifting animation is absolutely terrible. Considering he’s driving in AT the game should exactly know when to shift. I’ve never seen anyone reaching out for the paddles and taking the hand actually off the wheel.

    I did take into consideration that the speaker/cam combination might not the best to represent the sound quality, still I expected more frantic from a Ferrari V12. Point of an Enzo is that you actually hear the engine on board, it’s designed to do that.

    Sorry to say, this vid of the game hasn’t met my expectations, less exceeded them.

    Time to move on I think.

  107. Dom

    It’s good. The physics are rather realistic now, which is good. The braking looks nice, although Minimax is a terrible driver. People who lament on the icy track condition should remember that the ENZO is a HP monster and pedal to the metal won’t work with such cars.
    Overall I am happy, because driving skills become more important with GT5. It won’t be perfect, but it’s getting better. I think GTR (the first one) is a good benchmark of what we can expect for GT5. But be aware that in GTR the cars are racing machines and have slicks, while GT5 simulates for the most part only real world sporty cars. Grip level therefore will be poor when driving like an idiot. Regular driving physics will be good, I am confident.

    However, AI and that (unimportant) damage system are different topics.

  108. DrTrouserPlank

    Still evident that the low speed physics aren’t right. Still looks like driving on ice…

    All this pissing around with adding stupid NASCARs and GPS and 3D and they still haven’t fixed one of the biggest errors with the driving model.

  109. RT*// WNDWLCKR3000

    @ Berlino Bear. That’s not the point dear Bear. I played GT from the beginning, always loved it and will buy GT5 for sure. It’s just that I just don’t understand why it is that the points we all mention out of positive criticism are not being picked up. How hard can ik be to get the engine sound right and the tire squal in proportion. Especially the tire squeal drives me crazy, it gives me a headache.
    It is just NOT like in real life. And yes, I considered getting a XBOX with Forza3 package to go side by side with my beloved PS3 but I keep being thrown back and forth on that.

  110. GTracerRens

    @ GT5Mia:

    I agree with your comment! ;) This video is horrible to watch!! Just let somebody else drive. :P But indeed, still sounds like a vacuumcleaner haha.

  111. Praggia

    No Matter what method is used to capture the audio it is clearly obvious that an Enzo does not sound anything nearly as rubbish as in this VID
    Come on guys as good a this game is the sound is just not up to standard im sorry i love GT but the sound has always been the biggest let down

  112. Chris

    Ah, another news story….

    …followed by the now expected MOAN, MOAN, PICK, MOAN, WHINGE comments!!

    Seriously, if you’ve got nothing constructive to say….shut the fuck up!!!!

  113. Berlino Bear

    @obi_one. The shift animation has to be like that as the paddles are in the Steering column and not the wheels.

  114. RT*// WNDWLCKR3000

    Shoot me for it but despite all of the shown and speculated improvements this vid throws me back in time to March 2008. Judging on just the gameplay, the behaviour of the car, the sounds… it’s just GT5P. There still seems to be an annoying lack of control, of sensitive feeling, you never feel 1 with the car. Driving a car in GT5 is like j*rking off with two pair of garden gloves on.

  115. humpus

    @Tokyodrift: Read the damn youtube comment!
    From Mimaximax himself:

    “I just want to make clear that sound was recoded via a recorder through jack-jack wire to the headphone jack exit of the TV. So it’s direct capture ; you can notice that no sound of the crowd around is recorded. So I was driving like blind folded because : no grip sound and no reving sound for me while I was driving. Physics with GT5 CES demo was almost the same. Do not think GT5 CES 2010 demo had easy physics just because I drove good !”

    ‘Clearly’, you were just assuming. Again.

  116. Rob

    You’ve gotta respect the fact that not everyone can afford to pay £250 for a ps3,£40 for the game,£17 for broadband and around £400 for a seat and wheel. Some of us have friends.

  117. RedBaron

    Other than old awful bassless, lifeless and buzzing engine sound borrowed from Prologue’s 599, it would be pretty cool to feather that gas pedal and get used to that beast on the new GP Circuit.

  118. TokyoDrift

    It amazes me how people can watch that and the pass comment on the quality of the physics! Quite clearly, he is inexperienced at using a wheel, beause when the car loses it, he can’t correct it. No small wonder when he has his foot to the floor on the accelerator all the time (at least near the beginning where he can’t get the car back on track).

    As for people moaning about the sounds too, puh’lease…sounds like a vacuum cleaner still? Whatever… I vacuumed this morning and it sounds nothing like that. It sounds fine to me – sounds like a powerful car. I don’t need to know that it is an Enzo just by hearing the engine.

    I get the impression that some people just like to moan for the sake of it. We get no news, you moan. We get news, you pick fault. They can’t win. Maybe you should find a different hobby?

  119. unoc

    Really? You are worried they have forgotten that many people aren’t mad crazy wanting a driving simulator. Buddy, we are loooooooonnnnnnggggggg past that.
    Around the time when they were in the middle of a physics formula and they decided ‘hey, i know what people want, Seb Loeb to be blinking in replays’…
    That is about the time they lost site of what gamers want. When they decided to go for the recreation of driving a track rather than playing a game.

    GT3 and GT4 were too easy. I’ve only use a normall control eveer since PS, PS2 and now PS3 and so I would appreciate it if it was a bit harder. But then, you should be able to pick it up without knowledge of racing lines or weight distribution and just chuck it in and play. And then moving upwards you should be able to be a guy who drives cars or karts in real life pick it up and it not be easy.

    I’m in the middle where I think most gt followers are. Controller, bit of a challenge, feeling realistic. I’d prefer to struggle to drive the Enzo on a controller. That way it stops people from just getting it and then mash X go, mash square, stop turn etc.. That is too easy and if cars are like that its hard to ignore and it makes the game too easy.

    I hope there is a level between arcade (ignorance of physics) and simulation. If that was a scale, then maybe a 7 or 8. Something that has the physics but you can drive cars if you think and try.

  120. NBH

    @Gareth I totally agree with you. The great thing about the previous GT games is that they were accessible and you could pick up and play with a controller. Making the game so biased towards using a wheel is a big mistake in my opinion. It is a video game on the PS3 and people have to be able to have a fair crack at it with a controller.

    I bet there are certain events or license tests where you have to use pro physics so saying that people should use arcade physics is ointless really. I hope PD don’t lose sight of the fact they are making a computer game and not a raving driver training simulator.

  121. Lachlan1662

    yer I agree that this game is for a steering wheel and such not controler, AND I USE A CONTROLER so people who say it shouln’t be mainly 4 wheels and such, yes it should.

    btw Mr. Premium a logitec G27 (you tube it) has clutch and realistic gear box, and that is the steering wheel that im going to get when GT5 comes out.

  122. J.P.

    Wow, there’s STILL alot of whinging and moaning about the sound in GT. Now I’m not a sound expert as some of you lot obviously are, but I’d say listening to a Ferrari Enzo engine from inside the car and recording the sound using the microphone on a mobile probably isn’t going to give the best representation of what it actually sounds like. What’s more is that people whinging about minor things delayed this game once so PD could sort it out…Hell, let’s all moan about the sound now so they can delay it again and deal with that!!

    Well done people…round of applause!!!

  123. Erik

    This is professional physics, of course he spins out. For all of you out there without steering wheel I’m sure there will be normal physics in the game as well, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

  124. Ner0_sol03

    Cats don’t sound the same inside as they do outside .. My skyline sounds slot diffrent inside than outside… So unless u driven a Enzo in real life and no what it sounds like then shut up.. And o all u broke mother fuckers who been complianing about not having a wheel should have use the 5 YEAR PERIOD that WE all where WAITING to BUY a dam RACING WHEEL. And thank u minimax for the video

  125. Mr. Premium

    I’m surprised nobody mentioned this before phosphor112, but the driving physics were set to pro. I’m sure players using the Dual Shock will be able to control it; a good wheel setup would be nice but it’s not always practical or cost effective.

    And, if the best wheel for GT5 doesn’t have a clutch pedal and a decent gated shifter, I’m not getting it.

  126. Batman

    Was that Enzo powered by a vacuumcleaner or a V12? Sounds more like a vacuum. Sad it is. that Poly still not is nailing the enginesound. Always been a problem and so it looks still ís.

  127. baggypants

    I cant understand the complaints over the sound as its clearly compressed and playing through a vid cam. Just wait till the Blu-Ray is screaming out through a surround sound system. Youll be able to hear what make of car is just about to overtake yourass!

  128. Gareth

    I’m a bit shocked at how people are being elitist ‘Get a wheel and pedals or dont play it’ I mean come on… What if you cant justify or afford to spend £70 and upwards on a wheel? then about another £100 on a stand… and what if you dont have the room or set up at home for a wheel? Simply saying I’m fine so F*ck everyone else is a bit on the saddo side if you ask me! Personally I think there should be a setting that alters things slightly depending on whether youre using a wheel or a controller. I know using a controller will always keep me a good few seconds off the pace when it comes to lap times over someone with a full on wheel, pedal, seat set up! But simply making the game worse for the majority of PS3 owners because you felt the over whelming urge to put half a car in your living room is just so narrow minded its untrue!

    Great vid by the way I cant wait for it!

  129. DaveTheStalker

    I really hope the sound of that car us NOT what the final product will sound like. Pathetic engine sounds have always been a problem for PD to fix. That engne sounded like it was from a PSP :(

  130. phosphor112

    FYI those commenting the driver.

    1) He stated the wheel and shifting paddles were broken
    2) It’s on Pro physics
    3) It’s an Enzo Ferrari. Watch a video of any amateur. They struggle to keep that straight.

  131. New User

    Agreed with Guffaluff. We’re all accustomed to hearing engine sounds outside of the car in videos or on the road. But the engine noise inside a cockpit is not always as raw, and is sometimes muffled. Of course, this is just a generalization as there are always exceptions. That being said, GT5’s sounds are not perfect by any means, but I don’t think they’re that bad.

  132. CeeJay

    Oh wow, since some of us can’t get a full wheel setup we should all go play mario kart! How nice. >_>

  133. d3br34k5

    I’d like to make a general statement which discounts any comment regarding the audio quality in these videos provided to us by mimaximax, citing the laws of sound dynamics and noting the method of audio capture.

    That is all.

  134. Zenith

    James fails.

    The shifting animation seems a bit long and a bit too pronounced

    other than that the carbon fiber texture looks and the rest of the interior looks (as always) well done.

  135. Skillcoil

    I’m so disappointed with the engine sounds. Remember when we saw the first GT5 videos and we thought oh yea that sounds great but its not :(

    But that doesn’t mean it will not make me buy my dream game :D

    Long live GT!!

  136. icant55

    Go back and look @ the 4th vid on the post from the other day with the SLS, the driver is CLEARLY shifting alot faster…. maybe it is just the way the gear box is the the enzo(It was still hauling ass!) anyway decide for yourself,Im just ready to play it !

  137. Joshua

    Cool video. The Enzo sounds like absolute crap though. It is not debatable and it is not because it is compressed video off of Youtube. If I closed my eyes and somebody played that sound and asked me what it was, I certainly would not say a v12 Ferrari with 600 horsepower. I would probably guess a spaceship, a vacuum cleaner, or some small appliance that is running low on batteries and about to die.

  138. icant55

    Ok the car would act like that with S2 tires on it and no driver aids…it would make it alot harder but more challenging… but i do agree that granny shifting isnt cool…On the videos from the othe day the drivers look like there were shifting alot faster but i gues it varies from car to car after all the enzo is 8 years old now, the whole paddle shifting thing has come along way since then.

  139. unoc

    i like the better physics.. Ionly use a ds3 and i was happy with the TT physics. I much prefer that over the gt4 or gt3 physics.
    If you have trouble use one stick for left and right and the other to brake/acc or one to left right and then shoulder buttons to acc/brake

    This vid has inspiried by confidence again after the last few vids..

  140. Mickle Pickle

    I feel a discrimination court case coming to SONY/PD door steps… why no names of girls???
    would some of us be hurt if beaten by a “girl” AI ??

    Lame the names by the way??…

  141. Racer28

    I`m suspecting this is an old demo with updated graphics…since the physics is more like TT demo?

  142. JBO!!

    again another thing for people to poke at as if other racing title dont have crappy texture dirst cars will never look as good as gt5 or even gt5p…dirt 12 have well lower car models…thus the extra space can be use for the tracks…unlike gt5 it has excellent car models to the very last detail…and tracks that run up tp 16 of those highly detail cars at once…no other game can keep a balnace like gt5..nthings like blur effect…dont really happen unless u drive an f1 which i doubt any of you 12yr olds have or ever will..so stop the fucking bitching n let it be..go pick on another game..geesh

  143. Alan D.

    This Enzo V12 sounds just like every other car in Prologue! This thing should sound amazing. I want better sounds.

  144. DomoChan

    Sorry but, while the game looks nice and the track is awesome… I didnt “feel” the vid…. something was kinda off

  145. Matt

    I hope Alan doesnt get his way and they numb down the physics cause people are still whining they cant play the game in full simulation without a controller while having tea lying in bed.

    If you have a controller, refuse to get a wheel and cannot keep the car stable then race in arcade physics.

  146. Alan

    I hope to f**k where not getting the time trial physics on the final version, the time trial physics only suit steering wheel drivers and if u only have a controller like me then ur f**ked

  147. Devin

    every time i see a ZR1 in one of these videos im tempted to cry a bit, i cant wait to drive it! and also, would like to see how the enzo handles when its on the track, game looks great though :)

  148. CanAm1968

    As I am waiting for the video to slowly upload…..I just wanted to say that I LOVE all 3 versions of the Nurburgring will be included in GT5. I cant tell you all how many times I was clicking off a hot lap on the Nordschliefe and peeping over at the unique grandstands of the GP circuit and wishing like hell there was a cheat (like a secret road) or code to transport me from circuit to circuit. Im so glad the wait will be over soon enough. Maybe they will have one of Sabine’s laps as a challenge to beat, ha!

  149. Paulo

    Yea shifting animations are weird, should be a quick flick. Hands look like they are reaching way to far back and hang there way to long. Over-emphasized. Nonetheless, this damn game cannot come soon enough.

  150. RacecarBMW

    Hmm the names seem nice hopefully each driver has his own driving style so we know how to approach them while we are racing

  151. oldmodelt

    Good thing all that contact would have resulted in only one penalty pit. Lol. Thanks for the video.

  152. guy

    Pretty bad driving, hard to watch.

    Great to hear the much improved tire squealing compared to GT5P. Will be a fair bit easier to judge the limit.

    Really pleased PD is including all those Nurburgring tracks. But overall my feeling is ‘release this sooner than later or the graphics will look outdated’

  153. obi_one

    Im with Jeffreypang911 that shifting does look awkward like the paddles are way to far away from the wheel

  154. Beaugu

    It’s unfortunate to see that PD really considered this physics engine to be the base physics used in the game because its obvious the player is struggling getting that Enzo to make basic corning happen at all. I can certainly appreciate all the efforts that have gone into creating a truly beautiful and well packaged racing game however I was a fan of PD’s early Gran Turismo series right up until GT4 where the physics took a dramatic change.

    One of that more frustrating things that I still see even in this video is the violent snap-back, perfect example starting at the corner at 1:13 and half way through correction it immediately sends him 180 degrees. One of the major contributors I had believed was the problem was for the majority of us who DONT have a dedicated race-sim rig and use an old faithful controller and sit on the couch the differences between full lock on a controller is obviously different from making full lock taking the time turning a steering wheel.

    I know some will flame me for even making the excuse that GT should be experienced with a proper steering and pedals set up but in my opinion it shouldn’t be force fed that you only get the most enjoyable experience IF you do have the luxury of having the set up for it considering that it is in Sony’s interest that they make GT appealing to all potential PS3 owners with or without racing hardware.

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