GT5 Interior Replay Video with Driver Animations

Here’s a look inside the Subaru Impreza WRC car as it makes its way around Tokyo R246, as seen in one of the GT5 demos used at the recent GT Academy 2010 national finals. Thanks to CoolColJ for digging this up!

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  1. WhitePS3FTW

    omg u haters should GTFO, it looks awesome, to complain about the face expressions is seriously RETARDED, this is a racing sim, not ” The Sims”

  2. Alex

    @JackistheStig: I was going to say exactly the same thing about Solberg! It’s the first unrealistic thing I’ve seen on GT5…

  3. Nicolai

    Pro-Tip : When you want to find the name of a song. Type some of the lyrics into Google along with the word “lyrics”

  4. 8@No$

    I find it amazing for a racing game to have such useless animations… Imagine the level of detail of the stuff that count!! I want the game, it WILL be absolutely fantastic i am sure. As for the sound, having heard a WRC car live, well it could be much better.. But then again, this is a crappy quality video, so i do not care.. anyway i think they got the pitch quite right..

  5. GTracerRens

    hmm.. not really impressed.. Okay, it looks awesome, but the sound…. is horrible. It’s fake. I’ve bought DiRT 2 and the Subaru in that game sounds way better than this. :(

  6. TokyoDrift

    @Ken, so when you drive a car (assuming you drive), does your head turn proportionately with the wheel? Riiiiiiiight. I’d rather just have the driver shake about a bit to give the impression of motion and bumps instead of this overly-animated rubbish.

    Sorry, I have all the respect in the world for Kaz and the franchise he has created, but that is absolutely crap.

  7. Phil

    Ideas: 1. Have the option to import your Home avatar. 2. Have the option to customise your driver’s and co-driver’s appearance.

  8. Big Ron

    I can see, the Co-Driver says “mimimi…..mimimi…mimimi” :D Looks very cool, much improvement to other racing games.

  9. nismo

    im not gonna lie i really REALLY hope that wasnt close to the final product! the car shifts long before you see the drivers hand shift!
    i do however like the use of the handbrake in the rally car thats pretty realistic…

  10. Dave-o

    I reckon they should make the driver look the way the car is heading rather than in response to steering input. I think doing this would remove some of the unnatural head movements you see here. Not a big deal of course, but I still think it would be an improvement

  11. caasimun_18

    I hope the guy isn’t moving his mouth for nothin!!!! the animation is really good and about time we had replay view of the interior….btw who thinks the sound needs more improvement…only if they could hve sound like nfs shift…although in nfs it is drastically over imposed

  12. edmoore

    The Song is SURVIV3. By Jonathan Underdown. took me ages to find. it, i think beemp3 and mp3raid have it though. hope I helped

  13. Flagmo-T

    Hehe It works. and that’s all..

    Co-driver is just saying, Bla bla bla and pause and then Bla bla bla, and then Bla bla bla

    LOL who gives a funky doddle, lots of other games has nice interior, so not only PD DOH!! It’s cool to be a GT-Fanatic, But stupid to be that fanatic.. Wake up!! GT5 is the bomb, but that doesn’t mean, that all other attempts are useless, there is several Nice Race games out, and more will come, GT5 is great, But Not the only one..

  14. PeterWRC

    Great video. The animation is good. Phil Mills (the co-driver, he is from Wales) call the notes, great! And never will 900 degree in the WRCar, but it has more than a half turn, so I hope too, they will fix this probleme. The sound could be better. Maybe we will get as cool service crew animation to the WRC as the NASCAR has. That is pretty impressive.

  15. jamaicangamer

    i think its fine. i hope kaz doesnt look here and see all u haters and extend the date again.

  16. Ryan

    The driver looks retarded shaking his head all over the place. Maybe its just the real life driver not knowing how to drive making him do that. Hopefully…

  17. ralph89

    What’s up with the 900 degree Issue? correct me if I’m wrong, but I though only road cars has 900 degree and the Race cars and Rally cars has 360 degree?

  18. reaperman

    A bit of a mixed bag.
    if it were my game, that’s far more detail than I’d put into my drivers.
    of course I wouldn’t let replay videos feature them either.


    Amazing video. I can’t believe some are complaining and to be honest GT5 will never be released if these complainers had their way!

  20. sharif ali

    another reason GT5 delayed..facial expression! LOL..well i thinks is too much…& somebody complaining about lypsync……

  21. Fredo

    I hope that at the end of a rally, the navigator doesn’t throw his notes at the dashboard while the driver waves his hands around like an infant. DiRT can be a little over-the-top.

  22. dudezi

    I didn’t like the animations at all. I already thought the hand movement for the paddle shift was weird, now the full animation is even weirder.

  23. tyl0r_r

    Pretty cool.

    The facial expressions look fine, how many emotions do you expect a professional driver to display in 61 seconds? I’d be more concerned if he DIDN’T look calm and collected. The co-driver is more animated than I thought he’d be, which is cool too. And how much bouncing around do you expect them to do when they’re fully strapped in like that? Thoughts before criticisms, perhaps…

  24. gtsomething

    lol, they seemed so calm.. “Did we just crash?”

    Driver Self Thought: I can’t believe he screwed my sister…

  25. Fredo

    WOW! That was so cool. I love how they were affected by the G-forces of your driving. Also, the little movements the navigator is making really sell it. I hate to say this, but I’m such an in-cockpit fanatic that if this is the kind of stuff that is delaying the game, TAKE YOUR TIME PD.

  26. Jaspal

    I remember reading comments on the forums about the gear change animations in forza before they released the patch. well this is comparable to that – the character is just waving his hand in thin air in the clip! If this stays like that until release I doubt we would see a patch.

  27. NoxNoctis Umbra

    Looks, great, engine sounds are good, but needs that Transmission whine sound.. As well, very great animations! A+ No other game does it better.. To bad no full 900degree rotation :( still. I bet they did it so that GT6 will have minor things fixed.

  28. Peterjford

    That co-pilot looked like he was mumbling. I hope he doesn’t have a thick accent too. Hopefully we can choose from hundreds of co-pilot voices. And, we need to be able to pick the drivers racing suit colors… and add patches from our favorite sponsors… and do custom paint jobs on the helmets… and be able to add a rad goatee, or some cool sunglasses…

    oh, I guess I will have to actually drive the cars at some point too.

  29. Ken

    You guys are always bitchin bout sumum….Those animations and his reactions are perfect. Name another game that has this feature this complete!! Stop Crying and enjoy GT5

  30. EVO!

    “Co pilot in a race track, how cool is that ??? LOL.” its “cool”because it shows how far Polyphony is taking gt5, this might just be the best racing sim this gen…till gt6. this authenticity to real road racing is what sim racers all have been waiting for. the attention to details is astonishing, its not needed, but in a real rally race it would feel weird w/o a co-pilot. what do you suggest? have in the incam veiw with 1 driver and the voice come out of no where…

  31. TokyoDrift

    I sincerely hope that the engine note there was taken from a rusty old hair dryer, because that was terrible! As for the driver animations…not impressed by that either. It’s almost like the head just turns with the wheel which is ridiculous.

  32. Zocker16_GTRP

    Yeah i made it to the top page of GTP :)
    I made the Video at the GT Academy Final in Silverstone.
    Thx to Tony “Tizzlaa” who showed me the new replay cams. ;)

  33. turbomp301

    the animations look wird because the driver is just bashing around the circuit.

    If you had a hot lap with smooth driving lines, I’m sure it would look a lot better.

    I wonder if the driver animations will be linked to head tracking….

  34. Pierre

    That is just awesome! :o the ppl who whine about this can shove smth somewhere not so comfortable.. : )

    I hope the “standard” cars get more steering degrees than the racing/rally cars! should not be so hard to make if they can do all this to the animation : )

  35. Juniordee

    Anyone else hoping for co-driver / navigator voiced directions? The mouth animations are kinda hinting to that.

  36. Context

    The one view you wont see in any other game, because they just don’t give a shit what their cockpits look like. Only PD..

  37. keep smiling

    Co pilot in a race track, how cool is that ??? LOL

    :hit giant brick wall: (and rapeat untill its fixed)

    By the way the animation suck, look at the looped head movement!

  38. JMSpeed

    very impressed with the driver reactions to the road. you never really see the driver when you race so this is cool that PD modeled it anyway! …there are better aspects of the game to improve on than this. i’m satisfied with the level of animations so far :)

  39. CarBastard

    Oh, and about the video: I think the animations aren’t perfect, but they are way better than I’ve ever seen in a driving game. @Miura, come on, it’s GT not Heavy Rain, it doesn’t depend or need realistic face model with accurate human expressions…

  40. CarBastard


    I know it’s in GT5P and in GT5TT but I haven’t been able to get it’s name and I really love the song. Thanks in advance fellow GTP’ers ;).

  41. Vinsanity

    They don’t seem to get thrown around as much as I would expect them to by the way the car was being driven. Not that it’s really a big deal.

  42. bobby kotick

    very nice, i think sony should drop the price of the PS3 to 100 US dollars…i have to sell Tony Hawk’s Ride

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