GT5 Missed Production Window by Only 3 Days, Sony Determines New Dates

A GameReactor associate in Tokyo, Gregor Wildermann, has reportedly made contact with Polyphony Digital and Kazunori Yamauchi for further clarification on Gran Turismo 5’s production status:

[Kazunori Yamauchi’s] reply was that the game was only three days late from their side, and that Sony has to decide what that means for the release.

This aligns with the other information I’ve received about review copies and release windows, and further suggests that GT5’s ultimate new release date will be determined by Blu-Ray production schedules – not software development.

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  1. Accelerate

    Hey! If I fly to Japan with my own blank Blu-ray and a burner, couldn’t I burn it myself? I would pay retail for it to.

  2. Ps3fanboy

    Hopefully it will get released in dec! – Getting a bit tired of waiting , i keep watching the gameplay videos , I can’t wait to spend alot of time with it.

    But i really hope as some you wrote that it will be released in 2010 dec and not early 2011..

    How ever when ever it gets out – im surely gonna buy it , waited this long , hell no if im gonna pass out on it..

  3. ken_b

    I’d be stoked with only a one moment delay, that would be nothing. At this point, damage has been done. I think that would be glorious of PD/Sony to at least announce a new release date much sooner before later. Give those who support and love the game some time line. Perhaps I’m asking for to much, but this delay is a big let down. At the very least they could provided a re-org’d date.

  4. Sigmaviper11

    Aiming for 8 to 12 days after Black Friday huh? I’m puttin my money on Dec 7.

    All in all, not that bad for a delay. A month at most maybe, two. Not to shabby.

  5. ~ SZRT Ice ~

    You’re wrong, it states clearl in the article…

    “Holo’s”This aligns with the other information I’ve received about review copies and release windows, and further suggests that GT5’s ultimate new release date will be determined by Blu-Ray production schedules – not software development.”

    Try reading the information around you before jumping on the bandwagon in life…

  6. Dude27

    Finished or not??? still NO mention of any gold release yet (however producers like to boast that point everytime)… so as usual, truth, half truth or simple lie?

  7. whatever.


    I belive you’re wrong. The reviewers wont get their copy because of shipping problems and because of the fact that if they got delayed and the reviews reviewed it with alot of spoilers then that’d be bad for PD wouldn’t it? They’ll reveal everything when they’re ready. Or, they’ll let us see for ourselves.

  8. doctorfouad

    the delay of GT5 lead to a lot of interesting speculation, theories and stories, here is my 50 cents about this issue :

    1- if GT5 got delayed it is for a very simple reason : the game wont be ready for 2nd november, period.

    2- now, everything else is just details, why the game wont be ready ? well, a review copy of the game hasent even been sent yet to reviewers, so the game is not yet finished, they are still polishing and debugging, kazunori yamauchi by himself said that.

    3- ok, so GT5 wont be ready for 2nd november because the game is not yet finished and polyphony are STILL working at finishing it. alright…now any other reason is really additional and subsidiary (pirates, blu ray production issues…etc)

  9. Turbo_3800

    Just when were about to win the game we get hit with “Do not pass GO, Do not collect $200” lol atleast it’s production issue and not “oh we’re about 98% done with the game overall”.

  10. joel

    you would have thought that with this news, and the news stories going around of missing production, and a lot of dissapointment felt by fans, the laughing and stirring by trolls, and it being a flagship title that sony would do it upmost to get this resovled asap. and get the game out asap. alot of sony stragety this year relies on gt5 as well, game wise, but also for 3-dtv.

  11. fonzdaii

    Since they are losing money already, they should spend extra cash to run the factory for longer, or buy out the slot of another product, just to make sure they meet the deadline!

    I thought this was their flagship title, doesn’t that mean it should be their n1 priority shipment ???

    If so, then the delay can only be explained as Sony execs who simply wanna release the game in the middle of the holidays so to incite more impulse buying and so on…


  12. ken_b

    When you have shareholders, and expectations to meet, competing titles to tend with, then the new new release date won’t be any time soon. Sure they say holiday season, that won’t be November, for various reasons. Lets say they want to avoid the sales divergence for Black Ops and NFS:HP. So no GT5 release in November. So surely wouldn’t be the beginning of December…I mean you mine as well wait to release closer to Xmas, all for the effort of increasing sales. If not in december, then I’m thinking March 2011. Nonetheless, I’m still mourning my disappointment, e-mailed my HR Dept stating that I won’t be taking the time off in November. Doesn’t matter if they re-release a release date, lol, I won’t believe it until after one hour of game play in my living room. After that hour I’ll be a happy dude!!

  13. infamousDee

    This is poor show from Sony. Polyphony bring them the finished product 3 days late and they decide to delay the game several months. :/

    1. GamerGT5

      If you’re mentioning about the full game that seems like a good idea but they won’t do it. The file size is too big filling up the entire blu ray disc :)

  14. Lilday

    In an Ideal world they would forget about all their ‘schedules’ and think about what matters, The people who buy the game.

    If they’re 3 days off schedule then release it 3 days later, Sometimes the industries stupid rules and regulations throw common sense straight out of the window.

    If this is delayed any more than 2 weeks I’m canceling my Signature edition and getting the normal edition. No way am I paying 3x the price for this treatment.

  15. hello

    i would be over the moon with forza on ps3, cuz its fun and doesnt feel rigid and it also has NEW CARS that are all on the same level

    1. Geo_212

      I believe he is referring to the chase-cam view in GT. I do also think that there should be some “turning lag” in GT5, like in games such as Forza, rFactor and GTR.

  16. ~SubZeroRacingTeam~

    Let’s analyze Kazunori Yamauchi for a moment:

    He’s been working on GT5 for years now, and there are many who see this as a negative thing. But with thought, you’d realize that Kazunori cares more about his work than you’d care to take note of…

    Put yourself in his shoes. “You’ve been working on a game for years, at any moment you could say “enough, the masses will buy my product anyway… I’ll ship it now”, but no, you care about this, it’s not all about money, this is quality… This is your baby… This is your “soul on display” for the world to see… You know the demons are out there waiting to nit pick and point out your every flaw and imperfection… So you seek to give the world all that they ask for, you know you can’t please everyone but you’re desperate to be appreciated and recognized for all the work you’ve done… Sleepless nights, making sure everything is right… Putting yourself in the drivers seat to make sure you have a full understanding of the experience and feel you want to portray and entering yourself into the 24 hours of Nurburgring (Green Hell)… The day finally arrives… With so much of your life put into this, you want to make sure every aspect of your baby is in “pristine-condition” before you go gold and hit the printing presses… You could go the “EA” and say “It is what it is, bugs and all”, but no, this ain’t you, you have more pride in your work, more honor than that… You spend THREE EXTRA DAYS making sure everything is just right (Most companies wouldn’t spend 3 extra hours)… Unfortunately, you don’t actually own the production company that actually prduces the final copies of your product… Your time slot has been missed… With big movies, and other PS3 games booking the factory, you’re now saddened and can no longer meet your predetermined deadline. The release date is unfortunately pushed back…”

    The glass is half full guys…
    Be positive & Thankful we have a Kaz.
    Or maybe you’d be happy with a Forza on PS3?

    – Ice –

    1. dani_corvette

      man, I hadn’t thought about this from your point of view, and I can’t agree more with you. I imagine how Kaz feels now if all this story is true, screwed by the fact that he only wanted to make sure everything was working as it was supposed to.
      It’s a very disgraceful attitude from Sony towards PD in my opinion. This really shows what they care about: the money they can actually make. They don’t care about the huge effort PD has made to create this beast game GT5 is going to be, and probably the worst part, they couldn’t care less about how their loyal and impacient fans and customers feel, because they know we are just going to buy the game anyway and that means money.
      However, we can only face it and keep waiting, the big moment, even with the new delay, is just getting closer!

    2. AGNT009

      Talk about a “come to Jesus” sermon. Well said. I must now repent for all the hateful things I said toward Kaz. FORGIVE ME!!

    3. dani_corvette

      hey AGNT009 yesterday I almost did the same as you, with all the bad news coming together. However, today, more calmed down, I’ve seen things from a different perspective. Sure, I’m still disapointed, I mean, two days ago we were only 3 weeks far from GT5 and now we know nothing. As I was saying, reading this article has made me get a new and radically different point of view. Now I understand how this thing works: there’s one side that cares about the quality of their products, thinks how they can improve to make a customer-satisfying videogame, and there’s the other side, which cares only about the money.
      So now, more than ever, I want to thank Kaz, and all the people at PD who help some of us to kind of have our dreams come true in the form of a videogame in which we can drive our dream cars. Thank you PD! I will be a happy customer of GT5.

  17. GHO5T

    Good to hear that it has nothing to do with the game itself. I hope it comes out at the end of November or early December.

  18. teccboxx

    They should of stated this in the first place that it was done however they ran into production issues. Sure it makes Sony look dumb but think of how many people canceled there pre-order yesterday.

    Lets hope for a Nov 23rd-26th release date for Black Friday, this could even help out sales.

    1. occasionalracer

      Honestly anybody stupid enough to cancel their pre-order deserves to get banned from touching the game until GT6 will come out. Only thing nobody can enforce the ban on someone and that person will end up buying it anyway.

  19. G

    The blu ray reason seems to hold water… there a lot of talk about supply and demand, could it be they underestimated world wide pre orders? I mean why stop pre orders in Russia if you know the games coming out soon? I do think that could be a hint that they would need more time to meet existing pre orders let alone any new ones that come about. At least a short delay allows them to produce a lot more copies

  20. Stig Junior

    Whatever the reasons are, we are waiting, same as before, and before…it was all time like this with GT5, and now again…reasons to believe or not, never makes us get our copy, this is insane, never been waiting for any other game as this, unbelievable !

  21. hgwt193

    well, at least we know the game is finished and wont be tampered with … until gt6 which will probably be even more awesome than this

  22. Patrocles

    “…and further suggests that GT5’s ultimate new release date will be determined by Blu-Ray production schedules – not software development.”

    whew! (wipes sweaty brow feeling very relieved! :) )

  23. Thor

    I don’t know how the DVD/Blu-ray manufacturing world works but I do know something about “just in time” manufacturing practices. Sony set a date back in spring of 2010. That ship date required a certain date to start burning the Blu-rays, packaging the product and shipping it to retail. That date required the final code be complete by a certain date which, it seems, PD missed. If GT5 were a “normal” game where they were pressing a 100k copies a three day shift getting to the manufacturer would probably mean a slight shift in production schedules and they could fit it in. But Sony has probably ordered 5 million discs to be pressed. I don’t care who owns what, shifting your production schedule to meet an order like that must have caused chaos with everyone involved. If this story is true I can certainly understand why we won’t see it on Nov 9. To that end, the E3 trailer should have simply said “Holiday Season 2010”.

    1. occasionalracer

      They certainly thought they had the schedule pretty well planned but didn’t leave enough time for potential “kinks to iron out”, but they had every intention of being finished for Nov.2 release. I mean they could have just announced Dec.2 but the didn’t cause they truly thought they could do it. I’m sure the last month at PD have been crazy and I’m sure most employees have worked overtime. I just wonder when Kaz realized this wasn’t going to finish by the deadline. Was it actually at the start of this week or did they have a strong feeling a few weeks ago already. GT5 deserves a delay, I wish PD the best for figuring out those last kinks.

    2. Dave-o

      I don’t quite agree with your logic. IF gt5 was 3 days late (and therefore pulled) then everything else in the Blu Ray production schedule comes forward by 3 days. Once gt5 is available they could choose to stop what they are doing and changeover for the gt5 run even if the GT5 run is huge. Everything would return to normal EXCEPT they have incurred an extra chanegover as they will have to go back to finish the job they interupted, thus changing over for it twice. The changeover is the only thing that will cause potential delays to the non gt5 production runs (assuming they are as time sensitive as gt5 is).

      What it comes down to is how significant is that changeover and who is going to pay for it. If it is massive then yes, GT5 missed it’s slot and would have to go back in the schedule or else it would threaten the delivery dates of all subsequent production runs from the Blu Ray plant, but if it is small then it could have been done.

      Sony could even cut short the gt5 run to make up the time lost if it was that important that the other production runs stay on time, and assuming the drop in gt5 production is acceptable (if the gt5 run is 10 million copies and the changeover is the equivalent of 100k copies, is that 1% drop really going to cause issues?

      Bottom line is there are options..

  24. MrWitters

    I could see Kaz thinking “Well, if it’s delayed now we may as well delay it some more to be able to add the 1857 two horsepower three-wheeled-car…..and make it premium, they’ll all love that!!”

    Three days late after five flipping years….. you would think this guy would want to release the game so he can go back to counting his money and being a ‘gentleman’ race-driver. OCD…..OC freaking D. The game’s good enough, now let us have it.

    I see another delay on the horizon, can anyone say Q1 2011?

    1. Salda

      I agree, so now they think they have a couple of weeks to tweak it even further before they send it off for production. Then they come up w/something else to add, which causes a new bug, which has to be ironed out, then miss the production deadline. Oh we have a couple of weeks before we have to deliver to production? Well, let’s add this one last feature. And the whole process starts to cycle again.

      I just went and placed my order at Best Buy yesterday (right before the @#$ hit the fan). Oh well, got my pre-order in for CE. When the new date is announced, I’ll just check here before I head out to pick it up to make sure it hasn’t been delayed at the 11th hour.

  25. AGNT009

    Well, this stinks, but if the game is truly ready today, then I can calm down. BLack Friday huh? Looks like having a pre order right now is worth its weight in gold. Those who over reacted and cancelled their pre orders will now have to fight the Black Friday crowds for their copy. LOL. Glad my pre order was in well before this delay was announced. Who knows how stores will treat any preoder requests they start getting as of today.

    I want to believe the “internet portion not ready” is pure BS, because if it was that far from completition, they would have known that a long time ago. Id like to believe my DSL, which has played every game online smoothly so far wont need an upgrade to cable for GT5, but Im prepared to upgrade if the online isnt buggy to begin with.

  26. Wuestenmaus

    Delays are no problem for me. In my opinion, there is just one single important question: will the online part be ok or not. If PD was not able to establish a working penalty system for the destruction derby drivers out there, the game is of no use for me.

  27. Razor

    Email from

    “As you may already be aware, the UK release date for Gran Turismo 5 has changed to Dec-2010. Changes to release dates are relatively common in the videogames industry and are unfortunately beyond our control.

    Don’t worry, your order is still live and will be despatched prior to its release date via your chosen method of delivery.”

  28. KilzoneStrife

    I dont buy this ‘3 days’ garbage.They stood to lose millions in shares.look at MOH and EA.This affects business.3 days,is nothing a contingancy plan wouldnt have solved to ship it on time.lies lies lies.They regret giving a date,they realised Kinect,COD etc will hit.delay till holiday shopping season

    1. whiteman

      I work in the print industry and it works basically the same, if your job comes in 3 days late your job could print 5-10 days later. next job that is ready to go moves up along with any others as to not delay them because you neglected to turn your job in on time. Their working on a much larger scale then we do so i see this as very possible.

  29. jcmc

    I think this is pretty moot to be honest. Were it any other publisher then losing your duplication slot like this and having to wait for another one would be realistic.
    This is a Sony game for a Sony platform with Sony determining the priority order of duplication. A slip of a few days perhaps, but 5 weeks? Doesn’t figure.

    1. whiteman

      If it is true then COD is really the Flagship and must be and wouldn’t surprise me if it had 3x as many pre-orders than GT5. Which group do you want to piss off, the smaller group so they moved GT to the next open production date.

  30. Voice of Reason

    Why is Kazunori Yamauchi leaving us in the dark, yet again? It’s about time you began to behave like a professional and come out and tell us what’s happening!!

    1. GoldUltima

      Can you not read? He said they were 3 days late from their deadline so blu-ray production had to be rescheduled.

  31. fade

    As frustrating as it is, at least polyphony don’t rush out a shoddy product every year with little or no content. They are doing things the right way, give you a complete polished product as good as it could be. There aren’t many companies like that any more.

    1. Lyvan

      Totally agree with you…Yamauchi is acting the smart way to protect Gran Turismo brand…a delay related scandal is way better in the long term than a scandal related to in-game serious failures.
      Like it or not, there is nothing we can do…this is not a product you can say “I won´t buy it because they failed me on the release date”…try it (good luck)

  32. SgtWhitten

    The Blu-Ray production team that was going to make it probably couldn’t afford to wait any longer so they started making the discs for another game. Makes sense really.

    1. Dave-o

      They would definitely move on to the next job but I would have thought Sony would have enough clout to crash the production schedule to get GT5 back into production once PD made it available. What matters is how long the changeover takes, the shorter it is, the less cost in doing an extra one to get GT5 back in. I would have though the changeover on a Blu ray making machine would have been quite small. I am guessing the most significant component would be the printing of artwork on the top surface? other than that it would just be a few keystrokes on a computer?

  33. Paulo

    When the game shows up at my door in an amazon labeled box, that’s when I will believe that it’s done. I don’t care what caused the delays. They will only release the game when it suits their interests not ours.

  34. Mkwone

    I take it thats why they can’t give us a date because they’re frantically trying to rearrange timeslots at the factory to get this game out ASAP.

  35. Red_9

    I figured this might happen. I knew it was a bad choice to work on the game right up to production. It leaves very little time for proper preparation. If they only missed it by 3 days and the game is pretty much done, I wouldn’t expect the delay to be any more than a couple weeks.

  36. Klaus

    So they “missed the production window by three days”.

    So this means PD’s already finished the game, right?

  37. Dan

    From a GameFAQs post:

    “I spoke on the phone with a friend that lives in Japan who has a buddy working at Polyphony. Now get this…the reason they’re delaying once more is because the online portion of the game is nowhere near ready. Apparently, Yamaguchi wanted to be upfront with GT fans and announce an April 2011 release date, but Sony figured it’s better to announce a Holiday Season release date to keep interest in the game and when Christmas time comes around announce the actual release date of April 2011. So guys…don’t wait for this game to come out before the end of the year.”

    Probably rubbish but it will be interesting to see if it turns out to be true. I hope it’s just a troll : /

    1. Stune

      Haha I don’t believe that for a second. Sounds like someone got a bit annoyed with the delays and came up with a creative story. Still cant see it being after christmas.

    2. R35-Vspec

      You spelled Yamauchi wrong. OH SORRY my bad not you. The guy who typed this in GameFAQs.

      Sorry man .. I didn’t mean to say this.

      Anyway, don’t believe what you hear from GameFAQs. There are a lot of kids!

    3. Lyvan

      I dont believe it either. They cant skip holiday season, and there are some companies involved who would be affected (PD, Sony, even Logitech).
      Hopefully the delay wont be too long

    4. IVKillerVI

      If they were going to lie it wouldn’t be something about production.
      If they say its production thats causing the problem, and then make another huge delay, it would be way to obvious that they are lying, and absolute proof that they lied isn’t exactly good for business.

  38. F.G.

    I’d rather game is delayed and bug free, than for GT5 to be like F1 2010, which is perhaps the most buggy facing game I have ever played.

    All this delay bodes very well for the quality of GT5. The fact that they’re having so many problems reflects a game with amazing depth and complexity

  39. Tom

    I don`t buy any of Pd or Sony`s excuses anymore, yesterday the excuse was that kaz again wanted to polish the game, today they say they just missed the deadline, it`s hard to take Sony serious anymore, a big scratch in their paintwork this

    1. Stune

      I dont know, it still makes sense…

      Kaz wanted to polish the game thus making it 3 days late. Now everything rests on Sony. You would think with what they have riding on this game that they would prioritise this as much as possible. Now they are most likely finding out what they can do in terms of production in order to give us a release date.

    2. GoldUltima

      What Stune says. It makes perfect sense if you read everything. They missed their deadline by 3 days because Kaz is picky. Since they missed their deadline they have to reschedule their blu-ray production and probably the only open slot is a few weeks off after some shuffling around.

  40. soLid

    Come on Sony this is your juggernaut!!! Put on hold your Move games and Blueray movie burning dates. You’ve put your PS3 and 3DTV hopes on this product. Make the right choise

  41. Brando-K

    Well hopefully the game won’t conflict with my university schedule anymore, I won’t have to neglect my school work for 4 weeks till I finish in December.

  42. Stune

    Thanks for digging up the latest news. You would think that a 3 day delay would only cause a week or 2s disturbance.

    Looks like it could well be on for Dec 1-3rd depending on region. It could have been worse.

    1. Mickle Pickle

      Lame comments from you…. you dont know, none of us know for sure what the reasons are, and what major held up stands in their way… you cannot blame everything on him…
      I am sure Kaz is doing everything in his power to meet the deadline…

      If you still that qualifies as embarrasing or unprofessional… i would like to see you do better ;)

      You show no respect for the man. You dont deserve your copy.

  43. unoc

    So 3 days late = 5 weeks later?.. I know execs are crazy but that is quite extreme. THey are pushing into teh Christmas rush, something I don’t think many want. Why not just push it back say 1-2 weeks?

    1. joel

      i thought this, normally games area only a week or two later, but a week later is black ops. which is judging by pre-orders, be the most succesfull game of all time. a week after that is NFS:Hp. i think dec 1st is a safe bet, also several games will be slotted into to be burned to disc as well.

    2. DaveS1138

      It’s because of production capacity. Blu-ray production capacity is nowhere near as large as DVD production capacity. If you miss your production window by even just a couple of days then you need to wait for a new window to open up in the production schedule that you can be slotted into. With Blu-ray production at capacity with all the titles being prepared for the holiday rush then you are going to have to wait much longer than a few days for a new window to open up :(

    3. IVKillerVI

      Did you read the article or do you just like assuming the worst?
      They said they don’t even know what they’ll do about it, theres even a small chance it could only be delayed by a week or two depending on the production schedule so far. If they can I’m sure they’d want to put a few things on hold to get this sales monster out there as quickly as possible.

      But on a side note, since PD is now just sitting around waiting for the game to be manufactured, maybe they’ll score some loyalty points back from their fans by making a demo.

    1. Madmurdock

      It sounds like PD missed Sonys deadline for production to start by three days. Therefore forcing Sony to put back the release until PD go Gold.

    1. witham

      At least we know the game is ready to go gold so at least this is the last delay as the game is ready to go gold

    2. [UK] ANDYW

      I suppose if they’re expecting to sell several Million copies in the first few weeks, every hour of production is going to matter…

      Sad, but at least it’s a believable explanation.


      I was sure that the game was finished and that they wanted to realase it
      but someone said no but who ?
      2-4 weeks more , it’s not much more and we know the game is finished THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT

    4. HugoStiglitz_420

      but even still, how does 3 days equate to an extra month? maybe they wanna seperate it from black ops. I still want a PSN demo. I don’t care if anyone has some optimistic or strange reason to not want a demo so don’t reply if you do. I’m not here to argue. IMO a demo would still be great

    5. FlareKR

      They should’ve let it run out on release day. That way demand will skyrocket for GT5, making headlines everywhere that no one can get the game, and that it’s sold out. Look at the PS2, and it’s still the best selling console in history! Imagine if they did the same for GT5.

    6. Dave-o

      I think the 3 days is coincidental. The real reason sounds like they are miles off of required units. I work in an FMCG supply chain and there are multiple explanations for why they haven’t got enough stock. Could have been production issues. Could have been that they totally underforecasted expected sales and did a hasty revision upwards (trust me – it happens).

      I certainly believe that if 3 days in the timeline for a worldwide launch was going to make the difference, the timeline was unrealistic in the first place. There are always unexpected issues. That’s about the only thing you can count on. If you want to deliver on time you must have contingency, be it extra time, extra capacity, extra stock, etc.

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