GT5 Nurburgring Gameplay Footage at CES

Here’s the second of two videos from – this one shows a good bit of game play footage on the Nordschleife.

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  1. Viktor Navorsky

    Man, i just love this track… bumps, high speeds, jumps, fast corners… i cant imagine this at night… or even…RAINING… OMFG…

  2. vampire63

    (Nismo) Skyline GT-R R-Tune R1 (R33-gen, ’99)
    350Z (’03)
    370Z (’09)
    Fairlady Z Version S (Z33-gen, ’07)
    Fairlady Z (Z34-gen, ’10)
    Fairlady Z (Xanavi Nismo SuperGT, ’06)
    Fairlady Z (Xanavi Nismo SuperGT, ’07)
    GT-R Proto concept (’05)
    GT-R “Black Mask” prototype (’07)
    GT-R (’08)
    GT-R Spec-V (’09)
    GT-R (Xanavi Nismo SuperGT, ’08)
    GT-R (Motul Autech SuperGT, ’08)
    GT-R (Calsonic Impul SuperGT, ’08)
    GT-R (Yellow Hat YMS Tomica SuperGT, ’08)
    Skyline GT-R V-Spec II (R32-gen, ’94)
    Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R33-gen, ’97)
    Skyline GT-R V-Spec Nur (R34-gen, ’02)
    Skyline 370GT Type SP Coupe (V36-gen, ’07)
    Skyline 350GT Type SP Sedan (V36-gen, ’06)
    Skyline Coupe Concept (’07)

  3. Alex

    @ Johnny

    I really don’t understand where you’re going with that?

    More powerful but can’t grip the road?

    Have you EVER watched NASCAR on TeeVee? I know they have NASCAR in England now since 1998 or so because I have a weekly British car magazine called “Autocar” talking about it in 1998.

    If you’ve seen NASCAR on TeeVee or in real-life (my first ever NASCAR race was in 2006 at Dover International Speedway in Dover, Delaware, U.S. since I’ve been going to Indy races at Chicagoland Speedway and Indianapolis Motor Speedway since 1992) you’ll see the immense power AND grip these cars have on the track, NASCAR also does road races at Watkins Glen (New York) and Infineon Raceway (California).

  4. Johnny

    @ Alex

    europeans and asiatics spend more time making the cars not only monsterly powerful, which is a thing I like and i’m pleased, but you have to control all that power. make all that thing calm and grip to the road.
    two different type of cars. i like both of them, cause here in europe we dont have those cars and that’s why I like them, pure monster power! i guess americans think the same with the non-american cars. but a bit of control sometimes is better.

    don’t correct my spelling because i’m non-english native speaking.

  5. Alex

    @ Vampire63

    Oh and one more than, get up to date on your spelling, blows my mind people spend 13 years in school and 4 or 8 years in College and STILL can’t type worth a damn.

    *head bangs against wall* Maybe I should contact Yamauchi and give him some more feedback and suggestions on having a “Learn to Spell License” which in the beginning the game, you connect a Logitech keyboard and in order to progress you’ll have to type out complete sentences in the alotted time limit without messing up and if you mess up, you won’t be able to proceed with your car going around the next corner to complete the entire ONE lap. If you succeed you’ll be able go ahead with the game and play as you please, but for the dumbasses out there who are to lazy to make sense while they type/talk, tough luck, better luck in school, next lifetime.

  6. Alex

    @ Vampire63

    [QUOTE]But you will agree tha European cars are made with more passion style and better engineered than modern US cars thats why GM bankrupt and VW is buying not seeling car companies[/QUOTE]

    European automobiles are built and designed with more passion? give me a BREAK! Come to America and you’ll see how stuptastically your “beloved” cars are engineered, they’re nothing but a mechanics NIGHTMARE! They have a LONG history and reputation of electrical issues and engine problems, not to mention LOW resale value for example, you buy a $90,000 Jaguar XJ and the SECOND you drive it off the lot and wanna resell it maybe 5 months later because something more kickass just got released, that $90,000 you spent prior will be flushed down the toilet with resale value of about maybe $13,000…*GASP* just tells you how shitty your cars are doesn’t it…

    Now don’t get me wrong, I love european cars, but would NEVER rely on one to take me across 6,000 miles of this massive country we call the United States of America.

    Oh don’t bring up “designed with passion” because uhhh lately, BMW, Mercedes, Rolls-Royce and all your “bling bling” mobiles have taken the “Japanese” trail design-wise, which looks like CRAP and really makes the cars look CHEAP.

    Why don’t you read up on Ford, GM and the product plan of Chrysler and see their latest automotive design language, it sure RIPS EUROPEANS A NEW ORIFICE.

  7. ralph89

    I’m from the U.S. and I don’t like Nascar. Well, since I’m Asian I don’t count :D. I’m into mostly European and Japan motor sports like WRC, Super GT, Le man, F1 Grand Prix etc..

  8. Big Ron

    Here in Germany, there also exists the myth, that just rednecks from mid and south-USA love NASCAR :D

    When I was young, I loved NASCAR very much, it was my first motorsports series. I loved the action on track and the huge damages and crashes.

    But it is boring to watch it 3 hours, when the cars just running in a circle.

  9. SomeStrangeSin

    Im from america and I hate nascar I do not watch it nor support it. Most fans of nascar are from rural areas and have poor hygene. I am into racing ferrari’s and moded cars but I am a huge fan of rally racing. I also hate NHRA
    Im just saying not all americans like nascar or nhra mostly just the rednecks

  10. Viktor Navorsky

    I´ve expected a loooong long time for this moment… im getting my G25 in the next days… when i get my hands on this game, it will be a unique moment… lights off… surround sound system on… LETS ROLL!!!


  11. ISMZmj

    This is magic .. I love GT5 so much .. I will buy the Japanese version ^,^ I can’t wait anymore 2 years that’s very very long time .. I wish I never heard about GT5 since 2 years ago

  12. PeterWRC

    I want someone, who can drive well and dont talking during the race! “Do you want to know, what is the Nürburging like? Watch it!” Flat out, microphone fixed on the speaker, thats all. Simple like that! Who cares about the dynamic best-line or whats called on the track. What is important, sound of the car, handling, graphics. Why all of the reporters and presenters are useless? One of you, who living in the states and can be go on CES, please, make a good video for us! But anyway, the Ring looks amazing! It will some game, it is no question. Sorry for my bad english.

  13. LarryL

    LOL, I don’t care if NASCAR is the most played thing within the GT community. I just know it will be the most played thing for ME (if all the short tracks and road couses are in) and that’s all that matters to ME. And please, don’t sit there trying to bash NASCAR racing. Yes, sometimes the races can get borring on tracks like Daytona and Talladega, but all the tracks I mentioned are always awsome races, and there are other awesome tracks too, like Atlanta. Also PD has said you’ll be able to run NASCAR on the other tracks in the game too.

    And don’t sit there bashing NASCAR for how much skill it takes either. I hate when pompous people who think they know racing do that. REAL racers and people who truly know racing KNOW that NASCAR is about the most skill demanding racing in the world besides like Rally racing. It’s by far the most difficult, skill demanding “pavement racing” in the world. These are old-school, classic, real, mechanical cars, with 850 horsepower, a REAL gearbox, no traction control…’s REAL RACING. Indy and F1 are EASY in comparison. Just look at Juan Pablo Montoya. The guy was know as the best racer in the world. Everyone thought he was gonna school NASCAR drivers. He hasn’t been able to hang. He hasn’t done a thing. He’s finally getting decent in the cars 3 years later. He’s eventually going to be good, maybe even this year. But it took him 3 years to get used to real auto racing.

    And Juan Pablo Montoya has publicly said many times that NASCAR is the toughest, most demanding racing he’s ever experienced. And there are a handfull of other F1 and Indy drivers that are racing NASCAR now and all say the same thing. None of these Indy and F1 guys can hang with even the nobodies in NASCAR. And they all say they are sticking with NASCAR even though they suck right now, because it’s the most challenging racing they’ve ever been in.

    And also, it’s not like NASCAR doesn’t race on any road courses, and when they do it’s my personal favorite races of the year, and some of the best road course racing you can find on the planet. Watkin’s Glen and Sanoma are awesome tracks. And fans have been demanding more road couses get added to the schedule. They should deffinitely have a road course in the “Chase” since that “playoff” should be a test of all the drivers skills on every type of track. They also go to Indianapolis and Pocono as well, which are also awesome challenging tracks regardless of just being lefties. Besides that, it’s not like NASCAR is the only series that runs ovals. Indy runs on alot of the same tracks as NASCAR.

  14. Big Ron

    You doesn´t need to laser the track again, cause nothing changed there and in between: the Nordschleife isn´t as bumpy as in the 80s. They changed the road surface and some track layouts.

    For me, it is accurate enough and I am not the type of guy, who plays bean counter and cries, when there is missing a tree or a plate or something.

    It is ok, when the layout is correct and I get the Nordschleife feeling, everything else should be part of debugging game

  15. irishash

    @Big Ron

    mostly because the version in GT4 is not as true to life as it could be. this is a new game on a new system, i want a new version of nordschleife, not the same old track with new graphics mapping and shaders. they need to laser map the tracks (i’m assuming PD does not already do this) like iRacing, where you’re able to feel all the cracks and bumps in the track surface. i did some comparison runs using the GT Academy Indy and iRacing Indy using the Pontiac Solstice and you can tell the GT5 version is just improvising the feel of the track surface, it’s not true to life.

  16. Big Ron

    why you should create something from scratch, when you have a good base in a previous version? do you think, the Nordschleife change to something ne in 5 years? I don´t think so.

    You can add more polys, better textures and more details and it just looks better than the old one. Shouldn´t hard to understand.

  17. Big Ron

    Anyone who played GT Legends, which is really a great simulation, can tell, that the AI is smashing you out of the way, if you immidiatly stop on the track. And in normal situations, the act very intelligent and let you room to overtake or change the racing line while driving.

    This situation like in GT is nothing new and you can see it in “EVERY” racing game. But of coure, the collision system is stil crap. A real car would spin and fly, if someone crashes you back in high speed. We all know, how a car would react.

  18. NBH

    The track looks nice but it isn’t a ‘new’ track as described by the man playing the demo, surely anyone who knows anything about GT knows that track was in GT4?

    The bumping mentioned by iced16 is annoying but I wonder what will happen when damage is turned on. If someone drives into the back of you then some of the impact must be absorbed by the car behind but I wonder if it will push you forward so much, guess we will have to wait and see, the new damage model is being kept firmly under wraps by the look of it.

    As for NASCAR being boring, well I would find it boring watching it but driving it is different and I’m looking forward to GT giving me the chance to experience another type of driving.

  19. iced16

    2:02… i hope they will fix that… i hated that kind of bumping in all gt-series. AI should be smarter and it should be patient and try to find room to overtake… ofcourse there should be different AI… more agressive and more careful ecc. Your thoughts guys?

  20. RoarrrUK

    Speaking as someone from the EU, that’s a whole lot of opinion and stereotype right there.

    Why the hate? p.s. use firefox or chrome, the spelling tool could come in handy.

  21. vampire63

    Im just telling that NASCAR will not be the most played thing in tg5 and also that i don’t understand american cars with huge pure engines that burns more fuel its less powerfull and less ecofriendly thats all ( I agree there are great cars but only in the past and 1 or 2 now corvete viper and that’s it) But you will agree tha European cars are made with more passion style and better engineered than modern US cars thats why GM bankrupt and VW is buying not seeling car companies
    And again Formula 1 is not in any way the gratest automotive competition nowadays but autside of US NO BODY CARES abou cars driving in circle and turning only left ( Join us after the comercials but dont wory you will not miss anything they will do only LEFT TURN ) ITS SOO BORING

  22. Big Ron

    American watching NASCAR, cause there is more action on track and better overview of the race than in road track racing. Us American have road track racing, too. Lots of stuff.

    Do you think, Formula 1 is more interesting than NASCAR or American Le Mans or Trans Am Series? Haha, funny information.

  23. vampire63

    LarryL Since NASCAR will be my most played part of GT5 (unless it’s horrible with none of the tracks I want)
    Man did you realy said that . You preffer to drive in oval with stupid race car tha mashing the top gear track or nurburg ring in lamborghini murcielago lp670 sport volace
    Seriously I cant understand you americans and your car culture .
    Cars with huge engines and very little horsepower going only straight or only left ITS JUST STUPID try watching Formula 1 its more interesting BELIEVE me

  24. lee

    there’s only 8 cars cos thats all they want you to see or all they want to put in on a demo.

    tuned tvr tuscan….cool

    Hurry up PD……….. GSUS

  25. peewee737

    Looks and runs beautifull. Who said there’s no sense of speed? And this is only a tuned road car….
    One complaint though. It (still) looks like you’re being launched when hit from behind. That’s not very promising for online racing. PD, please have a look at iRacing on the PC. If you manage that in GT5 or 6, you will be the definite “real driving simulator”……

  26. S3 Racer

    the works(rebuild) on the ring were finished (mostly) in october.

    glad when the weather becomes better to go up to the ring

  27. lemon6192

    After seeing all this gameplay footage of the road racing in GT5 im impressed and cant wait, but would love to see some gameplay footage of some rally events to that has been improved.

  28. ralph89

    They should have upscale the GT4 version. they’ve put a run off area at Turn 14, which probably make the Nurburgring a little easier from now on. Did the 2009 Nurburgring had it?

  29. Maximou


    I was wondering the exact same thing, in your video, it’s not only grass but sky also seemed to be less bright.

    2008 24h of Nurburgring’s demo : ; an other video where grass seems to be more yellowish here too. Lightning and shades are not exactly the same neither.

    E3 2009 trailer : ; you can see at 01:40 and 01:45, that it isn’t sunny at all.

    With these vids it’s obvious that weather on the Nurburgring had changed through the different presentations.

  30. jBat17

    just leave the complainers alone. they are used to arcade racers where cars magically break the laws of physics to make things more interesting.

    can’t wait to drive on the ring in nighttime!

    oh yeah, googled the reporter, jo garcia.. saw a video of her playing the wii.. wow, that chick is smokin’

  31. blademask

    @ The A.I complaints..

    uh, he brakes suddenly and the car behind him hits him with 0 time to respond..

    Yeha…. PD is screwing up again right? I swear half of you don’t need to own this game.

  32. shylock

    Thanks I actually own a g25, I was just wondering if there is a big difference because he made such a big deal about it. But I love me the H shifter and clutch.

  33. Paulo

    Regardless of how slow the driver is, the AI should still be able to avoid contact. To say someone is a lousy driver and thats why the AI is crashing into him is unacceptable. But yes it is still a demo. Looking amazing as usual and the wait is killing us all.

  34. Devedander

    How do people make claims and judgements about the quality of the graphics (ie is it just upscaled GT4 etc) when viewing a super compressed crap resolution youtube video that is a camera shot of a screen?

    There are like 9 ways the image is being compromised in this process to the point you can’t tell anything about fine detail from it…

  35. LarryL

    God (Gaming God), I hope this game has rain!!! I really can’t wait for this game. It’s one of the most content filled games I’ve ever heard of. Aside from rain, my most anticipated feature I want to hear more about is NASCAR. It’s probably what I’m going to be playing the most of in the game. I want to know what NASCAR tracks are going to be includied besides lame Daytona. I really want…..

    Watkin’s Glen
    and Martisville

    If all those are in, I’ll be as happy as I could possibly be. I’m hoping they maybe add some NASCAR DLC in the form of old-school championship cars that look like the classic cars but have the same handling and physics as the new cars so they can race together. I’d want 1 or 2 of the old Petty Cars, Dale Earnhardt’s Wrangler car and his Intimidator car. Bill Elliott’s Coors #9, Rusty’s Black and Gold MGD #2 and Alan Kulwicki’s Hooters #7. Since NASCAR will be my most played part of GT5 (unless it’s horrible with none of the tracks I want), I’d gladly pay like $5.99 for all of those.

  36. quietkid

    It still looks like an upscaled gt4 version :( So have the other videos from CES. Hopefully this latest footage from this demo “CES” is watered down compared to the final product(Visually aleast). The sound has been much improved though :)

  37. Maximou

    @ shylock

    Since DFGT is the official wheel coproduced with Polyphony himself, it might be very well optimized for GT5. If you don’t care about clutch/H-gearbox and low plastic pedals, it may be the best one to play GT5 with.

  38. Matt

    Wont they both shut up and let me listen to the car =_=. “Soooo tell us what we’re seeing in the screen….” Is this a freaking report for the blind????

  39. Luke

    I still see or hear no signs of backfire out of the exhaust pipe. But i won`t complain about it, GT4 had it and even GTPSP has it. So i`m sure GT5 will have it too in the full version.
    To be honest i don`t want anymore vids of GT5, i have seen more than enought. I will gladly wait until i can play it myself, i want to experience night and rain myself for the very first time in my (hopefully) old and used car which cost me about 7000 Credits :)

  40. d3br34k5

    @jn: The early braking, unpredictable cornering and general slow speed of the human driver isn’t really giving the AI much to work with. I’ll bet if you watched the replay from the AI perspective, their brakes would be on and evasive manuevers would’ve been attempted.

  41. dennycrane1

    For some reason the video won’t play it doesn’t show up. It’s just a tiny square at the top left corner. Is there something I have to download to play it?
    And when I tried to see it on youtube it said the video was deleted. What the hell!!

  42. S3 Racer


    Finally i get to see the ring. Love it.

    Yeah release date would be awesome!

    The more i see the more impatient i get!

  43. BlackDog87

    Oh, The Ring looks gorgeous. I don’t believe it’s the upscaled GT4 Nurburgring. Even if it was, I don’t care, it looks beautiful (within the realm of streaming video, of course)!

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