GT5 Online Maintenance Schedule Released for Update 2.08

September 21st, 2012 by Jordan Greer

As is usual for major game updates, Polyphony Digital released their official maintenance schedule for Gran Turismo 5‘s online services next week.

The maintenance period will begin on Tuesday, September 25, at 04:00 GMT/UTC (convert this to your local time) and will last for approximately one hour. The game’s new DLC will presumably become available to purchase shortly thereafter after the PlayStation Store’s selection has been updated.

As announced and outlined yesterday, update 2.08 includes several important changes along with the release of three new cars to purchase for $0.99 each.

GT5 Photomode image by MouCZnik.

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  1. Oct. 10, 3:16am

    I think they need to add brake upgrades to the game, they need to add rim size options, they need to add tire width options, they need to fix sloped curves where you spin out and your car acts like a top, they need to fix the ground traction, you still burn your tires off in a slow car going up hill. Your car can slide off the road when stopped for no reason, when you try to power brake with your steering full left or right your car will go the opposite of which way you are turning.

  2. Sep. 24, 7:50am

    I’m gonna go a head and say I don’t like the tire wear update. It shouldn’t be any different than regular races. I think the entire tire model needs work.

  3. Sep. 23, 6:35pm

    What no fix for the Drift Trials if you call whats going on now drifting it’s not it’s a JOKE

  4. Sep. 23, 3:53pm

    I hope the tyre wear is adjusted with racing tyres in online races as well – because it’s rediculus right now – one or two laps in a street car and the tyres are over the hill. The same tyres hold up longer with a F1 car – what’s the logic with that?

  5. Sep. 23, 1:04pm
    Pit Crew

    Great Update but I just realized all my present tunes will have to be redone. Oh well, Back to the lab.

  6. Sep. 23, 6:29am

    It’s a nice picture of a NASCAR pit crew doing tyre changes on the car pictured above:
    2011 Tony Stewart #14 Office Depot/Mobil 1 CHEVROLET IMPALA

  7. Sep. 23, 6:23am

    As a comedy moment, PD would’ve released a mad engine upgrade that tunes our cars to over 2,000BHP, raise the Torque to 500 lb ft, & allows all cars to have tunable downforce all round. Not to mention more Racing Car Modifications in turn. :)

    • Sep. 23, 6:26am

      5000 lb ft, not 500; a little writing mistake.

  8. Sep. 22, 11:14am

    Isn’t the frs a smudge faster than the bezel IRL? so what’s all this campy ion about a highly designed subie when you can just get the free and if not faster frs but w.e I’m happy we actually get DLCS and updates still

    • Sep. 22, 6:25pm

      The BRZ is slightly slower stock. The spring rates are softer. Subaru didthat tomake the car feel more like an AWD car. Modified there is no difference

  9. Sep. 22, 10:39am

    Like usual, the update will be ready at 11pm EDT monday, and the DLC should be out 4pm EDT tuesday

  10. Sep. 22, 9:32am

    Good job PD, a well timed maintenance.

  11. Sep. 22, 8:08am

    Forget DLC, the update is great! We will get improved clutch and better aero resistance simulation… Its updates like this that we need, not a single extra car. Improve the game so we enjoy

    • Sep. 22, 8:09am

      Enjoy the cars we already have in the game with better simulation.

    • Sep. 22, 2:21pm


    • Sep. 22, 6:35pm
      e30 freek

      +1 well said

    • Sep. 23, 5:09am

      cant agree more! +1

    • Sep. 23, 8:44pm

      I swear we need more people like you.


    • Sep. 24, 8:34pm
      RB26 2jz


  12. Sep. 22, 3:52am

    People complaining about paying 99 cents for a car? Are you kidding me? If you’re the type of person who is so tight fisted that you have a problem parting with a dollar for a car that someone spent hours designing then you need to have a good look at yourself… That’s a couple mouthfuls of a coffee ffs, grow up.

    • Sep. 22, 6:36am

      Check with how many cars GT5 comes and then look again at the dlc prices.
      0.99$ per car? GT5 should cost a couple hundred bucks, shouldn’t it? With your logic yes, even if you only look at the premium cars.

      1 dollar more or less in my pocket doesn’t hurt me, hell no. But you must see it as a whole, see the princip of it.

    • Sep. 22, 6:38am

      *principle (not princip)

    • Sep. 22, 10:32am

      So what do you propose? Because by your logic you think they should charge $ .06 or less. That’s absolutely ridiculous. At that point, it wouldn’t even be worth it for them to tell us about the new cars. $1 is nothing, seriously, it’s not principle, it’s ignorance, it’s stupidity. There’s absolutely no reason for them to charge less and I’m pretty sure $1 is the cheapest single cars have cost for ANY GAME, let a lone a sim with this kind of graphical detail that takes a ton of work and calculation to get right.

      Seriously, stay away from iracing, you’ll have a heart attack if you see their prices for cars/tracks

    • Sep. 22, 1:34pm

      Agreed and even better is that unlike the last few packs, you get to actually choose the car you want instead of getting the whole pack for just that car you want.

    • Sep. 22, 2:37pm

      I like the fact that PD actually desided to make separate DLC with the cars, to let the people choose what they want. Smart thinking PD, keep it at that. :) Do the same for GT6’s DLC. And ignore the babies who’re crying about the price being to much, ITS NOT! .99 cents is very reasonable to buy individual content. Cheers.

      I hope we get Spec 3.0 soon.

    • Sep. 22, 4:51pm

      $0.99 is not a bad price at all. Thats how much a matchbox costs and they have rather poor quality any more. Not sure I understand what the problem is.

    • Sep. 23, 5:57am

      People are the problem PS3finest.

      DR_Slump – DLC has a different pricing ratio. You can’t just divide it from the whole game value – no game does that.

      Good call on the microtransaction styling of it, makes more sense.

  13. Sep. 22, 2:27am
    Pit Crew

    I believe this years Academy put alot on PDs plate for the last 5 months

    GTA Public Demo Trial May to July
    8 Week Seasonal/8 Car 1 suit gifting
    EU Academy Game
    Kazs press conferences lol.

    It was a busy summer for them so in their defense, this car pack getting done, all before October, and anniversary plus continued work on GT6 is a good example of some hardwork being put fourth.

    Its the obsessive bias away from US and EU car packs thats hurting the fanbase, among other things.

    Update has welcomed features that are much appreciated.

    • Sep. 22, 4:31pm

      Exactly, logic is restored! Also, I don’t see the GT-R as another car, I see it as a car that Kazunori drove, and I have the luxury to drive it myself.

    • Sep. 23, 5:59am

      Indeed, a calm reminder that PD hasn’t just been working on DLC for GT5 or GT6.

  14. Sep. 22, 1:27am
  15. Sep. 21, 7:27pm

    1 $ for the most higley accurate and detailed model of a car besides the real deal is a steal… a hotwheels is a $ ..

    • Sep. 21, 7:31pm

      I actually agreed with that…although not the last part.

  16. Sep. 21, 7:22pm

    Wow what a bunch of tight pocketed people complaining about 99c cars like come on.

    • Sep. 21, 11:36pm

      Really. A Honda HSV-010GT in real life would probably cost close to $1,000,000, and then if you accidentally stuff it in the wall at speed, you can’t just restart the race; you’ll probably have to buy another one. At least in GT you’re free to wreck it however much you like and not have to pay a cent.

    • Sep. 22, 2:24am

      I was referring to people complaining about the DLC Prices

    • Sep. 23, 5:46am

      @ TeamCZRRacing:

      You get that same rush driving that car in the game, as you would a race car n real life too!!!……oh wait……

      Honestly, DLC is a money grab, like mobile and casual games are now, where you get dumbed down versions and have to pay money for the good stuff. It allows companies to lower the quality or content of the initial game, still charge just as much, and release stuff later at an additional price. When you add all the DLC up, I’m sure you’d spend more on the DLC than the game itself. That kinda sucks when you think about how much you are getting out of both packages. Honestly, 99 cents for a car isn’t worth it when there’s over 1000 cars to choose from already. Also, when it’s just another GT-R, who cares. I’m sure there’s a GT-R in the game that drives exactly the same already. You are paying money for a texture that took an hour for an artist to reproject from pictures they probably took from the real car. Not a tough job at all for someone at that level in the industry.

    • Sep. 23, 11:54am

      Falango – You can’t really blame PD for coming up with DLC as a lot of people were begging for extra stuff long before the game came out. Agreed that some devs do what you say…but with PD it has been extra to the game, not something left out for later.

      An hour to create a texture? Not sure where you’re getting that info from…

  17. Sep. 21, 6:35pm

    You all are a bunch of complainers. PD is working hard on GT6, this is the least they could to to keep things interesting with GT5, just be appreciative! Expect less because they are devoting more time to make GT6 better than what we expect.

  18. Sep. 21, 6:34pm

    Again, I’ll only go for the Subaru. But if they get the sound right in the Honda, then I’ll get it too. The GTR, no thanks, I’ll pass. I still haven’t touched the GTR Black Edition since I prefer the Spec-V, and the old N24 barely sees the light of day even though it was free.

    But again, the Subie is much welcomed. Being a street car there is much more use for it.

    • Sep. 21, 7:52pm
      HKS racer

      You only go for the Subaru? You should be crazy.

      The n.1 car in this pack is the HSV-010, this is what GT should be about.

      More cars like the HSV, less GT-R’s and less rebadges.

      If you don’t buy the HSV you don’t want PD to realize cool cars can sell well, we have way too many lame cars in this game.

    • Sep. 21, 8:54pm

      I guess I’m excited that I’ll have the three boxer coupes. But honestly speaking, I always say I won’t buy something and end up doing it. The Honda is one amazing car, I must admit, but I’m affraid they will ruin it by putting a wrong sound sample. That car has a very unique exhaust note and it would be unforgivable that they mess it up. If that’s the case, I won’t buy it to show PD how good sounds are a HUGE part of the experience.

      Besides, this is less than 3 bucks. So it’s definitely not a money problem. Unlike most people here that are b*tch’n around some pocket change. (you can’t even get a burger and fries for that lol)

    • Sep. 21, 11:50pm

      @HKS race “A racer wants to race, not just drive fast cars.” –Tommy Milner, racing driver.

      I don’t know about you, but I enjoy racing the slower vehicles in the game (karts, entry-level production cars, etc) just as much as I like racing the faster ones, like the Red Bulls. I’ll be enjoying the new Subaru for what it is. A good car isn’t necessarily a fast one; it’s one that fills its role well. The Subaru and its sisters fill their role – small, fuel-efficient, fun-to-drive, affordable sports car – very well. You can either choose to enjoy it or not buy it. Either way, quit whining about it. All you’re doing is souring everyone’s mood and making them enjoy the game less.

    • Sep. 22, 10:35am

      The subaru is actually the most useless of the bunch unless you’re a big subaru fan.

      I think most would agree the HSV 10 is the best of the bunch but the GT-R should be ok. I like the first n24 and this one is better so. I’m gonna get em all, you need to put a minimum of $5 on your PS store wallet so why not get em all

    • Sep. 23, 3:00am

      It’s not that GT has incorrect sound samples, it’s that the sounds are recorded in a booth without the real world noises/surroundings. The sounds are basically recorded in a vacuum = too pure. I would prefer that they record them from in the car.

    • Sep. 24, 3:10am

      @Progress823 warning: tl;dr

      The game has MANY incorrect samples. It’s not a matter of how they record them. I could mention at least 100 but it’s too late right now. Whatever, let’s try a couple:

      -Viper GTS : Sounds like something that I can’t identify, but it’s the same sound that it’s been dragging since GT2 (listen to the SRT10. That sounds like a Viper. Artificial, weak, like a vaccum maybe, but it sounds like a Viper V10 engine)

      -BMW M3 E46: sounds like a V8. Shares the same sample with the E92. They got it right in GT4, so it makes you wonder.

      -Bugatti Veyron: Sounds like a V10. shares the same sample with the BMW M5.

      -Saleen S7: Undscribable artificial sound. sounded like a V8 before v2.05. It goes beyond me of why they ruined it.

      -Mercedes CL600/SL600(R129): Share the same V8 sample than their V8 brothers. WRONG again PD.

      -Ferrari Enzo: Sounds like a flatplane V8. Shares same sample with 458 Italia.

      Should I continue? A couple more.

      -’54 Corvette C1: Sounds like V8. Should have an L6 sample like the one it had in GT4.

      -Mercedes 300SL: sounds like a 4 cylinder. Same story than with the Corvette C1.

      -Audi Quattro: sounds like a 6 cylinder.

      And these are just out of my head without even thinking too much. Trust me; the samples are really messed up in the game in at least 50% of cars. I’m not demanding, but it would be nice that at least they match the sample with the type of engine that the car has even if it’s artificial, weak or vaccum-cleaner-ish. It’s not the the sound itself is bad because even though it’s not great, it is very good. It’s the choice of samples. Someone in PD is so amateurish that doesn’t know the difference from a 4 cylinder and a 6 cylinder.

  19. Sep. 21, 5:11pm

    The biggest joke I’ve ever heard, The DLC is overpriced,really 99 cent a car, people should check out forza DLC.

    • Sep. 21, 6:01pm

      Are you joking? Each Forza 4 car individually is 240 MS points, which is three dollars.

    • Sep. 21, 7:04pm

      Buying a whole car pack from Forza DLC is a lot cheaper and is a better value though.

    • Sep. 21, 9:40pm
      Chad D.

      Actually, the thing as a whole is $0.99. So get over it, you get 3 cars for one dollar. If your honestly complaining about that, then you shouldn’t be playing video games…….

    • Sep. 21, 9:42pm
      Chad D.

      Nevermind, they changed it I guess. All the same, this way you can have the one you want. Most people are complaining about the Subaru and the GT-R. WELL CONGRADULATIONS, you can pick one instead of having to buy the whole bunch.

    • Sep. 21, 10:34pm

      99¢ per car or $5 for 5 cars? Seems like the exact same thing to me, only I don’t need to buy the crappy cars I don’t like. I for one actually think they should do $1 a pop more.

    • Sep. 22, 10:14am

      Seriously, guys. You pay 560 MS points for a car pack containing 10 cars, one of them is mostly free so count one out. 560 ms point equal 7 USDollar, thats 77Cent a car… “OMG GT5 is so lame and they rip us off, 99cent is too much” “Forza is so much better” … yeah 22Cents much… jeez

    • Sep. 22, 1:43pm

      You must be Mr Krabs cheap if 99 cents is “Overpriced” to you. And the cars aren’t even in a pack, they are 99 cents each, which means you DON’T have to buy them all, just the ones you want.

  20. Sep. 21, 4:51pm

    Thanks but no thanks.. GT6 please and thank you.. The end..

  21. Sep. 21, 4:05pm

    I just wanna say that I love how the pic of the pit stop fits so well with the subject.

  22. Sep. 21, 3:37pm

    3 cars dlc – 3$ -_-

    • Sep. 21, 4:42pm

      Its $1 per car.. at least you get to pick the one you want. Seems reasonable consider the work that went in to modeling it and how only a few people will buy the dlc.

  23. Sep. 21, 3:28pm

    Since they adjusted the rates of tire wear for endurance races, I hope they add an option for hosts of online rooms to set the tire wear to the accelerated one or the longer one.

    • Sep. 22, 11:27am

      That would be nice. I’d like a more realistic tire model. Or more compound choices like gt3 had. There needs to be something different but I’m not 100% sure what things I’d change. Maybe change wear rates between compounds, grip between compounds as well, or anything that can help make the tire.model more realistic.

    • Sep. 23, 3:04am

      +1 Amac…. With the current wear model it is impossible to host good online endurance races.

  24. Sep. 21, 3:24pm

    Looking forward for the new cars. I want that gtr. Love the decals. Also the third edition. Now for frs, gt86, frs photoshoot. that honda looks so sexy

  25. Sep. 21, 3:21pm


    • Sep. 21, 4:13pm

      No he’s not!!! Not only did he throw his helmet at Matt Kenseth’s car, (Bristol, TN) but he also smacked Kevin Harvick’s wife on the ass!! WHAT A JERK!!! (in my opinion)

    • Sep. 21, 10:42pm

      @paracefan. He’s been doing that for years! Him and Kevin happen to be good friends. And so what if he throws his helmet! Drivers get pissed off all the time. But when he threw it, het got a big cheer from the crowd. At least he doesnt go punch another driver in the face like Jeff Gordon.

    • Sep. 21, 10:43pm

      Geez, how long you been a NASCAR fan paracefan2002, a couple weeks? Lol, I’ve been starting to realize from GT5 people who talk NASCAR that I’ve been watching this stuff for a long time. Now when I hear short term events used in a debate I remember back in the day and could have pulled so many old reasons, lol. The confrontations with Jeff Gordon were the first that came to mind for Tony Stewart. Walkins Glen in 1999 (or 2000 one or the other) and at Bristol in 2001. Haha, making me feel old. Just for the record I’m fine with Tony, and I actually thought the helmet toss was cool.

    • Sep. 21, 11:57pm

      @paracefan2002 So what if he throws his helmet? At least he doesn’t drive backwards on the track and smash into everyone else after he gets overtaken for the fifteenth time in a minute like SOME PEOPLE (here’s looking at you, four-year-olds who race online). :D

    • Sep. 22, 2:00am
      Pit Crew

      Well since Matt spun Jeff he had it coming.

    • Sep. 22, 11:34am

      I have nothing but respect for drivers that don’t put up with bs and confront other drivers.

      Couldn’t tell ya how many times I’ve wanted to throw a helmet at someone when racing online. I can understand their aggravation and pissed-off-ness when a driver has an incident with another. I’d be one of those drivers throwing helmets or punches, depending on the severity of the situation.

    • Sep. 22, 1:46pm

      @paracefan2002 : How long have you been watching Nascar, for a week? Tony’s good friends with Harvick so he always does that to her and even to Harvick himself.

  26. Sep. 21, 3:21pm

    So it last an hour? That means it ends at midnight here…

  27. Sep. 21, 2:54pm

    DLCs are just plain joke and overpriced. I dont like ’em! :P

    • Sep. 21, 2:58pm

      Nice!! Lol

    • Sep. 21, 3:20pm

      $0.99 is overpriced? Really?

    • Sep. 21, 6:11pm
      Nissan Lover

      0.99 per DLC is overpriced? Go to another racing game with these details and quality and expect the same price.

    • Sep. 21, 6:15pm

      It’s not that it’s overpriced. We just don’t want to spend actual money on cars that are already in the game. It’s basically like you’re paying $3 for the GT500 car

    • Sep. 22, 1:52pm

      Xm_SaBeR_mX: Um, no. You see, this is how PD’s update works: You ever notice everytime DLC is announced, they have an update just prior to it? They put the cars on the disc via the update, then they have the cars in the PSN store on sale. Those three cars aren’t on the disc right now. As for “spend actual money on cars that are already in the game”, isn’t that basically what you are doing with other racing sims right now?

  28. Sep. 21, 2:07pm


  29. Sep. 21, 1:57pm

    Just read when I booted up the game. Again to the morons complaining: Don’t like it, don’t buy it. Bitching and moaning won’t change anything.

    • Sep. 21, 1:59pm

      No one even complain yet and all you have to say is that?

    • Sep. 21, 2:08pm

      @eminem looooooool!

    • Sep. 21, 2:14pm

      You know the complainers will be here as soon as school lets out. LoL!

    • Sep. 21, 2:36pm

      ^ LOL!!!!

    • Sep. 21, 2:50pm


    • Sep. 21, 2:52pm

      If you don’t moan, nothing gets done. It stays buggy and bland. I.E COD…..everyone moaned about it getting repeatative so BO2 if futuristic making moaning a success. You need to make your veiws known so they no how and what to improve. No one moans at Fifa cuz its top of its game, but they still add and update the little things. you get me

    • Sep. 21, 3:07pm

      ^ I get you @Youngun. I laugh to the school part in @blksentra2 post, it was funny. :D For PD. They should get more and more complaints by fans and by game developers too, they seriously need it. I’m losing all interest in GT, and really wanting Nintendo to make that racing game for the Wii U.

    • Sep. 22, 2:06am
      Pit Crew

      Don like the complaints, dont post on gtplanet. Its a Debate forum not a YesGamer sight.

    • Sep. 22, 2:10am

      Youngun, moaning is a totally different thing to offering criticism… I’ve said it before on this forum… The difference is that when you criticise something you then have to follow your comment with ” …,because…”.

      I think we should all be thankful that Polyphony Digital has kept their cool amidst all this pressure from 10y.o. who want a new game every 6 months. If they had employed a cowardly glorified accountant (you know what I mean) to lay out the company’s strategy we would now be playing GT72 which would have cars with only 300bhp and more and we would be racing in the “Tranquility Lunar Motorsports Park” with the gravity option set to “Insignificant”.

      I have also been through the modding scene in the PC sims. There are thousands of mods out there, but only a handful have been made by people who actually understand, appreciate and can really produce a quality mod instead of “oh that guy in that car is beating me… Give that car worse tyres…” The result is that there are really very few quality mods out there… So it’s not easy to make a sim after all…

    • Sep. 22, 2:40am

      Sorry @Youngun, but @ManiacRS is right. It’s okay to have complaints, but when it goes to far, enough is enough. It needs to stop from there before it gets loose…

    • Sep. 22, 1:58pm

      eminembeastfan2: Because I saw them coming (like always). Even if I didn’t say anything, they still would.
      Youngun: There’s a massive difference between Complaining and Criticism. Critism is what gets things changed, not complaining.
      Pit Crew: Problem is, I am on GTplanet and I’m not asking for it to be a “yesgamer” forum, I’m against the current “gimme, gimme” Bitch and Moan attitude people have today where they think they are owed something. If you aren’t gonna try to contribute to making the game better other the bitching and moaning and nothing other then “This sucks”, don’t complain.

  30. Sep. 22, 1:24am

    better start thinking about the ride height changes to car behavior.

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