GT5 Online Service Maintenance Coming Feb. 12th & 14th

February 9th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

Polyphony Digital announced two 3-hour scheduled maintenance periods for Gran Turismo 5‘s online services yesterday, both of which will take place next week.

The first maintenance period will occur on Tuesday, February 12, 2013, between 16:00 and 19:00 GMT, with the second just two days later, on Thursday, February 14, 2013, during the same time period.

Although the last “maintenance” period on January 15 introduced the 2014 Corvette Stingray and update 2.10 to GT5, such a notice from Polyphony Digital does not at all imply that new content or a game update will be released. The length and close proximity of each maintenance period is unusual, however.

GT5 Photomode image by MatheusSideways.

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  1. Feb. 12, 3:23pm

    @hobanator – no update yet so everything is the same as before

    • Feb. 12, 3:24pm

      damn wrong place

    • Feb. 12, 5:54pm

      lol you are sooo wrong my friend, the time on this site is US time not GMT!!! look at the time difference. Bear in mind as i type this now it is 22:52 GMT. Now look at the time it says i posted this. I bet it’s around 5:55pm? lmao

    • Feb. 12, 5:55pm

      aww ffs wrong place again i need to concentrate more. sorry

  2. Feb. 12, 3:03pm

    it’s absolutely nothing at all. No update. not yet, anyway coz i just checked

    • Feb. 12, 3:08pm

      Nothing here in uk either ..!!!!

    • Feb. 12, 3:17pm
      Mr Nerv

      There wouldn’t be anything til after both maintenance periods have gone happened?!? It’s clearly a 2 part schedule, and I expect only the NSX Concept at best.

      We can wait til Thursday.

    • Feb. 12, 3:18pm
      Mr Nerv

      Whoops, meant gone/happened.

    • Feb. 12, 3:18pm

      It was probably just some fixes. Is the 3,000hp civic still working or is there still a looping bug?

    • Feb. 12, 3:23pm

      sorry forgot to mention i’m from scotland

      Nothing in scotland yet ;)

    • Feb. 12, 3:24pm

      @hobanator – no update yet so everything is the same as before

    • Feb. 12, 4:36pm

      Well, at the time you guys were posting, the update had yet to start for another hour.

    • Feb. 12, 4:39pm

      no. according to the note at the top of this page:

      The first maintenance period will occur on Tuesday, February 12, 2013, between 16:00 and 19:00 GMT, with the second just two days later, on Thursday, February 14, 2013, during the same time period.

      It’s now 21:38 GMT on the 12th and there has been NO update

    • Feb. 12, 5:45pm

      Yeah, but you guys were commenting from around 15:00 to 15:30 and not 16:00 GMT which meant the update thing hadn’t even started yet! Also, as has been pointed out, being a two part maintenance the end result likely won’t be eveident until after it’s done on Thursday – so chill.

    • Feb. 12, 5:54pm

      lol you are sooo wrong my friend, the time on this site is US time not GMT!!! look at the time difference. Bear in mind as i type this now it is 22:52 GMT. Now look at the time it says i posted this. I bet it’s around 5:55pm? lmao

    • Feb. 12, 6:29pm

      You are so right – the consequence of a 20 hour day and only four hours sleep afterwards I suppose. My apologies therefore.

    • Feb. 12, 6:34pm

      that’s okay bud, no need to apologize. i made a bigger deal about it than was necessary. i’m calm now lol ;)

    • Feb. 13, 12:45am

      It’s cool :)

  3. Feb. 12, 3:00pm

    Probably just a bunch of new tracks and cars. Maybe just making all cars premium, a better AI. Something like an Event Creator and a more advanced tire model might get tossed in. Every Porsche ever created DLC. Nothing to get too excited about.

    • Feb. 13, 2:44am
      Pit Crew

      Porsche aint coming to GT5…get over it….please

    • Feb. 13, 11:02am

      sarcasm..I’m tired of wish lists too.

  4. Feb. 12, 2:45pm

    wow omg spec 3.0 just d-loading it 2 gb….boom maintenance over and c**k in our a**es,thanks PD!

    • Feb. 12, 2:46pm

      aye right

    • Feb. 12, 2:47pm


    • Feb. 12, 10:30pm

      Cool story bro. Maybe in the future someone will write a novel about your fantastic story.

  5. Feb. 12, 2:00pm

    Hahahaa this is so funny, ok lets say we get 1 or 2 cars, people will still bitch about it! LOL people think that making a game its just siting in front of the computer and then burn the game into a dics.

    No, If any of theses noobs had the idea of a game works will understand, that Building the car, making lods for that car, texturing that car, or making a track, adding textures to them. the scrip for the driving line of the AI. the script for the weather system.
    games theses days require a lot of work of modeling,texturing and scripting.

    People say that “I pay for the game, deliver something good now” well… have you wonder if PD stops making GT?….they don’t have to do it. they do it because they want to do it, Kaz wants to do it. and he can easily pull the plug on GT series. and then you all will see that just having the base game with no DLC its a great thing.

    • Feb. 12, 2:09pm

      they do it to make money too, remember

    • Feb. 12, 2:11pm

      Yes, but with the money they had made, they can easily stop.

    • Feb. 12, 2:12pm

      Besides one thing i do know its that Kaz doesn’t do it for the money.

    • Feb. 12, 2:27pm

      no, kaz probably doesn’t do it for the money but sony do. GT is Sony’s biggest selling game, if you count every title so far

    • Feb. 12, 2:31pm

      They both do it for the money. I’m sure Kaz loves what he does, but if there wasn’t millions to be made, GT wouldn’t be what it is today.

    • Feb. 12, 2:32pm


    • Feb. 12, 2:33pm

      Kaz does it for Nissan

    • Feb. 12, 2:37pm

      bet he has at least 20 GTRs

    • Feb. 12, 10:41pm
      Drag Labs 101

      Nicky I’m curious since they’ve made enough money and could stop at any time.. Why would they? It’s safe to assume Coke a Cola has made enough money but I’m sure you won’t have a hard time finding a soda anytime soon. Point is… Kaz, PD, Sony whoever can do what they do because they love it that’s fine but part of loving it is the successes and $ made. Fortunes I say… Vast fortunes!

  6. Feb. 12, 1:04pm

    hmm i’m beginning to think this maintainance is just that – maintainance. I’m still playing GT5 online and it’s still working normally. If it was a big update i would have thought they would have taken the servers offline. . . .

  7. Feb. 12, 1:02pm

    I reckon that some new tuning upgrades, new premium car conversions and maybe some new tracks will appear. Fingers crossed!

  8. Feb. 12, 12:48pm
    GTrf The Official Site – Please note that the online service may be unstable during the maintenance. Thank you in advance for your understanding. ___???

  9. Feb. 12, 12:30pm

    would it make sense to simulate this Spec 3.0 update today, during the first maintenance period, to prevent the demise of online services had it been dumped all on the 14th instead, so PD has 2 days to fix bugs, such as inability to turn on the PS3 from the PS button :D

  10. Feb. 12, 11:47am
    Flying Scots

    C’mon PD!
    Spec III, with all new Super GT, Nascar and WRC cars

  11. Feb. 12, 11:41am

    It looks like we have to wait 14th feb …. Come on PD .. Lets Rock this week!

  12. Feb. 12, 11:40am

    It looks like we have to 14th feb …. Come on PD .. Lets Rock this week!

    • Feb. 12, 11:59am

      why? the maintainance is happening while the servers are still online, it just says the online service may become unstable between these hours.

  13. Feb. 12, 10:28am

    Give us new tracks ! Give us all the rest of the package before GT6.
    Please don’t be cheap as the last DLC.

  14. Feb. 12, 9:57am

    join any drag room .. its funny watching them run away from my enzo

  15. Feb. 12, 9:29am

    Haha bye bye 3000hp civics !!!

    • Feb. 12, 9:42am

      i have yet to see one of these mega power civics lol

    • Feb. 12, 1:02pm

      Time will tell.. I hope you’re

  16. Feb. 12, 9:09am

    today is the day…………………………

  17. Feb. 12, 8:49am


    • Feb. 12, 9:52am

      BWAHAHAHAHAHA (cheers mate, – Noble)

    • Feb. 12, 1:47pm


  18. Feb. 12, 8:37am

    What about that data logger that was gonna be released in 2013??

  19. Feb. 12, 3:42am

    I consider Gran Turismo to be like my ’98 Dodge Dakota. That truck has 246,000 miles on it, had been in 2 maior accidents (one of which it got totaled & had th be re-titled), and has never left me stranded. It may not be the fastest, best looking, or most comfortable (has no heat & I live in NY), but it does it’s job; gets me to work everyday & gets me home safe. It owes me nothing & neither does Gran Turismo. People saying it’s ‘incomplete’ and saying we were ‘ripped off’ are just narrow minded. Did you finish the entire game? Do you still play it after 2 years? If so, then the game did what it was supposed to do. Be lucky we still get support like this. Do you think Forza Motorsport 4 still gets this much support after Horizon was released? No. So be happy with what you’ve got.

    But, DLC or not, there will always be negativity from somewhere. Say after this maintenance, we get the NSX concept, Willow Springs, Seattle Circuit, & Apricot Hill. I garuntee you, there will be complaint from somewhere. Maybe you won’t be able to modify the NSX concept. Maybe all the layouts of Willow Springs will not be available. Maybe there will be a new online bug. If we do get what I said, at least 2 of those complaints will be said.

    • Feb. 12, 6:00am

      +1 :)

    • Feb. 12, 9:05am

      I´m playing GT since part 1 on PS1 and i playd them all. And it was always fun.
      I payd 250 Euros for my Signature Edition. That might seem a lot, but witch other game gives you hundreds of houres fun und support 2 years after its releas?
      For sure its not perfect. But hey, witch game is?

      So i will continu playing GT5 ´til GT6 on PS4 takes us apart. AMEN

    • Feb. 12, 9:11am

      Spec II was the BEST update ever, they should have left it at that. The game was bug free and everyone was happy but then PD decided to mess with it again which maybe wasn’t the best idea. . . . .

    • Feb. 12, 11:02am

      Well, it is pretty annoying to get a car and not be able to mod it at all. Can you at least understand that? I understand what you’re saying, but it doesn’t change my mind on screw ups like the Stingray Vette. It drives pretty well and all, but bottom line I still want to mod it.

      It made sense with the masked prototype version, but no so much with the unmasked version. At least, that is how I see it.

      Don’t get me wrong, I still get a lot out of this game, it’s just not everything that I want. I’m not a person who settles for ONLY THE BEST, but reality is, the execution of certain features in this game absolutely could have been done better, but they were just left as is.

    • Feb. 12, 12:16pm

      +1 to Hobanator

    • Feb. 12, 1:09pm
      SZRT Ice

      +2 ÷ 2 to Hobanator & Whodoyouthink. Both good & valid points. I have an immense passion for GT5, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be improved on. And that doesn’t mean I want to replace it. Rather, “take that heater and get it fixed” (online) and install a new engine, fresh paint, and some fresh tires. (Mods, customization, etc.) Your “car will take care of you as long as you take care of it” and keep it maintained. PD has done well, but if improvement isn’t necessary, than you should still be playing GT1 and PS One and forget PS3 & GT5 entirely. Speaking on improvements doesn’t make us ungrateful “complainers”. It just as saying hey, I like this truck, rather then replace it completely, let me see what I can do about getting this damned heater fixed, since other than that it gets the job done…”

  20. Feb. 12, 3:10am
    Pit Crew

    This time last year we barely got anything from PD but a possibility of getting DLC every 3 months.

    This year PD kicks off with a C7 vette, A trailer of the C7 lapping Willow springs in a GT5 video, Refurbed Seattle, Apricot Hills (Probably GT6) and the NSX concept returns but unconfirmed for GT5 input.

    IMO positive stuff. However some have had a full ration of Haterade and a healthy dose of Negativity concerning this Maintenance cycle, to the degree that they think wishlisters are fools to think PD is giving us something new.

    Misery loves company. I honestly pity the nay sayers for looking at the Glass Half empty

    • Feb. 12, 9:16am

      And I say Cheers to that.

  21. Feb. 12, 12:51am

    I wonder if its the new corvette with the ability to tune?
    Not sure why people are still complaining about the pp changes, it works as well as it should. Some cars should not have had their PP altered but Speed 12, but it’s completely understandable.
    1. When you look at PP you still have to take into account what the class of car is. Formula, Prototype, Group C, GT, GTS, Rally, Stock, Hyper car, Super car, sports car, street cars with the sub class of tuners and economy.
    2. Don’t even attempt to mix the types as PP numbers vary with underlying performance, this isn’t FM where you have actual indication of performance to go with PP.

    I’ve got a garage with just over 1,000 cars and I have at least half tuned to race, that aren’t race cars. Key to finding the best cars drive everything, just because your favorite car isn’t competitive doesn’t mean all is lost. Remember to choose your car according to the course layout, courses with lots of straights and very little technical corners will favor big hp cars and technical courses with mid to high speed courses will need a balanced car, short tracks will utilize lightweight quick accelerating cars. Since the PP change, I have found a host of competitive cars. That rather tank like standard SL 65 AMG hits it’s stride on the Nur in the 550PP range up or down as it can play from 500PP till it’s max around 580PP. Pontiac GTO and the Holden Monaro also enjoy this PP range as well, what’s not to like, they are rather nimble for heavy cars and really have some top end.
    I really hope they fix that draft, it needs to not allow you to accelerate so fast because it makes close driving a pain in the ass because you get like a nitrous boost even on short runs. Perhaps the ability to turn down individual elements of sounds, tranny whine down to bare minimum yes please. Could be nothing, but it’s always something when it comes to PD and GT5. Anyway roll on 14th.

    • Feb. 12, 3:37am

      I like the way you think but at the end of the day through experience my glass is always half full or empty, I’ve also seen the torrent of hate appear on here when people think they are getting DLC in an update and we don’t, naturally if you build your hopes up to much they just crashing down around you and if people can’t handle that then don’t get your hopes up. It’s the same every update. We had had plenty DLC for GT5 there comes a time when that will have to stop, and people are then going to demand GT6 and they will be dissapointed!

    • Feb. 12, 8:27am

      I totally agree with you hentis … People get it into there minds that something really good is coming … Then start slagging off PD when they don’t get it ..!! what ever comes will be a bonus in my opinion …

    • Feb. 12, 8:40am

      do you guys think people have built these illusions on their own? Kaz said it! I don’t really care about DLC cars (tracks are cool)- but the guy, the man himself, said DLC every two months or so. This is the reason for the disolution, the griping, etc.. Don’t blame the players or let their whining get to you. It’s not your fault, and certainly not theirs.

  22. Feb. 11, 7:41pm

    I don’t understand the whiners. After a weekend of baby-sitting 4 neices and nephews under 5,house-cleaning,grocery shopping and looking after my wife (burned her hand on the oven) , GT5 is my escape!! I never tire of playing the game. Any additional cars and/or track is a bonus. If you think GT5 is boring, try growing up on Pong!!!

    • Feb. 11, 7:53pm

      LMBAO, +1 Biggles!!!

  23. Feb. 11, 6:19pm

    Honestly, so much love for DLC well will have to see what happens, won’t be dissapointed either way to be honest

  24. Feb. 11, 6:00pm

    Can’t connect to the online. Has maintenance started already?

  25. Feb. 11, 5:52pm

    Here’s a simple Easter Egg. There’s a chicane on the Tsukuba Circuit that NEVER gets used. Adding that as an option doesn’t seem like it would be too overwhelming. I’m not here promoting THAT as a great idea. I’m trying to provide ideas that would liven things up a little without much work or $$$ spent on PD’s part.

    • Feb. 12, 12:18pm
      Pit Crew

      The “Bus Stop” loop on Tsukuba is usually reserved for Moto GP, though I do drift through it occasionally.

  26. Feb. 11, 5:47pm

    Man who cares about updates gt5’s dead.

    • Feb. 11, 7:11pm
      e30 freek


    • Feb. 11, 8:13pm

      I’ll make sure to rob it in your face if theres something good. Also, GT5 is dead to YOU. Those like you seriously need to get over yourselves…

    • Feb. 11, 10:50pm

      Name another game that has the Corvette C7…I’ll wait.

    • Feb. 11, 11:41pm

      Name another game that has a licenced Cizeta V16T.

    • Feb. 12, 3:39am

      I bet if you PS3 nuked itself and you had no game save GT5 won’t be dead!!!!

    • Feb. 12, 5:12am
      e30 freek

      Oh man i put +1 in the wrong place it was meant for JCH8r stupid mobile

    • Feb. 12, 5:31am

      “Name another game that has the Corvette C7…I’ll wait.”

      I can name you a game that has the new Viper …

      “Name another game that has a licenced Cizeta V16T.”

      I also can name you a game that don’t has this car , but has Koenigsegg , Porsche , much more Ferrari and Lamborghini , much Maserati , Ascari , a lot of good Aston Martin , De Tomaso , Gumpert , Morgan , Mosler , Radical …..etc

      Forza Motorsoprt 4 …………. which is also dead since Horizon came out ( and this one is dead after one week of play !!)

    • Feb. 12, 11:13am

      @gamelle71 Theres no point in mentioning Porsches…you have to pay for them.

    • Feb. 12, 11:25am

      yes because GT5 DLC was all free. Point is it’s there if you want it.

    • Feb. 12, 7:46pm

      @BoneSawTX I’ll pay for some hot cars and TRACKS but $20 dollars for a car company that was free in the previous installments??…nope

    • Feb. 13, 12:04pm

      understand that but i bought it and enjoy it, felt it was worth it for me. I have both games BTW, been play GT from day1 of the series and bought an xbox at the beginning of jan just for Forza4

  27. Feb. 11, 5:00pm

    hi i’m new here join gtplanet i like gt5 all in 3 year i was check on gtplanet everyday but i hope they pd fix update

    • Feb. 11, 5:06pm

      Welcome to GTPlanet bud. :) *Thumbs up*

    • Feb. 11, 5:34pm

      thank nice meet u tokoturimso bud smile

    • Feb. 11, 7:08pm

      Haha, nice to meet you. :)

    • Feb. 12, 3:19am

      Calm down bro haha I’m JK I play it all the time.why do people get mad over a game?

    • Feb. 12, 8:22am

      Welcome to GTPlanet!

  28. Feb. 11, 4:41pm


  29. Feb. 11, 4:18pm

    It’s probably gonna be nothing. Maybe something with the seasonals. I just hope they don’t take the seasonals away, I haven’t even done them yet. Been too busy with iracing. I still like GT5 better but it’s annoying me how much work I have to go to just to find a decent realistic race. Everybody online uses ridiculous racing soft tires, which even in F1 cars lets you go way faster than what you can in real life, and almost nobody uses heavy damage. I love GT5 when it’s as realistic as it can be but it’s too easy and too common for it to be unrealistic, and I’m allset with that side of the game. To find a great realistic in iracing, all you gotta do is log on and see when the race is lol Iracing’s a rip off for the cars/tracks but as far as public racing, nothing comes close

    • Feb. 11, 8:51pm

      I hear you Tom. My biggest disappointments are how rare a breed we are with damage and patients and PD’s lack of supportive seasonal events.

      I blame the culture of immediate gratitude for GT players who rage quit race lobbies after a bad lap and PD and Kaz for introducing elements like endurance racing w/soft tire qualifying yet providing us with no way of identifying such lobbies online.

      GT came to us with great promise while I was at Forza 3. But fell short with it’s online direction. I surely hope that there are more of us than I suggested earlier who enjoy realistic racing with their driving simulator and sometime before GT6’s release, we get an updated lobby system that allows us to filter our lobby search more effectively.

      BTW, Forza and PGR were purchased for their Porsche, Ferrari content and online play only. Getting 2/3rds of that with GT at no charge… No reason for me to go anywhere else.

    • Feb. 12, 9:33am

      I really feel your pain. I always play with only ABS as my driver aid, and even that gets turned off sometimes. I, like you I imagine, likes to pick the sort of tire I reckon would be on the car I bought.
      It’s when your in a room, and everyone is all racing soft, spoilers, mega tuning and Spin Reduction Activated, you wonder why they bought a realistic game. I know I bought it because I wanted even the merest taste of cars that I’ve never seen, let alone driven

    • Feb. 12, 12:17pm

      Got PSOne/2? Pickup InfoGrams’s 24 Hours of le Mans(1st edition, not 2000)… Race flags and burning hulks at trackside. I honestly thought those were things to come by now.

      For class/era specific hp/wgt racing w/qualifying tires from Formula GT to PDLM to LMGTS, please visit “HighPerformanceStreet”… no mics, no whining, no BS allowed. As real as I can get it.

    • Feb. 12, 9:08pm

      There are ways to tell, you can see what the tire restrictions are bfoer you enter a lobby but the problem I have is there just isn’t enough, and many people that want to have serious/realistic races compromise and deal with lobbies that have light damage and sports soft. Even I do it sometimes but I just don’t enjoy it anymore. GT5 should’ve been the game I spent the most time online but it isn’t, I spend a lot more time offline because there are just too many noobs online. I know most of them are using controllers, but that’s no excuse to use racing soft tires 24/7, there’s just no reason for that. If you can run racing soft, you can run racing hard or sports soft and at least then you won’t be playing GT5 as if it’s an arcade game. I just don’t like that, GT5 seems really bad to me when it’s unrealistic, so I get annoyed when everybody is ok with playing a realistic game with no concern for being realistic. Realistic racing is so much more rewarding and these people don’t even know what realistic racing is because they’re too lazy to use proper tires and heavy damage. They only want instant gratification, which ironically is boring

  30. Feb. 11, 3:10pm

    This may be something, or it may be nothing ^^ but hopes are high. I would love Seattle Track ^^.

  31. Feb. 11, 3:06pm

    F1 2012 is great. Nascar Inside Line is pretty darn good (physics and A.I. are nice). GRID2 is coming May 28th. ProjectCARS maybe late summer/fall.

    Polyphony. There is thunder in the distance… I certainly hope that some of it is yours.

    • Feb. 11, 4:11pm

      Grid 2 is a joke. Terrible physics like the first and no cockpit view. Codefailers strikes again. Don’t buy their crappy products

    • Feb. 11, 9:24pm

      I actually enjoy playing GRID from time to time. Sure, it’s not realistic, but it’s still fun.

  32. Feb. 11, 11:28am

    you will get nothing but a fix to one problem and a new one from their carelessness and like it.

    • Feb. 11, 1:38pm
      Pit Crew

      Comments like this completely baffle me…:tud

    • Feb. 11, 1:49pm

      @BoneSawTX In your little dreams we will, stop dreaming. Nuff said…

    • Feb. 11, 2:53pm

      They’ve shown little of else to believe otherwise

  33. Feb. 11, 11:28am

    Sorry for being OOT – is anyone know where is to report GT5 bugs? I playing GT5 yesterday and found a weird bug but not sure where to reporting GT5 bugs properly

  34. Feb. 11, 8:34am

    I never really understood what the looping bug was? Can someone explain?

    • Feb. 11, 10:05am

      The “looping bug” has different effects for many. I’m affected by a continuous winding clock and/or “GT” logo. Also, when in an online lobby/room, the race start “trumpet music” repeats throughout the race. Thankfully, it’s only a nuisance and I can go weeks w/o having to ‘quit game’.

      DO NOT RESTART the machine. Doing that is a console gaming 101 no no and I ‘spect is one cause for many of our gaming woes.

      You can count yourself as one of the lucky ones if you’ve gone non-affected.

    • Feb. 11, 10:54am

      Spec III no doubt…

    • Feb. 11, 10:55am

      Crap wrong place

    • Feb. 11, 12:53pm

      I always knew that this restarting console thing during a running game or any other application can’t be healthy. When I see people do that I’m like “wtf r u doin?”. It’s like those people drivin Turbo powered cars that turn it off imediately after they stopped to park.

      Nonetheless I sometimes have to restart it with the internet browser running, because my console tends to freeze in this occasion quite often, actually…she’s old.

      But I can’t recall ever doing it with a game running, maybe that is why I am one of the ‘lucky ones’.

      What’s up Phil?

    • Feb. 11, 1:20pm

      Sup Flaco, great TT time btw. Hope you like the “Best of Friends” gifts.

    • Feb. 11, 1:42pm

      Thx man, sure I liked the gifts. You mean the Eiger Rallye TT? Say ‘congratulation’ to the “hot chick” that beat me, awesome!!!

    • Feb. 11, 7:01pm

      You’re more than welcome Flaco. First place gets a car and racing uniform and helmet, 2ND and 3Rd places get just the outfits. Check my message board for the finishing orders.

      You’re fast man. Keep up the quick pedal work!!! That’s one thing we all can do with the prize stuff.

  35. Feb. 11, 8:31am

    So what actually changed with the PP? All I know is after the update my Lotus 96 RM now wants to roll every time I turn a corner without a change in setup.

    • Feb. 11, 10:24am

      I don’t think your rolling issue has a thing to do with the PP system. As a collector with a 1000 plus garage, I’ve become anal while organizing my garage. And I’ve noted that many cars have demoted justifiably.

      Yes… Justifiably. While I’ve noted pp demotions I haven’t noted any reduced performance numbers as many here suggest. I only see the pp demotion as a reflection of what that car’s actual performance in it’s class was. Yup, they needed to be demoted. Lol, most, I’m sure, will disagree.

    • Feb. 11, 11:37am

      Not many things changed except for 2 Major race cars. The Corvette C5-R and the Panoz Esperante got super lowered. FYI, dont allow these in your PP races fellas, cuz you’ll have problems. :/

    • Feb. 11, 1:09pm

      Yup, those two were demoted in the pp ranks. However, those two as well as the others, were not effected performance wise. As long as they are used in a pwr/wgt lobby, you can be very competitive. I wish there were more rooms online that used a more appropriate pwr/wgt formula.

      PD does little to support it, except for heavy or lightweight vehicle races. It’s a shame too because their own pp system is extremely complicated… even more so after 2.10.

    • Feb. 11, 2:46pm

      try a nascar, you will obliterate the 550 online pp competition, without rolling one bit :D

    • Feb. 11, 9:19pm

      That’s exactly what’s wrong with PD’s pp system. A car that has no other reason to be entered into a race other than to dominate and humiliate.

      550pp RS tire room…
      NASCar driver: easy pickings…!
      Tuned car drivers: NASCar? Really?
      Lobby Host: I don’t care… Whatever…
      NASCar humiliates through domination…
      Some rage quit…
      Lobby host ignores ridiculous NASCar entry…
      More leave for better lobby hosting…
      Lobby becomes a hidden NASCar trap for all that enter with the intention to race their tuner car.

      I blame PD… Not your fault Lambob

    • Feb. 11, 11:20pm
      Pit Crew

      ^ Its not PDs fault people troll the GT5 race lobbies. I run Daytona rooms with a room comment saying 220, 240, 205 or 190 top speed Str only and some troll will still pull out a Nascar, but it doesn’t go ignored. I give 3 warnings as do other members in my room before I kick.

    • Feb. 12, 5:55am

      You’re being the proper host for kicking the ignorant, PitCrew. However, PD could do things like restrict changes to a public, not private, room like tune restricted stocks, tuned for street stocks (street tires w/o wings) and tuned for racing stocks (race tires w/wings). I blame PD because their own pp system supports those class types?

      Think about it… Are any of those street cars timed to 630 or 700pp really competitive to those PDLM’s, GTS’s or GT1’s?… Lol, not in my rooms! Not even against the pp downgraded C5-R or my beloved GTR-1. Heck, I’m gonna test Lister’s Storm V12 in a 700hp 1400kg street tuned lobby first chance I get!

      Further thinking on it… Maybe it’s an honor system that hinders their thoughts on the matter. No disrespect but they are Japanese.

    • Feb. 12, 9:56am

      Ok, I kinda knew what the results would be…

      In a 700hp, 1438kg contest, the Dodge Viper GTS ’99 and Lister’s ’99 V12 Storm are just about equal in lap times with a pp difference averaging around 30-45 in favor of the Viper. Not surprised by the results but I, as always, hoped better from Lister’s only entry. Then there’s that inconsistent pp rating.

  36. Feb. 11, 7:10am
    Flying Scots

    A salute to all the forum. I read you from long time and now i decided to enroll in this forum. I think is the point of reference for lovers of this game.
    My desire would be to see latest Super GT500 & GT300. This cars are beautiful and rewarding, and it would be good to have more recent (at least 2011)

    • Feb. 11, 9:26am

      I agree…more GT300 cars would be a nice addition. Or at least a Seasonal featuring these cars. PD gives much love to the 500’s, but some 300 love would be a nice change of pace.

    • Feb. 12, 9:19am

      The GT300 cars that are in the game are amazing aint they? I would love to be able to use them more too because they handle like they are on rails lol

  37. Feb. 11, 12:24am

    Just fix the PP system, put it back to what it was, PLEASE!!!!

    • Feb. 11, 4:56am

      Get rid of helmets, suits and paints.
      Just have colour picker for paint.
      Any reduction in menu and race loading is also welcome.
      Not gonna happen though with PS4 & maybe GT6 at the end of the year

  38. Feb. 11, 12:12am

    You mean how before we got the C7 Test prototype the Chevrolet dealership had 17 cars listed as available while there was only 16?

  39. Feb. 10, 9:39pm

    IMHO PD could do themselves a world of good by dropping Easter eggs in these updates. Some ideas: new wheel options for a few cars, RM for a new car or two, new sets of paint colors, new helmets or driving suits, new paint on the Nordschleife…. other ideas that seem cool & doable without rewriting tons of code? Another monkey in a different tree…

    • Feb. 11, 11:44am

      Who knows, we can only hope for the best.

  40. Feb. 10, 8:46pm

    Maybe they will…. umm nevermind. I’m just going to wait and see what PD has in “store” for us.

  41. Feb. 10, 7:52pm

    Maybe they are releasing new content to use on gt6

    • Feb. 10, 8:49pm
      Pit Crew


  42. Feb. 10, 6:51pm
    Fire Yoshi

    A fix to this unbalanced PP problem would be plenty enough of an update for me. As much as we all want that new NSX concept car, and Willow Springs Raceway, it seems pretty unrealistic to get things like that with the kind of time span this update is going to have.
    Oh well. We must have patience. :)

    • Feb. 11, 12:35pm

      I agree, way to unrealistic!

    • Feb. 11, 12:38pm

      too unrealistic!

  43. Feb. 10, 6:33pm

    maybe the first one is an a decent sized update and the second is a test to try to quickly catch bugs etc….? perhaps they are learning from past updates to check for unintended bugs. (remember the trolley the guy in gt auto was invisible)

  44. Feb. 10, 5:47pm

    I’m not pessimist, nor optimist.
    I would be pleased if a cool update happens.
    if not, meh. maybe another time

  45. Feb. 10, 5:40pm

    I hope they get rid of the POINTLESS museum.

    PD, Its a total waste of space, get it in the trash!

    Also, i am one of those annoying people who is hoping for a SPEC III update

    please please pleeeeeeeeease PD make it happen

    • Feb. 10, 6:21pm

      The GT Museum’s quite a good bit of information in my opinion. I can learn more about the roots of a company and where it all began.

    • Feb. 11, 1:09pm

      I agree Chinese_Drifter, I would love to see even more manufacturers in the museum on that aswell. There are many many missing that actually had or have a great history.

  46. Feb. 10, 5:36pm

    Dont think small bug fixes would incure so much downtime, Valentines day on the 14th and the major Sony announcement on the 20th, something is coming methinks, something cool : )

  47. Feb. 10, 4:49pm

    Lol, wish list time? New track(s), car(s), online dealership, seasonal(s) and another pp adjustment? I will be happy with whatever they do ’cause I’m still reorganizing my garage post 2.10.

  48. Feb. 10, 2:04pm

    If the Kingdome is still part of the Seattle track, EPIC FAIL PD. LOL

    • Feb. 10, 4:01pm
      Pit Crew

      Epic lol, good 1 BloodSpectre :tup

    • Feb. 10, 4:02pm
      Pit Crew


  49. Feb. 10, 12:55pm

    Come on guys. Stop dreaming regarding all those DLC and track pack etc. The shadows and water spray will finally be fixed! NOT!!! You know what will happen….nothing.

    • Feb. 10, 1:37pm
      Pit Crew

      Come on dude, put down that glass of “Haterade”. Stop being General Negativity. Like you would have any better insight into whats gonna be included in this Double Maintenance cycle.

      Obviously its kinda big or it wouldn’t be two days worth of maintenance, but feel free not to download it yourself.

    • Feb. 10, 2:01pm

      ^ +1 Couldn’t have said any better. :tup:

    • Feb. 10, 2:40pm

      I still wouldn’t get hopes up, though… There hasn’t been any official announcement for anything yet. It’s better to go into something with lower expectations so you won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t live up to what you wanted it to be, or be pleasantly surprised if it does. It’ll probably fix the looping glitch.

    • Feb. 10, 3:11pm

      They will probably remove some old Seasonals on Thursday or it would be just a network maintenance. On Tuesday it might be an update along with a DLC.

    • Feb. 10, 3:59pm
      Pit Crew

      PD has fixed issues before that don’t take 2 days. Plus looping bug issue didn effect everyone for them to need 2 cycles to fix it.

      The OP is being completely negative and wants others to share in his lack of expectations.

      Valentines day is thursday, so were getting a Present…thats how Kaz is.

      Did we get an official statement when the C7 showed up in the in game demo mode? no.

    • Feb. 10, 8:25pm

      All I’m trying to is you’d better not be disappointed if nothing shows up.

    • Feb. 10, 10:42pm
      Pit Crew

      ^Yeah…right…sure, whatever.

  50. Feb. 10, 9:04am

    In game loop fix
    Added server stability
    SEMA GT Award winner car DLC

    These are the only things I’d expect.

    • Feb. 10, 11:19am

      Why would the SEMA cars be added? I’m 99% sure it’ll be added on GT6 if the past is anything to go by.

  51. Feb. 10, 6:28am

    Hi everybody,
    after reading the news and some threads for many, many months now, I decided to subscribe to be able to inhabit this lovely planet.
    As for the maintenance schedule: I just hope that PD can fix the online issues that still occur (server kicks and other codes which state that I can’t join rooms) so that the best game ever (been playing for over two years now and the game industry haven’t been making a lot of money of me since:) will be even better.

    • Feb. 10, 3:34pm

      Welcome to GTP!

    • Feb. 10, 4:41pm


  52. Feb. 10, 5:20am

    Well obviously this is going to be something bigger than your typical GT5 update because of not one, but 2 three hour updates. And the fact that they teased a number of potential in-game content about a month back has got to make it obvious to anyone. Either PD has got a rather large treat for us or this is the worlds worst marketing scheme. But I really think this will be the release of some new DLC as well as some fixes to the game.

    • Feb. 10, 7:15am

      You may be exaggerating a bit, but big downtime might be something nice to keep in the back of our minds.

    • Feb. 10, 10:52am
      Nissan Lover

      Well, think about the past online service maintenance. There was at least some DLCs that was announced afterwards.

  53. Feb. 9, 11:14pm

    If anything, the major problem that should be resolved is their screw up with the performance points. Wishful thinking would look for the NSX, a track pack, or even a C7 upgrade for tuning. Past experiences with PD tell me that it’s none of the above. They have a knack for disappointing at just the right time. Lets hope they go against their record and prove me wrong.

    • Feb. 10, 2:47am

      You’r so right and i so wonder were Polyphony get all they’r feedback to take such bad decisions ?? the pp readjustment is defenitly one of the worst they’v took !!!

  54. Feb. 9, 10:32pm
    Pit Crew

    If its a track, its probably Willow Springs. The C7 trailer featuring WS was a GT5 Video.

  55. Feb. 9, 10:25pm

    Guys where in the world are you getting 3 days???? It says on tuesday and thursday. One will start on tuesday and end 3 hours later. The other starts thursday and end 3 hours later.

    • Feb. 9, 10:41pm

      They mean within 3 days.

    • Feb. 10, 4:29am

      In Australia we’ll just have to wait until Friday night Saturday morning

  56. Feb. 9, 10:14pm

    Hope their coming out with new stuff like someone mentioned earlier, updrades like : tuning additions, some more standards becoming premiums,etc… THAT`S all I`m waiting for!!!

  57. Feb. 9, 9:56pm

    Zomg! Spec 3 ahhhhhhh


  58. Feb. 9, 9:51pm

    Will be a beta version of the livery editor for GT6, and some new and re-released tracks for us to enjoy…….

    NOT !!

    Everything is just speculation, like so many of us, i’m over trying to guess what is and isn’t coming, just get in and race with what you have ;)

  59. Feb. 9, 9:43pm

    I think this almost impossible but I hope we get some better interiors for standard cars, I’m sick of those dark excuses of a interior.
    But more realistically I would like to see Seattle, one of my favourite city tracks with Hong Kong.

    • Feb. 9, 10:14pm

      I don’t mind the dark dashboard. What I DO mind, is the lack of a body when using the interior view on standards. You cannot see the hood, fenders, trunk, or spoiler on them, & it’s a shame too considering all the japanese classics have mirrors mounted on the fenders.

    • Feb. 10, 9:23pm

      Yeah I would really love to see my hometowm in GT5

    • Feb. 10, 9:25pm

      Oh god I mean Hometown

  60. Feb. 9, 8:21pm

    The performance point system is about to be shuffled again. And some other Ninja edits that we are familiar with.
    No reason for them to hold on to the NSX and I think Seattle Circuit and one other track are inbound too.
    Do not expect any of the new scanned tracks, but the old ones are in play.

    This is right on the heals of everyone sounding off about the PP change. So at the least that should be dealt with.
    And of course some physics tweaks. I think we all know by now that GT5 is the beta test bed for GT6….right?
    Yes there will be advances in features story line, video and memory utilization. But core function is being tested and tweaked right here in GT5. IMHO.

    • Feb. 10, 12:14am

      here here +1

  61. Feb. 9, 7:21pm

    I’m not expecting new DLCs, but two 3 hours maintenance in 3 days and with three tracks being shown to us in January, it wouldn’t surprise me if we got all three as a new DLC pack or all three separately… I think there’s a lot of people thinking like me, but it does make sense…

  62. Feb. 9, 7:02pm
    GT5 Level 41

    Horn pack.

    • Feb. 9, 8:02pm


    • Feb. 10, 11:22am

      It’s what I’ve been waiting for since the game was released.

  63. Feb. 9, 6:31pm
    Drag Labs 101

    I’ve learned to hope & never expect in the game of GT5. Remember way back when we were to get dlc every month and that lasted what… 2-3months? I wanted new cars and now a days I’d prefer more tracks. I don’t expect either but hope for the tracks. Maybe this update will bring a surprise, seeing as how this is the only time I remember 2 being so close together… Unusual.
    Unless of coarse this patch and the next patch are of coarse to just fix all the bugs caused by previous patches. Lol maybe that’s why there’s 2… Because they know how many bugs the 1st will cause?
    I’m just not sure anymore… But here’s to hope & new content of some nature!

    • Feb. 10, 5:51pm

      That’s kinda clever
      but, the 2nd would result into more bugs
      in softwares, the more you fix, the more you mess.

  64. Feb. 9, 6:03pm

    Ok time for a reality check

    You want the Acura NSX car
    Willow Springs track
    Seattle Circuit
    Apricot raceway

    Realistically I doubt very much you will get the tracks. The NSX possibly but not 95% sure you wont get the tacks. We know work is proceeding on GT6 for I have to say a PS4 release, I cant see it being released on the PS3 especially as ,ost people are suggesting a late 2013 PS4 release. Just my logical thoughts on this update.

    • Feb. 9, 6:08pm

      To be honest it just seems weird for a maintenance at 16:00 and two 3 hour updates over 3 days. I can’t personally see any new DLC but hey we are talking about Polyphony.

    • Feb. 9, 6:58pm
      Both Barrels

      It seems people are expecting to get “GT6” in ever increasing updated via GT5. As much as I would like to see the tracks of yesteryear, how much better would they play on a new platform? And admit it, you all got tired of tracks like Midfield and Apricot Hill way back when, but everything old is new again right? It may as well be new all at once, creating a new “wonderland”. I’m stoked for the next gen, and I’m glad for all the fixes PD is willing to provide to this current title in the meantime.

    • Feb. 9, 9:06pm

      Maybe a new Super GT lineup or other liverys for the Honda HSV, fingers crossed…

    • Feb. 10, 11:23am

      What Both Barrels was saying.

      Too many updates diminishes the excitement of a new release.

  65. Feb. 9, 5:36pm

    …Porsche? hahaha jk jk

    • Feb. 10, 5:49pm

      EA’s not letting PD put Porsches, boy!

  66. Feb. 9, 3:33pm

    Valentine’s DLC pink acura nsx

    • Feb. 10, 5:23am

      LOL !!!!

  67. Feb. 9, 2:57pm

    It would be really nice to see more tracks included in the game – that’s what GT5 lacks the most now imo. We’ve been teased with Willow Springs, Apricot Hill and Seattle in the NSX video so I do hope they will make an appearance soon and not just be for GT6. Though I won’t hold my breath that they will arrive with this round of maintenance – well maybe just a little. ;)

  68. Feb. 9, 2:03pm

    It could be anything, but I hope PD this time fixes more glitches than cause new ones.

  69. Feb. 9, 1:22pm
    Dean J

    The NSX could be on it’s way… Or maybe even Spec 3, but I have no idea.

  70. Feb. 9, 12:27pm

    May be we can have a camouflaged version of the NSX Concept :D

    • Feb. 9, 1:53pm

      KAZ’s thoughts “Camouflaged C7? Why not camouflaged GTR, Skyline or Leaf? The community certainly dreams of these cars.”

    • Feb. 9, 2:49pm

      lol, not that bad… GT5 still entertains me alot, lack of tracks and dead environments makes me get bored… cars is not the case!!!

      Anyway any camouflaged or special color item makes it just look stupid in any game… :) anyway, nice sarcasm!

    • Feb. 9, 3:11pm

      Why should we get a camouflaged car that has already been revealed…? The whole purpose of the camo is to disguise what the car looks like…

  71. Feb. 9, 11:59am

    SPA 24hr (Time Change) Should have been automatically available from day one, when the DLC was first released.

    • Feb. 9, 12:08pm

      and may be time change available for Twin Ring Motegi as well? lol

  72. Feb. 9, 11:49am
    Pit Crew

    Im hoping for Fresh evolved seasonal ideas. The current Seasonal standard has run it course.

    • Feb. 9, 7:06pm
      Both Barrels

      I’m on board, but what do you suggest? Anything but starting DEAD LAST would be an improvement…

    • Feb. 9, 10:37pm
      Pit Crew

      ^^ LOL so true BothBarrells so true. More weather and time Change events for starters and Rally seasonals. Its loooong overdue.

  73. Feb. 9, 11:39am

    KazY SPA 24h (time/change) track please! thanks.

    • Feb. 9, 11:53am

      Yeah, the night race at Spa would be awesome.

  74. Feb. 9, 11:05am

    Fix the understeer problem on FR and 4WD cars!

    • Feb. 9, 11:11am
      Fire Yoshi

      This isn’t really a “problem,” for a lot off 4WD cars typically have understeer, it’s normal.

    • Feb. 9, 11:23am
      Nissan Lover

      “Fix”? There’s is a better option. Drive better.

    • Feb. 9, 11:57am
      Both Barrels

      Or try an arcade style racing game, where magically every car does what you want it to.

    • Feb. 9, 1:59pm

      1) FR usually want to oversteer, not under.
      2) 4WD cars have the front wheels pushing so to compensate you tune your LSD or Torque split.
      3) You sounded pretty foolish asking for a “fix”

    • Feb. 10, 9:24pm
      The Prodigy

      the reason y ur fr car is understeering is

      A. ur going to fast into the corner and being to agresive with the car
      B. u have a bad setup
      C. ?

  75. Feb. 9, 10:55am

    probably just fixes and some other minor stuffs……..

    • Feb. 9, 10:58am

      +1 this a fix to reset pp on certain cars apparently a civic model gets like an obscen amount of HP to PP

    • Feb. 10, 2:07pm

      A fix would entail that there will be an update.

    • Feb. 11, 7:52am

      Hope they fix that civic, just went online against one that the guy said had 3333hp. No one could get near him, not even the x1 could

  76. Feb. 9, 10:26am

    Hahahah, thanks for using my pic :D

  77. Feb. 9, 10:17am


    • Feb. 9, 2:03pm

      I second the motion! I’m surprised no one else has?

    • Feb. 9, 6:21pm

      Totally hoping for a fix to the PP changes

  78. Feb. 9, 9:34am

    @M2M design, couldn’t agree with you more about all premium prototypes. I thought we were going to be on a roll when we got a premium prototype Jaguar in DLC pack. Then awhile ago it was mentioned here about discovery of Bentley 8 prototype premium in game code. Seems like PD knew we wanted it, and either sold too few DLC packs or got distracted…

  79. Feb. 9, 9:23am

    Oh boy, I so want to believe this is going to be the one! A six hour total update that can give us all the answers to why we get to see and know there is more out there. Like the NSX concept from last years promo video, to all the past still missing tracks and now willow creek. I see no need of holding on to finished items to save for a gt6 released someday in the future. As opposed to getting money today for DLC. Anyways, here’s hoping you are all right… and maybe we’ll finally get all our wishes to come true. Then again this is PD so probably not, lol.

  80. Feb. 9, 9:07am

    Finally, the Motor Toon Grand Prix mode!

    • Feb. 9, 9:20am

      Ha lol

  81. Feb. 9, 8:24am

    i hope they fix the pp system or at least bring it back to what it was and maybe there will be a sound update for some more of the cars

  82. Feb. 9, 8:01am
    M2M design

    I’m sorry if my english is horrible. Guys, hopes are many. My greatest desire is to see the prototypes in premium version! Let’s not forget one detail: this year celebrates 90 years the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans. Kazunori If you really love the car, should prepare a nice DLC celebrating this event!

    • Feb. 9, 9:16am

      He didn’t even prepare a nice DLC celebrating 15th anniversary of GT;)

    • Feb. 9, 12:22pm

      @ challengerrt10

      well, we had no DLC at all for the 15th anniversary of GT

    • Feb. 9, 1:12pm

      KAZ doesn’t bother any anniversaries, even his own.

  83. Feb. 9, 6:51am

    I’m not holding my breath, as I’ve learned that most AAA game companies never release any new worthy content before month of March of each new year. Still looking forward to Feb 20th spicy PS4 announcement, here is hoping for a GT6 launch to coincide.

    If GT6 is NOT released within the first 3 months of PS4, then this whole fiasco of unfinished business will start all over again as was with GT5. bah humbug, sorry.

    • Feb. 9, 8:22am

      What makes you think it’s going to be on PS4 anyway?

    • Feb. 9, 11:45am
      Pit Crew

      ^^ What makes you think it (GT6) won’t be on PS4

    • Feb. 10, 2:48pm

      @JAHHAJ – I dunno, the PS meeting on the 20th…? Why would a AAA title be released on obsolete hardware…?

  84. Feb. 9, 6:24am

    Might be a Spec 3 update.
    Also including NSX concept (I hope you can change the colour this time), Willow springs, Seattle and Apricot Hill.
    Just some thoughts.

  85. Feb. 9, 5:16am

    Hopefully they release a patch for the looping bug.

    • Feb. 9, 5:17am

      nevermind me….

  86. Feb. 9, 4:29am

    whats been bothering me is the shadow texture during race, it just bugs me ALOT, still unsolved…

  87. Feb. 9, 4:07am

    Hope fully they’ll be correcting the mess they made of the CLK Touring Car..

    Originally a 648pp car and capable of beating cars of a higher pp is now only about 590pp..

    Think you’ve messed up there PD !!!

  88. Feb. 9, 3:17am

    Maybe something for premium and then something for standard. Who in the world knows?

    • Feb. 9, 5:06am

      Maybe just an update? Nothing more nothing less?

  89. Feb. 9, 3:09am

    Now it starts, “he should be giving us this and that ” and then just past 8 on Thursday the 14th and there’s nothing new or added to GT5 the game,most people will come out and say “PD suck”

  90. Feb. 9, 2:44am

    I hope they fix something that needs fixing or add new stuff to make GT5 better.

  91. Feb. 9, 2:39am

    Nice pic of the Aventador. Is that SSR5?

    • Feb. 9, 10:27am

      That’s right, SSR5

  92. Feb. 9, 2:35am
    euros only

    Seems like they don’t care about the saving loop glitch which renders my game useless. Looks like I’ve picked the right time to switch to pc gaming.

  93. Feb. 9, 2:16am

    And apricot hill

  94. Feb. 9, 2:15am

    Probably patching those 2000hp civics, among other things

    • Feb. 9, 5:46am

      What do you mean!?!?!? Send me link!

  95. Feb. 9, 2:14am

    I think they will be adding the NSX Concept now that they’ve modeled the interior on that car. I also think they will add the 4 tracks/locations that we saw Iin the NSX and Corvette trailers which were Willow Springs, Ginza,Seattle

  96. Feb. 9, 2:14am

    NSX Concept AND Willow Springs.

  97. Feb. 9, 1:50am

    Mabey Kaz just wants to give us a pink and red SKYLINE covered in hearts to show how much he loves us and how much we “Should” love skylines


    • Feb. 9, 1:53am

      Or, he’s taking down the online services so that we spend the day with our loved ones instead of playing Gran Turismo ;)

    • Feb. 9, 4:06am

      What if I don’t have a gf?

    • Feb. 9, 1:35pm

      Don’t you love your family?! O_o

  98. Feb. 9, 1:45am

    remember the big announcement is on the 20th, perhaps this has something to do with it…

    • Feb. 9, 1:52am

      Like a teaser video?

  99. Feb. 9, 1:42am

    Acura NSX Concept. I´m taking bets…5$/€…

  100. Feb. 9, 1:41am

    Valentines DLC ;)

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