More GT5 Screens at 8 and 18 Megapixels

Yes, you’ve seen some of these screenshots before, but not at these resolutions. I’m a sucker for high-megapixel images, so when when Stefan1904 dug these up at 3840×2160 (8.2MP) and 5760×3240 (18MP), I had to share them with you one more time. The previous images were only at 1920×1080, so there’s significantly more detail to take in. Enjoy!

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  1. danielwhite74

    ismellbacon611, that would be overkill. This game will be played at a maximum resolution of 1080p. It makes no difference that the exhaust pipe looks… polygon-y?… at 3240p.

  2. Sufferes

    While these do look incredible, just a couple of things irked me… the shadows dropped by the wing mirror and door handle in the second to last picture… something about the handle’s shadow doesn’t look natural, and the mirror’s shadow isn’t anywhere near smooth enough as to what I was expecting… Speaking of rough edges, the inside edge of the bonnet on that Audi looks pretty bumpy, too. Every other screenshot makes up for this, though.

  3. Flagmo-T

    I must admit, that i bought the PSP-GO for the GT5 psp version, and also the screen cable, and I also did a Bluetooth thingy to use the PS3 controller, But Man!! I rather use the PS2 and GT4 with steering wheel instead, so My PSP is just a Remote Video/audio player for my TV on the balcony (which is great) When i Was in the Arctic Tromso Norway i played the PSP version, but damn I got bored rather quick with it.. ( almost 50, maybe that’s why Haha)

    Q. Is it possible to use the PS3 as a Media server/internet for all kinds of wireless receivers ..

  4. JustCause

    Its a pitty that in the game itself will have some jaggies because of the lack of Anti Aliasing. Still I cant wait for GT5.

  5. Joshua

    Holy Most of these cars in these really high quality pictures are great. Also We got some monsters too ! just imagine when the game comes out and we’ll be competing with cars in certain events. It would be really cool if some if we can see pictures of the Mercedes-Benz C63. But GT5 Will be really epic when it comes out. I’m just hoping it’s going to be a really long lasting game, not short-lived. But Gran Turismo PSP, by the way was great getting that experience on the handheld device. I really do enjoy the Gran Turismo Series, some people call me weird for that, but if they came on down and checked out the Prologue Version, they will be shocked to see how real it was. Even though, I finished the Prologue Version for quite some time now.

  6. YupThisJustHappened

    @ David Macphail, Emphasizing Phail…

    U can knock on Forza all u want with their bad graphix, but they have had 2 games while we wait 4 our absolutely gorgeous next SCREENSHOTS… Come on now Sony, make it a reality!!!

  7. Flagmo-T

    Damn!! Sony is releasing lots of titles this year, and for sure that the delay has got something to do with that..

    Hmm lets see ? Did i spend any money on any other Sony title at all – Nope!!

    I bought NFS_Shift EA (720HD) and DIRT2 (720HD) and I will Deffo buy F1 2010 ( ? HD) CodieMaster is rocking in this Race category ..

    Will I buy GT5 (108+HD)Yes i will, but will i drop the others for GT5 in the long run, don’t think so!!
    even though GT5 is Going to rock My eyes, I’m still in for the Game-play and Friendly racing, and Other Companies is ahead of Sony until Now..

    Why are they Counting on the ultimate sale gimmick, when they are behind all ready ( They have a sudden hit on there hands, and therefore they postpone the release to sale other titles, very Simple sale solution) And we Can’t do anything about it, sadly enough!! I could cry of frustration over the control Sony has on people, it really shouldn’t be aloud in 2010, there should be a Worldwide Supreme Court, that controls These Finance tricks, it’s obvious that they play the worlds Gaming community around for a spin.. I need a nappy and a dry diaper and just call me Donkey for now on…

  8. Geoff

    Dear Microsoft,

    Your next gen xbox needs to support logitech. You should also work with iRacing to port a copy of their game to your new console. Maybe even provide development support to improve their graphics, and look into 3D. Announce the new system at E3.

  9. David Macphail

    That is just stunning, an unmatchable level of quality.

    Microsoft may as well just go ahead and rename their console the “Bad – Graphics Box 360” because those screens make Forza 3 look like it was hand – drawn by a blind, retarded monkey using crayons.

  10. WonkyFonk

    @Jorge – I agree. Ive just watched a vid of F1 2010 and have seen more in 2 minutes than 2 years of GT5. See ya later PD. All the pretty pics in the world aren’t gonna keep me interested any longer

  11. Jorge

    Will this mean GT5 for 2011? Codemaster just announced that F1 2010 will be release in September 2010… does this imply that Sony will further delay GT5… afraid of going head-to-head with another racing title.

    By the way, I looked at some hands-on video of F1 2010,,, and it’s amazing… probably better than Gt5 Prologue F12007.

    ?Good luck PD.

  12. DrTrouserPlank

    The continuing lack of a concrete release strategy speaks for itself. No release dates mean no release, and that status-quo seems to be continuing.

    If Sony think that we are all going to be grateful for a release date at E3 (if it even comes) I think they’re mistaken. The reaction will be more “about dam time!” rather than “OMG thank you Mr Sony, please let me lick your boots sir”

    Sick of being treated like a mushroom, and treated as though the community behind GT (of which there are many) doesn’t matter due to the complete absence of any information regarding the title’s release.

    Release date’s are usually set in stone around 3 months before a game is set to go on sale. So for the October rumour to have any truth we’d probably be getting a date in July sometime. Although one would have thought that the advertising bandwagon would be well and truly rolling before then anyway if such a date was planned.

  13. blademask

    going on 6 years… i mean… stop releasing photos.. its like a kick in the balls every single time to refresh the site.. see n ew news, get excited… then.. ballpunch :(

  14. speedfreak69

    To those complaining about poly count on R8, it’s probably due to LOD kicked in, because the car is further from the camera.

  15. Big Ron

    GT5 will definitely will be the best looking racing game for many years. but it is no surprise. all GT-titles were state of the art in its genre for years.

  16. ruster

    Gt5, the real photo simulator … with 3dmax you can do better images.
    Where is gameplay ? … rfactor is better in any field except graphics.

  17. Jas

    Images look great – but what about the game – why not just release some HD video footage, surely can’t be hard to do if they have the screenshots?
    And since when do gamers judge games by screenshots any way?
    Hurry up and release the damn game!

  18. Patricko

    On the second screen , at the big billboard there is an advertise for Honda Accord Tourer.
    Big comeback of wagon cars?! If yes it will be great!

  19. Xbot

    I have yet to see cars that look this good even on the best PC’s.

    once again Sony PS3 shows the real power of the Cell and why it is so far ahead of anything outthere including the best PC’s.

  20. Imari

    I fear that PD is getting into the mindset of graphics over gameplay here. Yes, it’s lovely that it looks pretty but there are so many things that are more important that go on in a racing game.

  21. GT4Ever

    Nice screenshots. But just graphics wont do it, i hope the gameplay and features are just as good.
    For now GT5 seems still like a model viewer that will never seen the light of day…

  22. Dan

    My new PS3 wallpaper! The quality of, not just these shots, but the game itself look standard-setting. But seriously, the lack of news is rather irritating; not that there’s much that can be done, of course.

  23. ralph89

    The only thing that I don’t really like about all this picture are the tires modeling. Everything looks perfect, but when you look closely to the tires model it looks like low res and not very round. Plus almost every car in GT5: Prologue and this have the same stripe tire pattern. Maybe it can be change when you buy another set of tires, just like the GT Academy demo 370z Tuned, but I hope it wont be backward. :lol:

  24. bennen13

    What do you mean the exhaust pipes don’t look smooth?!? Anyway, ZR1’s in first… Just like it should be! Let’s just get some pics of the new damage model already!

  25. BroncosXR8

    OMG that is just an insane level of detail. I expect great things from PD but jeez thats just awesome.
    Checkout those welds on the rollcage!!!

  26. ismellbacon611

    the exhaust on the audi r8 isn’t very smooth or round for that matter … i mean how hard is it to model a circle for an exhaust when you can do tiny interior knobs. everything else i have no problem with… keep up the good work pd

  27. Interpol-007

    When will we get new pictures?
    Please PD give us some info now please…
    By now we will heve tons of information about GT5, but the stupid delay, delay everything.

  28. maximumattack

    Thankyou, more pictures like this please!!!

    The carbon weave on the bonnet 4th picture from last makes my screen go funny when I move around the picture.

    Still no release date though, come on Sony . . .

  29. Fredo

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. There you have it, folks. Lighting effects on a fully modeled mesh grille. Gran Turismo 5 – The Real F*$%ING THING. Delay this until next Christmas as long as there is a way to really inspect all the models.

  30. speedfreak69

    fap fap fap fap :D Imagine the photo mode: Chose your favorite car, favorite color, tune it the way you like it, put it in a static scene or drift and pause it, take the photo, and then print it at cca 2m x 1m poster size! Holy crap! Awesomeness!:tup:

  31. Watevaman

    It’s funny how the screen with the Audi in the foreground has a “Produced under license of Ferrari S.p.A” disclaimer, yet there are no Ferraris in that shot.

  32. Hawar

    The level of detail is mind-blowing. I know it seems like nothing but that little bicycle on the 3rd picture really adds to the scenery.

  33. tiddys2k

    The fact that even the welding joints are modelled on the roll cage is insane, you can’t even see that at normal 2-4mp only at 18.

  34. Daggy

    In the 3rd pic with the audi r8. Is that the corvette singray concept from transformers 2 in the back ground? (white car)

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