New Ferrari, Lamborghini Gran Turismo 5 Screenshots


Post updated on October 3rd to include 1920×1080 images.

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  1. Ryan

    Anyone else notice the 370z speedometer? 180 km/h? 180 mph/280kph speedo is standard. Looks like they just tacked on a ‘km/h’ on a mph speedo.

  2. aleksandar SRB

    I hope that we will see BMW M5, Mclaren F1, F1 LM and F1 GTR also Ferrari F50, Lambo diablo screenshot…

  3. Mustang750R

    I see my comment was deleted… Damn ninjas and their ninja ways, lol.

    Sorry if I was harsh on Greenwalt and Forza 3.

  4. Chrysus


    Look at the pic on third row of images from the top and then select the one on the right of the list.

    Now zoom in on the advertising boards on the side of the building.

    I’ve looked at that image on a HD TV and can clearly see the Maseratti badge with what looks to be ‘Quatraporte’ written, it certainly looks like the Q’s headlight. Now take a look at the other one. You can see the Bentley ‘B’ with ‘Bentley’ clearly written below it with a silver car above… It’s the Flying Spur!

    All but confirmed to appear in the game now?

  5. cobraagent90

    @Nominatus By “game” you mean GT5? Then,no. In December FF13 will be released for Japan so dont expect GT5 until April(since it will be released for Japan 31 March)

  6. Ned

    In the picture with the GTR and ZR1 there are posters that say Maserati Quatroporte and Bentley Continental. Hope that they will be in GT5!

  7. Ville

    Man. Compare those photos into Forza 3 and there clearly isint a competition between the graphics. Man those pictures look great. Especially the reflecting on the Enzo behind a 458.

  8. missionfailed

    Did anyone notice the crash damage in picture 1 of the cars in front. The one that is leading has its boot / tailgate up and open.

  9. RAugie

    the 370 z’s are limited to 130 mph in japan, as well as every other car in japan
    that one is the japanese model that is rendered
    i wouldnt be suprised if the 370 could go 160 mph in the states

  10. Steve

    Did anyone else notice that the speedo on the 370Z dash only went up to 190 kph? Thats just under 120 mph…and here I was thinking the 370Z was supposed to be a fast car :P

  11. Rick

    Tokyo again? that doesn’t surprise me, but screenshots of the game are worse than Chinese Water Torture!

  12. cobraagent90

    @Big Ron If EA doesn’t renew their licenses this year Porsche may be in GT5 But this is VERY unlikely

  13. Big Ron

    yes, I know. But at some online magazines, there are some article about new rumor to have a license to integrate Porsches. But I do not know, if its true…just rumor for now

  14. Skillcoil

    @ Big Ron Kaz himself said there will be no porsches in GT5. but I think we still have RUF so it’s the same.

    and @ ppl who want another patch for GT5P. Sony said there will be no more updates for GT5P.

  15. Big Ron

    There are some rumor, that Porsche will be in GT5 now. That would be great. Also, over 100 tracks are included (20 locations), the Top Gear Test track is included and the number of cars increases to over 1000.

    We will see, what is true or not

  16. Praggia

    Unfreaking believable.
    I too was gutted when the release date was announced but after going out buying NFS Shift and seeing what a load of crap it was i’m prepared to wait for GT5. The level of detail is staggering.
    So come on guys lets give them so more time to get it just right. Even if all cars don’t have damage and there is no weather changes it will still be A-class.

    Good things come to those who wait

  17. Turboteam

    Nice pics for somthing we can’t play with.. Tamagochi, stop throwing lies to us and take a training in time management…

  18. cobraagent90

    @OkeyDokey They have already made a demo at Gamescom,TGS An update on Prologue wouldn’t postpone GT5 for more than 1 week

  19. mimizone

    I guess they are all rendered with the same engine but not coming from the PS3. the anti-aliasing is really of too high quality to be done with the PS3 in realtime. But I hope I am wrong.
    Nice collection of background for the next months!

  20. OkeyDokey

    lol at people asking for Spec IV. Weren’t you all complaining about the release date a week ago? You want them to waste more time on Prologue?

  21. mk1992


    Looks a bit like those new American muscle cars (Challenger, Dodge Charger, Chevy Camaro)

  22. Jordan

    Hey guys, I’ve just uploaded much larger (1920×1080) versions of these screenshots, so you might want to take a second look.

  23. Sam__NY


    ya true. but I was talkin about regular season lemans races (ALMS). Its only exciting when Audi and Peogeot are racing eachother.

  24. meatbag_

    @ Sam_NY

    i agree that NASCAR is definitely a highly skilled and hardcore motorsport event, but more exciting than LeMans? i dunno, thats apples and oranges, i mean, a 24hour enduro is a whole different set of stresses, especially multi class racing, where theres always traffic at any given turn. i’ll admit though F1 is boring as balls. they’ve gotten where theres so much wake coming off the car there’s hardly anywhere suitable to pass on the track anymore.

  25. Stevo

    What is the car at the back of the pack in the very first screenshot behind the yellow GT40? (you have to enlarge to see it)

  26. RT*// WNDWLCKR3000

    Nice shots, a bit too clean though and that goes especially for the track. If I may comment on that, it really needs too lose that ultraclean look, this is not realistic. Am I the only one that gets irritated by that?

  27. ralph89

    Drooling over that Enzo :lol:. The italia seems it’s getting old already by looking at it every time.

  28. Sam__NY


    crapcar? NASCAR is a lot harder than it looks. Running 3 wide at 200mph+ for 4 hours strait takes a heck of a lot of skill and guts. Its about 100% more exciting than F1 or Lemans, were everyone runs 6 seconds apart and you know who’s gonna win an hour before its over (although I do adore both).

  29. vanniro630

    i think in the background a lotus esprit is hiding … i wanna see the enzo close up … and admire the detail of the enzo … come on polyphony don’t keep us drooling because by the time gt5 comes out the world will be flooded

  30. icant55

    Looks Damn good PD/Sony(now when can we play it?)…! the more i see a xbox the more i laugh @ it .

  31. meflis

    oh yes the reventon would be very nice, but on all pictures is only the gallardo. i hope other lambos are in GT5

    races with bugatti, reventon, arrhhhhh i want GT5

  32. icant55

    Im getting scared here … All they keep showing in the Lp560, the enzo and the 458, it would be nice if we could catch a glimpse of a mc laren f1 road car ,f50,lp640/670,Diablo or koneggsegg ccx…Come on “PD” we know you have more in the goodie bag!

  33. alaM0000

    OHHHH HHOOOOO!!!!!!!!! That is sOOOO NicEEEE ;-) Can’t Wait to get my hands on a LaMboRgHiNi GaLLARDO Lp560 in GT5 and get a PSP for myself

  34. viejaloca

    GT suprises me more and more. These cars look ****ing REAL! I wouldn’t mind waiting for GT5 with no GT5P update, I barely play it anyway.

  35. rideontwo

    Pictures are great but they won’t hold us over for long. We need to see some videos of tracks, WRC, crapcar, weather changes.

  36. Bank Alexander


    Well, video game coding can be a lot harder than most people here think. But Yeah.

  37. el zaido

    I see a

    Ferrari Enzo
    Ferrari 458 Italia
    Mercedes Benz SLS AMG
    Ford GT40
    Lamborghini Gallardo
    Corvette ZR-1
    Nissian GT-R
    Citroen GT
    Audi R8
    Mercedes Benz Mclaren SLR
    Dodge Viper ACR

  38. Riad

    releasing Spec 4 and waiting longer for GT5? or do other things and get GT5 asap?

    tough, i pick GT5 asap

  39. Jason

    Are they back down to 6-8 cars in an event? it seems that almost all of the videos that have came out (since the trailer from a few months back) has only had a few cars in it.

  40. Ddag

    It’s possible the reason it’s always tokyo, is because the TMS is coming up, and PD are attending.

    The back end of the 458 and Enzo shot is stunning…

  41. Sam__ NY


    the pics get a little bit bigger if you click once, scroll up then click on it again.

    1. Jordan

      @serversurfer: The images come from Polyphony Digital’s website. This is the only size available at this time.

  42. cobraagent90

    Imagine if all GT Planet users buy a Spec 4 update for 0.99$ PD would have spent a weekend(or less) to publish it and they would have taken hundreds thousand dollars

  43. cobraagent90

    @Driver You are absolutely right WE NEED THE SPEC IV. EVEN IF IT IS NOT FREE WE CAN PAY FOR IT(1$-20$)


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