GT5 Seasonal Event and Online Dealership Update

December 29th, 2011 by Andrew Evans

To tide gamers over into the New Year, four fresh events were added to GT5’s Seasonal Event roster on 29th December. Here’s a breakdown of the requirements and prizes:

Drift Trial No. 26

  • Suzuka East Short Course
    1st: 250,000cr 2nd: 150,000cr 3rd: 100,000cr
  • Tokyo Route 246
    1st: 250,000cr 2nd: 150,000cr 3rd: 100,000cr

Time Trial No. 26

  • Autumn Ring Mini- 400PP limit
    1st: 250,000cr 2nd: 150,000cr 3rd: 100,000cr
  • Chamonix Main – 345hp limit, 960kg minimum
    1st: 250,000cr 2nd: 150,000cr 3rd: 100,000cr

Expert Level Online B-Spec Challenge

  • Spa-Francorchamps – 600PP limit, 10 laps
    1st: 2,000,000cr 2nd: 1,100,000cr 3rd: 600,000cr
  • Circuit de la Sarthe 2009/Change Weather/Change Time – 700PP limit, 10 laps
    1st: 3,000,000cr 2nd: 1,650,000cr 3rd: 900,000cr

Online A-Spec Challenge

  • High Speed Ring – 400PP limit, 3 laps
    1st: 200,000cr 2nd: 121,700cr 3rd: 106,900cr
  • Trial Mountain – 500PP limit, 5 laps
    1st: 298,000cr 2nd: 181,300cr 3rd: 159,300cr
  • Grand Valley Speedway – 650PP limit, 5 laps
    1st: 400,000cr 2nd: 243,500cr 3rd: 213,900cr

The A-Spec challenge carries an all Gold prize of a Level 15 Ticket, while the B-Spec challenge’s all Gold prize is a Level 23 Ticket. The Online Collector’s Dealership was also updated:

Toyota Tacoma X-Runner ’04 – 24,520cr
Chevrolet Corvette (C4) Grand Sport ’96 – 45,900cr
Dodge Viper GTS ’99 – 78,000cr
Nissan Gran Turismo Skyline GT-R (Pace) ’01 – 100,000cr
Callaway C12 ’03 – 175,880cr
Nissan Pennzoil Nismo GT-R ’99 – 750,000cr
Toyota Denso Sard Supra GT ’00 – 750,000cr
Nissan Calsonic Skyline ’00 – 750,000cr
Nissan Loctite Zexel GT-R ’00 – 750,000cr
Honda Castrol Mugen NSX ’00 – 750,000cr
Toyota au Cerumo Supra ’01 – 750,000cr
Honda Mobil 1 NSX ’01 – 750,000cr
Toyota Woodone Tom’s Supra ’03 – 750,000cr
Honda Takata Dome NSX ’03 – 750,000cr
Opel Astra Touring Car (Opel Team Phoenix) ’00 – 1,000,000cr
Nissan R390 GT1 Race Car ’98 – 3,000,000cr
Toyota GT-ONE Race Car (TS020) ’99 – 3,000,000cr
Pescarolo Courage C60 – Peugeot Race Car ’03 – 4,000,000cr
Pescarolo Courage – Judd GV5 Race Car ’04 – 4,000,000cr
Audi R8 Race Car (Audi PlayStation Team Oreca) ’05 – 4,000,000cr
Gran Turismo Formula Gran Turismo – 5,000,000cr
Audi R8 LMS Race Car (Team PlayStation) ’09 – 5,250,000cr


Thanks to Heathenpride, Blake and Blitz24 for the tips!

GT5 Photomode image by RetroGiant.

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  1. Jan. 29, 8:06pm

    Would someone be able to share the Audi R8 on PSN? I dont have it and want to beat the Circuit de la Sarthe by tomorrow.

  2. Jan. 27, 12:42am

    Guys I know we only have like 3 days left on this race, but I found out that if you set the aero on the Audi R8 playstation to 53 front 50 rear you’ll be in second by the 3rd lap! I assume this goes the same for the R8 01 as well.

  3. Jan. 19, 3:57pm

    Easy WIN on gt500 with any car as follows……….when you get to “start race” menu screen, sort out your settings and everything else then look at top left hand corner and you’ll see the weather symbol at 30%………wait till this goes down to between 25% – 0% and then change your tyres to “Rain : intermmediates”. (don’t go into settings as it will reset the track water meter)……Now Start race. when the race starts the track water level will be back at 30%, BUT all your opponents will be on hard tyres, and will pit at the end of Lap 1. You won’t have too and will therefore have a minimum of 25 second lead at the start of lap 2. SIMPLES!!

    The Le Mans Race is slightly more difficult. use the audi r8. :-)

  4. Jan. 5, 8:01pm

    Hi guys, please tell me how can i get the Audi R8 Race Car ’01. Sarthe is driving me crazy!! I need that Audi! Please!!

    • Jan. 6, 7:20am

      IMO, the 05 is just as good or close. If you have at least signed in enough to get the 200% bonus then finishing Spa B-Spec should net you 4 mil in credits, then just buy the 05 in the online dealership. The settings and strategy for the race are listed all throughout this topic. Good luck.

  5. Jan. 5, 3:46am

    With my 200% sign in bonus I have made 98,000,000 cr and spent 80,000,000 of it since this seasonal posted. Went from a 200 car garage to 340 plus garage including the remaining 20mil cars from the dealership and overall level 40 B-Spec with 1 true level 40 bob out of 6. Now if only my UCD would refresh with the Chaparral 2J and 2D or at least before this thing is over with, of course I could just win them in A-Spec but I tend to race more online and do free runs in 3-D offline, lovely. We asked for big money seasonals and we got’em, especially for those of us that took the time to train up our bobs instead of brushing it aside as just a waste of time. Thanks PD, keep up the good work of adding more depth to the game.

  6. Jan. 3, 1:05pm

    the best car for SPA after trying everything is Takata NSX 03, my level 26 driver was able to win with this car.

    • Jan. 3, 1:37pm

      there isnt much to add to schinpps Sarthe strat

      but if ur driver is diving for sand at the end of the straight after the 2nd chicane, i found it best to pace down driver before he pass the posters on that same straight. It has prevented my driver from eating sand every time, and you can pace up right after the tight right.

    • Jan. 3, 3:48pm

      I also tried a number of different cars and the Audi R8 was an instant improvement once things got underway. Transmission was set to 236 I think (242 at the most), pitted for Intermediates at the end of lap 2 and actually ran those tires to the end of the race by cancelling the suggested pit option at the close of lap 9. At that stage I had enough of a gap to maintain a lead to the finish even with the rear tires well worn out. To keep my driver out of the sand, and trouble, I was pacing down for most of the 40 minutes while only pacing up 4 or 5 times throughout each lap where is was 100% safe; save for lap 1 and lap 2 while on hard tires…knowing there were coming off I went to work to make positions up early.

  7. Jan. 1, 9:14pm

    I used a chapparal 2j for the le man race and I went to the pits at lap 3 and when other people pitted,i skipped the pits and finish the race and won with a level 37 driver

    • Jan. 2, 11:22am
      MidNight HP

      The r8 walked this race. Even when I pit
      they didnt catch up. Easy

  8. Jan. 1, 12:09pm

    or ant NSX From 01 they all work this worked for me

  9. Jan. 1, 12:08pm

    For GT500 at Spa
    NSX Mobil 1 or Rabrig 01
    Stage 3 turbo u get about 562HP
    Bobs Are 33 and 32

    Le mans 10 laps
    Audi r8 race car (Team playstation) or reguler R8 Race Car 01
    Downtuned Though by few hp
    Go to Pits end of lap 3 put intermediate change driver fresh is good. You should get second or first when you catch up. then you can overtake and can get a big lead that i somehow got cuz mt bob was kinda dirty and pit the r8 in front that made him almost lose control but jhe didnt that slowed him down that got me a wicked big lead. Then go to pit lap 9 Then you should be good.
    6Million For Le mans
    4Million for Spa
    Good Luck

  10. Jan. 1, 3:46am

    Great stuff.. Love a challenge, Keep it coming!

  11. Dec. 31, 1:39pm

    If you crash a competitor, you must give back the position or pit for tires only with-in 2 laps, THE RACE WILL BE REVIEWED AFTER BEFORE PRIZES ARE GIVEN OR PLACES ARE ANNOUNCED IF YOU DO NOT PIT.. 25 SEC. EACH WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR FINAL LAP
    GTPLANET inbox starbutt033
    or fotwglass@

    • Jan. 3, 1:12pm

      crappy prizes, if u want to entice people better put a gold chrome paint pack as grand prize

  12. Dec. 31, 8:01am

    I see what ya`ll mean about the Audi R8 i tried and won on the first attempt , pitted at the end of lap 2 in 5th place, stuck inters on, at the end of lap 3 i passed the whole bunch with the Bentley about 4 s behind. Pitted at the end of lap 7 puts inters on came out 1st with the Bentley in the mere distance, Finished easily a minute plus ahead. Anybody whose used the Audi , i say try another car, make it a challenge! the difference between using the Audi and the Mazda 787B stealth was very big

  13. Dec. 30, 9:40pm

    For Spa-Francorchamps I used the Xanavi Nismo Z ’06, I didn’t change the gear ratio or the aerodynamics, I have a level 3 turbo kit, fully loaded exhaust & intake and the chasis reinforcement. I got an oil change and then used the power limiter to drop the max power down to reach 600 pp. For the race itself I used a level 39 bob (about halfway up the hot end of the personality gauge) & started with racing intermediates (I pit when everyone else did & eventually changed to racing hard on the final pit stop.) I paced up & overtook over and over again until I got to 1st place at which point I maintained my pace (stayed right in the middle on the personality gauge) all the way to 1st place on my first try.

    For Sarthe Circuit 2009 I used the Bentley Speed 8 RC ’03, I changed the gear ratio to 2.000 for the final gear and 298 for the top speed, for the aerodynamics I went with 60 F & 85 R. I have a level 3 turbo kit, fully loaded exhaust & intake and the chasis reinforcement. I got an oil change and then used the power limiter to drop the max power down to reach 700 pp. For the race itself I used a level 39 bob (about halfway up the hot end of the personality gauge) & started with racing hards (I pit when everyone else did.) I paced up & overtook over and over again until I got to 1st place at which point I maintained my pace (stayed right in the middle on the personality gauge) all the way to 1st place on my first try w/the Bentley but it took me 3 try’s overall. Can’t complain about the $10 mil & level 23 ticket!

  14. Dec. 30, 9:17pm

    Nope. Le Sarthe, lead on lap 2, walked home. Used Pescarolo C60 Hybride.

  15. Dec. 30, 8:25pm

    Lol, Bspec Spa, took the lead on lap 3. Wonder if Le Sarthe will be more of a challenge :)

    • Dec. 30, 9:27pm

      The Sarthe done with Audi R8 Audi Playstation 05′

      Aerodynamic Adjustments Front 40 Rear 60
      Suspension: Front -22, Rear -20

      thanks shadowtsunami :).

      Speed 410 km/h, i don’t know for mph, sorry.

      I won in 40min10s.

      16s in the face of the second pilot hahaha.

      pit Stop at the end of lap 2, Pit again at the end of lap 7. Tyres intermediates.
      Drivers with Level 39 and 40. Tyres dead the end of course.

      My race is recorded. So i have a replay as proof !

      Sorry my English is bad, i’m a french Player :).

  16. Dec. 30, 6:09pm

    Sarthe was easy with the right car. The cars I had success with were the Audi R8 Race Car 01, Audi R8 Race Car ( Audi Playstation) 05′, and the BMW V12 LMR 99′.

    All the Pescarolo Cars, Toyota GT1, Bentley Speed 8, Both the Nissans R89c and R92cp, Sauber Mercedes, and Minolta just don’t have enough top speed, and cornering ability (meaning they sometimes slide of the track in heated situations)

    In my latest attempt I was 2nd by the end of lap 2 =), and got First in the pits because the 2nd place audi had to stop for another car. (lucky). I tweaked my Audi R8 settings- downforce, top speed, and max horse power.

    Driver lvl 37-38, and 35-36
    Audi R8 01′
    Max HP 808
    Aerodynamic Adjustments Front 42 Rear 66
    Transmission 1st Gear 3.968, 2nd Gear 2.579, 3rd Gear 1.691, 4th Gear 1.208, 5th Gear 0.911, 6th Gear 0.725, Final Gear 3.500, Top Speed 280 mph, Top Speed (by Gear Ratio) 262
    Brake Balance: Front 1, Rear 2

    Audi R8 Audi Playstation 05′
    Max HP 847
    Aerodynamic Adjustments Front 40 Rear 60
    Transmission 1st Gear 3.710, 2nd Gear 2.391, 3rd Gear 1.546, 4th Gear 1.093, 5th Gear 0.817, 6th Gear 0.645 Final Gear 3.500, Top Speed 298 mph, Top Speed (by Gear Ratio) 278 (Suggest lowering it to around 262-270 though
    Suspension: Front -22, Rear -20

    BMW V12 LMR 99′
    Max HP: 867
    Aerodynamic Adjustments: Front 45 Rear 65
    Transmission: 1st Gear 3.488 2nd Gear 2.267, 3rd Gear 1.487, 4th Gear 1.062, 5th Gear 0.801, 6th Gear 0.637, Final Gear 3.769, Top Speed 280 mph, Top Speed (by Gear Ratio) 262
    DriveTrain Adjustable LSD: Initial Torque 16, Acceler. Sens. 43, Braking Sense 18
    Suspension: front -23, Rear -22
    Brakes Balance: Front 2, Rear 1

    • Dec. 31, 6:01am

      Out of the 3 cars you have listed here, which would you recommend more? They all seem to have their own strengths and weaknesses during the race.

    • Dec. 31, 5:53pm

      The Audi R8 01′ by far. It is lighter then the other Audi by 50kg, but also stays more on the track in dire situations along with not sliding around. If using the BMW I suggest pitting on lap 2 when it starts raining because that car tends to slide around way to much with racing hards on. The two audi don’t have that problem and can be pitting on lap 3 instead.

    • Jan. 1, 3:50am

      Thanks, I’ll have to give that one a try. I was using the ’05 R8, and had no problems working my way through the field to 2nd place. I was chasing down the ’01 R8 for 1st, and I could catch it in the shorter sectors, but it kept pulling away on the longer sraights.

    • Jan. 2, 6:35am

      Yeah when it’s audi vs audi it is quite hard for some reason. However when I drove I caught the Audi R8 01 in the straights, and lost it a tab bit it the corners. Are you running your driver hot, because that’s what I do.

  17. Dec. 30, 5:15pm

    SPA was a walk in the park for a level 39 Bob, lapping upto 4th place using the dome nsx. But le mans needed abit of strategy, even using my level 40 Bob as a back up driver.

    Start le mans with race hards pit in around lap 2 change to intermediates, coz they’ll be round 25% rain by the end of that lap will max to bout 65% by lap 6-7. Should have built a comfortable lead by then. Pit in again around lap 8, the others will just catch up as you leave the pits. They will pit on the last lap so you should have the advantage there. Oh and I used the R8 race car oreca 05 model. Change the trans to 417 km for final drive. GL guys great race and thanks PD bring on more races like this. The race also gave me my 2nd level 40 Bob :)

  18. Dec. 30, 3:27pm

    Oh and did the Le Mans race with the Mazda 787B Stealth

  19. Dec. 30, 3:26pm

    lol strange the Spa race i did first time out, the Le Mans too about 8 goes

  20. Dec. 30, 3:25pm

    lol finally done the Le Mans race, piited in at the end of lap 2 in 4th (all bunched up) took intermediates then pitted at the end of lap 7 changed to intermediates, starting lap 10 took the leaders while they were in the pits, finished 9 secs ahead of the Bentley

  21. Dec. 30, 12:37pm

    For the TT.26 SNow challenge lots of people are using a Mitsu Lancer-03 – I haven’t got it, i can’t find in dealership new/old or in online dealer ship – does that mean that I got to race a lot more stuff, before a car like that is revealed to me ? – I Use the Mitsu-Lancer 99, and is with out any doubt Slower then the 03 version.. hehe please be gentle, because you can’t know it all .. I think :0)

  22. Dec. 30, 11:47am

    I’m getting off The Run today for this! Possibly gonna take up my skateboarding time also! :D

  23. Dec. 30, 11:26am

    MY B spec driver is dumb…’He’ is level 35 and still sucks, i can´t win those races…but i´ll find the way.

    • Dec. 30, 11:31am

      Hows your B-spec’s experience stats? :)

  24. Dec. 30, 10:52am

    Schnipp, in La Sarthe… do you think the Sauber Mercedes is a good car? I mean, i’ts fastest than the audi r8.

    • Dec. 30, 12:33pm

      I just tried it out and the Audi seems to be the better car.
      The Sauber somehow lacks traction out of the corners and i think it has a lower corner speed, so you are not in good position for drafting and overtaking.
      Also it looked like that the Sauber has more bumping on the rear.

  25. Dec. 30, 9:45am

    Nice job pd

  26. Dec. 30, 8:41am

    For the A-spec event Nº1 ticket car level 15 i received a Ferrari Enzo! YAY! (i had one since the first week of the release of the game but one ‘free’ is good lol)

  27. Dec. 30, 7:24am

    Audi R8 Race Car 01 = Easy win!!!

    @ Schnipp – Many thanks mate, for the setting tips and strategy! :)

    • Dec. 30, 8:11am

      easy win my ass, my level 38 guy can drive that pos at all, what am i doing wrong

    • Dec. 30, 8:38am

      Easy mate,

      Use these settings:

      Downforce – 47/60
      Stock turbo (default)
      Transmission 430 kph (265 mph)

      Change the oil to the car and use preferably a level 40 bob at the beginning, push hard until you get 1st and then pit the same time as the AI.

    • Dec. 30, 1:28pm

      thanks, and sorry i was just getting really angry with my guy.

    • Jan. 2, 10:51am
      MidNight HP

      The ole timer r8 blew out this race big time

  28. Dec. 30, 5:33am

    Im searching for the lancer to drive the new time trial . Could someone tell me where I can find it:-(

  29. Dec. 30, 5:05am

    Wow bring those credits to papa!!! haha I spend 20.000.000 the other day because i wanted to test the Ford Mark IV and was one of the last expensive cars that i needed in the game. So this injection of credits is very welcome to me!!
    Thanks!!! Enjoy this 2 latest days of the year everyone!!

  30. Dec. 30, 4:16am

    Decided to have another go at Spa B-Spec, this time with the Takata Dome, glad I bought these cars a while back, coming in handy now. At least then I’ll have made enough to purchase the car I need for LaSarthe. Hopefully my bonus will kick in this time around and I’ll get 4 mill instead of 2l. Thumbs crossed.:/

  31. Dec. 30, 4:02am

    Just did Spa B-Spec with the Yellow Hat and only 2 million credits.:( I was signed in but lost my sign in bonus, and no, there wasn’t any loss in connection and it was my first time playing today. Not sure if I should purchase the car I need now to do LaSarthe since i may only get 3 mill for the race instead of 6 mill. Oh well, the level 23 ticket is reason enough anyways, may as well race for that. I’ve hit 20 mill and spent it so many times though, and now comes a way to finally make it back fast and my sign in bonus is bugging out. Gotta figure this out.

  32. Dec. 30, 3:45am

    is there anbody who knows the total price for all the cars in the game?
    because with these events credits grow up fast !!!

    • Dec. 30, 4:54am

      490330173 credits according to

  33. Dec. 30, 2:12am

    Stupid phone…anyways the cars got bunched up at the pit entrance for about 2 minutes before they actually made it down pit row. This happen to anyone else?

    • Dec. 30, 3:44am

      Yep, same thing happened to me. I ended up going from 3rd place to 6th because Bob tried to repeatedly ram his way through the pack.

    • Dec. 30, 4:55am

      Mine was different though – I was in 1st by like 12 seconds, pitted and got out before the 2nd place car got to the pit entrance, then everyone got bunched up, and I almost lapped them by the time they got off pit row.

    • Dec. 30, 5:33am

      In my race everything went normal, the other cars got into the pits without bunching up and the 2nd and 3rd went past me on the way to their pits and i was 1st out of the pits with about the same gap as before

  34. Dec. 30, 2:10am

    Thanks for the tip about using the Takata Dome NSX for the Spa race. Just finished it in 1st place. Strange thing happened during the race though. Before we had to auto pit on lap 8, I was about 12 seconds ahead. When the other cars pitte, they all got bunched up at the pit entrance for about 22you d

  35. Dec. 30, 2:04am

    i forgot to mention that sony can replace it with 130 euros and take about two weeks and they give you a refurbrished ps3

  36. Dec. 30, 2:01am

    hi guys i have a ps3 slim 320gb a year now my warranty ended at thursday and my ps3 could do everything except reading my blurays my dvds and my games if anyone knows something pls respond.

  37. Dec. 30, 12:26am

    Golded Spa on my first attempt with a Woodone Tom’s Supra for a sweet 4 million credit payout :D

  38. Dec. 29, 11:40pm

    however keep in mind at Sarthe you kinda have to baby sit the car, and it really is much harder even with the audi R8. And Spa you don’t even have to look at the screen or baby sit it either.

  39. Dec. 29, 11:33pm

    For A-spec

    High Speed Ring using Honda NSX 04′

    Finish time: 4 minutes
    With 200% log in bonus we get 400,000 credits
    To get 20 mil credits we must do it 50 TIMES! =P
    so 20 million credits takes 200 mins which is 3hrs 20 mins lol


    Trial Mountain using Premium Honda NSX 02 Type R

    Finish time: 6 minutes 40 seconds
    With 200% log in bonus we get 596,000 credits
    To get 20 mil we must do this 34 TIMES
    so 20 million credits takes 3hrs 47 mins lol


    Grand Valley using a Pescarolo Hybride

    Finish time: 8 mins 38 seconds
    With 200% log in bonus we get 800,000 credits
    To get 20 mil we must do this 25 times =)
    so 20 million credits take about 3hrs 35 minutes


    So the fastest is the high speed ring well at least with these cars, hope this helps you guys get those credits quicker.

  40. Dec. 29, 11:20pm

    I’ve been doing some calculations and figured out it’s better to just do the Spa-Francorchamps 5 times in a row to get 20 million credits quicker than doing Sarthe for B-spec, and For a-spec it’s better to do the High Speed ring 30 times in a row as opposed to the other to.

    Here’s what I got:
    For B spec-

    @ Spa-Francorchamps with Takata NSX 06′ Driver lvl. 37

    Finish time: about 25mins-28 mins
    With 200% bonus we get 4,000,000 credits
    With doing it 5 times we get exactly 20,000,000 credits in about 2hr and 5 min to 2hrs and 20 mins


    Splitting the Difference

    @ Spa-Francorchamps with Takata NSX 06″
    Finish time: about 25min- 28min
    With doing it 2 times we get 8 million credits in 50 min to 56min

    @Sarthe with Audi R8 Driver lvl 37
    Finish time: about 40 minutes
    With doing it 2 times we get 12 million credits in 1hr 20 min

    Together we get 20 million credits in about 2hr 10 min to 2 hr 16 minutes

    @Sarthe with Audi R8 Driver lvl 37

    Finish time: about 40 min
    With 200% bonus we get 6,000,000 credits
    With doing it 4 time we get 24,000,000 credits in 2hrs 40 mins

    Sucky thing is it takes longer and we lose 4,000,000 credits lol

    • Dec. 30, 5:37am

      Which Audi R8?

    • Dec. 30, 6:08am

      Thanks a lot for this time breakdown :)

    • Dec. 30, 8:59am

      @Supertom 14 the Audi R8 01, I suppose you can also use the playstation R8 too, but that’s the one I used
      @insejnEU you’re welcome

  41. Dec. 29, 11:11pm

    I’m going to have $0 soon. Oh well.

  42. Dec. 29, 9:49pm

    On like my 5th attempt at Le Mans. It’s so difficult… I love it, awesome work PD. More like this in A-Spec!

    • Dec. 29, 10:43pm

      dude it’s not difficult lol, just use the audi R8 it is a much better car than the rest, I finished first with like a 20-30 sec gap.

    • Dec. 30, 8:50am

      TAKE NOTE OF “SHNIPP” ABOVE……….big turbo le mans cars ruin back tyres and wears your driver out too quickly. put on a stage 1 or 2 turbo on an audi R8 or pescarolo and you’ll notice a BIG DIFFERENCE!!

  43. Dec. 29, 8:01pm

    If my math is right and you are at 200%, you should get a grand total of 11,796,000cr.

    • Dec. 29, 8:36pm

      it’s not like that though. 200% refers to the amount you get at 100% which is the regular amount displayed. So you only get twice the amount for each race, but that’s still an awesome amount of change.

    • Dec. 29, 9:31pm


  44. Dec. 29, 7:21pm

    Also can anyone post their times and what cars they used on the b-spec challenges, we all know where looking for the fastest time to get all that money. =)

  45. Dec. 29, 7:20pm

    On the online aspect challenges just use an NSX @ high speed ring. You get 400,000 every 4 minutes, the other 2 aren’t worth it because they are much slower, and even the one with 650pp @ Grand valley the fastest time I finished was around 8:38 so you’ll still get the same amount either way.

  46. Dec. 29, 7:08pm

    Did the gt500 race twice and now I am the proud owner of a gt-one and a Bentley speed 8. *•* what!

  47. Dec. 29, 6:26pm

    wait i just forgot my driver is only level 15. didnt know it had to be 35 or higher.

    • Dec. 29, 7:09pm

      I won with lvl. 26. Somehow…

  48. Dec. 29, 6:21pm

    whats the best kind of tires to use at de la sarthe. i heard the weather changes. anybody got a solution. thanks.

    • Dec. 29, 6:31pm

      start with hard racing tires and switch to intermediates in lap 3.
      maybe one more stop at lap 9, depending on the condition of the rear tires (again intermediates)

  49. Dec. 29, 5:51pm

    Car- GT One race car- standard setup- transmission set on 224 mph..

    Drivers level- 33 and 36 both run hot…..

    Pit on end of lap 2 – using intermediate tyres

    Pit again on end of lap 8-(intermediate tyres again) most other cars will choose to pit on lap 9 at which point you should overtake the pack..

    I have raced 3 times consecutively and finished first each time..

    • Dec. 29, 5:53pm

      And now that I have 20 million credits and can replace them fairly easily I can finally justify buying a colored x1 and check the last 20 million dollar car off of the list…

    • Dec. 29, 10:20pm

      Do not listen to this person. that is probably the worst kind of settings i could of even found here

  50. Dec. 29, 4:34pm

    Yay I got a free Zonda :) its not a Cinque but its close.

    • Dec. 29, 4:43pm

      the Cinque isnt on this game lol

    • Dec. 29, 4:49pm

      @breezy23d Yeah I know Im just saying.

  51. Dec. 29, 4:20pm

    Wish i had a good B-Spec driver. :( only level 15.

  52. Dec. 29, 4:11pm

    did any 1 won Circuit de la Sarthe

    • Dec. 29, 4:20pm

      Working on it! I think I have a good plan now :) I’ll post again if it works.

    • Dec. 29, 4:29pm

      Do so please…as I can’t see howi could do better than 6th… tried 4 times and I could not get close to the first group of cars…

      bobs are level 35 and 36

    • Dec. 29, 4:34pm

      i came in 5th with the 4,000,000cr race car i just bought lol

    • Dec. 29, 5:10pm

      I have won at Sarthe with the Audi R8 Race Car ’01 and I posted the setting on a reply above.
      One of the toughest races so far in GT5.

    • Dec. 29, 5:12pm

      I think I got it now :) I’m currently in first place on lap 8, have a good gap to the ones behind me.

      Car: Audi R8 Race Car ’01 (yellow one)

      I maxed the aerodynamics. Compensated by lowering HP. Top speed 400 km/h. Mint condition of course (for hp boost).
      When everyone pits, wait one lap. Then switch to Rain tires. You will come out of the pits in second place. Watch out for first chicane (corner 2) and the corner after the straight. Everywhere else it’s pedal to the metal.

    • Dec. 29, 5:12pm

      Here is the link to my comment
      Drivers were level 36 and 35.

    • Dec. 29, 5:13pm

      note that you have to cancel pit stop every lap after the pit stop.

    • Dec. 29, 5:18pm

      dang, the tires wont last :(

    • Dec. 29, 5:21pm

      don’t worry, everyone goes to the pit before the last lap

  53. Dec. 29, 4:08pm

    anybody beat the second B spec race or the first one if so what car and set up did you use?

    • Dec. 29, 4:38pm

      Nissan Motul Auteh GT-R 08 for Spa

  54. Dec. 29, 4:04pm

    B Spec Spa!!!!!

  55. Dec. 29, 3:42pm

    Whoa 6 million for a single race count me in!I need the credits after spending 15 mill on the Miura.

  56. Dec. 29, 3:25pm

    i finished the a spec event and won a trans cammer from the ticket :(

  57. Dec. 29, 3:20pm

    I won the Spa B-Spec race!!! There was a compulsery pit stop at the end of lap 7 where everyone changed to race hard tyres after starting on intermediates. For a B-spec race, it was surprisingly easy, and for 4million credits (with 200%) it was worth doing. I can’t wait to try at De La Sarthe now which seems interesting and with 6million credits up for grabs, very enticing!!!!

  58. Dec. 29, 3:17pm

    So can the events be re-entered for more credits, or will it be like the Time/Drift Trials where you only get the rewards once?

    • Dec. 29, 5:55pm

      You can enter for more credits, however only get car ticket once

  59. Dec. 29, 1:36pm

    Some weather change endurance a spec races would be the best!

  60. Dec. 29, 1:12pm
    Mr Nerv

    So, am I the first person to want the 20 million credit limit removed as of now now? I only have 7-8 cars left to buy, and I’d rather know I can win the money before spending on those rather expensive types…
    I think it’s something that needs addressing, being a collector and all!

  61. Dec. 29, 1:03pm

    I recieved 4,000,000cr for racing at spa

  62. Dec. 29, 12:48pm

    Thanks once again for the photo feature! Loving the new seasonals!

  63. Dec. 29, 12:48pm

    i bet the b spec credit is high because the race is going to be hard to win

  64. Dec. 29, 11:53am

    What car do you guys use for the new b-spec races? I’m having no luck with mine. Thanks

  65. Dec. 29, 11:45am

    Beautiful photo by RetroGiant!

  66. Dec. 29, 11:10am

    Ok, So I found these cars to be great for the A-spec Seasonal:

    400PP- ’98 Civic Type R (EK) With Mid Range Turbo, Racing Transmission, and Suspension (Just Those parts from stock.) Leave the Trans alone when you install it, Lower the car and set front camber to 2.0 and rear to 1.0, and add about 130kg to weight.

    500PP- Beetle RSi, Maxed with a good Trans set-up, lower the car, add weight until it reaches the desired PP. Set camber front and back, 2.5 and 1.5, respectively.

    650PP- If you have it, the GT-R Concept LM Race Car, maxed.(within the PP Limit of course)

    • Dec. 29, 11:12am

      Oh, and i didn’t change the oil in the Civic.

    • Dec. 29, 1:43pm

      Thanks, I’ll give that a go!

    • Dec. 29, 4:38pm

      I did the same thing for the 400PP race but I used a Toyota 86 for the 500PP and the GTR touring Car for the 650.

  67. Dec. 29, 10:16am

    can you re enter B-SPEC races?

    • Dec. 29, 10:28am

      Yes you can.

    • Dec. 29, 10:43am


    • Dec. 29, 11:53pm

      Yes, he’s sure. So am I. So can you be.

  68. Dec. 29, 9:44am

    I have completed the game and my highest B-spec driver is level 25. I abhor B-spec with all my heart. Looks like I won’t be getting that sick bonus.

    • Dec. 29, 10:07am

      At Indy a new B-spec driver at 27-31 was perfect. They get to 35+ and they would drop off too dramatically at the end of the race.

    • Dec. 29, 1:55pm

      my b-spec driver is level 33…and i got the 4 mil at SPA

    • Dec. 29, 5:57pm

      can you borrow friends bobs?

    • Dec. 30, 7:16am
      GT HP Nut

      @Pottert yes, if they put their B-Spec drivers online

  69. Dec. 29, 9:30am

    Thanks PD, great!

  70. Dec. 29, 8:49am

    Grand Valley Speedway – 650PP limit, 5 laps
    1st: 400,000cr 2nd: 243,500cr 3rd: 213,900cr

    Easy money!!!

  71. Dec. 29, 7:53am

    Jezz why so much Credit for B-Spec ? Well not complaying, its damm nice ;D

    • Dec. 29, 5:22pm

      To encourage players to have a go at B spec?

  72. Dec. 29, 7:47am

    Omg no way! Yesterday when i was playing GT5 my PS3 got turned off because of the hot (and it was not hot). Now my save data of GT5 is CORRUPTED (I backed up the save on October so i lost a lot of things)! And now all of this comes. And im afraid to play GT5 now! What should i do???!!!

    • Dec. 29, 12:05pm

      Just think it as this way. At least you dont have to start all over again. I recommend getting Playstation plus and honestly to tell you it pays for itself within a few months because you get free games and discounted games. The main reason why i brought this up is because with PS plus all your game save will automatically get updated to the online saving. I always do a backup on a USB thumb drive and onto the PS plus. Save me the headache in case i get YLOD or file corruption. Good luck.

    • Dec. 29, 7:16pm

      @Kayoss One thing I hate what sony did was they took out backing up save data to the USB, only can now back it up to PS plus. And also ps + is not worth it because once you stop paying for it you lose all the free games you obtained lol.

    • Dec. 29, 9:29pm
      John Parry

      Nothing has changed in regards to backing up game saves to USB devices as I still do it and did today. It’s nothing to do with Sony which game saves you can do it with as locking the save files or not is purely down to the developers and publishers.

      One of the things that Plus did was allow people to back up protected saves online which the developers/publishers didn’t allow to be backed up previously.

      With game save file Plus has added to the previously available options rather removing them.

    • Dec. 30, 5:29am

      Yeah, same here.
      USB backup works fine, although the copy-function has a PS plus-sign now, you can still select to backup on a usb-drive

    • Dec. 31, 5:57pm

      I don’t see it when I try to back up my Game Save of Gran Turismo 5 at all. Maybe I’ll look into it with other games

    • Dec. 31, 7:49pm

      All right never mind, I think they just moved it to system settings. Because I remember about 2-3 months ago you can just hit triangle and hit save game data, but now you can’t anymore.

  73. Dec. 29, 7:47am

    Holy mother of….. 6 million credits for afking? That’s not a typo?

    • Dec. 30, 4:19am

      Judging by what other people are saying, you won’t be able to win these events simply by afking any more. You’re gonna have to guide your driver all the way now!

    • Dec. 30, 6:05am

      Oh, I think that’s cooler :)

  74. Dec. 29, 7:44am

    damn, 3 million prize x 200% login bonus = 6 million for one race!

  75. Dec. 29, 7:37am
    blue night

    2 MILLION CREDITS!? for Spa 1st place!!!!!!!! Is that a typo?

    • Dec. 29, 8:10am

      It’s not a typo, no. 3 million for La Sarthe and, as dotcolin mentions, with your 200% login bonus that’ll be 6 million!

  76. Dec. 29, 7:11am

    why can’t be bspec be the aspec, nice amount laps instead of 3 on a short circuit

    • Dec. 29, 8:21am
      HKS racer

      Agree. Spa on bspec it’s a waste but I’m not surprised really, that’s a typical move by PD.

    • Dec. 29, 10:20am

      it’s a better way to advertise the DLC than using it as an a spec if you ask me. I bought it and would feel kinda ripped off if people still got access to it all the time (kinda like with kart space time trial)

      I think this is a good way for PD to show off the graphics they worked hard on and to tempt in the people who haven’t yet bought it without annoying the people who have shelled out the dosh on it.

      FYI, if you haven’t bought it, get it. it’s sweet lol

    • Dec. 29, 10:52am

      I agree with NJ72. You can buy the track pack by itself too, so don’t hold back, you’ll love it. It so much fun I can race there the hole day with 10 laps.

  77. Dec. 29, 7:10am

    why can’t be aspec be the aspec, nice amount laps instead of 3 on a short circuit

  78. Dec. 29, 6:19am
    GT HP Nut

    Still, no sign of the Nardo I have been looking for weeks,

    Btw, isn’t it usually Jordan who does the updating?

    • Dec. 29, 7:19am
      HKS racer

      Maybe he is on holiday. Thanks for the news Famine.

    • Dec. 29, 7:45am

      I have it by total fluke. After every 3 races I do I check it because there is always a older car I want. The best thing to do is to go to one of the liscences ans just cycle through 3 (Ithink it’s 3) and the refreshes the whole UCD. I just happened to come across it so it is total fluke. Thats is how I found the V8 Supercar, which same situation as you, had been wanting and looking for ages and just randomly found it.

    • Dec. 29, 8:08am

      Jordan’s asked me to do more with the Blog to allow him to spend more time on site functionality. Given that the server fell over last night and he’s spent 9 hours attached to it trying to fix it, it was pretty good timing…

    • Dec. 29, 3:53pm

      I used the Nissan Motel Autech GTR ’08 on spa and won pretty comfortably.

    • Dec. 29, 9:01pm

      I’ve found a few of those!! its the zonda c12S 7.3 i cant find!

  79. Dec. 29, 6:14am

    Wow at those B-spec rewards!

    With the 200% bonus, looks like it’s time to max out my 6 drivers.

    • Dec. 29, 7:35am

      Good luck with sending Bob out on remote, folks. This is the hardest B-spec I’ve ever seen. Well done PD, I needed 6 or 7 attempts to get a gold medal. Nice one!

    • Dec. 29, 12:17pm

      witless76 what car and set up did you use to win gold and have you beaten both the B Specs if so what car and set up did you use?

    • Dec. 29, 3:29pm

      I picked a Yellow Hat GT-R and did the usual mods to lift it to 600pp, and set max speed to 280. It took about 10 attempts to win, using ‘increase pace’ before coming onto the straights. I think the best strategy is to start on Hards, and don’t pit.

      BTW, Sorry about the double posts, I was getting a failed message, and it seems that it wasn’t failing…

    • Dec. 29, 3:32pm

      Sorry, that’s for Spa only. Didn’t get to Sarthe, the roast lamb dinner was ready :)

    • Dec. 29, 4:58pm

      For Spa I used the Honda TAKATA DOME NSX (SUPER GT) ’06 and won at first attempt, after failing several times with the Xanavi GT-R.
      Wings were set to 35 and 55, stock turbo, stage 3 engine and then set to 600PP (about 390kW).
      Transmission was set to 330kph (about 210mph), but that was a little much, about 300kph (185mph) would be better.

      Started with intermediate tyres, because the wetness ranges from 20% to about 40% and you dont have to change, although one automatic stop was done at lap 8, but every car made that pit stop. (not shure which tyres I chose for the rest)
      Pretty easy win, 2nd in lap 3 or 4, 1st in lap 5 or 6 (my B-spec driver was too stupid to evertake the leader for almost 2 laps).

      Sarthe was a much harder challange.
      After trying and failing with several cars (Toyota Minolta, R10 TDI, Mazda 787B) and different settings, it was the Audi R8 Race Car ’01 which was the best car for the race so far.
      Settings: wings 47 and 60, stock turbo, set to 700PP (about 613kW) and transmission set to 430kph (about 265mph) so you don’t hit the rev limiter while drafting.
      Race starts dry, so hard tyres. Rain sets in at end of lap 1, but you can wait for the 1 pit stop till end of lap 3, wetness goes up to 60%, so no need for full wet tyres. One automatic stop comes up in lap 9 and since the rear tyres were starting to wear down more rapid, i made the stop. Tyre recommendation were hard tyres but wetness was still over 30%, so I selected intermediates again.

      But still you gonna need luck how good or stupid your drivers are, since the competion is hard and the oppenents still overtake you back, if they are still in drafting distance. Although once they are too far behind, you can pull away pretty quick, 5-10 seconds per lap.

    • Dec. 29, 8:34pm

      @Schnipp yup TAKATA DOME NSX (SUPER GT) ’06 worked like a charm, but I set mind to 209mph.

    • Dec. 30, 1:05am

      Concur with you 100%, Schnipp. Both those cars and setups are spot-on, and i’m now the proud owner of a zero-km Silk Cut LM Jag. Thanks!

    • Dec. 30, 7:10am
      GT HP Nut

      The Spa race is a piece of cake, did it with only 1 try,
      it was the La Sarthe race that is hard, with my best driver losing
      Going to try with the Pescarolo Hybride and the Audi R8.
      (Tips: be careful of the Mulsanne! :)

    • Dec. 30, 7:25am

      @ Schnipp – Beautifil mate, easy win. :)

    • Jan. 4, 6:12am

      Here’s a little update for the strategy, which worked best for me so far.

      (Settings same as above or stage 3 turbo and downtune to 700PP, both works fine.)

      Hard tyres for first 2 laps, push hard, but not too much, so you are mostly in 2nd-4th place while entering the pits, where you switch to intermediates.
      After the pit stop you can do a fast lap with maybe one or two slower cars the bob can overtake very easy.
      This fast lap gives you the advantage, that you are normally in 1st place and have a 5-10 second gap to the 2nd place after the opponents stops in lap 3, so they are out of the drafting zone.
      Then you can pull away by 5-10 seconds a lap.
      The 2nd stop is good at lap 6 or 7, so you have 2 good sets of intermediates.

  80. Dec. 29, 6:11am

    Some nice stuff to crack on with, Shame Spa wasn’t in A-spec though.

    • Dec. 29, 4:16pm

      So you can’t race online at spa without the DLC, but you can in the seasonal events ?????

  81. Dec. 29, 6:06am

    I call the Audi R8 LMS (playstation). Thats mine I am grabbing it tomorrow! Another rare car to add to my collection ;)

    • Dec. 29, 1:23pm

      Just bought the 787B :)!

  82. Dec. 29, 6:06am

    Are there any expiration dates? I don’t have access to my PS3 for another 2 weeks.

    • Dec. 29, 8:17am

      The B-Spec event is due to close on 31st January and the Drift and Time Trials have their usual two week limitation, set to 12th January.

    • Dec. 29, 8:36am

      Thank, Famine. I will work on these when I get back to Chicago.

  83. Dec. 29, 5:58am

    Nice 1, bring on the weekend!!

    • Dec. 29, 3:17pm

      Yeah, I’ll need all weekend to do these, they’re tough! No more set-and-forget grinding for Bob, these b-spec seasonals take good strategy and constant Race Engineer attention. Nice one, PD!

    • Dec. 29, 5:25pm

      First time in Spa Circuit – Nice experience even in B-spec. But PD should put some spectators and stuff around the circuit to make it more real and alive.

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