GT5 Spec 2.0 & DLC Details: Standard Car Interiors, Replay Controls, New Cars, New Tracks, & More

Kazunori Yamauchi has been sharing a boatload of new details via Twitter this morning on the previously announced Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0 Update coming later this month. Here’s an overview of what we can expect from 2.0, which will be made available to everyone for free:

  • Simplified interior views added to all standard cars.
  • User control of the weather change feature.
  • Settings sheet which allows you to save multiple car settings.
  • New Spec 2.0 opening movie.
  • Improved UI response and usability.
  • Replay forward/rewind.
  • Mid-race save feature for endurance races.
  • Expanded online lounge features (narrowing down car types, shuffle races…).
  • Expanded Photo Travel features (you can now take photos of cars together with your avatar).
  • Added “NASCAR Pit Scene” stage to Photo Travel.
  • Added 11 new 2011 NASCAR models.
  • Added the Nissan GT-R N24 Schulze Motorsport (the car in which Kazunori contested the 2011 Nurburgring 24 Hours).
  • Improved physics and artificial intelligence.
  • Support for the Logitech G25/G27 steering wheel.

Commenting about the update, Kazunori had this to say about the company’s inspiration and motivation for the new features:

The coming Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2 update is an update that contains the feedback from the users playing GT5 online every day. We have added cars such as the newest NASCAR race cars, but many of the updates are those that improve usability and expand the field of game play. I believed from the initial release of Gran Turismo 5 that it would be the users that would make the game grow thereafter, and we added things like interior views for the standard models because there was a lot of request for it from our users. You could say that this update is the shape and form of GT5 that was created through the opinions of our fans.

Kazunori has also provided some information about DLC, which will become available sometime after Spec 2.0 is released and will include a “racing car pack”, a “course pack”, and a “racing gear pack”. Stay tuned for more details on those soon, and thanks to all of you who sent this in!

UPDATE: A batch of new screenshots featuring the Spec 2.0 changes and additions have now been released. The release date for 2.0 has also been set for October 11th, as confirmed by the PlayStation Blog.

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Comments (623)

  1. Renault

    Oh my goodness!! i just turned the ps3 and started GT5 and there it was! iim already downloading the update and can’t freaking wait for it to be installed!! :D

  2. Dominic Toretto

    Why the Toyota Supra RZ isnt premium when they have the Mazda RX7 & the Skyline??????…. I know im not the only one that loves Supras & just having it “standard” with small plain rims & no carbon hood or TRD body kit or something doesn’t cut it for me!!!

  3. buddy51

    If they have not added cautions to nascar races then this is all worthless
    still can’t run long races with out people being left out at the beginning because of a wreck and no caution to get back in the race

    please include cautions in nascar races

  4. Clytius

    I’m so excited to see the cock pits for the standard cars. Does anybody know how many of the standard cars will just have the black screen cock pit?

  5. Nvedamuthu

    Overall, the only thing that interests me is the support for G25/G27. This is a pretty dissapointing “Spec 2.0” update. Is this all they spent a year working on? I want select standard cars like the Veyron converted to FULL ON PREMIUMS. Why is there no drag mode? Why didn’t PD just include all the tracks from GT4? All they did was upscale them, a pretty pathetic job for 5 years if you ask me. If GT5 was released 2 years ago, this would be reasonable, but 5 years? THIS IS CRAP. DLC should have been released 6 months ago. They better be modeling CTS-V’s and M5’s, otherwise, you’ll be seeing a copy of GT5 on Ebay…

    1. Jamaicanbwoy

      wow. i guess everyone is done dealing with these kind of people.

      in short, stop whining and feel free to put ur copy up on ebay :)

  6. Nvedamuthu

    Does this mean we get better clutch operation with the G25/G27? The clutch right now might a well be a button, it’s so digital. If I were able to trigger the engine damage by riding the clutch, that would be awesome.

  7. Amac500

    I really hope there are some brand new premium Le Mans cars, like the new Peugeot 90x and the Audi R18 TDI, and mayb thy LMP2 Nissian that the GT academy winners drive, and a couple of at least recent GT Le Mans cars like the current Corvette, 458, and BMW.

    Does anybody know of the saving set ups feature will enable us to change our set up during a pit stop like I hope it will? And could we see endurance events like the 24 Hours of Le Mans be class races, like GT and LMP or however they want to do classes with 16 total cars like in quick race, intend of 12?

  8. jah24car

    this is all because Forza gots DLC cars almost every week to hear about more tracks for dlc, suits, and cars, makes me happy to see such a good thing to come out, the Spec 2.0 update looks great. I love seeing Kazunori work really hard on this game and I hope F1 and Codemasters gives up a bit of the rights so Red Bull F1 can be in GT5. I want Vettel’s F1 car :D

  9. Farid

    This is all amazing, the guys put alot of effort to make this update, especially the fact that they made interior view for like 800 cars. It must be a hard work. So, great job guys at Polyphony!!!

  10. MadmuppGT

    You know one change I would make and i mean MAKE!!!! is the ability to stop the time changing to damned fast in photo mode… you get the car set where and how you want it for a nice day shot and BAM, Night time and some god damned neon lights… please have a mode where you can set the exact enviromental settings you would like and LOCK them down!

  11. marktyper

    If they will have Simplified interior views for standards, they should have simplified wheel options too right? what ya think bros?

  12. Maxitsu

    I think some standard interiors will be awsome and some will be terrible. like all standard cars now. some look great some look really bad. I would prefer a decent hood view for all cars. neverteless this update looks ok.

    what is UI?

  13. Maxitsu

    I think some standard interiors will be awsome and some will be terrible. like all standard cars now. some look great some look really bad. I would prefer a decent hood view for all cars. neverteless this update looks ok.

    what the hell is UI?

  14. Landbergaren

    Thank GOD finally PD gave us light!
    Cant wait to see this launched!

    Now they only need to fix the everything in the audio-department, stop using the rolling handicap-starts for AI as stard in races and make the game license-based and not lvl-based again, and then its a WRAP!
    ….But I dont expect them to fix those stuffs in gt5 but i demand it on gt6. If the sounds still sucks in gt6 i will play some more race07-series instead.

  15. DoggyB22

    Ehh once they add more cars that ACTUALLY matter then Ill be impressed… GT5 has way to many pos! cars in it

  16. MasterLeaf

    I just noticed the UCD is Open-view (Or whatever) cars. Seems a bit appropriate because we’re having standard interior view.

  17. jasr73

    Pretty dam fine update from Kaz and his team by the looks. Nice work boys! PS – if you think Kaz and the PD team are doing good things, get over (in a separate window of course) to the 2011 Golden Joystick Awards and give them the props for GT5. Voting closes on October 14 with winners announced on October 21.

  18. GranTurismo330

    Can’t wait to drive that epic looking GT-R!!!!!!!!

  19. CarBastard


    That’s a tuned by PD RX-7, an Impreza of the latest generation, and a Nissan Skyline R34! :D

    1. moose1984

      Thats the first things I noticed. New RM machines would be a welcomed addition in my GT garage. Still want my premiun ’97 supra rz ;)

  20. ChicoMaloXD

    I want more cars for tuning rather than exotics. Which are lame (on how they are used on GT5 aspect).
    Max tuned exotics on racing soft?. I’m sorry but that’s not racing.
    Do you think the DLC cars will be DTM or just RM cars. I hope the new RM’s come with 2.0 update.

  21. J-kob

    my wish car list:
    -Lamborghini Aventador
    -Lamborghini Diablo
    -Ferrari 360 Modena
    -Ferrari Daytona
    -Ferrari 308/288
    -Pagani Zonda F
    -Pagani Huayra
    -Mercedes SL65 AMG
    -Koenigsegg CCX/CCXR
    -RUF CTR3
    -Ford Shelby GT500
    -Toyota Supra
    -Bugatti Veyron
    -Aston Martin DBS
    -SSC Ultimate Aero

    write your lists.

    1. G

      True, I would want more interesting cars, more classic cars, or even luxury cars, Merc S class, BMW 7 Series, and Jaguar XJR

      But out of the supercar list this guy posted the Lamborghini Aventador would be most welcome as would the Ferrari FF or 458 spider

    2. HKS racer

      boring supercars? LOL, it’s not supercars fault if people tune them to the max and use the BORING racing softs, that IS boring. People is boring, racing tyres are boring, not the cars. Imagine the Koenigsegg with sport hards at the Ring….. you’ll call that boring? You MAD.

    3. J kob

      I know that new cars will be in DLC, I was it on my mean.I think that in GT5 is more classic cars then supercars. There are many supercars which have been missed.In my opinion should be more Ferrari’s cars like Daytona or 308. PD should give us more classic cars luxury cars and ALSO supercars. I’d rather want to see in GT5 supercars but everybody want another things. How can you write that supercars are boring? I hope that in DLC will be many varied cars because its force of GT.
      Sorry for my English. :)

  22. babalulu

    I dont get these japanese, they always come up with japanese cars to show off, where the*** are the new german dtm cars like the chrome mercedes c63 amg damn and the fia gt cars like the aston martin db9/lambo sv, and adding a rear cam to the race cars would an awesome addition for the replays

  23. bananaman88

    I wonder why they didn’t implemented those standard “cockpit view” before since they’re basically the same as gtpsp.

  24. Matt

    All I want is an online laptime leaderboard. One for tuned cars and one for stock. With ability to race my friends ghost cars.

  25. mkygod

    I think they should really call this the 1.0 update. Everything before this has felt like a beta version of GT5. This is the version that Kaz and the rest of GT fans have wanted.

  26. rus_granturist

    And it’s interesting for how long we’ll be waiting for the next updates and DLCs after these october’s gifts?

  27. Supra

    Sweet! so stoked on this.

    Has any noticed the RX7 behind Kaz’s GTR? Either i havent seen it, its a new RM for the FD or its a DLC car. Ohhhhh I hope the DLC will include a full D1GP pack and ebisu, but thats just my wishlist. PD is working so hard on this game and i am so grateful for this Spec II.

    Also does anyone know how large this update will be?

  28. JrDarknes

    I Hope that DLC has either the Toyota Supra or AE86 premium or else Im not gonna be that satisfied. Il just be glad he made rewind or fast forward so i can hurry and record my footage

  29. barny0111

    Bring on the new cars and tracks. That more than anything else will keep me coming back.

    The cockpit view without detail is ok, not all that exciting.

  30. Skython

    What interests me is that Nissan GTr and the cars behind it. I don’t think that RX7 is in the game. I think more cars are going to have Race Mods. :)

  31. Some Random dude

    Standard Cockpit views? Totally Pointless. Don’t care what anybody says, Who’s driving these cars without wings, carbon hoods and rims? Most of us would have preferred the latter option. Now I can drive a lame car with restricted vision? Sweet. Caterham and open cockpits/convertibles will be cool if they actually do them all. No major online update either so it’s still a joke when it comes to competitive and fair racing. eeeehhh
    Replay Controls were a must have anyway and the save update was at least provided. Thumbs up there. But nothing innovative or remarkable about 2.0
    DLC Tracks is cool, but what is the GEAR PACKAGE?
    Telemetry / data logging? hmmmnnn

    1. Maxymilan

      First, everybody is complaining about cockpit view.
      Now there still complaining cause it isn’t good enough?
      What if you just create a game!
      Kaz and his crew try there best!
      If you don’t like it, don’t use it!

    2. t.o.

      @ Maxymilan “If you don’t like , don’t use it” is a crap response. People paid HARD EARNED MONEY to play what they thought would be a great game. This doesn’t shape up as one but yet sony still has my money. If you or Sony want to give me my money back in FULL then I’ll gladly accept and you wont read ANOTHER SINGLE POST about this game from me ever again. But as long as I’m out HUNDREDS then I got a right to be vocal about it. Yeah people got a right to complain about the cockpit. They could have thrown in cardboard cockpits at the beginning and worked on better stuff for 2.0 update. A black cardboard cockpit NOW in 2011 is unacceptable. Too late for that trash. I would and even asked for it when GT5 first launched. But don’t come at me a year later talking about “Here’s some scraps, hey puppy why aren’t you lapping it up like the rest of you puppy brother and sisters. Why are you growling at me” as you sit there holding fat juicy steaks that you aren’t even going to eat. WHERE’S THE BEEF PD?

    3. iridegravity

      Going to address the “Support Kaz” or don’t use it sentiment. Those of us that have been around for a while realize that GT5 is mostly an up rezzed or HD version of the same engine that’s been around since GT2 with its high res mode for the special ending. Mostly PD has been riding the same Physics engine with slight tweeking for years, which is fine, still the best engine out there. Releasing a game in 2010 with hardly any cars in it from the same decade. Lame. Touting 1,000 plus cars, most of them reused PSP or Previous gen and saying you can modify them on the box when you actually can’t change the rims? Lame. Giving us an easy solution for Standard cars that no one wants? Whatever. Finally. Putting matchmaking on the box was a straight up lie. Still a great developer in my mind, even if they are totally stale and devoid of any new ideas to take the series forward where it belongs. Baby steps I guess.

    4. iridegravity

      One more thing to hopefully drive the point home. Spec 2.0 will not likely include a drag strip/Light tree for starts. What kind of simple update would it take to design a course for drag racing starts. Im not a dragger, but I see almost as many drag rooms as regular rooms now, yet no simple solution for these guys. PD – your blowing it. This game could be so much more. What are you waiting for. Going to spin it into different franchises? Drag, Oval, Circuit.

    5. Galileo1609

      It is ridiculous to hear somebody actually saying GT5 uses same engine from GT2…
      I mean, are you serious about that?
      You only make you self sound like idiot.
      We all know GT5 has totally different from GT4.
      so it’s better for you to not leaving a comment like this
      unless you are infact the fanboy of 360, That I can understand why you are doing so

  32. Cool J

    This will be great but they’re still missing something that could be consider Gran Turismo 101…the basics of the basics!!!!!!!


    Do that and this game will be so much better!!

    I am glad they’re adding the multiple car settings..that’s been missing!

  33. MP4-25

    Also, the draft and the tire wear in this game is so fake. Me and a friend yesterday tested it. He drove a Toyota GT-One, hard tires on Indy with a set up with the least amount of camber and toe angle in the front. He lasted 30 laps on the hards, then he pitted and went on the mediums. He lasted 35 laps. And the draft reminds me of DRS that they use in F1, but only worse. I hope they fix this in the 2.0.

    1. OldF@rt

      Stuffing up tyre wear, after it worked fine in earlier GTs, is one of the great WTF???? items of GT5. And its not listed as a fix in the new release, despite it being a glaring fault in enduros and IMHO it being something that would be easy to fix. WTF???

  34. MP4-25

    The race saves are pretty much pointless. I tried it with the Formula GT Championship on B-spec awhile back, and I saved and it forces you back into the race when you load your save. What happens if I want to play online with my friends and I’m doing the 24 hours of Le Mans? They should make it so you can go back to the GT Life screen, not force you back into the race when you re-load your save file.

  35. ZX-14Beast

    im glad that they are giving us cockpit views on the standard cars but one day they should turn all of the GT4 cars in to GT5 cars, and with this new update will we beadle to do more race mods on cars

  36. t.o.

    Simplified interior views added to all standard cars.
    Improved physics and artificial intelligence

    The only three things I care about, problem is at this point in time the “simplified” better be something other than some crap they could have done at launch otherwise FAIL. Improved physics, glad PD recognizes it needs improvement even though their James Jones-like fans don’t see it but I doubt it’ll be much of an improvement. A.I. I don’t think we even need to comment on that.

    Hoping for the best

  37. SmileyOr1


    Support for my wheel!

    Mid game saves!

    Kaz’s 2011 Nurby car!

    OK, now how about a “free time” download so I can actually play the game?

  38. SLK230

    WOW, great news.
    Those standard convertibles look great, just a shame the MB SLK 230 is a closed car in GT5 :'(

  39. executivej

    great news :) not too sure about the standard interior views, i know they’re not to meant look that flash, but they look like last-gen quality

  40. BlindZenDriver

    OMG! OMG! OMG!

    Now that sounds sweet. The 11th is my Birth day and this certainly is a welcome present.

    Official G25 support, save feature for Endurance, FWD/RWD for replay… multiple car settings… :-)

  41. quickben

    A little bit meh, but welcome none-the-less.

    11 “new” nascar models will more than likely be just different stickers, won’t they ? I never use the ones that are already in the game so it’s a non-issue for me any how.

    Improved physics and AI ? I thought it was pretty good as it was, but any advancement is good news.

    Settings sheets = Win.

    Interior views for standard cars might be a good addition, although I rarely use that view for the premiums.

    Not interested in the slightest in watching someone change the wheels on a nascar. ffs.

    Now then, DLC. This is the real good news. New tracks and cars. If this is an ongoing thing, this will keep me playing GT5 for years to come.

    I would have still liked the option to change wheels on standard cars, however.

    And for the people who “just came” after reading about an update on a computer game, get a girlfriend. Trust me.

    1. quickben

      Well, there’s getting excited and there’s getting EXCITED.

      I may have slightly raised an eyebrow at seeing the news of the update, but to suggest that you filled your pants with spooge is a little bit like saying the iPhone 4S is “FTW!” when it’s actually just a better camera and improved battery life.

      And if your girlfriend “doesn’t want it” on a regular basis, it’s probably because you come at the news of console game patch.

      Jus’ sayin’…..

    2. KoAStR

      Yer changing wheels on standards would be good….

      Upgrading rim width too. Even with the same PP cars with wider tyres always smoke it. Fair enough, if you could upgrade those pizza cutters on your 2000GT to compete.

      No one hits the track with 145’s. 235’s or similar plus!

    3. DJ Mawds

      Post of the week!
      Nascars suck.
      I want El Capitan, Special Stage R11, Pikes Peak etc and some new cars.
      The new interior view looks crap.
      Everyone coming in their pants over this update really need to get a life.
      Perhaps if PD spent less time f***ing around galavanting around the world racing cars and more time developing this game we might have something to shout about.

    4. That_guy100

      @DJ Mawds Well excuse PD for having a LIFE and doing other things than slaving over a game 24/7 for you ungrateful morons out there. The fact that they go out and actually race shows how well versed they are and proves they actually have experience in what they’re creating. It also shows how passionate they are about motor sports. People like you who think they should just do everything that YOU want and completely turn their lives inside out to please your schedule should just go jump off a cliff.

      Also, that’s only your opinion that NASCAR sucks. Many other NASCAR fans would disagree with you. Not to mention GT5 is a game about DIVERSE motor sports. So NASCAR is a welcome addition to that.

  42. DatHank

    Wow, can’t wait – download is looking massive though eg. “Improved physics and AI” couldnt be a small file change right?

    Also new 2011 Nascar models or just liveries…

  43. Spoox777

    Not all that fussed about new Nascars. I rarely race the ones we already have. Maybe that’s why we get them for free. Hopefully cars everyone wants will follow in DLC.

  44. Spoox777

    This is great news. The only thing missing i was hoping for though was to be able to change the rims on standard cars. Maybe this will feature sometime in the future.

  45. RuiM

    While it’s great to se that PD is doing active work on the title, i still feel it could have been more, i was kind of intrigued by ‘feedback from the users playing GT5 online every day’ what users?

    The new interior view for standards is great, but surely a hood cam can’t be that hard to acomplish and that cames up more often in forums and online then interior views.

    I wish PD would pay more atention to foruns, and read other good and simple to implement ideas.

  46. Giovanni_0093

    Great News ! =D … maybe with this update for standard cars it will be functionally windshield wipers and high-beam headlights, i hope for this too

  47. paw paw

    stop complaining, everybody sounds like little women complaining about how lame the iphone 4S is blablablah

  48. Huhobanut

    Well pleased ….. G27 finally gonna be fully compatible … What do you think the improvements will be ? Any ideas anyone ??

  49. harispao

    Please add the Nissan pulsar series in the game there are so many good cars in there
    pulsar WRC,gtir,gti,N15 vzr,gti etc…
    I really miss them…

  50. FLX1981

    This is all great news and great to see they – finally! – paid so much attention to what players want! I applaud PD, there is some hard work and some really cool features in this free update. The only thing I m not so sure about are those simplified cockpits, the blacked out cardboard version looks really rubbish imho.

    Cant wait to see what tracks are in the DLC!

  51. Magic Ayrton

    Also, engine sounds should be improved with all future car DLC’s (induction roar & exhaust)= emersion!! Please…

  52. gt55555555

    After seeing the standard car interior.shots I’m starting to think that pd should’ve just left the standard cars as they are lol. I’m mean what the dusch is with the silhouette crap. The least they should’ve done was leave the standard cars as they were.

    With regards to everything else I’m happy.


    wow I was pretty skeptical about this update, I didn’t think it would be THIS much, but now I can’t wait till it releases.

  54. Magic Ayrton

    To all people bitching.. The way I look at it is we have been able to play GT5 a year in advance, only now are we seeing the game as we truly want it.. also re sounds, all future DLC cars in game should sound excellent?? no? we want induction roar on all new cars and sounds to go with??.. that’s all I want now and will make sure I buy every DLC available to me as a reward for PD, I think everyone should do the same :-)

    1. Turbo S

      So agree. In ways that is like a gift from us to them. Nice comment Magic Ayrton. :) I too will buy all the DLCs as a reward to PD and Kaz.

  55. Chemenu

    What great news… awesome!

    Content of Spec II update sounds great, but the DLC (a “racing car pack”, a “course pack”, and a “racing gear pack”)… OMG… can’t wait to buy this stuff.

    I’m so happy right now, I feel like it’s my birthday and christmas all together. The only difference is that I have to pay for my own gifts. :-D

  56. Fryto

    Excellent timing by the way. End of Battlefield 3 beta: October 10. GT5 Spec II: coming October 11 .

    I won’t be bored :)

  57. Fryto

    I’m happy that they really listened to the fan base when choosing what to focus on for the development of this Spec II. Thank you Kaz and PD.

    I’m especially looking forward to the endurance races now and I’m curious to how they will improve the AI with this release.

    It also looks like for certain standards we will have a cockpit view that looks better than I expected when he twittered about that.

  58. Neo_Xsendra

    1. This could be the best update until now (a look in “feedback” tels us: best update until now is “1.06”

    2. Jordan? When will the “Feedback” section will get its update? (i mean, none of this is marked there as “planned” or “confirmed”)

  59. Miklad

    Hmm… let me firstly say this is a superb addition especially as it’s free. Not many companies would bother.

    But while I applaud the update – Endurance saves especially – we are still left with a few omitted features. For example, the clunky interface remains. No livery editor. A clutch of new cars that personally do not inspire (another Skyline. Sigh.)

    Yes, I fully realise these hard are tough to implement, but hey – they’ve had 12 months+.

    A good update though – appreciated by all – I just think they could have done more. Maybe they will.


    1. Super_Colossal

      It did mention an update to the user interface (“UI”). Not to mention, you cannot possibly say that the new car DLC pack doesn’t inspire when you don’t know what they are yet.

  60. Boost'10

    Oh yeah, and new nascars???? Really, really new nascars???? How about NO. THast the laziest and easiest revision change the colors and stickers….. Gow about some new F1’s ………..DAMN IT!!!!!!!

  61. Boost'10

    This is gt8, but how about letting me change wheels on my standard cars, or even making the premium exterior….. And I don’t need interior view at all…. If I wanted that view I’d have gotten a smaller tv……also a option to add on and create stickers…..DAMN!!!

    1. OldF@rt

      Yes, where are the premium upgrades? (Veyron, anyone?) Instrument panels for standards isn’t a substitute.

  62. ghskilla

    Great update! Hopefully this might take me away from playing Battlefield 3 this October! Of course I also want improved car sounds, but they’ll have to go get the cars, get the sounds, record it, program it, that’ll be another year. xD

    Good work PD!

    By the way, in case you haven’t heard, RIP Steve Jobs.

    1. RPM

      haha indeed bro.. recently i’m into Battlefield Badcompany 2 and yes the Beta of BF3 cause it’s true GT5 is getting boring recently.. It’s hard to think that’s I’ saying this because GT is my game since i’m 7 yrs old.. now I’m 18 and I’m still into it but yeah.. I even kept my racing wheel into its box 2 weeks ago cause I havent played for like one and a half month.. lol

  63. Turtle

    I wonder how much the DLC will cost. Hopefully not too much. Regardless I’ll buy the car and track pack but I really don’t care about gear.

  64. ottovongirth

    11 new Nascars? I was hoping for some nice exotic street cars. Some old Aston’s or something!
    But the rest looks great!

  65. NTX

    I just want to say (and I know everyone is gonna hate me) but there´s no way this update can ruin the launch of Forza 4.

    1. LosingMyFavoriteGame

      Kinda harsh to say, but i get where you’re coming from. Although, like I’ve said before, only a small % of gamers actually own and actively use both consoles. so forza and GT5 are not in direct compitition

  66. KoAStR

    Awesome update. Thanks alot PD, that took a gutsy look in the mirror to come out with that…

    Really looking forward to standard interior views and endurance saves.

    I hope the ‘physics improvements’ include a fix for the back-to-front suspension ride heights so my cars don’t look stupid anymore!

    1. BWX

      @KoAStR — I tested this out thoroughly 2 days ago. All suspension adjustments, height ans otherwise worked perfectly. You sure it isn’t already fixed?

    2. KoAStR

      I dunno? I haven’t played in over a week, but last time I checked it was still back-to-front and I’ve never seen any announcements on the forums that it’s been fixed.

      The glitch is more obvious in some cars than others, all other adjustment settings seem fine except ride height.

      Good news if it is fixed already BWX :)

  67. yogaflame

    It still sucks that you cannot personalize your car, creating your own decals and paint job and art. I love to have my won car paint job and decals. And the premium cars you can change the rims. Maybe this features will come out next year.

    1. Jason3

      Let’s hope so, because after 2.0. The only thing I REALLY want is a livery editor.. FM4 has a stunning one, and in rFactor / GTR2 / GTR EVO you can even build cars and tracks from scratch not only liveries, come on guys you can create skins even in iRacing. GT5 is the only one with no livery editor, and we need one possibly a good one. LET’S USE FEEDBACK SECTION, seems like PD watched it

    2. Tubers93

      @Jason3: Even thought this is Sim based, modding has been outside sim racing games such as Trackmania, they allow; not only custom liveries, but custom cars like you mentioned before. Maybe GT is trying to be a bit original instead of joining the bandwagon of custom liveries coming from Forza. The equivalent of Call of duty following the two way weapon system from Halo. Polyphony Digital wants to be original to some extent.

  68. Stigsblackcousin

    The last bullet point alone has me genuinely excited! Hand break on the steering wheel! Yay!

    Also, interiors for standards is rather suprising. Appearently the GT team at PD has been EXTREMELY busy!

  69. G

    The weather feature are most interesting for me, as I love taking photos on the Gran Turismo tour wet tarmac track, unfortunatly they limited it in the game to only Rally cars so its going to be cool getting other cars on there! Great update and for free!

  70. LP670-4 SV

    my wish list…….

    Koenigsegg (any model)
    ANY Porsche (one can wish)
    Caparo T1
    Arieal Atom
    Gumpert Apollo
    More Zonda’s
    New Audi’s, BMW’s, Mercs
    More Fezza’s
    More F1(real) cars
    Retractable convertible tops
    Stig Racing Suit
    Free camera (rotate around the car)while in game
    More tracks…..

    everything else has been covered by Kaz :D

    1. Anonymous

      I doubt Stig’s suit will end up here since the licence is out of their hands now.

      Porsches? One can only dream.

      Koenigsegg,Gumpert, Spyker, Radical, Ariel….I doubt Kaz would recognize them as worthy cars for the series. Now, the new Nissan Leaf. I’m sure he’ll include that in a heartbeat lol.

    2. HP Unleashed

      EA refuses to sub-license the Porsche brand to anyone else – even Forza this time around! So I doubt were going to be seeing any Porsches, not unless they somehow made a bargain with EA.

    3. Brettjr


      What do you mean the license is out of their hands? Did they officially announce their agreement with it is up or are you assuming it’s up because Forza has it too. That’s not how it works.

    4. recca

      i remember hearing top gear saying that there is no exclusivity, in the opening vid where it shows all teh race suits and helmets, i can spot teh stig’s helmet and suit, and since there’s that option for special suit ie jeff gordon’s it wouldn’t be a surprise if the stig’s suit get implemented in there eventually

    5. shigllgetcha

      EA have told turn10 they arent getting porsches this time round
      they gave it for FM3 as they didnt think they were real competition

    6. Magic Ayrton

      EA and that Porsche issue? And they actually think there is no competition from GT or Forza? Get selling the Porsche licence EA because less and less people will buy your overated rubbish handling so called Sim.. I, personally Will never buy a crappy EA game again.

    7. jah24car

      Gumperts be nice, but porsches sadly eh not so much if i want a porsche i’d get the old Forzas or EA’s NFS

  71. RPM

    HAHAHA OMG I can’t help but swear! HAHAHA! Wow… Thank you very much Kaz and PD!!! Keep up the good work.. This game is waking up again (I actually kept my racing wheel DFGT 2 weeks ago because I haven’t played since like more than a month.. DAMN! This will actually kill Forza since PD made an update about all standard cars will have simplified interiors!!!

  72. Linkueigman

    This HAS to be something to compete with Forza. I just hope they compete against Forza’s Unique Vinyl Creation System for it’s ability to put decals on cars you want and make cars how you want them to look, just to compete with them one day.

    1. LosingMyFavoriteGame

      optimistic much?, but wouldn’t that be freaking awesome tho? finish up the update and BAMMMM! a tonne of unexpected new sh!t

  73. ShortAznGuy

    At first I was like,”cool”
    Then after I saw the guy posing in front of the NSX, I was like,”woah!”
    Then after I saw the picture of the GT-R and the RX-7, I was like,”WWWOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  74. BWX

    WOW! Good job Kaz, good job PD! I’m truly amazed and pleasantly surprised. Truly.

    Any more A-Spec single player? I sure hope so.

    I’d love to run through some more point gathering with the new tracks, new cars, upgraded physics, upgraded AI, and my trusty G25 fully supported.

    I can’t wait to shift with my CLUTCH while wheels spinning and burning rubber and NOT end up in neutral!

    1. Anonymous

      Sorry to be the guy around here who does this, but Forza 4 will most likely be better, both in the graphics and physics department.

    2. shigllgetcha

      at the very least it wont be rushed, half finished and they wont still be trying to fix it a year later

  75. Anonymous

    It seems like this was released in order to take away some of Forza 4’s thunder just like how the Ultimate edition of FM3 was released last year for GT5.

    So far, I’m liking what I’m seeing but I’m not blown away or have dirtied any pair of pants.

    The standard interior views are nice but since they don’t look any better than GT PSP’s why wasn’t it in to begin with?
    The improved physics interest me though and I wonder if they’ll be better than FM4’s.

  76. Brettjr

    You know it’s a good thing that fans support this series so much and bought LOTS of copies. I couldn’t imagine PD going back and fixing and adjusting all these things in a free update if they didn’t sell as many copies as it did. Good for PD and good for the fans!

  77. euros only

    Hoping for more BMW, Mercedes and Audi cars from the latest generation if not oh well at least there will be some new tracks to look forward to. Not much of an update still though.

    1. 1KNm)

      It says “Racing Car Pack”, and by judging the pic Jordan posted, looks like theres to expect new Race Modifications only.

      Not saying this IS the dlc to be expected, but I’d rather have the package called “Car Pack”, like the “Course Pack”.

      Time will tell, hell of an update for free.

      And by the way..

      People, stop comparing this to Forza as GT5 is in another league of simulation. Just have both, enjoy the livery editing in the one, and true racing experience in the other.

  78. LR-MR-Cole

    Thanks PD you still got your hands full with Forza 4 a week away. But thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the fans no matter how roughed up they get. Whats weird is last night I called for the GTR that kaz raced @ the 24hr nurburgring thats odd. Anyone know if gagues funtion instandard cockpit.

    1. Super_Colossal

      After looking at the picture in the car with the Mini in front, it appears that the tach/speedo that you see in bumper cam will carry into the cockpit.

  79. M1chael

    Fingers crossed for a decent looking interior on the 4th gen GM F-Body cars!!!! This is incredibly awesome news!!!

  80. Skyline_77

    guys im a bit worried, what if those RM cars ARE the DLC? would be a letdown.. because it doesnt say anything about new RM’s for 2.0

  81. Fureddo

    I’ve been complaining (a lot!) during this first year launch of GT5; but one thing fore sure, I could never complain about PD’s trying to make the game better. All these updates, upgrades or fixes (call it whatever you want) come for FREE!! The list of the spec 2.0 version sounds like Christmas is coming on October 11th this year!
    Some people might complain that the DLC contents will be paid for, but hey PD is like any other company; it needs revenue! And as a support to their work imma buy both DLC packs!! Damn I can’t wait!!!
    One last thing I would like to see changed though, the blocky shadows. Get that done and I’m good to change my underwear again!#^_^#
    Great update anyways

  82. alex l.


  83. Scuderia Paul

    Best PlayStation news ever! Cannot wait for 11 Oct and all the DLC in a couple of weeks.

    I assume the Race Cars DLC will be the DTM cars PD were working on, the Honda HSV-010 in addition to others. I would give anything for an Audi R18 TDI and Maserati MC12 GT1 and to get Spa Francorchamps.

  84. Ice of SZRT

    2 words:
    Lamborghini, Aventador.
    I’ll be really angry if the car pack has Honda Civics & Skylines…
    Here’s hoping for the Aventador at least…

    – Ice –

  85. strikey182

    Looks awesome!
    Though I don’t much care for NASCAR, so I would have prefered new WRC cars or something along them lines but ahh well. Can’t complain really! :)

  86. Chad D.

    That looks like an R33 or R34 behind the RX-7, so I’m guessing that’ll be one of the race mod cars, which would be badass, I’m definitely looking forward to this update :D

  87. sinister_300zx

    the “simplified view” for standard cars is just like the lay out for the views of cars on the psp version of GT5 all black least its something a huge step foward im looking foward to this 2.0 update on the 11th cuz my birthday is the 12th so its a nice thing to have

  88. Foxiol

    I am about to cry…mid race saves…support for my little boy (G27)…improved AI…user control of the weather (finally as a PC game: GTR2,rFactor)
    This is the only simulator on consoles no doubt of it.
    Clap clap clap (applause)

    1. recca

      i think racecar is right, my brother was pointing out earlier that a lot of the aesthetics and lights on Kaz’s race car aren’t on that gtr..sooo safe to assume more cars can be RM’d..? i hope so..

    2. TheLoveNinja

      yeah, i just had a look back to a past article about Kaz’s GTR, definitely different to the GTR in this articles pic.
      This bodes well for more RM’d cars. I mean it’s an easy addition to add more RM’s, easy but makes a big difference :D

  89. MoLieG

    WOW!!! 12 New cars!!! 11 Nascars and ANOTHER GTR ¬¬ …

    Well… I just hope some actual “New Cars” Become available as DLC… The rest of the update seems pretty sweet :) It’s like having another game! :)

  90. Nicky_loves_GT5

    I think the racing car packs will include racing modifications for more cars…just a thought.

    Track course pack.. well maybe some old GT4 tracks and 1 new “it could be spa…just guessing…

    Driver gear pack. well racing suits from famous drivers…i just hope stigs outfit istn there.

  91. Panjandrum

    Gotta say this is pretty encouraging. I’m not sure I understand that one completely black cockpit. That doesn’t really make sense considering that a “generic” cockpit of some sort would be a lot better and not really much additional work. But at least you’ll be able to use the same viewing position now in all cars if you wish. The addition of tracks sounds nice too (hope they include all the previous GT tracks). Let’s all just hope that the “improved physics” are the same offline and online – that’s really the killer issue for me and the fundamental flaw that made me put away GT5 for the most part.

  92. Maxy Milan Sorée

    I think cars likr Veyron and caterham and LMP1 cars will have view with steering wheel, not that detailed though, and other just black like GtPSP.

    1. HP Unleashed

      I’m with you on that idea. I think it’d be pretty dumb for PD if they didn’t give us an interior for the Veyron. Still really hoping they add the Veyron Super-sport!

  93. linhgame

    Yay new opening movie xD, HAHA nice standard cars with interior it’s going to be awesome to drive in SSR7 in a standard car :)

    1. JP Movie > US Movie

      I can’t wait to find out what this new movie is! I certainly hope it’s something like the Japanese version which IMO was a lot better than the US version.

  94. pasigiri

    … uh, how big is the update. Not complaining, but if some folks need to make room on their HDs, they might need this info.

  95. EnzoDbr9

    So greatfull for this, i really am excited. and a racecar pack? HELL YEAH, a course pack? Hells TO THE YeAh. and the updates, well they just sound amazing. i really am excited.

  96. HP Unleashed

    This is beyond awesome! Now every major game reviewing corporation will have to review this game again!

    I think this update just put Forza 4 into second place!

    1. NTX

      Don´t make me laugh…I respect your opinion, but thats so not true. Forza 4 is a whole new game, this 2.0 spec on GT5 just fix and adds things. “Simpliflied in-car views for all standard cars”…great…but look to Forza 4 and even Forza 3…ALL CARS HAVE DETAILED IN-CAR VIEWS. This example says it all…

      I like GT5, but I love Forza!!! Its my opinion and I know that 99% of you will hate me…but facts are obvious.

    2. HP Unleashed

      I certainly don’t hate you for your opinion – that’s what fanboys do. The Forza brand is a good game, I just find that I like GT better. I think GT5’s interior detailing is better than Forza’s and I’m just saying that some of these simplified in-car views may be up to Forza’s level.

      I obviously don’t know what it’s actually going to be like as 2.0 isn’t out yet. But that’s what I’m hoping for.

      I will admit though, I’m somewhat jealous that Forza got Jeremy Clarkson and the Top Gear team more involved by adding commentary and special events.

  97. chase

    Am i the only 1 who noticed that the carsw in the first pic look like race mod cars that are not yet moddable?

    1. Custer85

      True, allready posted on the forums. All the three cars behind the GTR appear to be new RMs.

      RX-7 Spirit R Type-A FD3S RM
      Impreza WRX STI Version X GVB RM
      Skyline GT-R V-Spec II Nür BNR34 RM

      Further speculation involves the screen itselfe. It might be taken from the 2.0 intro, which might feature the new DLC content aswell.

      Hopefully the 2.0 intro is shorter than the original one, so that I might actually watch it from time to time.

  98. YUBOY7

    this update is alot better than expected!!! Im so happy for the simplified interiors!!!!!! Cant wait until I get the update and DLC.

  99. vicgto

    Dear God: if you do exist, plase, I want the following:
    1. Costa di amalfi.
    2. Citta di aria.
    3. George V Paris.

    Those are my three wishes only. It’s not that much.

  100. John Marine

    You know, in the creation of GT5, people feared the Standard cars would have interior views similar to Gran Turismo PSP. I feel very happy with this whole deal here. It will be interesting to see what else materializes from downloadable content and of any other tidbits to enhance the GT5 experience. I’ll be looking forward to downloading these updates. Hey- some interior view is better than nothing, right?

    I am still pretty happy with what’s being offered here in this update.

  101. GTP_Davey07-O37

    Awesome!! and hats off to Yamauchi san and co. Gran Turismo is truly an evolving game franchise. Excellent to know the users wishes are taken onboard to make the game even better. Roll on 11th October and beyond…;-))…

  102. creati

    sure you look at the cateram still and the gt you can see the tyre tread is that also the suzuka track variation not included in gt5 currently?

  103. AaronCarlsonGt5

    First think i thought was F*** Yeah!!!! Those interior views dont look too shabby!!! Glad to see this post!!!! :)

  104. Super_Colossal

    The only thing I’ll ever ask is to be able to choose your opponents in Arcade Mode. I’m sick of having to face Veyrons and Speed 12’s in a car with 400hp.

  105. doodooshorts

    Hour long downtime scheduled for today….maybe they will start adding new stuff? i know it said the 11th but it couldn’t hurt to release the in game saves today! (i know, im dreaming)im excited anyways!

  106. Obli

    “User control of the weather change feature” – I don’t think this means weather and day/night cycle for all tracks. I think this just means you can adjust the starting conditions and likelihood of weather change for the tracks that already have weather. I hope I’m wrong because like many I would love weather and day/night cycle to be present on all tracks.

    The spec 2.0 update details sound brilliant nonetheless

  107. MOTORTRENDmitch

    G27 compatibility!
    Interior Views!
    New Nascars!

    I just wish that they could have Livery editors next!

  108. Mac K

    Talk about awesome! This is great! I would have prefered other cars over the new NASCARS, but thats still cool. Also looking forward to the DLC.

  109. Nicky_loves_GT5

    :D THIS SAVED PD :D!! sweet update :P but i wonder what which tracks are for DLC…Hmmmm Spa?….:D

  110. Nicxk

    Just what I’ve been waiting for. Very stoked this is all for free, look forwards to new “track packs”

  111. redpython

    Guys! What is that track in the picture of the Caterham view? It looks new, and is most certainly not Tsukuba! I might be wrong, though…

    1. redpython

      No problem. It just bugs me when maps are zoomed in instead of being in full view.

      Still excited for new tracks!

  112. Matt-mtb

    this update sounds awesome, been waiting for this for a long time. By the looks of the GTR shot, them cars look like they are rm cars not new ones but hey I dont give one, its still a new car

    1. SavageEvil

      Those aren’t licensed to PD, those are Nationwide Series cars. PD seemingly has license for specific Sprint Cup Series cars.

  113. Bubblelly542

    You are a liar if you arent happy about this. It all makes me happy, though I don’t use in cat view often . And its all free! I’m sure the DLC will be great too, but i pprobably wont buy the gear packs, but ill just have to wait and. I got a lot in my PSN account ready to bbe given to PD the second it can.

    1. Demonyze

      Be careful, there’s a guy named AnPrionsaBeag that doesn’t like these kind of sex-related comments and doesn’t sleep at night for such a disgrace.
      (check my earlier comment to see what the hell I’m talking about)

  114. bEEplus

    Very nice! I’m especially happy for g27 support :) Any details on the UI improvements? Can’t wait for the 11th.

  115. Andrew

    Niceeee, finally I’ll do the 24Hours Endurances!!!!

    It would be very nice if they raise the level cap with the DLC, I’m already A-Spec lvl 40 and B-Spec lvl 40. They should raise to lvl 50!!!

  116. djs

    It’s almost like a dream for a gamer to get what he requests…
    This is the real thing…like a new GT release…
    Thanx Kaz for listening!

  117. Mazdaman83

    Can I get a ‘Hell Yeah !!’ ?
    I’m so excited about this update !!
    It all sounds good !!
    I love the fact that we can now use the interior-cam for standard cars !!
    And for ‘mid-race saves’, I’m going to honour Kazunori-san by driving the Nurburg 24Hrs race in the ‘Nissan GT-R N24 Schulze Motorsport’ :-)

  118. Mazdaman83

    Can I get a ‘Hell Yeah’ ?
    I’m so excited about this update !!
    It all sounds good !!
    I love the fact that we can now use the interior-cam for standard cars !!
    And for ‘mid-race saves’, I’m going to honour Kazunori-san by driving the Nurburg 24Hrs race in the ‘Nissan GT-R N24 Schulze Motorsport’ :-)

  119. SavageEvil

    Couldn’t help but laugh at some comments in here, stop with to complaints about what cars you get for free. You are not owed anything, take it or leave it. You do know that PD can’t just add a new car without permission and money to compensate, so stow the crap.

    This update looks to be good, I hope it streamlines a lot of needless screen hopping, revamps GT Auto to include everything car related in there. Possibility why standards don’t have GT4 rims is because PD needs the damn license to use visual representation of those damn rims in the game, gosh some people are just daft. Everything in this game requires money and permission to use and all that comes with stipulation. Enjoy what they give you to the best of your ability. I swear some people cannot be satiated at all, I feel sorry for their significant others. Roll on Oct 11th.

    Nascars are not boring, you just don’t know how to drive. Plain and simple, why complain about certain cars being easily implemented? You forget that PD has Nascar’s approval to use their cars(certain cars), it’s an experiment of sorts. Lets hope PD brings back the NY course so I can run Nascar on it :D.

  120. gamerGT5

    Wow am I really dreaming. This is so awesome.

    The update is actually coming out a day before the release of Forza 4

  121. zedextreme8177

    Thank you PD!!! This will make the most epic b’day present for me, along with my new G27 and Wheel Stand Pro :DD

  122. riph

    Well im kinda accepted it because its FREE..congrats PD for support..i hope i would like to see a upload replays to Youtube features :)

  123. Astro_BS-AS

    GREAT NEWS ! ! ! :D

    I can´t understand why so many people are complaining about this kind of update. It´s free. It came from suggestions that WE made. It will have a lot of more options that are not included in a “simple” press release.

    And then came the DLC. Cars & Tracks.

    It´s amazing ! And this caming from a videogame company that release a game wich sells millons, and could easily get it pass and DO NOTHING. Yet they ARE DOING SOMETHING, and bitches complain…

    Go Fu*k yourselves men.


    1. Lambob

      that would be most welcomed, I want the feel that the PC gives, when plugged in to it’s USB. , i/e Dirt 2,

  124. nascarfan

    well pd gave everything that is gamers wanted this past idk 10 11 months BUT people are still not happy. more cars, more tracks.. blah blah blah. if your not happy then take your game and either trade it or sell it.

  125. calvins48

    I don’t care what anyone else says, the update and subsequent DLC looks amazing! :)

    To the annoying nay-sayers: It’s better than a kick in the pants.

  126. gt5fanatec

    GREAT JOB PD! can’t wait to see the new online improvements. It looks like the interiors for standard cars is mainly for the open top cars, that what I got from the pics. I CAN’T WAIT!

  127. Chico

    Now we need an option to lock the cockpit view online.
    Are we gonna have drivetrain restrictions, now?
    Also IMPROVED physics. Awesome.

  128. AlphaAndius

    Praise be the racing gods.

    And 2011 Sprint Cup Season Cars will be most welcome (never fancied the bumper braces).

  129. Injured is a troll

    I don’t mind the way they’ve done the LMP interior, to be honest the interiors aren’t really something you notice when you’re immersed in gameplay so i’ve never been fussed about interiors.

    As for the DLC, if theres a price on it I actually won’t mind either, you shouldn’t expect it to be free in the first place, things like this do cost money and Polyphony, rightly so, need to cover the cost of this and are well within their rights to charge.

  130. Zoo

    Oh look! They are adding features to the game that should have came with it at release!
    And 11 new liveries for NASCAR? Wow!

    Standards with “cockpit view” lmao.

  131. Team_MoFF-No2

    Ya I probably would too :0) It All sounds amazing.
    Could be nice with:
    1. Sharing setups in a quick way. ( snap of a finger )
    2. 3 different setups or more like in GT5p.
    3. Skin Creator for Cars – use of own Logo/images from USB.
    4. Creating PSN: AVATAR of Photo taken from GT5
    5. More Night Races
    6. that it all will be released this weekend for free :P

  132. aQuarius26

    I’m very excited about this update!

    That being said, I still wonder how hard it would be to add the GT4 Wheel Catalog, & allow you to change standard’s wheels?

  133. ken_b

    Fantastic news, really stoked on the G25/27 support, can’t wait to see how that works..,can’t wait for the end of October! Ty much for the headline Jordan!! And ty Kaz for being a stud! Peace.

  134. zr1chris

    Oct11th huh? Someone is feeling the pressure of the competition. I will download the update while im waiting for GS to open and maybe check it out a bit before I head out but then the rest of the day is FM4 all the way.

  135. Khlad

    Very good update. But when he said that all cars will have interior view, will that mean they are premium cars? Or standard car with interior view? Cos its kinda weird that they managed to make about 600 cars to premium cars while they took so long time to only make 200 premium cars in the begining.

  136. suntoucher

    hmmm….mid-race saves and improved AI is what i was hoping for…..but bit peeved by the fact that the only free cars we are given are new nascar and YET ANOTHER SKYLINE!! WTF!! no imagination….

    ….I only hope the racing car pack(s) have some new racing machines in them/it….(mclaren gt3, ascari gt3, aston gt2/gt3, lambo, ferrari and LMP’s) to name but a few.

  137. leon589

    REWIND CONTROLS in replay is honestly one of the biggest additions ever. Photo mode actually can be used now. Endurance saves is amazing as well. The rest are just great additions as well.

  138. RnEvoo

    Wow. Just wow. It’s like Christmas come early. Honestly can’t thing of anything that would genuinely enhance the game, that isn’t included.

    Thank you PD for your hard work, I hope us fans did not come across as too impatient. You have certainly rewarded us.

  139. speedy_2

    So happy to hear about DLC finally!!! The standard car interior view is a waste. But, it probably didn’t take much time to make it possible. Interior views are about a realistic as someone driving while sitting in the back seat. Pointless.

  140. scuzzy983

    One (very minor) modification I hope they make is to include a little tick next to any paint items that you’ve already got, as they already do with cars in the NCD, OCD and UCD.
    It’s annoying having to scroll back and forth checking if I’ve already got a particular paint chip or not.

    Anyway, looking forward to the update!

  141. Hernan

    Much better than i expected, what i dont understand is why they are not using a generic cockpit instead of that PSP cockpit.

  142. Piotrov

    I’m sure there will be loads of little tweaks and additions with 2.0 that were not mentioned in the list as there always were with previous patches.
    I can’t wait for this!!

  143. Pirhana-A

    G27 Support and a Caterham (my real life car) premium…
    make my day !!! :-)

    Hope now for more A-Spec events included in one of theses DLC pack… (seems logical to link new events with new tracks…)

    wait’n see… :-)

    1. Custer85

      Not premium, but it has one of those standard cockpits. The Catterham was an awesome car in GT4 allready (visually and gameplaywise), so the cockpit just looks that good :D

    2. suntoucher

      my dads just bought a caterham 7 sprint….i’ve hardly seen him since he bought it….i think he’s out terrorising old grannies ha ha

  144. cale905

    Wow, very impressive updates to come with 2.0.

    I can understand some posters’ frustrations with the “limitations” of the initial release, but I’ve yet to see any game/software for any kind of platform (PC/PS3/Xbox) that was perfect coming out of the box. The fact that PD has worked on continuous updates since last year shows that they are doing their best to listen to their customers….but no matter how hard they try, they’re not gonna please anybody.

    I have no issues paying for additional cars/tracks as DLC, as long as the prices aren’t too exorbitant. I’ve spent a fair amount of coin buying songs for Guitar Hero/Rock Band and have never begrudged it.

  145. Jake

    Sounds fantastic. I’m really happy to see that the 24h GT-R will be added. I could always have hoped for something like a premium Veyron but I couldn’t really see that happening.
    But one thing bothers me, NASCARS!?

    I will probably offend people while saying this, but I just hope that they haven’t modeled 11 new car interiors (which it should be from the cars we have). I feels IMO like such an unnecessary thing to add, NASCAR is the most boring mode in the game IMO. Though it’s great to see the series diversifying and including an important part of U.S. motorsport, but I’d take 1 or 2 new premium cars anyday. But I guess that’s what the DLC is for.

    1. OldF@rt

      It’s always puzzled me that having made such a feature of having NASCAR (and presumably paying $$$ for the licence) they didn’t include the Daytona 500 in place of one of the Tsukuba enduros given they had the Daytona track in there already.

  146. j8mie

    The good…
    better replay controls
    mid race saves
    more weather control
    better online room controls
    new photo mode location
    It’s free
    Standard car interiors
    Settings sheets for your cars

    The bad…
    More boring NASCAR’s
    No livery editor

    Overall I’m pleased with the top two new features. Thank you PD.

  147. ECGadget

    I am loving what has been revealed so far! But I don’t know, I have a feeling more is yet to be revealed, like perhaps 2 tracks, 10 more cars and some upgrades from standard to premium… and then we get the DLC with more stuff…

    Either way, happy about what we’re getting, plus I get a new 50mb connection tmrw, just in time for Spec II next tuesday!

  148. smoothherb

    Wow…for free? How often do we see something like this nowadays?
    I will buy every single dlc just to thank PD. (I never ever bought dlc because I hate it.)

  149. tsupra1822

    I am so excited this is awsome. I am on GT5 everday about 5 hours it’s great to see kaz using our feedback for updates.

    1. AnPrionsaBeag

      I share some of your excitement though. But what I’m really looking forward to is the track pack. Wonder what’s in it.

  150. Knew it

    I knew all, something told me Kaz had this planed out. It’s filled with perfection in all it’s right. The standard cars interiors looks 100% fantastic. And the photo travel mode just got more hotter, YES. And the DLCs ohhh boy that is gonna rock the house. I still can’t believe haters are still hating as usual. *Rolls eyes.*

  151. fitftw

    I quit GT5 a few weeks ago. I’ll DEFINITELY be sucked back in at the end of the month. Had to/have to knock some games off my backlog before this happens…

    1. funrun

      Of course not… not before the delay is announced.
      Lol, no I think Kaz and Co. have learned to not spawn hype anymore before they’re 100% certain…I think.

    1. Ice of SZRT

      @ RACECAR:
      Because the time spent on the NASCAR vehicles could’ve been spent on more popular demanded improvements.

      GT4’s rims & used car rims.
      New vehicles; Aventador, Koenigsegg, Diadlo SV, etc. ; )
      & some sort of vinyl editor for example…

    2. KoAStR

      @ Ice of SZRT

      As the new NASCARS are virtually just new skins on the same car models it would have been much less work than your suggested ‘more popular demanded improvements’ which would have had to be created from Scratch.

  152. Tim

    Sounds great especially the simplified cockpit views for standards, and endurance races saves. The improved physics, and also the improved UI usability (hopefully quicker navigation of the menu’s and car purchases) also sound intriguing. Multiple car spec’s sounds great too!

    Typical with the G27 support tho, as by the time the patch is released I’ll have the new Fanatec CSR and Elite pedals. Still good news for a lot of people out there tho ;)

    Will definately be buying the car and track DLC packs. Don’t see the problem with them charging for new content as that’s what everybody else is doing these days. Hopefully when they realise they can make decent money doing this, it might make them consider releasing more on a semi-regular basis.

    1. Demonyze

      They deserve to get paid after all that hard work, I will be buying the same DLC’s, can’t wait for this stuff!

  153. gtnewfie

    Incredible update but……………..Whats the point with no new events to play? A-spec is a mess and needs major additions. Where is the a-spec events? content?

    1. gtnewfie

      Umm, No, seasonal events are a joke, no championships, manufacturer events, have to be online… Where is the a-spec events for offline? Championships? Qualifying? Game has 1000 cars barely uses any of them.

  154. seanyb505

    Yeah 11 new Nascar vehicles…hm..Different settings for one vehicle is awesome, now I dont have to have 3 identical cars for different settings. That is good. I don’t have a steering wheel but I hope the support lives up to owners’ expectations, something GT5 has had problems with. Mid-race saves, awesome, everything else sounds decent to, but I’ll wait to see implementation until it’s in my hands. That could be 2.0’s downfall. I’m guessing racing car pack will add race car features to most premiums, course pack may be new tracks, and racing gear will be gloves. I can’t think of any racing gear which will improve actually driving, but whatever. PD thought we needed helmets and suits. Course pack – old GT5ified tracks or more features to course editor?

    1. SuperGreatBlak88

      Alright Kaz now this Is what’s up Brotha I’ve been wanting weather change for all tracks awesome. Good job work PD you guys keep tha good work!

  155. Paulo

    Wow, great additions, should have been in from beginning but better late than never. Just wish you could change rims on standards though, maybe next update!!!

    1. grog

      At first I saw your comment and thought, where did you get that from, but then I looked a bit closer at the picture with the GT-R N24 and there is a new looking RX7 race car. Its hard to tell whether its a race mod or full on race car.

      And will it be free, or part of the DLC I wonder?

      Good spot

  156. Demonyze

    Actually it looks like the PDP version but cars like the Catheram and the LMP with no roof are actually pretty good looking!

      1. SkvakaGud

        I hope your skills match your need to mention random facts. Standard cars was known waaaay before release. You have not been screwed over in any way. And the number “200” for premium cars, was also released very early. The fact that they make standard cars possible to drive from interior view. Might benefit the rest of us. Who might care more about driving a nostalgic car, without having to use a noob-view. (no offense). Besides, if your driving the track optimal. You wont have time to notice if the radio in the car, looks blurry.

      2. Koikeeper67

        Still hope we get on line leader boards

        Also it would be nice if in one of the track packs we could get either some A-B routes such as a mountain pass, sea side road or a cool canyon to carve through

  157. ANFD

    Nine of the listed items are really major additions that in my mind, will totally revamp the game for many of us. Some are subjective items but I count nine that really affect how the game plays from now on. Gotta hand it to PD, Yamauchi-san has taken the path of honor and fullfilled his promises :-)

    Now if I could only figure out a way to keep my personal menu music from constantly reverting back to the game’s default music :-)

    1. AyJay

      Ok, thinking about this now…
      The standard cars still look standard, we might as well be playing GT4. Jagged edges, low res textures, ugly basic models… Really? It’s 2011, come on.
      I still don’t understand why GT4’s wheels can’t be put on standard cars either.
      And thinking about it, some of these things should really have been in the initial release after all those delays and misleading release dates.

    2. Big Ron

      You are blaiming the standard cars looking standard, but you need the standard tuning wheels for them? What are you doing, if you get them? Blaiming again, that the wheels look standard?

  158. scoop2004

    12 new premium cars for free = Great news
    Replay control = Great news
    Saving mid race = great news
    More control over stuff and things = great news
    Support for G25/G27 = great news

    Standard interior views..I can take or leave, i dont use interior on the premiums anyway, and i can see the standard ones being a black outline that ruins your view of the road so i see that making the game look even cheaper.

    What I’d like to see really is the GT4 wheel shop for the standards

  159. King Something

    Based on a quick Google image search, I’ve concluded that the Nissan GT-R N24 Shulze Motorsport we’ll all be getting in about two weeks it the car Kaz drove at this year’s Nuerburgring 24H.

    Also, apparently it’s “Schulze” and not “Shulze” – not having seen Kaz’ tweet, I don’t know whether the error is his or Jordan’s, but in either case I’ll blame it on the (relative) weirdness of the German language.

    1. AnPrionsaBeag

      If you think German is weird, remember that by reading the words “women”, “action” and “enough”, a foreigner couldn’t be blamed for writing “ghoti” for fish.

    1. Lambob

      Oct 5th, is most popular and recognized Bday in USA, did your parents, chicka chicka wow wow on New Years Eve? :)

  160. FullSpe3d98

    I doubt I’m gonna come back to this game. I reckon I’ll still play black ops plus I’ve got a shiny new F1 2011 to have a go on

  161. Yui-san

    What exactly does “Simplified Interior view” mean? Is it like the cockpit view from GT PSP? OR do we actually get to see the interior, but in lower res?

    1. LordVonPS3

      It means on some cars it’ll be an approximate interior for that car, whilst on other cars it’ll just be a black cutout with a rear view + wing mirror and the bumper cam’s speedo tacked on the bottom.

    2. grog

      Look at the photos at the top, Jordan updated the story and added some pictures including 2 or 3 of the standard cars interiors.

  162. Alan

    Glad to see proper support for the G25/G27. Good news on the weather changes, in race saves and, finally, the ability to save more than one setup. It’ll be like a new game. :-)

  163. willy723

    I love the list, even the 9hr Endurance race is daunting for many people playing. 11 more Nascar models that I will never touch though. I’m sure there are going to be a LOT of haters, so many people were expecting way too much. It will definitely be fun, just worried about the DLC packs cost.

  164. dani_corvette

    Daaaamn, and my PS3 has just gone down with the YLOD for the second time in less than a year :(
    I guess it’s about time to get a new slim model and enjoy these new features :D :D

  165. Big Ron

    Great news, will get all DLCs too. Still missing custom position for cockpit view, but maybe it is included. If not, it´s still ok as long as they reduced the shaking image.

  166. shigllgetcha

    Am i reading a different post to everyone else?

    The DLC is good but the update isnt that interesting at all, it really isnt 2.0 in my eyes

    If the AI is greatly improved ill be more greatfull but what update hasnt promised that already

    1. Kris8583

      Yeah I hear you – I just got slagged for being ungrateful for a patch to make a game somewhere near what is should have been like at launch!

    2. funrun

      I don’t know what you guys want, this is a racing game with over 1000 cars, we have been promised greater playability online and if you can’t be happy with that, well I’m afraid racing sims aren’t for you then. It was only a couple of years ago that updates were non-existent. It’s funny, the more people get the less it’s appreciated, and always looking for more more. It’s a vicious cycle and these ungrateful kids need a severe wake-up call in life.

    3. shigllgetcha

      im usually not so negative but im just underwhelmed. i dont play in cockpit mode, i use bumper cam, i have zero interest in nascars, im not bothered by endurance races atm im sick of a spec.

      Although if the ai gets alot better ill be happy and i think the standard interiors are actual interiors not a generic interior thats the same for all standards which i didnt know

      i do appreciate the ui getting an overhaul.

      there are so many little improvements that would improve the game that would be simple to implement that would have made this 2.0 in my eyes

      im not saying its a bad update, its just less than i expected thats all

    4. Klaus

      Take a look at the screenshot that Jordan’s posted. There’s at least 4 new RM cars there (Impreza, RX-7, R34 and GT-R).

    5. Turbo S

      Who cares, do you really believe theres only 4 RM cars? Your nuts. There could be more in the game that can also become RMs too you know. The four cars in the photo are just a preview. Some people.

    6. shigllgetcha

      If there are race mods in the update Id be alot happier about the update. Its definitely something that i would be interested in

    7. rus_granturist

      Am I the only englishman here (my english is bad, my native is russian)?
      I thought that UI is User Interface, but AI is Artifical Intelligence. Didn’t you mix these intentions?

  167. Demonyze

    This is really nice!
    I was thinking about the GT PSP-like interiors for standard cars, which is fine for me!
    And also G27 support = Jizz in mah pants.

    1. Demonyze

      I know that it will be hard for you to sleep at night cause you readed my outrageous comment about sex, I hop eI’m not getting banned for this.

  168. Alexandre Gontijo

    Great!!!! G27 support! Simple interior dash for all cars!

    What I dislike: save mid race endurance and change UI.(I love the UI, there is nothing wrong with it.)

    1. willy723

      you don’t like Mid race saves for Endurance races…what are you 15 with no job and play 24/7? most people in the real world can’t handle 9hr races let alone 24hr races…this has been a huge topic of discussion since launch.

    2. Erik

      @ Alexandre Gontijo: The UI is quite bad actually. It looks good, but it’s been a mess in terms of functionality. They have improved it a bit through the updates, but there are still things to fix. So I like the UI update.

      About mid race saves, why dislike that? You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.

    3. h2g2guy

      I think the complaint around mid endurance saves is that those people who do complete it all in one shot will no longer have the prestige of having ACTUALLY done an endurance race. What I’m hoping is that PD gives us some way of distinguishing between people who use this new feature and people who don’t. Would be nice to be able to tell who paused and who didn’t, as well; I know I could never have even done the 3 hour ones without a 15 minute break or two, and so I don’t WANT credit for doing those legitimately!

    4. KoAStR

      @ h2g2guy: In real life, even endurance events as short as 3 hours will often involve 2 drivers changing throughout the race.

      So, if in GT5, only the one driver does it over a couple of sessions using the save (or pause) function, I don’t think that’s any less credible for having “ACTUALLY done an endurance race” than doing it without stopping.

      If driver swapping with a B-spec driver was an option I would agree with you…

  169. N99GT

    was i the only one that was jumping up and down on thier seat while reading the list??!
    because i was!!

    GT5 stepped its game up HARD!

    1. Nvedamuthu

      Unimpressive… The worthwhile thing they did was G25.G27 support. If you ask me, all the standard cars should have had interiors for a game that took 5 years to make.

  170. Ethan

    October is, no doubt, a great month for racing games! I’m especially happy that we’ll soon have in-race saves for Endurance races! No way am I staying up 24+ hours to do the LeMans or Nurburgring races. Also, the new content is a welcome addition.

  171. ilja87

    Simplified cockpits WOW :D. The effort into this must have been huge…i mean i don’t think that you can adopt the same cockpit for EVERY car.

    But still missing online leaderbords….or?

    1. Beezball

      I’m really excited for this update, but I have to agree. Leaderboards are probably the number one feature that I wanted, that and in race saves. But still exciting none the less. Maybe it will still come with this update.

    2. KoAStR

      Great update! Something I’m very pleased about.
      But probably not as much effort as you think… The car models were already there, they really just needed to place a new driving camera.

  172. navaroxx-e30

    OMFG YEAAAAAAAAAA BIOOOOOTCH!!! g25/27 support!!!!
    hope the clutch works good now !!!
    Simplified interior views added to all standard cars.

    1. BloodiMayhem

      G27 Support, just the words that I’ve been loking for.
      Hopefully this will bring GT5 more into line with games line F1 2010 for steering wheel feel and controllability.
      Nice one PD. Cheers!!!

  173. TK42OnE

    11 new NASCAR models? Personally I think its great. But, I think we’re going to here some grumblings about that.

    They are free though, so thats good.

    1. U2EDGE

      I wonder how many of the 11 “new” ones will just be the old ones done with the 2011 “nose”? I see on the images for Spec 2, it shows the new Sprint Cup car nose as they run Daytona.

  174. brainfade

    I think the only people disappointed by this are the ones who were like :

    ” I want the following:

    – 4372985428757124238756438763248756234 new cars

    – e8r93749832795872359426957834 new tracks!

    – free roaming on the streets dude!

    – 842987328 pointless stickers!”

    1. brrrrp

      I think that those people would be more like:
      ” I want the following:
      + 4372985428757124238756438763248756234 new cars
      + e8r93749832795872359426957834 new tracks!
      + free roaming on the streets dude!
      + 842987328 pointless stickers!”

    2. Simeon

      I think you’re right, but this is something that we all should be happy about because we’re getting a massive free update. It’s such a shame that this planet is filled with miserable people.

    3. brainfade

      the masses got spoiled by GTA, a game with so much that now they expect to be able to get as much in every other game, it’s almost to this extent:

      – expect to have guns, interiors and strippers in Driver, even though its blatantly called DRIVER.

      – expect to have the ability to walk around on foot and car-jack people in GT5.

      – expect the ability to shoot people and do side missions in Tekken.

      – expect helicopters in Assassins Creed.

    4. AnPrionsaBeag

      It’s not a matter of blindly hating or loving GT5, it’s just about being constructively critical of a game that has its pros and cons.

    5. brainfade

      @Injured… Yes i know thats you, you know theres those things called cliffs right? You, JakeMania and the rest of your band of troll should throw yourselves head first off the biggest one you can find. (y)

    6. brainfade as always

      Your comment is very understanding, but never brainfade.
      Makes me glad I’m not game developer… It’s sad I say. What Kaz and PD wants is to make everybody happy from thier hard work, but in the end they’ll will be. Makes me very sad. I feel very bad for them if that’s the kind of thanks they get from people. I guess the world has changed after all…

    7. SKOT Free

      It’s still obvious Kaz was not done with GT5 and he could have easily waited till this year to release a better game, with that said…..The next GT should not be numbered and be a continual work in progress of Improving the game,Adding cars and tracks etc.

    8. Injured

      I always comment multiple times in a row because I always find something else to say. I don’t even know what brainfade is on about. No one even tried offending him seriously.

    9. Turbo S

      Next time I see a butt hurt baby who pointlessly complains about mostly everything about GT5. It’ll only remind me of brainfade. To bad whiners can’t stop complaining for atleast a week or even a month, *Sigh* to bad.

    10. Turbo S

      What do you mean? Right about? Do explain.

      Ask for you, what do you mean?
      “He means his dad, the one whos dead” Explain yourself. Because we aren’t moving on to parents, that’s bad and cold hearted what you’d typed. Think before you type.

    11. Turbo S

      On second thought, don’t be. Won’t want to waste my time with you anyway. Got better stuff to do instead… Chow…

  175. zerolight

    Not enough to tempt me away from Dark Souls on the PS3 and Forza 4 on the 360 I’m afraid. GT5 has gone back on my bookshelf where it’s lived (mostly) since launch.

    1. Luke

      I agree, still like Forza 4 better, the tuning options are much better and the Fujimi Kaido tracks is unbeatable by GT5 ^^

      but i will still play it, finally i can drive the endurance races :) And looks like the Caterham has a great cockpit view now.

    2. Luke

      I know this is not the final product, but all the demo cars are always available in GT5 (except the M5). I drove them in both games and the experience was more intense in Forza 4.

    1. Mike-T

      Looking forward to be lvl40 A-spec, so i can deal with 24H Nürburgring!… Did the 24h Sarthe, over 3 days, without turning off the PS3, and just pausing the game :P

    2. Simeon

      Oh my goodness! If that’s true I’d be happy to finally begin the 24 Hour Le Mans because I think that it’s a bit tight on how you’ve got to complete it literally racing the 24 Hour Le Mans for 24 hours and we all have lives, but if you’re right then I’m glad that they’re going to do that.

    3. Injured

      You can save an go back to them whenever you want. Something I wished PD was going to let us do. I’ve always wanted to pick up and start where I left off in a time changing race. I’ll use any car I want for the endurance races just so I can do that. No need to win it, but I will sometime,

    1. SleazyC69

      absolutely, for me its like unlocking 800 odd cars at once! i think it worked well on psp and should of allways been included

    2. Injured

      haha Sleazy. I was like you a few months back.

      You must be jumping up and down still for the 800 cars unlocked. I would be crying right now if I hadn’t started using the standards months ago.

  176. Kris8583

    Hmmm ok I suppose, still should have been release with all above. Bit rubbish that the tracks are coming as dlc

    1. Imprezive

      Wow… Just wow…

      This update is basically a wishlist of everything people have been asking for since the game came out. PD has listened to everyone and will fix it. And you STILL bitch? This is probably one of the greatest post release updates any game has ever gotten and you’re STILL not happy. What the hell is it with the Internet and the constant need to never be positive about anything… I’d say your attitude is a bit rubbish.

    2. Kris8583

      You mentioned the key word there…..”fix” A title as premium as this should not need fixing in the first place.

    3. funrun

      Some people just have no clue what it takes to make minor changes to a game. It’s extremely difficult to program to make everything work, so we should all be thankful for this great update, and as long DLC is reasonably priced, we should be supporting PD to give them funds to hire more staff so GT6 will be a masterpiece in a few years time.

    4. Imprezive

      Alright then, Kris8583. What will it take to make you happy? You’ll pulled out the word “fix” as if just because of that word all of this update is a waste to you. Do you want PD to build a time machine and go back in time and add all this stuff to GT5 before they release it? Sad news, that won’t happen.

      What would PD have to do to make someone like you happy with them? They’ve recognized exactly what people wanted and they’re adding almost all of it in an update you get -FOR FREE-. What else can they do? You have unbelievably high expectations if that’s not enough.

      So what if you feel it shouldn’t need fixing in the first place? It’s going to all be added now. After this update, will it even matter that it wasn’t there from the beginning?

      PD put a TON of work into this update and they’re giving it to you because that’s what the players wanted. Meanwhile you sit there, “Meh. It’s ok. Still not happy. It should have always been there.”

    5. Turbo S

      They’ll never be happy whatever PD throws at them, they don’t even have a clue how hard it is to make a game because they’re that blind. Whine Whine Whine that’s all they do. I got an idea, STOP playing games all together and do something else better that isn’t with games if this great news doesn’t make you happy with PD’s hard work.

    6. ripped

      Scenario is like this, to me. I go to a dealer and buy a car for $x. It has 14 inch wheels and so-so tires. I decide after I buy it that I want 17 inch wheels and upgraded tires. I go back to the dealer and order the wheels and tires. Oh, I don’t think I ought to pay for them. He should give them to me and install them all for free. Does that logic fit here? Someone tell me if I am wrong.

    7. ripped

      The fact that the play-ability of the product is being improved and many of the requests made by the online community are being fulfilled all without charge to the user is quite remarkable this day and time. I don’t see this with the NFS and NASCAR 2011 franchises. Of course, they are both primarily for the arcade market, not the sim folks.

    8. kris8583

      What im saying is that, yes the update is good and we should all be thankful for it.

      GT5 is a great game but as so many people, reviews etc have pointed out it does feel unfinished. I acknowledge PD are making the effort with regualr updates and now DLC and that is great customer service.

      Surely during development of GT5 the team would have discussed including some of the elements that are missing and overlooked others, my point is why were so many things not included or overlooked in the first place.

      Dont give all the balls about I dont realise how long things take etc because I do understand how long minor changes can take.

      Argue all you want but I feel that the game was delivered unfinished with alot of room for improvement and to be the “ultimate driving simulator” the attention to detail has to be superb from the opening cut scene all the way through to the credits. Im sorry but PD have failed in delivering a finished product that they would then proceed to add to by using DLC, and not complete.

    9. Injured

      whatever. You’re really not getting that they couldn’t have done more with the time they were given. If they could have, they would have.

      If they could have, they would have made us pay for it like Turn 10 sells DLC the day OF launch. And then a month later.
      That’s great support, isn’t it?

    10. Kris8583

      I think 5 years is long enough to incorporate some of the features that gamers wanted and expected from this title.

    11. Turbo S

      Can you just give it a rest already, This is October “2011” and your still going on about that? Kides could sure cry alot when ready.

    12. daics69

      @kris8583 – KRIS!!! i don’t believe you’re unaware and that no one’s filled you in?! get your facts straight!! KAZ stated shortly after the game was released that although it took some 5 years in the making the game was unfortunately not 100% complete and he DIDN’T want to release it last year but was forced into it by SONY to boost its sales, hence the constant improvements and updates. now get some tissues and wipe the tears you hater!!

    13. viejaloca

      Nononononono, its not that 5 years wasnt enough time, its just PD tried to out-do themselves. They tried to cram in as many features as the community wanted and came up short. As a result, sure they got 200 premium, BUT the other 800 were standard.The tried to put damage, but came out with a so so model. They tried weather, but only on a few tracks. If you’d ask me, it looks like PD bit off more than they could chew. they should’ve focused on nailing ONE feature when making the game and if that was done before the deadline, start another feature. Then focus on new features in the next game. Kris DOES have a valid point in some way. Stop defending a video game from ONE person’s comment. As if they need it…

    1. LeroyJunior

      hmmm, Im happy, but could be happier

      1. New Nascars are good
      2. 2 More Nascar Tracks please
      3. PD shouldn’t of wasted time with the interior views, 90% of peeps use don’t use em
      4. Allow mods to standard cars like new rims
      5. New bodykits/paintjobs/decals to ALL cars
      6. New Tracks please

    2. Kingsly1998

      90% of peeps use don’t use em

      I’m sorry but dont say that
      maybe since there are interiors for standard cars people will use them

    3. Injured

      Yea. What a false and ignorant statement.

      I hear people all the time that say they dislike standards bc of no cockpit view.

    4. Goshin2568


      What??? That is one of the most false and ignorant statement s I have ever heard…
      I can almost guarantee that at least half of the people who play GT5 use cockpit view most of the time. I bet more than 80% uses cockpit at least sometimes.

    5. HuskyGT


      I use Cockpit 90% of the time(20% is for standards or when I´m enjoying a good exhaust note). Cockpit view is made for true car lovers that enjoy the immersion that only GT5 can give. Sure, you´re not that fast in cockpit, but who gives a damn! It´s only a game(the best one, btw). Life´s not going to end if you are not able to beat that other couch potato that´s miles away from where you are. Enjoy the game already! PD worked hard on those interiors, and no other game has come close to it!

      As for the other points that you mention, I do agree.

    6. Doc

      @HuskyGT I think your maths is slightly out mate, unless you have 110% of the time in the world? ;) haha

      Maybe I should be calling you the Doctor, Doctor Who! lol

    7. HuskyGT

      @ Doc

      Yep, a big mistake there. I blame me for being up until 4am posting comments half asleep.

      You know what I meant anyway.

    1. Custer85

      The best update for any racing game since Burnout Paradises free weather and motorbikes Update. SpecII is a close second in my book, but I might rethink it as soon as it is finally released.

    2. cameronduck

      The update is going to be great. I hope they include new car manufacturers in the DLC. I would love to see Kia Motors in the game. They have some nice product and have won a racing championship in their second year of compedative racing in north america. I want a Forte Koup, Forza has Kia. Why can’t GT5? I want to race my Kia Optima Turbo in the game!!!

    3. Jared

      Who wants to drive a Kia? Lol. You would have to pit every lap to get the parts that have fallen off put back on. They may as well put Datsun and Saturn in at that rate.

    1. G

      I was thinking that too, I hope theyre not strictly racing cars as I’m more of the stock road car type of guy… either way that track pack is a purchase!

    1. Team_MoFF-No2

      Ya I probably would too :0) It All sounds amazing.
      Could be nice with:
      1. Sharing setups in a quick way. ( snap of a finger )
      2. 3 different setups or more like in GT5p.
      3. Skin Creator for Cars – use of own Logo/images from USB.
      4. Creating PSN: AVATAR of Photo taken from GT5
      5. More Night Races
      6. that it all will be released this weekend for free :P

    1. Injured

      I was hoping for Kaz’s car. OMG!

      This is pure awesome. Good job, Jordan, providing us with this news so quickly.


    2. 7Costanza

      Just ordered the G27, very happy that full support is a week away. Next let’s see how it stacks up with Forza 4 (same launch date)…

    3. sandboxgod

      oh snap! I’ve been begging for standard cockpits. These cockpits look much better than I could have hoped for too! Amazing!!!!

    4. Anon

      You kidding right? Tell me your kidding!
      It’s One thing for PD to nerf the Logitech G2x Wheels, but your saying that the managed to screw up their ~preferred~ Wheel(s) too.

      Now that’s what I call Coding!!

    5. Falken iDrift

      I’m not very pleased…
      They Should have added bodykits, customizable decals, and a lot more but I know it would take A LOT longer for that to happen. Now we have to wait for 10 more soft updates until 3.0..
      They need to update EVERYTHING for each community in the game, not just Nascar. When I say Community I mean: Drift, Drag, F1 etc.. Since they also added OWNED Nascars, they should add OWNED drift cars like Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s 2010 Mustang at least like they did in the FIRST NFS:Shift..

      Okay I’m done.

    6. k7842

      This is why the GranTurismo series, and especially GT5 are so enjoyable to play.
      The developers listen to their audience, provide photo-realistic gameplay, realistic cars, modifications and overall experience of racing. They are aware of what we want, as well as what new technologies they can bring into the Gran Turismo world. Games like Forza Motorsport 3 just don’t compare to a game like this. Although one aspect of Forza I like is the vynl modification process and car online sales etc. If “GT6” looks into these features against its competitors and tries to fix the small things like this. Then I can see the GranTurismo fan base building dramatically over the next year or so. I will certainly be purchasing the next GranTurismo upon its release. Games like this should live on forever.

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