GT5 Spec 2.0 Coming in October, DLC to Follow

The GT community has been eagerly awaiting news of the next significant update following last month’s announcement hinting at new content and features for us this fall. According to a very rare English-language tweet from Kazunori Yamauchi this morning, that new content and features will be a “Spec 2.0” update to the game in October and downloadable content shortly after:

GT fans, thanks for waiting… The GT5 Spec 2.0 update is coming the 3rd week of October, with DLC following a week later.

There is no news yet for fans regarding exactly what the Spec 2.0 update will bring nor the nature of – or the price of – the DLC to follow, but GTPlanet will report this information when it is revealed…

GT5 Photomode image by F458 Italia.

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Comments (574)

  1. bobajase

    Just added

    “Something like this. For the DLC we’re preparing a racing car pack, a course pack, and a racing gear pack…I’ll let you know more about…”

  2. DreamIRC

    Good newwwwwssss in Kaz Twitter:

    Kaz_Yamauchi 山内 一典
    Continuing on Spec 2.0 and the DLC; First, regarding the Spec 2.0 update (free):

    1. Simplified interior view added to all standard cars.
    2. User control of the weather change feature.
    3. Added a setting sheet feature allowing you to save multiple car settings…
    4. Spec 2.0 Opening movie
    5. Improved UI response and usability
    6. Replay front forward/rewind
    7. Mid-race save feature for endurance races. /
    8. Expanded online lounge features (Narrowing down car types, shuffle races)…

    1. darkpigraph

      more as it comes:

      9. Expansion of the B-Spec remote race you can play from (a graph display now shows changes in race rankings.)
      10. Expanded Photo travel features / You can now take photo’s of cars together with your avatar…
      11. Added a “NASCAR Pit Scene” stage to Photo Travel / 12. Added eleven 2011 model NASCAR cars…

    2. darkpigraph

      13 Added the Nissan GT-R N24 Shulze Motor Sport
      14 Improved physics and AI
      15 Support for the Logitec G25/G27 Steering wheel

  3. DreamIRC

    My wish list:

    -Improved track editor.
    -New Tracks
    -New Cars (updated)
    -Some cars standard to premium
    -More customization options (both mechanical, and aesthetic)
    -Online gameplay enhancements
    -Save in endurance racing, without having to burn the PS3
    -And please put my car! Ford Fiesta ST!!
    -Etc :)

  4. Tito Brown

    If they put in a clutch button feature when driving manual, so that u actually have to hit the clutch button to switch gears, then forza will lose my interest. Also the ability to switch drivetrains and swap out engines.eatures that I think forsaking is , I’m going to get oseis update gardless but sstill that would be a great feature to ahen shifting gears, then forzawiol

  5. Long

    I honestly could care less about new cars, tracks, etc. Just give me the option to change the wheels on standard cars and/or more wheel selections.


    Im afraid this update is too late for me. The fact that GT5 still doesn’t have leaderboards like GT5P is why I returned back to FM3. Now i’ve played the demo I have no reason to return to GT5. Even the FM4 demo has 3 leaderboards! Sadly my brand new G25/Wheelstand Pro is collecting dust in my bedroom.

  7. Chemenu

    @Mazda III (3. All standard cars became premium)

    I hope and think that will never happen.
    In my opinion this would be an insane waste of time.
    I can’t imagine anybody wants a driveable dishwasher like Nissan Cube to become premium.^^

    1. viejaloca

      Naahh i disagree there Chemenu, they could very well, in fact, i hope thats what they do with this update above anything else. Plus, 50% of standard cars like the audis or ’80s MBs are ones i would like to see.

  8. Stephanos82

    Check out Forza 4 demo counter assist steering in youtube .. It made me both wanna cry and laugh at the same time! It will surely make you grateful about our GT5 and probably stop all the whining. :)

    1. Luke

      I don`t know if GT or Forza is more realistic, never driven a 458 Italia (yet), but Forza in simulation steering mode is more challenging than GT.
      I tried the Italia in both games, it was pretty easy in GT5, but in Forza 4 i had to fight to keep the car going straight. I feel like i really drive a strong and fast car.

  9. Mazda III

    1. More cars like:
    – Mercedes E63 AMG 2010
    – Nissan GTR 2011
    – BMW 1M 2011
    – Aston Martin V12 Vantage
    – Mazda 3 2010
    – Mercedes SL Black
    – Bentley Continental GT
    – Lamborghini Gallardo Balboni
    – Bugatti Veyron SS
    – ANY Porsche
    – Aston Martin Rapide
    – Jaguar XJ
    2. More tracks like:
    – Silverstone
    – Special Stage Route 11
    – Singapore GP
    – Yas Marina Circuit
    – Test Course (the one with the long oval circuit from gt4)
    – Twin ring montegi from gt4
    3. All standard cars became premium
    4. Bigger, More Intresting Homepage
    5. More Events

    1. wilza52

      gt5 definitley needs an auction house like forza 3. it would make trading much more exciting and a good way of making money.

  10. gtracer2

    I am not expecting much, not saying that I don’t like the game, but I don’t want a game upgraded so much that it crashes all the time

  11. Miklad

    Personally all I want from Spec II is a livery designer and a JMW Motorsport Ferrari 458 Italia that ran in Le Mans this year, as I designed it!

    Wishful thinking but what the heck… :(

  12. MOTORTRENDmitch

    2 things I want more then anything.

    Livery Editor.

    (ok make it 3 things)
    2011 Mustang Boss 302

  13. DoggyB22

    Hopefully its with NEW & BETTER cars…. I swear yea the 1xxx cars is cool & all but the majority of them are pointless crap cars that noone uses.. smh There’s SO many other cars that people would use that should be added in this game to make it better. I mean I played Forza & they have a way better selection of cars!

  14. blackoutbilly

    If you’re skeptical about the obvious differences in frame rate, just go to your local Best Buy and try out the exclusive Forza 4 demo that just launched. No other stores have it and you can get a true feel for the realism of this racer. Turn off all assists and be amazed at how unforgiving the car’s behavior is. Truly the smoothest graphical experience in a racing game I have yet to see.

  15. Stephanos82

    From my posts you all know how much I love GT, and I always urge PD to not to compare it with forza but with LFS. One thing though I am envious of Forza and that is the framerate! Forza 1 aside, 2,3 and from the looks of it 4, have 60 fps gameplay. If you watch the videos u immediately understand how crucial framerate is : it is unacceptable to go 200kph+ and think u are doing about 100. That’s what happens with Gt5, and that eventually affects your brakepoints, the way u perceive the world in game and it generally leaves the wrong impressions as far as speed is concerned. Please please fix the framerate, no matter if you have to sacrifice some gfx. Fps and physics come first, gfx shouldn’t even come 2nd in my opinion!

    1. Jason3

      If there’s something good in GT5 that’s the framerate, not always 60fps in chaotic situations byt it’s a good one. Maybe your PS3 is old or something, I didn’t experienced any issue (yes, using a wheel). Instead I would like an option to turn off the annoying camera tilting.

  16. Demonyze

    My wishlist:

    • Better menu layout (not a big fan of the current one)
    • GT4-Like UCD (late 80s, early 90s, you know what I mean)
    • More Race Mods
    • More Premium cars or more Standard cars to Premium
    • New features for GT Auto (basic livery editor – rims on standard cars etc..)
    • Better tuning options (kinda like Forza Motorsport)
    • Faster loading screens
    • Ability of choosing the weather and the time in practice mode
    • Better replay controls (rewind, slow-mo, etc…)
    • New races and game modes (Top Gear-like games like they are doing on Forza Motorsport 4)
    • Races for each car manufacturer like previous GT games
    • More prizes for events and level ups
    • Paint shop where you can buy all the available paint chips, including mattes and chromes

  17. Naruto149

    This is what i think is going to happen:
    Some of the standards are converted to premium
    More Race Mods
    Maybe faster loading or a new Menu Interface
    Endurance Saves
    More tracks
    Changes to online
    Substantial upgrades to Tuning and GT Auto
    Inclusion of F1 GT1-3 and DTM
    Drag racing (no more misuse of TGTT etc.)
    Logitech G Series Wheel Support
    Better Wheel settings (i want steering lock for drifting)
    (that last one made it into a wishlist…)
    Anyways some of this stuff will extend GT5 for years.

    1. Racemile

      You are basically thinking they are relasing GT6 in about 3 weeks :)
      EPIC list but don’t expect all that stuff

  18. Incal

    I don’t care about Forza 4. I care about gt5.
    Forza is maybe betterave , WTC is running on Xbox and i’playing exclusively on m’y PS3
    So gt5 iodate for me ? Spa Francorchamps !
    More EU premium cars, gt1,2,3 FIA cars, gt300 / 500 japonaise cars
    More réal championship , Moreau dtm cars, keep best Time and laps in races ! Luke it was in gt1 !

    Anyway, tanks for gt5, it s rare to continue a game évén 3 month after his release date

  19. RaceMe

    Loved Stephanos82’s comment:
    “..don’t try to compete with Forza on content, try to compete with LFS on quality..”

  20. Maxymilan

    So, finally made it to the reply box…
    I think 2.0 will have the endurance save option, took a long time now.
    And maybe
    And i think ‘DLC’ will be the stealths and chromes.
    I think that you can download every car apart for 0,79ct or a stealth or chrome pack for 5,-
    Why i think that it will be the stealths etc.?
    Because PD already gave it away as “DLC” and starts giving it away at christmas and facebookgames…
    I don’t care what the DLC is, i’m going to buy a 20-Voucher and buy EVERYTHING for that GT5 section :P

  21. Boost'10

    Don’t be surprised if they add some of the cars from gt5p, it would make sense they are already done. Plus some new ones as well.

  22. Boost'10

    501# unless some one beats me then 502 0r 3 lol. Anyway, how about preimum dc2 integra type r, supra and too many others. A option to make and put stickers on the cars….. along with the option to change any rims on every car ( I want enkie rpf1’s on my s2000 and single exhaust option….) new tracks would be good too. But I really want to be able to customize my cars a lot more….( I h8 to say it but)… a lot more like forza would be cool.

    1. BP

      October 17th 2021? Sounds about right. And mabey they’ll even finnish patching it two or three years after that.

  23. jasr73

    Hope when they roll this thing out they’ve got got sufficient head room on their servers. There would be what, 6 million plus titles in the public domain now world wide. Can their servers now hold 2 million concurrent connections if they get a spike of renewed interest ? The smart thing to do would be to roll the update out by region. Remember how bad connection issues where in Nov/Dec last year ? Sure they’ve added more capacity since then, just hope the ol’ GT5 data centre’s got some extra redundancy built-in for this one :)

  24. BYNHA88

    No more tsucuba endurece, no more skilines and no more mx5s,
    We want GT1 series GT2 and GT3 premium cars!!!
    WE buy unfinish game, so we want free dlc!!!!!

    1. Injured

      60-80 million dollars isn’t unfinished. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there, even if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

      /Wise statement

    1. Kollosson

      This is more like it, more tracks are the most important i think, all the classics especially but we will deffo get more cars, hopefully premium countach, kaz did say standard to premium would be classic heavy which is great news, i would’nt be suprised if we had a bunch of new premiums though, GT was always current in terms of car content and has fallen behind in that respect so i can see Kaz putting that right.

  25. InfiniteRacing

    I can’t wait bet it will be amazing….HOWEVER they better not put the chrome line cars up for non CE owners.

  26. gt5fanatec

    One more thing which I think there’s a great chance of is making the online mode easier to use and have more of a variety of things to do.

  27. gt5fanatec

    Plz! Make Top Gear Track more realistic. First in the Follow Through u can’t cut across the white/red stripes and the cones r mis placed on the 2nd corner and the follow through. Hopefully we will get some better sounds out of the DLC or update. PD make this good for all of us

    1. OldF@rt

      At last someone’s mentioned the pathetically underutilised Top Gear Test Track.

      As well as your suggestions, please allow standing starts and use of the full airstrip as a minimum. Ideally, allow you to take on The Stig in time trials in specific cars as a new challenge.

  28. Foxiol

    HOLY MOTHER OF THE UPDATES!!!O_O I smell more premiums if not upgraded from standards, i don´t think they are going to change the sounds of the engines (sadly), one or 2 tracks (who knows but with SPA i´m done :D), and the DLC in my opinion or…will be the stealth and the chrome line edition cars (from the Signature Edition that i already have ;P) or no more than 8 cars as usually happens on every game (my possible choices: Ferrari FF the newest as they did with the California, they uploaded a video with the Toyota FT86 spec II, and maybe if we are lucky enough some old BMW as E36 DTM,Mercedes Benz Stirling moss, the new Honda HSV010 for super GT500 (or even more lucky with the super GT300 Toyota Corolla Axio and Subaru Legacy B4, both beautiful cars no doubt.
    Forget about partnership with Porsche and Koënigsegg.
    Oh god…in my head right now i have that song that says….”dream……dream dream dreammmmmmm ooooooohh dream…” …but who knows.

  29. Pointless

    I hope we can change the grease on the stearing racks, have realistic sunglasses to win that reduce glare, upgrade options for the track grandstands, and at least 400 new extra-premium cars that show the dirt on the floor and lolly wrappers in the doors!

  30. slashfan7964

    Dear Polyphony Digital,

    Give me some old muscle cars and update the current ones sounds, and give me everything from past games, then I’ll give you my money and shut up. When you get my money, then keep making more stuff, and I’ll give you even more money. Thanks!


  31. Bklingaman

    A drag srtip like from forza( of which i have played) was added to online, it would rid the use of indy road course.

  32. luckylefty2gunz

    it would also be nice if my game did not freeze when loading cars in my garage or in the car dealers that makes me want to brake the disc every time!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Nicky_loves_GT5

      Lol there’s something wrong with you ps3 or your disk then xD. make sure to test it on another ps3. or try a difetent disk on your ps3…if they both fail…well get it check up. or its just taking alot of time, loading. have you installed part of the game, into the hard drive? helps with loading times.

  33. luckylefty2gunz

    all we can do is wait for spec 2 but as far as the DLC it will be a pay to play DLC. the good thing is that they are selling the 26 or 27 tracks that they have been holding back from us, this is great marketing on they’re part as we all know that Forza 4 is about to drop. they have had these tracks finished for some time now and expect to pay almost $30 us dollars for DLC.

  34. Mr S Vettel's Dad


    Hmmm, GT5 spec 2.0 coming out in October…DLC to follow.

    *check’s outside to see if pigs do fly*

    1. recca

      *MSVD goes to open window
      *pig comes flying through his window and smack his dead in the face rendering him unconscious
      *pig gets up, wiggles around, turns to MSVD, and shouts
      “IT’S COMING BITCH!!!”

  35. MP4-25

    I give PD kudos for doing this almost a year later. Yes, the game got really repetitive, but think of other companies that release DLC. Forza 3 had like 20 DLCs almost after a year of the game coming out? And also you have seen the DLC for Cod? My god people getting ripped off. Atleast PD waited a year, before releasing one DLC. Yet again this is just a response to Forza 4.

  36. TwinCamRacer

    Update on recent cars such as: R26.R, Focus RS, CTR hatch, 1M, Clio 200, M3 saloon, RS3, S8 V10, Golf R, Scciroco R, Astra OPC/VXR, Corsa OPC/VXR, Fiesta ST, Opel GT, etc.
    And some premium classic: S30Z, C10 sky, AE86!, 205GTi, Clio Wiliams, VW Golf/Corrado VR6, Mk2 Golf GTI KR, Gulias, Mk1/2 Escorts, rwd Kadett/Ascona, other 60′/70′ rwd rally heros, E30 M3!!, M635…

    1. discostu49

      this is my wish list 2
      R26.R, Focus RS, CTR hatch, 1M, Clio 200, M3 saloon, RS3, S8 V10, Golf R, Scciroco R, Astra OPC/VXR, Corsa OPC/VXR, Fiesta ST, Opel GT, etc.
      And some premium classic: S30Z, C10 sky, AE86!, 205GTi, Clio Wiliams, VW Golf/Corrado VR6, Mk2 Golf GTI KR, Gulias, Mk1/2 Escorts, rwd Kadett/Ascona, other 60′/70′ rwd rally heros, E30 M3!!, M635…

  37. HyperDan

    Cool! I really hope for some nice fixed events online, like in GT5P. Would be great to find some full grids with all the old names racing again.

  38. Turismo

    Imagine if GT5’s GT live main menu will change back to GT4’s GT live main menu from the 2.0 update. But we know that won’t happen, but to be honest wish it would. :'(

    I wonder how big the 2.0 update will be though. Hopes it’s aleast a GB. :)

  39. BlindZenDriver

    This is gonna be so cool :-)

    No idea what spec 2 but PD will provide (oh, boy with consumer trust like that PD could take over the world).

  40. j8mie

    Until PD announce what will be in Spec 2 I’m keeping my feet well and truly on the ground with this one. They have promised so much in the past and failed to deliver. I think it’s time they made good on those promises and gave us the game they wanted to make from day one. Roll on October I say.

  41. VictoReX11

    I want:
    – All cars in Premium
    – Fix the Shadows
    -More tracks with weather change and day and night cicle
    – Better Enviroments
    – More tracks form the tracks editor


    1. HuskyGT

      Don´t we all want cars in premium form… Not saying that´s impossible, but for that, PD needs to get rid of the repetitions to free some menory in the game, and leave a healthy 600 to 700 car list with no duplicates. I´m more into muscle cars and European sports cars, but I have nothing against Japanease cars. I´m pretty sure we can live with only one or two skylines of each gen, and plataform(still a lot of skylines).

      Shadows… other than them being all pixelated, and shakey I don´t even notice it. Even playing at 1080p

      More tracks with weather and day/night cicle. I have to give you two thumbs up for that :D

      Enviroments. Hmm… unless you stop by the road, you won´t notice how flat they are. That would be unnecessary memory usage.

      More tracks from the Track Editor. More templates would be nice. The current ones look all the same. More options for it would be welcomed too.

      Etc. Use the correct sound samples for some cars that have an incorrect engine sound. Fix the Premiums that looks like they were made in one day, by someone who has no idea of what he´s doing *cough* bmw m5 *cough* Fix some minor incorrect details on some cars.

  42. boblikepie

    I’d love some Australian cars and tracks but I know that’ll never happen. All I really want is one premium Ford and one premium Holden would make the game a lot more fun for me and a lot of people I know is aus

  43. hairy steve

    My guess is that Spec 2.0 will be free of charge and bring a big whack of what would constitute “fixing a broken game” – bug fixes, physics fixes, tweaks here and there, a smattering of new cars and tracks – very much in the vein of what the “Spec updates” to GT5P brought. And definitely worth “free” – that is, taking an opportunity to significantly fix what was broken. Much more “1.2” than “1.14” – maybe even “2.0”

    “DLC”, on the other hand, will be paid-for, will probably not be cheap, and will bring some of the “most-wished-for” things that have been dreamt of for GT5. Premium supercars, whole new track packages, maybe even new game modes altogether (C-Spec??? Who knows?)

    And it is entirely business. I’m sure these “leaks” we’ve had since GT5 released (track logos, C-Spec, etc) have been ready for a while but Sony delayed PD releasing it until Forza came out. Simple economics. GT is getting free press just now as the larger gaming world feels the need to compare the current champ (GT5) to the new contender (Forza 4) – perfect time for Sony/PD to show their hand.

    (And please don’t start on PC sims. This is just about mega-million-selling console simracing!)

    And ultimately, I am very excited and happy by it all :)

    1. HuskyGT

      Oh it will be free! I know that. It makes a lot of sense. Spec II and III for GT5P was free. I feel like the change is going to be just like that. A couple of cars here and there, maybe a couple of tracks, probably a change in the menus and stuff, changes in A-Spec and B-Spec (<== I really hope for this), and a lot of fixes.

      Oh, and I bet that at least one of the four new cars that are standard, is going to be upgrated as premium. It would be a crime to pay for that car to be premium, when other games have it with interior and all before GT5 was even released. And you know I´m talking about the Veyron.

  44. BYNHA88

    Oh noooo!!!!!!
    plese, no more skilines,
    I want spa, silvestone, road america e older tracks os GT4,
    And more premium cars , GT1 series, f50, mercedes gtr road car… I want free dlc because I buy unfinish game.

    1. Turismo

      You know, Spa and Silverstone were raced on by GT Academy. I wonder if those tracks will be a part of the dlc too. That’s my thought. :) But I 100% agree to have GT4 tracks back. They were wonderfrl.

  45. IREWolfman

    More Premium Cars
    Upgrading standard cars to Premium
    More tracks
    Make standard cars look better
    More Modes
    Fix/Improve Online

    That in my opinion is what is needed.
    Spec 2.0 and DLC being seperate make me think they will charge for DLC.

    I sold GT5 ages ago. Won’t buy unless they relaunch the game with improvements.
    And not paying a cent extra for so called extra’s
    Delay’s ruined the game. When other companies launch new games.
    GT stays the same, disappointing!

  46. demonblade

    3D to be in 1080p and I will be more than happy…..and a Radical SR8 too would be nice for me to throw around the ‘ring!

  47. Mohamu

    New content in the dlc: variable racing shoes and gloves:)

    Till I don’t see the DLC between the downloadable contents in store, I don’t belive in it. And I’m afraid of DLC means another package of glitches and bugs. I hope I’m not right, but this is what hostory shows. Every update in GT5 came with new bugs. One is solved than an other comes..

  48. Olegonic

    I will pay 50 bucks for DLC if it sticks me to the game for 5 next years
    VIVA KAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    On knees, Palms together now pray ….. Drag Strip , Pro Street option for all FR cars ! 32 ford , 34 coupe , 55 chevy , Proper burnouts where the rubber you leave down actually helps your launch ! Amen !!

  50. RPM

    FINALLY!!! Update is coming and DLC will follow (but it’s been more than a month since I last touched my racing wheel) HAHA!

  51. jasr73

    Great news. Timed to shore up votes for 2011 Golden Joystick Awards perhaps? Maybe. It’s more likely PD are simply working off their own program of work – don’t think 2.0 has got much to do with the release of the Forza 4. There’s a lot moving parts to get sorted, key thing is to ensure the release doesn’t break anything in the backend when they push to the live environment. That and getting the lawyers to sign off on any new licencing requirements (if required) is always painful and drawn out process.

    1. recca

      it’s pretty obvious it has to do with Forza but it feels more like Sony’s doing than PD’s…they said DLC was coming long time ago and i guess with the release date of Forza 4 they decided to hold off and continue to work on improvements until around this’s just business

    2. jasr73

      Definitely all about the biz recca, agree. Bet there’s regular forum with SCE corporate operatives around sales numbers and their strategy. I’m sure they have a dedicated team doing competitor analysis not to mention the traffic and game-play analytics on their own servers. Still don’t think this would over ride the EP’s final call on when to go live – which is not say there wouldn’t be some high level pressure to publish yesterday, it never lets up! ;)

  52. Maxiboy

    I was probably about a month away from getting bored of GT5. I kept logging in all excited to race, then having an “oh yeah, ive done all this a million times before” kind of moment and logging straight out again.

  53. GTbyPlaystation

    I’m just waiting to see what happens. Sure I’m excited for it, but I’m not getting my hopes up for anything specific yet. Let’s just see how it all pans out.

  54. NoxNoctisUmbra

    We dont need tracks, we dont need new cars, we need update all the cars, all the broken physics engine especially for low speeds. Give us some paint shops etc and lots of body kits and we will be happy

    1. jim

      I dont really think there will be any ‘new cars’ just standerd to premium conversions that will be DLC. this is because the cars are what takes the time = money to create and not everyone wants to drive in car. so if you want to you can pay for it.
      I hope the new tracks are free and part of the spec2 overhall. but we will wait and see.

    2. sinister_300zx

      yea since when do you speak for the whole GT community? change that we into YOU because I want new tracks and I want new cars.body kits and paint shops what are you 13? if you want paint and body kits go play NFS and YOU will be happy

    3. Vortex

      Reverse the don’ts and we might come close. There is nothing wrong with the physics unless you drive around at 1 mph or so and you can’t do a STANDING burnout. That’s all I would like to see changed on the physics.
      Car updates would be nice though and a paint shop, but that’s not a priority for most of us I think.

  55. brainfade

    Lets be brutally honest here guys, this ‘Spec II’ is just not going to be anything close to anything that you guys are imagining it to be and heres why:

    1 – Polyphony tries to do way too much infact it does more that it can actually handle, the fact that it doesn’t outsource vehicle renderings to other companies and the fact that GT5 is still an unfinished game proves this.

    2 – Polyphony’s visuals aren’t as impressive as it likes to think it is, ever Driver San Francisco’s vehicle renders look better! And that processes 50+ vehicles on screen! (go on the highway and block one side using a bus and you’ll see) and also I’ve seen ultra close-ups on premium models compared to Forza 4… Forza 4 out does GT5 guys, on all areas in graphics.

    3 – Several manufacturers that at in GT5 are now solely exclusive to either Forza 4 or EA, as well as all LMP and GT2 cars, GT1 cars are exclusive to EA and NASCAR is now also exclusive to EA.

    4 – Polyphony are too dumb to realise that they can get around the F1 licensing issues by putting in older cars under the Formula Euroboss banner.

    Regarding what will actually be in the DLC and Spec II lets be even more brutally honest:

    1 – If it does have any new cars, it will only be a maximum of 20, even then its likely to be idiotic shopping runarounds or pointless cars like the Kubbelwagen.

    2 – Other than tracks already mentioned or idiotically leaked by drinks companies there won’t be any new tracks.

    3 – DLC is most likely to be limited to Japanese cars only, so don’t expect any hypercars or new racers, this is POLYPHONY we’re talking about.

    4 – This is a kneejerk to Forza 4, its purely out of panic and it won’t do anything special at all.

    1. Turbo S

      Well then that’s your imagination, no one elses. We’re not to sure what the spec II will contain so down start doughting it. All we need to do now, is just wait for that great surprize coming on that day. So patients is needed…

    2. recca

      Dear god think Driver San Francisco’s renders look better? they’re not even close, not to mention the dimensions of the car are way off their real-life counterpart.

      Oh wow ultra high res. of Forza photomode screen shots..not going to lie, it looks incredible but their ingame model is nowhere close to that. have you seen the recent gameplay, even Forza fans are complaining about it, did you see the amount of track glare, it is blinding. And why do they always release their best looking trailer first, making it look oh so glorious, release a couple more, and finally the actual gameplay which looks nothing like what people were expecting..they’re all smoke and mirrors, that’s how they’ve always operated…And yes i know GT’s photomode cars aren’t the same as the actual ingame model but the contrast isn’t as big as forza’s photomode to ingame.

      I doubt they’re panicking, but it is giving them something to think about, and at least their not so arrogant as to do nothing, and just sit back as if nothing’s going to happen. It would be a foolish move to do nothing and see what happens, so good on them for putting up a fight. Although all that licensing is a bit of an issue though..I’ll be somewhat surprised if F4 even outsells GT5p, plus NFS are coming out with two more games soon, the run looks fun so there’s a lot of competition there

    3. brainfade

      Oh come off you high horse mate! Polyphony couldn’t even organise a piss-up in a bar, the following would happen if they did:

      – the piss-up would be delayed
      – the alcohol would be missing at first and then diluted
      – halfway through it would get hacked and be delayed for 80 days
      – guys would out number girls 20 to 1 and there would be a rainbow flag above the door
      – there would be no top quality drinks, there would just be 80 varieties of Tesco Value Cider

    4. brainfade indeed

      Lets be brutally honest with you brainfade… you havent a clue what SpecII will bring, nobody but PD knows. You spend your time on GTplanet trolling the news page with biased idiotic opinions(and thats all they are chief). You contribute absolutely nothing of value to the community with unsourced guff like your post. All you do is talk about how forza is such a great game but yet here you are trolling the news feed like some spoilt brat who didn’t get the present he wanted. If you don’t like the game thats fine but why are you here trying badly to ruin it for everyone else, how sad is that?

    5. Carrera

      I agreed. So make like a rat and please go away if don’t you don’t like the game that much thank you. We don’t need someone like you trying to ruin everybodies fun for the game brainfade…

    6. recca

      I second brainfade indeed, and what the hell was all that talk about alcohol? Was that suppose to be some sort of metaphor? If so, that was an absolute fail of a metaphor

    7. brainfade

      awwwww look at all the fanboys get offended, next they’ll start sending beg-letters to Porsche like the leppers they really are

    8. Turbo S

      You are the most ridiculous person all together to even have time getting people angry. I can’t believe I’m saying this but stop acting like a *Stupid man’s idiot* If you think Driver San Francisco actually has better renders the GT5 which was *fanboy talk*, how about going in your little basement like a mouse, and stop acting like a 2 year. Coversation over..

    9. brainfade indeed

      Im not offended at all, your sad, sad life *kinda* makes me feel sorry for you. Do you play GT5? Do you play forza? Whats the game you play in the very little time you spend away from the GTplanet news page? Thats the golden question!

    10. brainfade

      oh kiss my arse you hotblooded fanboys, accusing me of being a driver fanboy? my use of the driver reference is what is known as a ‘hyperbole’, but obviously you guys never leave your bedrooms so you only know terms relevant to GT. Accusing me of spending my life on here? You can talk lol, you probably have no job, no life, no education, no brain, no spine, I could go on you silly pathetic hot-blooded fanboy who can’t handle the truth that his beloved obsession which IS JUST A GAME is only worth 7 out of 10 on most reviews.

      I have a sad life? That coming from you who spends his/her life on a forum? Pot. Kettle. Black. Nuffsaid. I’ll leave you sadcases to go masturbate over mechanical objects while I reflect on a crazy night at the BritAsia Awards, because I have A LIFE … not just a life but a SOCIAL LIFE.

    11. brainfade

      Oh and taking the time out to track me down on various social networks to threaten and troll my inboxes/@replies over a videogame, very courageous, you should join the army and take on some terrorists [/sarcasm]

    12. brainfade indeed

      Butthurt much? No im not a fanboy and obsessive freak but i do have an aversion to fanboys like you. I own an xbox im looking forward to Oct10 to see what forza4 will bring to the table. And indeed i do have a life, im a parent studying mechanical engineering in college who gets home just in time to put my daughter to bed, i usually only get time to view GTplanet when im traveling to and from college and maybe in the evening. And i still got to go to festivals like Sonar, Electric Picnic and i got to go see the the European GP in Valencia, you havent a clue what your talking about.
      The only person here who is repeatedly proving to be an obsessive unintelligent fanboy is yourself. So il ask you again, what games do you play? Do you own a PS3? an Xbox? Why do you feel the need to keep making a complete fool of yourself here?

    13. brainfade indeed

      And sorry mate why would i waste another second of my life trolling your social networks, i havent a clue who you are and id prefer to keep it that way, your just another butthurt internet idiot as far as im concerned, no need for all the rage thats the point im trying to get through, u get it?

    14. brainfade

      Well i actually DJ at Sonar, Glasto, but for obvious reasons I won’t give away my artist name on here.

      Seeing as you keep asking: I don’t hold biases against games just because of internet ramblings. I’m a massive petrol head so I do tend to play mostly car-related games but I’ve never liked the arcadey stuff like NFS and Ridge Racer etc., other than the racing games I’ll play just about anything other then football and cricket games (because I think it’s better to actually go and play), I’ve also never liked FPS games because they’re just not my thing and I find them to be more repetitive than trance music.

  56. HuskyGT

    HAHA! Take that Forza 4! I´m pretty sure we will be seeing new tracks! Oh, Midfield… I missed you so much. And I sense at least three standard cars will be upgraded to premiums. The new Jaguar, R8 LM and the Veyron.

    Other than that, I hope that they someday offer an “open” version of the Top Gear track for the ones who want to have some fun in it.

    1. Injured

      You’re undershooting it. Think harder. I really doubt there will only be 3 standards upgraded. Way more than that. I’m hopeful for 25 cars.

    2. HuskyGT

      @ I´m just trying not to be too confident with this. I don´t want to go back to November 2010. If I expect the worst, then I ´m sure I won´t be dissapointed.

      But if you want me to think harder, then ok. I bet this will be free, and will include new cars/tracks. How many? I don´t want to jump into conclusions yet… 25 sounds nice. I hope you´re right.

    3. Bklingaman

      i got my hopes up way to high with the fix to top gear a week or so ago and thought that it would make it open(like you said, assuming you meanm the ability to drive on the huge grass areas)

    4. HuskyGT

      @ Bklingaman

      More like being able to drive through the whole main runway… If I´m not mistaken, the liscence test for the 0-1000mt-0 test has the whole runway opened.

  57. GT Pro

    One major negative for GT5 is that it doesn’t provide a 400m/1000m/max speed mode. I probably spent a full 1/3 of my time in previous GT games tuning and comparing cars in these areas, pushing them to their fastest possible run by the millisecond.

    Also, it doesn’t maintain a leaderboard for each car and track combo (which Prologue offered). I loved to see where I stacked up that way (although I can see it would be a lot more onerous given the significantly larger car count).

    Also, please offer wheel changes for non-Premium cars.

  58. slashfan7964

    Hopefully Kaz is going to put in the C-Spec/Free Roam mode that was rumored a while back. Would be nice to have a **** ton of old premium muscle cars and all the current ones upgraded. Hopefully they re-do all the vehicle sounds because that 440 in the Chargers and Challengers sounds like a terribly built 351W when you start ’em up.

    1. HuskyGT

      I hope the fix not only the engine sounds in some cars like you mention, but also that they fix some premium cars that look like trash, or have serious mistakes. Cars like the BMW M5 that has the problem with the tachometer, the misplaced front brake calipers and the overal look that feels wrong. Even the standard M5 looks more like an M5 in the distance.

      Or the S13 Silvia that has a tachometer that acts like a speedometer. Or the Jaguar XKR that has the rear bumper of the regular XK8 when on the track or photomode. And the list goes on…

  59. Some Random dude

    Tell you what PD. I will give you credit for caring about the online component of this game at all if you consider matchmaking or doing anything to make the online experience better. I would not complain about the offline game. Though flawed of course, it has lots of stuff to sink your teeth into and I consider it good value for your money. So much is missing online though, which is the only reason you play the game after a while. How about posting race stats for fastest laps, most passes, most contact, replays etc. People could look over these stats while actually allowing the rest of the field to finish and race to the end. How about a no contact mode that penalizes both people involved in contact, that might discourage it. So many things could be done to improve this game.

  60. Mr Clean 113

    Spec 2 should address all the reasons gt5 sucks. Matchmaking? Online lobby’s. The audio options and map info for in race screens, menus and such. Should address the problems. Instead we can look forward to paying for the rest of the game we thought we bought
    Maybe I’ll get a car from this decade though.

    1. slashfan7964

      I want everything from past games back, as well as all issues fixed, DLC, and new features that won’t break anything and sounds revamped. Replay for YouTube needs to come back also.

    1. recca

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know you’re joking but..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! NO MORE SKYLINES!!!!!!!!! at least Kaz has finally accepted that they may have gone a little over board hahah

  61. willy723

    This definitely just turned me back into play mode….thought I was going to have to retire the disc soon. I figure the DLC will probably include the new GT Trophy winners at SEMA and PB.

  62. LoneWanderer

    I would at least be satisfied if this added new races that aren’t seasonals. And a few cars from GT2 would be great. (Venturi’s, Vector M12, etc.)

  63. Whitestar

    I’ll be happy with:

    – in race saves
    – fast forward/backward replays
    – a few of the old tracks (Citta, El Capitan, Twin Ring Motegi, Pikes Peak)
    – saving of search filters and room settings online
    – perhaps a few new cars

    But I dare not get my hopes up.

    1. recca

      they’re only had like a section or two of pikes peak but if they could give us the whole track, that really would be enough for me and also to use whatever freaking car i want to go on it

  64. NissanAlpha12

    Kaz deserves a ton of respect. He works with his dedicated GT community day in and day out. I have not seen any other game company, developers, creators, e.t.c.,put so much work into a game. My hat is off to you Kaz

    1. recca

      exactly, not many realize what a treat it is to have him and his team create this stuff exclusively for sony..long live PD’s integrity and ethics

  65. killler526

    it should be free to the owners of collectors edition.
    scraping out 100$ for a game and getting DLC for it would be very expensive.

    1. Vortex

      You knew what you were going to get when you bought the collectors edition. So don’t whine about paying so much for it. You should have gone for the normal edition instead then.

  66. MoBo

    The Illusive ‘amar212’, says;

    “I expect a massive overhaul of the both A/B-Spec modes, new tracks, new vehicles and new functionalities.

    This is not an ordinary update, Yamauchi himself said it is “Spec 2.0″ update.

    It will be glorious”

    1. Injured

      haha Incidentally, I read that same reply earlier by him. Didn’t know he was illusive at the time. I would have taken a picture to get a Trophy.

  67. euros only

    Betting it’s going to be mid race saves and a few premium cars which are included in the game already as standards but this time they’ll make you take out your wallet. Not much else.

    1. mcfizzle

      It is a Spec update, not just a normal patch or update. In the Gran Turismo world, when it is a new spec than there are drastic changes. Check out the GT5P spec updates.

  68. MoBo

    What 75% of us expecting & WANT!;

    *#1 REAL Racing Circuits;
    Spa-Francorchamps – Bathurst – Catalunya
    either ONE U.K> Silverstone/Brands Hatch/Donington Park?

    *#2 Previous Polyphony tracks, Cities & off-roads;
    Special Stage Route 11 – Midfield Raceway – Apricot Hill
    Seattle – PARIS – NY – Hong Kong – Seoul – PiazzaDelCampo!
    Pikes Peak Hill Climb – Grand Canyon! – Tahiti Maze

    *#3 list of GT4/GTPSP standards into Premium cars;
    Jaguar E-Type – RUF CTR “Yellow Bird” – Toyota SUPRA
    Audi Quattro – Bentley Speed 8 – Jaguar XJ220 – ALPINE
    ??? – ??? – ??? – ??? – ??? – ??? – ??? – Bugatti Veyron?

    *#4 Finally, A List NEW Premiummmmmmmm caRzzzzzz! :D
    – BMW: M3(E30)| M1 |1 Series M Coupe| M5(F10)
    AUDI: Audi TT RS | Audi Sport Quattro S1 |Audi R18 TDI!
    M-Benz: G-Wagen|C111|540 K-Special|W116|2012-DTM AMG
    VW: Scirocco R|Golf-mk1 GTI|GTI W12|2012 Beetle!!!
    *Gumpert: Tornante)
    – Aston Martin: 007-DB5|One-77|DBR1|AMR-One|2011 Cygnet!!!
    Jaguar: XK120) Bentley: Speed Six|Continental GT
    *Rolls-Royce*Ariel Ltd*Morgan*Noble*Ultima*Ascari
    – Bugatti: Royale|EB110|SuperSport) Venturi: Fetish!
    Peugeot: 406 Coupé|Proxima) Citroen: DS|DS3’R|Survolt
    Renault: Megane Trophy)PGO Automobiles)
    *Pegaso Z-102!)Tramontana)SEAT: Cupra GT|JE León Cupra R
    *Spyker: C12 Zagato) Gillet: Vertigo.5
    *Volvo: Air Motion) Saab: PhoeniX) Koenigsegg: CCR|Agari’R
    *RUSSIA’s first Supercar; Marussia: B1 & B2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    – Alfa Romeo: Pandion|8C 2900B)Fiat: Abarth 500)Picchio RC
    Ferrari: 250-GTO|Dino|288-GTO|F50|F355-Spider|360 Modena
    Lamborghini: Diablo GT/SV/Jota| Reventon | Aventador’12
    *Maserati Bora) De-Tomaso Pantera/GT5) Ghia 45)


    1. MoBo

      May PD be the first to add;
      Danish supercar – Zenvo Automotive ST1
      Crotian (revolutionary) supercar – Rimac Concept_ONE

    2. HuskyGT

      Dreams come true in some cases. I hope you´re right. But as for new manufactures, I don´t think it will happen. They will probably just add a one or two new models to the already existing manufacturers. And as for some standards turning into premiums, I don´t think it will go further than just the R8 LM, the Jaguar XF, Lamborghini Countach and of course, the Veyron. Cars that were supposed to be premium since they are new.

      What I feel is going to change is the B-Spec and A-Spec mode, and I hope it does. Hopping that the game turns back to the old GT4 prize and proggression system.

    3. darkpigraph

      wow, your wishlist is scarily similar to mine. i do hope with upgrading to premiums there is a focus on classics because those are my favourite cars to drive.

  69. Stephanos82

    Hoping for better g25 implementation and force feedback effects! Better feedback from race tracks (bumps etc) !
    Better overall driving physics
    Don’t care about extra cars/tracks.. We have enough of them already and i bet all these whineres haven’t even tried half of them!
    Upgrade sounds for some cars!
    Bottom line: Don’t expand, perfect what you’ve already given us!
    Don’t try to compete with forza on content, compete with LFS on quality!


    Remember Kaz said he needed longer to include premium DTM and FIA GT1 cars, its now been a little longer…
    jk, don’t get your hopes up too much it will probably be smaller updates to just make the game a better experience like in race saves.

    1. Injured

      That one really is pushing it. Very doubtful that we’d get those series races like we were supposed to have them in GT5.

  71. viejaloca

    I dont care about new content, I just want the standards replaced with premium and the game would be complete. New stuff is a bonus. We’ll see what happens!!! :D

  72. stickyfiddle

    I actually ebayed my copy a couple of months ago but I’ll gladly GLADLY pick it up again if Silverstone & Spa become available- either free or as paid DLC.

    Not sure what else would draw me back to it. Maybe more rallying, or a lot more karting?

  73. aQuarius26

    Excited & looking forward to this!, however with little to no expectations. There will surly be a lot of people expecting too much, who will be very disjointed after this no matter what…

    1. SKOT Free

      I need: Ebisu, Driving park, Button Willow(W Togue track) And Some car packs. P.S. Why charge for car DLC as isn’t that what the online Dealership is for?

  74. sumbrownkid

    Am I the only one that wants most, if not all, premium cars to have a racing modification?

    Lexus LF-A race mod to look like a Super GT = orgasm.

    1. Luke

      YEAH! It`s one those things i love in Forza, being able to change the engine and even the drivetrain. Of course the options are always limited, but still better than nothing :)

      Tuning has really disappointed me in GT5. For example, where is the option to swap brakes ? I can tune my GTR to nearly 1000bhp but i`m still on stock brakes :(

  75. Luke

    Finally, Spec II sounds promising, but PD disappointed me more often than they surprised me. I still have to drive nearly all endurance races, PD allow me to save those races and DAMN IT make that clock in the car work on all premiums !!

    And btw. change 80% of the engine sounds ;)

  76. rik

    I hate when they announce stuff like this, as its always nearly a month away, why dont they announce it with about a day or two to go…

    1. Injured

      To curb FM4 sales. There hasn’t even been that many pre-orders in America for FM4. It only had 140 thousand pre-orders 3 weeks ago.

  77. Herrwazza

    All I can say is…..aaaahhhh yyyeeeaaaaa. Seasonal updates and timetrials were good to keep me occupied a few hours a week, and I have no idea what to expect in the update, but ‘Spec II’ makes it sound that much more juicy ( update series 2.xx anyone?)

  78. Danny

    Essential to me: penalty system for every race (online and offline), tyre wear, damage (not visual but affecting handling).

    On my wishlist: more real life tracks. Few tracks from Le Mans Series, DTM, F1.

    1. Luke

      I hate split screen in GT5 :( I always have to make the best cars as favorites and with more than 100 cars it’s a pain in the ass to browse them. PD is seriously missing a usability expert.

    2. Injured

      Tru dat.

      Usability and “functionality” of certain options. Like missing options that are there Online but not Offline. There in Practice but not A-Spec.

      It’s really disconcerting thinking this might never change.

  79. Bubblelly542

    Though no one cares what I hope for, I hope the update adds good damage and a livery editor. The first is a bit much to ask for but the second seems possible.

  80. Bubblelly542

    Though no one cares what I hope for, I hope the update adds good damage a livery editor. The first is a bit much to ask for but the second seems possible.

    1. Injured

      So GT Life is basically THEE store? Sounds like a smart idea. Easier access, but I don’t know if this can be done. Do any other games have this?

  81. Spaghettimonster

    if i were them i would bring more current cars – say at least 20 or 10 most wanted. one to three tracks, part of them dlc, selected by the community. and finally a true top gear race track competition with times to beat in supercars!!!

  82. rob

    who cares that its finally coming, its just a case that its going to be here sooner rather than later and as the saying goes “Everything comes to those who wait”

  83. GTP_Jump_Ace

    Dear PD,

    Please fix your mountain of glitches/improvements, including but not limited to:

    – Tweaking Performance Points (Go Kart at 513 PP, really?)
    – Buy Engine, Oil Changes and Aero from Tuning menu when racing online
    – Swap the front and rear suspension values, yes, they are backwards
    – Tweak the penalty system so if a car spins out in front of you, you don’t get the penalty
    – I suggest increasing the online race countdown timer to 50, automatically pit every car on the

    track when the countdown timer reaches 10 to avoid loooong black screen waits
    – Sync the online physics with offline physics
    – Fix the random, unable to buy tires for my car when racing online because the cursor skips over it automatically (not every car, but enough of them to notice)
    – Tweak/Lessen drafting
    – Give us multiple setting save slots when racing online, like in GT5P
    – GT5 Leaderboard addition
    – Ghost the cars that are being lapped (more consistency)
    – Drastically improve track shortcutting penalties (i.e. very beginning and very end of Trial Mountain, rally tracks too!), this is especially important for the next GT Academy
    – Re-disable the auto save when the game first loads up, you disable then, then later re-enable it again, wtf?
    – Remove the 1 Million Dollar trade limit
    – Remove the 1 trade per day limit
    – Bring back the superior GT4 replay system that shows HP,Weight, tires, (add parts installed, etc.) and if Skid Force was enabled
    – Or just drop Skid Force completely from the game!
    – Give me far more filters online racing lobby, like let me filter to just 500PP, just sports tires, just race cars, don’t show me X track, etc.
    – Save my previously used online lobby filter
    – Let me share my entire garage for one make races. However I tweak the car, is exactly what everyone else uses. Plus let them tweak their own suspension, aero settings individually
    – Or, just put every car in the ‘arcade’ garage for us to enjoy
    – Drastically increase the amount of money you win for playing onilne, similar to GT5P
    – Add each car in the game to the arcade mode list of cars (offline), or atleast let us choose cars we own to be available to use in Arcade Mode for hotlap sessions
    – Let me have complete control in creating a new course, rather than randomize point to point sections, let’s face it, all the tracks feel the same even though they are different
    – Bring back basically all the tracks from GT4 and other really popular tracks from previous versions (Sears Point, Apricot Hill, New York, Opera Paris, El Capitan, etc.)
    – Add more real-life tracks like Spa, Watkins Glenn, Brands Hatch, Catalunya, Donington. Basically every track that is in GTR2/iRacing
    – Give us brand new, never before seen in GT cars
    – Convert the most popular cars to Premium (Veyron at the very least!)
    – Add In-Race Saves for Endurance Races
    – Tweak/Improve Damage, add it for all cars, premium or not
    – Rolling starts instead of standing starts for each and every race, online or not
    – Add a few Drag Race tracks; 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile and full mile
    – TIP: For GT6, just give us the option of day racing, sunset racing or night racing for each track/online race
    – Finally, fix the vertically split ghost car effect

    Doing so will skyrocket the game to a 9.9+ rating and bring it back as a AAA title.


    Jump_Ace aka Jerome

    1. sinister_300zx

      orrrrr you can just take what kaz and PD put out there and stfu and accept it like we all do.or go to school to become a game designer and make you own racing game

    2. Injured

      haha he’s saying, give us everything I desperately want in a game because for some reason, now that the internet is such a big thing, you’ll listen and obey my every demand!

      what a pufta!

    3. A7XMaverick

      no, he’s pointing out the things that can/need to fixed in order to make this game what it was supposed to be…… the best racing game out there

    4. MrDinosaw94

      A list of feasible fixes that would hugely improve the game and you guys seriously disrespect him like that.


    5. Injured

      It’s disrespectful thinking Kaz or anyone at PD would waste their time reading these comments. They’ll be looking in the forum.

      Jeronimo/Geronimo/Jerome is just trying to bring the party down. My spirit is gone because GT5 isn’t the best racing game out there. There’s no such thing. We just want quality. Some people don’t get how much quality GT5 has. A LOT OF IT IS HIDDEN. Per example, all the unlisted tweaks/fixes to GT5 that no one knows about unless they’ve had the game since launch AND reads up on GT5. So so so many unlisted fixes.

    6. Injured

      You guys make it sound like programming is as easy as typing quick little sentences with no thought behind them.

      Why oh whyyyyy can’t people understand that. Ignorance? I’ve been there.

    7. Slint

      “Rolling starts instead of standing starts for each and every race, online or not”

      Nascar and Le Mans have rolling starts but F1, WTTC, BTTC, are standing, so surely the starts should relate to the real world regulations?

  84. vicgto

    Yesss!!! That’d be awesome, man! Please, please, PD, put Costa di Amalfi and Citta di Aria into the game. We need El Capitan also!

  85. gtnewfie

    @above, you think PD would announce this less then a month away and not do it? Please, no one is that moronic. They have obviously been working on it in awhile. Game desperately eneds more A-spec content though, after lvl 25 there is almost nothing.

  86. jaysvw

    I will believe it when I see it on my PS3….. It’s been almost a year since release! Since then all they have done is “hint” at major upgrades and fixes yet all we have gotten is piecemeal updates. I hope it’s true, but damn PD this is 6 months late….

  87. gtnewfie

    @MCMAGIC, yeah yet those 500 premiums wont look as good or drive as good as 1 year old GT5’s……………. Forza is very overrated, handling physics cannot touch Gt5.. No nighttime with friends online, like you can in GT5, most epic race ever…….. Sorry, Go plat Forza let the men play Gt5. Forza is a game designed for gamepad users, Gt5 is a wheel game… You do the math.

  88. TJC_69

    Thankyou GTP , this was the news I really wanted to read ! :D
    So , are the players that said they were going to drop GT5 for Forza still going ? Or are they going to enjoy GT5 2.0 + DLC with us ?
    Best….. News …… Ever !!

  89. Honda-Crz

    GEARS OF WAR 3 online
    FORZA 4 with Fanatec CSR
    GT5 Spec 2.0 with Fanatec (If it works well) or G27
    Me is extremely happy.

    Just hope my Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer is cured then I’m the happiest alive.

  90. willfred_1

    do you guys remember that pic of kaz presenting a demo of Hd and list tons of feature’s that gt5 didnt have well i suspect they could be in the update as well as the 2011 sema winner

  91. R35-Vspec

    Perfect timing! Otherwise FM4 will not have competitors.

    Guys .. this isn’t a DLC … this is an … an .. EXPANSION!

    Way to go PD!

    1. recca

      don’t get peoples’ hopes up! i’m don’t want to expect anything big and when it does..BAM I’ll be happy with whatever it is..low expectations are good

  92. Chemenu

    I’m hoping for new cars & tracks. That’s a must in my opinion.

    In addition, I would pay almost any price if that Update/DLC would add racing content (championship mode, practice & qualifying sessions, flag rules, safety car, pit radio, different tyre wear for soft/medium/hard, etc…) to GT5.^^

    But, to be realistic, I think that will never happen.

  93. Scott

    Too little too late, forzas big hurdle (the steering assistance) has been removed in 4 plus there is guaranteed dlc for at least 6 months, all cars have interiors ( it wouldnt have been too hard for polyphony to add a left and right hand drive generic cockpit ) the only way this would work for me is if the content is free and the feeling gets more like iracing instead of nfs shift, and they add lime rock park plus brands hatch….

  94. Barry

    Hope they make the eye cam work on gt mode this time. It’s a awesome feature but only available in arcade mode. As good as giving us a car except they forgot the keys.

  95. omegasc

    What were people thinking, saying GT5 would stay silent while Forza is released? (yeah, IGN, you.)
    They’re competitors, and one pushes the other, as if they were racing.
    PD may be just trying a different approach this time, staying silent until they have a solid release date. (I hope so! heheh)

  96. NoonenF1

    Hypothetical Question:

    What if you’re racing online and the host chooses to race on a track that was DLC… Do you need to buy the DLC too to race on that track?

    I’m not a huge online gamer apart from GT5 so I’m not sure how that all works. I noticed on Modnation: Racers that even though I never purchased any of the DLC, I was still able to take part in races on tracks that I didn’t purchase online, although just for a one time race.

    Anyhow, I hope that there are some new (quality/real) tracks added, would be sweet!

    1. pasigiri

      I think Modnation Racer is different in this case due to the fact that people can TOTALLY design a track. I think what happens is the tracks aren’t necessarily loaded as a track as a whole but as parts and pieces that were linked together. The game was designed ground up to assemble tracks. In GT5 the tracks are made as is (that’s why the replays are some of the best in racing games IMHO). Even in the track builder, it’s more of tweaking a few setting and some internal randomizer design the track based those settings. That’s why the replays aren’t as good on custom tracks in GT5.

      Well at least that’s my 2 cents. Sorry, but I’ve wondered about this too.

    2. pasigiri

      If PD allowed GT5 to be in it’s current state any longer, I might have given Forza a try. Forza 4 looks like it’s going to be good, but there is just one serious hurdle that keeps me from checking it out; steering wheel support. I have a G37 wheel and LOVE IT!!! It works with GT5 and other PS3 games. It works with my PC. I also have the Wheel Stand Pro (wife got me that to keep me from attaching my wheel to furniture). Getting a new wheel, that’s proprietary sucks.

    3. OwensRacing

      I am gonna say no. Only based off COD and map packs there.

      Interesting question. I assume tracks be free and cars are DLC. then the question at hand wouldn’t be an issue.

  97. GTracerRens

    I really hope for more premium cars and some more tracks. And not just three extra cars, but full packs of them! I’m playing DiRT 3 for a while now and they have so much more DLC available.. I hope GT5 doesn’t disappoint me now.

    1. darkpigraph

      Dirt 3 has so much more DLC because has almost no cars to begin with. It’s a fun game but i hate the fact that i effectively paid for it twice.

  98. FLX1981

    Wait a second… he doesnt say 3rd week of October 2011! :O

    Anyway, there really need to be some massive new features and a ton of new and really exciting events (not those boring seasonal crap races) to bring me back to this game. Better step your game up, PD.

  99. CJSpencer77

    If they turned the draft down to a simulation level ( or give us the choice ) and a few new real world tracks i will be stoked !!!

  100. MegaJoshh-

    I personally think some more Australian cars should be introduced ( LJ Torana, HQ Monaro, few old falcons :P )

    – Maybe sometime in later content, a range of body kits to throw Need For Speed off the map ;)

  101. p-coletray

    Shoot, that only gives me about a week to Beat up the Joker in Arkham City. Good timing for this announcement though. I put away GT5 with less than 4% completion to go. I expect endurance saves and new tracks. Maybe if he could make the Bat as my new racecar driver…

    1. pudge

      I’ve got Dirt 3 to play for the next couple of weeks, then I am going to go to DirtFish to drive a real rally car, then GT5 Spec 2 comes out.

      And I just got a Fanatec GT3 RS wheel with clubsport pedals last week.


  102. p-coletray

    Shoot, that only gives me about a week to Beat up the Joker in Arkham City. Good timing for this announcement though. I put away GT5 with less than 4% completion to go.

    I expect endurance saves and new tracks. Maybe if he could make the Bat as my new racecar driver…

  103. Andy

    What do I want?

    Road America
    Road Atlanta
    Indianapolis Drag Strip. (I live 100 miles from there :D)


    1968 Dodge Hemi S/S
    1964 Ford Thunderbolt S/S
    Mark Donoue’s AMC Javelin Trans Am
    Aston Martin DBR9 (Or whichever one is the race car)
    McLaren M6A and M8A Can Am cars
    MG Midget race car (QUIT LAUGHING!)

    Yeah, I know my hopes are too high but I like to dream.

    1. brainfade

      would you like a redneck, six-pack of bear, a copy of mein kampf and a huge dose of racism with that? because that is just stereotypical redneck preferences

  104. Turismo

    Remember the Pikes peak track everyone. That was said to be “in the game but hidden or isn’t maybe? Maybe for DLC properly?” Not to sure about the standerd cars but I believed they were somewhat worked on to right? Can’t wait for the “2.0” update, how it sounds it seems pretty big.

    The DLC coming the next week is also great, to get things set up first to refresh for the GT fans and community. :)

    1. Injured

      I wasn’t trying to come off as a douche. But who says this!!!?, “So much hype…. people doesnt learn, Kaz is such a tease.”

      so much dumb.

    2. Vortex

      People that DON’T speak english as a first language. Like me.. So stop being a douche cause its really annoying and some people may find it insulting. Instead of being grammar police make a relevant comment.

    1. Vortex

      I have some in the closet for you. It’s not cold but I like my water @ room temperature. xD

      Ontopic: Seriously thats like the only track missing in this game. And a mountain road to drift on…

  105. Spoox777

    I really do wish people wouldn’t get so excited about this, that way you all won’t be disappointed & fill the forum with your moaning because you didn’t get what you want. Yes it’s great news but just wait & see when the update becomes available.

  106. spikeyhairdude

    I hope we get something we all want and not something completly random. I hope we get the current standards into premium like kaz mention in the beginning of the year. Hope we get more race and more things to do online. For some strange reason, I’m looking forward for this.

  107. JT

    Spec 2.0 and DLC


    we all pay for one unfinished game and is maybe now we gonna have to pay to have more “extras”

    1. Injured

      You get Forza one day, the next week they’re making you “have to pay to have more ‘extras'”. Seems like to them, it’s all completely business.

    2. Injured

      Who said anything about having to pay for anything? You don’t HAVE TO.

      And Spec II is free, thank you. Big big update is free free. DLC is just extra goodies.

    3. Murcie

      “You get Forza one day, the next week they’re making you “have to pay to have more ‘extras’”. Seems like to them, it’s all completely business.”

      But at least Forza 3 was a complete game. As Forza 4 shall be as well.

    4. Doc

      you say GT5 isnt a full game? if they’d released it with 200 premium cars and no standards then you’d still get twice as many cars as any NFS title but you would complain? GT3 only had 250 odd cars, but nobody said that was an incomplete game

    1. recca

      think you’re getting ahead of yourself there..I don’t want to have any expectations but just happy that new things and changes are happening to GT5

      MC 12 could be possibly, Veyron SS prem. more probable, Agera R not very likely, 177 also probable

  108. recca

    GREAT!!! Fine-freakin-ally, at first I was a little worried because the title says DLC shortly and whenever Kaz says shortly, it’s not really that damn short but he tells us a week later after stoked! I wonder what they have, maybe LFA Nurb-edition..i tried making that car yesterday but wasn’t allowed to add on parts to the car or wing – . –

    Anyways here’s to all the GT fans, cheers!

  109. OwensRacing

    Got a bit of money sitting in my PSN account waiting for the DLC.

    Here is hoping for more race cars that can expand or create leagues.

    As well a drag strip please. Not needed but if we get a selfish request. That be mine.

    1. Erik

      *Cough* I bet you all that Forza 4 will be a huge disappointment, after all there is a reason why all the shinyness they have shown us has been from the Autovista mode, or photomode. So far they have only proven that they can create high resolution 3d models of cars, which frankly any university student on the subject of 3d modeling can do. They haven’t shown us what resolution the cars will have during actual races, my guess is rather low as they also think that the Xbox will be able to run races of 16 cars. But will it be the ultimate door opening simulator? Probably.

    2. gtnewfie

      500 Premiums that wont look or handle as good as Gt5’s…. Sorry, still no nighttime. weather, weak physics, Forza is grossly overrated, its as much arcade as a sim.

    3. SKOT Free

      I’ve seen the Forza 4 YouTube videos And I’m not impressed at all. So much attention paid to interiors but the tracks and backgrounds don’t touch GT5’s and people say the cars sound bad on GT5? Forza’s sound worse IMO.

    4. Lil Ape


      GT5’s car audio is the worse in the business. Go put a race exhaust on the C5 corvette in GT5 and tell me it doesn’t sound like a riced out honda with a fart can. It sounds nothing like a 5.7 V8 Same with every other car in the GT franchise. If you think forza’s car audio is worse than GT, than you’re just dumb.

    5. Turbo S

      @Lil Ape
      Then if you don’t like GT5’s engine sounds then please keep it to yourself. It’s not a big deal for me then it shouldn’t be for anyone else. End of story…

    6. Racedude

      @Lil Ape: Go to a racing event. Now tell me that race cars don’t sound all like that. It may not sound great, but GT’s sound is realistic. In FM you hear the same fake, pumped-up sounds from movies.

      Not Fanboy, just talking from my experience.

    7. Vortex

      Seriously GT5 sound pretty bad. There is no sound in that game that give’s me goosebumps, unlike most other racing games.
      I even drive in just a few cars cuz they sound ok. Or I put a worse exhaust on if it sounds better.
      Thats how bad it is. But that doesn’t mean GT5 is bad, not at all.
      I love it and I will keep playing it untill the day I die. Just don’t say the sounds are great because they aren’t…
      And I play it on DTS true my logitech z5500 so that’s not the issue here.

    8. AdrianC30R

      Oh piss off, I’ve already seen their “premium” cars, they look marginally better than the standard ones in GT5 and they have interiors. Congrats Turn 10 Studios, all new lighting engine and whoknows whatever the hell that they’re bragging about and you get cars that look ever so slightly better than ones pulled out from a game that came out in 2004. And anyways, they have 500 cars that feel like they came out of a NFS game.

    9. HuskyGT

      @ Lil Ape

      Totally agree with you. But there is a slight confusion that most people make. There is a difference between sound effects and sound samples. GT5 has incredible sound effects (at least better than previous games), but Forza, and even NFS destroys it when it comes to sound samples. In Forza and NFS, a V8 sounds like a V8 no matter what. And it even gets more badass when you upgrade the exhaust. In GT5, you´re lucky if your favorite car sounds like the engine that has. And what makes my blood boil is that thing were you change the exhaust, and magically your car gets an engine swap. Like the example that you made with the Corvette… PD needs to get serious in this aspect and fix it once and for all. It´s been more than ten years with the same crap…

  110. Hernan

    I dont trust Kaz so i´ll wait untill they show the DLC and after that i´ll wait until finally is released before getting excited.

    I have learned my leason very well since GT4 and GT5.

  111. Naqluz

    Oh my god this is great. Whatever it brings it has to improve the game and that just made my day. Nicely timed to the release week of Forza 4 thought. Well I will have time for both so I’m very pleased haha.

  112. Lambob

    I was wondering how much money Microsoft must have been paying Kaz to keep quiet all this time. I guess it wasn’t enough.

  113. m1nd64m3

    This is great! Except on the polyphony calender the 3rd week of October falls well after the new year, so it will probably be at least 4 months, then factor in a delay or two, were looking at some dlc and updates around this time next year.

  114. Magic Ayrton

    Well, I am very excited, of course I think it will compete with Forza 4’s added content.. hope so.. BAM! take that FM4 fanboys!!

    1. Vortex

      Why does it seem that everything you listed here is already in the game? And what’s wrong with the clutch? It’s not great, but its a pedal with a spring you push on so don’t expect to feel how much you have to press the clutch.

  115. pasigiri

    Remember that image with a bunch of tracks listed that aren’t in GT5? Remember the poll taken asking what’s the most wanted features in GT5 that’s not in currently (in race saves, etc.)? Remember the rewind setup for replays to get better photos for photo mode mentioned? Just saying.

    I TRULY hope some GOOD cars are coming (Lambo Aventador and Reventon, Audi TT-RS, RS5, RS4, late model RUF, Zonda F (I wish the Huayra but EA MESSED THAT UP!!!), Aston Martin (pick some), Koenigsegg, Caparro T1, Ariel Atom, KT-XBow, LF-A Nurburgring Ed., Lotus Exige S, Mazda RX-8 R3, 2012 GT-R (THIS is unconfirmed confirmed), BMW M3 GT race car (make a race version of the M3 like some of the other cars in customizations)). I’m sorry I made a car list, but to be honest, these are needed to compete not only with Forza 4, but NFS also as far as cars available is concerned. Newer cars really need some representation in GT5. Badly.

  116. Medno84

    It’s an online Update! DLC, like in downloadable content.
    I must admit that I’m not looking so much for it. Something radical must happen toget blood pumping for GT5….again!!

    1. Injured

      Because PD and Nissan have the closest relationship than any other car manufacturer. It probably is a definite choice of DLC.

    2. sumbrownkid

      Ferrari 458 huh?

      Yeah my 2012 GT-R can do what your Ferrari can…with two passengers in the back as well.

      Problem, Ferrari?

    3. Some Random dude

      Ferraris got a 4 seater all wheel drive coming that will own the GTR and still have the FERRARI badge. Think it’s called the FF. So no, no problem. I hate status badges, but this is cars and it’s a Ferrari. I am bitter because i will never own one, but respect it none the less. They are the Masters.

    4. Murcie

      “Ferraris got a 4 seater all wheel drive coming that will own the GTR and still have the FERRARI badge. Think it’s called the FF.”

      The FF has a) already been released, b) still isn’t as quick overall as a GT-R and c) costs over 4 times as much. Not only are they pretty much chalk and cheese, the FF is not exactly the definition of “bang for buck.”

  117. suntoucher

    More premium supercars and race cars…like aston martin, lambo and ferrari
    Spa, Singapore and Brands Hatch circuits
    harder AI and endurance saves and better sounds.

    and i’d be happy….sigh!

    1. Finnstar72

      Don’t be a pussy!!! Just do it all at once!!! I’m not trying to start anything, that’s just how I would do it. I know some people don’t have that kind of time.

  118. Oyashiro-sama

    The update is good news. But the DLC, I won’t pay a cent for it! I would like people to explain me why they like DLCs so much… people criticizing PD for not releasing a DLC? God, they kept releasing FREE updates! Do you guys love to waste money? The updates should be free. I already paid a lot for the game. But congratulations people, you got yourselves a DLC.

    1. Jon64½

      I think people have been exited about DLC, because the percieved amount of content is expected to be more plentiful than just regular updates.

    2. SKOT Free

      I think people you are confused…..DLC does not imply you have to pay for it. It’s obvious the Spec 2.0 is a Gameplay upgrade, and DLC may apply to actual cars and tracks. I don’t see PD charging for cars or tracks simply because to split up the audience doesn’t make sense. For example if I only like 2 or 3 cars or 1 track, i’m not buying the DLC, and you sound like you wouldn’t buy it anyway.

    3. emad M.

      Man if you dont want the dlc then fine.ill buy 10 dlc’s if i have to just support PD in anyway posible.
      Gran turismo lives forever.because without you.i would uave to settle for EA with stupid action games like shift

    4. Doc

      are you the kind of person that says GT5 doesnt have enough cars? open your daft ears, the need for speed franchise is lucky if it has 100 cars, let alone over 200 premium cars that are in GT5. and so-what if they arent premium, there are OVER 1000 CARS! tit

  119. Smuttysy

    Good news, but I’m not holding my breath for anything spectacular, although I’m open to being pleasantly surprised when it does come along.
    Re-doing the body lines of the standards would be a good starting point, and the multiple duplicate cars could be completely “premium’d” without much effort. It needs a major graphical overhaul from the predominantly GT4 based visual quality it was released with, let’s HOPE they see this as one of the key areas they completely failed us on.

    1. Anon

      Don’t get your hopes up, Some People have been waiting for almost a Year now for proper G27 support. I should know, for I am One of them….

      Would be nice to have G27 support, but I think it would wreck sales of their Thrustmaster TM500RS me thinks, and am not sure that KAZ is ready to forgo any lost royalties on it just yet.

      But, lets pray that I’m wrong, and that after a year PD finally make GT5 a Game worth playing…

    2. Tvensky

      but g27 works just fine.. I just need some button layout changes, and change degrees to 200 for drift etc.. everything else is ok…

    1. ownagemaximus

      An Ariel atom v8 fully tuned would be hell on wheels. But I want to see cars from UCD in dealerships by brand. Kind of like gt4 with the classic dealership. They need to put the aventador, 2012 GTR, and daily cars that alot of people own like mazdaspeed 3, suby wrx, and golf r. Forza is looking less and less interesting as gt5 continues to get updated

    1. Doc

      lets keep the insults down to what we can actually say in GT5 lobbys children… You are a bollock.
      (yup, you can use that in the online GT5 lobby… not bollocks though…)

    1. recca

      I want to be able to add bigger turbos to whatever car i want! and go rallying in whatever car I want! oh the restrictions…and why am i only allowed to use the Ferrari F1s in 1 or 2 races?!

    2. Mr C Horner

      @sumbrownkid how about you use your brain for once and consider the fact that they had to get approval from Formula 1 to feature the cars, also, if other F1 cars from other teams were included in the race you would not be allowed to race the different cars from different teams against each other as that constitutes towards an F1 race, this is the same reason why BMW, Toyota, Mclaren, Mercedes and RedBull can’t feature their own F1 cars in the game.

      Grow a brain before you troll you silly silly Hamilton fan

    3. sumbrownkid

      @MR C Horner:

      How about you use your brains, and see that Ferrari F1 is intellectual property belonging to Ferrari themselves and not to Bernie Ecclestone and Co.

      How about you work on your insults, and don’t assume I’m a Hamilton fan cause F1 is nothing special to me (LMP > F1).


    1. HPUnleashed

      That’s very likely considering Kazunori stated that he had wanted to include D1 drifting into the game. Keep your fingers crossed! :)

    1. HPUnleashed

      I honestly don’t understand this argument. You do realize that they made 2 games prior to GT5’s release, (GT5 Prologue and GT PSP). That comes to an average game release every two years.

    2. recca

      dude, PD’s team is small compared to other game companies and they make all their cars in-house…and I appreciate that PD don’t ask for us to pay for extra content when the bloody game hasn’t even been released yet

    3. Antony Henley

      Err looks like maths is your biggest fail sir. Gt5 prologue was released after gt4 there may have been a six year gap between 4 & 5 but prologue, which is still officially regocnised as a game was released in between and had two updates. 6 year gap my arse!!

    4. strikey182

      My initial thought was that the reaction to this would be positive.
      I then remembered how many miserable people seem to grace this site and soon realised that people will stiiiiill find a way to whinge!

  120. Michael

    Pants crapped super excited, I will buy it all lol. I love this franchise. Here’s hoping for all the old tracks and more premium cars. I just hope that the DLC doesn’t break my bank

  121. Forza Mclaren

    Finally!! Now can you make the AI more difficult to overtake while you are at it especially the seasonal events are a borefest just a monotonous grinding of $$$ I want to race not just win

  122. jorda_hayes

    hopefully in race game saves will be part of the spec2 update ill be dissapointed if it nots but yeah go on pd just before your rivals forza launch forza 4 lookin forward to this update now thnks famine for this news

    1. gamerGT5

      I’m sure it will they said it’s still in development. I’m sure this update is probably going to be the biggest one that we’ve seen so far.

    1. caasimun_18

      I totally see all tracks from gt3 and 4 entering. And oh god how i wish he actually turned all race cars into premiums…alms here we go *fingers crossed*

    1. bonezee

      COOL!,more tracks would be cool and some Red bull F1 and maclaren F1 cars would be good.But i’m not getting my hopes up?

    2. Tenacious D

      I’m getting my hopes up.

      Prologue Spec II increased the content of the game massively, nearly doubling the car count – and it was free! There is no telling what we’re getting, but having a jump as large as Spec II implies something major, very major.

      Forza 4 is suddenly looking much less interesting…

    3. Beloved Console

      Can’t wait for this, and I’ll be playing it on my Sony 3d personal viewers HMZT1 which should be available in states in November… can’t wait!

    4. Kol

      Yes!!! For all you Die hard Motorsports enthusiasts out there, the best premium car would be Ayrton Sennas Mclaren MP4/5!!!!! Also we need shifter 125cc karts! And FIA GT3 cars heck even some new LMP or more Group C cars! Tracks we need Sebring, Road America, Road Atlanta, Infineon, Silverstone, Circuit of the Americas, Estoril, Circuit Gilles Villenueve, Imola, Abhu Dhabi, and Bathurst Mount Panorama!!!!!! Ohhh and the Mclaren MP4/12C GT3 car!!!

    5. 07_HSV_GTS

      Took almost a whole year, there better be some good stuff in the update or dlc coz I haven’t played GT5 in almost 2 months, it’s so repetitive and nothing changed until the next update.

    6. FlareKR

      @ Maxiboy
      Same thing I’m thinking; can’t forget about UC3. And all just in time for my birthday. I better finish those college applications so I don’t have to worry about it.

    7. ziG

      More real tracks, leaderboards, cars sorted by class for real racing. More rm models. Export replays to Quicktime or Mp4. Private league support, invite only lobby, publish race results. Fix the diffence in handling between on and offline.

      Having said all that, love the game how it is.

    8. ziG

      More real tracks, leaderboards, cars sorted by class for real racing. More rm models. Export replays to Quicktime or Mp4. Private league support, invite only lobby, publish race results. Fix the diffence in handling between on and offlineoffline.

      Having said all that, love the game how it is.

    9. blackoutbilly

      Well, this is nice…obviously an effort to combat the Forza 4 release. However, after getting a special first look today at Forza 4 and trying out the exclusive demo, GT5’s gameplay really doesn’t even come close. I’ll check out the content, but Forza 4 appears to be a much superior game. Respect to PD for doing this, but after people get a chance to play the much more unforgiving and realistic gameplay of Forza 4, many may never go back.

    10. AL_3EYAL

      I want that crazy Honda the champ of the gt500 and I want the supra rz in premium ant the gt m3 e92 need spa track and vw test track they had in gt3
      The only way this game is gonna be interesting unless there’s a huge city to Cruz in and meet every one not only 16 players have more game play
      I did every thing there is to be done in gt I don’t c how it would get interesting

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